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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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court document. the case against this man. tyler tessier. he watched him. he would hang his head as though in shame. he put his hands over the head and the father of the alleged victim said he should feel nothing but shame. howard county school teacher disappeared from her home over labor day weekend. from the start they thought tyler tessier was responsible for disappearance. she was the boyfriend and father of the unborn baby but he was secretly engage told another woman and he was the last person seen with wallen. they claim he sent text messages to incriminate another map. monday he appeared at a press conference with wallen's family to plead for his girlfriend's safe rt
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>> i don't know where she is. >> he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. today after the alleged killer was ordered held without bond, laura wallen's father shared his feelings. >> laura is a wonderful girl. so bright. bright future. he lied to my face. >> that is laura wallen. the father of -- that is mark wallen, the father of laura wallen the girl killed here. he said he participated in the press conference because he felt it would get the, in his word "baby's daddy name and picture out to help break the case." he said his wife actually held the hand of the man they thought killed their daughter. she was so upset she was shaking and had to put a second hand on to keep
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under control. terrible story. in rockville, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: so may's she was able to hold it together. brad, thank you. grief counselors were on hand today at wild lake high school in howard county. that is where wallen taught and was named teacher of the year just last year. >> she represented best. the students are suffering today. >> the students talked about how disturbing it was to see her boyfriend, accused killer, speaking on the news. hear wallen's father talk about the decision to go along with that on the abc7 facebook page. jonathan: the clock is ticking in the case against a montgomery county mother suspected in her children's disappearance. tomorrow, criminal charges against catherine hoggle expire. that means that prosecutors must file new charges or risk her walking free. hoggle vanished three years ago with the 2-year-old son on jay cab and the 3 -- jacob and
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3-year-old sara. the children have never been found. complicating this case is the fact hoggle ruled not competent to stand trial. we'll update you when we get new developments. michelle: new video shows braising thieves striking at the height of hurricane irma. they slammed a stolen truck through the front of the store in tampa. they upout and grab what they can. including a dismay filled with lottery tickets. in less than a minute they are gone. that is one of several burglaries in tampa in the storm. as the police had to not only deal with the disaster but looters as well. jonathan: president trump got a look at the damage from hurricane irma. he and the first lady and the vice president flew to florida where they got briefing on recovery effort. they met with the storm victims an thanked first responders. president trump: i want to thank everybody, the first responders. we have seen the devastation.
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jonathan: trump spent three hours on the ground before returning to washington. ing as the president was visiting victims of the storm emergency responders were evacuating another nursing home without power and without air conditioning was growing dangerous. dangerously hot. it follows the tragedy yesterday where eight people died in a hollywood nursing home. 100 hundreds were take -- a hundred others were taken to the hospital. the death toll is growing in the caribbean and florida as people try to recover from the storm. we are told at least 31 people died in the u.s. that is in addition to the 38 in the caribbean. michelle: let's talk weather now. we could see rain. maybe even hear thunder. left over remnants of what is left of irma as it makes the way out to the atlantic ocean. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking it all for us. doug? doug: michelle, what we are seeing is a couple of showers in the area. this is a look from the camera up the road in arlington, walk lee high s
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looking off to the east/southeast. dark clouds. walk over to the dap lar radar and -- doppler radar you will see why. there are showers that move across the city. more headed for annapolis. farther downstream to the south and the west front royal and woodstock more showers. maybe isolated rumble of thunder. at most scattered showers through the everything. that is that. we will see showers end and fog. tomorrow sunny, warm and humid. the shower chance every now and then. jonathan: now to a developing story. a security guard shot a man after the two got in a fight outside gum springs community center but it started with a man over the man unleashed dogs. he had pit bulls walking running
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they are trying to sort out what happened. michelle: police charged 14-year-old boy for murder of construction worker. fuentes shot and killed working in the house at the 1100 block near gallaudet university on august 23. >> frederick man's work to be a doctor left him in the heart of a powerful storms in history. look at that. the harrowing escape coming up michelle: a slow speed chase on a lawn mower?
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jonathan: panda baby watch is over for now. national zoo says they called it off. vet any rains say the giant panda will not have a cub, not this year. she had shown signs of pregnancy but we're told it was either a pseudopregnancy or a miscarriage. the panda house return to normal hours on saturday. michelle: ah, we were all hoping for that. take a look at this. this was the mess that delayed rl
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i-395. a big chunk of concrete fell from the truck. no one was hurt. the leaps reopen. just in time for the height of the morning rush. jonathan: so you wouldn't think tailgating and safety go hand in hand but there is new technology to make it happen. we got to ride along with three big rigs were testing driverless technology on 66. it let the drivers take the feet off the pedal and tailgate safety. they call it drafting. because of it, you can hit the brakes faster than humans can. the technology could reduce the truck fuel consumption by 5%. if all those well this technology could be on the market in two years. michelle: take a look at this bizarre scene. playing out near myrtle beach. check this out. this guy on a lawnmower giving police a low speed chase here. this went on for two minutes. in the middle of the road in the middle of the night. then this
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>> that was the town's mayor! e says he was getting gas for the lan mower and -- lawnmower and brought the beer. the officers didn't arrest him and said driving him and his mower home. an investigation underway. jonathan: video to share. cautionary tale. watch the woman here standing up out of her chair. the gal behind her grabs her purse and walks off. elderly woman out shopping. purse is gone. they are showing this because they want everyone to see it. police say look, you have to be on guard.
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michelle: trapped in irma's wrath. medical student story of survival after the mother opening up about terrifying hours of not knowing his fate. jonathan: new mission in the aftermath of the devastating fire. the key question that must be answered in london up next at
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jonathan: this is a moment that one in england will forget. an apartment building turning inferno killing 80 people. today government ordered inquiry began. the retired judge leading the inquiry said he must find out how a disaster is possible in the 21st century. michelle: police in roanoke, virginia, trying to find whoever and have liced a statue of robert issue lee. city workers cleaned the statue today. sometime overnight, someone spray painted the message rest in power heather heyer on the monument. vandals poured oil on the statue and chipped away at lee's name. jonathan: turning the irma's aftermath. we are seeing utter devastation in st. martin. people ar
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out of food and supplies, they don't have power and it's dire. among those who rode out the storm, frederick native on the island for medical school with his family. his mother talked with amy aubert about the deafening silence as they awaited word of his fate. >> winds whipping by. st. martin condo. frederick native, his wife and 3-year-old daughter were trapped inside as hurricane irma swept through. >> the top of one of the cars was crushed. >> kara says glen, her son, has been living on the caribbean island with his family and attend medical school. >> keeping my fingers crossed and praying that they made it through. >> 14-hour period went by that she says she didn't hear anything. >> no communication. can't get anything in or anything out. >> he says they relied on the he from the local political leaders. >> the senator's office coordinated a lot of the
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>> they made it through safely. glen taking the photos. around checking out the damage on the island. they posted videos like this one showing the winds whipping through. mom says social media was one of the best way to stay updated. >> infrastructure was gone, the airport was destroyed. >> no way out and hurricane jose expected to be not far off. >> unbelievable how bad it is. >> they eventually made it out and are staying with the family in pennsylvania. >> everybody got out with just the clothes on their back. >> clothes on their back. the questions that remain about what is next. >> i worry about how the island is going to recover and how long it will take. >> amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: must-see video now of a double dose of nature's majesty. the national park service snapped the photo shows a perfect rainbow yesterday. this is taken from
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rim of the grand canyon. jonathan: that is beautiful. go out there and check it out. it's beautiful. michelle: worth the trip. if years we enjoyed the company of one of the mo jestic forecast -- ma jester forecasters. jonathan: tomorrow is doug's final newscast. he is hanging up the spurs. another meteorologist from your past wanted to say her well wishes to you. >> i can't believe the first time i met you and worked with you it was so astonishing to me. you are doug hill and now you are retiring after a hell of a career. thank you for making my career just as good because you had a huge presence in that. i appreciate that. i love you so much, doug. enjoy your retirement because you deserve. especially after dealing with me and brian and allen and eileen and all of us. so i appreciate it.
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doug: love you, too, rickets. miss you. jonathan: she went down and a long list of the names in the last 39 years. doug: you cannot be unhappy for more than two seconds if she walks in a room. it's electric. michelle: you have touched so many careers. jonathan: help so many careers, built careers and helped people get started in the business. has to be a good feeling. doug: that is what we're here for. i lake to invest in people. michelle: so important. doug: that is what i miss, the viewers and the family, coworkers. the people we see every day. michelle: we will hit you up on facebook, twitter, instagram, any platform you own. jonathan, no we'll show up on your house. you have a front porch. doug: it's all good. get you started on thursday to talk about the clouds and the showers in the area now. live look at the national harbor. we have had period of sunshine and clouds there. over the rest of the area in the east and northeast of the city. that is where we have
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showers. 79 at reagan national. the dew points are up so it's a little muggy side but that is the way it stays tonight. 6:00, the heat of the day winding down. we have showers along north and west of 81 winchester in south and front royal. east and few showers in metro. we will pick up the ground clutter. near the dulles airport site of the doppler but it is hard to tell which is clutter and showers. some showers push east of the city. that is the pattern. whether or not we have a rumble of thunder, i don't know. we could. but nothing serious. just splash and dash showers. they are done. overnight the showers will clear out and the shower threat will end tonight. this has more showers coming through at 11:00. see if that happens. muggy and showers and fog. overnight we will turn partly cloudy. it's the same story tomorrow. partly cloudy and sunny. isolated shower or two in the afternoon. 84. through
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partly cloudy, 84. muggy all weekend long. background picture from the king street art festival underway in daylight hours. 10:00 to 7:00 on saturday and 10:00 to 5:00 on sunday and maybe a shower on saturday but hey, it's a great weekend to be outside. talk quick word about jose. tropical storm. top winds 70 miles per hour. the hurricane center official track turns it in to 80 to 90-mile-per-hour, then 85, 80-mile-per-hour level one category one hurricane. the important thing here is the location is not that far off the mid-atlantic coast. it's not concerned that italy the coastline. but with the wind and the motion it will rip you have surf and waves to make for serious rip currents and big waves down there. here is our story. we watch jose. plenty of warm weather. several days in a row above average temperatures. lower 80's. minor shower chances that are going forward. we will turn cooler by the middle to the end of next week. fall arrives on friday afternoon at
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later and good looking weather for next weekend. stay with us. "abc7 news at 6:00
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robert: considering the redskins' schedule this might be a must-win. rams team that kind of know
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against the eagles sunday. offense as well as the defense. we won't revisit that because there is a chance for redemption sunday. the keyword for the week is "finishing." >> when plays are there. we need to make them. we have to bring them down. we put all the work to get to the point of attack. that is the easy play. finishing. the hardest part is getting to that. once you can, capitalize. be great. robert: troubling news for the giants and the fantasy line-up for me. odell beckham jr. is dealing with a six to eight-week injury. he practiced today. first tame he has been on the field since taking a nasty hit in preseason injuring his ankle. he already missed the opener against the cowboy in which they lost
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>> this will be huge, the mystics take on the lynx tonight. minneapolis leads 1-0. big stuff. jonathan: your fantasy squalled is a nightmare. robert: it's done. finished. i have thrown in the towel after week one. michelle: last time i get to say "doug, last check of weather." doug: don't make me cry. we have shower east of town. an area over northeast washington getting large. good downpour. still no lightning. maybe we will get a clap of thunder. we will see what happens. beach outlook from steve at 11:00. there are signs that the future track of jose might be questionable. we a i'll see -- we will see about that at 11:00. jonathan: south korea is saying north korea fired another missile. i'm sure they will cover that on "world news tonight."
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tonight, breaking news. did north korea just launch another missile? urgent warnings throughout japan. our team, standing by. also developing tonight, what really happened inside that nursing home? residents dying. and, tonight, we now hear from a hospital nurse who sensed something was wrong and went to that nursing home. what she discovered inside. also tonight, our team landing on two separate islands. and incredibly, days later, americans still stranded, trying to get out. the deadly school shooting. now the video tonight of the 15-year-old suspect, classrooms huddles. were there warning signs missed? deal or no deal on the dreamers? tonight, inside the dinner, the president, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi.


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