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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a massive police response in dear suspicious snackers, we get it. we know it can be a texture thing, and there are lots of brands choose from. but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years. a whole world of sweet, and savory combinations, like pineapple, cucumber & dill or classic country style. and since it's packed with satisfying protein, you'll want to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle! >> leave now while you have a chance. when you dial 911, you will not get an answer. worse. storm is much >> i'm just trying to get as far north as possie.
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of hurricane irma just coming in. we will get to that in just a second. nancy: first, a stunning new figure, 5.6 million people with no time to spare. >> if you are not on the road by midday, don't get on the road. there are shelters in your community, go to the shelters. go to family, friends, shelters. but we don't want people on the road when this storm hits. nancy: hurricane irma is expected to slam florida as a category five storm, the strongest on the scale. the national weather service not mincing words, sing nowhere in the florida keys will be safe. jonathan: we have live team coverage in florida where the mass exodus is happening. want to start with stormwatch 7 meteorologist steve rudin. what is the latest? steve: we have two updates, katia nalley hurricane that has made
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the bigger news will be irma. this storm has intensified back to once again a category five hurricane with the winds at 165 miles per hour, a five mile per hour increase over the 8:00 update. the wind gusts are also up to about 195 miles per hour. it's movement has slowed a bit, 30 miles an hour to the west, expected to intensify in straights just a little more as we move through the overnight through the day tomorrow. the latest update, category five storm just off the northern coast of cuba. it is moving off towards the west. it stays category five, then will weaken a bit. keepyou see these numbers, in mind this is subject to change. this is the best guidance as we move into late saturday night, early sunday morning, through the day sunday. through florida and southwest of florida. that will be the biggest impact
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by monday and tuesday of next week, it is way across georgia and eventually over tennessee. me in a fewin minutes with more details about the track of the storm surge, the latest updated hurricane warning, and the impact on our local area coming up in just a few minutes. jonathan: new video of traffic along the florida turnpike. all of those folks are heading north and want to get out. millions packing up and leaving their homes for safer grounds, but time is ticking. we have seen the rush for supply and fuel. in florida. what are you seeing now with the number of folks who world just hunker down and stay? we were ater today the store, a lot of people out and about. tonight, this is atlantic avenue in delray beach. it is normally packed on a friday night. there is
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parlor still open. they are closing. the pizza place is bringing out storm shutters and they will turn their restaurant into one that looks more like this, like all of the businesses in town. they are covered with storm shutters and they are putting down sandbanks to try to protect against the storm surge that they fear so much. preparations for irma have been in effect for days now. go through a residential neighborhood and you will see homes with storm shutters in place. in delray beach, you will also see plenty of people at home, where they plan to stay for the duration. >> five-story summit bunker, hurricane glass windows. i think will be ok. brad: this town has seen its share of hurricanes and near misses for many feel they will be fine with precautions, so they are continuing to board up businesses and sidewalk cafés taking down awnings. there are sandbags in ple.
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>> the water comes, it comes. i have a nice roll down shutter that i will put down to protect the property. brad: they are also those who have chosen to leave their homes. many were given the option to leave, and del ray high school has become a shelter, fast filling with people, frightened by the forecast. >> i said that's it, i'm going to a shelter. i'm not taking any chances on this one. brad: that is the advice people want to follow. get to the shelter, get out of the area while you still have time. we heard if you are not on the road by midday, you will not get out. the storm shutters are up, they are taking it seriously come everyone watching the storm trak. he believe it is good news for this area that the storm is moving west, but even so we will still have hurricane force wind very late tomorrow night and
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jonathan: irma has already battered several of the islands, leaving flattened buildings. there are areas of homes on the shoreline that have been picked to the foundations. nancy: tonight the deadly storm is in cuba. tom roussey is tracking the images of devastation that are coming into focus tonight. tom: it is so awful, it is hard to believe the worst may be still to come. the latest estimate we have puts the number of people who have died in the caribbean at 23, but that number expected to grow because irma is hitting new areas as we speak. bahamasa shot from the as the storm hit there. before that come it had left a lot of damage elsewhere in the caribbean, large parts of st. maarten are completely destroyed, the u.s. virgin islands also suffer damage, other islands hit. some americans wound up stuck in irma's
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abc 7 talk to a person on the turks and caicos who made an emotional call to her family before irma hit. >> you say goodbye and tell them that you love them. it's all i could do. tom: so far, nowhere has been harder hit than the tiny island of barbuda. this drone video shows the damage left after the hurricane hit wednesday. it is estimated irma destroyed 95% of the buildings on that island. and the worst may be yet to come as irma starts hitting bigger and more populated areas. jonathan: we can only hope not. our live coverage of hurricane irma continues through the newscast. oneorologist josh knight is the ground in boca raton, florida, and we will have a live report from him at 11:15. for the very latest updates on the storm, go to you can also download our stormwatch app. nancy: an update in
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wake of hurricane harvey, help on the ay, president trump signing $15.3 billion aid package for victims that also extends the country's ability to borrow and funds the government through december 8, when congress faces another ballot for -- battle for a budget deal. an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck off to a southern coast not quite one of four hours ago. we know at least 60 people are dead. about 100ter was miles offshore, get hundreds of buildings were damaged or destroyed. from mexicotremors city to austin, texas, 650 miles from the epicenter. an active investigation after a deadly crash of a bus in leesburg that was converted into a food truck. dozens of first responders were called to help the victims, four now in critical condition.
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from leesburg. anna-lysa: that is right, nancy, so far we know that one person was killed in the crash and four people were transported to the hospital with critical injuries. deputies from the lot in county sheriff's office have been here several hours. the scene from earlier this afternoon from sky track 7. dozens of emergency responders surrounded a car and bus known in the community as a converted food truck. the person killed was found in the car which contain three juveniles and two adults. one adult died on the scene. officials first responders to the crash just before 5 p.m. according to the information provided, the driver of the food truck was traveling east on watson road when they collided with a car traveling northbound on evergreen mills road. the impact from the crash so severe that it entered the guard rail. for hours, firefighters worked to remove the five people
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helicopters were on standby. >> it was a difficult extrication. we had to read move the bus -- we had to bring in a heavy record to remove the bus from on top of the vehicle. anna-lysa: evergreen mills road between black branch parkway and red cedar drive has been closed for several hours. it is not clear when the roads will reopen. at this time, the victim has not been identified. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. development in the case of a pregnant teacher who is missing. her car has been found but it is still a mystery what happened to her. today, montgomery county police were back at laura wallen's olney, this after her fortis skate was found last night in columbia for stop the police told the vehicle from the apartment complex about a block from columbia mall. wollen did not show up for work at her school this week. her family last received a text from her monday.
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investigation closely. sign up for text alerts at for updates. latest newsthe anytime, click on the abc 7 mobile app.
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jonathan: horrifying development and capitol heights where the police caught a man who said a pregnant woman on fire. nancy: she is now in critical condition but the baby is expected to make a. tim barber just spoke with the woman's father. distress. in tim: she saw a pregnant woman identified by her family as andrea grinage with burns covering her body. >> never seen anything like it in my life. tim: investigators say that andrea grinage's boyfriend set her on fire in their capitol heights apartment. her father told me over facetime from the hospital her boyfriend is violent. >>
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to take responsibility of being a newborn dad. he did not want that. and once a baby is conceived, it's too late for all that. you either step up and be a dad or walk away. tim: according to investigators, grinage told neighbors her boyfriend attacked her and was going to d.c. to kill one of her family members. the police got the suspect on the phone and talked him into turning himself in. the baby was not due today, so doctors delivered the baby seven months early. >> she is doing well. is still innage critical condition while the man accused of putting her there is behind bars. jonathan: things keep changing with the hurricane. we know that hurricane irma is back up to a category five tonight and it is a mad rush to get out of florida and get to safety. nancy: irma is expected to make landfall near key west sunday.
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anyone it was going to evacuate must do so by midnight tonight. tens of thousands have already left and irma is so big that it can reach from one side of florida to the other. forecasters say that it could travel the entirely of the state as it has north. jonathan: that is a category four storm when it comes are sure five, covering a whole state. let's get an update on the path from meteorologist steve rudin. i don't think we have ever seen a hurricane go up the entire state of florida. steve: the thing is huge. impaired with hurricane andrew lot992, this is quite a larger -- compared to hurricane andrew. this is hurricane katia, which made landfall in mexico. nothing for us to worry about with that storm. jose coming up, but irma is a huge storm with the eye wall and intensifying.
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and 8:00, stronger winds, 160 miles per hour, when gus that 195, moving to the west at 13 miles per hour. the spaghetti plot models that come together. the closer the lines, that means the more agreement with where the model say the storm is going, really coming together, especially into late tomorrow night early sunday. the west coast of florida, towards tampa, and eventually into georgia. that is where we are looking at the biggest changes. the forecast track came in about 17 minutes ago, and josh knight is live in boca raton and will give us an update on the track and the latest hurricane warning. track still continues to move through most of south florida, places like this gas station are closing down, wrapping up. let me get
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category five, 160 mile-per-hour wind. that is expected to remain that way beyond cuba, getting closer to the keys, going back to a category four. i really do not what you distress on that difference of dropping from a five to a four, both are categorized as catastrophic damage, especially talking about islands like the keys. the middle of the track, back towards ft. myers. but think about how wide the storm is. we are talking about hurricane force winds extending out 70 miles from the center. that gets about to the other coast of florida. all of south florida, there are hurricane warnings. you will notice they go from bonita beach up and around to jupiter. hurricane watches to the north of that. that is because they are just going to see these hurricane force winds and conditions later. they put out the warnings when you ar
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we are closer to about 24. then they give you way watch when you are at 48 hours, so looking for warnings up there through the day. keeping a close eye on the system. we have seen a change from the west coast to the east coast, now looks a little more west. andl a little ways to go, exactly where it makes landfall will make a difference, but everybody needs to prepare. there is another major hurricane still churning in the atlantic as well. steve: yeah and the name is jose. the storm has intensified a bit, 155 mile wind come a very strong category for, almost category five, but it is tracking to the northwest and then jogging to the east as a begins to wea ken, so no threat to the mainland united states, very little threat to puerto rico, so good news there. around here for the weeke
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this. low humidity, lots of sunshine, and temperatures will be a little below average. tomorrow, the high perfect for college football games, al gore activities, maybe going to the pool --outdoor activities, maybe going to the pool. redskins pulling sunday, 74 degrees, very little wind to worry about. the 10 day outlook from sunday, 737, 72 monday. tuesday and wednesday, the remnants of irma may bring showers and a clouds. once that is out of here, thursday and friday, middle 70's. then we warm up towards the end of the following weekend. support victims of hurricane irma by donating to the red cross.
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jonathan: 7 on your side consumer headlines -- did uber spy on lyft? manhattan justice department is looking into whether they use software to spy. attorneys are investigating if laws were broken. -- that it is is cooperating in the software has been discontinued. nancy: the iphone eight is expected next week. the wall street journal says apple may be ditching a key security feature. they may not use the touch sensor on the phone. instead, it may use facial recognition. stay tuned for the unveiling of the new iphone, expected tuesday. i'm getting that for christmas this year. sign me up. jonathan:
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this time around. nancy: start saving up. jonathan: they start pulling for keeps this weekend. scott: friday night, high school football. a big night for the up and coming football players. a big night across the dmv.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: ah, it's friday night, which means high school football has the spotlight. lake braddock coasting stonebridge, the bruins trying to avoid an 0-3 start to the season. lake braddock came out fired up and ready to go. first half, the bruins ready to punt, but the senior martin comes charging through with a big block setting up an easy score. still in the first half, jack cosco with the score ,28-0. stonebridge all over lake braddock tonight. a few miles down the road, west springfield battling washington lee. the spartans controlled this all the way. tony musket to jordan
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nice job getting the feet inbounds, touchdown. west springfield rolling for the win. >> just all the hard work in the off-season and the line was great. >> it was effective and we took advantage of our opportunities. we have a lot of weapons and tony does a good job spreading the field. scott: tony musket, that is a football name. the nationals keep winning, beating the phillies 11-10. t
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jonathan: walt disney world's four theme parks will shut down tomorrow evening through monday. they plan to reopen tuesday, but the resort says orlando will stay open full stop they will reassess depending on the storm. nancy: governor terry
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say come are preparing the state -- has declared a state of emergency, which prepares the state of virginia for anything that may move north, but also so they can help the neighbors to the south. jonathan: in the last 20 minutes, it is back up to a five. broke apart,e wall then a new one formed and is constricting. that is why it is getting stronger. it is like a spinning top. it will stay strong through the overnight into the day tomorrow, category five. we pause this, but notice it changes on a four. don't focus of much on the category because the wind will still be 150 miles per hour, which is a major hurricane. we're talking structures built prior to 1992 will have a hard time with this. this is a very strong storm. the wind right now at 160 miles per hour. then we look for to
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monday and tuesday. for us around here, quiet and drive.
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♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday north korea ♪ happy birthday to you >> guillermo: please don't kill us. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- christian slater. from "curb your enthusiasm," richard lewis. "this week in unnecessary censorship". and music from jack johnson. and now, before i forget, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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