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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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there in the last couple of hours. look at this damage. the epicenter we are told is 75 miles southeast of mexico city. lisa fletcher is in the newsroom with pictures of the damage coming in. this is very serious. lisa: extremely so. the united states geological survey says the scope of the damage is not yet known. they know it stuck puebla in central mexico. felt in the center of mexico city. while there have been no immediate report of injuries the images are coming in clearly suggest that is probably going to change. as the rescue workers remove debris from topples buildings and they search for people who are trapped in the rubble. the power has been knocked out and there are reports of gas leaks and fires throughout the city. this comes 33 years to the day after a magnitude 8.1 earthquake killed more than 9,000 people in the mexico city area. as images and information come in to the newsroom, i will
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the newscast. jonathan: thank you for that. also now, hurricane jose is off the delmarva coast. alison: it won't make a direct hit but it can be dangerous and damaging to the beaches. nancy: abc7 has team coverage. stormwatch7's meteorologist josh knight is tracking jose. jonathan: brad bell is at rehoboth beach. start with brad on the delaware coast. that is where the lifeguards have been put on alert because the rip tides are brutal out there. brad? brad: you don't want to go near the ocean today. look, we are feeling steady 30-mile-per-hour winds with gusts that are a little bit stronger than that right now. look at the waves. there is no scale, so it is hard to tell. but some of the rollers. look to the left, john, there. that was every bit of a 15-foot wave that just came crashing ashore. i want to show you something. as we spin back around here now it is not even close to high tide. not until 8:00. some of the water is already making it all the way
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a rough day. it is a spectacle. hurricane fueled waves on a wind beach. >> we are going to get and they are getting tall. brad: some approach the edge of the runout waves to grab a handful of the sea foam, nobody is going in. nobody is allowed in. >> dangerous conditions. brad: the head of the rehoboth beach patrol positioned lifeguards at dune crossing to warn those venturing on to the sand to keep the feet dry. >> even putting your angles in today can be dangerous. all it takes is one wave to surge up and sweep you off. we are doing our best to help people. let them realize these are dangerous conditions that shouldn't be taken
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conditions. you don't want to get in surf. this is impressive. the wind is starting to blow. we believe that the hurricane is just about 200 miles east of us. right now we are getting another big gust. so when we come back at 5:00. we are going to talk about something that is a real concern here. that is this northeast wind and the waves is eating up a lot of the sand. that is a worry in this town. i want to head back in to josh knight. meteorologist in the weather center. josh, you and i were traveling through florida during irma. this storm is still 200 miles away. nothing like that. but still impressive. jon it is. you bring up a good point. the winds, even as the storm moves north. it will batter from the same direction from the coastline. we are getting readings from the weather bug network of gust of 37 miles per hour. temperature hanging steady close to 70. you can see the winds howling in the pictures. let me show you the latest here. we will put a track on
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this hasn't changed much with the intensity. 75-mile-per-hour sustained wind and 90-mile-per-hour gusts. brad is standing here. you can see the distance. still close to 200 miles. really feeling the effects. put this in to motion. it moves northeast. it doesn't want to move. we are getting an update. it's piled in the same spot. we continue with the wind at the beaches for the next few days. look at the picture and you can see the rain wrapping in closer to the coastline. meanwhile for us we managed to stay out of most of the cloud cover and the rain closer to home. feel starts friday. it's going to feel a bit more like summer. we'll talk about that in a bit. jonathan: i w
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the sound up on that and hear the wind up howling. we talked about jose. if you go further south, this is maria. this is a very big storm. overnight, and into the day, guadeloupe hammered by another huge hurricane. maria. a category five. the category five hurricane battering the caribbean as well and it's marching toward puerto rico where airlines are adding flights and capping prices for anyone trying to get off the island before the storm moves ashore. we are tracking the tropics. even away from the tv, download the stormwatch7 weather app to get the updates on the current location. it will come to your phone or to your pad. nancy: on friday, 15-year-old boy shot and killed by the prince william county police. today they explain why it believes this was a justified shooting. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg spoke to the teen's father who called it murder. >> our lives have been
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destroyed. we don't know how we'll survive this. jeff: oscar urbina looks it the photo of his son and can hardly stop crying. the 15-year-old was shot outside the family's home in haymarket. >> this is a murder. my kid was taken from us for no reason at all. jeff: police say the prosecutors have a different story. >> going through the evidence and ruled that it was justifiable shooting. >> according to authorities on friday after 10:00 a.m., the young man called 911, said he was holding his mother hostage and claimed he had a knife and a bomb strapped to his chest. while also telling the dispatcher he did not mind if he was killed by police. >> four officers soon arrived and witnessed the 15-year-old outside the strike 'em out, throw 'em outing his -- striking his brother's girlfriend with a crowbar. authorities say they told the teen fie
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crowbar but instead he came at them with the crowbar raised. an officer fired two shot at the young man's upper body killing him on the scene. >> everybody is concerned about the young person's death. >> it's not justifiable. the officers were not wearinged be cameras and they have been unable to locate any video of the incident. >> coming up, the father of the young man forgives the officer who pulled the trigger. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: there are new developments today in the u.v.a. rolling stone saga. thrown out defamation lawsuit is now back in play. a federal appeals court reinstated that suit by three fraternity members. you will remember the retracted "roling stone" article chronicled a gang rape in 2014.
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confederate statues in charlottesville have now been removed. the statues were covered after heather heyer was killed in clashing demonstrations last month. some people were not happy with the statues being covered up. so they took them down. nancy: a man is accused of going on a hate filled crime spree in baton rouge that included shooting and killing two african-american men. police say gleason targeted a homeless man as well as someone who is walking to work. he is also accused of shooting into another family's home. no one was there. d.n.a. was apparently found on a shell casing from one of the scenes. searching his home, police found an adolf hitler speech. he now faces first-degree murder charges. president trump: major portions of the world are in conflict. some in fact are going to hell. we can no longer be taken advantage of. the iran deal was one of the worst and the most one-sided
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transactions. that deal is an embarrassment to the united states. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. and his regime. >> rocketman is kim jong un. this is the address from the general assembly this morning. he said it went well. but we have more on the message to world leaders. >> president of the united states of america. >> today, all eyes trained on president trump as he made his debut on the world's most prominent diplomatic stage. trump launching right into his america first vision. in a room full of foreign leaders. >> as long as i hold this office, i will defend america's interest above all else. >> the harshest words reserved for u.s. adversaries. the president blasted the north korean regime for the defiance and
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>> rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. the united states is ready, willing and able. but hopefully this is not necessary. >> issuing a stunning and ominous warning. president trump: the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> the president hinting major shift could be on the horizon. >> the iran deal was one of the worst and one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states. >> signaling a possible u.s. withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal, an agreement supported by many key u.s. allies. a speech packed with shock and awe from a president knowing for being predictably unpredictable. the
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nations that support international terrorism and called out syrian president bashar al-assad for using chemical weapons against his own people. at the united nations, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- miriam webster adding 250 new words. nancy: i'm excited about that. the lincoln memorial and havized. this time there is an arrest. we show you what happened and update the other investigation. >> so far we haven't shown our back. strapless, low cut or anything like that. alison: a homecoming dress code going viral. the school demanding pictures before the big dance. we want you to weigh in. go to for the instapoll. do you think this wisco
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jonathan: well, this is a high school dress code that appears to be sparking backlash. alison: a school in wisconsin. they are asking students to submit photos of their dresses before they can buy a ticket to the home coming dance. nancy: getting reaction here in the instapoll. do you think it's going too far? go to to participate. jonathan: look at the bottom of the screen. the results, we are showing them live. voting is open as we have the story for you.
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>> the hollywood looks won't be allowed at a high school's homecoming. >> we are not allowed to wear two piece dresses. so far we haven't been able to show any part of our back. strapless, low cut, nothing like that. >> 17-year-old nicole stark is a senior in wisconsin. where dress codes have been strict. recently the administration sent an e-mail reminding parents and students before purchasing a ticket we are requiring all dress wearing students or non-p.h.s. guest to provide a picture of themselves in the homecoming attire. >> i think the fact we have to submit a photo of ourselves wearing it front and back wearing it is creepy to me. >> her friend chose the dress according to the guidelines is concerned that it may not make the cut this year. >> it has a little cutout at the chest i'm worried about. >> the school requires the dress photos in advance so the students aren't turned away at the night of the d
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door than to send picture of myself wearing a dress. >> i don't want them to go too far where you go shopping and you can't find anything. >> 64% of the schools have dress codes. some experts think this protocol sends the wrong message to young women. >> what we are looking at is arbitrary standards that an adult gets to decide. and what that does is shame the young person and says you don't get to belong here because of the way your body looks. >> on monday the school updating the policy saying if someone feels uncomfortable sending in a picture a parent can e-mail the administrator saying the child understands the guidelines and will comply with the dress code. jonathan: so far as you can see from the voting below more than three-quarters of the people who have taken part in the poll believe it's going too far. what happens if someone takes a picture of their dress and shows up in a different dress? nancy: that is a good
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i understand the point it's difficult to find a dress these days just to even comply with all the different standards they have for young women. alison: very true. let's stick with fashion for a minute. i want to see what you think about the trend. it is an interesting one. double jeans. there they are. they are a creation of the london fashion house brand. it's a denim on top of denim with a layered waistband. how about the price? jonathan: what? alison: yeah! $695. nancy: wow! jonathan: somebody has lost their mind. alison: if you they is outrageous, it sounds like you do, you are in the minority. they have sold out. at least one online store. jonathan: $695 for a pair of denim drawers? really? nancy: it makes sense, you have double jeans so you to pay double the price. jonathan: my head is hurting. move on. nancy: merriam-webster adding new words t
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froyo, frozen yogurt sriracha. that is always good. snide. the sports term as in a losing streak like the nats broke the snide over the weekend. finally. [laughter] jonathan: don't get any on you. nancy: now to combine all three words in a sentence. meantime the changes have been coming to the neighborhoods across d.c. one of the rapidly transforming area, eastern market in southeast. now the people in the marketplace are concerned about the future. this is the tuesday's farmer's market but this evening there is a community meeting here. the issue is the street. this is 7th street. since they had a fire some years ago it's been cl
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for vendors. some want it to the stay that way. but the vendors inside don't. they feel threatened. >> the main issue is the long-term viability of the last fresh food city market. >> after the market was destroyed in 2007, the city started to shut down 7th street in front where the street vendors on the weekend. now that the market is back, the streets are still shut down and the city is talking about making that permanent. except some residents say it hinders them from getting to the market. >> what happened after the fire was supposed to be temporary. >> it makes it difficult and i think for many people impossible to really shop here. sam: for mike, this is way off. >> we have a real issue here with accessibility. it's really
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businesses. sam: however for many others this is about more than selling food inside. it's about the street vendors and the ambiance. neighborhood gathering place. they want the street closed on weekends. >> the eastern market makes the neighborhood so special. having the street closed allows people to enjoy everything here on the weekends. not worry about the safety. sam: we are back live here. there are some who think demographics may be a big factor here. this is a changing neighborhood. for example, a block away from here, next week a trader joe's is opening that may give the place a lot of competition. more on that coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from southeast washington i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. but you know what they don't have? market lunch, beautiful pancakes they make. nancy: crab cakes are delicious. jonathan: that place, if you haven't been there be
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money. you have to go. it's great. josh: based on the crowds there today it seems like they are doing okay. nancy: beautiful day. josh: absolutely. we go throughout the next ten days we are looking at the nice weather sticking around. but we are busy as we start to look toward the tropics. so we've got of course hurricane jose and hurricane maria. maria is making landfall as a category five last night in dominica and now continuing to march closer to the u.s. virgin islands as well as puerto rico. so keeping a close eye on this system. our winds right now are 165-mile-per-hour. just 85 miles southeast of st. croix. what we are going to get are the frequent updates. advisories every hour now that it is closer to making another landfall. that is expected to happen tonight and tomorrow morning. take this out to tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning 155-mile-per-hour winds and just on the edge of the category four to
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on the edge of puerto rico here. close to san juan. by thursday morning this is expected to be off to the north side of the dominican republic. after that it does continue to weaken for us as it moves north and northeast. ultimately down to a category three and then a two. but still throwing a lot of wind, a lot of water toward the bahamas. that is likely to be an issue for them. places that aren't directly in the cone, they are still going to see issues from the storm. you can see the spinning 200 miles from, drew the line to around where we have the fenwick island and ocean city working to the bethesda beach. 200 miles from there. with the wind and the rain moving in. closer to d.c. we managed to clear out the cloud cover. farther east to the bay is where you run back in the clouds that are part of jose. most of the rain is staying
4:23 pm
it does lead to patchy fog for tomorrow morning. tomorrow, this takes us to 1:00 on wednesday. sunshine wall to wall. so throughout the evening if you want to get out for a jog or a long walk it feels nice but warm and muggy. compared to where we are going today is mild. tomorrow we top out at 86 degrees with the sunny skies and over the next few days. we hang there in the mid-80's into the weekend. not a lot of relief until the end of the forecast. first day of fall we have temperatures around 85 degrees. working our way to saturday sunday, 86, 87. hanging there in the mid-80's working our way to tuesday, wednesday. finally that is when things cool off. heat is sticking around for at least the next week. alison? alison: all right, josh. thank you. still ahead at 4:30, the lincoln memorial and havized. at least the third time -- vandalized. at least the third time this year. the arrest and update on other investigations ahead. jonathan: nancy: still ahea
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nathan: i'm nathan baca live here at the rockville "7 on your side" call for action phone bank. right now, you can call
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301-652-4357. call right now if you are the victim of a fraud. if you think you are being scammed. if you need help getting a refund. next, i just talked to the "7 on your side" call for action volunteers who are telling me in the past year alone they have $530,000 back, refunds, fighting for those, for the viewers. that is half a million dollars. call right now. 301-652-help. 301-652-4357. somebody is calling right now. call that number if you think you are the action of a scam. they will help you out right here. reporting live from rockville, nathan baca, abc7 news. jonathan: a great resource. thank you for that. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- big waves off the east coast. this is in new jersey. thanks to hurricane jose. in the meantime a major
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caribbean again. stormwatch7 is trapping the tropics -- tracking the tropics and our local weather. >> the lincoln memorial vandalized again. how this was different. plus, what i told the suspect
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lisa: we have the latest on the massive mexico city earthquake. they are reporting that at least five people are confirmed dead. in mexico city 75 miles away streets are filled with rubble. numerous buildings have collapsed or suffered serious damage. some in heavily populated part of the city. the city's mayor says people are trapped in buildings and apparently a large parking garage alongside a hospital has come down and it's unclear if it's damaged the hospital. all schools are closed. mexico city international airport suspended operation while they check the facility for damage. it's unclear how many flights are affected. power outages and fires are reported around the city as well as gas leaks. now on this very day in 1985, a magnitude 8.1 earthquake tilled more than 9,000 people in the mexico city area. we vehicle more on the developing story coming up at 5:00. jonathan: thank you. we loo
4:32 pm
now in the weather center with josh. we are watching what is happening in ocean city, rehoboth beach. this is 200 miles away from hurricane jose. josh: remarkable. still wind gusts at 37 miles per hour. this will continue as it continues very slowly. jonathan: we'll see the gusts for several days? >> yes. they have problem with the beach erosion. we have a storm and the center is clearly, i want to point out the difference in the radar and the satellite. the radar where we are getting the green and the yellows, the rain from is based here on land. the reason you don't see rain wrapping around to this side is the radar can't see that far away. the cloud cover, that, of course is a picture from the satellite in space. that is where we see the center of the storm. there are still wind gusts of 40 miles per hour at the beaches. we have been lucky here. the cloud cover is staying just off to the east of d.c. allowing us to get a nice day. winds on the other hand are on the breezy side. right now d.c. is 16 miles per hour. but you have to
4:33 pm
coast to find anything too strong. that is where we find 35 to 40 miles per hour gusts at this point for ocean city and rehoboth beach. 84 in d.c. 85 for quantico. 86 in leesburg. so certainly above average. that trend is going to continue for us. over the next few days. not really getting too much relief from the heat. 68 degrees for you tonight. 86 tomorrow. and wednesday. a lot of sunshine, though. we work our way to the weekend. it looks good as well. take a closer look at that coming up in a bit. nancy: thank you. for the third time this year the lincoln memorial has been vandalized. this year a pillar scratched up. the police believe they got the vandal. tim barber along the national mall with the story. tim? tim: well, investigators say he used that penny to carve into one of the pillars here. so he used lincoln's face to deface lincoln's memorial. >> this vandalism is hard to see and difficult to remove.
4:34 pm
>> i mean why do you destroy something so beautiful. >> the park police responded to tourists carving letters in the pillar monday afternoon. it's not clear what the message is. >> anything at all? >> no. tim: the suspect nurtilek bakirov is from the kyrgyz, small country west of ki china. the 30-year-old said, "am i in trouble for doing this?" >> i think he should be prosecuted for one thing and i think any defacing of government property is wrong. tim: bakirov is facing charges for defacing public property and destruction of property and the damage is expected to be $1,000. >> somewhat is the point in that -- what is the point in that? tom: the national park service working to find out if they can remove the scratches or not. we will keep you posted. reporting live in northwest washington on the national mall. tim barber, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. this is not the
4:35 pm
painted the column of the lincoln memorial, the second incident this year. over president's day weekend someone took a sharpie on it. they tagged other parts of mall as well. it was back in june of 2013 that green paint was splattered on the memorial. that one was the only incident resulting in an arrest. abc7 on your side now with the call for action phone bank. you can see everyone on the phone there. if you have consumer questions or complaints, call 301-652-help. that's 4357. we are here all afternoon. volunteers are standing by for your calls through 6:30 tonight. again the number is 301-652-help. for any questions and complaints. they will help you out right away. jonathan: a big morning at the u.n. today president trump as dressing the u.n. general assembly for the first time threatening to destroy north korea if it came to that. saying that the iran nuclear deal was an embarrassment to the
4:36 pm
he had this message to world leaders. president trump: the united states will forever be a great friend to the world. and especially to its allies. but we can no longer be taken advantage of. or enter into a one-sided deal. where the united states gets nothing in return. jonathan: for analysis we are joined today by contributor sebastian gorka, former dep they analysis tant to president trump and recently left -- assistant to president trump and recently left the white house. what did you think when you heard the president's speech at the u.n.? >> i was happy. this is the trump we know of old, of the campaign trail. he went in the belly of the beast and spoke truth to power. whether it's the iran deal being an embarrassment, whether it's north korea having to be dealt with extreme force if necessary or the disaster that socialism and communism caused in venezuela. so quite
4:37 pm
a speech. >> i think a lot of people weren't aware that the united states contribution in the u.n. is in the neighborhood of 22-26% of the budget for the u.n. comes from the u.s. what should the role be for the u.n. toward the u.s. and the u.s. toward the u.n.? >> i think it should stop being the u.n. with certain members such as saudi arabia or certain members such as north korea lambasting us or our allies for human rights. it's quite outrageous that nations are despotic regimes would criticize america as the greatest funder and the key founder san francisco conference in 1945 created the united nations. the idea that, you know, we -- look, benjamin netanyahu nailed it today. he tweeted after the president's speech,, this is the best speech he has heard in 30 years
4:38 pm
that nation suffered from two-faced nations inside the u.n. using it as a political tool. jonathan: let's talk about north korea. you brought it up a second ago. what is it that the u.n. can do that can deescalate what has been outstanding -- outlandish rhetoric gearing up for war? what can they do to diffuse the situation? >> thanks to ambassador haley and the good offices of this administration, the u.n. security council brought the most stringent package of sanctions against north korea in modern u.n. history. so now jonathan deescalation is in the hands of two capitols. it's not in new york oropesa, but in the hands of pyongyang. they can deescalate because they are launching the minneapoliss or detonating atomic bombs. or -- missiles or detonating atomic bombs. or beijing who has
4:39 pm
leverage. jonathan: is north korea a real threat on 1 to 10, 10 being worst, where do they fit or fall? >> they don't have a massive military might. this isn't the soviet union. this is a little flea comparison to our military might as a nation. but nevertheless, any rogue regime that is launching ballistic miles and has a nuclear capability and says they want to attack us and our allies, that is somebody you have to take seriously. jonathan: we appreciate you taking time for us. >> anytime. thank you. jonathan: coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- president trump witnessed the bastille day celebrations and then said this. president trump: when they do something like that on july 4 in washington, down pennsylvania avenue. jonathan: okay. we'll take a look at what it would take to put something like that together and if people here want it. nancy: neighbors say the jogger is leaving a little
4:40 pm
you won't believe what they found her doing that now has the police involved. a first look at how to start tomorrow right with "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- the latest track on hurricane jose and maria. stay with stormwatch7 for the impact both storms could have on the d.m.v. >> plus, why ingredients in your food can be harmful and the healthier alternative. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at
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jonathan: i think the next story is disgusting. nancy: i second that. jonathan: people in a colorado springs neighborhood are asking a woman who runs through the street to knock off doing what she has been doing. michelle: because she was caught using the bathroom on the sidewalk. nancy: some kids saw her drop her pants and relieve herself in the middle of the day. the mom believes this is no accident. >> are you serious? you're really taking a poop? >> she says yeah, sorry. >> there is a bathroom across the street here. nancy: so she also says the woman does come prepared with napkins in her pocket. jonathan: oh, no. this gets worse. >> people are posting the photos around the neighborhood to try to get her
4:44 pm
michelle: moving on. nurse at the navy hospital in jacksonville, florida jonathan: the nurse and a friend made a brand new baby dance to rap music by holding the baby. she took it to snap chat. the chance wrote how i currently feel about the mini satans. she is in the maternity ward. you would freak if you saw that. no question. next at 4:00, the giant chain firing for bankruptcy protection and what you
4:45 pm
that are open today. >> military trucks may be moving down the avenue but don't be alarmed. i'm cheryl conner and i will explain coming up. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in falls church where the high school students are learning all
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family.
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that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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$530,000 is how much the "7 on your side, call for action" team has fought to get back to consumers' hands. this team is taking phone calls at 301-652-help. 301-652-help. people have been calling since we put the number out there. the phones are going on and on and on. people calling with the scam calls. people think they defrauded and people that need to fight for the refunds and they are getting calls. half a million dollars in the past year alone. you request get help right
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301-652-help. call the number for the "7 on your side" call for action phone bank. back to you. michelle: thanks. jonathan: president trump is floating the idea of a fourth of july military parade like what he witnessed in france on bastille day. nancy: or like with the inauguration but more of the military people showing up here. cheryl: this is mixed reaction. this is whether we see the presidents get out of the vehicle and wave to the crowd in the inauguration parade. he made the comments on monday. president trump told president macron he was inspired by a military parade he witnessed while visiting france in july for bastille day. he envisioned tank
4:50 pm
parades rolling down pennsylvania avenue for the fourth of july. president trump: because of what i witnessed we may do that on july 4th, pennsylvania avenue. >> he wants to do it to shores force and what the military is capable of. especially in the circumstances of what is going on with korea. cheryl: now washington d.c. already hosts a fourth of july parade that is on constitution avenue. we reached out to the national park service to see how they would handle this military parade. but so far we have not heard back. nancy: interesting prospect. "7 on your side". chapter 11 bankruptcy protection but they are continuing with the formal operation so you won't notice different with the stores today. it's busy as usual. there are 1600
4:51 pm
this is not clear as they reorganize or if emerges from bankruptcy. jonathan: fall starts friday. sign of fall's return. snow. at least nowhere near us. check it out. this is a video. from mount hood, oregon. our sister station katu sharing the video from the higher elevation. pretty good snow. the first snow of the season. the early reviews so far, mixed. >> well, i was looking for the view. >> we came to see the mountain. >> stuck for the boarding season to begin. >> the snow will be gone before you know it. this is still summer. but the first snow is always nice. the second snow is not bad either. jonathan: when
4:52 pm
summer we have a problem. nations already dealing with the effects of maria reporting now widespread devastation from the huge storm. nancy: the storm does not discriminate. lindsey mastis has more about what has been posted to social media. lindsey: the prime minister of dominica found himself in a scary situation. look at the facebook post. the winds are merciless. and then my roof is gone. i am at the complete mercy of the hurricane. an hour later he writes i have been rescued. a comment is this. if the prime minister's roof is gone can you imagine whose folks whose houses are parly built? praying for everyone in dominica. stay safe. these are the images we are seeing. this one is of the devastation in the dominica. this is where it looked like on guadeloupe where a death has been
4:53 pm
he writes i am not preoccupied with the physical damage at this time. my focus is in rescuing the trap and securing medical assistance for the injured. we'll need help. we need help of all kinds. pray for puerto rico and the u.s. irvir. have back to you. >> category one storm, 75 miles per hour as of 5:00 with the update. the cloud cover again favoring area to the bay. the latest wind gusts are not too bad. 25 miles per hour in ocean city. virginia beach around 25 miles per hour. we will likely get the higher gusts as the storm develops. this everything is closer to home. again it looks grate. 82 degrees around d.c. 78 for silvers
4:54 pm
81 in clifton. it's 81 in largo. get out and enjoy the everything. 78 for you at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow we start off in the mid-to-the upper 60's and the mid-80's on the way home. feeling like summer for the middle of the ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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4:57 pm
nancy: well, if you have a car you know how important it is to understand what it needs and how it works. in today's "spotlight on education" kellye lynn shows us how students in fairfax county are learning automotive basics and beyond. kellye: the automotive shop at the high school is open. >> we just pulled a motor out of a shevously suburban. that was -- chevy suburban. that was a challenge. kellye: the shop is an automotive technology classroom where the students learn from the basics to -- >> tires, brakes, transmission servicing. kileven taking apart a transmission. it wasn't a transmission but an engine that vin vent repaired with his sad. he is getting the training he needs to be a mechanic. >> i fell in love with it and i came back again another year to learn more. >> since childhood i have been liking cars and collecting
4:58 pm
i saw this program in school. i was like perfect for me. kellye: the cars here are donated from the community. repaired, safety inspected and sold for a profit. money that goes back in the program. toward scholarships. >> they come in with low self-esteem and then they have positive self-esteem. >> knowledge, job training around personal growth. in more ways than one helps students take off. >> we are all going to die. but this is not the time for my son. jonathan: a grieving father cries murder by police as the local chief defends the officers. abc7 is there as hurricane jose churns offshore. a rodent t
4:59 pm
abc7 gets involved and get results in a neighborhood overrun. announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. larry: tonight at least 42 people are dead after a massive earthquake near mexico city. lisa is watching the developments for us from the "live desk" and has more now. >> the epicenter is puebla 75 miles from mexico city. it may have been there to look at the damage. in mexico city now the streets are filled with rubble. the city's mayor reports that people trapped in the buildings and the numerous vehicles. rescue crews are working frantically as you can see in the drone video to get to the survivors. all the schools a
5:00 pm
international airport. power outages, gas leaks and fires are widely reported. you get a sense of damage here when you see it from the sky from the abc7 drone. part of mexico city, this is interesting are built on what used to be a lakebed. the u.s. joe lage call survey says it can amplify the effects of a quake hundreds of miles away. as we get more information and pictures we will bring them to you. alison: lisa, thank you very much for that. the quake hit just as we are tracking the tropics tonight and two big storms being felt on land tonight. hurricane jose causing strong winds and rough surf along the eastern seeboard. then maria is wreaking havoc on the caribbean. in the last hour maria became category five storm again. >> in the caribbean it's the worst day va view. island battered by hurricane


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