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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 8, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the new track just out, hurricane irma is now forecast to make landfall in florida as a category 5 hurricane, the worst case scenario. extreme concern tonight for the florida keys, miami, and all of south florida. nearly 2 million racing to safety. traffic jams. cars running out of fuel abandoned. and miami now bracing for a devastating storm surge. florida's governor rick scott is right here tonight. his warning. the deadly path already. irma steamrolling turks and caicos and the bahamas. new images coming in from st. martin. and we are just now seeing the devastation in the british virgin islands.
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emergency across several states. the aerials, the long lines, shelters already full as we take you inside the urgent effort to open more. the major earthquake. an 8.1, killing dozens in mexico. the stunning images. and the country music star killed today in a helicopter crash. good evening from south florida, where millions have learned the worst possible scenario could be playing out. hitting florida as a category 5 storm, winds of 160 miles an hour. irma now clearly wider than the state of florida. authorities warning of life-threatening effects from coast to coast. and states of emergency in georgi t
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virginia, too. the national weather service issuing a new warning for people in the florida keys to get out. saying this is as real as it gets. ginger zee, joining us. we're looking at the real possibility of a category 5. >> if it makes landfall as a category 5, that would only be the fourth in u.s. history. it doesn't matter if it's a strong category 4, a weak category 5, it's a catastrophic storm. 5:00 a.m., the storm is right next to the florida keys. storm surge, a big issue. the comparison here between andrew and irma, a lot of people are making that. irma, much wider. but this storm not just wide but also the track is very long. and all the way up the state of florida. from orlando to the florida/georgia line, we'll have
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moments. david? >> we've learned that monroe county will open four shelters of last resort for people who did not heed the warning to get out. for those who did pack up their cars, and there are millions. look at the traffic. a mass evacuation is under way. traffic all going one way. some cars running out of gas. forced to leave their cars behind. ma matt gutman reports. >> reporter: tonight, the river of humanity logjamming florida's three main routes out of the storm zone. >> we are running out of time. the storm is almost here. if you are in an evacuation zone, you need to go now. >> reporter: nearly 2 million in those zones. but florida's geography, a 500-mile-long peninsula, conspiring against their exodus. the fatigue painted in a red
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outside of orlando, 150 miles south was david loeb. >> not moving, cars for miles, not good. >> reporter: more than six hours later, we found the loebs still in that gridlock. you've been in traffic since 1:30 in the morning? >> yes. >> reporter: where did you come from? >> miami. >> reporter: it's gotten so bad here that folks are just abandoning their cars because they've run out of gas. what you can see is a traffic jam that stretches all the way to the horizon. what you can't see is that it's tens of miles long. and it's worse tonight on i-95, just off the florida/georgia line. there are more than 4,000 vehicles an hour. gas stations already closed across the state, nearly a third are out of fuel. fuel shortages reaching into nearby states. this place is servicing hundreds of cars an hour. and the only way to keep those pumps going is with tankers at the ready. we hopped in with the very last tanker leaving the port everglades fuel depot. what is it like toe
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fuel out to these people who need it? >> it's a big relief for me. and for those who did not get out tonight -- >> matt, tell us what the traffic you're seeing now, and the fuel concerns. >> reporter: that's right, it seems that most of south florida has emptied out. the only places we've seen people are in shelters and waiting in gas lines. but the last tanker has come and gone, and police officers tell me these pumps will run dry this evening. david? >> so many lines at gas stations today. thank you. urgent pleas at miami's airport for people not to show up unless they already had tickets. the last jets taking off. and the sky full of flights, the highest concentration out of florida. so, this evening, where are they taking
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get on the flights? here's amy robach. >> reporter: lines of desperate passengers snaking through the airport. a sea of bags piling up in the terminal. >> a whole week without electricity, internet, food, especially when you have a baby. it is harsh. >> reporter: airlines adding 11,000 seats. the last flights taking off. did you plan ahead? >> i got a last-minute ticket. >> reporter: so many here with no flight home. the airport is busing the stranded passengers to a shelter to ride out the storm. you didn't have your bags, and now you're being bused to a shelter. you just want to go home? >> yes, that's what i want. >> reporter: david, a stunning number for you tonight. miami international airport saw more passengers
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has in any other single day in the last ten years. even still with that number, as we've been reporting, so many passengers still left without a flight. they're now being bused to local shelters across miami to ride out this monster storm. david? >> amy, thank you. and the passengers who did make it out on the flights no doubt saw the images of the tvs throughout the airport. devastation across the caribbean. and new images emerging from the british virgin islands. nothing left of the homes on this hillside. at this hour, the storm now striking the bahamas. and james longman is right there in nassau tonight. >> reporter: irma's fury pounding the bahamas tonight with wind and rain as it carves a deadly path toward the u.s. mainland.
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irma's eye is just 200 miles in that direction. people here have seen what's happened to the neighboring islands and are bracing themselves. trees stripped bare of their leaves. french and dutch military part of an international aid operation. turks and caicos, st. john's, the pictures are apocalyptic. this mother, evacuating. >> tomorrow, i'm gone. >> reporter: thousands of americans now stranded. >> i am doing everything i can do to get home. >> reporter: on turks and caicos, colorado native kelsey priests speaking with her family just before irma struck. >> you call and say good-bye. it's all you
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>> we spoke with the prime minister of barbuda, worried about jose, who may strike again after the island was nearly completely destroyed. >> reporter: yes and jose is nearly a category 4, they're hoping to get the islands to antigua. these winds are really picking up now. >> james, stay safe tonight. thank you. the images are proof enough of the power of the hurricane. tonight, my interview with florida's governor rick scott. what most concerns him, and the new warning tonight. thank you for doing this, i know you're incredibly busy. one of the things, governor, you had talked about, is the scope of hurricane andrew and that this hurricane is bigger. >> right, one thing that i've told people all along is on top of t f
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i mean, this is bigger than our state, but you can have 5 to 10 feet of storm surge. i mean this is going to cover homes. we didn't have that in andrew. that's why i'm telling people, if you're told to evacuate, evacuate. i'll do everything i can to help you get your house back, and get your possessions back. i can't get your life back. >> reporter: governor, you've been watching the storm track, it's now shifting slightly to the west, direct hit on miami, south florida, and straight up the state. i mean, this is worst case scenario? >> yes, both coasts are going to be impacted. if you're in an evacuation zone, do it now, this is basically your last day. >> reporter: we were out this morning, we saw the lines for fuel even before the sun came up, taillights stretching as far as you could see. you know you're running out of fuel in some places. we saw reports out of gainesville in fact the last thing we saw. how are you getting fuel there? >> so, here's what we've done. we got more fuel into our ports, we had three tankers come into tampa yesterday, providing law enforcement escorts to take the tankers to the gas stations from the fuel depots. i'm trying to get as much fuel
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and so you got to get out now. so i'm worried about the wind, i'm really worried about the storm surge. >> reporter: governor, i know you're a busy man, we really appreciate it. best of luck. >> thank you. >> trying to warn the entire state, coast to coast. many going to shelters finding this. turned away, shelters full, being bused to other shelters in miami-dade county. tonight, the urgent effort to open more shelters. about a dozen shelters already open in miami-dade county, but already some of those shelters are filling up. guards standing outside letting people in one by one. right here in north miami beach senior high you can actually see on the outside of the doors here, shelter is full. this scene is being repeated across miami. we head into the shelter and immediately see the families signing in. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: this couple here to visit their children a
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grandchildren. they were hoping to get out, but could not. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: we met patrick, here with his family. what have they told you? >> they told me that this is the biggest one in history, stronger than andrew. >> reporter: stronger than andrew? >> yes. >> reporter: so you were supposed to be in school today. >> yes. >> reporter: this is a good reason not to be in school, and you're going to be staying here with your parents? >> yes. >> reporter: running the sheleter, the superintendent of schools here in miami-dade. so how many do you have here right now? >> we have about 1,300 individuals, but we have a capacity for about 3,000 in this room alone. >> reporter: and you have this many already? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and john tisdale, who says he remembers hurricane andrew. >> andrew flattened everything. it just toppled houses, knocked roofs off of houses. >> reporter: so you're not taking any chances this time? >> i'm not taking any. i'm 70 years old, i can't take any chances right now. >> reporter: well, you're going
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to be okay. >> appreciate it. >> riding out the storm in the shelter. and millions will ride out what could be a category 5 hurricane in homes and apartment buildings. a lot of concern about rooftops, windows, walls, will they hold? let alone all the cranes on the miami skyline. what will happen to them? here's tom llamas. >> reporter: in south florida, time is running out. long lines of shoppers in desperate need for supplies before the monster storm hits. in southwest miami-dade, ani mezerhane is testing her generator. fears about the gas shortage and a long drive to safety with her 7-month-old kept her in miami, what's your biggest concern? >> i think just more than anything after, are we going to be able to get the water? are we going to be able to get food? i've got milk for the baby, all those things, that's much more my concern. >> i think it's going to be
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worse than andrew. >> reporter: hurricane irma forcing some to go to extremes. arnaldo ricciulli putting metal shutters over his stormproof windows. he's staying to protect his home, but his family wants to evacuate. what's making you possibly leave your dad behind? >> because of the storm surge, i'm trying not to leave him but to bring him with me. >> reporter: downtown, experts are worried about construction cranes. they're designed to spin to avoid toppling over. >> tom, you first pointed out last night that a cat 5 hurricane on the ground is much different when you're up that high? >> reporte >> reporter: the higher up you go, the stronger the wind gets. at 50 stories, it's 55% stronger. so, if it's 140 miles per hour
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feel like 220 miles per hour. >> tom, thank you. we will have much more first thing in the morning on "good morning america". and a reminder to download the abc news happen and sign up for breaking news alerts. still ahead, the new models in tonight. the storm surge, how much water they're expecting in miami beach and across miami. also tonight, the magnitude 8.1 earthquake in mexico. the quake felt by an estimated 50 million people. the school shooting, police rushing to the scene. and more on the country music star killed today in a helicopter crash, hours before he was scheduled to perform. we'll be right back. kevin kevin kevin
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coming in. miami beach, it's a ghost town. this is what the iconic ocean drive usually looks like. but tonight, no people. miami beach under threat of a devastating storm surge. the latest models on the flooding are now in. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: irma's wrath of ferocious winds hammering more caribbean islands. forcing a wall of water onto turks and caicos estimated at more than 15 feet high. tonight, that massive storm surge is barreling towards florida. this is one of many marinas that line the city of miami, a massive city that is pinned up against the water, and extremely susceptible to hurricane storm surge. the latest forecast now predicting a storm surge up to 10 feet in miami. that would mean all the areas in
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red map would be under water. it's not just miami, ft. myers, naples could see 12 feet of additional water. you can hide from the wind, but the water will find you. >> we can see the water starting to churn behind you. thank you, rob. when we come back, the gunman opening fire at a high school. the staff member confronting the shooter before police could arrive. and the country music star killed in a helicopter crash today. details coming up.
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authorities now say a staff member talked to the teenager, calming him down before police arrived. the school placed on lockdown. the suspect arrested, no injuries reported. to the country music star killed in a deadly chopper crash today. singer troy gentry and the pilot killed when their helicopter went down in medford, new jersey this afternoon. gentry, one half of the popular duo montgomery gentry, was on his way to a concert tonight. singing partner eddie montgomery was not onboard. the cause of the crash under investigation. when we come back on a friday night, "america strong." a story so many of you responded to right here last night. you're not going to believe what happens next. for the holidays, we get a gift for mom and dad. and every year, we split it equally. except for one of us. i write them a poem instead! and one for each of you too! that one's actually yours. that one. regardless, we're stuck with the bill. to many, words are the most valuable currency.
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finally tonight here, "america strong." you met him last night, the kind stranger who saw a woman in need. first we witnessed his generosity. and now, what happened next. last night, we told you about pam brekke, who had been searching for a generator for her sick father. >> my father's on oxygen, and i'm worried about this storm. >> reporter: pam watched the last one being sold, and she broke down in tears. ramon santiago, a complete stranger, saw pam in distress and insisted she take his.
6:58 pm
when one was returned to the store a few hours later, the store manager immediately thought of ramon. >> i wanted to make sure he received it because he definitely deserved it. >> reporter: today, ramon returned to that lowe's with our orlando affiliate wftv. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: and received his own generator for free. >> this is what america is about. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> you are my hero. >> reporter: paying it forward before a storm. thank you for watching. "good morning america" nifirst thing in the morning. we'll see you in the morning. good night. he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam.
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