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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> as loud as a freight train coming by the house. kellye: a record number of complaints about airplane noise in the dmv. a police chase ends with people falling off an overpass.
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before tumbling off i-295. and a 97-year-old's message and what she credits for her long life. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. kellye: good evening. i'm kellye lynn. we are once again keeping a close watch on two hurricanes churning in the atlantic. hurricane jose is a category one, but hurricane maria could be the biggest cause of concern, hitting some of the same areas battered by hurricane irma. meteorologist josh knight has the latest. josh: we are getting the update at 11:00, and this could be another storm a lot like irma, rapidly intensifying, going from a category one and within 24 hours category three. that is starting to happen.
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wind since 5:00 has moved up in miles per hour, but the update of the satellite image, basically every minute come if you look closely, you see the bright red showing the storm getting strong quickly. category one right now, putting this in motion, working over tomorrow evening. could be a category three tomorrow evening, expected to become a category four close to puerto rico, then that the dominican and close to the bahamas by friday. where it goes after that is still up in the air. if it works its way close to the east coast, that would be several days after. much closer, a category one, and not expected to strengthen. in fact it is weakening, but a good bring gusty wind and rain. closer to home, we are looking at things staying much nicer tonight, very quiet, the temperature still inhe
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74 degrees. tomorrow morning comfortable as well. most of the area in the mid-60's, upper 60's d.c. tomorrow morning at the bus stop, still feeling very mild. quickly into the mid-70's around noon, topping out right near 80 degrees. we can see an isolated shower tomorrow, a lot less than this weekend. other than the class, we are looking at a nice day. across the week, we bring in the rain chances again, jose the closest it will be to us tuesday. kellye: thank you, josh. we want to remind you to follow our stormwatch 7 team on facebook, twitter,, and you can always download the stormwatch 7 weather app for the latest on the weather. now the latest from metro, delays exp
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orange line tomorrow because of construction problems over the weekend. they will singletrack from new carrollton to cheverly. trains will be delayed all the way to minnesota avenue. if you usually drive to the orange line stations, metro suggest going to the largo town center or morgan boulevard on the silver and blue lines instead to avoid the delays. developing now, a deadly crash in fairfax county under investigation. two young adults were killed and have been identified, and a teenager is still fighting for her life. the police say they were heading back from a grocery store when 26-year-old benjamin winger lost control and slammed into a tree. he and his girlfriend, abigail lyon, died. her 15-year-old sister had a major injuries. neighbors say this is not the first time they have seen a tragedy like this. >>
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general area. i think this tree has been hit once before. it, butome curves to the curves are on the opposite ends of where we are. kellye: the police are still investigating if speed may have been a factor. three people are recovering 5fter falling from an i-29 overpass while running from the police. a third person was hurt. the authorities say they were wanted in connection with an armed robbery and police chase that started late last night. the two landed near railroad tracks, halting rail traffic. all three were eventually arrested. with three major airports serving the nation's capital, it's not unusual to look up and catch an airplane flying overhead, but tonight people who live in the path of those flights are fed up and have filed a record number of complaints about the noise. q mccray is live at reagan national airport with why that
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q? kellye, i have to report right here, all 52 pages. 32,000-plusan extra complaints made in 2016, but also mentions somebody in d.c. made 17,000 complaints that year. that is 47 complaints per day. are being airliners used more than ever before. the annual noise report from the metropolitan washington airports 83thority tallied 42,6 complaints from around the dmv for flights out of washington national and dulles and 2016, compared with just under 10,000 the year before. most of the complaints were about dca. more than 36,000.
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the foxhall neighborhood of d.c. we pay the area a visit. >> he has good height, but most of them when they are landing have a lot worse. q: scott is all too familiar with the rumble. >> it says loud as a free train coming over your house. q: this was not always a problem. residents claim the faa -- blame the faa for changing the flight paths. even that is loud. >> that's loud, but compared to when they are landing. q: it is also important to an upticki also saw in complaints. ,f you want to read the report perhaps learn how to make a noise complaint, visit our website,, and you will find all the information. that is the latest from washington national. q mccray, abc 7 news. kellye:
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developments in st. louis. protesters took to the streets for a third day following friday's acquittal of a former police officer in the 2011 fatal shooting of a black suspect. the police arrested nine people saturday night after a small group of demonstrators broke windows and threw objects at officers. authorities in france say they do not believe an acid attack on four american college students was an act of terror. the victims are from boston college, studying abroad. the women were at a train station when another woman sprayed acid on them. she was arrested. the students are expected to be ok. aitish authorities arrested second man in connection with friday's terror attack on a subway train in london. the 21-year-old was taken into custody late last night, hours after an 18-year-old man was arrested. the bombing injured 30 passengers. the police are still looking for
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involved. president trump is in new york ahead of the united nations general assembly tomorrow. he will join 120 other world leaders at a meeting. later in the day the president will meet with the president of france and israel's prime minister. the day wraps up with a dinner with latin american leaders focusing on the unrest in venezuela. >> it is a new day at the u.n. he made in pleas trying to see changes at the united nations have been heard, and i think we will see them respond. kellye: the president will deliver his first ever speech to the u.n. tuesday morning, expected to focus on north korea and its nuclear weapons programs. women who took on the job of men who left to fight in world war ii became known as rosie the riveter. today, an original rosie landed in d.c. the support of about 100 girl scouts. cheryl
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to reagan national airport where they thanked the inspiring role model. l: it is rockstar treatment for a rosie the riveter, named shoese so-called man during world war ii. local girl scouts saying there theme song "yes, we can." she signed autographs. 60i built airplanes for years. said she would still be working if the plant did not shut down. all of a sudden everybody started appreciating what i did. cheryl: she credits the labor with helping her live a long life. >> drill them out, drill all the
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. cheryl: and her work has meaning for these young girls. >> never give up in what i believe in. >> i was like to try new things and i think she did it in a bigger sense. aeryl: she will receive lifetime achievement from the air force association. to is inspiring a new generation of rosies, one patch at a time. at reagan national airport, cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kellye: coming up on abc seven news at 11:00, people in the florida keys head home. the damage they are finding after hurricane irma. and we are keeping a close watch on two hurricanes in the atlantic. josh is tracking the impact, next.
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are back tonight with an important birthday celebration. the u.s. constitution come on the founding787, fathers signed the important document. if you want to take part in the celebration, check it out at the national archives in d.c. turning to the destruction left behind by hurricane irma, today for the first time the roads to the florida keys are fully reopened and people are getting their first look at the damage. tom goldberg takes us there. tom: three hurricanes are churning in the atlantic, jose threatening the east coast, but maria is gathering strength by the hour. rapidly, aeveloped category one storm, 75 mile-per-hour wind come east of barbados. it will hit the island monday night into tuesday. the same islands that were hit by irma. tom: islands like barb udo wiped out by --
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by irma, and now another hurricane on the doorstep with no roof overhead. >> the type of rain and wind that we have from maria will devastate those who were already devastated. tom: for the thousands who ofnot flea, for the tens -- for the thousands who cannot flee, for those who fled burma -- >> we are thinking about rebuilding. it's heartbreaking. kellye: after being deployed in the aftermath of hurricanes harvey and irma, virginia task force one is ready to help those in the line of the storms. they are in puerto rico ahead of hurricane maria, preparing for any
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we are definitely keeping track of what is happening with these. josh: exactly, and things continue to keep churning. we are looking for some quiet weather around here, but there could be some issues from jose. let's start with the nice, clear, quiet night. we have a few showers that move through earlier tonight, but now looking good, setting up or a nice morning monday. the only issue, patchy fog. across the region, most of us wake up in the mid-60's, a mild start. monday is looking pretty good. amounty about the same of cloud cover as we had through the weekend, maybe a little more. still a slim chance of an isolated shower, but most of the day, most of us will be drive. what i bother with the umbrella? probably not.
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to the west. hurricane jose, category one, expected to weaken. look how wacky this gets. it stays in the water, still could bring recurrent -- rip current issues, beach erosion, especially towards new jersey and new england. it is looping back. bringing us of jose rain over the weekend. as it hangs out here about friday, not a lot of power to it , so it starts to work i back to the mid-atlantic. tuesday we are more likely to see the wind and cloud cover from the storm. clouds, a lota like what the futurecast looked like for today, shower chances better off to the west. most of us drive for the day. futurecast inon the ocean, bringing showers
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southern maryland, but a better chance into the bay and on the other side of the bay. more than likely dry, but cloud cover sticks around tuesday. most of us tuesday deal with a little extra wind. 26 mile poor wind gusts for the afternoon. easton and ocean city could see wind gusts closer to 50 miles per hour. that is a big difference compared with what we see in the metro area. degrees, a mix of sun and clouds come a little extra cloud cover, maybe a shower thanks to jose. as that moves out tuesday, we're up to 84. what you are looking at is basically a live picture from space, showing just how quickly this storm is intensifying. the bright red spot is not what you see on the satellite. moving from a category one up to a two and three
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wind moving over the lesser antilles, puerto rico, the dominican, category four in that area. maria will be the one to watch moving over lots of areas that have already seen devastation. 79 monday and tuesday. pretty quiet aside from the gusty wind from jose. warming into the low and mid 80's, the first day of fall looking good. saturday looking good, rain sunday, could be left over from jose. her,ng with anything from it would not be until tuesday or wednesday next week. kellye: can you tell that we are happy here tonight? josh: i think so, and i could use it. i need to get out of the weather center and hang out with you guys. kellye: you know why we are happy? the redskins got a much-needed win in los angeles.
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he had three touchdowns in the first two games. sports is next.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. mentor,udent against jay gruden against sean mcvay. washington is coming back to the area with its first victory of the season. some of the highlights, the redskins stuck to the run and it worked. chris thompson gets the handoff, bursts upfield, outruns everyone, 61 yards for the score. yards rushing 167 in the first half. kirk cousins earned his franchise tag late in the fourth with the game tied at 20-20, finding ryan grant in the corner of win 27-20
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kirk: you've got to credit the offensive linemen with the way they blocked, the tight ends blocking on the edge, the receivers down the field at a good job of blocking. just really proud of our offensive line and the way they battled today, kept playing against a really talented group of players. erin: and kirk's baby is due tomorrow! nats-dodgers, logan forsythe with a fly ball deep to center. cannot makeaylor the catch. it is ruled a double. the dodgers take a 1-0 lead. here we go again? sixth ryan zimmerman drills one, a three run shot. right now, the nationals lead the dodgers 7-1 in the ninth. kellye: who
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don't go to bed after the news because i will be hosting abc 7 "sports sunday." in one jordan will weigh the redskins. and the orioles end a three-game skid, beating. the yankees how about the nationals, kellye lynn? kellye: my goodness, what a comeback. still to come,
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kellye: crowds packed the national mall today for a festival that brings together groups to fight childhood cancer. it included music, family-friendly events, and a candlelight vigil. and 7 on your side with the consumer alert, an atm skimmer found in laurel. scammers use the device to steal credit or debit card information. this skimmer was found yesterday afternoon at the 7-eleven. investigators also found a tiny camera used to steal your p .i.n.. when you use an atm, check for obvious signs of tampering. also cover the keypad with your hand when you enter
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