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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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stay off the roads. jonathan: right now abc7 continues tracking the path of hurricane irma. the fury of the storm has now been downgraded. no longer a hurricane but still causing problems. it's not over. storm surge now is one of the key threats. this is in charleston, south carolina. irma is still a massive system with far-reaching impacts. nancy: today we are starting to see the damage across the state of florida. property on land and in the water destroyed in wind as well as the rough, rough seas. alison: irma is now a tropical storm as it has moved north across florida. at least six people are dead many florida as a result of the storm. 7 million pe
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brings heavy rain and strong wind to several southeast states. jacksonville on the east side of the state has record flooding that is blamed on the atlantic ocean surging toward the coast and up to the st. john's river. the strong winds pushing inland and breaking hurricane dora. the storm surge record set way back then. jonathan: we are seeing damage across almost every part of florida. nancy: awful to see. we have live team coverage from florida and right here at home. alison: brad bell and josh knight on the southwest coast. chief meteorologist doug hill, though, tracking the storm. we will begin to get the latest. doug: we have an impressive storm with an impressive signature on the satellite image. look at this. 2 cloudiness that goes up to lake michigan. this is the direct effect of the circulation. from lake michigan through the bahamas.
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the storm on the south carolina coast and very heavy thunderstorms in the atlanta area. other than that, the 2:00 update has it at 60 miles per hour winds. we expect 5:00 update will lessen the wind speed. that isn't the story. it's the push of moisture from the atlantic ocean, tropical moisture and the strong winds. within the hour 49-mile-per-hour wind gusts inland to columbia south carolina. augusta, georgia, 46 miles per hour. 45 in savannah where there is flooding along the river. riverwalk area if you have been to downtown savannah there. it's a gorgeous place. but it's wet now. most of the ghost line is. the huge yellow box you might see underlaying the radar. that is a tornado watch. they have spinners in the tropical rain band up the ocean to spin off tornadoes. this is a huge system. it will make its wa
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northwestward. we may see some effects later in the week. meanwhile, abc7's meteorologist josh knight on duty in punta gorda, florida. what are you seeing down there? i see blue skies. josh: blue skies. we had on and off showers. we are left with a soggy mess around the area. the trees have come down. where the kids should be playing. the bay has come in and that water is sticking around. this is center on the where the centerline goes where the strongest winds are. marco island a place with the keys that got hammered by the strongest winds in florida. it started to move inland. it was a strong storm. the reason we have the issues on the east coast is the strong breeze from east to
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west to bring the atlanta inshore. this is massive. this is still creating problems. there is a lot going on with the system. it's lost the strong tight circular winds. the good news we have seen some of the water recede around the area. but still in for a wild ride last night. now i'll send to brad bell. what are you looking at? brad: this is something to show folks here. the winds came in at 105 miles per hour. this is a sidewalk in a residential neighb
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down all over the place. there are trees down. this is a utility pole. one of the reasons they just don't have a lot of electricity in the town from our survey half the town without electricity. that mud is because a storm surge came in here. you can see how deep the water got. all the way up here. if i come here, there is the line. there is the debris line on that house. it didn't get in house. they don't have the basements here because it's an area that does flood. this is the storm surge people were surprised to see when they woke up. this area under water. deep enough to reach the houses and keep enough to cover the streets.
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kayaking. they drove to tampa where we were all night with the storm. people still had the homes that turned to islands. not a lot of structural damage. the trees come down and that sort of things. a police officer said they feel like they came through the storm pretty well. we are working on the human aspect, of the story. we'll have that when we come back at 5:00, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you so much. speaking of the human element of this. how about this story. at the highlight of the storm. in coral springs, florida, a call came in for a woman in labor. the mom to be could not make it to the hospital so the fire and the police helped deliver the baby. here is a picture. they are inside the v
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comforting the newborn. nancy: quite a picture. this is a small private planes. you can see what i they entered to empty the airfield. richard reeve is continuing to team coverage from the national airport. rich? richard: tropical storm irma with a ripple effect in the d.m.v. and across the country. 10,000 flights canceled. look at this. these are flights coming in to reagan airport from atlanta. we have two delays right now and three cancellations. this is a snapshot of what we are talking about. 900 delta flights in and out of atlanta canceled. jetblue canceling 900 flights. this is a time of frustration for the travelers from orlando. they evacuated the d.c. area last thursday to escape the storm. now they are trying to get a flight back home. it may not happen until friday. atlanta, the nation's busiest airport is a huge hub, especially for delta air
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lines. look at the plane on the ground from jackson, mississippi, to escape the storm. demi counter at reagan -- the delta counter at reagan very quiet. a lot of folks, especially these folks have no way to get home. >> we don't know when we are getting back. we had a flight from atlanta. the connection flight to atlanta got canceled. our closest -- the earliest they could refocus was friday -- rebook us was friday. richard: as we were talking to them they got a phone call. they hope that is the one to get them home eventually. coming up at 6:00, the u.s. army veteran driving from here back to florida, hoping that the home will not be damaged. we have the story coming up at 6:00. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: rich, thank you. in the meantime we are starting to get the first estimate on damage. it's better than expected but it will still end up near $20 to $50
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that is according to one analyst. compare it to this. experts say a more direct hit on miami. that would have been catastrophic. the experts estimating that it could have cost upward of $150 billion. alison: reminder don't miss an update on irma. we are going to check back in with brad and josh throughout the evening on abc7 news. and online at jonathan: in other news now as the sun was rising over the pentagon, a moment of reflection now. 16 years after the 9/11 2001 terror attacks. a plane slammed in west side of the pentagon. today president trump attending the annual memorial service. president trump: here on the westside of the pentagon, terrorists tried to break our resolve. it is not going to happen. where they left a mark with fire and rubble, americans defiantly raised stars and stripes. jonathan: 125 people were killed when american airlines flight 77 was hijacked and
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nancy: ceremonies were held at ground zero in new york and shanksville, pennsylvania, where the passengers tack down a hijacked plane before it could reach d.c. or new york. sam sweeney takes us to those services. [belling toll] sam: 8:46 a.m. the first moment of silence. the bells signifying the moments american airlines flight 11 slams into the north tower of the world trade center, changing the world as we knew it. 16 years later, children, parents and friends read the names of those lost. >> kenneth bruce sam: the emotion still raw. the memories still live. >> my uncle, rescue firefighter nevun. we love you and we miss you every day. zach -- sam: 9:03. the bells ring again to signify when it slammed in the
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nation at war. grand children remember grandparents they never met and survivors express hope of the unity after the attack. >> my father, kevin james murphy. i love you very much. i know you are looking down at me with a big smile on your face. i love you. sam: they remembered the hero that took down the airplane in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> i believe i and others at the nation's capitol were able to go home that day to hug our families because of the courage and the selflessness of the heroes of flight 93. so for me it's personal. sam: tonight, lower manhattan will light up with two soaring beams, one more reminder to never forget those lost 16 years ag
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sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: two people arrested today throwing objects over the north fence line at the white house. nobody was hurt and the security threat is over. alison: developing right now a drowning at an in-home daycare in charles county. the boy just 2 years old. stephen tschida with the developing story. what are the police telling you this afternoon? stephen: the first responders affected by the tragedy. we have video of the pool are where the 2-year-old's boy body was found we understand he was at an in-home daycare with two other small children. we spoke to a representative of the sheriff department to get more information about how this is believed to have happened. take a listen.
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preparing food. when she came out one was gone. there is a door in the residents that led to a deck outside that leads to above ground pool at the top edge of the pool and the child fell in. stephen: back live. we believe this was a 2-year-old child but he was able to grab the doorknob to get outside. we do understand from the names that the woman, the daycare provider had been in the business for many years. that is the latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: horrible. thank you. coming up, we are still tracking irma. nancy: plus this -- >> this crown is lifting up and down. >> we are surveying the damage after an entire weekend from the keys all the way t
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-- georgia and south carolina. irma leaving no part of florida untouched. alison: still tom co, metro says it's on track going back to good. have you seen the improvements? closer look at the rail reliability ahead. jonathan: update in the search for a pregnant teacher from montgomery county. who vanished a week ago. the plea from her family and police now expanding the search. we'll show you how coming up
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e this tree might blow over in our backyard. >> she saw that coming. this is fort lauderdale, the wind so strong it ripped the tree out of the ground. nancy: oh, my. jonathan: lifting the rooks through the rock tiles in the backyard. lucky it fell parallel to the house so there is no damage to it. now she just has clean-up. nancy: see how big the roots are and the force to come up like that. jonathan: that is just one examine of what the hurricane irma destructive power was. there was a lot of it last night. nancy: absolutely. this is not done yet at this point. alison: q mccray standing by now with more of the incredible damage done over the weekend. >> hurricane irma left its mark on florida. downing power lines and
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behind. in miami, powerful wind gusts peeling the roof clean off the apartment building. roaring winds and heavy rains in the downtown area turning streets into rivers. high above, construction cranes bending under the pressure. on the west coast, the two photos from marco island taken 15 minutes apart showing the docks submerged by the increasing storm surge. in nearby naples, the 140-mile-per-hour wind gusts tossing aluminum siding from mobile homes throughout the neighborhood. water spouts like this one popping up threatening to wreak havoc. more than 200,000 hunker doing in shelters across the state. the mass exodus becoming one of the largest evacuations in u.s. history. 35 people were forced to evacuate sunday evening in riviera beach after the roof collapsed on t
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floridians doing what they can to save themselves and others like a beached manatee the good samaritans take to rescue. and old glory, soaked but still in one piece. a rescue crew member grabbing it off the street in the strong winds. q mccray, abc7 news. nancy: heroes through thick and thin. many of the videos that we are seeing are ending up online. that is how we get the best neighborhood view of things. scott taylor continues the coverage from the newsroom with the posts we have been seeing now. scott: we've been glued to social media all weekend long. show you the posts that came down today. this is key largo. look at all the water, the wind, the water getting in. even though the house is up on stilts believe it or not. move to tampa. take a look at this. usually 150 people on the starlight sapphire out of st. pete. i cruises for dinner
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this guy here, manatee. hurricane irma came through with the 100-mile-per-hour winds and sucked all the water out. this man is doing okay and the water moves back in. we will talk about these guys. where are they in how do they end up here and where are they going? that is due to hurricane irma. scott taylor, abc7 news. >> fishing in the driveway. hurricane irma. jonathan: that is a real catfish. this is not made up. he didn't take a charter boat. he went in the front yard and caught an armored catfish in the front yard. he didn't even have to take the hook out to throw it back. that is out his front door in ft
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all the water and now fish came up. the water since receded. alison: wow! videotaping at the same time. that takes a lot of talent. as you know we are sad because this is doug hill's last week at abc7. we want you to share your congratulations and the well-wishes. do that by posting online and use #thanksdoug. like this. >> doug, even irma is angry you are leaving. you are the last of the gang to depart the premises. when love you so much and we ale miss you every night when we watch the news and the weather. can't wait to see you in your free time. love you, brother. bye-bye. alison: my gosh. i can only imagine what the two of you will get into now that you are both retired. doug: he has had a head start getting the golf game back in line. i have to catch up. jonathan: what does it feel like so far? now it's down to hours. doug: i guess.
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i nigh it was coming. i will miss everybody. don't get me started. i'll save emotional doug for friday. alison: we have fun things planned for the week we hope everyone will join in on the celebration to say our goodbyes together. doug: i appreciate that. nancy: what a week to go out on. doug: crazy weather. this time around we talk about jose, another hurricane which is doing weird things in the atlantic. something to keep an eye on. bizarre. this is nothing bizarre but what is interesting to look at the milky looking sky. that is the high cloudiness extending hundreds of miles well north of the center of irma now. some of the cloudiness extends to lake michigan and east of the bahamas. a massive storm, it's weaker but making problems in the georgia/south carolina coast with all kind of problems from flooding. not just from the surge but
4:23 pm
totals. 73 in reagan national. it's a pleasant afternoon. cloudy. temperatures drop in the 60's. the high overcast will keep it milder than it has been in recent nights. here we go. active part of circulation center. the center is 20 miles or so south of albany, georgia. look at the cloud shield. this fan out, off the ocean to the bahamas. the future cast keeps the high cloudiness in. by tomorrow morning some of the rain between charlotte and raleigh durham. a big area of high pressure to the north east that kept us so cool. that is controlling things a little bit. even according to this model at 6:00 on saturday morning. wednesday morning. not a guarantee but a possibility of the rain bands could work their way off ocean in our area. then we get breaks. the accusation circulation center is out here. in time, by thursday and
4:24 pm
at that point we have the better chances of showers and a few thunderstorms popping up before we can find the last meteorological postscript on irma. wednesday and thursday the chance of showers and thunderstorms are a definite warmup heading through the upper 70's. look at this. have you seen anything like this before? this is a track from irma. this is a latest. we get a new one at 5:00. it's a hurricane. they do a loop in the atlantic and push it to saturday morning northeast of the what whatmas. where it goes after that, who knows? but who would have thunk it? something to keep an outlook. the thing on friday with farewell doug, i'm not a narcissist. i did not put that there. alison: was it alex? doug: because i can't stand seeing pictures of myself. i'm not narcissistic, just self-conscious. i appreciate the sentiment. jonathan: there is a team of you back there and some of them take charge of the computer and it's out of you your control. you sit back
4:25 pm
we have you covered. doug: literally? jonathan: you have to do the weather thing. alison: you will see old pictures of yourself you haven't seen in a long time. jonathan: a few years ago. not a old. doug: from a long time ago jonathan: holding up cities and counties that you had to paste to the wall. still ahead for us at 4:30, teaming up to turn the power back up in florida. incredible drone videos. we will show you how the local utility companies help the situation out. >> is your rail ride on metro getting better?
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oh, he looks so much more real on tv. yeah... over 75 years of savings and service. get your rate quote today. jonathan: abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter with a closer look at metro's new report. brianne: according to the new numbers metro says they are improving to get you in and out of a station like this one on time. 89% were on time. and in july they reported 80% of the trips on line.
4:29 pm
the hot cars is down with the hvac improvements up 50%. we went straight to the man in charge today, general manager paul wiedefeld to find out what has to be done to get the riders back. >> two mosts out of safetrack. it will take time. but i believe if we are more consistent the word will get out. at the end of the day, they will tell us when they think it's what they want. we have to focus on what we do and do it well. brianne: we are talking about less ridership and that means less revenue. it's when funding is a big topic. today a new option on the table that impacts maryland, d.c. and virginia. we outline that tonight at 5:00. jonathan: thanks.
4:30 pm
arrive in florida but the residents face days and maybe weeks without power. coming up next for us how the utility companies here are lending a helping hand. nancy: plus, missing for a week and now the search for a pregnant montgomery county woman expands. police now offering a reward as her parents make a desperate plea. alison: then new at 5:00, metro bus driver caught on camera reading the paper wile the bus was moving. what wmata has to say about it when i join you at 5:00.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: it is estimated 60% of florida is without power. local utility crews should be arriving there this evening. cheryl conner brings us more on the massive effort to restore power to the state of florida. cheryl: power poles are snapped and they are leaning online. it's estimated 60% of florida is without power. >> it was uncomfortable. but not impossible. >> edward scott lived in the dark for a week following hurricane isabelle in 2003. the b.g.e. customer said he saw the local troublings heading south yesterday. >> it's good they were that organized to marshal forces this early.
4:34 pm
>> the sister utilities are scheduled to arrive in florida this everything. >> at some point people are rebuilding the system. >> pete peterson is the manager of emergencied preparedness for pepco and says some customers were without power for as long as 11 days in the summer storm known as doracio. the local linemen are scheduled to stay in florida for at least two weeks. the linemen are working 16-hour days and there is concern about keeping them hydrated. this is part of the greer. a leather glove, rubber glove. material that doesn't breathe well in the florida heat. >> we asked peterson if florida should consider putting more powerlines under ground. >> when you have an outage it's between four or six times as long to restore it. cheryl: the sun will come out but it may take weeks to bring the lights back on in florida.
4:35 pm
abc7 news. nancy: back in the weather center with doug. to talk about irma and the stark contrast and the images. you have a picture of south carolina from a few weeks ago. doug: this is recently. a friend of mine who is a photographer and a church pastor in south carolina, sea wall at the end of the church property. this is what it normally looks like there. garden city in the background. this is what it looked like an hour ago. the same view. nancy: very different. doug: water from the surge coming in. a dramatic change. we have seen the pictures over and over and it changes everything with the wind. thanks for that. that is a cool tron tast. nancy: gray skies. doug: and the rain squalls. that is the story up and down the east coast. the rain squalls, i will show you is right there. if are all kind of issues with the surge up
4:36 pm
the center of circulation is south of albany. there will be a new update coming up shortly but in the meantime what does not change is the tropical moisture of the feeder bands with the spinup tornadoes. torrential downpours where they rain over and over. so you have surge and flooding from the excelsive rainfall. the pattern right now will continue to shift off to the northwest at a good clip. at the same time, the circulation is so big that the wind and cite on the coast. it's a while before we get out of the influence. here in our area it's possible that by thursday, friday and even to saturday morning some of the energy will give us some storms. wednesday some shower or thunderstorm and same for thursday. late thursday and thursday night is the best chance to see the moisture left over from irma. that is the latest. back to you. michelle: thank you. police in florida arrested more than two dozen people after they
4:37 pm
hurricane irma has an opportunity to steal. cameras were rolling as the looters broke in shoe stores, cell phone store and a wal-mart. people ran out and filled the cars up with whatever they can grab. you can see a large group of them to grab everything that fit in the arm. but it wasn't long before the police showed up. not clear how much was taken from the businesses. jonathan: volunteers as the american red cross keeping an out on hurricane irma. as the crews deployed ten days ago from houston from this location there will be teams heading to florida. once it is safe enough to move in the volunteers get a deployment briefing before heading south. >> the emergency response vehicle crews will be moving supplies. but as soon as it's safe, as soon as we have our kitchen set up, they will take the meals in the impacted community. almost going house by house. >> officials say they are prepared for a long-term operation. not just in florida but also in houston, texas, as well. which still is in
4:38 pm
mode post hurricane harvey. nancy: this is a rather interesting scale to share with you. when craig led the emergency managementle in 2004-2005 he used welfare house as gauge for the hurricane power -- used waffle house as a gauge for the hurricane power. he thought if it closed the chain restaurant it's as bad as it gets because they are known to stay open through everything. but now he is tracking the cuban coffee stands around miami. if they are closed it's as bad as it gets. miami damaged in the storm. stay with abc7 for updates throughout the everything. brad bell and josh knight are helping shed light on the damage and sharing stories of survival. jonathan: houston still recovering from hurricane harvey but today most of the kids went back to school. more than 200 schools were in session and the remaining 80 plus are opening in the next two weeks. the schools were damaged mostly by flooding. the students who attend them m
4:39 pm
other campuses until their schools open. >> they are a different campus. we are still working out how they will look. jonathan: he says it is important to get kids back in class. many of them see it as a safehouse. michelle: a pregnant woman missing for a week now. wallen, a teacher hasn't been heard from since last monday. her car was found late last week. a couple of hours ago police with a new update. sam ford with a developing story. sam, any new clues in this case? sam: well, no new clues, michelle. but family members and the boyfriend of 31-year-old laura wallen appeared before reporters with the police. she is said to be four months pregnant. the news conference was ambiguous. they begged her to get in touch with the family and asked the bl
4:40 pm
the police. if they had seen the award winning teacher. but at the same time it remained unsaid. perhaps she had been kidnapped or worse. her father announced a $25,000 reward for information that helps to find her. >> one of the hardest thing a father can do is have your child taken away way, way too soon. all we want is for her to come back to us. laura, if you are listening, it doesn't matter what has happened. it doesn't matter what type of trouble. there is nothing we can't fix together. sam: both the boyfriend and the father say she was excited about the beginning of school when she disappeared. police found her car
4:41 pm
thursday. the family reported receiverring a text message from her phone on monday. but the police would not release the context of the message today saying it was part of the investigation. police say they are still treating this as a missing person's case. reporting live from montgomery county, i'm sam ford. abc7 news. jonathan: hope she turns up. thanks. ahead for us here, the dos and the don'ts after the equifax hack. rumors are flying and we'll settle things down for you coming up. nancy: plus, look here. well, we have a -- [laughter] jonathan: that is the darkest bowl. michelle: wait for it. nancy: it's very expensive. we will talk about why the restaurant owner says the customers keep coming back for more. hundreds of dollars. >> all right. first look at how to start tomorrow with "good morning washington" hear on -- here on abc7. >> thanks,
4:42 pm
tomorrow on "good morning washington," irma tears through florida leaving millions without power in the path of destruction. we will have the latest track of where it is headed next. >> will the storm surge to the d.c. area? we are keeping an eye on when irma can impact the morning commute. stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning
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if this is not the best bowl of soup in world i don't know what is. one shop in taiwan is charging $ 325 for it. american dollars. it calls it presidential beef noodle soup. $325! the owners say the customers are willing to pay for the higher quality, especially because it is specially cut beef imported from the united states or australia. imagine each slurp, what does it equal to $20 per slurp at that point? jonathan: i wouldn't know because i'm never going to have that bowl of soup in my life. nancy: looks good. jonathan: thanks for sharing. $300 for a bowl of soup. boy. your mom probably told you not to play with your food when you were younger but that is because she didn't know you would win a prize by doing it. the black pudding throwing championship. it's a thing. in england more than 100 years old. contestants throwing black pudding, congealed pig intestines -
4:46 pm
the person who knocks down the most totally win. michelle: 2 for 2 on things i won't be eating. jonathan: congealed pig intestines. yum. michelle: that is fascinating. small great white shark washed ashore on a beach in australia. people rushed to help the shark and moved it to a rock pool near the beach. the shark experts want to make sure it's not injured or infected before releasing it. nancy: coming up, the equifax. you are hearing what you should and shouldn't do. next we clear things up in a "7 on your side" consumer alert. >> inquisitive. >> outstanding. >> open minded. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in arlington with a big surprise for one of the school system best teachers.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert. today is the first day for people to sign up for pre credit monitoring after the equifax hack. michelle: estimated 143 million americans had the personal data stolen. "7 on your side" covered this breach since it was first revealed thursday
4:50 pm
us how to protect ourself. nathan: if you are hacked you are eligible for free credit monitoring. but for some who signed up, it came with a catch. signing away some of your rights. equifax partnered with trusted i.d. premier for the credit monitoring service. those who signed up before this weekend were notified that they were signing away the right to any future class action lawsuit against equifax. after public pressure and the pressure from the states attorneys general equifax backed off forces people to sign arbitration clause. >> we need to protect consumers. not looking the other way and allowing the finance companies to force consumers unknowingly or unfairly signing away important legal rights they have. nathan: "7 on your side" discovered a loophole in equifax's own sign up website. we show you why computer security experts are casting more doubt on the credit monitoring company tonight at
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jonathan: thank you for that. better news for you. the nationals now have officially punched's the ticket to the postseason. clinching the national league east with a win and a marlin loss. they popped the bubbly and put the regular season work down. that is over. the l.a. dodgers have been sliding so the nats are just four back right now and the fight for home field advantage throughout the postseason. they have the second best record in the entire league. they are only beat right now by the dodgers. go to the "live desk." larry smith has a look at what is new at 5:00. larry: the next step in the fight over the president's so-called travel ban came today. what the supreme court is doing about the case. why does the pope have a black eye? how it happened and the stern words he has in the wake of the hurricane in the u.s. hundreds of people turn the national mall to a sort of kitchen. what they were doing and who they were doing it for when i join you with alison at 5:00. michelle: not to be forgotten the virgi
4:52 pm
the british defense ministry continues the operations. they are delivering more supplies to help those stranded without homes right now. >> you can see a lot of people are hurting now. it is easy to forget but irma was a category five hurricane when it slammed in the caribbean islands. nancy: so much devastation. part of st. martin under french control. military rived over the weekend. choppers, planes and part of the naval fleet as well. there is more than $1 billion worth of damage. category five when it slammed into that area, as you mentioned. devastating. michelle: we have been talking about irma for weeks now. jonathan: the situation on the smaller islands, dire. they are now running out of food. there are people there that are alive and doing okay. they need medicine and food. steve: and the tiny island of barbuda. you can't hardly do anything there at this point. we count our blessing around here. is this a nice stretch of
4:53 pm
this is the first cloudy day we have had in quite a while. the folks are enjoying the delmarva beaches. we have a mix of sun and clouds. if you are going to the beaches moving through the next three days, 73 tomorrow. upper 70's wednesday and thursday. we will see a chance for passing shower or two on wednesday. for ocean city, rehoboth beach and dewey. closer to home, we'll be in the middle 60's by 8:00. by 9:00, around 63 degrees. the latest stormwatch7 satellite and radar. we have what is left of irma drifting north. added cloud cover across our area will stick around. looking ahead for the next three days. tomorrow around 75 degrees. near 80 on wednesday and thursday. as we move into, well, talk about the baseball games for the next three days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the best days will be tuesday and wednesday. by thursday we are looking at a chance for a few showers around here. so we put that yellow ico
4:54 pm
look at the next ten days. showers on wednesday, thursday, friday showers but it will be all sunshine for doug hill. he is retiring on friday. saturday and sunday looks great around 80. we will see the temperatures in the 70's for next week. stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at 4:00". back after this. i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control.
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michigan -- michelle: the hard work of an educator is not going unnoticed. this social studies teacher got a step closer to becoming virginia's teacher of the year. >> good morning. >> hi. >> we have a surprise your teacher this morning. kellye: virginia's first lady arrived at wakefield to make a big announcement. >> people kept coming and coming and coming. i have no words. this is incredible. kellye: which is the general opinion of the social studies teacher michelle. >> we are happy to announce that you are the region four teacher of the year. [applause] kellye: already named arlington teacher of the year, she rises to the top teacher in the northern virginia region and becomes one of eight finalists for virginia's teacher of the ye
4:58 pm
she has been described as creative and ateacher who fosters strong relationships with her students. >> she has an incredible ability to communicate her belief in them and her passion for the success and the ability. >> so far she has been very open-minded and very positive. >> i think she wants us to enjoy learning and make learning a journey. >> in arlington, kellye lynn, abc7 news. whoa! >> stay off the roads. >> we got lu
4:59 pm
alison: tonight, the recovery is just beginning in florida as tropical storm irma heads inland and threatens the southeastern u.s. larry: right now the storm is dumping rain on part of georgia, south carolina and alabama. expected to move in to mississippi and tennessee next. the storm surge is bringing the st. john's river near record levels in jacksonville. alison: the storm killed 37 people across the caribbean islands. six in florida. and two in georgia. more than 7 million homes and businesses are without power tonight. larry: our team coverage begins with brad bell who is live in punta gorda just north of fort myers, florida. brad? brad: yeah, and the storm came directly through here. the winds for 105 miles per hour. what you are seeing right here behind me is typical of the damage we have been seeing across the area. power poles are down. trees are down. i want to walk over here quickly past the palm tree and show you
5:00 pm
a second storm church. the water now rising in the streets here in punta gorda. in punta gorda on florida's southwest coast it was a long day and night for muriel. >> it was noisy and wet. brad: irma ripped the roof right off of her water front con doe. >> as fast as you would mop up water it was come doing from the ceiling or in from the sliders. brad: they describe the storm surge that hit the neighborhood this morning. christie smith's house still an island this afternoon. >> could not see a road or the sidewalks. it looked like just part of the river. brad: the stories and the frightening images coming in from all across the region. in marco island the full power of what was a category three storm. in naples, flooded homes and a wind battered mobile home parc. in miami, cell phone video of the moment a roof flew away and a free fell taking a patio wi


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