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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 21, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. disaster at sea. a navy destroyer collides with an oil tapger. ten sailors missing at sea. the desperate search for survivors. the investigation under way after the second major navy zept in just two months. breaking news. a deadly attack in france. a van ramming into two bus stops killing at least one person. days after those attacks in spain. president trump back from vacation. set to deliver a crucial primetime address tonight. will more troops be added to america's longest war? as the president faces new
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another staff shakeup. the fallout as steve bannon leaves the white house. ♪ we're glowing in the dark and it's time lfinally here. the great american eclipse. the countdown is on. hundreds of americans watching history happen live. as day turns to night. watching from land, air, sea, everyone underwater. how you can join the nationwide celebration, 99 years in the making, with all eyes on the sky, we're live across the country for a special edition of "good morning america." and good morning, america. we hope you had a grood weekend. we have a lot of breaking news overnight. millions all across america getting ready for the first total solar eclipse in almost a century. that is just hours away. >> that's right. people have been trave
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thousands of miles to see it coast to coast. over 300 million people are expected to stop and watch. 14 states are in the path of totality where the sun will be completely covered. the entire country will see at lowe's a partial eclipse. >> we get about three-quarters here in new york. look at oregon. hundreds of people gathering there. going all across the country to get the first dplims of the solar eclipse. >> this is a real sport out there. our team is spread out across the country. david muir in charleston all day for our special coverage. we're going to have a lot more on that coming up. the search is on for ten american sailers missing after a u.s. navy destroyer collided with a massive oil tanker near singapo singapore. our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz starts us off. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the ship has made it to port. this is an
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for the navy. ten sailors missing at sea. seven killed in a similar accident a month ago. these are zepts involving the most sophisticated chips in the u.s. navy that could likely have been avoided. the hole in the side of the ship's hull is maussive. water pouring from the crippled destroyer after colliding with a 600-foot oil tanker in the south china sea. four sailors were air-lifted to a singapore hospital. it is those ten who are are missing, who are of greatest concern. the "uss mccain" named for the father and grandfather of senator john mccain has a crew of just over 300. the collision occurred at a busy shipping lane at 5:44 a.m. singapore time. the ships ramming into each other in the darkness. this is the second c
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involving a ship from the navy's sent fleet in the pacific in just two months. seven saile erors died in june the "uss fitzgerald." it was left flooded. >> it was a significant impact to the side of the ship. they had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface. >> reporter: the commanding officer of the "fitzgerald" was many his quaets when the ship struck. and barely escaped alive. he was relieved of duty along can several others after an investigation that clearly found fault in the crew's actions. the investigation to what happened on the "mccain" will begin immediately. senator john mccain tweeting, cindy and i are keeping america's sailers aboard the "uss john mccain" in our thoughts and prayers. president tru
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as well. >> lets bring in retired colonel steve ganyard. what is going on? two accidents in two months. >> hard to understand, amy, when you have one of the world's most sophisticated warships in a basic collision. a failure of seamanship. one of the things you look at, it was nighttime. one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. one-third of all maritime shipping goes through here. there were probably extenuating circumstances. but probably human error as well. >> is there a systemic problem going on here as well? >> think the navy will want to look deep at this. this is the fourth mishap in six months. all of the mishaps have been basic seamanship. not hard things to do. this leaves a real gap in the pacific fleet's capabilities a t a time when tensions with north korea are
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tragic loss of life. the financial impact. but a larger military impact as well. >> there is. the navy has to address this quickly because kim jong-un has not backed down. wee move on to the breaking news in france. a driver has rammed his van into two separate bus stop killing at least one person in the port city of marseille. >> a frightening incident for sure. it doesn't look like terrorism. just after 8:00 in marseille when man drove his van into a packed bus stop. the driver sped off. about 9:00 a.m., he drove into another bus stop in another neighborhood in the city. the man is known to authorities from previous petty criminal activity. hil this incident has the hall marks of the ramming attacks
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plaguie ining european cities, are saying no elements allow us to qualify this as an act of terrorism. we're calling this a psychiatric case. >> the manhunt on for the driver in barcelona. >> reporter: yes, the manhunt is extended across europe. police are looking for 22-year-old moroccan national younes abouyaaqoub. he's been on the run since last week. that whole cell has been accounted for. killed, captured, and younes abouyaaqoub is on the run. the latest from president trump back from his vacation in the white house this morning, new polls showing his approval has dropped in three key states that made him president. in the 30s in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. and over the weekend, there were more protests in the wake of the
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charlottesville violence. they stretched from california to boston. were mostly peaceful. president trump prepares to address the nation tonight. he'll unveil his new military strategy in afghanistan. cecilia vega, the president has struggled with this for months. he's expected to announce the deployment of more troops on the ground. >> reporter: this decision comes after friday's meeting where the president and national security team met. that's where the president solidified his decision. he's likely to follow the advice of his generals like james mattis, who are recommending the addition of about 4,000 troops in afghanistan. there are about 8400 troop there is now. if that is the case, it would be a real contradiction from past comments. before he was elected, he said we should have a speedy
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as president, he's had a more muted stance on afghanistan. he's faced criticism from people like john mccain, saying he's taking too long to make a decision. >> the president's former strategist, steve bannon, left the white house, gone back to breitbart. looks to be preparing for a rhetorical war on many fronts. >> a war is right. he's back at breitbart news. taking up the title of executive chairman of that conservative website. he's promising to wage war on everyone from congress to the media to corporate america. he's battled openly with so many here in the west wing from jared and ivanka, gary cohen. if the republican party on capitol hill gets behind the president on his plans and not theirs, it will all be sweetness and light.
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be one big happy family. he said he doesn't expect sweetness anytime soon. >> cecilia, thank you very much. i'm anchor a special report on the president's after fan stan decision starting at 9:00 eastern right here on abc. more now on the great american eclipse. in just a few hours, the moon will pass completely if front of the sun. that event called totality casting a shadow about 70 miles wide. the so-called "path of totality" stretching from oregon to charleston. good morning, david, in one of my favorite cities. >> it is a great city. if you had a magic marker and started in oregon, went right acro across the country to south carolina, that is the path of the total solar eclipse. we haven't seen one since 1979. we haven't seen one travel from coast to coast in the country in 99 years. skies will darken. you'
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the sun. a few other things will happen, too. temperatures will drop about 10 to 12 degrees. watch the animals. the birds get very confused. it's going to be a sight. infin it in miles of cars. billions of people deskrecendinn small towns. >> i just think it's going the to be really fun to see because it's the first eclipse i'm going to see. >> reporter: the total solar eclipse happens somewhere on earth about twice every three years. often in remote areas. this time, the first one on the continental u.s. in nearly four decades. ♪ >> this is an abc news special. live coverage of the solar eclipse. >> reporter: the date, february 26, 1979. at the news desk, frank reynolds. >> good morning. this is a special events broadcast of
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event. >> reporter: onlookers back then peerg through what was considered protective eye wear. the heavens in washington beginning to darken. then the awesome sight. the moon blacking out the sky. minutes later, the light returning. bathing the crowd. >> not until august 21, 2017, will another eclipse be visible from north america. that's 38 years from now. >> reporter: that day has come. moon will move dreektly between the sun and the earth. casting a massive shadow that will darken areas in 14 states, along what is called the path of totality. 70 miles wide. 3,000 miles long. it will take one hour and3 minutes. it will be the first time in 99 years that a total solar eclipse will span the the entire continental u.s. >> oh, my god. look at that. >> reporter: some hoping to spot it from the air like the
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far out over the pacific. viewers along this line in makanda, illinois, will experience the longest amount of darkness. two minutes and 40.2 seconds. >> we're going to view it ub underwater. >> reporter: these nasa pilots chasing the eclipse in two retro fitted bombers. >> we'll go into total darkness for about four minutes in two aircraft. >> may the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace. and abc news h bring you a complete report on the next eclipse 38 years from from now. >> reporter: and who knew we would be the ones fulfilling frank reynolds' promise all these years later. we're proud to be here. meteorologists and reporters all across the country. set your dvr if you have to head out the work. keep this in mind. th
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fast across the country at speeds of 1800 miles per hour on average. it will take about an hour and 33 minutes to get from one end of the country to another. far faster than a jetliner. we'll be there every step of the way. we have ginger in nashville. the largest city in the path of totality. with more on how weather conditions will affect the eclipse. good morning. >> good morning to you, amy. this could end up being one of the most important forecasts of my life. because all it stakes one cloud and that obscures your view if you're in the path of totality. behind me, you see the honky-tonks. they're all quiet now. that will not be the case. right now, if you see green on the map, you are looking good as far as the eclipse goes. that's from parts of oregon. as long as the marine layer stays away in the morning. link on the jefferson city. a pit of
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nashville look good right now. charleston not look as great. george? >> ginger, thank you. let's get more on this from mike massimino, nasa veteran. you're excited about this. what do you hope people get out of it? >> well, george, thanks for manying me. a couple of things. one is being part of this cosmic ballet that i got to view from space between the sun, the moon, the earth, the universe. we don't get reminders of that often here on earth. we're going to get one today. a reminder that we're on a plapt going around the sun with the moon. it will be great reminder of where we are in the universe. >> it's a rare research opportunity for nasa as well. >> yeah, it sure is, george. the sun is so bright, even from space, you can't see anything around it. particularly the atmosphere. the corona. the moon
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the sun like what's going on happen today. you're able to see the ring of fire around the moon. scientists will be able to study the corona. all the activity, the solar activity around the sup like they have never been able to do it before. >> very cool. you'll cover the science channel's coverage today. now we celebrate one of the biggest stars of the last century. jerry lewis, comedian, filmmaker, humanitarian, passed away sunday at the age of 91. a long life filled with monumental achievements and difficult challenges. >> reporter: jerry lewis could get a laugh without speak a word. ♪ jerry lewis was the zany clown the dean martin's suave
7:17 am
sofisticate. ♪ if you still kiss your girl >> reporter: could be famously prickly. that broke up martin and lewis. on full display in the last interview lewis gave. >> have you ever thought art retiring? >> why. >> reporter: most americans know him for the role he took later in life. ♪ even though you're not so wealthy you can make somebody healthy ♪ >> reporter: those labor day tell thons raised more than $2 billion for muscular dystrophy. >> he said, i don't care what they write when it's over. i don't want to know about that. i'm not going to know about it. >> reporter: he'll be remembered as a comic legend. >> what do we call our second camera man? >> we call our second cameraman helen keller. his favorite color is played. >> helen keller, played, what is
7:18 am
that? >> when someone does an impression of me on the phone, the only way they're going to know it's really me is by that clue. >> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> he made the world a better place in so many ways. >> i remember every labor day, those telethons. i want to go back to ginger in nashville. >> and we have to track the storms happening already this morning. flash flood warnings in parts of iowa. you can see the path of totality. put it on at 1:00 p.m. you can see where the cloud cover will be. let get to the select cities now.
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dmv - clouds & sun to see the eclipse; a few storms possible (1:17-4:01pm) - hot & humid start to the week - refreshing change coming late week today: hot and humid. mix of sun and clouds. a few pm thunderstorms. highs: 86-90 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy, warm and humid. patchy fog possible. lows: 72-77 winds: s 5 mph tuesday: partly to mostly sunny. hot and humid. stray thunderstorm. highs: 91-96 winds: sw 5-15 mph and when we come back, everyone getting ready for the great american eclipse. our team spread out across the country, live from the path of totality. for the best way to see it wherever you are and how to make sure your eyes are safe. and a top hollywood producer facing a major lawsuit while his assistant mysteriously died while celebratinging jennifer aniston and justin
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>> reporter: good morning washington i'm melanie hasting buildin buildings. in a few hours the solar eclipse we have been waiting for will be here the first total eclipse in the u.s. in 40 years and thousands camped out to see it in places. in the dc area, we'll see a partial eclipse with 82% coverage. peek coverage occurs at 2:42 and the event ends the 4:00 this afternoon. got a chance to win a pair of the solar eclipse glasses. tune in to news 8 with information on how to win others good luck. >> former prince george
7:24 am
school aid is expect in the court later in morning charged with sexually abusing children at
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>> it is here no more days to count down for the solar eclipse. we'll have 80% coverage of the moon blocking the sun. tell be hot as we look up and try to catch that. we will fight cloud cover and may be an isolated shower or storm. or best chance come at tail end, i think. around 4:00. up until 7:00 another chance coming tuesday possibly wednesday. with temperatures cooling down. we'll look at beltway on the outer loop. heavy and slow from college park to silv are spring. nothing reported. in montgomery county it was good passes old
7:27 am
there was an accident but that is gone. 270 looking good. toward falls road to the beltway and that's a look at traffic
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♪ i sneed you more than ever an if you only hold me tight ♪ i'm surprised they waited this long to play it. bonnie tyler, "total eclipse of the heart." what a day she's going to have as we all prepare for the great american eclipse. she's going to join us in a bit. >> one of the greatest songs of all time. it's my go-to karaoke song. >> certainly the song for today. >> we're very much looking forward to that. the search is on for survivors after a navy devoier collided with an oil tanker
7:31 am
ten sailors missing. five injured. the fourth navy mishap in the pacific since february. president trump back that the white house this morning. preparing to deliver major announcement. power pall fever. the jackpot now soaring to $650 million. there was no winner over the weekend. that is the second biggest powerball jackpot every. the next drawing is on wednesday night. more on the solar eclipse. the path of totality spans 14 states. our team is spread out across the country. back to david muir in charleston where he'll lead our coverage later today. >> we called it all week. the great american eclipse of the heart just for amy and robin because of that song. bonnie will be part of our coverage later today as well. this will be an incredible thing to witness. these eclipses are not terribly uncommon.
7:32 am
because of the vast size of the earth, it happens well out over the water or in remote parts of the earth. this is the first time in 38 years that americans will see it over the u.s. the first time in 99 years it will travel coast to coast across the entire country. 12.2 million americans actually live in this ribbon. this path of totality that crisscrosses the country. think about this. another 200 million americans live within a day's drive. those are the images we have been seeing. not just in the last 24 to 48 hours but for a good week now. hotel rooms across the country have been booked for years for this. i want to turn to matt gutman who is with us in oregon. the first state in the path of totality. challenges will this morning as well. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, david. traffic getting in here has been apocalyptic. there's a reason 100,000 people from around the world and nasa chose this site in oregon
7:33 am
clearest skies for viewing the eclipse. several fires are burning just outside the area of totality. we could smell the fires coming in here. there are two fires. they forced 60 people to evacuate. 1,000 more put on note they might have to evacuate. the governor has declared a fire emergency to free up resources. we spoke to a couple of folks. they gave us these pictures of the sky filling with smoke as they drove in. this is a miniwood stock. we are, after all, on somebody's farm. the party here will not be dampened. to get an idea of what folks will see outside the area of totality, let's go the steve owes. s osunsami in atlanta. fo good morning, steve.
7:34 am
across the street from fernbank elementary school. i have to say. for all of the talk, matt, about being in locations like yours, where americans can see the eclipse this totality, there's still going to be a great view for people across this superintendent in t at least 34 states. an incredible view. look at this map. map of georgia. georgia alone, that shows what the views will look like. and coverage of the sun will still be above 95% in some parts. from atlanta, the sun is expected to be covered 97.1%. ath. s, 99.1%. and even valdosta, at the other end of the state, 89.4%. south florida, i looked. near 80%. for people outside the path of
7:35 am
great, great views. another thing row can use to the find out what it will look like if your area is this tool the from you can type in your zip skoed and get a preview of what the sun is going to look like. it will be a great show. >> thank you, steve. start at 1:00. now to the major hollywood producer facing a new lawsuit over the death of his assistant, who drowned while attending the honeymoon celebration of justin thoreau and jennifer aniston. >> reporter: one of hollywood's biggest producers. behind block pusers like "the matrix." "diehard" and "lethal weapon" franchises. this morning, joel silver is being sued in the mysterious death of his former assistant. in a lawsuit filed friday, the family of
7:36 am
she accompanied silver and celebrities to bora bora. about two weeks in the trip, must fwroef's body was found washed out on the banks of a loo fwoon. officials say she drowned. in the lawsuit, the musgrove family claims that she was provided excessive cocaine and alcohol and was overworked. fatigued. silver denied any use of drug use. >> the family has to prove someone act eed negligently. did joel silver know she was overworked? she suffered fatigue? she suffered a sunstroke? what did they know
7:37 am
condition. >> reporter: i think i'm invincible. i don't think i can die. >> reporter: and liam neeson's "nonstop". >> we need every passenger to raise their hands above their head. >> reporter: silver's camp telling abc news, joel silver, his family, and his staff are devastated by the passing of carmel musgrove. she was a friend and respected colleague with a very bright future ahefd of her. she worked for him for years. his sberp, before becoming his assistant. >> an incredibly sad story. when we come back, dr. jen ashton is here. she'll talk about how the protect your eyes during the solar eclipse. the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary
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we're back with more on the eclipse. one of the biggest questions to ask, safety. t.j. holmes in carbon dale, illinois, with a closer look at that. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is not going get it done today. i don't care how nice, expensive, fashionable your regular sun glasses are. they're not going to protect you from the sun. we have 15,000 showing up today. everybody needs to have a way to protect those eyes. the hot item of the the summer. paper glasses. solar eclipse glasses. they've been flying off the shelves. many
7:42 am
are waiting in long lines to get them. but a lot of places have been handing them out for free. still, some people are trying to cash in on demand. these ghaszs listed for $600 online. how important is it to wear protective eye wear during the eclipse? >> even a few second exposure can cause damage. >> reporter: lou and roger know how serious it can be. >> it took about 20 seconds to burn a hole in our retina. my right eye, roger's left. >> reporter: the two friends watched the 1963 partial eclipse in portland without protective glasses. >> you feel nothing when this damage is taking place. and later on in the day, i was having flashes. >> reporter: now, 50-plus years later, the two say they still see spots occasionally. >> no wonder i can't hit a duck when i go hunting. >> reporter: this ophthalmologist says the damage can be severe.
7:43 am
that's the area of the vision that a person reads or drives with. once that occurs, it tepids not to go i way. >> reporter: even with the glasses, you need to be careful. >> it's hard to tell what is legitimate and what is not. >> reporter: you need to check to see if they're from one of the recommended manufacturers. counterfeit glasses were such an issue for amazon. they e-mailed customers. they refunded some money. for roger and lou, they're going to play it safe this time. >> i'm going to stand out there and watch it get dark without looking towards the the sky. >> reporter: i have one more trick. take a selfie. this is what i mean. use the iphone or ipad. turn it around like you're taking a selfie. that can help protect your eyes as well. another
7:44 am
>> you just made my daughters' day. thank you for that, t.j. and dr. jen ashton joins us now. people saying, do i have to wear the glasses. >> listen. let me be crystal clear here. if you look at it long enough to appreciate what is going on without eclipse glasses, you'll do damage there is no treatment for the damage. >> what does it look like? >> put these on. first thing you notice when you put on true eclipse glasses is, if you put your hand in font of you face, it's all black. this is not exact science. look at the studio light over my shoulder. normally, those lights are so bright you can't look at them. if you're looking with the proper classes, you'll be able to appreciate it. last, some tips here. >> did someone just walk in front of the the light? >> it's a big problem, right? you need to wear
7:45 am
have kids practice if advantage. when they put them on and see only black, they might be tempted to take them off. and test these in advance. don't leave this until the last minute. >> how do you know if you have done daniel? >> the retina has no pain sensor. you'll not feel pain the. you could have light sensitivity. plurry vision. watery, teary eyes. color distortion. if you notice these, see your doctor. what some people think might happen today.
7:46 am
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we're back with eclipse superstitions. some people believe strange things happen during these events. >> nick watt is with some of the more bizarre ones. he joins us from alliance, nebraska. some of these go back to ancient times. >> reporter: they do. listen, george, until the ancient greeks figured out what a solar eclipse is, they were freaking human beings out for millenia. chinese thought it was a dragon eating the sun. they banged pots and pans to scare the dragon away. i think we celebrate this so much because we're just relie relieved. we embrace it. we
7:50 am
we get into it. >> and nick, when you're out there this afternoon, what are you going to be looking for? >> what am i going to be looking for? i'm going to be looking for lizard green men in south carolina. they might appear. the main thing i'm looking for is hopkinsville, kentucky, just down the road. it will be the place that experiences the eclipse for the longest. there's a weird coincidence. it's famous for an extra terrestrial alleged sighting in 1965. that happened august 21st as well. that's weird. here at carhenge this place was built 30 years ago this summer. 30 years ago, i think maybe there's some kind of connection there. actually, i don't. >> i like you you add the alleged. in don't forget to watch the total solar eclipse live this afternoon. david muir anchoring our
7:51 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> >> reporter: i'm melanie hastings today is the first day of school for student in d.c. parents and kids will be walking to class. drivers need to slow down if you see flashing lights in school zones. the day we have been waiting for the solar eclipse in d.c. we'll see a partial eclipse with 82% of sun covered. the moon move at 1. . 17 p.m. the peek at 2:42. it ends at 4 this afternoon. of course to watch the eclipse you need a pair of these. eclipse glasses, they're harder to find and pricier. this morning you are in luck. only on good morning washington
7:57 am
glasses all morning. watch for your next three chances to win on our sister station. and weather, very important today. here is veronica johnson. >> it is here. no more days to count down for the eclipse. we will have 80% coverage of the moon blocking the sun. tell be hot for us as we look up and tray to catch some of that. we will fight cloud cover and an isolated shower or storms. at the tail end around 4:00 up to 7:00 a chance today possiblied with. with temperatures cooling down. >> and veronica we have a good ride on 270 southbound from falls road to the belted way. pockets not bad. it is already getting better on the beltway. and silve
7:58 am
hampshire avenue good. 95 in virginia is moving well you get pockets of delays on the park way that's traffic. melanie. back to you. >> more news task and weather on good morning washington on news 8. we will see you in 30 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the great american eclipse. hundreds of millions of people preparing iffer the biggest event of the year. will the weather hold up to give you a glimpse? with wildfires striking right near the path of totality, what you need to know to get the best view and stay safe? and how to make it a do-it-yourself viewing device. a limpic superstar taking on usa gymnastics. aly raisman criticizing the handling of sexual abuse al dpagss. how she's standing up for gymnasts ever where. breaking the
8:01 am
edition. we're brauking down the surprising benefits hidden in your breakfast. taylor swift's blank space. the super star erasing her social media presence. was she hacked? or is a new album on the the way? could the eclipse have something to do with it? ♪ i'm gonna stand by you ♪ and rachel platten standing by the the times square. >> good morning, america. and good morning, rachel platten. welcome back to all of you this monday morning. eclipse day here in the united states. we're counting it down. we have been watching people travel thousands of miles. there's the scene in oregon right now. they get the first glimpse? just a few hours. >> cue the song, george. ♪ i really need you tonight >> we've been sin
8:02 am
eclipse of the heart" for weeks now. the woman who sang it, bonnie tyler, standing by. >> we'll have more from her. the first story. the disaster at sea overnight. a navy destroyer has collided with an oil tanker. ten u.s. sailors are missing. the second accident in just a month. >> reporter: that massive search for ten american sailors lost at sea is still on. after another astonishing mishap for the navy. the second in just two months. the "uss mccain" has made it to port. look how enormous the hole is in its hull. imagine the water pouring in in the early morning hours after a 600-foot oil tanker crashed into its side in the south china sea, about 11 miles off the coast, not far from singapore. four sailors were air-lifted to a singapore hospital. the "uss mccain"
8:03 am
senator mccain's father and grandfather has a crew of nearly 300. seven sailors died? june after the "uss fitzgerald" collided with a contain ir ship off the coast of japan. an investigation completed just last week found fault in the crew's actions and relooefd the xhapding officer and several others of duty. more on today's eclipse, spreading out all across the united states. our team is spread out. we want to start with rob marciano in lincoln city, oregon. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is the first point of contact. the moon shadow racing toward the coastline at over 2,000 miles an hour. totality expected local time at 10 ln 16 a.m. we need clear skies. we're battling that marine layer as you often do. the other issue in
8:04 am
a big one in brooks, just south of us. now to 70,000 acres. evacuations going there. and in sisters, oregon, just on the the fringe of detallty, they have people on stand by. this is the smoke infiltrating some of the viewing area. cloud cover. the rest of the northwest looks nice. idaho falls. back across the rockies. the central part of the u.s., a developing system that will probably throw clouds into nebraska, through missouri. illinois, kentucky. ten ten. look to be on the clear skies. in the green zone, idaho falls. that's where we find our eva pilgrim. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rob. yeah, we're here at the official nasa watch site. where some supersmart scientists will be very busy. they get the rare chance to
8:05 am
there life on mars? they are launching a bunch of balloons all along the path of totality. from oregon and oregon state to south carolina. the balloons will have bacteria inside them. they'll be sent to the stratosphere. conditions will be similar to mars. allowing them to find out can that bacteria survive? does that mean there's life on mars? we'll have to wait and find out. but, no question, there's life here on earth. and adrienne bankert is in the middle of the people heading to wyoming to get a view of the eclipse there. >> reporter: good morning to you, eva. i think a lot of people surrounding us are still asleep. we're in the new david street station. the city built this amphitheater for the people coming out. the population here, about 59,000 people. they're expecting the population to double since this weekend. 50,000 expected to
8:06 am
into town to watch the eclipse. we're snack bah bab in the middle of the country. later on, we'll be smack dab in the middle of the action. people are cominging from six continents. we know people from greenland, asia, australia. we're waiting for this because many of us have never seen a total eclipse. >> our team is all across the country. david muir, leading the coverage starting at 1:00 eastern. you have today's other headlines. >> that's right. president trump is hours away from unveiling his new military strategy for afghanistan. he'll deliver a primetime address tonight from ft. meyer, virginia. defense secretary jim mattis wants to send in 4,000 more troops. a woman has been killed after a stolen van plowed into two bus stops in marseille. police say this driver has
8:07 am
psychiatric issues and this doesn't appear to be terror related. authorities in spain have identified the man they say was behind the wheel. the 2-year-old moroccan man may have crossed into frans. he was linked to an imam with alleged ties to isis. and tributes for dick gregory who died over the weekend at the inage of 84. he was one of the first black standup comedians. he embraced nonviolence and spent years fighting racism and social injustice. zpncht finally, this is being called the best catch in junior league world series history. take a look at pennsylvania's jack regenye never stops runn g running. dives over the fence. and yes, he m kos up with the ball. preventing -- wow. a home run. first, the umps ruled it was an out. then they overturned it. then discussed it begin. some people are calling this the
8:08 am
the greatest catch ever. and the catch of millennium. >> certainly the catch of his life. coming up, aly raisman taking on usa gymnastics over the abuse scandal. and the couple embracinging the total eclipse of the heart. they're tieing the knot in the path of totality. and lara is upstairs. yes, amy. speaking of total eclipse. bonnie tooil sir joining us live. we'll be singing i'm sure. and then we're going to crack the code on these four foods. to they deserve a bad rap? destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage.
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and what if i swore i'd succeed... so you could wake up one day with the choice to be anything you wanted. well then, my great granddaughter... it would all be worth it. ♪
8:13 am
welcome back to "gma." this monday morning. you can hear our crowd. we can see this group. they can't see us. all wearing the big blackout glasses. >> they're a little early. >> a little early. they can listen to "pop news". >> yes, yes, yes. listen up, everybody. good morning to you. and we're going the to begin with taylor swift. so she's created a real-life blank space going completely dark on the internet. searches of all social media plat forms she normally uses show her accounts still there. but every single post is gone. her official website, twitter, instagram, facebook. all wiped clean. leaving faps wondering if she's been hacked or could this be timed to coin side with possibly a new album. >> i'll take "b." >> i'm taking "b" as well. this is three years to the day she announced her last all bum,
8:14 am
1989. and many swifties have taken to twitter using the hashtag ts 6 is coming. they're saying the blackout was timed with the toting block aj of the sun. an eclipse symbolizes new beginnings or perhaps new albums. fans think the new album might be called "eclipse." >> how about that? i had fawnny taylor swift moment. my girls were playing a series of songs. my 14-year-old says, i love taylor swift. he brings me back to my childhood. >> oh, my. i love your girls. hey, also in "pop news" today. we're so excited. we have a pop-in guest in honor of today's total eclipse. we couldn't think of anyone we would rather have here more on this special occasion than none other than bonnie tyler. i just got chills.
8:15 am
i love this song so much. 1983. "total eclipse of the heart" getting plenty of air time lately. we have to welcome you. bonnie, thank you so much for being with us. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. >> and i want to explain, bonnie -- >> i love the this view. >> tell everyone why cow are that beautiful backdrop. tell us about your special performance today? >> i'm on this amazing ship called "the oasis of the sea." we're going to pass right through the totality area a little later on. we'll all be wearing our funny glasses, of course. and, yeah, you see the total eclipse. >> you forgot one my yor doe tail ps you're going to be singing "total eclipse of the heart" at the very same time. >> yeah. i'm going to be performing it with the dnce band.
8:16 am
they're huge in america. you all know. the rehearsal yesterday. they've done a fantastic job. >> talk to me about the -- >> they've done a great version of pit. >> how excited are you to be a, witnesses a total eclipse and be sharing your song which is so timeless for so many of us? >> well, yeah. it's just gone over 300 million views on -- on you know, youtube. >> yes. >> i love singing that song. i never get -- i never get tired of singing that song. it's a great song. and it gets everybody in the mood, you know. >> i'm glad you never get tired of it. ♪ turn around every now and then ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> go, bonnie. ♪ i get a little
8:17 am
you're never coming round turn around ♪ >> come on, bonnie! did i just do a d uruet with boe tyler? bonnie, thank you so much. that 1983 song, the number one karaoke song at least among the "gma" team. we love you. thank you so much. >> jim steinman wrote it. >> you brought to it life. the oatle eclipse of the heart and the sun. >> that song brings me back to my childhood. >> now a big check off your bucket list. to the "gma" cover story. today, on lick yan aly raisman, taking on usa gymnastics for how it handled the
8:18 am
the fierce five. not the mention one of the most decorated american gymnasts of all time. she's using her platform to speak out. >> it just keeps going up and bam. >> reporter: aly raisman is sharing harsh words for usa gymnastics and the u.s. olympic committee over the sexual abuse allegations against dr. larry nassar, who she is calling a monster. she says, i feel like there's a lot of articles about it. but nobody has said, this is hornl. this is what we're doing to change. ra irk sman also accused usa gymnastics of trying to sweep it under the rug. nassar, who pled guilty last month to child pornography faces dozens of charges of sexual abuse and is being sued by over 125 women and girl who is claim he abused them during
8:19 am
examinations. raisman is now the highest profile figure to take aim. >> i think it speaks volumes. these are words that will be heard and reverberate throughout the usa gymnastics world. >> reporter: earlier this year, the senate judiciary committee heard testimony from former gymnasts who say that usa gymnastics failed to protect them from falling prey to the former team doctor. >> dr. nassar abused me in texas at the usa national training center. in california. at meets. and all over the world. >> reporter: usa gymnastics released a statement saying, as we have said, we are appalled by the conduct of which larry nassar is accused. and we're sorry that think athlete has been harmd during her or his gymnastics career. raisman made her comments after being inducted into the usa gymnastics hall of fame this weekend. the e she said the
8:20 am
the girls have to be able to say, i need help, i want therapy, i need this. brave woman, amy. >> thank you, ryan. now to our cracking the code series. nutrition edition. we're breaking down common misconceptions about your favorite foods, from coffee to eggs. mya feller is here to help us break it down and crack the code. i have to say, i like to crack some eggs in the morning. there is back and forth about whether eggs are good for you. >> nutrition is an ever-evolving science. in the past, no egg yolks. now we're seeing, they can be consumed safely. when people eat eggs, they tend to make better food choices throughout the day because they're not as hungry. >> right, they make you feel full. >> they deliver vitamin d as well as b-12. it's fantastic choice. >> you just made my day. the
8:21 am
the morning, coffee. what is it? good for you or bad? >> i had two cups myself. >> me, too. >> the thing about coffee is what we have found in recent research is it might help slow the progress of some degene degenerative diseases. it has polyphenols in it. it's okay for people to consider having one to three cups. if they're caffeine-sensitive, they can have decaf. >> you get all the good, not the jitters. another thing that is a big fan favorite in my house is peanut butter. and, i've heard both. it's true. i don't know if it's good or bad. i try to limit it. let's hear what you have to say. >> one of the things i love about peanuts is it's a great source of protein. it has some heart-protective benefits in it. there's
8:22 am
wonderful. now we're seeing as part of a healthy diet, you can have a serving day. you'll be fine. >> and the fat makes you full. >> keeps you from reaching for carbs. >> i want to ask you about dairy. skim milk, whole milk, full-fat? what are your thoughts? >> when people consume full-fat dairy, they tend to make better food choices. the other thing we see is that people are staying fuller longer. there are less highs and louse in terms of blood sugar. it seems to be part of an okay healthy diet when consumed in moderation. >> thank you, maya. to ginger in nashville. ginger? >> hey, we're here in nashville. yes, the largest city in the path of totality. it's dan's birthday, by the way, he's 40. and it's
8:23 am
i love you sign. i'm getting a solar eclipse for my birthday. no big deal. we're so excited to be here. the party has started. last night, i got to guest co-host at the opry. one of the best nights of my life. i got to stand on the circle. got to hang out with wynonna judd. happy eclipse day, everyone. you ready for this? we are. we are so set.eclipse viewing ie dmv - clouds & sun to see the eclipse; a few storms possible (1:17-4:01pm) - hot & humid start to the week - refreshing change coming late week today: hot and humid. mix of sun and clouds. a few pm thunderstorms. highs: 86-90 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy, warm and humid. patchy fog possible. lows: 72-77 winds: s 5 mph tuesday: partly to mostly sunny. hot and humid. stray thunderstorm. highs: 91-96 winds: sw 5-15 mph
8:24 am
>> so more now on the eclipse and a couple taking total eclipse of the heart to a whole new level. they're getting married in the path of totality today. sara haines has that story. >> reporter: i'm here at castle bring events center. surrounding me are all the fixings of a wedding. i'm a sucker for a wedding. right behind me is the altar. where samantha and cameron take their vows. right beyond that, a massive field where we'll all look up to see the moment we've all been waiting for. the solar eclipse. >> we're going to be oathing over there. >> reporter: samantha adams has been fascinated by all things celestial since the third grade. >> i went from a little kid in the classroom to knowing what was out there. >> reporter: she even wanted to become an astronaut. so when her
8:25 am
question, picking the day was a no brainer. >> the eclipse, it's like a time stamp. it will stand out in everybody's memories even more. >> yeah, it's pretty cool. >> reporter: her wedding during the eclipse will have heavenly touches. >> there will be music that sends space sound tracky. i got my hair done. it should look really cool braided. >> reporter: space-themed footwear for the ceremony and the reception. solar eclipse sun glasses. and calming jars. a galaxy globe. sure to be a wedding to remember. and out of this world. >> i'll go out and have two minutes and about 40 seconds of totality and just take in that moment. it's got to be amazing. >> reporter: okay. i'm here with the bride on her big day. you're funding today with a go fund me page. what made you do a solar eclipse wedding? >> i've paid attenon
8:26 am
pretty much third grade, that jupiter science project really made me just so aware of where we are in the solar system. and it's just such a special place to live. and -- being able to do the wedding on the the day of the solar eclipse couldn't be any more perfect. >> let's take a full body shot. let us look from the space shirt to the intergalactic hair and pants. the nails. >> a little bit of efg. >> what are you most excited about today? most of us worry about the i dos. this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. >> right. i think just the few moments of sayinging i do and then, getting out there and looking at that totality. that moment of completion. i think is just going the take it to a whole nother level. >> reporter: we're going the be here. we're going to be right back.
8:27 am
>> good morning washington i'm melanie hastings. students in dc heading back to school today. ryan hughes is life in northwest and i bet the kids are pretty excited ryan? >> they are melanie, big smiles and the parents are also excited to get the kids back to school. were outside marie reed elementary and northwest. this is a brand-new is one of the 6 new schools throughout the
8:28 am
just a couple minutes ago the principal was opening the doors with kids lining up. parents are saying their goodbyes and heading off to class. a lot of families taking pictures, and adjust couple minutes the mayor will be out as part of her everyday compass or in encouraging students to attending school and importance of drivers to slow down in the areas of school jones. she'll be out here in a couple minutes. the kids are ready to start their first days back to class. back to you. we are 4 hours from the eclipse. will a chance for storms cloud your view? here's veronica johnson. >> finally it is here, no more days to count down for solar eclipse appeared here locally will have 80 percent coverage of the moon blocking the sunday it will be a hot day for us as we look up and try to catch some of that we will be finding some cloud cover today. maybe isolated storm is a factor. the best chance of storm comes right at the talent. just around 4 o'clock. that is up until so
8:29 am
then we have another chance coming our way, tuesday and possibly wednesday with temperatures going down. veronica, we have a problem here in kensington maryland on connecticut avenue in
8:30 am
♪ don't be afraid to catch me welcome back to "gma" on this monday morning. we want to get right to our special guest. they're excited. from so many movies, including "pitch perfect." shoost got it all. her book, scrap by little nobody out in paperback. please welcome, anna kendrick. smoet ♪ >> hi. how are you? >> thank you. >> hi, hi. >> you're welcome. welcome back. >> thank you so much for having
8:31 am
this total solar eclipse today. >> i've heard something about it. >> so where are you going to be when the eclipse happens? >> i'm going back to toronto. so i think i'm going to be in an airport. surrounded by loved ones, just pissed off travelers. if somebody could take a crappy photo and put it on instagram. i'm worried nobody is going the take a crappy picture and put it on instagram. where the sun is like really, really small. >> you love or loathe inis a dpram? instagram? >> i love it. it's great. perfect for offcenter pictures of food. >> i like it. it's way to share your personality what you're working on. you're great on it the. >> i didn't come on my anti-instagram agenda. >> you're pro book. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> so good.
8:32 am
>> i love that you call yourself scrappy. >> i feel scrappy. i feel like scrappy-doo. >> you admitted that claudia from baby sirtes club was inspiring. >> i wore pajamas jed and pretended it was fashion. i feel like zendaya wore pajamas. she's doing the lord's work making it fashionable for us to wear pajamas. i was telling my mom. she's this actress, model. she's like, i know who zendaya is. >> it was your birthday last week. >> yeah. >> happy birthday. >> stop, stop. >> big celebration? >> no, well, i was working and i get so stressed out about birthdays. it feels like so much pressure to have fun. the director of the movie was li
8:33 am
dinner. i was like, you know what? it's my birthday. my birthday wish is to go home and organize his my sock drawer. i was like, no, the t-shirts go in that drawer. >> and you felt better. >> it was such great birthday. it with us so great. i'm going to do that every year. >> movies. "pitch perfect 3" is coming out in december. >> yeah. i'm excited, man. >> so -- can they just keep going? could there be a four? >> i don't know. it's not up to us. we want to keep doing them. i keep having this suspicion that they're going to replace was a new batch. but, that's just my paranoid fantasy. i'm sure that wouldn't happen. we want to keep doing them. they don't let us decide. what do you think? >> if you could decide who would you like to have as your -- like dream artist to
8:34 am
like who would be -- >> um, like, you know, bruno mars in a wig. it's an all-girl group. right? >> it's a great idea. >> sneak him in there. >> he would do it, too. >> i hear you're a huge "game of thrones" fan. as am i. don't tell me what happened last night. >> i'm not going to spoil it. the people that did watch, the thing at the end with the thing. oh, my god! >> i heard people were yelling at the -- >> i was like, guys, you should get out of there. maybe get out of there. >> what do you love about it most? rnlt guess that the fact that, like, i care that much. like i have never watched a tv show where i've been like, i really need you to get smart and figure it out. i'm usually just like, oh are you going to die in in episode? whatever. >> you read about it when you're off? >> read about "game of thrones "? yeah, yeah, yeah.
8:35 am
you have watched it for so many seasons. you have to know every little detail. sometimes i have to rewind it and rewatch. >> i watch, like, youtube videos about it and go on forums and stuff. because that thing where -- he said that thing. a lot of people didn't pick up on it. >> it's true. there's all these hidden things you have to rewatch. >> you knew what she was talking about? >> oh, yes, yes. >> tell us about "female santa." you're wokking on that? >> yeah, i am doing a movie with disney. i'm doing a movie after the one in toronto. i'm playing santa's daughter. bill hader is playing my brother. i love a christmas movie. >> do you actually take over the job? >> you guys -- in the role. >> you'll find out next christmas. >> okay. >> thanks. >> i read something about it. it sounds fantastic. so much going on. we love that you alway
8:36 am
>> thank you for having me. >> "scrappy little nobody" is in paperback tomorrow. open heeveryone here, you're gog home with anna's book. we'll be back. you might want grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up.
8:37 am
for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
8:38 am
8:39 am
not until august 21, 2017, will another eclipse be visible, 8 years from now. >> now, it's lights out. hands up. ♪ we're glowing in the dark we're right there. you can share your pictures. today, the great american eclipse starts at 1:00 eastern, 10:00 pacific. on abc. ♪ hey, welcome back to "good morning america." we're having a party up here on top of tennessee. we're not going to get a part like this again until the year 2566. might as well. hotels are sold out. car rentals all but gone. you all have a special car up in times square that you're getting the exclusive look at. our sponsor, mitsubishi is doing something cool. they're b
8:40 am
2018, mitsubishi eclipse cross. they're doing it in a special way. taking that very car to salem, oregon, or just near it, into the path of totality. they're going to shoot the eclipse with the eclipse. get it? an eclipse within an eclipse. that's right. we're going to show you all of that. the eclipse within the eclipse. and a big party that start right here at 1:00 p.m. on abc. our very special special. hosted by one david muir. he'll be this charleston. we'll be all along the path of totality. we can't wait for that. the party is here. tootsie's is never going to- no eclipse viewing in the dmv - clouds & sun to see the eclipse; a few storms possible (1:17-4:01pm) - hot & humid start to the week - refreshing change coming late week today: hot and humid. mix of sun and clouds. a few pm thunderstorms. highs: 86-90 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: partly
8:41 am
>> all right. la lara. hi ladies have to get to school to watch the eclipse from there. back the to you. >> thank you so much. we know how important it is to protect our eyes. if you don't have special glasses, not to worry. a simple and safe way to see it using items you have if your home. sara g. miller of and camilla persley are here to do it. we're talking about making a pinhole camera out of a cereal box. >> this will yet you look at a projection of the sun. totally safe. supereasy to make. >> get a cereal box. the first thing we do is -- >> we're going the trace the bottom of the box on the piece of paper. >> what you did, right? >> this is the bottom of it.
8:42 am
and you want to put at the at the bottom of the box. tape it or lay it in there, nice and flat. it should be pretty secure. >> that will be the screen. >> like a projector screen when you're watching a movie. >> then hat? >> tape the top of the box. we'll have -- you should have two openings at the top. you'll cut those out of the cereal box. >> here and here. hers has the two holes. not just one. >> one is going to be the viewer that you look through. the other one, we're going to turn into the view hole projector. >> yeah. >> taped. ready to go. now what? >> tinfoil. >> okay. >> you cover up one of the holes. doesn't matter which one. tape it down nice and secure. >> you really got this. >> that blocks out autoof the other light. the only light from the little hole we made is going to get in. >> really important. i don't want
8:43 am
literally, if you're at home now, having breakfast. you don't have glasses. this is a great thing to do. because it will protect your eyes. we have done piece this is morning. you can injure your eyes. one side is covered the. >> now what you're going to do is take a sharp pencil. a pin, a push pin. >> one hole? >> just one tiny hole in the center. >> oh, i dropped mine. one hole. >> yep. nice and precise. there you go. that's it. what waer going to do is take this outside. you're going to stand with your back facing the sun. so it's a little koupt intuitive. you want to line that hole up with the sun behind you. you're going to look in the box. >> look into this hole. >> the opening. >> and this tiny pinhole achieves the the ability to see the solar eclipse. >> the sun comes through the pinhole. you'll see it on the white piece of paper at the bottom. >> is this how you're boeing
8:44 am
i have pair of glasses i can lepd you, too. >> i have one. my mom doesn't have any. >> i'll give you a pair. >> okay. >> in the meantime, you think this is a great idea. you love space, right? >> yeah. >> what are you doing? there's thouno cereal in there. making it perfect? this is exciting for you. this is a future scientist. are you excited? >> yes. >> it will be a special moment. and sara, thank you. a simple, safe idea. everybody, if you don't have glasses, this is the way to go. get step-by-step instructions on our website. coming up, rachel platten is with us performing live. with you stay? come on,let go upstairs.
8:45 am
there's the view. there's more to life than the climb. you've got to stop... ...and look around a little. remember who you are. let the child inside you out to play.
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shed life's layers in asheville. visit lonely planet's best destination for 2017. and let the magic find you. asheville. discovery inside and out. we're back with rachel platten. she's inspired so many of us with her
8:47 am
fight song. and had all of us singing along with stand by you. she's back with her brand-new single, broguen glass. you call this song your rallying cry of release. what do you mean by that? >> oh, i mean this was a crazy year. and, i was at the women's march. i saw girls holding posters. i saw the tears running down little girls' faces. i felt like women needed an anthem. girls needed an anthem. >> you provided a lot of anthems for us. you're ref krensing the the glass ceiling. how did you break through yours? >> oh, my gosh. with so much inner fortitude. so much strength. i didn't listen to the negative voices in my head. we all have them. they tell us that we're not good enough. that we can't do something. i listened to the voice many my heart instead. >> i love that. is there a woman, was there a woman who has inspired you most
8:48 am
>> absolutely. i -- come from a really long line of incredible women. my grandmother was a journalist in the '20s and '30s and broke gender barriers. my mother put herself through graduate school. the women in my family are my inspiration. >> you're continuing that. you have a newfound digs a. wour working with. >> i'm partnering with i thamt girl. it is to help young girls have confidence and allow them to speak freely and say the things they might be nervous to say otherwise. >> i love that. i am that girl. you recently visited a hospital in l.a. to perform at patients' bedsid bedsides. such an important part. you know fight song became a cancer anthem to so many people. love seeing the work you do every day. you don't just sing. >> turks amy. i've been doing it for 12 years. i love it. now, even when i don't have the pub lis city around, i go to
8:49 am
it reminds me. it's a check-in of why i do this. >> one of the many reasons we love her. we want to hear her sing, right? >> yes. >> for the first time ever on network television. this is broken glass. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ red lights i've lost so many long nights this were worries that cut like knives ♪ ♪ i know i know they're gone say what they want ♪ ♪ i know they're gone say what they want ♪ i can taste it i'm on my way i'm not waiting anymore not anymore i'm going to take some broken glass ♪ ♪ i'm broken glass and i'm going to make that
8:50 am
ceiling crash so what ♪ ♪ i've still got knives in my back i'm tied to the track i'm going the get some broken glass here i go here i go here i ♪ ♪ go here i go here i go ♪ ♪ here i go here i go ♪ bet on me in my own heart beat when all the odds are piling like bricks around my feet ♪ ♪ you know you know it's somewhere than just poor me you know it's worth it i still believe ♪ ♪ i'm gonna dance on broken glass on broken glass and i'm donna make that ceiling crash that ceiling crash so i still got knives many my back ♪ ♪ so wha
8:51 am
i'm going to take some broken dmasz here i go here i go ♪ ♪ here i go here i go here i go here i to ♪ ♪ here i go go to the other side baby i'll survive because i am a fighter do to the other side baby i'm on fire because you know i'm a survivor ♪ ♪ to the other side baby i'll survive cause you know i'm a fighter to the other side baby i'm on fire ♪ ♪ i'm gonna dance on broken glass hey on broken glass i'm gonna make that ceiling crash ♪ ♪ so i've still got knives in my back i'm gonna dance on broken glass here i do here i go ♪
8:52 am
♪ here i do here i go [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] and a big thanks to rachel platten for her for nominal performance. don't forget to watch our coverage of the great american eclipse. david muir will anchor our coverage. >> and our audience is ready to go. everybody, glasses on. we are nothing if not prepared. >> glasses on all day long. have a great monday, everyone. so long.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> good morning washington, i'm melanie hastings with a check of your top stories. in just a few hours from now the solar eclipse that we have all been waiting for will be here. it is the first total eclipse and the u.s. and 40 years. thousands of camped out just to see it in some places. here in the dc area we will see a partial eclipse with 82 percent coverage. pecan and solar coverage will occur at 2:42 this afternoon. the event ends at 4 pm.we will be tracking the total eclipse as it makes its way across the u.s. with a special
8:58 am
you can watch that on our sister station on news channel 8 or streaming at wj veronica johnson will be hosting that special coverage. she has your forecast right now. finally it is here and no more days to count down for our solar eclipse. here locally will have 80 percent coverage of the moon blocking the sunday it will be a hot day for us as we look up and try to catch some of that we will be finding some cloud cover today. maybe even isolated shower or stone might be affected. the best chance of storms will come at the tail end just around 4 o'clock. that is up until 7 o'clock. then we have another chance coming our way, tuesday and possibly wednesday with temperatures cooling down. veronica, were looking very good right now. look at this on the outer loop of the beltway from college park to silver springs moving pretty
8:59 am
9:00 am
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