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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 25, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, hurricane harvey gaining strength overnight reaching category 2 and taking aim at the texas coast. evacuations are under way, even babies rushed out of the hospital after forecasters increased the rain totals to up to nearly three feet in some areas. we have the latest. president trump in a showdown with his own party taking shots at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell while the white house dodges questions about his threat to shut down the government over the border wall. a hiker survives a lightning strike. what's left of his shoe and the picture that he took the moment the bolt struck. and countdown to fight night. mcgregor a
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could turn out to be the biggest loss ever for vegas and mcgregor's son is ready for the fight in his custom fitted suit there. >> looking good. >> that kid is cute. >> good friday morning. i'm lynda lopez in for diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. the dire situation, hurricane harvey gaining strength with sustained winds of at least 105 miles an hour. >> about 200 miles offshore sending rain band as shore and could make official landfall overnight tonight. >> looking live now at the beach in galveston, you can see a little bit of surf picking up there. now, voluntary evacuations have been ordered for the west end of this island. the storm surge could cause flooding there, as well. >> and take a look. this is the eye of the hurricane. taken from a government hurricane hunter aircraft above the gulf. the eye is off of coast of brownsville right
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>> and this is the scene in corpus christi as ten infants from the neonatal unit were evacuated overnight. heartbreaking pictures and fears they would die if the hospital lost power. they're going to a hospital if ft. worth. >> abc's janai norman has more on hurricane harvey. >> reporter: hurricane harvey's hurling toward the u.s. coastline. already whipping winds more than 100 miles per hour. >> apparently it's getting stronger and stronger. >> reporter: setting its sights on south texas, people in the bull's-eye stockpiling sandbags and essentials. >> there is no more water. there's no more bread. the bread is running out as well. >> reporter: cars lining up for hours to fill up on gas. >> absolute insanity over this hurricane. >> many people leaving home as harvey is expected to drown parts of the south. dousing some areas with more than 35 inches of rain and storm surges up to 12 feet. >> we are going to in the
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encourage the residents in the low-lying areas as they say get out of dodge. >> reporter: images from nasa show the size of the storm the likes of which haven't been seen in nearly 20 years. forecasters say harvey is intensifying faster than previously predicted and it's moving slowly. the hurricane center says it's possible the storm could stay inland for up to 72 hours increasing the threat of severe flooding. >> now you see the track taking it through the weekend staying a category 2 through the afternoon saturday making a u-turn back toward the gulf of mexico and then going north and east. >> reporter: one sheriff saying the risks are too great not to get out now. >> i'm not going to send a boat down there after we ask you to leave. we're not -- i'm not going to put one of my deputy's lives on the line to go down and get you out so you're on your own. >> reporter: janai norman, abc news, washington. >> the storm is likely to impact americans far from the gulf coast. in the form of higher gas prices
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too. >> that's because nearly half of u.s. petroleum refining capacity is located along the gulf coast. now, many refineries have already shut down and wholesale gas prices are up 5 cents a gallon. analysts say you'll see an increase soon by the upcoming holiday weekend. it will affect airline flights, of course, all over the country. more than 100 have been canceled already. almost all of them involve texas gulf coast cities. more coverage of harvey later in the half hour. the president discussed storm prep with the republican governor of texas last night while he's ignited a new war of words with other members of his party. calling out mitch mcconnell and paul ryan by name and he's not backing down from his threat to force a government shutdown unless congress comes up with funding for the border wall. here's abc's jon karl. >> reporter: president trump is in a war of words with his own party threatening a government shutdown if republican leaders don't come up with the money to pay f
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promise, the wall on the mexican border. during the campaign the president promised over and over again that mexico, not u.s. taxpayers would pay for the wall. >> and who's going to pay for the what you will? [ chanting "mexico" ] >> reporter: this week he threatened to shut down the government if congress doesn't pay for it. >> the obstructionist democrats would lying us not to do it but believe me if we have to close down our government. >> why is he threatening a government shut dounl if congress won't pay for it? why is he threatening a shutdown over paying for it? again, he said over and over again -- talked about the campaign over and over again he said mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> once again the president is committed to making sure it happens and we'll push forward. >> reporter: all this as the president's relationship with republican leaders is in something of a freefall. two weeks ago it
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senate leader mitch mcconnell publicly airing his frustrations. >> our new president has, of course, not been in this line of work before and i think had excessive expectations. >> reporter: that prompted an irate phone call to mcconnell from the president with the president shouting profanities into the phone. the two men have not spoken since. the president hammered mcconnell on twitter for the senate's failure to repeal obamacare tweeting he failed. that should never have happened. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> presidential adviser and son-in-law jared kushner is wrapping up his trip to the middle east where he's been trying to jump start mideast peace talks. he held separate meetings with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. kushner told each that president trump is committed to finding a solution that's workable for both sides. >> back here at home let's take a closer look at your friday weather.
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>> good morning, well, we are following a strengthening hurricane harvey moving off toward the north and the west and this will take aim on southeastern texas, very late tonight and also into early saturday, hurricane warnings in the red shaded areas including corpus christi, tropical storm warnings for houston and galveston. expected to become a major hurricane this morning, later on this morning and make impact as we move into late, late friday night. later on tonight and also into early saturday, rainfall amounts, 1 to 2 feet possible in some areas. i'm justin povick with your accuweather forecast. and still ahead, the winner of the massive powerball jackpot. what she told her job right after she won. and new this morning, a man takes a picture the moment lightning strikes him. the new rescue video and what's left of his shoes. plus, caught on camera, a big rig driver makes a major
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raised. yikes, what happens next? >> is that not supposed to happen? >> not supposed to happen.
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so other drivers saw that coming, a construction dump truck drove at high speeds on a houston freeway with the bed of the truck in the raised position and hit the overhead signs which came crashing down as you can see, traffic was snarled for several hours. amazon has some prime plans for its whole foods customers. e-commerce giant's nearly $14 billion buy-out of the supermarket chain is set to be finalized monday and once it's official, amazon is chopping prices on staple
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amazon also has plans to offer shop at whole foods. well, when this week began massachusetts resident mavis wanczyk was a sip cal working woman, but this friday morning mavis is an ex-working woman. >> uh-huh. >> a woman of extreme leisure. >> her two kids are happy, the winner of the biggest undivided lottery jackpot ever. $758 million. she was leaving work with a friend when she realized she picked the winning numbers. >> reading these numbers and i pull mine out and i go, i have that -- i have that. he goes, let me see that ticket. he said, you just won. >> i said, you're joking. come on please. he said sign that ticket now. i had a pipe dream and it's coming true. >> she decided to tick a lump sum payment of $480 million which shrinks to $336 million after taxes. now, still
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sum, more thanwalk away from the job she held for 32 years. >> i called and told them i will not be coming back. >> so that didn't take her long at all. that's our deals. >> yeah. >> by the way the numbers on her winning ticket were a combination of family birthdays. as for her plans going forward she says she just wants to sit back, relax and possibly take a vacation. >> she can do that forever now. when we come back a dramatic rescue in the middle of the sea. how a man's flip-flops likely saved his life. and tomorrow night's a big brawl but this baseball team started a little early. what caused the fists to fly. and then the people go inside. do you understand charlie? mom? yeah? can i have a peanut butter sandwich? yeah, you sure can. can charlie have one, too? charlie can have one too.
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landfall early tomorrow morning. just north of corpus christi. although it will pack strong winds the great threat is from the heavy rain and storm surge and heavy flooding is likely. yeah, but those winds are a major concern. now, harvey is likely to flood roads along the gulf coast and throughout florida, louisiana and texas. drivers will also find a few wet roads in the upper plains and northern rockies. if you're flying, airport delays are most likely to miami and houston. well, it seems like the perfect summer road trip. two best friends head cross-country from florida to california. >> but things went horribly wrong after they took a detour and became lost in the grand canyon for five days. abc's adrienne bankert picks up the story there. >> reporter: a remarkable story of survival. best friends reese mcmichael and rowan fitchs' summer adventure became mission impossible. lost in 100-degree temperatures for five days. out of water, the first day,
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puddles. >> we found a few areaswater wo out of the ground. >> reporter: rationing what little food they had. >> every day we'd eat a piece of a granola bar that big. >> exhausted trying not to panic the teens' survival instincts kicked in. >> we made a big sign with rocks. >> reporter: on the fifth day their lifeline came by way of a helicopter. >> i had this big lifeguard whistle. i started blowing like waving branches at it and stuff. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. some quick thinking appears to have helped a man save his own life after he was dumped out of his boat. the dramatic scene played out near los angeles. the small boat was spinning out of control after its captain was thrown out by a wave. now, coast guard rescuers say the man found a life-saving use for his flip-flops while he was in the water. >> kind of a smart move, he took his flip-flops off and put them on his hands and was using them as
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he must have been treading water for 30 minutes or so. >> using his flip-flops. >> wow go so the man was treading water about five miles off the coast when he was rescued. the boat was two miles away from him and he wasn't wearing a life jacket. he is said to be okay. another man's survival story has been documented with a perfectly timed photo hiking in northern california when he snapped this picture at the exact moment he was struck by lightning. you can see the orange and white tripe there. the rescue team air-lifted him to a hospital now recovering from major burns throughout his body. the man and his girlfriend were visiting the area from austria. she was not hurt. but take a look at what's left of his clothes. his shirt ripped apart and a shoe got not only shredded but melted. >> look at that. >> amazing. well, one football fan's final request gave his friends a reason to smile. >> yeah, talking about jeffrey riegel who
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cancer. season ticket holder for more see them win a super bowl title. but in a parting shot at the club, he asked for eight eagles players as pallbearers so the team could, quote here, could let him down one last time. >> let him down one last time. >> so his buddies actually did the honors instead dressed in eagles jerseys, eagles were busy overnight playing and time now for some sports and we can expect some suspensions after the yankees and the tigers behaved pretty badly in motown. >> they emptied the bench three types leading to eight ejections. the worst was the first. it came after the yanks tommy kahnle fired a pitch behind miguel cabrera. cabrera ended up fighting with new york's catcher. now with a look at last night's preseason football, here are neil everett and stan verrett at espn. >> good morning, people. he's stan, i'm neil. mrs. goodbar
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cam newton in action for the first time in pres dealing with that torn rotator cuff that he had surgically repaired. hooking up with christian mccaffrey, rookie from stanford there. takes some contact but he's okay. had some soreness in the shoulder this preseason. he's missed some practices. first action of the preseason and he takes it with that one to kelvin benjamin for the touchdown. 2 for 2, get him out there. says he's ready for the regular season. panthers win, 24-23. >> jay cutler put down his mike, picked up a football. playing for the dolphins in case you've been out of town they're playing the eagles in case the uniforms are new to you. devonte parker, 72 yards tackled inside the 5. jay cutler, they say jay cutler's laughing and having a good time. >> yeah. >> these are things we have not seen from jay cutler before.
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million. >> yeah. >> i'd be laughing too. >> julius thomas ready for some regular football. yankees and tigers are still fighting. >> yeah, if you want to see the highlights from their brawl and the baseball game, check it out on >> see what he did? >> teased. in "the pulse" look what you made me do says taylor swift dropping the new single overnight. the megafight this weekend. mcgregor/may weather and mcgregor's son looking very cute as he gets ready for the fight. , i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve
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>> "look what you made me do" dropped shortly before midnight and fans have been going crazy on social media. the new single appears to be taking on haters from katy perry. >> haters? >> yeah, from katy perry to kanye west. ♪ oh look what you made me do look what you made me do ♪ ♪ look what you just made me do ♪ ♪ look what you made me do >> a little weird accent. well, you can get an exclusive look at the video for this song, that's just the lyric video you're seeing there. the brand-new video, they will show it exclusively on "good morning america" in just a few hours and swift's new album "reputation" set for release on november 10th. >> looking forward to see it. it's weigh-in day for the conor mcgregor/floyd mayweather fight. >> 24 hours before they meet in the ring, the undefeated mayweather is a heavy favorite to beat the other guy, mr. mcgregor. mayweather could take home more
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>> one person not worried about mcgregor's underdog status his 3-month-old son conor jr. baby shades. >> a designer made it for him. doctors say teens should sleep in but the school bell still rings too early. >> one study after another finds teenagers function better when they stay up late and sleep late but a new education study finds the average start for high school nationally is 8:00 a.m. almost half of high schools start earlier. >> what's sleep?the national weather service says harvey has strengthened to a category 2 hurricane-- with winds reaching 100 miles per hour. this is an image of the monster storm, shot by astronauts onboard the international space station. the storm now barreling towards south texas. on the ground-- hurricane h
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of disaster in 30 counties on or near the coast. take a look at these long lines and empty shelves, as people there stock up on supplies. good morning washington. good morning washington. toss to eileen - more clouds than sun today; feeling great! - unseasonably cool, dry last weekend of august - rain chances return next week - tracking hurricane harvey - major hurricane makes landfall late tonight today: mostly cloudy to partly sunny. pleasant. highs: 77-80 winds: n 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy to mainly clear. comfortable. lows: 54-64 winds: n 5 mph saturday: mix of sun and clouds. low humidity. highs: 76-79 winds: ne 5-10 mph
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an update this morning on a recent cyber attack on the office of personnel
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morning on a recent cyber attack on the office of personnel management. the f-b-i -- arresting a chinese national -- in connection to the malware used to hack the o-p-m back in 2015. that was one of the
4:28 am
against the u-s government. the personal infomration of more than 21 million workers was compromised. the name of the man charged hasn't been released. we are learning new details about the attack on u-s diplomats at the u-s embassy in cuba. investigators say at least 16 diplomats were affected by some kind of sonic weapon. that's a larger number than what officials first believed. some of them suffered permanent hearing loss, and mild traumatic brain injuries. others reported nausea, dizziness, and headaches. the state department still isn't sure just what kind of sonic device was used - and who is behind the attack. the cuban government is denying any involvement. "no shots -- no school!" that's the warning tonight from prince george's county public school officials. they've produced a video telling parents their kids won't be allowed into class unless their immunizations are current. they're also distributing fliers with that message - in english and in spanish. your can have your kids vaccinated for free at the county health center in cheverly, five days a week.
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your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. well-- this couple will remember their wedding for all the wrong reasons. they both ended up behind bars. police slapped the cuffs on the groom and the bride-- who was still in her wedding dress. the pair were allegedly involved in a bar fight, not long after exchanging vows. the bride is now charged with assault. it's xx and we're just getting started. tracking hurricane harvey. the category 2 tracking hurricane harvey. the category 2 storm- gaining strength overnight. thousands of people evacuating. others bracing for impact-- as harvey barrels towards the gulf coast. good morning washington.
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- more clouds than sun today; feeling great! - unseasonably cool, dry last weekend of august - rain chances return next week - tracking hurricane harvey - major hurricane makes landfall late tonight today: mostly cloudy to partly sunny. pleasant. highs: 77-80 winds: n 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy to mainly clear. comfortable. lows: 54-64 winds: n 5 mph saturday: mix of sun and clouds. low humidity. highs: 76-79 winds: ne 5-10 mph back to our


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