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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  September 12, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. this morning, irma up a/stand, the records over 100 years old that have now been shattered. task: and the monumental faced by crews headed to florida. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] startedlets his you with a check on the forecast and veronica johnson tracking when we might feel a little bit of irma. it could be as early as today, the fact that we could have a few sprinkles around today
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more of it making its way into our area tomorrow. looking at the temperatures, starting out with, my goodness, 10 to 15 degrees above where we were yesterday. in the upperumbers 50's, lower 60's this morning. you are all coming in right now at 58 to 59 degrees. camp springs, inside the beltway, a milder start for us, giving us a slightly warmer afternoon and starting tomorrow we go six days at 80 degrees. clouds from irma, we will start to see some clouds from's irma and late today in the evening rush, this one area here is coming through from manassas to waldorf, with isolated showers back towards the westwood front royal area that may hit areas around frederick, maryland this morning.
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stop, no umbrella is needed. we will talk about the impact, coming up. looking at delays off 295 we have a crash reported off south capitol street so heads up , coming southbound all lanes are open as you travel from southeast back down towards the capital beltway for those in virginia off 95, the lanes are north of potomac mills back towards the capital beltway. metro with orange line delays, that's it due to an earlier train malfunction outside landover. i'm back in the next 10 minutes with troubles at 270 and i will show you where. autria: irma's leaving behind historic flooding in cities like jacksonville, florida and charleston, south carolina. for
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the worst flooding ever recorded since 1864. look at this, a waterspout that fizzled out and never came on shore, but most of south carolina was under constant tornado warnings. let's go to the caribbean, where the death toll has come to 35. many islands in the atlantic absolutely decimated. autria: those american evacuees airlifted from saint martin's will have to eventually pay up, they will need to reimburse the federal government for that evacuations flight, though they won't be forced to pay at the cannot afford it. brand-new video from myrtle beach this morning, a plane coming in to land and pulling up at the last second after getting caught up in a crosswind. you can see it there, the pilot, helpless and trying to land, he decided to abort the landing
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most of the south is getting back on track today. autria: major airports reopening, sam sweeney is learning that it will be anything but smooth sailing for these fires -- flyers. sam? theythe good news is that will reopen but it doesn't mean that flights will resume as if it is a normal tuesday morning. take a look at the boards, miami, canceled, jacksonville, canceled. one of those flights got out earlier, but it's still a mess, it will be a long road. take a look at the statistics so far since this storm started ruing last week. , 10,000lights canceled alone in the state of florida. 1000 of those flights were yesterday. this is live radar we are pulling up and you can see
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planes over the entire state of florida. get this, none of those are commercial carriers, they are all fedex planes. other than that, it is a very slow go this morning. america's largest hub has suffered extensive damage in they are monitoring that. all of the carriers have to bring in their planes from other hearts of the country, staff them and get them out. it will be a couple of days before operations return to normal. reporting live from reagan national, i'm sam sweeney. larry: a live look from herndon. crews are loading up the trucks and headed down south to get the lights back on in florida. kennedy will be there live in about 25 minutes to give you their perspective as they head into the areas hardest hit by irma. autria:
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tonight, benefiting those affected by hurricane harvey, abc will be a part of the multinetwork special, hand-in-hand, a benefit for hurricane harvey relief. jamie foxx, george clooney, julia roberts, all making appearances tonight to help raise as much money as they can to help the victims of harvey adrianna:. breaking right now, a stabbing overnight in southwest. police confirming that the victim has died. the man was stabbed late last night on martin luther king jr. avenue on south capitol street. we are waiting for more information on this, including information on a suspect and a motive. once the police get the information to us, we will be sure to pass it to you. autria: thank you. the man accused of murdering the lion sisters two years ago is expected to plead guilty. sheila lion and catherine lion
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1975. he is accused of of ducting them from wheaton plaza in montgomery county and killing them. the plea agreement would allow him to avoid the death sentence. >> his name? [chanting] larry: this morning police are policepset about the shooting death of terence stirling, shot and killed by officer trainer after police say he led them on a high-speed chase and rammed the cruiser with his motorcycle. his blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges against the officer involved. who gave back to his family and community, someone who was just living his life. this is one incident in a larger, very
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problem that we have an d.c. larry: they have sued the city claiming that trainer used excessive force and didn't turn on his body camera until after the shooting. developing right now, a story in about 30 minutes here, all descending on the dmz, a big event that's about to happen. autria: and we will take you live to jacksonville to the damage that kind by irma and we are also tracking owes a, adventures in the atlantic and what that storm could meet for us, coming up. >> support victims of hurricane irma by donating to the salvation army today.
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this is our town. these are our neighborhoods. and we love this place as much as you do. ♪ veronica: it was a massive storm and it made -- when it made landfall and
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today, 700he midwest miles in scope and we will be seeing cloud cover from it today. temperatures this morning, not as it hasilly or cool been. clouds and the possibility of a sprinkle or two, atlanta, georgia, getting showers into d.c. and memphis, very light they will be today, the air has been dry, it will take a while to get things going. through the tennessee valley here's 3:00 tomorrow, showers mainly coming through during the early morning and then for the afternoon hours it's coming our way on thursday. what will it mean for us in the weekend if you have each plans? we will talk about that in 10 minutes. julie? ju
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are still looking at the delays for people working their way along 270 and 109. a crash on the southbound side has been told to the shoulder with activity locking the left lane. 355, going to on hyattstown early this morning, you will find delays off of millersville and this crash is blocking the southbound lanes involving a tractor-trailer. 290 five, the ramp is now closed off because of the crash. back in 10 minutes to show you how slow the ride is. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. irma has been downgraded from a tropical storm to a tropical depression, but the storm has left a trail of destruction throughout the southeast, killing larry: at least five people in the u.s. larry:it has flooded major cities and left millions without power you have
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berber. holly: good morning, larry. many cities around florida are now cleaning up from the devastation left by hurricane irma in jacksonville. the st. johns river is at an all-time high, flooding its banks, hasek in crisis. citysically, this is a still in crisis. >> in jacksonville and northeast florida, the storm surge is three feet to five feet -- three feet to five feet on top of a foot of rainfall. >> in downtown jacksonville some roadways were transformed into rivers. severe damage was also reported in the florida keys, with roofs ripped off. officials urging evacuees to be patient.
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and it will take us a long time to get the power back. >> georgia, also reeling from the storm as cleanup and recovery efforts are underway. that the trump says victims of the hurricane are getting the full resources of the federal government. >> when americans are in need, we pull together. we are one credit -- what country. when we face hardship, we emerge stronger and more determined than ever. >> although it was a tropical storm van it hit jacksonville, what happened was the storm surge still had the power of a category three storm. behind me is the st. johns river. normally there is offense where you can walk along the river. this is low tide. high tide happens at noon. as you can imagine, the water is going to fill back up
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few blocks into downtown. larry, autria? is just amazing, thank you, holly. look at this site, to reams of light shining out from the spot where the twin towers once stood. hearing from a local first responder who rushed into the pentagon, mike davis, part of the elite rescue team virginia task force one that response to disasters all over the world, but september 11, 2001, he didn't have far to go. >> by that time the pentagon had been struck. you could see the smoke, it was very real. >> what was it like going through the rubble? >> early tough, tough in the heart because it was personal. hoping that you would find somebody. 184 peopldi
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plane struck the pentagon. ed the: the president mark anniversary with a moment of silence. them,mourn them, we honor and we pledge to never, ever forget them. mike pence and his vice visited the flight 93 memorial yesterday. the plane the rash there appeared to be headed for the u.s. capitol. he was a member of congress then and he told the crowd that he the passengersse stopped the terrorists before the plane could reach washington. for the upcoming season it's the first time we will see the capital one arena placed at the venue. they are there for the first time on the
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in the first regular game is october 22. hard to believe. autria: fall is here. veronica: kind of been here, it's early. is it going to feel stickier the next couple of days? veronica: it will be more like late summer, coming later for us , with temperatures in the 80's in about six days -- for about six days or so. water temperatures in the atlantic are still running quite warm, we want to get you started with jose. one of the things we can learn with big storms like this, never seen a storm like this, take that research, a lot of scientists put it to good use to help track some of that next big storms that we may see down the road. season and beyond, hosea is going that way and then back at way. th
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closer to inspection, but look what happens, making that west and northwesterly turned. areae outlined this whole in red for you. think it miami, west palm beach, charleston, wilmington, if you have any beach plans this weekend, there is likely to be some rough surf and rip currents for now. stormwatch 7 will be watching this closely with a shower coming through, upper 70's right is looking dry as we track the rain locally for the next couple of days. coming out of the 60's, 77 for a high temperature, julie. out of this system alone rainfall could get an inch of things wrapping up. another look at the 10 day with things wrapping up in a few minutes. julie:
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trouble along 270 and 109, where we had a lane knocking direction. sky track 7 in each direction, we will show you what it looks like near 109. you will find the activity pulled over to the median. 's headed south, checking for a crash within the delay in your 85, southbound 270 is definitely below speed with headlights coming back at you. delays traveling near 375 with a crash that has only the left lane getting by. northbound and stephen's church road, this crash involving an .verturned vehicle crash reported on the ramp to exit at south capitol treat. that's the traffic watch. i will be back in 10 minutes to show you how slow the ride is out of manassas. autria: the
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has been irma, but a new story after harvey, cars ruined by floods and left useless.
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z2gv6z zi0z y2gv6y yi0y
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. a new warning about flooded cars from hurricane harvey. now useless to owners, but used car dealers could dry them out and be selling them within weeks. >>id curley has the details this morning in the gma first look, the flood didn't spare cars. this morning the owner of kelly blue book is estimating that between 200000 and 400,000 cars in florida may have been flooded. >> is this unprecedented? >> this could be an unprecedented year for the number of flooded cars damaged and could be cleaned up and put back on the roads. >> some uninsured owners may try to hide what happened to their cars, customers trying to hide a flood vehicle.
6:27 am
probably term, but sooner than later they will break down because they are rotting from the inside out. >> we will tell you how to spot one of these cars before you buy it, coming up at 7 a.m.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. power crews, hitting the road. larry: employees with dominion power hitting the road and helping to get the light spec on for millions. suzanne, they certainly have their work cut out for them. certainly do, they are doing their final checks here in lake city, florida, leaving here and just about 15 for an intensive two-week operation that is going to take place in the state of florida. tj is one of the people about to deploy down to florida. talk to me about what you anticipate seeing on the ground. >> we are hoping to go to orlando, roughly
6:32 am
isabel. rear property stuff, polls on the ground. we don't know where we are staying, accommodations, but dominion does a good job. >> you referenced isabel, a lot of people in this area remember that catastrophic storm through our area. losing power for about two weeks. how do you expect this will prepare to that? >> similar. a lot of house services, pulls down, florida is a big metro area, we will be dealing with a lot of customers, lots of trees down. they have a shallow root base down there. everybody, be safe. suzanne: godspeed to you. two thirds of the state, this crew will depart now as part of the mutual assistance agreement that dominion energy has
6:33 am
southeast region. if there is a need for more people to go, these folks will come back and others will be deployed in an effort to get florida back on its feet. reporting live in herndon, suzanne kennedy. larry: we are talking your coordinating for an entire state. the crew goes where to do what? autria: millions of people. thanks to those guys and women for all the work in the days ahead. veronica: it has been hard work for so many different facets, from researchers to scientists, responders, you name it, but at least the falling rain today will be north of florida and we will see two sweet spots around the storm today. you can see an inch and a half of rain for memphis, the other area is here off the atlantic through the carolinas, southwest virginia around roanoke to get more than half an
6:34 am
locally, the bar today is down chances inprinkle the best chance coming on thursday. they have to up that to 60 as the rain comes out of here on friday. right now this morning a bit of in the way showers and woodstock in front royal, temperatures getting up to 74 and 75 degrees. im giving today the a-ok, think we are going to be just fine without the umbrella, but we will talk about how much rain we could get out of the system, coming up. julie: we have a lot of delays right now southbound on 270 leaving frederick this morning, where we had an earlier crash, a 52 minute ride right now if you are leaving by 7:30, look for that to be a 37 minute commute. the problem right now is at buckeystown road, new crashes tying up the far r
6:35 am
forcing a lot of folks under 355. for those folks out of millersville, the left side of the roadway is by and then we have one northbound on route three at stephen's church road in an overturned vehicle, follow police direction to get by. to south capitol street, the crashes tying up the right side of the highway. back in 10 minutes to update the ride on 295 towards the suitland parkway. autria? autria: developing right now, a big police presence expected in just minutes. it's all starting in about 15 minutes or so and from what we can tell it is going to be pretty big. the training exercise has no specific location, just the greater washington metropolitan area. d.c. police, u.s. secret service and the medical examiner's office, even the metro transit system, they
6:36 am
in the fbi is supervising. figure outls out to what this will be and if it will affect you in anyway. once we get that information we will let you know. larry? larry: once you figure out what it is, we will send of a breaking news alert right away. find out what's going on as soon as we do. autria: this one will raise an eyebrow, a passerby catching a metro bus driver reading behind the wheel. metro responding this morning saying that they appreciated the person to the time to bring this to the attention of metro and the driver is off the job pending the outcome of the investigation. larry: a big honor for the creators and stars of "hamilton come: minimum aranda will be presented with the 2017 freedom award, being honored for advancing public understanding of our nations founding.
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narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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>> i have never seen 116 in the arts. -- in the vineyards. autria: plump grapes being turned into raisins. even though workers can separate vineyards are expecting a loss this year. you may have to find something else other than wine to wet your whistle. veronica: there may be a loss of citrus crops down there. fires on the west coast, the heat, all the rain moving to the south, look at the storm and how it has spread out through the into birmingham and alabama, indianapolis getting ready to pick up a few showers. in our area the clouds have moved in. this is going to be one of those gray days and you will need a small
6:41 am
the warmest start so far this and with warmer starts higher temperatures after today. it is going to feel a bit like late summer as we get near the average. talking about showers and a sprinkle, it's barely going to be enough to turn the wipers on for today. tomorrow, a better chance, look at the rain coming in at 6:00 tomorrow morning. showers for us, but wait until you see that rain coming on thursday. julie: we are still looking at big backup for those coming southbound along 270 for those along 109. clarksburg, there's a crash pulled to the shoulder with a 37 morningommute this before taking off. the crash on 270, 85, is tying up the right lane. how slow is it? sky track 7 is above all those delays.
6:42 am
activity pulled to the median with the lanes open and coming south. let's move back over to the map, where we have more troubles to report. the crash year had only the left lane getting by, starting to see improvement out of millersville and northbound there was a crash with an overturned car and police on the scene. northbound at south capitol street on the ramp, that wreck was blocking the far right lane. back in the next 10 minutes to take a peek at 95 in virginia, is it up to speed? 6:40 two this morning, it is the last stand of hurricane irma, leaving historic destruction in its wake. plus, a mystery in montgomery county. john gonzalez is following this one for us. john? john: that's right, the family of a missing m
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. morning the once powerful irma, downgraded again. larry: now just a tropical depression, we are getting edible new video in from the path of destruction. this stuff is just incredible. it absolutely is. water is rising to unheard-of levels with the storm surge. take a look. the flooding in jacksonville is the worst the city has seen for 150 three years, since 1864. take a look at this school in miami, closed indefinitely. a sailboat on a high school football field. but the main building didn't appear to suffer significant structural damage. look at this, brand new video
6:47 am
from myrtle beach this morning. coming into land and pulling out at the last second after getting caught up in a crosswind from the remnants of irma. new numbers this morning about irma's death toll, more than 40 people have been confirmed dead in georgia, florida, and the caribbean, with a .5 million people without power. back over to you. as far as flights go, in the south they are getting back on track. atria: sam sweeney is live reagan national showing us how it is anything but smooth sailing. sam: they will reopen, but it is going to be a slow start. boards thisat the morning, you can see some of the cancellations here are already mounting up. you can see that west palm beach is canceled on jetblue, but if you are flying
6:48 am
say it is -- is on time this morning, that those are the lucky people to get out. we spoke with one man who said he had been trying for days to get out and that he was finally going to the at to miami because they canceled. take a look at these statistics, in florida alone 10,000 cancellations and in georgia the number jumped to 11,000. let's listen to how one passenger who finally made it out today described their situation. >> basically after two calls to american airlines and waiting an hour each time i had to find a flight from west palm beach to miami. a chaotic situation, i don't blame the airlines too much. everything going on, there's a lot of weather and airport issues. the airlines are still waiving fees, so if you are flying through the florida or
6:49 am
the door, a lot of the flights will be canceled despite the airports reopening. guys in the studio. autria: as florida begins cleaning up, people in texas are still trying to rebuild after harvey. happening tonight, a telethon to help. hand, with big-name celebrities like beyonce, oprah, and george clooney, all taking part. a stabbing in southwest, police have confirmed that the victim has died. the man was stabbed last night near south capitol street. we are still waiting for information on this, but once police get that to us, we will let you know. coming up, the man who allegedly murdered the lion sisters is expected to plead guilty. he had a court appearance today, sheila lion and catherine lion
6:50 am
disappeared 42 years ago. the man is accused of abducting the from the county and plea agreement would allow him to avoid a death sentence. larry: now to the search for a missing pregnant teacher. gonzalez is live in columbia, where police found her car. john: good morning, it is a big mystery. howard county and montgomery county police working together. what in the world happened to her? a teacher at wilde lake high school, we are in the gramercy apartment complex in the reason we are here is that this is where her be a call was found last week. you can see that it's a gated community and it was found inside the gates. she was pregnant and at her maryland condo with her boyfriend two saturdays ago. the neighbor tells police that they saw
6:51 am
at 10:00 that night. she left in her black explorer and 10 minutes later she hadn't been seen again. her boyfriend, speaking for the first time. , pleasemebody has her understand that you have taken away a huge, huge person in so many people's lives. friends and family, students i know what she means to me and to everybody else. we just want to know if she is ok, we just want her back. >> even though they are not releasing details, police say the family received a disturbing text from her cell phone on labor day. the following day she didn't show up for back to school and her car was found here just days later and this morning police are saying that there are no signs of foul play.
6:52 am
gonzalez. his name? his name? a march on the death of -- university of the death of parents sterling. police say his blood alcohol limitwas twice the legal and that sterling try to ram the officer with his motorcycle. prosecutors decided that wasn't enough evidence to pursue charges. autria: the university of virginia relied on incomplete information ahead of a white nationalist march on campus. hundreds of white men carrying tiki torches protested on campus shouting racial slurs, which escalated into further violence area did the report says that the university used information that was deliberately misleading. mary: remembering a legend, the private memorial service being held for jim vance, a fixture in d.c.
6:53 am
since 1969, the longest serving anchor you guys sure i second. today's service is being called a celebration of his life. autria: you have some interesting numbers when it comes to hurricane irma? veronica: you might know that it made landfall at time or two around florida but it also made landfall through the caribbean and it did it several times. .everal land falls with irma barbuda, virgin islands, cuba, and the florida mainland around marco island. i showed this earlier, the wind that came howling at close to , i category 5hour when it passed the virgin islands. satellite imagery showing the lush green at the top and the brown at the
6:54 am
it looks like days after. that's september the 10th. the leaves from the wind rip off the trees and whatever was left was just dried up by the salt left on the leaves. of course, a lot of the trees were just devastated and 90% of that area. today we are watching the moisture work its way in with a few showers isolated around winchester and woodstock. small umbrella day, not going to get much. 74 for a high temperature, we are overcast today, back to sunshine with warmth on the weekend, all week long we keep the rain chances around out of jacksonville, florida. julie: big delays around the capital beltway as we work our way along 270 and inbound in virginia. the center of the roadway is blocked off because of this crash working your way inbound
6:55 am
towards the capital beltway. 66, a 44 minute commute out of manassas. the struggle israel for those outer frederick with those accidents now gone. the crash year blocking the left lane, but south of the beltway it's definitely a slow ride after the crash on the left side. found out of millersville, the accident here has to left lanes open according to police, and tell me they are still on the scene of this crash at stephen's church road. northbound ony 295, stay to the left to get by. i'm back in the next 10 minutes taking a look at your ride in virginia. back to you guys. kidd o'shea promised us some juicy behind-the-scenes bits
6:56 am
ryan. chance to see what it takes to put on one of the nations most popular talk shows. i was curious to know how much interaction they had with each other before they went on the air. the answer may surprise you. otherwe actually see each -- >> we usually see each other -- >> we pop in to say a quick hello. we have to govern ourselves not to get into too much. >> we will do the whole show backstage if you allow us. >> save it for the air. we do say hi, go our separate ways, get ready for the show and in less than a minute i swing by and grab her in the dressing room. this was unique, there was no one else. >> that was weird. backstage we were alone and i thought -- did everybody -- little panicd a and that i thought -- are we
6:57 am
>> the credits had started. the show had opened. live tv is like six and a half weeks. when they say 10 seconds i'm like, we got it. no big deal. panicked because it was ryan seacrest and kelly ripa and i was standing right there. really cool stuff, we found out how he is going to manage his when he takes over american idol. tomorrow morning, more right at the same time. autria: cool, i picture them in a huddle back there. >> so relaxed. all right, thanks. that does it for us here. >> heading over to news channel 8 for three more hours of
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ery day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america. good morning, america. breaking news, heavy rains from irma on the move. the deadly storm leaves flooding and destruction in its path. lashing georgia and south carolina with downpours and record storm surge. the terrifying moment this tree collapses. a driver slams right into it. major cities under water. dramatic rescues as millions displaced try to get home facing weeks without power. the storm now moves into tennessee and the new track for hurricane jose. major warning. up to a million cars damaged by irma and harvey could find their way on the market. how owners may try to hide the problems. what you need to look for before buying a car. hold the


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