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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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jonathan: right now at 4:00, a man arrested with an arsenal of weapons near the white house just appearing in court. alison: abc7 is learning this afternoon he is a former police officer. q mccray has the new developments from court now. q? q: yeah, we are talking about 37-year-old timothy bates. he was just in court 15 minutes ago and found out he will remain in jail without bond until his next court appearance on thursday. he was also ordered to surrender all the prohibited weapons he has on him prohibited in d.c. which include an ak-47 and a tech 9. i have an incident report here. they are usually two pages long. this one is five pages long because of how long the list of weapons he had on him is. i also made phone calls today. i called to tennessee because that is where he is from and i found out he was a member of the memphis police department until he retired in 2013. he became a member of the force in 2000.
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around the white house where he was arrested early yesterday morning in front of the renwick art gallery to be act. they caught him urinating on the corner. when they aroached him he told the secret service agents he came to the white house to speak secretary of defense james mattis and n.s.a. director mike rogers to get advice on how to get a paycheck he hasn't received yet and how to get the dog chim out of his head. he was arrested. they also, he gave them the okay to search his car. that is when they found nine weapons. nine guns. three knives. brass knuckles. a blackjack and a lot of ammunition he was arrested. a psyche exam but done. he is facing charge of carrying illegal rifle in the city of d.c. which could land him in jail for as much as five years with a fine of up to $5,000.
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we'll keep you posted. i'll let you know what happens next. jonathan: over the weekend, north president trump speaking "heard north korea spoke. " the north korean said it equates to a declaration of war. the foreign minister saying through a translator it has the right to shoot down the u.s. bombers over the national air space. the white house denies it has declared war. alison: jared kushner used a private e-mail account for official business. his lawyer admitted about 100 e-mails went from a personal account since january. he says the e-mails were usually news articles or political commentary. he would only reply if someone contacted him first. senator john mccain meanwhile opened up about his cancer battle in a "60 minutes" interview last night and it's not good. the do
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proc noseys. he -- poor prognosis. he had surgery in july and it's the same cancer that took the life of his colleague ted kennedy. jonathan: abc7 continues to track hurricane maria. at least ten people killed in puerto rico as a result of the maliceive storm. crews continue clearing roads or trying to. you can see the trips were ripped out of the roof, thrown on both sides of the road. the interesting thing about all the trees, not one has a leaf. they were ripped off all the trees. to give you an idea of the force of the winds. maryland task force one arrived on the island. not just search recovery and rescue crews but doctors as well. so much of the island is without power. it has a difficult time to get supplies to those in need. virginia task force one crews who deploy to puerto rico return home this evening. alison: well, right now it's a category one hurricane. it's moving north cl
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the outer banks. in fact, ocracoke island is being evacuated if you believe that. steve rudin has the track and the forecast today. steve, hard to believe this is still around and still an issue. steve: absolutely! hurricane maria with the winds at 802 miles per hour continues the track. we are waiting for the 5:00 update to come in. that is going to arave here by 4:45 this afternoon. we will bring it to you on abc7. this is where the storm is now. you can see the eye. compared to the last storm with hurricane irma and what maria looked like when it went through puerto rico the eye is not defined. not as defined as it was. it will continue the track hugging the outer bank of north korea. -- outer bank of north carolina. fingers cross it will take a hard right turn and move east. let's go to the wall and show what is going on. this is the outer bank and this is the delmarva beaches. the outer ri
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cover for that, that is going to arrive later tonight but not going to bring us any problems. this is the latest track. a hard turn to the east. wednesday, thursday and friday. wait for the new update and what is happening closer to home. if you have barbecue plans, it's a firm go. more on that in a few minutes. jonathan: thank you. the first cruise ship returns to key west florida since irma truck this month. empress of the seas arrived with 800 passengers. they got off the ship they found the bustling town was quiet. the region is looking forward to the benefit of the tourists coming back and bringing the money back to the folks that need the business there. friends and family of 16-year-old boy murdered in d.c. gathering to remember him. zaire kelly was shot in an attempted robbery. a senior in high school
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bureau chief sam ford in southeast at the memorial service now. sam? sam: we are in the gym where the classmates of zaire are gathering for what they call a "celebration of life" here. his family is here and community members are gathering. >> i'm zaire. sam: 16-year-old zaire was killed when he encountered gillis in this park last wednesday night. gillis with a gun tried to rob kelly who had a knife. they ended up killing each other. the kelly family issued a statement today. "we are comforted knowing that zaire was loved and respected by so many. many said it left two families in grief. and they gathered near saratoga northeast to man t
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vigil. earlier we spoke to his sisters. >> i don't want people saying that my brother was a bad dude. he wasn't. >> he is got at the rapping. >> he was. this wasn't him. >> he was featured on a rap video called pintos down. >> like many in the videos, money and guns played a prominent role. family members hoped for entertainment career for him. >> all that. questions we need answered. >> family members say he just left the college bound program. returning home he walked in the park. the confrontation followed. alison: that was sam ford reporting. meanwhile, we told you about a
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apartment yesterday. today a person is charge and another person in the apartment is expected to survive. he is awaiting a transfer to prince george's county. jonathan: in baltimore a massive fire. flames shooting from a warehouse. it's believed to be a white house and shapiro, a textile trading company out there. it started at 7:00. smoke could be seen for miles away in the morning commute. alison: in response to the president saying athletes protesting in the anthem should be fired there were signs of unity. players locking arms in the anthem and some owners and executives joined in. have the comments united, divided or had no effect? that is the instapoll. go to
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brad bell has the weekend filled with differing opinions. high, brad -- hi, brad. brad: we are out at fedex field where last night the redskins put on a dominating performance to beat oakland. but it's what they did as a team before the game that has people talking. former nfl player colin kaepernick started it last year kneeling in the anthem about a protest of police treatment of african-american. last night president trump used salty language to tell a rally in alabama what he thinks the owners should do about it. >> wouldn't you love to see the nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that [bleep] off the field right now. he's fired. >> that touched off a weekend of reaction. some standing and linked arms
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last night, so did the redskins with the owner among them. after the game, player josh norman delivering a verbal attack on his own for the president. >> the man is not welcome in washington, d.c. brad: after every nfl game began with a protest. the president's remarks. trump now standing his ground. >> this has nothing to do with race or anything else. this has to do with respect for our country. respect for the flag. >> this is an issue stirring up emotions. we are working on the irto. when we come back we'll have the reactions from people today to the president's position and the players' position. jonathan: we have the post game interview where norman shares his thou
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conversation in the comments section. the white house is pushing back to say that president trump is for respect through symbols lake the flag and the national anthem. alison: also pointing out that more people stand than sit and kneel. meanwhile, the debate raged online. lindsey mastis is here with how it plays out. lindsey: there were opinions all around. some calling for a boycott. one man tweeting as an american and veteran i respect your right to free speech but the antics during the anthem is disrespect. #boycottnfl. this unwith says boycott -- boycott nfl on veterans weekend. others are offering support. this person writes i'm a u.s. navy veteran and i support free speech rights of all sitting including nfl players who choose to stand or kneel. others are trying to make their point
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humor. this is only in support of free speech there. no doubt the protest is getting attention. back to you. jonathan: thank you for that. coming up here for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- six girls and three boys in little rock, arkansas, tried to go to a class. but it just didn't go the way they planned and it's history in the making. alison: the "little rock nine" were set to attend what was once an all white high school but after two days of violent angry mobs they returned with federal troops. president eisenhower ordered the army to enforce immigration and allowing those teens to be a symbol of racial progress. jonathan: next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- target promising increase in minimum wage. the timeline ahead. alison: plus -- >> she was taking a nap. alison: all right. crashing through the ceiling. so what was she doing up there
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you got to see it to believe it coming up next. >> another county fair in maryland dealing with sick pigs. coming up we have a story about what the frederick county fair is doing about the situation. jonathan: and ahead at 4:30 -- the opioid epidemic. a little sign of just how bad it is.
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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jonathan: breaking news in the newsroom. d.c. police officer killed in car crash in clarksville this morning along route 32. officer barry eastman's car crossed the center line and hit a tractor-trailer driving the opposite direction. a head-on collision. we are told he was an officer with the third district, had been in the police department over four years. alison: first swine flu in southern maryland. now it's in frederick. 200 pigs in quarantine. visitors to the county fair won't be let near it. we have a "7 on your side" health alert. richard: we are outside the gate at the fair. you can see the big barn area. 200 pigs in there now under the quarantine. only essential personnel allowed in there. this is after 11 pigs were diagnosed with influenza a. this is when a pig had 106-degree fever and it prompted the
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since then, 11 are tested positive. the state lab has determined the animals have an unknown strain of influenza a. this came after exposure of pigs at charles county fair. in frederick they are being careful about keeping it'slated. >> we have the barns blocked off so the public can't get in there. there are washing stations. >> the pigs have to remain in the quarantine from seven to ten days. coming up at 6:00, what state veterinarians are saying about all of this. their advice and what you should do if you think you have been exposed to the pig exhibit. richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: target is promising increase to minimum wage. it will jump to $11 an hour next month.
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this is good news for more than $100,000 temporary and the part-time workers in the holidays. check out this gaping hole in a ceiling of san francisco liquor store? a woman fell through it. a woman ran upstairs and while chatting with someone in the store, that is when she came flying through the ceiling. >> it was beyond comprehension. i'm glad she didn't fall on the chihuahua because he was taking a nap. jonathan: thank goodness for that. >> debris strewn across pennsylvania yard after a small plane crash there. the plane came down in the tree. you could see it hit the corner of the home. the pilot was trapped by a
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now the f.a.a. and the ntsb are investigating. six days after the earthquake, a rescue. a dog pulled from the rubble. japanese and the mexican crews are there working together. they checked him out. a small sign of hope after the death toll now climbed past 300. jonathan: the late don rickals is still entertaining. dinner with don is being released online. there were conversations with snoop dogg, jimmy kimmel and much more. alison: with no new baby panda, the national zoo. this has to do. in japan a name has been settled on after thousands and thousands of the suggestions poured in. this cub xong
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it means fragrance. jonathan: that would have been my choice. the zoo says the cup is healthy and growing fast. 13 pounds and three months old. jonathan: i was torn. this is summer like weather. alison: so hot today. steve: is record is 795 degrees. when you consider the average for this time of the year is 76 degrees, 15 degrees where we normally are. a few clouds are rolling in. it will stay dry this evening. this is a firm go. 88 at dulles. andrews is now 86. extreme western maryland are at 77
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the sunset is 7:00. it's daylight shrinking. upper 70's by 8:00. there are changes on the way. we have added clouds around the i-81 corridor. this is dry tonight. hurricane maria turns away. we are waiting for an update to give us a handle on where the storm will go. this will make a turn to the right. make that the east. it will weaken a bit. impact on the immediate metro area. ocean city
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outer banks of north korea. 60 to 70 for overnight low. waking up if you head out the door obgetting ready for the work and school. temperatures are in the middle to the upper 60's. we have added cloud cover due to maria but it will stay dry. can't rule out a sprinkle or two. less than 20% risk to see anything at all around the area. clear things out for the end of the week. the highs will make it to the lower 80's so it's cooler. the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. it's breezy on thursday. lower 80's. the cold front swings through on friday. celebrate fairfax, temperatures in the lower 70's. we stay in 70's moving to next week. lows in the 50's. jonathan: true sign of the
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the death toll doubling in a small part of maryland. we show how a group trying to make a difference with the billboard. >> cutting down green to make way for the purple line. the latest proof that
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at childrin the first 12stronger is cweeks of pregnancy.heart and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up.
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jonathan: construction is moving forward for the pupal line. alison: the plan to change course is seemingly over. kevin lewis is in silver spring. people are starting to see a difference there. >> you can see this freshly dump here and this is one of a dozen along arliss alone. around the corner from where we are standing we were recording as crews trimmed 70-foot tall tree at abandoned brick house. the tree and the building soon to be taken down. in chevy chase, a trail closed same keeping people off the trail. but a person did manage to vandalize caterpillar over -- caterpillar vehicle over the weekend.
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trucks today. the fast food restaurant closed saturday. this is the latest business set for demolition and the customers were taken by surprise. >> they have been talking about the purple line out here forever. i would like to see it. but if the businesses are closing for no reason and another year or two will go by and we don't have a purple line, that is when. kevin: we are now waiting for this tree to fully come down. work still underway. in chevy chase, the mayor tells me she expects tree removal along the georgetown branch trail to begin tomorrow. but the work is controversy as the purple line federal lawsuit is still in limbo. live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. yet another deadline on healthcare reform days aw
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thereof on the hill. that's up next. >> the numbers continue to climb. coming up we check in on heroin and the opioid epidemic in frederick county. since this billboard went up five months ago. jonathan: coming up new tonight -- alison: studies show 60 to 80% of adults with autism are unemployed. but meet some who are breaking barriers to succeed in the local workplaces. - [narrator] the typical vacuum head, it can struggle with large debris and stuck on dust. at shark we asked, what if the vacuum head could do more? so we removed the front wall and added a rotating soft brush. so, while deep cleaning carpets, you can also grab large particles.
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(dramatic music) even pull in piles. (rumbling) and directly engage floors for a beautiful, polished look. shark duo clean, invented to help you do more on carpets and floors.
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highs in the upper 80s.
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wednesday, as hurricane maria tracks north off the east coast. maria is gradually weakening, but remains a large hurricane. with an easterly wind component, highs will be a few degrees lower the next two days. we'll top out in the low 80s tuesday through thursday. most of us will stay rain-free this week, but a highly isolated shower is possible wednesday with maria offshore. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: maybe you have passed by this thing and it caught your attention. billboard in frederick county. it gets attention and so do the numbers. michelle: we have been tracking the overdoses and the deaths in frederick county since they posted this sign this spring. cheryl conner brings us an update. >> i always give this bottom one a kiss. cheryl: karen miller updates the numbers every month. he is pushed for this in frederick county.
4:32 pm
>> the wife and mother of recovering addicks she is helping other families break the barriers through the heroin advocates. billboard was put up in april. the number of overdoses climbed by 100. karen is waiting for the numbers and knows the lives lost will go up by three. that many people died in less than a week. >> there are other changes in the county. under the stuffed animals and next to the billboard showing narcan. the drug that reverses the overdose. every school, not just in the county but the state is now requiredded to have narcan. >> it's not only for students but visitors to the school. cheryl: frederick county schools can provide referral for a free substance abuse assessment by the health
4:33 pm
>> it may be the first time a choice but after that it's an addiction. >> miller carries her own narcan. she wants to see a change in the access to treatment so the wait times don't add to the numbers on the billboard. in frederick county, cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: abc7 has been following the opioid epidemic. this is one story. you can see all of our original reporting at michelle: in the weather center with meteorologist steve rudin. gosh, it feels like summer out there. people were sweating standing still. steve: it was hot out there. temperatures in the lower 90's for part of the area. the tropics are continuing to flare up. we are halfway through the season. we are waiting on a 5:00 update. we have winds at 80 miles per hour. compared what it looked like several days ago it's more organized. it's not the well defined eye we have seen. outer banks
4:34 pm
will have problems moving in tonight and tomorrow and in the day on wednesday. we talked about how warm it was today. look at the temperatures. reagan at 90. dulles at 88. the daylight hours are shrinking. the sun will set at 7:00. the wakeup temperatures tomorrow morning will feel like august. around 70 in downtown d.c. fairfax in the middle 60's. upper 60's for la plata and southern maryland. if you have outdoor plans make sure you have sunglasses. you won't need them all day long. the clouds will win out over the sunshine. 76 degrees for noontime hour. we are looking at the temperatures in the lower 80's. the temperatures today will be cooler. we keep warm weather going for the day on wednesday. we are tracking a cold front that arrives here on
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more on that and the latest update on hurricane maria in a few minutes. jonathan: thank you. a day of protest and arrest on capitol hill. opponents of the healthcare bill descending on washington. the bill now is up for a vote this week to repeal and replace obamacare. scott thuman talking with both sides about the fixes in this growing argument. >> those trying to pressure the senators to shooting down the republicans' healthcare bill. >> i want to put a space. i'm not a dollar sign. >> fearful that the medicine won't be covered. >> i was given three to five years to live. that was 14 years ago. it was because of the fine care that i get in boston hospital. >> you worry it would go away? >> absolutely. no
4:36 pm
>> they also worry they'd be put in the nursing facility. >> i'm married. we are trying to have a kid. none of that is possible if i lived in a nursing home. >> both sides want a bipartisan solution but that is unlikely since in general democrats want to fix existing obamacare and republicans call it a sinking ship. >> it is getting worse every day. people cannot afford the double digit increases that obamacare is delivering every year. >> expect dramatic displays like today. one day in late july there was 95 arrests. two weeks earlier, 80. two weeks before that, 40. senator lindsey graham talked to "full measure" about the need for republican and equally passionate unity. >> barack obama moved heaven and earth to pass the bill. harry reid pulled every trick out of the book. has we, mitch
4:37 pm
zeal to repeal obamacare? >> a ride share driver attacked by a passenger. this happened in the 5200 block of wilson boulevard in arlington. the woman driving was sexually assaulted. the passenger ran away. michelle: now to a shooting at a tennessee church. the gunman killed a woman before opening fire inside a church. 22-year-old usher confronted the gunman. while robert engel says he isn't much of a hero everyone else seems to think he is. >> at gun point, i'm proud of you.
4:38 pm
car. the suspect went to the church a year or two ago but a motive is under investigation. jonathan: anthony weiner is going to head to prison. the former congressman was teary eyed after being sentencedded to 21 months in prison. it stems from a sexting case involving a 15-year-old girl. he must undergo internet monitoring and enroll in sex offender program. he is expected to report to prison november 6. coming up next, on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the space rate is heating up. australia. we'll share it with you up next. michelle: we are hitching a ride. see just how fast the train was going and how far the man traveled clinging on to the back of the train.
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jonathan: australia appears to set their sights high above the earth. although it was one of the first to launch a satellite in space, it doesn't have a space agency. michelle: now it is looking to change that by creating one possibly as soon as march. australia leaders say they don't want to miss out on developing science economy as the global space industry continues to grow. makes sense. better late than never. right? now to this. this is really wild. we saw the video. how could this happen. incredible s
4:42 pm
camera. jonathan: this is not the sight we are talking about. switch in a second. a man hanging on the back of a speeding train. what compels a guy to do that? >> [bleep] [bleep] jonathan: we had to bleep out the words. they were saying what you were saying? it probably ends with a knuckle head, period. that is the moment when the people in the car realize this is a person train surfing over the weekend. a four-minute ride. 70 miles per hour. the police caught up with the guy. they can go that fast, too. now he faces charges including trespassing. he is lucky to be alive. michelle: he is lucky he is alive to face charges. that is a bad move. jonathan: didn't his mom and dad teach him you don't ride trains on the outside. get seats on the inside. michelle: pay a fare and get on. jonathan: uber's c.e.o. saying sorry day after the london transport authority said it would not renew the company operating license. michelle: the license expires saturday. london
4:43 pm
corporate misstep and cop certain for the public -- and concern for public security is why they don't want them in the city. coming up for us. "7 on your side" consumer and health alert. protecting patient's rights. if a device makes you sick or kills you, why or your survivors don't have an automatic right to sue. jonathan: plus wal-mart and amazon duking it out over deliveries. the latest in the battle for the dollars in the name of
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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jonathan: president trump is expanding a travel bans to the u.s. as the old one is expiring. north korea, chad, venezuela now on the list of the affected countries bringing the total to eight. the restrictions vary by country and include phase-in approach and in most instances travel is broadly suspended. in other cases people will face enhanced screening and vetting requirements. the new rules go into effect october 18. the supreme court canceled the october argument over the prior ban. "7 on your side" consumer alert now. if you are injured by implanted device or die from it, you might assume that you or the survivors could sue the manufacturer.
4:47 pm
michelle: consumer investigator kimberly suiters heard from patients trying to change that. they have big guns in this fight. kimberly: they have the famous erin brockovich on their side. those claimed to be sickened by breast implants, cervical mesh, they are fighting for any patient that has implantable class three medical device from hip implants to cochlear implants. >> we need congress to restore our rights. kimberly: among the crowd, a quiet voice. mother of three from ashburn who claims she was harmed by three implantable devices. nerve simulator and breast implants. >> pure health -- pure hell for the past six years. antibiotics after antibiotics. e.r. visits. pain nonstop. kimberly: there are more than 157 class three medical devices. they are considered life suspending but they may present an unreasonable risk of illness or inj
4:48 pm
william of scrutiny but the manufacturers enjoy the liability protection. thanks to a 2008 supreme court case that had the effect to make it difficult for patients to sue. >> i think that is unjust and up -- unfair. it doesn't apply to any other class one or class two device or any other consumer product. why to these 157 devices on if market now in the united states? kimberly: since 2008 there has been a six-fold increase in death and the injury reports submitted to the f.d.a. already this year, patient with class three devices more than 3,000 have died. more than 86,000 claim injury. >> even our breast implant women two developed breast implants are having a difficult time getting lawyers to discuss their cases. which that should be given. if you put in an implant and it caused you to have cancer.
4:49 pm
>> they believe the medical device safety act would give them their day in court. >> we just got a statement saying the f.d.a. represents the gold standard for safe and medical technologies and replacing the experts opinion of the trained professionals of the f.d.a. two dedicated career to patient safety. with delayed opinion of a jury is not prudent. larry: coming up at 5:00, a man attacked by a group on metro. where it happened and how you can help police find suspects. cardboard compound. and what the city is doing about it. after this weekend's nfl protest and postings online we are fact checking the claims you may have seen about the department of defense, the national anthem and the nfl rules.
4:50 pm
michelle: ordering a meal and having it delivered just got easier. they are taking orders for chipotle, five guys and shick shack teaming up with online ordering company working with hundreds of brands. that might be dangerous. jonathan: very dangerous. on the subject, wal-mart is working with the maker of smart home security system to deliver groceries to your fridge. it would be monitored by security cameras and homeowners can watch on a special app. this is in the testing phase and going on in the silicon valley for now. if it does well there, you can see it come to your home closer to your part of the world. that would be amazing. watch them and they will go in the house and the fridge. stock it up and leave. they have a recording of anybody. michelle: i don't know if i want anybody doing that. when i go grocery shopping that is the worst part. i don't mind buying it but shipping it in and finding where to put it.
4:51 pm
jonathan: all right. now i know something about you. what happens when a young daughter with autism and savant syndrome is hired to join serge call unit of a hospital. michelle: that is the story of "good doctor" on abc7. kidd o'shea sat down with the star of that. >> the character is a highly functioning awetisting savant. >> he -- functioning autistic a vant. >> it's a different character. i'm lucky to play this character. >> you are killing him. >> i'm saving his life. >> i regular anatomy 101 to know where the jugular is. >> you'd be in the right place if he
4:52 pm
but he is a boy. so you are putting pressure on his trachea. >> this is also a medical show. >> how much did you know about that? >> not so much. >> that's not how it works. >> there is criticism i'm sure. >> hello. i'm dr. sean murphy, a surgical res vent. -- resident. >> catch the series premier on abc7. >> monday afternoon heading in the everything hours. it is 90 at reagan national airport. it's not a record but 15 degrees above average where
4:53 pm
normally are. we cool down to the middle 70's tonight. this is a firm go. get out and ebb joy it. tracking maria we have a new 5:00 update. the winds have not changed. gusts are at 100 miles per hour. we move in the day on wednesday and it will take a sharp turn east. away from the delmarva beaches. looking at the rough surf tomorrow and wednesday. tomorrow we are in the 60's. the daytime highs will make it to the 80's. cooler compared to what we had today. the clouds win out over the sunshine. this weekend looking
4:54 pm
the leaves are beginning to change. back to you. jonathan: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- frozing out or freezing the credit. we show you a simple work around to make sure that you are protec
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john: if you tried signing up for credit monitoring you may have hit a bump in the road. a woman is more than frustrated trying to lock up her credit file without paying a fortune. kathy and many of her friends have been struggled to sign up for equifax free credit monitoring after the bureau's massive data breach. >> they keep getting knocked off. >> she decided to get a one-time credit freeze at all the credit bureaus but more and more people are finding out that signing up for a credit freeze is not as easy as first thought. >> so i went to transunion first. i can't get anywhere except to a page offering me monitoring for $19.95 a month. john: a credit freeze should cost no more than $10 but everything she tried led to a paid service for over $200 year. >> every page takes you to the same p
4:58 pm
john: others noticed it, too. red tape chronicles claims that transunion pushes you to the credit lock. it's similar to a freeze but more expensive at $19 a month. kathy says she won't pay that. >> they have other monitoring through the triple-a and credit karma. i'm going to feel like that is good enough. john: want a freeze? try google. if you google transunion credit freeze you can find the elusive free pages and it should cost only $10. transunion says it offers the credit lock as an alternative because it has many more features and it allows smart pone access which a freeze does not. but if you want a basic freeze, don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. >> it's unpatriotic of the president to not respect our rights. larry: new tweet and new fallout.
4:59 pm
about the national anthem and the nfl protest. >> i'm dr. sean murphy. larry: the new show shining a light on people with autism and what we found about the challenges they face in a workplace. a large homeless compound has businesses upset. are they allowed to be there in "7 on your side" investigates. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: we begin with breaking news in arlington right now. a car as you can see here overturned on walt every reed drive. the road is closed between south quincy street and four mile run. two people in that car were taken to the hospital. there is no word yet on what caused the crash. and the power company is also on the zane because a pole came down as a result of the crash. larry: 50 years to the day, the little rock nine was issued into the high school with the national guard. but this time
5:00 pm
the professional football players including the redskins linking arms after the president attacked the practice over the weekend. right now head to to let us know if you think the president comments have united the country, divided the country or had no effect. brad bell is live at fedex field with reaction. brad: the redskins had one of the biggest, most convincing victories in years over the raiders last night. but what has so many people talking is what happened before the game. it was a weekend of protests at the nfl games. the redskins among the team linking arms in unity with those players who choose to kneel during the anthem. the team owner standing with them. after the game, the star corner back josh norman speaking angrily about the president of the united states. >> he is not welcome. i can say that to your face. not welcome here. brad: president


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