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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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on your side. >> we need to stop all this stuff and forgive each other. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. guess what? you just magnified her. [applause] michelle: heather heyer's life celebrated. she was killed saturday counterprotesting the unite the right rally. emotional day as tensions remain high and nationwide. nancy: fueled by the president's comments blaming both sides for the violence again. abc7 has team coverage throughout the hour as we take you back inside the memorial service. michelle: also we will hear from those who disagree and agree with president trump. we begin with q mccray live for us in charlottesville. q? q: we have been here since 9:30, 10:00 this morning. i have to say there is a somber mood hovering over the city as the good people grieve the loss of one of their own. the mourners showed up for the service empty handed but they left with
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heather for a lifetime. the memorial service for heather heyer started a little after 11:00 this morning. the turnout was greater than expected. 1,000 plus. the paramount theater with standing room only. the crowd overflow watched it on the giant screen at the jefferson theater across the street. heyer was killed saturday when a car ran into a crowd of counter protesters at a white nationalists rally unite the right. several people took to stage to remember her loving, courageous personality and honor her push for equality overall. her mother's words captivated the crowd. >> we don't all have to die. we don't have to sacrifice our lives. you just magnified her. q: tim kaine and terry mcauliffe also attended the ceremony. the m
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asked to wear purple because it was heather's favorite color. the service lasted an hour and a half. while it was going on inside, outside in streets there is a lot of movement. we will tell you more about that coming up in the 5:00 hour. until then that is the latest live in charlottesville, i'm q mccray, newsom. nancy: thank you. abc7 streamed the entire memorial on facebook live. you can watch it again there and see how people reacted, commented and interacting throughout the service in real time. you can share your thoughts there as well. president trump: you had a group on one side that was bad and a group on the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say. that i'll say it now. not all of those people were neo nazis. believe me. not all of the people were white supremecists by any stretch. michelle: the comments live at 4:00 on abc7 right here yesterday. the remarks reigniting controversy. many believe the president putting neo nazis, k.k.k. and alt-
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ground as the counter protesters. that leads us to the instapoll question. is president trump helping or hurting relations in america? go to to weigh in. sam ford spoke to people in d.c. who are concerned about what happens next. sam? sam: i'm on howard university campus here in northwest washington where we talked to a number of people here. but we also talk to people in the surrounding neighborhood of northwest d.c. at wanda's on 7th, barbershop and hair salon -- >> i don't feel protected as a person of the country, woman, black woman or citizen of d.c. sam: many opinions on the events of the last several days in charlottesville and the way president trump responded to that. >> i think they are taking sides and cover up what he really is. sam: the shop owner says it's been a major
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conversation among clients. she finds it distressing. particularly the death of heather heyer. >> the woman lost her life. ran over with a car. terrible way to die. all the people injured. that was hurtful to see it today. sam: among a number we spoke to, disappointment about president trump. >> trump being president to me is one of the biggest jokes. not a good joke. like a terrible joke. almost a tragedy. zach for blacks a traditional target of klan hatred, concerned that the organization is still around in 2017. >> i remember my ancestors telling me things like they didn't know where it with us coming from. they would come in white sheets. now they say this is what i'm about, this is what i stand for. sam: it is again, we are here at the howard university campus. it's freshman orientation week at howard university. so we talked to a number of the young people. some who are fearful talking about the situation in
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a campus or at least a town where the klan and the nazis were marching around. they are glad that that doesn't happen here. we will hear those opinions coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from howard university, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. nancy: coming up, we asked those who voted for the president whether they still support him after the comments on charlottesville. >> i think he is doing a great job personally. he is under attack by just about everybody. nancy: that story and more from those who voted for the president coming up in about half an hour from now. president trump ended two of his initiatives. the manufacturing council as well as a strategy and policy forum after several c.e.o.'s backed out following the comments on charlottesville. >> it's a stunning reversal from his own position earlier this week. the president made it seem as though he had a stack of c.e.o.'s who he
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lindsey mastis joining us now with a look at the response on social media. lindsey: he was bragging about it. the president made an announcement on twitter. he writes, "rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy policy forum i'm ending both. thank you all." this comes as a surprise because just yesterday he tweeted this. "for every c.e.o. that drops out of the manufacturing council i have many to take their place." what representative pokin responds -- this is the white house equivalent of taking your ball and going home. other lawmakers are criticizing president trump. representative spire tweets c.e.o.'s are fleeing association with potus because his words and actions are toxic. online there are many opinions from many different sides. president's tweet about shutting down the council has already received more than 43,000 replies. back to you. michelle: thank you for checking that. teachers in charlottesville honored te
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the back to school gathering. >> ♪ lean on me ♪ when you're not strong i'll be your friend ♪ ♪ i'll help you carry on michelle: you know that tune. that is the bill withers classic "lean on me." the three hearts lit up in green. lights at the back of the room were for heather heyer and the two troopers killed on saturday. nancy: stay with abc7 for continuing coverage on charlottesville on air and online. we have more as we mentioned before, the president's supporters in the area and updates at 5:00 and 6:00. we will check back in with the instapoll at the bottom of the hour. more confederate statues covered or taken down in cities across the nation. that includes in maryland. overnight statues coming down in baltimore. but this morning, mayor pugh
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said it wasn't the threats by the residents that led to the decision. >> i know what we were planning to do. if you check with the president of the city council, i sat down with him and i said what we're going to do. move quickly and quietly. i did that. nancy: suzanne kennedy was in baltimore as the statues started coming down. suzanne: this is the site of one of four confederate monuments that came down overnight here in baltimore. what once contained a statue of robert e. lee and stonewall jackson is now an empty pedestal. what remains is graffiti put here overnight. crews were here in the 3:00 a.m. hour. it took a large crane to remove the statue dedicated in 1948. the monument had been proposed for removal by a committee appointed by baltimore's mayor. the roger b. taney station in mount vernon place also taken down overnight. not explicitly a confederate monument he is well known for advancing slavery in the u.s. and the 100-year-old confe
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blank pedestal. the baltimore residents woke to a new feel in their city. >> i felt like it should have been done a long time ago because of what it represents. i'm happy for that. >> there is often time a feel of disappointment and kind of just sadness with the way things are in the country. there are the glimmer of hope. that means that, you know, change is happening. >> baltimore's mayor supervised removal of the monument. no word what will happen to them. in baltimore, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. michelle: "the hill" is reporting that they are renewing calls to remove confederate symbols from the capitol where statues of jefferson davis and alexander hamilton stephens remain. they were president and vice president of the confederacy. there are several more statues memorializing members of the confederacy there. the group is not working on
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lee boyd malvo the convicted sniper will not receive a new sentencing hearing in maryland. a judge made the ruling today. it follows an opposite reaction in virginia a few months ago. kevin lewis is live outside circuit court with the new developments for us. >> they had been reporting that the rulings was null and void and it stated that minors should not be subject to mandatory minimum prison sentences. of course, malvo with 17 in the 2002 sniper spree. however, after thorough review, montgomery county circuit court judge robert greenberg issued a 20-page proffer today stating that the original judge that oversaw malvo's case clearly handed down a discretionary, not mandatory sentence of six life terms.
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prosecutors explained they felt confident in the fight but were relieved to learn that the judge overturned malvo's appeal. >> i think this is a case important to the community. that is why you are here. we are 13 years removed and you are standing here as if it happened yesterday. if you remember the community you know how important the case is. that is why we are here gathered today. we are thankful for well reasoned opinion. >> it's worth noting that malvo does have the right to appeal again. much of this more principle than necessity, though, as the sources tell me that even with the second sentencing hearing, malvo likely would receive similar time behind bars. nancy: to see the original reporting on the sniper goes to and search "malvo."
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to solve all of your money problems. the still growing powerball jackpot up for grabs tonight. michelle: elephants as first responders. how they are helping tourists escape deadly flooding. >> on any other day you would never stare at the sun. but on monday a lot of people will try to get a good look. how much damage you can do to your eyes if you don't have the proper protection coming up. doug: big of time heat and humidity returned. what proof? it feels like the upper 80's to upper 90's right now. we look ahead to the weekend and eclipse weather coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00".
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nancy: new hope finding miss ing flight. they are using new satellite and drift analysis. mh 370 disappeared disappeared f 2014 in a flight from mccauley -- kuala lumpur to beijing. michelle: 250 people died after the relentless rain caused flooding in nepal and bangladesh. millions have been displaced. authorities are struggling to reach some areas. meanwhile in nepal,
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rescue tourists. it's common in south asia in the summer months. nancy: his name may be daniel craig but at least one more time, he will be known as bond, james bond. the actor confirming that he will reprise the role as the british spy in the franchise's next film the in 2019. this is especially interesting that craig previously said he would rather slit his wrists than play 007 again. he has taken on the role four times since 2006. my favorite bond. michelle: that is a big difference. a big turn-around. bill gates is apparently in a very generous mood this year. filing from the security and exchange commission reveals gate donated 64 million shares of microsoft in june, worth close to $5 billion. it's his biggest donation in nearly 20 years. the filing from the s.e.c.
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donation went but it likely went to his charity, the bill and melinda gates foundation. a devastating motorcycle accident nearly killed a motocross racer in michigan. but never his dream. the 2012 accident left him paralyzed from the armpits down. he was told he would have to end the racing career but he didn't give up. after four and a half years he got back on the bike for first time in april. >> this scares me so much i like it. like when you go on a roller coaster, you get the feeling in your stomach. i can't feel anything from here down but i can feel that like when i'm flying. nancy: good for him. a space-x shipment arriving at the international space station today. the extra large delivery had a cosmic ramonor, mini
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with cheap off the shelf scope and 20 mice as well for an eye and brain study. and a big variety of ice cream including ice cream and birthday cake flavor because the ice cream turns 50 next month. celebrating with ice cream. five days now until the eclipse. five days. this is so exciting. michelle: i can't wait to see the responses on the social media. a lot of information out there. keep it in mind. be wise. protect your eyes. we have been stressing this. josh knight joins us with how much damage you could do if you look directly in the light. josh: exactly. it is not because there is an eclipse going on. this is the same effect on a regular day if you stare at the sun. i want to check in with eye doctors about what goes on and if the damage is permanent. >> the solar eclipse is five days away.
4:19 pm
the sun will be blocked. >> i'm excited. i have never seen an eclipse. i would love to see one. josh: the doctor says with that much blocked you can't look right at it. sun's u.v. rays can burn a specific part of the retina. >> the radiation can damage the macula and cause a burn and cause swelling and the death of cells. josh: the area has a large majority of cell responsible for fine vision. >> the vision will be blurred almost immediately. the effects of it are going to be pretty sudden. >> depending how badly the cells are burned, it could be permanent. fortunately, people are getting ready. >> do you have solar glasses? >> i do. i got them from the public library. >> the sun isn't stronger on the day of the eclipse. the difference is on a day like this, a normal day you would never try to look up at the sun. it hurts too bad. but since you know the eclipse is going on people might try.
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hurt. doctors want everybody to make sure they are safe. in d.c., meteorologist josh knight, abc7 news. so now back here in the studio. i don't want anybody to be afraid. i can't go outside i don't have glasses. that is fine. just don't try to look at the sun if you're not wearing glasses. abc7 has a special 2017 eclipse across america coverage streaming on on monday from 12:30 to 3:30. that is also going to be on the sister station newschannel8. so it will be fun to see. really excited about it. even here, not in totality but the weather still has a big part to play. michelle: we will be watching it closely. like you said, you need glasses. a lot of places still have them available. josh: free places, too. the other thing you can get away if you go outside and you are a place that people view it, put on the glasses for a minute or two, get a fill, hand them to the next person. nancy: get to know the strangers all around you.
4:21 pm
nancy: it seems like every day we check in with you the make sure the visibility is okay for the big day. doug: it is still looking pretty good. won't be crystal clear but partly cloudy so it's encouraging. some places under totality may have more concerns because there are afternoon thunderstorms to pop. but no way to specify for every city. nancy: all the people going down there. hopefully they won't be disappointed. doug: south carolina, coast of oregon to off of charleston, scarce. the south carolina area north of charleston where i'll be. i have glasses. [laughter] it will be fine. nancy: i'm sure you look nice. doug: a special live in the afternoon on newschannel8 is terrific, too. this is an idea to follow up on josh's story about the eclipse. it begins at 1:17 p.m. on monday afternoon. the sky conditions will be okay. the maximum part of the eclipse is 2:42 p.m. that is when 81% of the surface of the sun will be bl
4:22 pm
shadow will be cast on the earth. there after it will start to, you know, reemerge. and the full disk of the sun will be visibility by 4:01. that is when it ends. it will be interesting and excitement. evidence cliz like this. total -- eexciting and an eclipse like this, crossing the continental u.s. from oregon to charleston, north carolina, moving at 1600 miles per hour is crazy stuff. i should be fun. temperatures now, not so much fun. back in the heat and the humidity of the mid-summer. 94 in leesburg and washington. 96 in annapolis now. quantico, it feels like 98 degrees. through the evening hours the temperatures will slowly drop. but the humidity levels are so high it will be muggy all night long. we could have patchy fog. i don't think we will see the extent of the fog we saw last night and this morning. showers in the forecast tomorrow. maybe a rumble of thunder through the afternoon. probably 50%, 40 to 50% possibility in the coverage there as we go through the everything.
4:23 pm
the warm front approaching. friday a cold front approaches. we get through the afternoon the chances increase for more widespread shower and thunderstorms ahead of the front. we could hit 90 degrees and feel like 98 or 99. overnight 75 and muggy. 87 tomorrow. 90 on friday with shower both days. looking to the weekend. lingering chance of few showers on saturday as the system tries to pull out. tuesday and wednesday have shower chances. s. >> the glitch at southwest airline that is making some people mad. nancy: the coach of the week. rebuilding the roster and the entire program. the man leading the-terms in a
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michelle: a huge rebillal project on his hand but he is turning the maryland football program around. the first recruiting class was considered the best ever at maryland. only the beginning. robert burton has more with the coach of the week. robert: temps football already made a turn-around after
4:27 pm
a bowl game in 2016. >> it's been really good. the older guys have an understanding of what we want and there is leadership. >> it could get better. it's d.j. durkin's second year at the helm. he has more of his own recruits on the field. >> there is a lot to talk about. they are good football players. they are doing a nice job of learning and coming along and competing. a lot of work and a long way to go. robert: the older players who have been there through the struggle, the motivation is different now and everything is wiped clean again. >> it's good for players to know they are in a program knowing where they were can get a clean slate and start over. rob: week one o
4:28 pm
against texas. a national football power. >> take on the first game or the fifth game you have to win on the road. we will get a great road test and opportunity for a team off the bat. >> with the coach of the week, i'm robert burton. nancy: next at 4:00, kevin durant day in prince george's county will go on. kind of. the mistake that makes it a little less fitting for an nba champ. >> spotsylvania, virginia, certainly trump country. we wanted the know what people thought after the tragic events in charlottesville. we tell you what people
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president trump: what about the alt-left who came charging at, as you say, the alt-right? do they have a semblance of guilt? is it george washington next week and thomas jefferson the week after? where does it stop? michelle: the president defending those who defended the robert e. lee statue over the weekend. nancy: faulting what he calls both sides for violent protests that ultimately left one dead. michelle: so the question we are asking on the instapoll is the president helping or hurting race relations? so far you see the results at the bottom of the screen.
4:32 pm
15% say he is helping. go to to weigh in. nancy: we want to ask do the present supporters still stand with him now? richard reeve in spotsylvania county with this side of the story. rich? richard: if nothing else, this is certainly trump country. mr. trump won in area handily by 10,000 votes out of 58,000 cast. we want to know what people are thinking now after tragedies in charlottesville. we heard interesting answers. in this historic town, it's hard to find wheel who did not vote -- find people who did not vote for trump. dale swanson the republican committee chairman had so many request for campaign signs they couldn't keep up. nine, ten months later trump support are more critical of the media and other republican leaders than the man himself. some are clearly unhappy with
4:33 pm
party. then the horrific events in charlottesville. even today a memorial service for heather heyer and the state mourns the loss of two state troopers. folks here say they are not concerned as mr. trump blaming all sides as to what happened, what led to the terrible events in charlottesville. >> i don't fault president trump for what he did or said. i fault the people responsible for allowing that to take place to begin with. obviously no thought was put into what sort of repercussions there would be or thought what security was required before the event took place. >> every person we spoke with that said they voted for trump in november said they would do it again. coming up we hear from a woman who made history getting out the vote for mr. trump last november. reporting live, richard
4:34 pm
we will follow the developments from charlottesville. we will have more from the emotional memorial service. we will hear from both sides when it comes to the president comment, supporters and detractors. you can keep up to date online at if you have to step away from the tv. get latest updates there. we'll revisit the instapoll. go to to participate. nancy: we are back in the weather center with doug. it feels like summer yet again today. doug: it's back. higher temperatures and the higher humidity levels. it feels like summer. we were spoiled for the cooler weather. >> we'll take it. storm chances will increase. the story now looking at the national harbor, hazy and partly sunny. warmer in the upper 80's. we will be on the high side here. break over the weekend. the story is heat and the humidity is back. storm chances
4:35 pm
tomorrow. we are five days away from the total eclipse. we feel like the temperatures because it's the combination of the dew point temperatures that give you an accurate way of how it feels at the moment. stay muggy through the everything. we have been tracking on radar patches of clouds and isolated showers. they will be possible across st. mary's county. you can check them out. the emotion from northwest to southeast. even with the northerly wind, high heat and humidity. it doesn't happen here. you think the notherly winds cool you off. not so much this time. recycled the hot and the humid air. the showers will dissipate approaching sunset. the temperatures drop from 67 to 75. touch of fog. not like this morning. as you go through the day, low 80's for midday. 87 in the afternoon with a chance of storms. we will check out
4:36 pm
in detail and ten days as well. back to you. michelle: thank you. tomorrow is kevin durant day in prince george's county. a lot was planned. with event honoring the champ are scaled back dramatically. brianne carter is live to explain why. a lot of disappointment surrounding this. brianne: some say they are all trying to take it in stride. we are noticing preparations still underway. we have seen the signs. no parking here along the area where the parade is expected to take place. this is expected to be closed. only for a short while. we noticed sprucing up for the basketball star. the day long event celebrating kevin durant has been cut short. the hour long parade will go on but the festival portion of the day has been postponed. for the reason, the city officials tonight only pointing to scheduling conflicts
4:37 pm
circumstances. on the event web page free tickets for the event and the tickets for the vendors were sold out. but tonight the city isn't answering questions about what happened to the tickets. he still wants more information from the city. >> the streets are blocked off. people are making plans now for the area being blocked off from eight to four to six. now it's just public one hour parade. they need to know tonight. they need to know today. >> back here live you can see on the sign they say the closures from 7:00 until 12:00 noon tomorrow. residents say they were told from 6:00 to 5:00 p.m. they weren't allowed to park along the area. we understand that both seat pleasant police as well as prince george's county police assi
4:38 pm
be here throughout the day for that parade and the road closures. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. nancy: now d.c. fire at the smithsonian deemed accidental. the fire broke out in the employee area of the building before 12:00 noon. sprinklers and a quick response from firefighters prevented it from spreading. we are told no artifacts were damaged. michelle: "7 on your side" consumer alert. south worse airlines is work -- southwest airline is working to fix a seating system. it doesn't assign seats but gives travelers a boarding position based on can check-in time. frequent fliers are pretty much guaranteed early boarding but many were left with higher number on the boarding passes. no timetable when the problem might be fixed. >> next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the atlanta falcons have a chick-fil-a in the stadium.
4:39 pm
but the chicken loving fans will be crying foul on your game day? michelle: would you get a the a of your favorite -- tattoo for your favorite team? the team -- what if it were free? the team doing that a second day. >> tomorrow on "good morning washington" we are live in prince georgeee county to welcome home mlb star kevin durant. don't -- nba star kevin durant. don't miss the mar raid. >> the biggest mistake most make the first year in college. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
michelle: this sounds delicious. nancy: the atlanta falcons added chick-fil-a booth. michelle: but most fans know they don't open on sundays. the falcons only have one home game that is not on a sunday. you get my point here? that is a thursday night game in december. so imagine how long the line will be. the booth should be open for other events in the stadium, though, as long as they are not on sunday. nancy: that does not make sense. it seems like somebody would have stopped it along the way. maybe it will be worth it for the waffle fries the one time. michelle: i am a sucker for
4:43 pm
los angeles sticking sticking we football theme. los angeles now has two football teams the the chargers joining the rams and the chargers are hoping to sway football fans. nancy: you can see behind us. they are down so with free bolt tattoos. there were several designs in the promotion that continues today on a first come, first serve basis. it looks like there is a lot of people actually doing all of this. that is a big commitment for a team that just moved. michelle: you better hope they are winning. nancy: if nothing else you could pretend it's harry potter the zoo and put -- tattoo and put it on the forehead. michelle: you can wear anything, nancy. nancy: thank you, michelle. i appreciate it. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- are you feeling lucky? the whopping power ball jackpot. tonight it's fun to think of winning nine figure lottery. >> a job fair in prince george's county where teachers are trying to get to the head of the
4:44 pm
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. nancy: new at 4:00, a former marine and current personal
4:47 pm
his dog and raping his girlfriend. he is in jail and kevin lewis has the story. kevin: the condominium in kensington, a nice, affordable place to call home. >> i live here and i feel safe here. kevin: explains that resident. but last month, anthony russell jr. used a leash to choke his girlfriend's dog in outdoor walk in complex. the 39-year-old former marine turned personal trainer then allegedly stabbed the dog to death. court documents reveal the rage also directed at his girlfriend who police say he raped in terrible fashion. using rope, tossing punches and grasping on to her neck he reportedly said if i was really beating you, you wouldn't add one punch. you can breathe. stop faking it. >> it's the worst.
4:48 pm
unconditional love. it shows how mean-spirited he is. kevin: off-camera a different neighbor explained he recently heard russell shouting and wondered why he hadn't seen the couple's dog in recent weeks. >> he seemed like a good guy. a normal guy. just complete shock. >> anthony russell jr. has no criminal record in maryland. the charges in this case, however, carry a prison sentence up to life plus 48 years. at circuit court in rockville, kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: updating breaking news from yesterday. the woman struck and killed on beulah street in alexandria has been identified as 46-year-old glenda keras. the driver was suffering from a medical emergency and rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries as well. the searc
4:49 pm
blackhawk helicopter that went down in hawaii. five crew members are reported on board. two blackhawk air crews were conducting training exercises two mimes west of oahu when one of them went down. they found a debris field and right now crews worked from the beach, the air and the water. no word on the identities of the service members aboard. nancy: 600 people could still be missing from sierra leone. that is the word from red cross. recovery efforts going on all day and night. since monday'sed in slide. 300 people were kill and the number are expected to climb. they are blaming deforerestation for firewood and car coal as contributor to mudslide. michelle: the new iconic queen elizabeth carrier is at home in england for the first time. the ship arrived earlier today. it went through a number of
4:50 pm
and the warship built for royal navy. larry: i'm larry smith coming up at 5:00, plans for big ben to go silent getting a second look after outcry across great britain. and new technology will help you enjoy the eclipse like never before. and we speak to nasa. you can't enter the mormon temple unless you are mormon but find out when you can head inside for a tour. that's at 5:00 when we join you in the studio. nancy: see you then. in the next few weeks students will be heading back to school. classroom positions are held and we put the spotlight on education as we go along for a teacher interview. >> she is back. she left prince george's county schools a year ago but missed the work. >> we are happy to have you come back.
4:51 pm
interview as she hoped to be a science teacher. >> what motivates you to be successful. as an educator you have to be a life long lener if you want to instill it in the students. >> less than three weeks she was alongside 140 people vying for 100 teaching positions. applicants show credentials before they sit down with a school administrator. you need a college degree and teaching credit. >> i think they focus more on the teacher as an individual and not so much on the content they were going to teach. >> there are fingerprints and a screen through child protective services before human resources makes the final offer. >> no one gets in front of the students until they receive full clearance from c.p.s. and background check. >> first year teacher starts off making $47,000. >> i'm going to teach sixth grade science at william wort middle school. >> she got a job with 50
4:52 pm
phenomenon will happen before she goes to the head of the class, miss neil says her students should wear protective glasses on monday if they are watching solar eclipse. >> it's more important we see after the eclipse than see the eclipse. cheryl: cheryl conner, abc7 news. nancy: if the vacancies are not all filled before the start of school the day after labor day long-term subs will be hired. the next job fair is august 25 at dr. henry a. wise high school in upper marlboro. michelle: here we go. one of the bigger jackpot in powerball history. $430 million. if you take the lump sum is $250 million. quite a pay cut but i this we gettleman by on that -- we could get by on that. nancy: if y
4:53 pm
i'd get a lump sum and forget all the friends. michelle: invest. nancy: make new friends. doug: she is honest. ditching us. >> nice knowing you. >> see what happens. >> weather and the hot and humid. the summer pattern re-established itself. air temperature is 91 now. we will leave the door open a crack for the chance of isolated shower. through the evening is a slow drop in temperatures so the humidity levels won't drop. it will stay muggy for the evening and the overnight. get the early morning hours we may have a few patches of fog. 75 degrees for a wakeup temperature. 87 tomorrow afternoon. 90 on friday. chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. much better chance on friday afternoon and friday everything. keep an eye on that. the arlington fair
4:54 pm
weekend continues through sunday. the beaches look fine. any shower osstorms are in the afternoon or the everything. the quick glance for ten days show the temperatures mainly. high 80's and near 90 for a lot of days. weather looks good for monday and the eclipse. cooling by friday and saturday next week. that is the latest. michelle: thanks. next "7 on your side" consumer alert. how to identify counterfeit eclipse glasses that coul
4:55 pm
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john: eye professionals are warning you to be careful of not approved or counterfeit glasses that may not provide protection. as the hype grows for the upcoming eclipse stores are scrammalling to keep viewing glasses in stock. but shoppers still confused. >> looking forward to it? >> i don't know. >> dawn is hearing conflicting advice. >> don't look directly into the sun. maybe sunglasses might be a good idea? john: but don't do that, optometrist and other experts say. they tell me there is a big difference between the official eclipse glasses and the dark everyday sunglasses that most of us have somewhere in the house. optometrist young says sun glasses are a no-no. >> if you attempt to use regu
4:58 pm
permanent damage to your eye. search for the nasa approved cardboard glasses with an i.s.o. logo. >> go off the official nasa recommendation and use their eclipse viewing shades. john: you may find them at grocery stores, wal-mart, home depot, lowe's and toys r us. nasa meantime says be cautious of third party sellers if you're unsure they are the real thing. wielder's glasses can work in a punch if 14 or higher. or put a pinhold in a piece of cardboard and watch the shun shadow. whatever you do, remember cheap sun glasses are worth than nothing at all. don't waste your money or hurt your eyes. john matarese, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00, the charlottesville effect. surprise move from the president after being rebuked by the key ally. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up.
4:59 pm
you just magnified her. >> passionate call to action in a moving goodbye. why a local celebration for a champion has been scaled way back. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> just days after saying he had plenty of people to fill spots, today president trump disbanding two white house business councils. it's the latest fallout from the president remarks following the charlottesville violence. nancy chen at the "live desk" with a story developing now. nancy: the president's decision coming hours after two additional c.e.o.'s said they would be leaving the manufacturing council. the heads of campbell soup and 3m would have made eight people to leave the group since the president's initial remarks on the violence in charlottesville saturday. so the president sent this tweet saying that rather than put pressure on business people, he would end the council and if strategy policy forum. he thanked the executives who had taken part for their work. at the "live desk," nancy chen, abc7 news. alison: thank you. meanwhile, this comes as more cities
5:00 pm
memoriams dedicated to the confederacy before the controversy turns to violence. the plaque here honoring robert e. lee was removed in new york today. in the middle of the night, four statues came down in baltimore. maryland bureau chief, brad bell, live with that side of the story. >> this is something an artist made as a proest to to the statue. it was taken away but then put up top. this is what is going on all day long. people looking and sharing opinions. this happened in the dark of night. contractors with heavy equipment literally picked up the monumental


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