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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 23, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now." president trump taking aim at a familiar foe during his campaign rally, the media, by repeating select phrases and leaving the controversial ones out. and overnight, the clashes on the streets of downtown phoenix, as we go live there next. also brake overnight, the navy announces high-level staffing changes in the wake of the latest deadly crash at sea. we have the latest. and new this half hour, social justice in sports. >> with a rally set for colin kaepernick, more and more are protesting against racial inequality. including the league's first white player to join
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movement. hear why he's taking a knee. and are the chain-smokers looking into a career change? they were spotted doing something we've never seen them do before? what does this mean for their big tour? we'll have the answers coming up in "the skinny." it is wednesday, august 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the best description i've ever heard for the chain-smokers, from our producer who calls them the edm boy band. possible career change? but we're going to start with breaking news in phoenix, a massive protest against president trump turning violent. >> police used pepper spray to disburse the thousands of demonstrators, some which gathered earlier. they had been noisy and peaceful when the president spoke, but after the rally let out, they started throwing rocks and bottles at police. abc's tom llamas w t
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>> reporter: the president spoke tonight in phoenix, and just behind me, you can see some of the demonstrators that are left over. but earlier tonight there were thousands of demonstrators out here, and they had pretty much surrounded the convention center where the president was speaking. the police had a very good plan in place. they were able to separate the protesters from the trump supporters. right at the end, the trump supporters were coming out and demonstrators were able to get in their faces. there were some screaming matches, but we didn't witness any violence. at the end, as police were trying to force everyone out, they did use tear gas. the police had gas masks and shields and they pretty much marched the rest of the demonstrators out of downtown phoenix. >> our thanks to tom llamas there. >> a busy night overnight there. there were no reports of injuries and only three arrests. inside the phoenix convention center, the president spoke for nearly 90 minutes. >> he started by going after the
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his statements about white supremacists. >> and he said the press had twisted what he said. >> because they said everything. i hit them with neo-nazi. i hit them with everything. i got the white supremacists, the neo-nazi. i got them all in there. let's see. kkk, we have kkk. i got them all. so they're having a hard time. so what do they say, right? it should have been sooner! he's a racist. it should have been sooner. okay. so it should have been, so then the last one. on tuesday, tuesday i did another one. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. it has no place in america. >> but here's the deal. the president did not mention the comments that he's been most criticized for, saying there was blame on many sides. >> abc's donya baucus is live in phoenix.
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this is a very different speech compared to what we heard about afghanistan just 24 hours before. how much of this speech was about charlottesville and the media coverage? >> reporter: you know, it seemed like the president spent at least the first 20 to 30 minutes talking about media coverage, also defending the way he handled and his response to charlottesville, maintaining that he condemned what happened there multiple times. you guys just heard it in that spot that we played, that he basically said that he reread that initial response a couple times. he spent a good time blaming us, the media, saying it was the way we reported it that made it seem like he didn't handle it correctly. he called out cnn, abc and the "new york times" by name. and as you guys mentioned, he did not mention the fellow republicans who also criticized him. >> yeah, in fact at one point, the crowd started chanting "cnn sucks."
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the president referring to george stephanopoulos as "little george stephanopoulos." during that speech. that was interesting. he also hinted at a possible pardon for joe arpaio. listen. >> do the people in this room like sheriff joe? [cheers and applause] was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? [cheers and applause] he should have had a jury, but, you know what? i'll make a prediction. i think he's going to be just fine, okay? [cheers and applause] >> that seemed to go over well, donya. >> reporter: it definitely went over well, and that's not surprising, because you had a convention center full of trump supporters. and arpaio is definitely a trump supporter. he's one of those people. he has pushed for tougher
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so has president trump, so it's not surprising that the people there would also be a supporter of the former sheriff. now what i find most interesting about this is that earlier in the day the white house press secretary basically said there would be no discussion of a pardon and then president trump comes on stage and hints at that pardon. >> that seems to be a common theme. we hear that the white house aides aren't planning on having a press conference, then he gives a surprise press conference. then he's going to not mention a pardon and then he does mention a pardon. how do you account for all that? it seems like he likes to be unpredictable? >> reporter: yeah. and that's what we, you said it was very different from what we saw just the night before, that was very true. the night before, he was very scripted. it seemed like he stayed on track. he had a particular message that he wanted to get out and he stuck with that. but tonight it went from the media, it went from the pardon, it went from defending charlottesville. it seemed to touch on a lot of different poin t
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gel together. many different points that took him all across the board. >> yes, it was. all right, our donya baucus in phoenix. also breaking overnight, the navy announcing a move. the commander of the seventh fleet is being relieved of duty. >> vice admiral joseph aucoin is out because of a loss of confidence involving four crashes this year. he was set to retire next month. the most recent involved the "uss john mccain." divers searching its flooded compartments have found remains of some of the ten sailors who are missing. and secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. needs to be as cagey and tactical as the taliban when it comes to strategy in afghanistan. speaking at the state department he followed the president's lead and didn't say how many more troops would be heading into the fight. tillerson did say the new afghanistan policy is intended to put pressure on the taliban
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and find a way to end the war with a negotiated settlement. and we're learning new details about the barcelona terror plot. the four surviving members of that allege the terror sell appeared in court for the first time on tuesday. they were going to detonate bombs, including at the cathedral. but they were allegedly forced to change plans when the house they were making the bombs in accidently blew up. they decided to use a van to attack tourists. killing 13 people. the judge released one of the suspects, saying the evidence against him was not strong enough. and we're seeing dramatic images of children rescued after an earthquake in italy. authorities say the three young brothers were trapped after their home collapsed. the 11-year-old, the oldest, is be being credited with saving his siblings. he pushed one under the bed and banged a broom handle on the roof. two people died on that resort
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the quarterback has been black balled for kneeling during the national anthem. last season to protest racial injustice. more players are showing support for kaepernick. monday night at least a dozen cleveland browns knelt during the anthem. among them, seth devalve, the first white player to take an of knee in protest. devalve's wife is black. >> i myself will be raising children that don't look like me. and i want to do my part as well, to do everything i can to raise them in a better environment than we have right now. >> referring to the scene overnight. in the meantime, kyrie irving has gotten his wish. he is no longer lebron james' sidekick. he is heading to boston in a fo
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is two-time all-star isaiah thomas. he was the league's number three scorer last season. one bit of unexpected fallout from the trade. this year's cover of nba's 2 k 18 is outdated. it features him in the colors of the cavaliers. but didn't they know he was going to leave? >> awkward. guess they weren't planning ahead with that one. >> bad timing. >> just leave it as a mystery uniform. coming up, the wife of the treasury secretary touts her designer clothes on instagram and lashes out at a critic. what's she saying right now? plus, we're hitting the road with two of the stars from "game of thrones." first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by liberator medical supply. brought to you by liberator medical supply.
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she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. all right, we're back now with the firestorm involving the wife of treasury secretary steve mnuchin over a post on instagram. a heated exchange followed online, and now linton is
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>> abc's mary bruce with the latest. >> reporter: a glamorous woman stepping off a private jet, windswept, a luxury handbag in tow. this post is sparking outrage. why? because that's treasury secretary steve mnuchin and his wife. returning from an official trip. and that's a government plane. she posted a post bragging about her outfit. great day trip to condition ken, she wrote. tom ford sunnies, valentino. steve mnuchin is a wealthy former goldman sachs executive. he married recently in a lavish ceremony, attended by the president and first lady. online, the backlash was as fierce. glad we could pay for your little get away. she fired back, writing, have you given more to the economy than me or my husband? either as an ind
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in taxes or as a public servant to the country? pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you'd be willing to sacrifice. you're adorably out of touch. and she is now apologizing. and the treasury department says that the mnuchins are going to reimburse the government for her travel and that she receives no compensation for mentioning those products. mary bruce, abc news, washington. when we come back, we're putting our pop knowledge to the test. >> forbes released their list of top-paid actors. we're going to see if we can guest the top five. play along with us, "the skinny's" next. top-paid actors. we're going to see if we can guest the top five. play along with us, "the skinny's" next.
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♪ so baby, pull me closer ♪ in the back
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rover ♪ ♪ that i know you can't afford >> so what do adam sandler and the chain-smokers have in common? they both kill it as wedding singers. >> that's not what i was thinking. >> here's andrew and alex showing off at a wedding recently, hanging out with the bride and groom, belting out a few of their hits, including, listen. ♪ >> not bad at all. not bad for a wedding band. >> so the duo were at a philadelphia wedding of about 200 people. andrew went to school with the groom, and he was even in the wedding party. >> ah. >> as you can see there. >> the bride doesn't look like she minded at all, sharing the spotlight with the fellas. >> that is awesome. >> congratulations to them.
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the chain-smokers joined them on the honeymoon. ♪ baby, pull me closer >> no, no, no. now, forbes' list of the highest-paid actors are out. and before you ask, neither of the ryans cracked the top five. >> this is an outrage. >> this is horrible. this is fake news. we thought it would be fun to test and see which hollywood hunk made the top five list. here you go. you have. >> samuel l. jackson. robert downie jr., tom cruise, adam sandler with a mustache. jackie chan, vin diesel, who's that guy? >> oh, yeah, that guy. right. right. >> it's the eclipse. the moon eclipsed itself. >> you got my boyfriend, the rock. and we've got markey mark. i think you forgot tom cruise. so now i have to guess. >> you have to guess which one. >> these guys in order. >> let's go with number four. which one of these actors, these fine young men would you say is
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number four? >> number four, you're definitely out. that's easy. let's see. who's that? >> that's mark wahlberg. this is the longest segment ever. >> jackie chan's out. samuel l., i'm going to go, rock, rock, let's see, i got markey mark, the rock. tom cruise. >> hey, jack, what are you doing for breakfast? >> i'm going on vacation. >> vin diesel's making money off fast and furious. >> these are your top four. you got two of the top four. >> oh! >> markey mark was the top. jackie chan, kendis gibson. >> no. no, they're not. you're a liar. >> yeah, they are. they're in it.
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all right, we'll move on. well, maisie williams and sophie turner play stark sisters on "game of thrones," and let's say they don't always get along on the show. but in real life, they're apparently besties. >> spoilers. and that was on display in carpool karaoke. the pair took turns doing impressions of sean bean, who played their on-screen father. >> they tried to channel their northern accent while using some memorable phrases. >> hakuna matata. what a wonderful phrase. >> oh, my gosh. >> omg. look at her butt. it's so big. >> it looks like so much fun. >> my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard. they're like, is better than yard. >> it never sounded better.
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it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits ♪ i can't keep up with all these apps. i have a hard time. >> it's hard to tell from the apps what happened this week in the news. hard to tell. >> we have some high-tech news for you, actually. a program trying to bridge the gender gap. in a very high-tech way. >> it teaches young women to code, but it goes far beyond computers. here's mara schiavocampo. >> i want to be a programmer. >> i want to help people. >> i want to make a change in my local community using
3:56 am
>> reporter: these students aren't your typical computer programmers. this coding class is for girls only. one of 80 emerging camps across the country, run by the organization, girls who code. they're busy programming robots to perform choreographed dances to hit songs. ♪ it's all the brainchild of this woman. >> i'd go into computer science classes and see hundreds of boys clamoring to the best steve jobs or mark zuckerberg. and i'm like, where are the girls? >> reporter: in 2015, women held 57% of all professional occupations, yet they held only25% of all computing occupations, and the numbers are lower considering women of color. for example, latinas and black
3:57 am
jobs. so she has written a new book, "girls who code", specifically geared to young girls. is it because the interest isn't there or they just don't see the opportunity there? >> oh, i think girls are interested. we do a poor job of showing girls the connection between technology and making a difference. >> reporter: were you interested in technology before this? >> no, not really. >> reporter: so then why are you here? >> because my friend did it last summer and said it was the best experience she had and i want to do it. ♪ and you're going to hear me roar ♪ >> girls who code embody bravery and respect. so i feel like we're really symbolizes that. >> they're walking out not only knowing how to code but being fierce and confident and brave. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> that's pretty cool. that robot dances better than you do. >> i resemble that remark.
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i would have to say. ♪ you're going to hear me roar >> this is my freestyle.
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making news in america this morning, protests turn unruly overnight following president trump's rally in arizona. police using pepper spray on the crowd. look at these scenes. and making several arrests. the president firing up the crowd inside taking aim at the media. >> to show you how damned dishonest these people are. >> using the campaign-stale rally to threaten a government shutdown and defend his comments following the violence in charlottesville. we're live with the developments. plus a new report that says republican leader mitch mcconnell and the president have not spoken in weeks. so, what sparked this possible fallout? tiger woods vowing to take action after his


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