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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 19, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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allegedly gunned down another student and wounded others last week. our court records indicate the search of the suspect's home found a yearbook with the faces of students xed out. it's not clear if any of the photos were those of the victims. there were boxes of ammunition discovered. two young men are in custody, although neither has been charged yet. both are from the middle east and both in a strange twist have lived at the same foster home in london. police are searching that house. more than 30 people in that friday morning rush hour blast. and the u.s. navy has fired two more top officers after several major accidents this year in the pacific. that brings the number to six, the number of senior commanders who have been removed, including the advice admiral who led that seventh fleet. the chief of naval operations and navy secreta
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before congress today about the accidents in which 17 sailors died. millions of people may have been affected by the hack of a popular computer optimizing software. the maker of ccleaner says ransom ware or key loggers were placed in its downloads. more than 130 million people use ccleaner. the parent company, avast, says it was able to stop the threat before any harm was done. fall doesn't come our way until friday. but apparently, in some parts, it is already ski season. >> too soon. here's the evidence. shot by a former pro skier near lake tahoe, making his way down a hail-covered road with his puppy, strapped on for the ride. >> so the dog's name is tinder. they said the hail caught tinder's attention, so they decided to strap her on and go down the road. let her take it a
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when the season actually comes about, which for lake tahoe will probably be saturday. coming up, it's the newest at-home test to determine your risk of breast cancer, but is it worth the cost? we'll take a closer look. and despacito is the song of the summer. now the singer is opening up about creating the hit song and what he loved most about working with justin bieber. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. ♪ despacito "world news now" weather, brought to you by my pillow.
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hours. but can ot fix this teens skateboarding mishap? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen ings. so autumn officially begins at 4:02 eastern time friday afternoon. the fall season is already on display in new england. this is an aerial look at avril, vermont. about a half-mile from the canadian border. in a couple weeks it's about to become population
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city folks. >> don't go 4:01. 4:02. and teens are taking longer to become adults than previous generations. the researchers looked at classic milestones, working, drinking, having sex, driving and going out without their parents. today's 18-year-olds are about three years behind teens in the late 1970s. the study cites smartphones as one reason. they allow teens to socialize from home instead ever going out. the elderly are getting healthier, but apparently only if they're white. there was a significant increase in the number of older adult whose said they were healthy, but the number of hispanic and black older adults are reporting better health, that number decreased. now to the
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determine your risk for breast cancer. >> here's adrian bankert. >> reporter: devin has her whole life in front of her. the last thing she expected is to test positive for the brca 2 gene. >> it's a black cloud, this thing that's looming in the future. >> reporter: but there's a silver lining, genetic tests can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, but devin took a new test called "color" in her own home. at $149, it's the least expensive test for the brca 1 and two genes on the market. >> more women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. it's very important for women who are high risk, we want them to have access to the test. >> reporter: here's how it works. provide a saliva sample which carries your dna and send it off
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once it's analyzed, you receive your results in three to four weeks along with a complementary consultation. is there any point where you felt this was not fair? me being 30? >> oh, yeah, definitely. it's a higher risk. it's not a guarantee. it's not a death sentence. >> reporter: but when her aunt lauren's test came back positive, doctors sent her for a life-change mri. >> they found a couple spots, said they didn't think it was anything, but it came back cancer. >> reporter: i get chills thinking of you getting the call. what was the first thing that went through your mind? >> i was numb. i was numb. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: with the gene testing and early detection. lauren is now cancer free. >> thank god. it would have been totally different outcome. come probably next february when i went for my
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>> she knows what to do. she'll stay healthy. >> reporter: adrian bankert, abc news, new york. >> there are a couple ways you know if you need to be tested. family history, breast cancer before 50. coming up, des pacito. opening up about the inspiration. was it the biebs? >> i've never heard this song before. >> i really wish they'd play it more on the radio. ♪ despacito ul moments. switch to flonase allergy relief. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. flonase helps block 6. most allergy pills only block one and 6 is greater than 1. with more complete relief you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest.
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6 is greater than 1 changes everything.
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♪ thunder, hear the thunder ♪ lightning and the thunder ♪ thunder, thunder ♪ so despacito clearly may not be on top of the charts anymore, but it will reign forever as the song of the summer. >> former ms. u
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with juju chang to talk about the song now that as manier is comi -- summer is coming to an end. >> reporter: it was inescapable song of the summer, dominating the charts, infecting our brains with this unforgettably catchy hook, capture the world's attention reaching number one on the top 100 and staying there for 16 weeks. ♪ despacito >> reporter: the first mostly-spanish stonge to reach the top spot in more than 20 years, but outside the latin music world, most people had never heard of luis fonsi. does it feel fresh? >> it does. that's the exciting thing about it. it feel ts like this is my firs album. >> reporter: he is no stranger to seductive, chart-toin
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hits, known for balanlads. ♪ despacito >> reporter: but it was "despacito" that helped him reach an international audience, including none other than justin bieber who says after dancing to the song in colombian nightclub he wanted in. she is an award winner herself. >> we started making the whole thing from scratch, building the whole melody. >> hours later, we had "despacito." >> we knew it had to be urban fusion in a certain way, that's what's going on right now. >> reporter: and that's where rapper daddy yankee came in. >> and then i tell him, why don't we talk about a man that is trying to, you know, get to a woman in a
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because this genre is normally very aggressive with women. and i think this song is very respectful. >> reporter: turns out the single-most-watched youtube video of all time, with 3.7 billion views and counting was all shot in one day. for the creators, it's a heartfelt ode to their puerto rico. >> it doesn't matter the language, the culture. it's the store eve yoy of your . >> exactly what you see is what everyone was feeling. >> i'm thankful to know that 3 billion people sang the song and saw the video and the beautiful sights. >> reporter: and for the rest of us, a reminder of the summer that was. for "nightline," juju chang, new york city. >> 20-plus music career. his daughters finally thought he was cool when he said he met justin bieber. >> and let's not forget, daddy yankee alsoad
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it. m ms. universe from puerto rico. what does our weather man, paul williams jam out to during the break? we'll show you next.
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♪ all right, we have started things off with some soccer, and within of the worst penalty kicks you will ever see. >> so this is a colombian striker, just -- >> oh, ho, ho! >> killing it. >> so somehow he sent the ball so far wide, some are calling the laws of physics into question. >> you have one job. but people say it's not his fault that his planting foot sunk into the turf giving the ball just enough power to reach the sponsor boards. >> the world cup.
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all right, from the foot to the ball to someone keeping his eye on the ball. >> this is zeus, a siberian husky whose ball gets caught in the bush. and so does he. thought it was moses. and he got the ball! yes! >> good job, zeus. zeus-1, bush-0. we're going to take a moment to pull back the curtain a little bit of a behind the scenes look at what it's like to work in overnight television. sometimes you see us singing in the commercial break, messing around a little bit. >> it can be tough to keep the energy up. we've been inspired by our good friend paul williams at accuweather who likes to keep things moving between forecasts. let's take a listen to paul. he's just discovered a new artist. >> hey, i just found out about bruno mars. you know why i like
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and i'm that old, yes, i am. ♪ takes me to paradise ♪ and it shows ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah i'm sorry, we're still -- i apologize. i'm, i'm not focussing. i apologize. >> when you're so into bruno mars you forget you're in the middle ofa weather forecast >> absolutely. it just takes you away. and you forget that bruno mars, i guess you don't know that brew now mars has been around for nearly a decade now. he might have missed the super bowl. we now know, envision what the music video will be like now. >> we hope bruno's watching this. we're on to something. ♪ for too long ♪ for too long >> it kind of works. ♪ you make me feel like >> paul, by the way, this isn't the first time he's done this. he came up with his own song my first
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i don't think he knew then that we put him on the air, and i'm pretty sure he doesn't know this time around. >> kendis
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this morning on "world news now." double trouble as hurricane maria slams the caribbean. >> the hurricane intensified a few hours ago to a category five storm making landfall on the island of dominica. puerto rico in the destructive path this as the islands clean up from irma. several people are under arrest after confrontations with police, this after a student was fatally shot by police over the weekend. then house democratic leader, nancy pelosi angrily confronted all of this at an


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