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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  September 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the caribbean, people struggling in the wake of irma. larry: all of this is retract some rain of our own right now. what comes next? it ready for some changes. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] startedthey want to get straight up with a check on your forecast, veronica johnson is in the weather center with what you need to know. grab the small umbrella? veronica: that is about it. don't grab the jacket, temperatures are much milder. we have got a warmer pattern starting today as temperatures carry into the mid-80's and a few locations today. overnight, there will just be a few more for us, we don't foresee any issues with the rain. the one pocket that we are seeing now will travel into gaithersburg
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area. we could get some more prior to noon. there, foursue out miles of visibility are on culpeper and manassas, dropping to two in leesburg. all of this with late day sunshine coming up in a couple of minutes. julie: we got a little bit of rain causing some slick spots out there. a 30 minute commute from 17 towards quantico. here all lanes are over in. we have a large drop off because of the construction they are doing in gainesville. be aware of that. starting to back up to manassas, trouble on the rails, the orange line single tracking betwe
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and a and west falls church. crack problem's delays each way on the green line. back in the next 10 minutes i will of date ride of the top stretch of 495. following a breaking story overnight. take a look at this home, a car slamming through the front of it near the intersection of kettering and largo in upper marlboro. a 60 euros woman was sleeping right behind that wall. a cat -- a couch happened to stop that car. you can see this suburban, this chevy tahoe. the driver was impaired. the family is out of the house as engineers of come in to make sure it's structurally safe. the good
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was buried beneath the rubble of the home was pulled out and taken to the hospital. she is expected to make a full recovery. live, sam sweeney. gone, thema is now devastation of the keys is coming into focus. damaged, 25% of those homes are utterly destroyed. trump ispresident heading to florida to survey the damage. larry: people in the version islands were slammed by irma when it was a powerful hurricane. the hopkins is following the dire situation there this morning. stuck at this are point, americans are begging for
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forget them, saying that normal life is all but impossible. still, the lines are hours long and residents say that despite what local police are telling .hem, crime is running rampant so far more than 2000 americans have already been evacuated a private cruise ships, but there are so many more still waiting. darling darling stand by me ♪ hand in hand, a benefit for hurricane relief last night, for those in need. ,t featured video tributes dozens participating. by the way, those phone lis
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wants to donate. autria: and kerry washington. park, the city council deciding for midnight that noncitizens will be allowed to vote in elections even if they the council is considering it a victory because otherwise the measure could have headed to a voter referendum. this morning maryland is suing the trump administration over daca. it protects undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children from being deported. 15 other states in d.c. filed a similar lawsuit last week. larry: the white house keeps the ability to stop most refugees from entering the u.s., exempting more refugees from the president's controversial travel ban.
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challenge brought by states and civil rights groups. outrage from parents who say that school bus routes are putting their kids at risk. the loudoun county school board has gotten 1500 complaints about them since school began on august 24. problems ranging from a shortage of drivers to consolidated bus stops. >> there are no sidewalks or streetlights. fly down the road. it's a danger for kids to be there. larry: school officials say that these kinds of problems happen 900y year and they say that have already been cleared. hopea: the gathering of for a missing feature in columbia, maryland, gathering where she taught. she was last seen on september 4 outside her home and she is four
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police handed out fliers last night hoping for clues. her family is offering a reward for information that will help to find her. new this morning, protests in charlottesville, an active scene that lasted all night long and the famous monument under a tarp. back you're at home, get ready for the rain, tracking the weather you are seeing
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autria: rain for today and tomorrow, -- veronica: rain for today and tomorrow, near the elementary school, good morning to you folks area did 40% chance for today, a higher chance tomorrow. the rain we are having today, pretty are light, scattered.
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soon, that will run up to the areas of 95 later this morning. rainfall totals for today and tomorrow on the lower end, 1/10 of an inch for leonardtown. could be about an inch in leesburg. today maybe even late day maybe the kids have practice after school, the weekend coming up. will explain why this warm pattern is likely to be sticking around for a while. julie: waking up to a little bit of drizzle this morning, the wipers are getting a workout.
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lee highway, virginia oh strive, be careful of that. valleyund 286 in sunrise , police tell me they are on the scene and will direct to buy. the outer loop, look for that to be a 35 minute commute. grab a cup of joe to go right now. metro checking back in, green line in each directions, check problems between anacostia in the navy yard. back in the next 10 minutes,
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larry: breaking overnight, more protests at the university of virginia. autria:
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black lives matter activists covering up the statue of the man who founded the school. that statue of thomas jefferson, uncovered right now, but protesters have a list of demands this morning? john: you are right. the statue has been uncovered, but we can see security around the campus. the protesters are gone for now but one month after white targeted -- white supremacist targeted students, this started at 8:00 last night. take a look at what the scene looked like a few hours ago. country's founding fathers, the principal author, known for being a s
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writing that he was a racist and -- in augustack on president trump or rash referred to the statues coming down across the country and posed the isstion to the group, who next? calling on the school in the town to condemn the future. are still waiting for response from the university. there is now a growing after thengress growing demonstrations in charlottesville. the house unanimously approved a demonstration urging president trump to label a violence as domestic terror. it's the same resolution passed
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trump was criticized by democrats and republicans after he blamed both sides for the violence of that resulted in the murder of heather heyer. no comment yet from the white house on whether the president plans to sign it. over to you, larry and autria. some: the hunt is on for high-tech thieves placing skimmers on a fredericks bank deked fredericksburg bank atm with some customers out as much as $1500. it allows the use to take pain information for fake cards and once they have your info, they could drain your account drive. >> when i went to use my debit card, it was rejected. a littlen't even have money. >> investigators have over 30 were orts of fraud and the month -- the number could grow. take a look at these three men. if
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them, please call the sheriff's office. payoutbiggest defamation in history, russell wilson claiming that "woman's day" magazine defamed her by calling her a serial liar, going on to say that she ever -- fabricated every aspect of her life to make it in hollywood. she said the defamatory articles made her lose roles and opportunities and she plans to make a statement today. people in los angeles are celebrating now that the city has been chosen to host the summer game. buildings were lit with the colors. the international olympic committee is expected to make the official announcement today and it is expected to announce that paris will host the 2024 summer games. larry: that's nice. change of pattern? veronica: looks like a pattern
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temperatures have been so cool. you have probably heard that the west has been dealing with the heat. take a look at the graphic here. the western portion of the country will be dealing with rain through idaho and areas of montana, but mountain snow. for us. temperatures in the 80's. your warmest days, it's the weekend. at 81. right showers this morning running right to the area, running very light. issues on the inner roads cannot see as m
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cool side and we have some patchy fog starting to form. there is your average, 81. look at the numbers for the area now around stafford. culpeper, 83 for a high temperature today. rain chances for the morning and the afternoon rush during the middle part of the day, 8 a.m. until 3 p.m., dropping into a moderate threat with intermittent showers on and off, most of today being the early or later part. sunshine across the board, very comfortable for the upcoming weekend and falling back into the 70's for the fall. coming up, i will show you a batterycharge your using an ink pen. julie: looking forward to that.
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ining through the area, it down 50 as you approach 202, it looks like now because they had traffic completely stopped it looks like they may be trying to release it to the right at 202. already seeing delays on the beltway, better off sticking with the baltimore-washington parkway. fairfax county parkway at sunrise valley for the crash, police tweeting out that there are extensive delays in each direction. encouraging you to avoid this .rea on the toll road currently a 35 minute commute by 7:20, look for that to be a 1 hour drive eastbound on 66. plan the trip accordingly. that is our traffic watch and i will be back in the next 10 minutes to keep an eye on it for you. autria?
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apple, unveiling the granddaddy of them all. x, days away from launch. what exactly are you getting?
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apple has unveiled its latest iphone with major changes and up rates. but what exactly are you buying? >> in the first look. >> it's the biggest leap forward since the original iphone. >> tim cook, unveiling the for $1000 what do you get? larger screen, upgraded cameras, augmented for selfies and reality to superimpose the images on what's in front of your phone. that animate
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interfacial rushing -- facial recognition technology. if you are ready to upgrade, what's the best way to get the most money for your current iphone? we have got the answers coming up at 7 a.m. i'm rebecca jarvis.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. suv, slamming into a house, the vehicle ending up all inside. we are live with what happened to the people inside the house. more protests on the uva campus, a monument to thomas jefferson's covered in a black tarp. larry: and a desperate plea from sat -- thousands of storm victims as we come back on the air this morning. it is a rainy start, stormwatch 7 is on your side, so let's get to veronica johnson.
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the storm is awfully weak now. the area of low pressure will be impacting our weather for today and tomorrow, far to our west, surrounding kentucky and headed to the ohio valley for today. sunday, right to the weekend, high pressure will be the big weather maker. the flow around it carrying the moisture towards the mid-atlantic. for us we are on the extreme, northeastern fringe. we do have showers headed towards waldorf. 80's today with rain moving out of your by 1:00, if you are headed to the beach this weekend, hurricane
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be impacting the beaches in a way. julie: trying to make your way from new carrollton towards the northeast corner, this is why. off theins of a crash road to the shoulder, you are looking at a seven minute backup right now coming inbound from the beltway heading towards the new york kenilworth avenue split. stick with 295 as a workaround. fairfax county police, as you can clearly see, we have delays stacking up each way. from route three towards 610
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, all the way up to 400 95. i'm back in the next 10 minutes and i will let you know if it is ago or slow. larry? process oflong recovery begins after hurricane irma. larry: kristin joins us live. kristin: i want to show you the damage that the wind did to the trees in the area. this is one of the hardest hit areas and it looks as though lightning split the tree. you can see the branches were blown in and are hanging down. this is just one of those powerful winds, not unique to right here. we have seen is littered across peoples front yards, full
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blown into homes. you can see around me that this is still pitch black. as we were driving we passed ,ver six fallen power lines including one giant pole lying next to the road. this is incredibly dangerous given the fact that there is standing water on the ground in some areas and children in these neighborhoods. these are just some of the difficulties that residents are facing as they begin to trickle back into their homes. florida, clearing away debris, checking for damage, millions are still without power.
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to reach the florida keys on tuesday, the damages breathtaking. >> 65% have major damage. every house in the keys was impacted somewhere, this is why we ask people to leave. landfall -- as a category four. and is so great in the u.s. version islands that people are being evacuated to puerto rico. christ not sure where i'm going to get this. that is something that is discomfiting. >> georgia and south carolina are also cleaning up now that the stop -- the storm has passed . signs of normalcy are just starting to return but residents know that they have an exhaustive recovery ahead. larry: don't forget that abc
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whatever a storm strikes. the cleveland indians, one game away from making baseball history, getting 20 straight wins. tying them with oakland for the american league record and it is the longest streak in the last 50 years. larry: that's amazing. hundreds of complaints this morning, just three weeks after school. suzanne: i will have a live report on the problems they are experiencing, coming up. and this sister means business. the nun who is having none of it
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director
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he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. got some rainave falling, light showers and temperatures not too bad,
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manassas now coming in at 64 degrees. not bad weather, right? we are about 38 days from the marine corps marathon. the humidity will stay with us, after 1:00 today, shower chances will end. waiting for warmth, mid 70's by 1:00 to lower 80's in the afternoon. they comee numbers as in. without power so many of them and so many locations. as they continue to take on the degrees late today. then a change as we
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the weekend. 85 to 86 degrees. tracking hosea, you can see it on the last frame here close to the coast. the riput the surf and current, coming up. julie, -- julie: no dillydallying, a 20 minute ride with accident activity here pulled to the shoulder southbound on 270 where the lanes are open, a 46 minute commute headed toward the beltway. look for this to be over a 1 hour drive. think about your alternates as a workaround. for those traveling on 95 in separate stretches, back
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495. that's the traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes, we will let you know if you are up to speed. on those signs? i'm hearing things, now. [laughter] autria: that's nothing new, jules. julie: some of the got an open mic and i'm like i got voices in my head. [laughter] traveling eastbound on 66 autria, over to you. [laughter] 6:42 is the time, sam sweeney is following breaking news for us this morning. sam? sam: a woman was pinned underneath the wall.
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♪ ♪ ♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years, you have the compassion and strength of a name. giving you the power to keep pace. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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larry: a family in prince george's county, just inches from disaster. autria:
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sam sweeney is there live. the video is an absolute mess this morning. unbelievable that the woman sitting in the house is a live this morning. it came up the front lawn and plowed right into this house. take a look at this video from a few hours ago. said, a 60-year-old woman was sleeping. we talked to one of the relatives who heard the explosion and came upstairs. let's hear her describe it in her own words. i hear a loud explosion. i run upstairs. i hear my aunt in the riffing -- living room screaming uncontrollably. i see this truck, this suv in the middle of our living room.
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we are trying to get her. she was trapped under the rubble. they did take her to the hospital. fortunately she is fine. bruising here and there, but she is fine and has been released. sam: that is the good news this morning. she is expected to make a full recovery. this fairly tells me they believe the driver was impaired, arrested and taken from the scene. the charges this morning are still not clear at this hour. sam sweeney, back to you in the studio. in the wakestation of hurricane irma. we have got a new look from the caribbean island of saint martin's. homes there are absolutely decimated and this is what it light of day.the after the sun goes down, that said, there's almost no
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struggling just to get drinking water as well. larry: after irma, heartwarming stories coming out of florida. let's start with some logistics first. the ship that you see here is a hugely welcome sight, the first of many bringing fuel back to tampa. as many as 40% of gas stations there have completely run out of fuel. take a look at this, a millionaire in boca raton taking in more than 70 foster children after the storm. the shelters where they were staying lost power, so he opened up his home to all of them until they get accommodations. i mean, who knew that he had all of these video games in his that's pretty amazing. then there is sister margaret aaron, taking the internet by storm. yep, that is a none
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chainsaw. loventernet is falling in with her. imagine if you are driving on the treat and you see someone in the road with a chainsaw. it could go one of two ways. terrified or she turns around and you are like a area did autria: i don't think i would cross a woman with a power saw like that. heavy machinery. [laughter] adrianna: exactly, back over to you guys. autria: breaking overnight, a late-night vote in college park. the city council deciding before midnight that noncitizens will be allowed to vote in elections even if they are in the country illegally. it followed hours of intense debate. the council is considering the decision of victory because otherwise the measure could be headed to a voter referendum where it would have faced tough opposition. larry: breaking overnight, more protests at the university of virginia. autria:
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black lives matter activists covering up a statue of the man who founded the school. we understand that the statue is uncovered right now but protesters certainly have a list of demands? john: that's right, and one question this morning is who uncovered it. contractors arrived minutes ago to uncover the statue and their job was already done, so we are trying to figure out who uncovered it overnight but exactly one month after counterdemonstrators and white clashed, resulting in the deaths of a different woman targeting this statue on the campus at the university of virginia, this all started at 8:00 last night. take a look, dozens of black lives matter protesters cover the statue of one of the country's founding fathers, the principal author of the declaration of independence, known for being a slave owner, the demonstrators hoisted a sign saying that he is a racist and a
6:51 am
no-trump, no kkk, no racist uva. when trump in august proposed the question who is next, george washington, thomas jefferson. this group last night, they have a list of demands asking the university and city of to condemnille future kkk and white supremacist rallies. right now we are still waiting for a response from the university. reporting live, john gonzalez. --there are no strife streetlights or sidewalks and it's a danger for kids. they say that kids are being put at risk. suzanne? morning to you, larry, the day is just getting started here in leesburg and it has been a rough start to the school year in loudoun county as far
6:52 am
the school system again this year having problems with this system stemming from the fact that they don't have enough us drivers. last night a meeting was held to address the issue and the county school system has received 1500 and problems range from consolidated drivers to shorten rides. the previous issue involved over 300 routes. they say the route optimization study will continue through the fall and winter. parentseantime, some are saying they would rather take their own kids to school. more cars may be on the roads here. reporting live in leesburg, suzanne kennedy. autria: well,
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is in the house. what's going on? veronica: so many people have lost power, you have to go over there might be bigger storms. you can charge your phone with a nine volt battery. larry is here and we have taken , takingng from the pen the part from the car charger, putting it into the positive side. is blue, you are getting a charge up. i have done it with one hand and it should be enough to get that off. larry: middle name, mciver. it's ready to go. autria: i want vj with me. veronica:
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beach this weekend, you want to swim parallel to the shore. this is all along the coast, jose is moving very coast -- close. conditions at the beach will be in the upper 70's friday and saturday, mid 70's for sunday. heading out the door this morning, patchy fog, 79 today with a high of 83 degrees, more showers and the threat of a thunderstorm tomorrow. we will talk more about the weekend and the events going on on news channel eight. at the delays inbound on 50, the crash has been pulled to the shoulder with a 60 minute ride headed into northeast. trouble in beltsville, cell phone 270 is checking for a crash near montrose road. signals are on flash in virginia, treating this intersection as a four-way stop.
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i will show you how slow the ride is out of college park. ever wondered what it takes to put on a daytime talk show? i went to new york to take you behind the scenes. take a look. it is one of the nation's most watched daytime talk shows. in syndication in over 200 tv stations across the country on a daily basis. >> i was here before regis was here. i was here from the beginning. we have gone through different changes but we are still around. seeing what it takes to put on. the fastest hour of television? it >> it's the one thing and every it used to, how fast it goes. because ryan makes it fly by so quickly. kidd: there's an extra boost of energy as the fans were not only
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for fifth harmony. millions tune in every day to watch them talk about the lives. >> how are you? wrecks i'm excellent. >> you as have a great relationship on air. what's it like off air? like it's bad. no chemistry. >> i talked to him more than i talked to my husband. >> last night i had an update every 15 minutes. how does ryan do it all? to continue "american idol" next year. you have said in interviews that you are going to be able to manage all of this. how is this going to work? >> i haven't figured it out. but kelly said i'd had to do it. >> it will work out. kidd: he does all of that and never has a sip of coffee until after the show. >> i have kelly ripa for energy. she's the fuel.
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airs weekday mornings at 9:00 right here on abc seven. autria: why no coffee until after the show? his energy from being there. and when you are there you feel that. monday toavel on l.a., do the show, get right back on a jet, come back. he will not miss an entire episode of live. private jet it's much easier to travel across the country. heading over traditional news channel 8, still to come, join us.
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he guy's name is will? yeah? it's an expression, ya know? fire at will? you never heard of that? oh, there goes will! bye, will! that's not his name! take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. good morning, america. the aftermath of hurricane irma. new minimum imagines of the devastation the florida keys pummeled. a pa yoert of homes damaged or destroyed. now families return to the destruction and the despair in the caribbean. the u.s. military scrambling to help stranded americans. president trump preparing to tour involve rajjed florida and reaching across the aisle. what we're now learning about his private dinner, inviting both republicans and democrats to the white house trying to strike a tax reform deal. an abc news exclusive. nfl star michael bennett telling his story about what happened in las vegas. seen in this tmz footage. >> all of a sudden


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