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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  August 29, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. >> anybody need help? >> pull it up. autria: the rain, just relentless. thousands of rescues happening in houston. -- >> we are one american family, we hurt together, we struggle and we into her together. >> what does president trump have on tap today? but first you're at home, our own round of rain. running a johnson in julie wright have a you need to hear. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: a lot to get to hear, vj. veronica: it's
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been a while since we had a wet and cool morning. temperatures are in the 60's enabled stay there. taking a look at the rainfall, half of an inch of rain in brandywine at williams schmidt outdoor education center. just over half in huntingtown road, maryland. 61 degrees right now from brandywine to fort belfour. it will continue to be wet with a tropicalg with system off the coast of south carolina. just around waldorf, we are getting ready to see a wet area of moderate rain moving in between dunkirk and waldorf. some areas haven't had the rain yet. headlights on this morning, maybe build some time into your , today's temperatures stuck in the 60's, let's go to
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bethesda. morning.d we are driving in mobile track seven. it started raining on or around the beltway and it is coming down in buckets. let up a little bit? i do get has let up a little bit, but not much. take a look at the dashcam here on the inner loop of the beltway. you know what we are starting to see in these curvy areas on the beltway? standing water. be careful out here, you are going to need wipers on high, which is what we have here on mobile trak 7. we roads at this point, haven't had rain in a while. fluids building up on surfaces get it rains, where you those greasy, slick conditions, you don't wa
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absolutely. especially with the kids in school, they are not exactly watching up or you, so keep a close eye out for them as well. extra time is needed to navigate the slowdowns in the neighborhoods. out here on the roads, northbound on interstate 95, it's very slow coming out of but as the rain continues to move through you are looking at a 33 minute ride from fredericksburg toward a quiet. the trouble right now is an elk ridge along route one between route 100 and troy hill drive because of wires damaged on the highway, likely to be shut down chevrolet headed towards new york avenue, a seven minute ride leaving the beltway. back in 10 minutes we will update your ride near 95.
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harvey's track of destruction, the death toll rising to nine and that number is expected to go up. now fears are growing beyond texas. louisiana is now at risk of massive flooding in forecasters have called for as much as two feet of rain there. president trump is headed to corpus christi. the president specifically avoiding going to houston? autria: they don't want to complicate ongoing rescue efforts there. adrianna: there are plenty of those rescue efforts going on. take a look at those rescue efforts going on overnight. people are crammed into a front these of heavy construction equipment writing into safety amidst those dangerous floodwaters
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guard getting up to 1000 rescue calls per hour. take a look at these pictures from earlier yesterday afternoon , task forces around the country are helping with those rescue efforts. task force one has arrived to assist and they have arrived in san antonio. larry? larry: plenty of you are reaching out and wanting to help and we have information on how you can volunteer or donate at .ur website, join us for a phone bank with the american red cross, taking calls and donations between 4:30 and six: dirty this afternoon. marks 12 years to the day since katrina slammed into the gulf, coming ashore as a category three hurricane, responsible 1800 deaths, inflicting $100 billion in damage from florida to texas. larry: turning now to fairfax county, a special election for schools and at t c
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brian, this vote really carries a lot of weight? of attentiona lot in recent weeks, but with the steady rain it will likely turnout.ter the vacancy comes after a school board member resigned in may. her husband accepting a job overseas. now, for people are vying for her position. let's introduce you to those candidates. the first is a lawyer. the second, a federal contractor. michael owens, a former teacher, and a former pta volunteer. be joining awill board that has made some key votes recently on national amending the nondiscrimination policy to include transgender students and staff members and last month, a controversial vote, changing the name of jeb stuart high school, named after
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confederate general. whoever wins, the term will last of 2019.ecember the polls opened at 6 a.m. and they will remain open until 7:00 tonight. hughes fairfax, ryan autria: for all the kids heading back to class this week, we have been asking for back-to-school photos it you have all delivered. check out this beautiful picture of azalea out in lorton. keep those photos coming, we have been getting a lot of great submissions and we would love to show your kiddos off right here on the air. larry: speaking of school, it's a foggy start us morning. veronica johnson has your bus stop forecast and when we could see impact from tropical
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veronica: the empire state building went dark last
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deployed more than 100 national guard personnel to the gulf coast. of course, that is true for so many areas, like right ear in thedmz, deploying some of rescue teams and national guard, take a look at some of the rainfall that has fallen at the top of the list with over 36 thees of rain and around immediate houston area, cloverfield, over 26 inches of rain, there will be another five, maybe upwards of 10 inches in a few spots by the next 24 to 48 hours. here is where the system is now. here, the track of the storm and it made landfall east of artland, wiggling up her for time yesterday, coming back out over the gulf of mexico, which is quite warm, and has been, making landfall around galveston island late today just around the boulevard peninsula area late today.
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be some strengthening and a bit of wind, but it is about the rain that comes with the system. rain here but also rain for the coast, we will have anywhere between an inch to half of an inch of rain for the immediate area. the outer banks, virginia beach could see upwards of two to three inches of rain, already falling at ross the area right now area 69 is your high for today, wind chill, all of it, there may be a game delay as your washington nationals have another game today, i think it rings will improve by at least the bottom of the game. julie? julie: taking a look at what's happening on the roads, we have got a lot going on north of town as the rain continues to move through the area. earlier this morning a dump truck damage the wires according to howard county police and route one shut down between route 100 inch roy hill drive,
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hill drive. there is also the option of 295 earlyith 95 or this morning. 95 is in trouble as you travel north towards the icc, a crash involving a tractor-trailer, moving to the right to get by. southbound i-95, all lanes are open towards the beltway. back in 10 minutes to update that right out of belts will. larry: mass exit us out of a d.c. school, sam sweeney, what's going on? of schoolds are out after allegations of rape. larry: moves
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. adrianna: following bristling new tensions in the pacific this morning, we have just gotten
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systems in the past few hours in the military they're saying it is getting ready to protect itself after north korea launched a missile over japan. most calls the launch the grave threat they have ever faced. south korea, leaving nothing to chance. earlier this morning they scrambled fighters and conducted aerial bombing drills and officials say that the purpose is simple, to show south korea "destroy the to enemy leadership in case of an ." rgency i will let you know us soon as we see anything new. one person in custody after a standoff in cincinnati, the father of the suspect contacted authorities after 11:00 last night. when officers arrived, the suspect fired several shots, some of them in the direction of police.
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with the man and arrested him and fortunately no one was hurt. an investigation underway at dead,our, two people are four others are hurt. witnesses claim a man walked into the building, police have not released his name or a possible motive. autria: a sigh of relief at american university, nearly 20 students expelled and the classmates saying that the move couldn't come soon enough. sam, this whole thing started with an alleged underground fraternity? that's right, all the people kicked out of school or part of an underground, unrecognized fraternity called epsilon iota. they were kicked off cap is back in 2001 when they first made violence,for sexual rape, and drug use. well, it happened again.
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created another scandal for sexual violence, hazing, drug use, but this time the school says it's much worse. 18 kids out of school, one student facing probation. in a statement the university saying that they systematically presented a threat to the safety and well-being of the students, going on to say that most of the illegal activities happened off campus. as you mentioned, many students on campus are feeling a sigh of relief and are being warned about the up coming all year. >> during welcome week they talked about it, during orientation they talk about it, saying that if you go to these parties you are putting your safety at risk. 67 students have faced conduct violations since 2010. it's not clear if
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underground fraternity have been kicked out. as soon as we know more, we will let you know. thanks for the update, sam. a rare bomber is touring the country and you have a chance to see it. it is now in the baltimore area. tim barber got a chance to ride in it. during world war ii the plane typically carried eight or 10 bombs. more than 12,000 were produced back then, but only 12 still fly today. speaking of flying, celebrating all things maryland, the new flying dog house over the concourse with a focus on year from the largest brewery in maryland, featuring local dishes from a nearby farm. by the way, if you want to dig a ride in one of those, it's
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larry: wow. autria: gather up your pennies. [laughter] talking possible rain on the way here, can we go to the beach to get away from it? not today, saturday is not a good day at the beach. with this coastal storm, tropical nature, very disorganized, it comes with a lot of wind around the south carolina coast as it makes its eight foot tost, 10 foot waves off the coast. currentsl be some rip with harvey. moderate coastal flooding is a way of looking right now. one thing for sure, this system will be fast-moving for sure.
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rain, rain,side, more rain. 1:00, 2:00, fairly soggy. easing up to the latter part of the afternoon and evening rush. one wave here is very slowly making its way northwest towards waldorf. the best chance of rain comes prior to 7:00. here's a quick look at harvey's rain as it makes its way eastward for us this weekend. early saturday, 10 a.m., we will talk what the movement of harvey's rain, coming up in 10. thee: lots of rain around capital beltway is having an impact on the morning commute and it i
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virginia, you will find southbound rash at washington boulevard tying up the right side of the road. quince orchard road, only the left lane is able to squeeze by this time. northbound, to write lanes squeezing by the scene of this incident. heads up pushing northbound. delay heading northbound, route one shutdown in each direction between 100 and troy hill drive. in the next 10 minutes we will keep a close eye on the right in beltsville. coming up, a change of ownership meaning more change in your pocket. whole foods getting cheap or. thought you ever hear that? savings that people are already
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z2gzpz zi0z y2gzpy yi0y >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: back at 6:25,he
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amazon's edition of whole foods has become official. adrian banker takes a look at how it may affect your whole wallet. the price wars begin, whole foods slashing prices thanks to the ambitious purchase of the 470 stores by amazon for $13.7 billion. >> i wanted the avocados, but they were gone. -- finding prices a third less per pound for poultry and fresh -- three and fish. >> seven dollars 99 was a lot cheaper than usual. ask the store that was known as where you would spend your whole paycheck. >> amazon is preparing themselves for the future and we will have more on how you can spend money at your supermarket
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morning washington," on your side. >> like this? >> falling. >> what was the ride like to get hold >> just >> how long had you been waiting for the truck to come get you? >> like an hour. autria: that child one of many rescued overnight in a dump truck as the rain still pounded houston. the death toll stands at 9:00, but the warning authorities worry that sore. we are following the path of harvey's destruction all morning long with veronica johnson, tracking the rain in thearea area veronica: tropical entity off the east coast will continue to move up the east coast, it doesn't have a rain -- a name yet but it doesn't matter
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, we george just over that are going to stay stuck all day in theom 67 to 66 year early part of the day. out the door it's likely to need a jacket and the weather today is reminiscent of what you would expect for mid-october. tracking this one area, moderate rain headed towards stafford right 8:18 this morning with more coming by late morning. track on the system may become a tropical storm for a brief time as it skirts over the outer banks and out to see, a quick mover for us with temperatures staying stuck in the 60's. as john gonzalez will tell us, it's likely to stay wet throughout the entire day. john: that's
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morning long. all morning long we have been talking about the very wet roadways and the slick conditions. when we get this much rain, this is what happens on the roadway. this is 95 north, right before you get to the 198 exit for burnsville and laurel and it looks like from where we are, parked with mobile track seven on the side of 95, it looks like a tractor-trailer has jackknifed and you can see maryland state this iscrews here, really backing up traffic at this hour. no confirmation that this weather related. not, thes than accidents are related to the weather. no tow truck insight right now
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just yet. clarify the location for us? you are saying that it is john: no, justc? south between 212 and the exit the you take, nowadays you take that exit for route 198. it's right between there and right under the old gunpowder road overpass. thank you so much, the careful out there, john. wet roads with bad visibility forcing everyone to the right at beforerticular location you reach the icc, sky track seven above the scene as well and now you can see the impact it has on your morning commute. traveling north of the capital beltway getting past 212, it is operative up or slow. stick
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workaround and back to the maps, remember, problems en route one closer to our ridge. andeen troy hill drive route 100 due to down wires across the highway. speaking of the ride in rockville, we do have a crash involving an overturned vehicle in the north down lane with some traffic getting by under police direction. orchard road in gaithersburg, only the left lane getting by. back in 10 minutes to keep a close brought -- close eye on your ride in beltsville. a special election taking center stage for fairfax county schools. theia: ryan is live for polls opened about 30 minutes ago. sam: those -- ryan: those polls are now open but it is a bit slow out here. i spoke to the precinct captain, the first person to
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expects the raid will affect voter turnout today. one of those school board members except at a job overseas for the spot.ying the first is chris [indiscernible] federal contractor. michael owens, former teacher. allen, pta volunteer. lastly, karen keyes gamara, a lawyer. the board has recently made some key votes on national topics like transgender rights, to recognizeboard transgender students and teachers rights. also, renaming us that was named after general.
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the polls open at 6:00 and will be open until 7:00 tonight. live in fairfax, ryan hughes larry: maryland medical cannabis distributors announcing that they are giving head of the company additional deadlines to complete licensing requirements, monitoring the company's progress in the coming weeks. autria: the third corpse flower is looming at the botanical gardens. >> how does it smell? >> different than i thought. >> still not great? [laughter] autria: this is the first time that they have had three of them blooming at the same time, triple the dungeon odor. this would
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-- this one is expected to last until wednesday. tracking the damage at the beaches this holiday weekend from harvey. autria: more back-to-school photos from dale city, chase is heading into fifth grade, chandler into sixth grade. thosel keep showing off picks on the air. 6:38 is your time.
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veronica: today is one of those days where you wish you could pull the cover over your head, taking it easy, it will be a mess on area roads day. we are expecting rain for the morning rush, lunchtime, and the only time when we could catch a break is late in the afternoon and evening rush as the rains gets to ease. all of this as an area of low pressure that could become a tropical storm, irma, sliding over the bank. the rain sliding over the beach, taking a battering just off the coast. wind gusts could be around 50 miles per
6:42 am
and moderate flooding possible in areas like the carolinas to virginia beach. inch locations today stuck the lower 70's, that's the case here, but wednesday and thursday, much better into the upcoming labor day weekend. so sad, 80 degrees expected on monday, the warmest day out of the bunch. have your travel weather coming up in 10. julie? keeping a close eye on beltsville, this is where you will find the leas headed northbound before you reach the icc, two lanes squeezing by because of the crash. sky track 7 is above the scene and you will find that we have a jackknife tractor-trailer. there's the cap, over on the southbound stretch of the highway, the trailer portion is still facing the northbound side and this is the commute on the right side getting by. john gonzaleis
6:43 am
there, checking back shortly and these are headed into laurel and the better bet is to stick with route one as an alternate. route one, between 100 and troy involving, this crash an overturned vehicle on the northbound side and then up and gaithersburg. only the left lane open. back in the next 10 minutes to keep a close eye on your ride in rockville in
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. this morning, devastation in texas. larry: thousands rescued, thousands more waiting for relief as president trump had still the lone star state. autria: omar, we understand that the worst is still far from over?
6:47 am
>> you see it raining right now, through at least friday. president trump isn't expected to visit the areas affected by the storm, but he is going to places like corpus christi and places like here in houston, they are still being rescued and looking for places to go. >> desk at rescue operations underway across southeast texas with 3000 people rescued yesterday alone and countless others stranded in their homes. >> all the roads are closed. >> first responders, coast guard, and the entire national guard have been deployed. authorities are overwhelmed with calls for help. >> the biggest issue is time. we are getting to everyone who we need to get to.
6:48 am
in their own boats. >> they screamed out loud. about 8000 people are estimated to be staying in shelters across the city and authorities are expecting the number of evacuees to grow by 30,000. two feet of rain have fallen and another two feet could fall in the coming days. concerns are that the levees will be breached. >> we must prepare ourselves to a circumstance similar to what we had in katrina. >> president trump promising the government will do what it can. the president has already declared a state of emergency. the humane society and others are teaming up to help in hurricane zone.
6:49 am
across san diego and the available for adoption soon. help forelters needing those lost and abandon in hurricane. alreadymany have donated to help the victims of hurricane harvey but the better business euro is issuing an important warning as scammers are working to get your money. one of the big traps is crowdfunding for hurricane relief. shouldn't share anything on social media until you check the source. check for typos. if you do donate, use a credit card or a check, because the bank will help you more if it turns out to be a scam. larry? larry: more information on how you can donate is at our website,
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help with relief efforts. join us tonight for the phone but -- phonebank where they will be taking calls and accepting donations. -- make aso make it $10 donation with your phone, 90999.rvey to autria: an active investigation on campus, a naked man approached female students you a parking lot at the university of maryland. -- near a parking lot at the university of maryland. and in d.c., 18 students expelled from american university after reports of violence and hazing. they reported an underground group called epsilon iota that formed after the paternity was kicked off campus. there were allegations of drug use and sexual assault. some students tell us that they were happy about the action.
6:51 am
>> i am thankful to the university for taking action, it will be a safer ways with them off campus. autria: american university has charged 67 in total, with disciplinary violations are with us past several years. 6:51, we have been loving the back-to-school photos you have been sending. a cutie atina, such fairfield elementary and fairfax. j leigh is where you send those photos. -- three send them. veronica: send them to school looking cute. they will have cute it'll rain slickers today, they will need the rain boots, we will all have
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some neighborhoods will need more than an inch. grab the rain jacket, 61 as the temperature, north east two miles per hour in maryland, slightly higher winds around areas to the south in leonardtown, charles county. temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. trouble spots in virginia, southeast virginia, texas, if you are flying anywhere near that area there could be some airport delays. down through north carolina, the tropical system makes its way through the outer banks. areas like southeastern virginia, norfolk, newport news later today, for tomorrow we clear out. nice with the rain s
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making their way closer to us, that's where circulation is, making landfall somewhere late today. with rain,y , allday, rain from harvey that rain that has been falling for a while, johnny g.m. sure you are starting to season taillights in the area. john: a lot of taillights on 95 north, where we have been keeping a close eye on the rain. you you see that low traffic? backing up three to four miles, this is the action along 95 north. it appears the tractor-trailer has jackknifed three lanes are now closed or they have
6:54 am
close to one hour now and this is really backing things up. the 212right between exit and the icc egg that, right under the old gunpowder road overpass. if you can avoid this area, you definitely want to. willvery wet, folks, you have that roads/from other vehicles. he been getting a lot of rain lately, the oils and fluids from the vehicles on the surfaces, folks will need to detour for a julie: looks like they haven't even started to straighten them out. john: nothing has been there for a while in hasn't.
6:55 am
julie: traffic northbound, pushing northbound, to write lanes to you by. i don't know how much longer it's going to be at this time, sliding towards the wi, the better bet is bailout and use 29 is a workaround. hilld a crash your in rock , involving one overturned, looks like left lane is able to get by. falls road, follow police direction to get by there as well. , it's a very special pet of the day. mrs. bonnie, celebrating her fifth birthday. check out that underbite.
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we want to see your pets, your pet could be the head of the day, just send us a picture at look at that face. cute adorable. a brand-new marvel show debuting on abc, "in humans" bringing a fan favorite to the small screen. to ainner will be going private screening. call right now, 703-528-7334, calling or seven wins. good luck. one of the world bus biggest stars with a claim to fame. ♪ autria: have you seen it yet? the comeback single by swift is taking the music world by storm and setting a new record. her new video has become the most viewed music video over 24 hours in 2017.
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views in just one day. -- remixut the rebeck of d'esposito. world war ii bombers, touring the country. it is now in the baltimore area, carrying eight to 10 bombs, riding in a plane this saturday outside baltimore, tickets costing $450. luck, get out the gold card, give it a ride. autria: heading over to news channel eight. three more hours to come. join us.
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good morning, america. breaking news, shelters at capacity as thousands of new victims pack into buses and dump trucks overnight. the frantic race to escape rising floodwaters as dams spill over in one of america's most devastating storms ever. overnight, houston slammed with a new wave of downpours and on the anniversary of hurricane katrina louisiana now bracing for floods. >> hello! rescue. >> teams of rescuers racing to save their neighbors this morning. >> we didn't think help was coming. >> the entire texas national guard in action with thousands still waiting to be saved. >> i didn't even imagine that it was going to be this catastrophe like this. >> we need help. we need help right now. they got a whole family out there in the water. >> that trapped and terrified


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