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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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mass evacuations are going on right now as irma dear suspicious snackers, we get it. we know it can be a texture thing, and there are lots of brands choose from. but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years. a whole world of sweet, and savory combinations, like pineapple, cucumber & dill or classic country style. and since it's packed with satisfying protein, you'll want to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle! >> that is a roof. >> yep, there it is. >> listen to your local officials. >> people are scared right now. >>
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jonathan: irma is still on the move tonight, living a path of destruction than the caribbean islands. at least 10 people have been killed. nancy: winds upwards of 180 miles per hour. jonathan: and those are just some of the outer bands of the storm. the message from officials in florida, get repaired now, do not wait until we know the exact path of the storm. hundreds of thousands following those directions, meaning food and gas is in short supply. nancy: we are covering the mass exodus from on the ground in florida and from reagan national airport. we want to start with steve rudin in the hurricane center, on the update just seconds ago. steve: some changes with the storm. a tiny bit, but it is still a very strong category five hurricane. the wind speed has diminished to 165 miles per hour, compared with 175 miles
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the wind gusts come instead of 215 now at 200 miles per hour. it is still tracking to the north, northwest at about 60 miles per hour, keeping it on track to make potential landfall somewhere across south florida late saturday night into early sunday morning. the latest for you, the track just updated, tracking towards northwest, and eventually making landfall in southern florida by early, early sunday morning as a category four storm. as it moves income it will weaken. these areas to the east and west have stayed pretty much in this cone of uncertainty. this is where the store may go. we are not saying it will go directly up the middle. it may move further to the east, which could be more devastating for miami and fort lauderdale and west palm beach and boca as it moves up the coast.
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and then. these models are coming together, and that is definitely not good news for south florida. we will talk about the rest of the track and where we expected to be by early next week and how it could impact us. first we head over to brad bell, live in boca raton, florida. things are quiet now and a lot of folks are evacuating. family and friends have not chosen to evacuate for stop have you found that to be a common theme? brad: a lot of people who have been here a long time, they are staying. personally, the timing of the storm coming in the middle of the night, when the hurricanes come at night, it makes it that much scarier. the damage may be the same, but it is twice as frightening. there is so much worry with the storm. we are at the inlet at boca raton, where the atlantic kenexa with the intracoastal waterway. storm surge is something that we talk about. the water right now,
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starting to head out. t beforeabout 1.5 fee the water comes over the seawall and they are talking about a storm surge of 5 to 10 feet. feet barely reach eight high, that is about where the storm surge would be. it will be into the lower levels of those condos. you talk about people leaving, look at these condos. the one on the left, only two or three lights left on. it is getting late, people have gone to bed. this building here, only a few lights on. time ofver busy this year here, but people are getting out of dodge. of the video of one other challenges people are facing, which is gasoline. we saw it today firsthand. we flew down this morning, got into a rental car, went out acutely aware of whether you could get gas or not. about half the stations
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say not and a, some had gas in there was a line there. the same thing driving around come even fewer stations that seem to be still selling gasoline. a lot of people trying to get out, some of the highways credit. people are scared by the video they have seen of what the storm has already done. , still wind numbers gusts blowing at 200 miles per hour, and this area come if it comes up the coast, we will be seeing hurricane force winds for more than 12 hours. back in cause a lot of damage, a lot of buildings boarded up. tomorrow we expect to see even more full stop we will be here monitoring the situation bringing you reports for the next several days. in boca raton, brad bell, abc 7 news. jonathan: we look forward to those reports. you can understand the fear and folks trying to get out of the way. people from florida seeking safety. a
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landed at reagan national, where anna-lysa gayle joins us live with their stories. i'm sure a lot of those folks are relieved, knowing they are relieved, knowing there a couple thousand miles away now. . anna-lysa: jonathan, i could definitely see the relief on their faces. about 8 p.m., we saw four flights coming in from florida. in a couple hours we are flights, one more from miami and one from orlando just before midnight. many say they are just trying to make sure they are safe. >> the water is gone, the food is gone. there are too many cars on the streets. anna-lysa: as areas are following evacuation orders, floridians are being proactive after hurricane irma left hundreds in the dark in puerto rico. >> at 3:00, we were authorized to leave. anna-lysa: kevin fleming is a federal civilian employee at
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>> there is an evacuation for every body who was non-mission essential. anna-lysa: we also found concerned mothers, both traveling with little ones. by evacuating, they hope to keep them safe. >> escort -- it is scary. anna-lysa: why did you feel the need to leave? >> we were scared of the storm. withtwo kids and power going out, we did not want to take the chance. anna-lysa: we counted at least one he five flights coming in from florida. tomorrow, some as early as 6 a.m. we checked out the prices for the flights. the cheapest was around $400, the most expensive about a thousand. live at reagan national, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. nancy: new video as navy warships in virginia get ready to help hurricane victims. the uss you would you must and the uss new
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hooked up with supplies and equipment come everything from crates of food, bulldozers, and a hospital set up. that along with several hundred ailors standing by. weathan: coming up at 11:15, will have a live report from josh knight. at 11:20, an index storm trak update from steve rudin. we have breaking updates around the clock on our website at you can also sign up for breaking news text alerts at nancy: breaking news from miami, at miamierminal international airport is closed after a police involved shooting. these are live pictures from outside of the airport right now. the person involved had a knife and was trying to get to the roof of the terminal. we are told the situation is under control but there is no word on that person's condition. stay with abc 7 for
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soon as they're available. jonathan: just into the newsroom, first responders now suing the owners of this texas chemical plant. the plant burst into flames after hurricane harvey last week. first responder seeking a million dollars from the owner of the plant because they say they were vomiting and gasping for air at the scene and the owner should have warned them to move further away from the flames. talking about harvey, we are hearing from the victims of hurricane harvey. one was forced to wade through live offp water and hot dogs. that mother has found safety and generosity in maryland. tom roussey reports from frederick. >> overall it's a relief. able to breathe. tom: two weeks ago, it was o hinkable she would be in frederick with her children. she said at first harvey was not so bad. >> i let my guard down.
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stop, she had to move from her flooded home. at times the water was waste deep. >> i had to hold on to my children. tom: the family lived off hot dog just the flooding grew worse. she is emotional talking about what happened next. >> everyone here has been so caring. tom: her stepfather's coworker bought them plane tickets here and immediately reached out to help. the kids are already going to this elementary school. >> we got off the plane not having to worry about where we would go. it was a huge relief. tom: alexis says that frederick has been so kind that it is already home. >> it was really scary. now here i feel more relaxed. >> i like it. >> i don't plan on going anywhere for a long time. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. nancy:
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7 on your side consumer news -- almost half of the country's personal data may have been stolen. credit monitoring service at what fax announcing a cyber security breach that could impact more than 140 million consumers. hackers may have gained numbers to social security numbers, and credit card numbers. the company says there is no evidence anybody got into the core credit reporting database, freequifax is offering credit monitoring to all customers. jonathan: around the district, you may have seen anti-trump protesters circulating all over. we tracked where they came from and why they will not be around much longer. plus -- josh: within the last 10 minutes, watches have been changed to warnings. we will update my from florida
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jonathan: just into the beenoom, swastikas have found on the georgetown university
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two more painted in a similar location. the anti-defamation league said the incidents must be taken seriously and commended the university for a prompt response. we will bring you updates as they are available. nancy: they showed up by the thousands, all this week. these flyers are pretty hard to miss. they are all over town. who is cleaning up? tim barber is live in northwest washington with the latest on this. tim? tim: the posters are the left come on my right. this is one of the more controversials ones that shows the president's underpants covered in swastikas. driving around washington, it does not take long to spot new anti-trump posters. there are thousands. this one under the shadow of the trump hotel blast the president for his tweets.
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"no room for racists." >> i think it is wonderful everyone is expressing ways of resistance. officials with public works said they have no record of a group getting a proper permit for the posters, so each one will be torn down. nearly 4000 posters, that could take district officials a long time. >> you see it on trucks come everywhere come in alleys especially. tim: tonight there is no word on how much time or taxpayer money it will take to take these down. we reached out to the folks behind the posters to get their side of the story, but so far they have not responded. live in northwest washington, tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: something tells me they will get a bill. we continue to track hurricane irma tonight. at least 10 people confirmed dead as irma continues to sweep through the caribbean. nancy:
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impacts with wind of up to 175 miles per hour in miami. it could punish all of florida's coastline. the governors of georgia and south carolina have also ordered mandatory evacuations of low-lying coastal areas and widespread evacuations are expected at the storm moves closer. nancy: meteorologist steve rudin has the latest. steve: a few changes came in at 11:00. a little bit,end but it is still a strong and intense category five storm. we are not only talking about hurricane irma, but also hurricane katya and hurricane jose. hurricane irma, sustained wind down 10iles per hour, miles per hour from 8:00. this is moving to the west northwest at 17 miles per hour and the wind gusts just around 200.
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strong eye, it just moving across the turks and caicos as we speak, advancing closer to the bahamas and eventually towards south florida. here are the spaghetti models. we take all of these models and put them together. the closer they are together, that means they are coming into agreement where the storm is likely to go. friday and saturday it takes a sharp turn to the north. right now it has shifted a little further to the east, but still a horrible situation for pretty much the entire state of florida. the latest on the track as of 11:00, category five. the sheer is just across cuba and weakens to a category four, when it is likely to make landfall. when it does come it could end up anywhere within this cone. the center point right through the center of florida, which is bad news for miami, fort
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going to be good for most of those homes. in terms of the watches and is live inosh knight boca raton, florida, with an update on a newly issued hurricane warning for most of south florida. josh? josh: that is right, steve, just as we came on the air, our phones started buzzing which has been up graded from a hurricane watch to a hurricane warning. whenatch is put out tropical storm force wind is expected within 48 hours. then it was jumped up to woo a warning when it is within 36 hours. it is just, hey, the storm is getting closer and this is looking more certain. the wider view, including the bahamas and parts of cuba. of course the florida keys and pretty much the entire tip of south florida, from the west coast over towards miami and up to jupiter. a tighter
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can see all the areas part of this hurricane warning. again, steve, you were just showing the cone, which still encompasses the entire state. center ofin mind, the the storm could go any of those places, but really no matter where it goes at this point, we are still likely to see hurricane force winds regardless of word goes. storm surge warnings have also been upgraded from watches to warnings. that chance of a storm surge anywhere on the southern tip of florida five to 10 feet is a real possibility. it looks like that will hit more likely on the southern end with the bigger searchs, but not out of question in areas like this for stop this is still a monster, even though it is a little weaker. skill and extremely dangerous category five, when he gets your category four, still an extremely dangerous storm. steve: and tomorrow it is expected to gain speed over the warm waters. thanks, josh. closer t
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tomorrow does not get much better for stop we count our blessings, lots of sunshine, low humidity, not the norm for the beginning of september. 76 degrees the daytime high. we should be in the lower 80's this time of year. a look at the forecast for the big football game coming up this sunday at fedex field, the first game of the season, first real game of the season, 70 to 74 degrees, lots of sunshine, and conditions gradually deteriorate around here depending on what happens to irma. right now it looks like we will take out a lot of shower activity tuesday of next week because the latest trend in terms of where it's going. wednesday we may have more showers. thursday and friday of next week, the skies clear again, temperatures in the 70's. en in theand eile morning have a brand-new update on the
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jonathan: i can barely contain my excitement, one day only, krispy kreme will sell pumpkin spice glazed donuts, only tomorrow. yum. nancy: they are getting ready for some big crowds. .hey will roll out all over to do this coming you have 30 minutes to get in line to be among the first at midnight. marketing,starbucks' they are geniuses. they change the cups, they get news. when does krispy kreme get their due? robert: an upset at the u.s. open. ends are getting good. and what is the magic for the nationals?
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the nationals kicking off a 10 game homestand tonight against the phillies. the magic number to clinch the east was six. nats are loving life right now.
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singles up the middlet. wo runs score. nats win 4-3. the magic number is now five. ,pset city at the u.s. open sloane stephens, her back against the wall, comes back to upset venus williams in the semifinals. he shattered williams' opportunity to be the oldest player to win a grand slam title in the open era at 37-year-olds. football, the redskins host in eagle sunday. people are wondering what to expect from receiver josh johnson who has been sidelined -- josh doctson, who has been sidelined much of camp. kirk: it does not take a lot of time to get him going. we just need him out there to show what he can do. i'm excited and i'm sure the fan base is.
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practice and we need to continue to get opportunities. robert:
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nancy: a nice day today and tomorrow? steve: we are so lucky. and into the weekend, the temperatures will be of the 70's, and we will keep the go, 72tures -- there we degrees saturday and sunday. a lot of questions tuesday and wednesday. it all depends on the exact track of irma. it appears right now to be very far to the west of us. cannot rule out showers and this wasnditions, but upgraded from a hurricane watch to a hurricane warning in miami and west palm beach, fort lauderdale, a huge amount of
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nancy: have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- david spade. from "broad city", abbi jacobson & ilana glazer. and music from khalid. and now, how many times must i tell you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you doing? hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for joining us.


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