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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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nancy: making the arrest two days after he made a plea for her return. >> it was the hardest thing that my wife could do was to sit next to him and hold his hand. alison: this heart-breaking moment caught on camera yesterday evening. the moment that friends and former students of laura wallen found out that she had been murdered. john gonzalez is in columbia, maryland, with how her school community is remembering her today. but first we go to brad bell with the latest on the investigation. doug: we were in court a while ago with the suspect and the victim's family. it was a bond review. in each criminal case prosecutor and police have a charging document to lay out the details of the case. this one is thick and it alleges nearly a week of deception by the suspect in this case trying to throw the police and the en
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community off his tail. almost from the moment 31-year-old howard county school teacher laura wallen disappeared from her only home over labor day weekend her family believed wallen's boyfriend the father of her unborn child was responsible. monday of this week they sat with tyler tessier at a press conference pleading for help to find the missing wond and listened to all of us as he spoke. >> laura, if you are listening, it doesn't matter what is happening. it doesn't matter. brad: police say it was lies. they too, felt that tessier killed her. they found her body yesterday in a field that tessier repeatedly visited they arrested him and charmed him with murder. today after he was ordered held without bond laura's father spoke about having to endure tessier's alleged lies. >> it was all we could do to be seen as a unified family with him. he is
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brad: so we are continuing to work on the story. when we come back at 5:00, you will have more of the incredible composure of this man who just lost his daughter, had to endure that press conference and then today sit through this court hearing. quite a family indeed. we will also share with you what authorities believe may have been the motive in this case. in rockville, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. now we get back to this heartbreaking moment caught on camera yesterday. the moment that the friends and the former students of laura wallen found out that she had been murdered. john gonzalez is in columbia, maryland, with how her school community is remembering her today. >> we have notice the extra county police here in columbia, maryland. we also understand students agreed on social media last night to wear black to school. that is exactly what we have seen today. the
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in honor of the teacher found killed yesterday. many of the students and the staff in absolute shock to hear of the news. she had taught social studies since 2014. before that she was at murray hill middle school and eight years working for the school. in the eight years she made a tremendous impact on hundreds if not thousands of students saying there is no way for normalcy today. she was exemplary. she was one of the teachers of the year. she led with her heart. care and compassion. the children were attracted to her because of the spirit, who she was. that is all of the teachers in the school system. these are the individuals taking care of the children. she represented the very best. the teachers and the students are suffering today. >>yl
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he was on the news crying. it's too much. then a lot of people were close to miss wallen. john: the student says even the trivial things like wallen was supposed to help with the senior t-shirts this week. that won't happen and now we know why. howard county mobile crisis team will be here today and several days and also over at the middle school assisting with grief counseling. in columbia, john gonzalez, abc7 news. nancy: a time line of the investigation. laura wallen last heard from on september 4, labor day. she was reported missing the next day when she didn't arrive for the first day of school. yesterday evening, police announced they found body and arrested her boyfriend. the next hearing scheduled for a month from now but if there are any new developments we will bring them your way. at 4:30 we break down the investigation with a veteran f.b.i. profiler. jonathan: we have breaking news. a shooting involving the community store in the alexandria portion of fairfax county. our stephen tschida is
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just got there moments ago. what is happening out there? stephen: this is what went down before 1:30 this afternoon. right here, just to my right. you can see the baseball area, that is where the security guard confronted this man with two unleashed pitbull mix dogs. there is a day care inside the gum spring rec center. apparently an altercation developed between the man with the dogs and the security guard. right over there where the red tape is, that is where the security guard is believed to have shot the man. in the moments the man got up, got in a vehicle with the dogs and drove a block away. there was a search for the individual. he was found. again a block away on the ground. he was rushed to the hospital. where he is cu
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condition at this time. we know they are talking to the security guard to find out what prompted the shooting. that is the latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. also developing police investigating what mail believe is another act of domestic violence. a woman killed this morning. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg with the new developments breaking right now. jeff? >> this is a horrific crime. this took place on north henry street this morning. friends and family of the victim are in complete shock over what happened. this is a photo of 30-year-old dasheria barksdale. she was killed earlier this morning in a stabbing after 1:00 al. she died this morning at an area hospital. edwards is a close friend. she was there when all of this happened. now edwards tells us that on tuesday, barksdale broken up with her boyfriend. a 23-year-old man from alexandria.
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ex-boyfriend burst in the home on north henry and began pouring lighter fluid on dasheria barksdale. eventually stabbing her and stabbing edwards' brother who tried to intervene. the ex-boyfriend then stabbed himself. edwards is still in disbelief. >> i would never have thought. they fight and argue all the time. but for him to actually murder her in front of us. unbelievable. >> she was so loving. so sweet. if you would have met her, you would have loved her. >> alexandria police have not released the name of the suspect in the crime. he has not been charged because he still remains unconscious and in critical condition after stabbing himself. the other man who was stabbed was treated at the hospital earlier today and released and is recovering. live in oldtown, alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 ne
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updates on the breaking news stories. log on to and sign up for alerts on the go. abc7 is on storm watch for you this afternoon. we are tracking potential for pop-up thunderstorms dotting the area. one of those days that depends on exactly where you are. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill with the forecast today. hi, doug. doug: hey, alison. we see showers pomming now but no thund -- popping now but no thunder. they think some of them will develop to thunder so we'll see what happens. this is a look at the st. john's regional catholic school in frederick. clouds that are dry and pleasant. speaking of doppler look in the area of the showers developing over the past 20 minutes. this area northwest fack falk crossing to south -- fauquier crossing over to loudoun county, potential. there could be a few more in the evening. isolated showers and a rumble of thunder dealing the the effect of the circulation from what used to be irma. the future cast does show and paint out showers
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everything and the nighttime hours. then more sunshine for the next few days. first pitch tonight and nats are taking on the braves. good evening for baseball. beyond that tomorrow morning and partly cloudy and hazy with the temperatures in the 60's. the updated weekend forecast, ten-day and look at hurricane jose, now tropical storm jose coming up. jonathan: looking forward to it. thanks. breaking news. explosion in a training exercise at fort bragg in california in the northern parent of the state. eight u.s. special operators were injured taken to the base's medical center. it's not clear how severe the injuries are. we'll have update when we get them. fort bragg is one of the largest army installations in the world. alison: last night democratic leaders in the house and the senate came away from a meeting with president trump encouraged that a compromise can be reached on daca. but the white house and the president maintains that building a border wall is non-negotiable. president trp:
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on board. they want to do something. we are not talking apt amnesty. we are talking about taking care of people. people that were brought here. people that have done a good job and not brought here of their own volition. importantly what we want, we have to have a wall. alison: so if a solution as described becomes law of the land it would be the second key deal in which he reached across party lines. nancy? nancy: president trump made the comments on immigration policy while in florida. as promised he arrived there to survey hurricane relief efforts and molly hunter reports from bonita springs. president trump: security, okay? we are going to florida. see you in florida. molly: president trump and first lady melania thanking first responders. president trump: the job everybody has done is incredible. molly: getting a briefing on recovery and surveying the path of the nature destruction. trump trump i want to thank everybody, the first
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we see the devastation. we are going to see more of it now unfortunately. molly: he flue from fort myers, florida, to maples. this view from the air. the first lady melania trump sweeting this video flying low over the flooded streets. she tweeted there is much work to be done but america is with you. the tour took the president through some of the hardest hit areas on the gulf coast. scenes like this. crushed mobile homes. mangled piles of metal. the destruction we have seen all over the state. he treated residents in naples and met with victims. >> it's been an honor. molly: so much of the city still out of power but other part of the southwest worse. across the state, 2 million people still without power but there is an army on the street from 30 states and canada working around the clock to get the state up and running. president trump: we are proud of the job everybody around has done. thank you all. thank you very much. see you later. thank you. molly: that was a q
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after just three hours on the ground in florida he is already wheels up heading back for washington. molly hunter, abc7 news. nancy: just in from the national zoo, the giant panda will not be giving birth. keepers are saying the hormone levels are returning to normal. it's not clear if this was a pseudopregnancy where a panda shows all the signs of being pregnant or if she suffered a miscarriage but no panda cub this fall. the national zoo and the panda house will return to normal hours on saturday. alison: ahh! a lot of us were watching that closely. now we know her hormone levels. jonathan: we can all sleep easy now. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- members of congress taking up issue of child care. what it could mean for young families. alison: plus a critical deadline in the case against catherine hoggle accused in the disappearance of her two small children years ago. why she could soon walk free tomorrow. jonathan: plus, check this
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the mayor riding down the street in a lawnmower, on a lawnmower with a beef in the cup holdd with a beer in the cup holder. he is not in trouble. the explanation coming up. nancy: also continuing coverage of the missing pregnant woman found murdered. >> it was smart to get him to talk publicly. nancy: retired f.b.i. agent and profiler
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alison: catherine hoggle is charged in the disappearance of her children three years ago now. jacob and sarah were just 2 and 3 at the time. they haven't been seen since. a critical deadline looms tomorrow. the mother could soon be set free. richard reeve is in rockville to explain why. rich? richard: hi. it's outside the rockville courthouse where prosecutors face a deadline tomorrow. we have been following the case of the hoggal children disappeared -- hoggle children disagreed -- disappeared three years. hoggle was the last person to see the son alive. jacob was 2 and sarah was 3. hoggle said she left the youngsters with a care-giver or an old friend. they have never been found even after repeated searches. hoggle charged with child neglect, obstruction days after the disappearance but doctors say she i
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to stand trial. that leaves this case in legal embow. under the law if a defendant is incompetent misdemeanor charges have to be dismissed within three years and that deadline is tomorrow. prosecutors have to start the new round of charges to start the process all over again. >> as a general rule, if someone is in incompetent for three years the charges shall be dismissed. >> they would have to have sufficient evidence to make the charges. i haven't seen any that would lead me to believe that they had that. i don't know. >> authorities never released evidence that hoggle may have harmed the children. what could come tomorrow? will there be charges or something else happen? we explain that at 5:00. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. on the hill the senate democrats are pushin
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proposing the child care for working family deck. make federal funding mandatory for the lower and the middle class families to prepare 3 and 4-year-olds were kindergarten and make investments in the child care workforce. jonathan: bizarre slow-speed chase caught on camera in south carolina. the local mayor is a high school official seen driving a lawnmower on a main road. looks like he is swerving a little bit. police say he had an open bill in the cup holder. the chase lasted two minutes. >> all right. so police say the guy is not facing charges. he wasn't issued a ticket. now a lot of folks are weighing in on social media asking why he got away with it. the mayor by the way claims it was a misunderstanding. he says he just went to the gas station and filled up the mower and bought a beer while there. really? alison: and now it's
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news. jonathan: there you go. alison: let's switch gears a bit. tomorrow will be bitter-sweet for us. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill's last day at abc7. you hope you send him well wishes with #thanksdoug. just like this. >> you know how much you mean to me, my career and my life. you are another dad to me. i love you so much. i know you are going to love retirement, enjoy your wife and your kids and your grand kids. enjoy the first snowstorm. >> this is the car that doug hill drove on the beat in this county looking for horse thieves, bank robberies, jesse james, things like that. an illustrious career before he switched over to weather, where, you know, 30% right is pretty good! doug, we are going to miss you. i won't know whether to bring the umbrella, galoshes, mittens, gloves, shorts or the flip-flops to work. it's not the same without you. bad
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watch out. he's on the prowl again. doug: the truth is actually my cruiser was a 1973 dodge polaris with a 440 police package engine. i could go zoom, zoom. alex, my gosh, alex makes my life easy here. i can't imagine what past 12 years have been without his help. it's been incredible. b.j. is my baby sister and the rest are my kids. that's the way it is. alison: we will all miss you. doug: love you, too, alex. we will talk about this. tomorrow i may wear sunglasses. that may be the order of the day. i might get really bold. some weather guys wearing things but i'm too proper for that. but maybe tomorrow i may go on the wild side. jonathan: retirement shoes. doug: get you going on thursday afternoon.
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showers here and there. that is all that we have of the isolated thunderstorm. don't see anything yet. but there is an area in northern northwestern fauquier county to keep an eye on. this is comfortable, kind of like summer. week from tomorrow we go to the fall. autumnal equinox. there is no lighting detected yet but we could see it up to bluemont. bluemont has the annual fair this weekend and it's fun. weather should cooperate. we will see. models are suggesting we'll get numerous packages of rain. i don't know if it will happen or not. we will monitor it hour by hour. otherwise partly cloudy and a warm night. fog and 67 degrees as well. through tomorrow sunshine and isolated shower or two in the afternoon. highs of 84. summer feel to the air will be
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for the weekend, same thing. partly sunny, muggy, 84. can't rule out isolated shower somewhere but a dry weekend. good for any outdoor activities in mind. the deal on jose. the latest information here as of this is the last advisory this morning, still a tropical storm but expected to get stronger. by monday 80-mile-per-hour. notice the envelope here. the possibilities farther west to the outer banks. farther in the atlantic. get you the 5:00 update when that comes out. i don't think we have major facts. rough surf on the eastern coast of the u.s. that is it. plenty of 80's for the next few days. late summer gets feature for us. look ahead to friday. that is when the fall begins. 4:02. if you want to set your timer. beyond that just cool and pleasant autumn weather to next weekend. nancy: pumpkin spice law -- latte at
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>> she is not expecting me. i hope she is not mad. >> the sailor surprise at seaworld. you don't want to miss a moment. his wife spots him in the crowd. sam: i'm sam ford in front of d.c. employment services. mayor bowser says a number of people are losing out on jobs because of records that ought to be sealed. i'm sam ford. that is he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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sam: the mayor's argument there are many impediments that seek people from getting job so she wants to seal a number of criminal records that do that. mayor bowser will seek to seal from everyone but law enforcement records of arrests that do not lead to convictions and make it easier for people with old convictions to get some of those sealed as well. bowser said 40,000 people are arrested in d.c. on average every year. a third of the cases are never prosecuted but an arrest can cost someone their job. retail manager talk
4:27 pm
if you pull up the record and you see they were arrested, the first thing you think is a red flag. >> we encounter people that need work and want to work. >> some folks made a mistake and they paid the price for it but they shouldn't pay the price for the rest of their lives. sam: the mayor says 10,000 people every year are going to public defenders office trying to get records sealed with d.c. superior court so they can get jobs. her bill would not apply for the most part to anyone convicted of a felony. i am sam ford, abc7 news. nancy: coming up, the dire prediction about the metro commute from the man who leads the transit agency. the desperate plea for dedicated funding and what could happen without it next. >> days before charged with
4:28 pm
murder, tyler tessier went in front of the camera begging for her safe return. it was a tactic by police. what were they looking for? an expert weighs in next. alison: new at 5:00, fallout for the black water at the base of niagara falls. what is happening with the company behind the mess when i join you your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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o remember. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses.
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- tting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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jonathan: it hasn't been 24 hours to find out tyler tessier has been arrested for the murder of laura wallen. her body was found. michelle: police took the calculated decision to let tessier speak at a news conference this week. nancy: ryan hughes spoke with a former f.b.i. agent who explains why that was the right move. >> laura, if you are listening -- ryan: days before being charged with first-degree murder, tyler tessier spoke directly to his pregnant girlfriend's laura wallen breaking down in a press conference about her disappearance. >> we haven't slept, we haven't eaten. we are just looking, pray that you are face. ryan: but the police suspected tyler tessr
4:32 pm
they called at it calculated decision to put him in front of the cameras to see what he had to say. >> it with us part to get him to talk publicly. they could get a number of people to watch him. ryan: brad garrett was a hostage negotiate forfor the f.b.i. for 17 years investigating the high profile cases. he says with any suspect the key is to get them talking. >> police were watching tessieree emotions to see -- tessier's emotions to see if they were sincere or charade. they were looking for red flags. >> what words does he use? does he talk in past tense? >> tessier admitted he was engaged to another woman. i pray she is safe and comes back. >> wallen's family knew police were using the tactic to let tessier talk. he sat there holding wallen's mother's hand. the callousness of the behavior. >> that is an interesting
4:33 pm
dynamic. it lended itself to how cold could you be? >> in northwest, ryan hughes, abc7 news. michelle: we are following the story all evening with updates at 5:00 and 6:00. we are posting alerts online at the emerald ash boreer is killing trees across the country. five types of ash in the eastern u.s. are on the brink of extinction. tens of millions of trees in the u.s. and canada are already dead or dying. get this? 8 billion more are threatened. we want to check on weather. doug is standing by with the latest on the forecast. we have a few showers and that is a trend going forward. big map, doppler radar and the ow
4:34 pm
hill. western loudoun county. a few showers. what is left of irma is heading north. 82 in warrenton. 73 in winchester. 82 at quantico. 79 at baltimore. it's generally partly cloudy. muggy tonight. beyond that looking good. the last weekend of summertime. fall begins next friday. steve will be back in 15 minu
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weekend and the next ten days coming up shortly. nancy: brianne carter is covering metro on how and why getting additional funds is far from a done deal. >> there is a warning about what will happen without federal funding for metro. >> i convey this is the need. >> paul wiedefeld laying out the need for $500 million a year for capital funding. the d.c. officials pushed for a
4:36 pm
transit authority, monday governor hogan offered a new option. additional $125 million in the next four years. d.c., virginia, federal government contributes the same amount. it's unclear if the region will go along with the options. without it the jurisdictions could be tasked paying three times than they are currently paying. >> this is a return to baseline. >> this helps us set the conversation earlier about next year as well, which we will soon face. >> this all comes ahead of the general manager presenting his budget for the next fiscal year. something he is expected to do later this fall. in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: right now the search is on for vandals who dumped blue paint on the iconic charging bull statue on wall street. authorities say a sash was
4:37 pm
statue that reads "draw the blue line" which police call reference to paris climate accord. the fearless girl faces the bull statue and will stay up until next february. convoying of self-driving trucks may be the future of transportation. we will show you the testing on the roads that is happening now that brings us one step closer coming up. >> she is not expecting me. she thinks i'm on medical hope or something like that. i hope she is not mad. jonathan: the sailor's surprise at seaworld. you don't want to miss the moment he's reunited with his wife. nancy: but first how to start friday right with good morning good morning. >> -- with "good morning washington." >> tomorrow, catch me flying high in the sky at joint base an draws for a sneak peek of the anniversary air show. >> plus, i'm one on win with tracy ellis ross, viola davis before sunday's big award
4:38 pm
show. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes starting at 4:25 a.m.
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and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. nancy: when it is from 8
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950 a.d. and survived that long on a mountain side north of oslo. they believe a viking might have left it behind. michelle: you haven't seen a lot of selena gomez and for good reason. she has been recovering from a kidney transplant. on instagram her donor was one of her best friends. she made the announcement on instagram and publicly revealed lupus diagnosis in 2015. jonathan: this is anything but a nowhere pal day at seaworld. dolphin trainer getting ready for the show but not for what she is happening in the tank. it's what happened in the crowd. watch this. [applause] >> i started looking for him and i couldn't find him. i gave my dolphin away and found him. so it's nice to have him home. thank you, guys, for being part of it. it's really s
4:42 pm
jonathan: the crowd was whooping it up. not for the dolphin but the reunion. her husband is back early from an 11-month deployment in the middle east. congratulations to them both. welcome home. >> coming up next on abc7 -- >> here we go from the oval office to rose garden. the first guest. say hello to former white house press secretary sean spicer. jonathan: if you didn't seen it, it was funny. the first late night interview. everything on the table from the inauguration crowd to if he has seen the president in his birthday suit. it's all there. cheryl: i'm cheryl conner. coming up, go along for a tractor trailer ride that tested out new technology allowing the drivers to tailgate for the
4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
cheryl: last season the tractor trailer, his feet are
4:46 pm
now he is ready to go. eaton took for for a ride as driverless technology did the navigating. >> this is a gap of 1.2 seconds. >> three tractor trailers followed closely down interstate 66 in centreville, virginia. >> when we are at at this gas setting. the 5 to 7% of the fuel consumption. cheryl: this is about saving gas and safety. >> if a car was in front of you and you don't quite see it, and they would slow down, you hit them. this way here the truck slows it down for you. >> the federal highway administration calls it platooning. the trucks know when the first one brakes. >> you cannot build more lanes to handle the traffic in the future. how can they get past it
4:47 pm
>> it can't get too comfortable. cheryl: the research continues. jonathan: more blamed on hurricane harvey after people lost jobs and couldn't go to work in the wake of the historic floods in texas. 284,000 people are signing up for financial help for the first time. nancy: mortgage rates stabilizing over the last few weeks. the average 30-year fixed rate low is still at the lowest level this year just below 3.8%. in march that same loan pea
4:48 pm
it comes out to a big saving over the life of a loan. shorter-term mortgages remained in place. michelle: for a sense of how much money will be spent by companies on hurricane harvey and irma rebuilding they are turning to their own insurers. german reinsurer is warning it will take a big profit hit from the storm. reinsurer provides backup insurance for primary insurance companies where we all buy our policies. all right. head down to larry smith at the "live desk" with the latest for what is coming up new at 5:00. hi, larry. larry: tonight, more problems for equifax in the wake of a massive data breach. who is involved now and how it could impact you. forget the purple line. we will tell you about the next project to put local homeowners in danger of losing the houses. what is it worth for you to get bumped from a flight? how one airline handled it and how passengers reacted. that's when alison join you at 5:00. see you in a few. jonathan: we'll be
4:49 pm
comcast employee is out of a job after he exchanged blows with a couple owning a gas station. this makes no sense. the guy tackles one of the owners of the gas station. all this started when he went in the place and said, "can i use your bathroom?" they said it's a private bathroom so you can't use the bathroom. so he knocked over a food display. the owner followed him out and threw an onion at him so the comcast guy spears the owner as he tried to take a picture of the license plate. >> he didn't even realize the guy is coming, attacking. but he attacked him. it was nothing, you know, just taking a picture of the truck plate. jonathan: because he couldn't use the bathroom. all that. really? police didn't make arrests because the fight was mutual. the couple fought back. the store owners are taking the tissue the d.a.'s office to see if criminal charges could be
4:50 pm
jonathan: she went onion on him. that is for real. michelle: i hope he made it to the bathroom. nancy: after all that. michelle: speaking of laughs, former white house press secretary sean spicer was back in the spotlight breaking the silence since leaving 1600 pennsylvania avenue and sat down with "jimmy kimmel live" last night. >> if i knew i'd get that applause i might have left early. >> you are charged with the job of going in front of the press and saying that the inauguration crowd was the biggest crowd i think ever -- the biggest audience ever. >> yes, i'm aware. >> yeah. >> i appreciate the behinder of how it won't down -- the reminder of how it went down. >> did the p.m. -- it was up to you would it have been a topic? >> you know, if it was up to me i would have worn a different suit. why is he so concerned with size?
4:51 pm
naked? >> i have not. >> no. >> no. michelle: my gosh. spicer admitted it wasn't the best start. he says he will not write a tell-all book because he sees it as a trail. jonathan: he did a nice job of acquitting himself. it was good stuff. nancy: first responders in full force in hurricane irma but they were unable to get to a woman about to give birth. david knight and tatiana watkins were at home in miami when she went into labor. so with irma knocking on the front door, got on a three-way call with a paramedic dispatcher and obgyn doctor who walked him through the steps of delivering the baby girl himself. >> extremely nervous wracking. i'm still in shock. i never thought i'd be in a situation like this. thank god everything was all right and the birth was
4:52 pm
destiny knight. destiny and mom are going okay. jonathan: how cute is that little one? michelle: first responders tremendous in the face of that. >> walking through birthing his own child. incredible. jonathan: first calm him down and then walk him through it. nancy: take a breath. you got this. steve: one storm gone and now we talk about another one named jose. the new updit that just came in -- update that just came in. looking outside we have clouds and showers on the way for the evening. be on the lookout for the showers as we move through the everything hours. if you have outdoor plans, 5:00 update is in ahead of time. this is what we have for hurricane jose. notice what happens as we move to monday and tuesday of next week. the cone of uncertainty has moved a little farther off toward the west. now it includes slice of ocean city, bethany. clearer picture will come in later on moving through the week and into next week.
4:53 pm
right now as we move through the next several days. temperatures out there, in the upper 70's to around 80 at reagan national airport. manassas in the lower 80's. it's warm and humid. there are the showers that are dotting the radar off to the west of us. you may hear rumble of thunder to the west. not expecting anything to become severe. if you have plans outdoors be on the lookout. 59 to 67 overnight lows. patchy fog. tomorrow, warm day again. making it to the middle 80's for the daytime highs. especially later in the afternoon. the beach forecast looks like this. rough surf possible saturday and sunday. temperatures in the middle 70's. moving to the weekend, if you stay closer to home around 85 degrees. we have the old town alexandria art festival. so much is going on around the d.m.v. look at the ten-day outlook in the 5:00 hour. jonathan: all right. thank you for that. coming up next for us, consumer alert after irma and harvey.
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today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. john: now that the floodwaters receded in houston now comes the reality for tens of thousands of homeowners. they don't have flood insurance. the government is helping many rebuild. what if your home was to flood
4:57 pm
would you be covered? >> see the line on the car. >> it was one year ago, august 2016 when the homeowners were swamped by five feet of water. most of them like amanda had no flood insurance. >> we are not in a flood zone and wear told we didn't need it. john: a year later despite no insurance help amanda and others repaired the damage. but the neighbor worries another big storm could do it all over again. >> the water comes up, everything overloads with the building they have been doing. the new construction. >> insurance groups say unless you live on a hilltop you should purchase flood insurance. >> there is no coverage unless they have a flood insurance policy. >> a flood policy costs $500 a year for $250,000 of coverage. it would cover all the ruined walls and the furnishings that the texas homeowners are dealing with. for a lot of families extra $500 a year is
4:58 pm
the budget. but there is a cheap eralternative worth looking at. drain backup insurance. >> backing up sewers is coverage offered by the majority of insurance companies. >> drain or the sewer backup protection is a rider to the policy for $50 a year. it covers you for storm water or sewage that comes back up drains. very common these days as the storms are getting bigger and last longer. bottom line, if you are in a low lying area, whether or not it's a flood zone. flood insurance can be well worth the cost so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00 -- >> he is a monster. he is a liar. larry: a murdered teacher's parents knew he was a prime suspect. tonight the investigators lay out evidence of a deadly love trial. >> hundreds of homes in danger of being bulldozed soon. "7 on your side" investigates why homeowners may have no say in the matter. >> passengers play hard ball with an airline suffering p.r.
4:59 pm
big payout for bumping someone. now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> they gnaw police believed they killed the daughter and today police ordered tyler tessier held without bond for the murder of laura wallen. brad bell has the latest. brad? >> we attended a court hearing and we are going over the court documents to detail the case being made against tyler tessier. it shows a man trying to cover his tracks. but what really captivated people here is the strength and the agony of the missing woman's parents. >> with the daughter missing and feared dead, laura wallen's parents had to endure the unthinkable this past monday. at the request of police they appeared with the primary suspect at a press conference pleading for help. they listened as tyler tessier, the daughter's boyfriend and father of her
5:00 pm
>> somebody has her. please understand that you have taken away a huge in so many people's lives. brad: today mark wallen said helping police at the press conference was among the hardest thing he ever had to endure. >> it was the hardest thing that my wife could do is sit next to him and hold his hand. she had to hold his hand with two hands because she was shaking so badly. >> yesterday police found wallen's body in a shallow grave in a field in damascus. tessier's own phone showed many trips there after she disappeared. in court today the prosecutors claim over multiple interrogation that tessier's story kept changing. >> hundred of lives that the police could prove on the inconsistency with the other statements. >> prosecutors say tessier claiming he wanted to marry wallen af


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