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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 8, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, the brand-new update. florida and hurricane irma now closing in. 35 million in its path from florida to tennessee, the mad rush to escape. overnight, people sleeping on cots at airports and thousands of americans stuck in one of the hardest hit islands trying to evacuate as the u.s. military rescues critically injured patients. david muir and amy robach are on the ground as the category 4 storm targets the southeast. the biggest earthquake in a century hits mexico. buildings collapse as the deadly 8.1 magnitude quake sparks a tsunami warning. massive hack.
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at risk of having their social security numbers, credit card information and identities stolen. and shocker on center court. the moment an up and coming star takes down her idol, venus williams. coming to the finals. we do say good morning, america. as you can imagine it is a very busy friday morning. hurricane irma continues on the move targeting the entire state of florida. it is being called a worst case scenario. take a look at the storm hitting turks and caicos overnight. >> so much destruction across the caribbean already and it's not the only hurricane in the atlantic basin. there are now three for the first time in seven years, irma, jose and katia. we're taking you inside the hurricane talking to a hurricane hunter as he flies through the
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incredible footage as you can see right there. >> here's what we know. this is the latest. irma is a powerful category 4 storm with winds up to 155 miles an hour. the storm is being blamed for 13 deaths so far. the eye of the storm is expected to move right over florida, more than a million people there are under those mandatory evacuation orders. >> so many being ordered to get out right now. "world news" anchor david muir and "gma's" amy robach in miami covering every angle across the storm zone and ginger zee starts us off with the latest. >> you know a catastrophic is still the word they use for category 4 storms. i want to take you to the path everybody wants to see now in the southern bahamas but timin timingwise, 2:00 a.m. just before landfall where places like marathon and key largo in the florida keys up close to miami will start to feel the effe effects. 150-mile-per-hour
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this storm as it makes almost a direct south to north landfall in this current track. let me take you through the next steps of the storm as it moves up, ft. lauderdale, west palm beach,heavy storm surge possibilities, certainly very strong winds of 120 plus. 105 still as it's a category 2 over orlando and moves from that point north sunday night into monday morning. in tuesday it's in georgia, heavy rains falling with that and finally early wednesday it'll get picked up but another disturbance close near nashville, five to ten feet is our first including the keys from jupiter and that peninsula, robin, is so thin the winds are going to spread across much of it. i'll show you the winds in just moments, robin. >> we'll go to miami because irma as we all know continues to move towards south florida. expecting to see dangerous winds by tomorrow there.
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landfall on sunday. "world news tonight" anchor david muir is leading our coverage on the ground all weekend and he's here with us this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. as you heard ginger point out, south florida and all of miami now bracing for a category 4 hurricane. a direct hit, winds up to 150 miles per hour or more and as ginger pointed out the real concern here the storage surge. several feet up to ten feet high perhaps and one of the most troubling things about this hurricane is that right now some of the most populated areas of south florida and here in miami, it's expected it'll be on the wrong side, the most damaging side of this hurricane, so we are watching it very closely obviously and overnight:00 a.m. our phones went off with official hurricane warnings now in place for miami and south florida. overnight we're getting word of catastrophic damage in the turks and caicos being on the wrong side of the hurricane churning as we wait for more images
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military now involved in the caribbean. u.s. navy sailors helping the critically injured bringing them to st. croix and the u.s. virgin islands for treatment. pictures from st. martin. that could be hit again unfortunately by hurricane jose which is next in the pipeline. hotels destroyed. an estimated 6,000 americans actually still stuck there. i talked to the prime minister of barbuda who said more than 90% of that island simply destroyed. hotel, buildings gone and told me the effort there today is to simply get everyone on that island off. to evacuate the entire island before jose hits again. for late details on turks and caicos and reports of calls from americans who were there back home to their family, let's turn to abc's james longman live from nassau. james, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. these tiny islands are dealing with one of the biggest hurricanes they've ever seen and no matter what the preparations this monster storm is causing huge damage.
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the latest to be swallowed by irma. turks and caicos devastated overnight. a small island to nearly 35,000 people battered are rolling blackouts. shredded rooftops and flooded streets. >> we have seen nothing but the khat in the last hour and a half. >> reporter: is 65-mile-per-hour winds ravaging this hotel. >> the thought of needing a life jacket is not the most comforting thing. >> reporter: tourists barricading door, even hunkering down in bathrooms. >> made two bunkers. one in here and one in here. >> it's only getting worse. >> reporter: using anything to keep out of danger. colorado native kelsey priest broke down in tears after speaking to her family back home as irma loomed over the island. >> all of a sudden you're calling to say
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y you might not have a chance to. >> reporter: islands across the caribbean dealing with the aftermath of the 600-mile-wide storm. look at the level of devastation in st. martin. homes leveled. these shipping containers tossed. boats slamming together like toys. in barbuda, which has been completely decimated by irma, volunteers evacuating stranded islanders by private yacht. we're here in the bahamas where landfall is expected sometime tonight. the wind is picking up here and the thing is, these islands sit very, very close to the water so the worry is that storm surge coming in, david. >> all right, you and the crew stay safe. we appreciate it. back here in florida this morning, we should point out all public schools in miami have been closed trait through monday at least. that's the word this morning and i got to tell you coming out to this live report for "gma" this morning, before the sun even came up, we passed several line, all you could see were the
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roads here, people lined up already this morning throughout south florida trying to get gasoline and as you know we've been reporting for a couple of days about the shortage of gas, some gas stations already running empty. >> we'll talk about that with the governor in a little bit, david. thank you. more than a million people are facing evacuations. mandatory evacuations in florida. there's a rush to get out overnight. you see those cots lined up in miami international airport. "gma's" amy robach leading our coverage in miami with more on that part of the story, good morning, amy. >> reporter: yeah, george, and today is the last day for residents of south florida to flee the path of hurricane irma. the interstates are overcrowded and you can see the lines here at miami international airport are extremely long. in fact, the last flight out of here this evening is around 7:00 and after that, all operations will be hauled across airports throughout south florida. this morning, more than 1 million florida residents heeding this warning. >> if you say, you think you're a tough guy, then you're on your own. don't expect us to
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come get you. >> reporter: crowding the interstates. >> where are you going? >> we're going to jersey. >> reporter: the airports. >> no one manning the desks. pretty chaotic. >> reporter: getting out any way they can as irma sets its eye on the sunshine state. this family is rushing to evacuate to a relative's home. >> sean lost his house with hurricane andrew so this is -- knowing his experience is what's kind of freaked me out a little bit more about this whole experience. >> reporter: they're struggling to pack up their family of five including a baby, a toddler and grandma. >> there's been moments of fear. it comes in waves where if you stop working on being prepared that you start thinking about what might be coming. >> reporter: shelters around the state filling up quickly. >> i don't know where we'll go. >> reporter: this one at pompano beach, florida, already full. residents making their own sandbags. are you staying put or evacuating. >> i'm evacuating but i need to let m
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>> reporter: lines getting even longer for gas as many pumps running dry. this twitter user posting a picture of what he says a man brandishing a gun at one of the gas lines. to replenish the gas supply, the florida patrol escorting gas trucks down the freeway and all 7,000 members of the national guard deployed and this u.s. navy loading up with supplies to provide assistance off the coast. >> a lot of stress. >> a lot of stress. >> very stressful. >> reporter: cruise ships forced to abruptly reroute. royal caribbean offering a ship to those who need it in the evacuation. even if you have an airline reservation to fly out of miami today, i just checked the departures board. thousands of people may be out of luck. there were already 4 delays and 30 cancellations, so officials here are telling people to prepare to find a local shelter here in the miami area to weather out the storm. robin. >> so if they can't leave byir
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leave by land. thank you. as you can imagine highways are jammed packed. at least nine counties are issuing full or partial mandatory evacuations. gio benitez is leaving the florida keys now and has more on the race to get out. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. we are evacuating live here on "gma" because we are joined more than at thes of thousands of people who are evacuating right now or who have already. take a look at this front facing camera. i want to show you. these car, these people have abandoned their cars because they don't want to get their cars flooded so just want to protect it and have i will elevated. this map because we are looking at these major highways, only two of them take you from south to north. we're talking about i-95 and the florida turnpike. when you're talking about more than a million people on the road, potentially asked to evacuate, that's a lot of people and a lot of traffic. i-75 will take you west so
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take you up through the west side so we're only talking about three major roads for more than a million people. you could expect a lot of traffic, robin. >> gio, i hope you have a fall tank. we've been talking about the shortage of gas. how about when people get stuck in traffic. it's taking longer and burring their tank of gas waiting. >> reporter: that's a real concern, robin. because about 40% of gas stations are already out of gas in south florida. look at this graphic here because it takes about half a gallon to a gallon of gasper hour to sort of -- in idling to run out and when you're talking about a tacnk that has 15 ones you're talking about 20 hours of idling time. it may sound like a not. it's not if you are stuck in traffic. to get out of the state of florida it's about eight to ten hours. >> you take care, gio. thanks so much. our senior rob marciano is near miami where they're also
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evacuate, everyone has been told to do down there. good morning to you, rob. >> reporter: good morning, michael. low-lying areas here and storage surge always is an issue and harvey, the wind can hurt you but the water can kill you. one of many marinas sewn into the landscape. we expect a ten-foot surge that will get it up and over the pier. that city hall is elevated. should be okay. over here is coconut grove and that's 20,000 people live there so that's a loot of homes, michael, that will be having to deal with water. >> and, rob, just how many -- how much of miami is expected to flood? >> well, as you know, michael, you've been here. this city is just pegged up against the water. so i want to show you our inundation map. the red area shows where it will go, miami beach along the intracoastal waterway and parts of the city, key biscayne, m
7:14 am
to one to over three feet of water. 2.7 million people live in miami-dade. 650,000 have been asked to evacuate for fears of the storm surge and doing that this morning. anxious times here for sure, michael, robin. >> all right, rob, thank you very much. joining us now from west palm beach is the governor of florida, rick scott. governor scott, thank you, again, for being with us this morning and could you update us on where preparations stand with irma making its way closer to florida. >> it is a massive storm. it can be devastating. you know, i'm a father. i'm a grandfather. i love my family. i hope every parent in this state and grandparent is thinking how do i protect my family? if you're in an evacuation zone you have to get out. you can't wait. the roads will get worse when it gets out, i've canceled all the schools, k-12, state college and universities to open up more shelters. they're good evacuation shellering areas. i just want everybody to listen to their local
7:15 am
understand this is can be a devastating storm. it's way bigger than andrew. we saw the devastation of andrew. my job is to protect everybody. i want everybody in the state to be safe. >> it does appear, governor, that the people are listening to you and they're getting in their cars and they're having a difficult time still with the supply of gas. and i know that you have taken the extraordinary step of providing police escorts for fuel trucks. fuel tankers. >> we've done a variety of things but providing law enforcement escorts to get the fuel from the fuel depots to the stations as fast as we k i've asked the white house, epa, fema to waive some rules so we can get more fuel into this state which they've done. we're doing everything we can to get the fuel out. i know there's delays on some of the roads that has to be really frustrating for people. we're keeping everybody safe. you can track the roads yourself if you go to and you
7:16 am
go to gasbuddy, their app. so we're not out everywhere so -- and we're still getting people -- we want people to evacuate and if you don't know, if you don't know how to get out, you can call the state -- there's a state emergency hotline, and we will figure out how to evacuate you if you can't. >> what about the shelters? i know you said you're opening more because we've heard some of them are filling up quickly within hours that they're at capacity. >> we're going to constantly open up shelters. make sure people have the opportunity to evacuate if you're in an evacuation zone and get to a shelter. can you go to to find out where a shelter is close to your house. you don't have to shelter out of the state. you can shelter closer to your house if you follow where the shelters are, they're there because they're safer places. >> many find it so comforting, governor, how proactive you and others have been and i said the other day to you, i
7:17 am
but we will continue to pray for the best possible outcome. governor, thank you so much. we wish you all the best. >> thank you, thank you, robin. you can hear the concern in his voice. >> and he has been consistent and i think it's very helpful when he says he's a grandfather because we were hearing, we have a lot of young staffers here and they have grandparents in florida who say we're not leaving so he's just trying to get the word out to them as well. >> got to be done. big weekend ahead. we move on to the other nafrl disaster. a major earthquake off the pacific coast of mexico hit near the guatemalan border triggering a stooum alert. extensive damage, five dead, including two children but that is expected to rise as search crews dig through the rubble. a magnitude 8.1 so powerful it shook buildings in mexico city, 650 miles away where people ran into the streets and parts of the city lost power. >> let's get back now to ginger with more on hurricane irma's winds. >> up here in the wth
7:18 am
some of the numbers are starting to come in as far as what we can expect in the way of wind speeds. projected gusts so stopped it sunday 5:30 a.m. key largo has a 127-mile-per-hour gust. miami beach, 81. napele, 63. take us into the afternoon here, max, as you advance this and you can see 125, miami beach. miami could see 15 hours of hurricane-force winds. naples goes to 110. okeechobee, 121. west palm, 112. these are alarming and not the only impact. storm surge and heavy rain, 10 to 20 inches.
7:19 am
category 5 hurricane - florida landfall likely sunday morning today: mostly sunny to partly cloudy. nice. highs: 73-76 winds: nw 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear and cool. lows: 49-58 winds: nw 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny. another spectacular day. highs: 70-74 winds: n 5 mph coming up we'll take you right into hurricane irma with the brave hurricane hunters flying through and what they're discovering about this catastrophic storm. and the massive security breach that could be putting 143 million americans at risk. we'll have more on that coming up. ♪
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men's croft & barrow polos just $7.99 and jumping beans for baby only $5.00. stock up save big and get kohl's cash. thursday through sunday only at kohl's. 7:22. good morning washington to you. i'm sam sweeney. as hurricane irma barrels towards the u.s., crews are mobilizing to assess the damage it will leave in its wake. two navy warships loading up in nor folk today. the uss iwo jima and uss new york will carry everything from freight to food to bulldozers and even a hospital setup. irma's tiniest eevacuees, 45 carriers worth of cats and kittens from miami-dade animal control. more a
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adopt or foster those kittens. the shelter surgeon expecting another 100 dogs from texas this weekend. we'll see you back here in about 25 m
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perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. hashtag organic. hashtag happy. hashtag... well, all the hashtags! florida and parts of the southeast bracing for what is likely to be a catastrophic blow from massive category five hurricane irma some time early sunday morning. storm surge of five to ten feet expected as that water comes pushing inland especially with high tide times. that will be early sunday morning. impacts here locally around tuesday, wednesday time period where where we could see heavy rain, tornadoes, possibly severe weather. the weekend is dry and will feel a lot like fall. there's your tuesday, wednesday. veronica, on the roads we're tracking interstate 0e6, 95 looking great. i-270 you're doing great as well. annapolis got car fire activity on u.s.-50. as you head towards st.
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beltway delays left over from the morning rush hour. we have hazards in the roadway. equipment after 270.
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keep your brain sharp. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the monster hurricane irma that hit the turks and caicos overnight. now taking aim at florida. more than a million residents there facing mandatory evacuations and the last flights out are tonight. >> tonight. also right now, as hurricane irma approach, leaders on capitol hill are pushing up their vote on the hurricane harvey relief package holding it early this afternoon. so lawmakers from the north, southeast will have time to safely get home to their families. take a look at this video. all five living former presidents teaming up to raise money for hurricane harvey and
7:31 am
an initiative called one america and you see them banding together. >> president trump endorsed that as well. want to go to ginger bringing the science behind hurricane irma and what makes them form and makes them so powerful. >> everybody has that question. how does this happen? >> come with me here. they start as a group of thunderstorms that move west off the west coast of africa. they're feeding off the warmth and moisture of the ocean and while those thunderstorms are forming, air rises to create more storms. you see it right behind me here. air is replaced constantly under the air rising and low pressure develops so after this group of thunderstorms, sometimes becomes a tropical storm, they ride along the trade winds moving west toward north america and rotate counterclockwise thanks to the effect of the earth rotating and storms keep growing as long as it has water of 79 degrees or higher so certainly have that. ocean versus land because they
7:32 am
high pressure above so we don't like the lack of vertical wind shear as we call it and the eye. a lot were saying why is the eye so important. the eye forms as air rotates up and out of the storm. some of it gets spit out. some sinks back in keeping the eye calm and relatively clear. now, immediately surrounding that violent eye is the eye wall. this is what you hear us talking about, the most intense winds at the surface come from that eye wall. and the most devastating part of a hurricane not just in the eye wall, but from the northeast quadrant we call it. i've highlighted here. it will come up in red. the most devastating because it just pairs the forward motion of the storm plus storm surge in relatively to the direction. so it's really depending on how that is moving, in this case unfortunately miami. george. >> and we're joined now by one of the hurricane hunters from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, ian sears, flight director. tell us where you are right
7:33 am
>> i am just north of the island of hispaniola. we're about to cross the island of hispaniola and what we're doing right now is dropping these instruments called a dropsonde and it will help get information into the models that are going to help the models determine exactly where hurricane irma is going to go. it's been quite a bumpy ride over the last 30 minutes or so as we're flying on the east side of hurricane irma right now. >> and what have you learned so far? what makes this storm so powerful in some ways so unique? >> this is definitely a powerful storm and so there's a lot of warm water and favorable conditions for a hurricane to develop. and it's definitely very powerful storm and hopefully the information that we can provide to the national hurricane center will help prepare everybody in harm's way to get out of the way and make their final preparations before hurricane
7:34 am
>> you have flown over many hurricanes in the past. how does this compare? >> this one is definitely one to behold for sure. it's got its own challenges. a unique storm. being a category 5 for so many days and it's definitely eye opening for sure. >> eye opening is one word for it but i would imagine it must be frightening as well. what is it like to fly over that hurricane. >> you know, we're flying through the middle of the night. we're staying away from our families. all these things are a big challenge and, you know, our home is in the path of hurricane irma as well so we're just trying to make sure that everybody who is in the path of hurricane irma has the best information to prepare. >> well, thank you for the work you do. thank you for that information. stay safe. >> all right. thank you so much. >> that is just invaluable work right
7:35 am
cannot imagine, though, doing that but god bless them that they do. as hurricane irma approaches florida there are concerns about two nuclear plants in its path so officials are shutting down down and tom llamas is there in miami with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. from those nuclear power plants to the substation just behind me, florida power & light, the energy company here says they've been planning for years for a hurricane just like irma, spending billions, but even they acknowledge there's a big unknown with this storm. as hurricane irma tears through the caribbean, making her way to florida, two major nuclear power plants on the florida coast are shutting down. >> this is a storm that we've not seen the likes of here on the eastern u.s. >> reporter: one plant north of west palm beach in st. lucie county and the other near homestead. both positioned on the atlantic coast, potentially exposed to
7:36 am
up to 130 miles per hour when it makes landfall but florida power & light which controls the two plants says they're ready for it. >> they are the most structurally sound country, not just in the country but in the world. >> reporter: they are protected by six feet of concrete and reinforced steel with three backup power sources to keep them cool and stable in the event of a shutdown. those precautions to avoid a disaster like the one that played out in fukushima in 2011, floodwaters causing three meltdowns and releasing radioactive material turning a 13-mile radius outside the plant into a ghost town. of greater concern, the grid itself which supplies power to an estimated 10 million people across nearly half the state of florida. >> we could be talking about not a restoration which typically takes hours or days to restore, we're talking about a possible rebuild of our entire electric
7:37 am
system. >> reporter: and they've said they're planning on extended outages. part of the leg cyst of andrew and wilma were power outages. in some cases three weeks. i was here for both. when you go weeks without power it creates a lot of problems in your house, your own family members can get very cranky, robin. >> gosh, yes, having grown uppen 0 the mississippi gulf coast, gone through a lot of those without power. you got that right, thank you, tom. get all the latest developments on hurricane irma, download the abc news app and sign up for breaking news alerts. >> so many potential problems coming from the storm. coming up we have that massive data breach possibly putting 143 million americans at risk of having their social security numbers, addresses and identities stolen. we'll be right back.
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back now with that massive security breach possibly putting 143 million americans at risk. hackers targeting credit monitoring company equifax and now the fbi is investigating and rebecca jarvis is here with all the details. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning to you, michael. this is one of the largest data breaches in history. it happened at equifax, the company that tracks all your credit cards and mortgages to determine your credit score. half of all americans potentially exposed. their highly sensitive personal information now in the hands of hackers. this morning, 143 million
7:42 am
massive data breach of credit monitoring company equifax. the hackers accessing highly sensitive information including social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, even some driver's license numbers as well as credit card numbers for approximately 209,000 americans. >> the social security number is the skeleton key to our identities and when that's stolen we're in a position where we're going to be have to be looking over our shoulders for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: equifax is one of three companies that tracks everything from your payments on credit cards, mortgage, student and car loins to determine your credit store. what equifax knows and reports about you decides whether you get a loan and how much you pay but unlike previous data breaches, many may not even be aware they are customers of equifax since equifax gets its information from bank, credit card companies and
7:43 am
consumers themselves. the unauthorized access happening between mid-may and july of this year. equifax says it will mail consumers who have been affected, they're also set up a website, to help determine if you've been impacted and sign up there for credit monitoring and identity theft protection, but, michael, you know once this number gets out, it's out. and in the hands of a bad actor it's a real big problem. you're always looking over your shoulder and the most important thing is act now, make sure as a consumer you know what's happening with your information. >> so much damage can be done with all this information. >> so much. >> thank you, rebecca. robin, what do we have coming up on the big board. >> get over here and let's play tennis. that all-american showdown. a nail-biter between venus williams and schlopy sloane and what sloane is saying about beating her idol. come on back.
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look who's joining us at the big board. ♪ you're a big girl now >> lara spencer. the biggest tennis fan we have at "gma." four american women battling it out. madison keys and sloane stephens and now they'll head to the finals. >> sloane beating venus williams and lara is here. you were there last night. you're going to be at the finals. we can guarantee that. what does this mean for the
7:48 am
future of women's tennis. >> it mines a lot of good thing, a lot going on, everybody. it means the future looks bright. u.s. tennis dominant. will likely be for a long time and know it was an all-american semifinal for the women since 1981 so we were guaranteed a usa all the way final but the two who made it there are two total underdogs. stephens wasn't even seated for the open and little keyes, a baby at 20 years old. 22. 22. >> reporter: 37-year-old venus williams entered the night as the favorite. but she ran into a new american phenom. 24-year-old sloane stephens, ranked 83rd in the world. beating her idol venus in a three-set nail-biter advancing to her first ever u.s. open final. >> there's a new fighter in
7:49 am
town. and her name is sloane stephens. >> reporter: in her postgame interview kind words for her tennis role model. >> everything nice to say about venus. honestly she's one of the greatest competitors and i'm just honored that i was able to share the court with her tonight and honored that i've been able to play at the same time as her. >> reporter: next up for stephens, one of her closest friend, 22-year-old madison keys who bested coco vandeweghe in straight sets finishing off the match serving a classic ace. >> madison keys into her first major final. >> love it. >> madison keys feeling pretty great. every commentator agreeing she played a nearly perfect game. in her quit rout of coco vandeweghe who isn't going anyway either. just a victim of keyes last night. just an unfortunate victim of a perfect night for madison keys. >> yeah, she was on fire last night. you know, venus williams/sloane stephens was like a generational match-up. you had fierce youth aga
7:50 am
experience and -- >> elegance and experience and also fierce competition but, look, venus played her first open, guys, 20 years ago, sloane was 4 years old so venus got beaten bat lid in the first set and came back and answered hard. didn't drop a game in the second set and then the third set was so tight, it was such a nail-biter. everyone was exhausted watching it. she wants to make it clear this isn't a bassing of the baton. she's not going anywhere. >> still holding on to that. what do you think about the final? >> i think it's going to be excited. two young women who want it badly. sloane was ranked 934th. just months ago. >> they were both injured. >> both injured. it's going to be so great. >> i'm not going to let you off that easy. >> who is going to win? >> we're going to win. it's an all-usa final. >> that's a great answer, lara. coming up, everybody, is it possible you're sleeping a lot less than you realize? there's an nfl player who discovered a
7:51 am
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7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by the hotel search, hotel trivago. o
7:56 am
the hotel search, hotel trivago. 7:55 and good morning to you, washington. hurricane irma is headed towards florida and many of the evacuees are making their way through the d.c. area. talking with ryan hughes, he is live along 95 talking with those floridians trying to escape. what are they saying? >> >>reporter: good morning. we're seeing so many people hitting the road and getting out of harm's way. it's pretty easy to find families fleeing from hurricane irma. take a look at the license plates. we have several cars here with those florida plates. we're seeing georgia, north carolina and we spoke to people from west palm beach, cape coral, naples. they tell us they tkref through the night t
7:57 am
traffic and once they saw irma's track they knew that it was an easy decision to leave. some people tell us that they are of course worried about their home and their property but they are even more concerned about their friends, their loved ones who decided to stay back in florida and ride out the storm. back to you. >> ryan, thank you. we have very good weather here. we want to get an update on the weather. here's sror ontica johnson. >> what's likely to be a catastrophic blow for massive hurricane irma. that water comes pushing inland especially with high tide times. that will be early sunday morning. impacts here locally around tuesday, wednesday time period where we could see our own heavy rain. the weekend is dry and will feel a lot like fall. there's your tuesday, wednesday. on the roads we've had accidents on the capital beltway in prince geoe
7:58 am
approaching the woodrow wilson bridge on the inner loop. also on the prince george's county side outer loop as you travel northbound. cleared the crash at the good luck road overpass. we're look at accident cleanup as you travel on 66 west-bound near sycamore street. we'll be back with another update in about 30 minutes. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hurricane irma pummels the islands and thousands stranded trying to evacuate. the u.s. military rescues criticalcriti critical patients. david muir and amy robach on the ground as itting its the southeast. preparing for hurricane irma as we track the path of that monster storm what everyone needs to know about dealing with a natural disaster. the steps to take to protect your home and family. sleep mystery. nine hours in bed but only getting 90 minutes of sleep. one of the biggest and baddest dudes in the nfl,
8:01 am
life at risk. ♪ do you believe it's a love story that's got so many women hooked on every twist and turn. will jamie and claire finally reunite. the stars of the hit show "outlander" here as we say good morning, america. >> you can never go wrong playing a little cher. especially that song. happy friday, everybody. 35 million americans in the path of hurricane irma. >> and we've got life-saving tips for you this morning to help you prepare to protect your home and your family. we'll tell you what you need to include in your emergency kits in case you need them. >> the latest breaking news on irma right now. a hurricane warning has been issued for south florida. more evacuations are under way. it is now a category 4 storm. miami could take a direct hit. that's where our news anchor amy robach is leading "gma's" coverage of the storm. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, george. and, you know, the clock is
8:02 am
tourists who want to fly out of south florida. all area airports will cease operations this evening and already this morning, we've seen dozens and dozens of cancellations piling up so thousands of people are going to have to go with plan b. either they'll have to hit the overcrowded highways to get out of florida or they may seek shelter here in local areas that have been set up for residents to try and avoid this storm that has already left a deadly path of destruction in the caribbean. overnight, hurricane irma laying waist to the turks and caicos. home to 35,000 people witnessing rolling blackouts. shredded rooftops and flooded streets. >> we have seen nothing but the worst in the last hour an a half. >> reporter: tourists barricadibarricad barricading doors hunkering down in bathrooms. >> all of a sudden you're calling to say good-bye in case you don't have a chance to. >> reporter: over a million residents heeding the warning. >> i
8:03 am
then you're on your own. >> reporter: crowding the interstate. >> where are you going? >> to jersey. >> reporter: the airports. >> no one manning the desks. pretty chaotic. >> reporter: getting out any way they can. the suda family is hoping to evacuate. >> sean, 25 years ago lost his house with hurricane andrew so this is -- knowing his experience, it's what freaked me out more about this experience. >> reporter: they're struggling to pack up their family of five including a baby, a toddler and grandma. residents taking to the beach to make their own sandbags. are you staying put or are you evacuateing? >> i'm evacuating but i need to help my place. >> reporter: searching for gas. florida highway patrol escorting tankers down the interstate to refuel. >> very stressful. >> reporter: cruise ships forced to abruptly reroute. royal cribbing
8:04 am
caribbean offering an entire ship for evacuation. >> reporter: they're looking for a new flight and stranded overnight. we saw one mother using one of those smart carts for luggage as a makeshift stroller bed for her young daughters. if these people cannot find flights out this evening they will be bused to local shelters by authorities, the few hotels that have decided to remain open here in the miami area are completely booked. george. >> oh, i'm sure they are. amy, thanks very much. we go to "world news tonight" anchor david muir leading abc 'coverage on the ground. he'll be there for miami all weekend long. good morning. >> reporter: good morning again to you. those devastating images coming from from the caribbean are an ominous warning for the people in south florida and in miami. they're now bracing for a direct hit, a category 4 hurricane that's expected to slam ashore. sometime sunday morning, winds up to 150 miles per hour or more bringing witht
8:05 am
storm surge. they are on alert. schools closed here this morning, warnings went out overnight on everyone's cell phones. a hurricane warning officially in place and in addition to what amy told you about turks and caicos we have images coming into the u.s. navy sailors helping the critically injured get to st. croix being dropped off there and new pictures of testimony this -- st. martin this morning and we'll continue to follow it. >> thanks so much. when you see that video, again and again, your heart just goes out. we'll turn to ginger who is in our weather center with new information on where irma is headed. hey, ginger. >> hey there, michael. the national hurricane center put out 450 miles southeast of miami. that's the location of hurricane irma. i'll take you over here blasting past the southern bahamas today. not until sunday morning when we really see the potential for landfall in south florida. so that's when the florida key, homestead, miami, up the coast to through ft. lauderdale, melbourne to orlando,
8:06 am
monday 2:00 a.m., late sunday through monday as it travels right directly down the center of that peninsula of florida. getting to georgia monday night into tuesday morning close to atlanta you could see flooding rains and ending and getting absorbed close to nashville. the surge is one of our main concern, five to ten-foot sto stormsurge possible. that doesn't take into effect the tide so we'll have to watch high tide then the wind speed, 1525 and move it north. the wind speeds even in orlando are very strong. we're going to detail all this coming up. >> thank you, ginger. so much to look out for. coming up, we have the life-threatening sleep condition that nearly cost an nfl player his career but about 22 million americans have it. the new study could the mediterranean diet and a certain type of water help control heartburn? dr. ashton is here and lara made her way
8:07 am
so excited to share with you our guest this morning from starz's "outlander." if you haven't seen it, you must. we'll talk to them and this amazing audience so, guys, get upstairs. come on back. "good morning america," coming back. just walk right in and pay zero dollars with most insurance.r. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference. so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. ♪
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heartburn? come on back.
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let me finish downloading gps:this from the cloud.ed. looks like you found a better way to do this, dad. organic, non-gmo feed, 100% veggie diet. if i can raise you two, i can raise anything. perdue. raising more organic chickens than in anyone america. the old man's still got it. [ cheers and applause ] i like that. now a new -- all right. this is a friday morning crowd if there ever was one. i t
8:12 am
here and -- >> thank you for saying it's friday. i forgot. >> how could you? >> i don't know. long night at the open. >> yeah. >> it's friday, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] i'm so happy. time for "pop news" and we'll begin with taylor swift who is teaming up with at&t for a brand-new commercial. i thought you might want to know about. for taylor now here she goes bumping into comedian andy samberg and her fictional day goes from fun to fierce. take a look. >> now she's walking down the hall. now she's bumped buy andy samberg. now she's like watch it. he's like, you watch it. now she's saying, whatever and jerk and now they're having a staredown. now they're having a thumb war and xcompeting as caricatures. now they're having a fight
8:13 am
sequence. the woman can act too. at&t, good casting, guys. it shows the grammy winner hanging out with her cat doing mission impossible action and busy on this day and shared a behind the scenes look on instagram and referencing another scene in the commercial. she says, i'm willing to eat cookie dough for the sake of art and i would just like to say i'm willing to eat cookie dough for any reason. >> yes. >> no problem. also in "pop news" this morning, ryan murphy if i and sarah paulson partnering up yet again on another project. you know it will be great. they've worked on "the people v. o.j. simpson," "american crime story" and seven seasons of "american horror story." murphy gave her a part in the schweers about bette davis. this time it will be a netflix series about nurse ratchet who tortures jack
8:14 am
character in "one flew over the cuckoo's nest." it follows her descent into becoming a villain and marks the first time he has partnered with a streaming outlet like netflix. i feel i talk a lot about net flikts buying really great programming. something interest there. "ratchet" statues production in 2018 after "american crime story" this one based on hurricane katrina. i think they like each other. >> i think so. >> good work. >> they work beautifully together. looking forward to that and two very nice people. then finally, netflix again. [ laughter ] hi, netflix. they have plans to debut a new music reality show with john legend, our friend, john, behind the scenes as a producer. this is a reality show called "rhythm and throw" and focuses on hip-hop and soul and
8:15 am
recruiting new musicians. judges have net to be announced. this would be netflix's second big entree into reality shows. their first foray was called "the ultimate beast master" if you haven't heard of it. looking forward to john getting into another genre. [ applause ] >> he could be in anything. >> happy friday, everybody. >> thank you, lara. >> happy friday to you. more now on hurricane irma. 35 million americans could be in its path as we've said and the red cross has valuable tips and they can protect their homes and their families so we want to go back to amy in miami with more on that. amy. >> reporter: hey, george and, you know, the people behind me at miami international airport will hopefully get out of here before hurricane irma hits but there are plenty who have chosen to stay home and ride out the storm. for them and frankly anyone facing an impending natural disaster, there are important life-saving
8:16 am
despite all the warn lgdz and the incredible danger south florida is facing dr. robert malone hopes to ride out the storm in his miami home along with his mother, sister and teenage nephew. the family saying they've seen it all before. >> we've braved many storms. >> we're inland and don't foresee any type of flooding. >> reporter: we sent roberto baltodanat. >> if you're unable to get shutters, get plywood. tape doesn't work. that is a myth. >> reporter: the red cross says family should have a kit ready to go. what you should have in case of any natural disaster. >> having that gallon of water per person per pet per day, making sure you have nonperishable food. a manual can opener. that's critical. >> reporter: but says you need to personalize it. >> understand what
8:17 am
the family will be in the car and therefore you need to build that kit according to your needs. >> reporter: fema recommends having flashfliglights, battery first aid kit, hand-crank radio, moist towelettes and charge your devices? if you plan to evacuate bring bedding. >> reporter: if you find you have to evacuate in a hurry, remember to fill your tank with gas. know your route and have a meeting place if case your family gets separated. and speaking of gas, this morning at 4:00 in the morning as we were making our way to miami international airport we saw we had a half of tank so thought let's get gas. it took 45 minutes to fill up at 4:00 a.m. in miami. so it's a really important thing to remember and prepare for. also, some very simple things you can do. make sure you have a first aid kit in your house. you never know what could happen. if you've got this you're prepared and a headlamp can save you when the power goes out. there are just simple things
8:18 am
and, frankly, can save your lives. >> our phones are such lifelines. what can people do to extend cell phone service. >> when the power is out you can't charge your phone so you need to preserve your battery. the first tip, you turn down your screen brightness. that save as i lot of battery time and send text messages. don't make calls. calls eat a lot of battery. final tip is to make sure that you turn off push notifications. you don't think about it, but every time instagram or social media is sending you a push note face it's draining your battery. you can extend the life of your cell phone until the power goes back on. >> good advice. >> great advice. we turn to a major wake-up call to help save an nfl player's life and his career and finally discovered he has sleep apnea, a disorder that affects millions of americans and now working a treatment that helped him get back on the field and t.j. went one-on-one, not on the
8:19 am
feel but one-on-one with him about sleep apnea. >> think about this. this guy was off the team, right, and now he's moved to being an nfl star. so, what did he change his diet? his training, equipment. nope, he just needed sleep for this guy and millions of other folks, sleep apnea is more than loud snoring and cost you a whole lot more than sleepless nights. ryan jensen is one of the biggest, baddest dudes in the nfl. >> jensen making his first career start. >> reporter: a 6'4", 30-pound offensive lineman for the baltimore ravens but three years ago his future was in doubt after he was cut from the team. >> i lost weight and a bunch of strength and i wasn't playing -- i was getting beat a lot. >> reporter: around that time e his parents noticed a change in his behavior. >> my dad called me and goes,
8:20 am
i'm like, what do you mean. he said you're not acting like yourself. we got back from different and went to the hotel and your mom broke down crying. you weren't being my son. >> reporter: what did that do to you to hear you were that nasty to your mom? >> it broke me down. >> reporter: he didn't know what was happening but his dad suspected. and suggested his son get tested for sleep apnea, a disorder in which a person frequently stops breathing during sleep. >> i'd go to bed at 9:00, 9:30. be asleep by 10 and wake up and i'd feel like i got hit in the face with a sledgehammer. >> what were the complaints? >> she would smack me. wake up, you're not breathing and would do it because she was scared for me because i would stop breathing for an extended period of time. >> reporter: he took a study and his doctors told him he was only getting about 90 minutes of sleep total. >> he was waking up about 15 times an hour. and imagine that happening every hour of your sleep every
8:21 am
apnea can lead to heart attract, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity and other health problems. an estimated 22 million americans suffer from it and the larger you are, the larger the risk which makes nfl players more vulnerable. in a study published in "the new england journal of medicine." nearly one in seven players affected. after ryan's diagnosis he started using a cpap machine for treatment. it forces air into his mouth to keep his airways open which means a mask over his nose and mouth every night. but no more waking up. a few nights changed everything. >> changed everything. >> reporter: after one month his weight went up, strength was back and returned to the team and this season he's poised to be the starter center for the ravens. >> i think if i wouldn't have gotten diagnosed and caught it within time i wouldn't be in the nfl anymore. you know, saved my career. >> reporter: all right, i got show and tell today. guys. thank the sleep center for letting us borrow this. all you have to do is
8:22 am
and go to sleep and it will measure your heart rate, breathing, the oxygen levels. this is necessary, folks, if you think you have possibly sleep apnea. we talk about this as loud snoring and not getting rest. this is absolutely life-threatening and talk about big guys but skinny folks can have it as well. you know who else is susceptible. single folks because you're not sleeping next to someone who is telling you, your pattern is off. as crazy as that sounds, if you are out there, if you're just -- >> why you're so tire. >> if you been asleep for ten hours and wake up and feel like you've been hit by a mac truck, you need to get tested? and you need to get in a relationship. [ applause ] >> we all know that is better for your health. it is. it is. but really, folk, take it seriously. life-threatening. >> thank you so much, t.j. we go to ginger right now. more on the weather. >> yeah, michael, i promised you
8:23 am
sunday, 127 key largo, 63 naples. 81, miami beach through the afternoon hours, miami beach goes up to 125. west palm, 112. okeechobee over 100 and even south georgia monday early morning, charleston seeing a 52-mile-an-hour gusts. another major hurricane, category 3 jose and barbuda still in that hurricane watch. this would happen tomorrow in really looks like it will skirt on the left side of it but any- category 5 hurricane - florida landfall likely sunday morning today: mostly sunny to partly cloudy. nice. highs: 73-76 winds: nw 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear and cool. lows: 49-58 winds: nw 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny. another spectacular day. highs: 70-74 winds: n 5 mph
8:24 am
and now to a "gma" health alert about controlling your heartburn. there is a new study from new york medical college that found combining the popular mediterranean diet with alkaline water may be as effective as as sit reflux medicine. >> yep. >> recap what the diet is. >> mediterranean diet is high in fish, grilled chicken, lots of fruits and vegetables, pretty much the way the stephanopoulos eats this their home every night and heartburn is caused by acid that goes up into the esophagus, the class of medications, proton pump inhibitors used by millions and millions of americans, study was interesting. it put two groups head-to-head. those who were on these proton pump inhibitors suffering from heartbun symptoms and those just treated with a mediterranean diet and a
8:25 am
which is the opposite of acidic. it is alkaline. the group on the dietary changes actually did as well if not in some cases a little better then those on medications. we know while medications are effective they can come with a huge list of side effects, so interesting findings. needs more study but significant in any time you can do away with some medication, it's a good sign. it's not good, acid -- >> so let's do some anatomy. this animation here. if you think about the as sit in our stomach it bebelongs in the stomach, not in the esophagueso. there is a valve squalled the sphincter. no bueno, it doesn't belong there. not only causes pain but irritation, inflammation, things like chronic cough,
8:26 am
>> will you show us the diet. >> back to high school chemistry class here. we should -- children should not do this at home. i'm wearing black. but what can go wrong? so if you envision this red water as the inflammation in your esophagus, okay, and you add some acid to this. >> stand back and then you think about this alkaline water. neutralizing acid what you can see the color disappears and it's all acid based balance. the theory is that alkaline water inhibits an enzyme that increases acid production. >> foods? >> fruit, veggie, foods you want to avoid, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, spicy stuff. >> we don't want to avoid candice bergen. she is coming up next. you saw what i did there.
8:27 am
anchor: good morning washington 8:27 right now. hurricane irma battle towards eus emergency crews are mobilizing to assess the damage it will leave in its wake. 2 navy warships loading up and they will soon head south and help her hurricane victims per the uss you achievement in the uss new york being lighted up the supplies and equipment they will carry everything from crates, food, bulldozers and hospitals. also happening today the u.s. coast guard eagle township leaves ol
8:28 am
for baltimore. the wilson bridge is scheduled to be raised in the next few minutes. the eagle is the only active commission sailing vessel in the us military. originally operated by nazi germany, the ship was taken by the uss of war prize after world war ii. to make it will be nice weather and take a look at the forecast peers veronica johnson. florida, parts of the southeast bracing for what is likely to be a catastrophic flow from massive category 5 hurricane irma. sometime early sunday morning produce storm surge 5 to 10 feet expected as the water comes pushing inland especially with high tide times. that will be early sunday morning and expects here locally a
8:29 am
wednesday. we could see her own heavy rain maybe even some tornado or severe weather possibly in the part of next week. the beacon is right and we will feel a lot like paul.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." we want to thank everybody for joining us on this friday morning. we really appreciate you guys being here and, you know, i got a big question for everybody here. and i need some audience participation as well. how much watch tv or movies when you work out? raise your hand. how can you really work out or watch a tv or movie? >> oh, my gosh. >> you know what, got a mike. i'm going to see. [ cheers and applause ] what show do you like? sing the theme song. whatever you want.
8:31 am
>> okay. "living single." >> i didn't expect to run into destiny's child. >> good one. >> well, it's a good thing because there is this study out that says if you work out and you watch movies or tv it helps you burn more calories. >> i believe that. >> here's the question for you three, what type of movie burns the most calorie when you are working out? >> i would say horror. >> action. >> comedy. >> horror. >> am i right? >> you're absolutely right. you're like, run away. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> what does she win. >> she wins -- you won that i'm going to tell you why. >> you got to explain that. >> all right, research from the university of westminster in london found 90 minutes of a heart pumping scary movie can burn an average of 113 calories. >> just watching the movie. >> yes. and the scarier -- the scarier the movie the more calories you
8:32 am
that burped the most. number three "the exorcist." >> no chance, not watching that. >> i watched it as a kid and messed me up ever since. "jaws" is number two. >> oh. >> good call. >> that's why i don't swim in the ocean. >> we need a bigger boat. >> and the number one movie to burn calories if you're working out and want to watch a movie is "the shining." >> yes. >> going down the hall. >> red rum. red rum. >> i would imagine so. your heart is beating on the treadmill. i bet inadvertently you'd start running faster. >> it makes some sense but what possessed someone to study this. >> of all the studies we've covered you're really worried about this one. >> so many bigger fish to fry. >> i'm bouncing up and down too much. >> i like watching sports too. i -- >> if i'm an a stationary bike. >>
8:33 am
>> you can row and watch something? >> sure. [ laughter ] >> it's not that hard. >> i got to work out with george. i tell you that. >> thank you for bringing that to us. we'll work it out? thanks for participating. we don't mind if you're on the treadmill now watching "good morning america" as you're working out. do that. don't switch to a movie. but speaking of movies there's a great one coming out. we're excited about our next guest coming to the table. she is an emmy, golden globe winning actress who starred in everything we fell in love with her, "murphy brown." "miss congeniality at ken "sweet home alabama" and now with reese witherspoon, "home again." the one, the only candice bergen. ♪ i'm on my way [ cheers and applause ] >> how are
8:34 am
>> thank you. oh. >> i'm so happy to be here. thank you, george. george, a gentleman as always. >> as always, always, always. wonderful. we've been looking forward to see you. >> me too. i haven't been here for a long time. >> you have a home here. >> no, it was harder core. >> but you love an audience. >> soft core now. >> can never know what you're going to say. you know, it's friday. we'll do a flashbook photo. >> okay. good. >> 15 years ago "sweet home alabama" awe you and reese witherspoon and we have a picture we'll show from 15 years ago. it's coming. it's coming. >> or not. >> we're drawing it. >> all right. okay, we're having a problem. >> it will take us 15 years to get that picture up. >> there you go. [ applause ] so how was it working with reese again? >> i have
8:35 am
witherspoon. she -- she comes with her "a" game all the time. she plays to win. she is kind. she is intelligent and she is becoming a real force as a producer in hollywood. >> yes, she is. >> i love her. she's wonderful and just -- and she has a work ethic that would make you guys look like slugs. >> she was here the other day and she has like 20 projects she's working on at the same time in and that's a slow week. >> but you also have some gre greatback photos. one of you meeting the beatles. there's one at dinner. dinner with andy warhol and salvador dali and you captured that one, help me. [ applause ] well, you captioned it help me. what was that dinner like? >> well, it was -- they were both so eccentric and i was sort in the middle and i was like, help me because i didn't -- i looked down
8:36 am
a tape recorder on his lap and holding a microphone so i was, like, salvador dali was striking poses with his gold-tipped kwane and so i was just sort of like, okay, when is this over? but they were -- they were great but it was a weird dinner. >> i bet. >> we get so excited here at the movies and you come on the screen. when you are involved in a movie everybody gets so excited like this one, "home again." and we want to play a little bit of a clip. you play and i watched it the other night and just loved it. >> isn't it a charming movie. >> charming movie. that's the right word. you play reese's character's mother who is also a former actress and chopped her three young houseguests. >> aren't they cute? >> we're filmmakers too just like your husband. >> everybody is, doll. we're in l.a. >> i can't believe you're here and you're you. this is terrific. >> y
8:37 am
and there. >> but you were smoking hot in the yellow bikini. >> come on. alice, did you hear what he said? [ cheers and applause ] >> re-evaluate there. reese didn't look too thrilled there. we want another photo from the set. >> what is going on there? >> oh, that's from my instagram. well, those are extras. they're -- >> extras? >> low animation extras. >> low budget film in well, we -- when we were shooting a big scene in an auditorium and if you hire actual humanoids. it's more expensive so these are dummies they place in the seats with horrible wigs for the very back rows of the you'd tore yum so we packed the
8:38 am
>> you know, movie secrets. [ applause ] >> you know, when people ask you about "murphy brown" -- >> are you kidding? >> that show, i did not miss an episode. eldon, you -- >> eldon. [ applause ] >> it was so great. i have to ask, if murphy brown was working today, who would be her big get? who would she want to eviscerate? >> well, i think the obvious person. [ applause ] is the dough boy in the white house but would be trump. you know. >> that was murphy speaking. >> yeah, exactly. i would actually dan english and i have talked about it. it's just so hard to not be doing the show when this is going on because while it's so appalling it's also such
8:39 am
and -- >> writes itself. >> yeah, well, hopefully. >> do you loan back at "murphy brown" with the fondness we all do. >> i loved her. i loved playing her. i thought, oh. [ applause ] >> i wonder if murphy would ever be able to keep an assistant? no, that's the whole charm. >> still going through -- >> very high replacement fees. such a great character. always fun to play? and always fun to be with you. >> thank you, lara. >> "home again" is in theaters today. make sure you go out and see it. coming up, the "outlander" stars are here live so don't go anywhere. we're back live. ♪
8:40 am
born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director
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as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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back now on a friday morning here on "gma" and we have an announcement about the 2018 miss america competition. it'll be broadcast live from the historic boardwalk hall in atlantic city. the bachelor's chris harrison back to host the competition along with sage steele and both co-hosting. you can see the 97th miss america competition sunday at- category 5 hurricane - florida landfall likely sunday morning today: mostly sunny to partly cloudy. nice. highs: 73-76 winds: nw 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear and cool. lows: 49-58 winds: nw 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny. another spectacular day. highs: 70-74 winds: n 5 mph
8:43 am
this announcement brought to you by las vegas convention. let's get out to you, lara. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, i just ran down. i'm very excited to their with you the stars of "outlander." this is a romance spanning multiple continent, hundreds of years. sam heughan, caitriona balfe playing time traveling lovers. she is the 20th century nurse who falls in love with an 18th century scottish warrior. i'll catch my breath. you take a sneak peek. >> this is nothing but a diverse. they want to rattle our nerves. acrossed board then we will have them. >> time is now. >> aye. >> sir, give the command to charge while there is still a chance. [ cheers and applause ] >> sam, caitriona, many questions.
8:44 am
following based on all the books. i think there are eight book. >> yeah, there's eight and i think diana about to release a ninth. >> she's always writing to be honest. >> does that mean we can expect many more seasons. >> i hope so. >> where we left you when season two ended you're sprayed by 00 years although in the last episode i don't want to give too much away even though season two is over looks like we'll be coming back together again. >> maybe. >> i think it's safe to say there may ab i a reunion in the future. >> can you give us an idea when we will see them together and which century it might be. >> i think it's not too much of a spoiler. it's definitely an 18th century reunion. yeah. >> and might be in a print shop somewhere. they do spend 20 years apart so the season does cover some of that time apart but there will be this grand reunion.
8:45 am
these two be separated for too long. >> the chemistry between the two. was it -- i know, no love at all. what is like working on that scottish set in the 18th century time? how is that for you two. >> it's great. i think we both love coming to work. we love our job and scotland is so beautiful, i mean, the show has just been such a -- been such an amazing thing from day one. everything from the sets to the costume, our crew is amazing, our cast is also -- >> everywhere we go we take scotland with us. >> i love that. >> flaunted this in times square. >> he has a little suppoporan o seeds. >> you were a victoria secret model. >> many moons ago. >> here you are playing a nurse in 18th century, a surgeon in the 20th century and have a funny story. a lot of spray tan used to be in your life. >>
8:46 am
i've got that great celtic white skin and when i did do the vs show they sent me for a spray tan and i came back and they were like, it's not dark enough. please go again. >> oh, no. >> you know, it was a time of all the brazilian girls and still definitely the whitest girl there. >> that's okay. >> nowadays -- all we're trying to bring that back, natural unspray tanned. >> one quick audience question. really quick right over here. your name. >> i'm liz. >> what do you have for sam and caitriona. >> if you could time travel and give your younger self a piece of advice what would it be. >> trust your instincts and don't be afraid. i think -- and many times in our lives we have an opportunity to make a big change and fear can maybe stop us. i say go for it. >> sounds very claire, doesn't it? very, very claire, very naima. you guys are doing
8:47 am
keep it up. we love the show and so thrilled you came to see us. [ cheers and applause ] we're not going anywhere. we have more coming up with jamie and claire but "outlander" returns sunday on starseem. don't go anywhere. a real-life love story j
8:48 am
8:49 am
so happy to be back with the stars of the time traveling romance "outlander" from starz. their epic love story inspired us and our sponsor's stars to find a real-life couple that withstood the test of time and distance. first here's a look at their story. on the starz hit drama "outlander," claire, a combat nurse from 1945 is swept 200 years in the past and embarks on a romance with a scottish war yore named jamie proving time and space is no match for true love. >> promise me that we'll always find a way back to each he
8:50 am
>> i promise. >> reporter: ashley norman and andrew castelli's love story is just as enduring growing up in the small west virginia town. >> we literally have been on the same soccer field several times. >> playing one another. >> yeah. we just never met. >> reporter: that all changed one fateful summer during college. >> andrew an i met in 1999 in myrtle beach, south carolina. >> it was a summertime romance but went back to separate worlds. >> reporter: never forgetting their special bond keeping in touch the old-fashioned way. >> smart phones. >> 2015. >> scrolling through facebook and saw the most adorable puppy i had ever seen in my entire life and i, you know, thought to myself, oh, my god, i'm in trouble. >> reporter: andrew was working in miami at the time and got an offer to open a bar in new york city where ashley happened to be living. >> i would be a
8:51 am
said her being here didn't sweeten the pot. >> reporter: the couple didn't waste a minute and have been together for two years now, the modern love story a lifetime in the making. >> i think that there's definitely something in this for us to be together all those types. >> so excited to have them here to share more of their story. welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you. >> the star might be chaplain. tell us about his role in the love stoert. >> well, i have wanted a puppy for as long as i can remember and at a certain point, andrew started sending me text messages every now and again saying when are we going to get together? are we going to get married? i said as soon as you get me a puppy. several months after that started happening he rescued chaplain and i saw chaplain on instagram and i thought, oh, my goodness. >> he's your baby. >> i'm done for. this is our puppy. >> yeah, it's a shared love.
8:52 am
so now i want to bring in you guys who know a thing or two about time and distance and love. so, what do you think about their story and about the idea that nothing can keep people apart? as a testament to true love, i think it's. it's a bit like jamie and claire. >> but can we maybe take chaplain next season? >> maybe claire needs a puppy. >> we do. really beautiful story. >> we want to give you guys a little something. we love you shared your story with us. and, of course, with sam and caitriona. actually want to give you the ultimate romantic night on the town in new york city. first up a horse drawn carriage ride around central park. >> oh, that's nice. >> i think chaplain can go. not positive. din ircruise around the city. very romantic and just time together to enjoy the fact that you have found each other and this love. how does that sound. >> that sounds great. thank you so much. >> wouldn't be
8:53 am
"outlander" gear and the season, i mean -- >> is that a bobble head. >> want to fall in love all over again watch this together. >> i'm sure. >> i can't wait. >> thank you very much for coming for sharing your love story. i can't thank you guys enough. bring us many more seasons. at least eight books so we're expecting many, many more. excited for season three of "outlander," everybody. it returns to starz this sunday. caitriona, sam, come back soon and we'll be right back. ♪
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born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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hey, julia is our audience coordinator. her last day. she makes all this possible. thank you for all that you have done. [ cheers and applause ] great crowd. let's keep moving. have a great weekend, everybody.
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i am sam swinney. as hurricane irma bartels to the u.s. people are coming to our area to avoid that storm. many floridians are taking no chances of getting out of dodge pipeline out-of-state. a lot of them have come to our area reagan national airport. last night we caught up with several travelers who say evacuating was the best way to keep their children safe. we do expect more people later on today. several swastikas have been found on the campus of georgetown university. one was found carved into an elevator at a door. 2 more were found painted in a similar location. the
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released a statement saying. this raises an anti-semitic symbol must always be taken seriously. responded to appropriately. it will be nice we can. take a look at forecasting florida, parts of the southeast bracing is likely to be a catastrophic flow from massive 5 hurricane irma. sometime early sunday storm surge 5 to 10 feet expected custom water comes pushing inland especially trying times. that will be early sunday morning. impacts here locally around
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