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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the professional football players including the redskins linking arms after the president attacked the practice over the weekend. right now head to to let us know if you think the president comments have united the country, divided the country or had no effect. brad bell is live at fedex field with reaction. brad: the redskins had one of the biggest, most convincing victories in years over the raiders last night. but what has so many people talking is what happened before the game. it was a weekend of protests at the nfl games. the redskins among the team linking arms in unity with those players who choose to kneel during the anthem. the team owner standing with them. after the game, the star corner back josh norman speaking angrily about the president of the united states. >> he is not welcome. i can say that to your face. not welcome here. brad: president
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night speech to the alabama rally about what he said the nfl owners ought to do about anthem protests. >> if they get that son of a [bleep] off the field right now. he is fired. brad: new tweets from the president. #standfortheanthem. another said it had nothing to do with race. at white house today, spokesperson sarah huckabee sanders said the president believes americans should respect the flag. >> it should be something that every american can get behind and support. >> in silver spring we find some who agree. >> it's part of being american. >> it is the national anthem. all the good people should stand for that, i guess. >> majority say the protest is a constitutional right. >> because of our country people have a right to protest the way they want to. >> i think it's divisive on purpose. there is a method to the madness. brad: at fedex field we have been told
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been ringing in the ticket office. people wanting to give up the tickets because they are unhappy that the team protested. so much don't think they protested enough. alison: in the midst of sunday protest, all kind of memes started to pop up talking about the rules and the regulations dealing with the anthem at the nfl games. lindsey mastis picks up team coverage with a fact check of the claims. >> let's start with the meme going around that claims in part before 2009 the nfl players weren't on the field for the national anthem until the department of defense gave the nfl millions to stage patriotic ceremonies. according to snop thereby debunks myths it's part true and part false. the part true is the nfl players were not required to be on the field but it's unclear if the players started appearing on the field if con junction with the department of
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referring to the nfl own rule book requiring that players stand at attention and face the flag in the national anthem. it even quotes the page numbers. we took at look. not only do the pages fail to mention the national anthem. we did a search of the entire document. it's not mentioned anywhere in the rule book. president trump has been weighing in and suggesting that the nfl suspend or fire the players. some wonder if he is violating the law by saying that. cornell law posted the u.s. code and the legal analyst took a deep dive. he says yes, it seems so far with the is legal but there is a debate if it's effective. back to you. alison: thank you. a mixed bag when it comes to the ratings for football on sunday. cbs says the ratings were up 4% from last year's week three match-up. but fox's numbers were down 16% from last
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sunday night football was down 11%. you can learn more about the debate and weigh in on the instapoll at larry: developing now. the white house is pushing back on a statement by north korea that president trump in a tweet declared war on the country. >> we have not declared war on north korea. frankly the suggestion of that is absurd. >> the u.s. and the north are technically still at war because the korean conflict ended with a truce. not a peace treaty in 1953. responding to the president's tweet where he said that north korea won't be around much longer, today north korea foreign minister said the country can defend itself shooting down the u.s. bombers. >> this was the dramatic scene on capitol hill as the police are tagging protesters -- dragging protesters, some disabled from a hearing on healthcare. dany
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developments on the latest attempt to repeal obamacare. >> i'd like to welcome, everyone. i do mean everyone. >> before the finance committee hearing would begin -- >> protesters were removed some from the wheelchairs as they chanted in anger over a newly revised healthcare bill. >> a lot of us are on your said. so let's have some order. >> the new healthcare bill known as the graham-cassidy bill could give states more flexibility to craft their own coverage but with far less federal funding and no guarantee how they would cover americans with preexisting conditions. it adds money and newly requirements aimed to win over the senators who could vote against it. >> when it comes to obamacare, if you don't find a way to stop the bleeding, then it is going to basically collapse. >> over the weekend, g.o.p. senators rand paul and john mccain already saying they will say
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senator collins and ted cruz not completely on board. concerns were raised over the last minute changes to the bill. >> i just don't think when you are talking about a bill of this magnitude and the colleagues saying he believes that this is the final version that that is good enough, when we are talking about putting at risk millions of americans. danya: monday morning president trump acknowledging they may not have the votes needed to replace obamacare before the september 30 deadline. >> we have 52 votes. we can't lose any votes. danya: the congressional budget office is expected to release the score of the previous version of the bill. and even with the g.o.p. uncertainty, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to bring the bill up for a vote this week. danya bacchus, abc7 news. alison: the supreme court canceled oral arguments on the constitutionality of president trump's travel ban. now that the president announced a new ban on visitors from the eight countries. the justices o
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sides have to file updated briefs to explain why arguments are stillbald. it covers people from chad, iran, libya, north korea, syria, venezuela, somalia and yemen. larry: well, former congressman anthony weiner is looking at almost two years behind bars. a federal judge today sentencing him to 21 months in prison for sectioning with a teen. it involved a case with a girl he knew to be 15 years old. he subject to three years of supervisorred release. alison: here we are the last week of september. it feels like mid-july. it's hot out there today. meteorologist steve rudin is in the stormwatch7 weather center with a check of the forecast. it's about to change, right, steve? steve: we have a warm day on the way. we cracked 90-degree mark. temperatures as of the 5:00 hour still in the upper 80's at reagan national airport. mid-80's in martinsburg. 88 in ashburg and hagerstown. 86 in dale city.
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the barbecue and watching the kids play sports looking good out there. temperatures in the upper 80's falling to the 80-degree mark at 7:00. upper 70's by 9:00 p.m. if you have the a.c. on, keep it on longer. there is another warm day ahead. coming up, a new update on the hurricane maria and the storm impact for d.c. metro area. more coming up in a few minutes. alison: thank you. one more note about our weather. the heat is enough to have v.r.e. impose speed restrictions on the fredericksburg line. trains will be traveling slower between now and 7:00 p.m. larry: covering metro tonight and another violent assault on a train. this time the police believe it was a group of juveniles who attacked a man on a green line train friday night. tonight metro's response has some passengers troubled. stephen tschida is live at the navy yard station to explain why. stephen? stephen: right now the metro transit police are trying to track
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vanished from the naver i have yard station friday -- navy yard station friday night. surveillance cameras captured the images and what metro is doing with the video has some passengers outraged. green lated train to branch avenue at 8:30 friday night. a group of kids boarded, pounced on a passenger and began to beat him. >> hard to find a person, who was it? it's not okay. stephen: metro says it was attempted robbery and mentions two suspects. but the other passengers watched in horror and referred to as many as five individuals. they got off at navy yard, raced to a train headed in the other direction and got away. >> it doesn't matter. if someone is hurt on a train, you can let them see the faces. >> surveillance video captured the incident but metro says because the suspects are juve
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>> we didn't find a passenger who thought it was the right thing to do to project identity of the juvenile suspects linked to violent offense. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. more breaking news for you this time out of alexandria where traffic is backing up as you can see here. in the southbound lanes of 395. this is the seminary road exit. it look like the problem is in the express lanes here. we are making calls to find out what happened, if anybody is hurt. we will keep you posted, though and be aware of this as you travel home. we will get you more information. larry: new developments in a deadly stabbing in leesburg. police arrested a man they say killed his father after the two got into a disagreement. it happened last night at a home and hector flores jr. charged in his
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>> ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ >> that is as loud as it talks about. >> why if teenager can't make the radio loud erand how it could keep him and other teen drivers safe on the road. >> plus, why this man walked from chicago to the nation's capital. >> then later, fired for not fitting in. "7 on your side" look at workplace barriers for austic adults. larry: but first, maria is not finished yet. the storm and how people are getting prepared. (upbeat music) - [announcer] presenting the shark ion flex 2x. the free-standing, cord free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. with duo clean, multiflex, and powerful suction
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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alison: we are tracking maria tonight. plea for the puerto rico's governor to take action in the wake of the hurricane. he says he needs long-term aid packaged as soon as possible. today,
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said they will make sure that the people of puerto rico will have what they need. more than 3 million u.s. citizens live there on the devastated island territory. much of the island is still without power tonight. president trump has said he will visit puerto rico. but no word yet when. right now fema's administrator and the homestand security adviser are there surveying the damage. larry: well, members of the maryland task force one arrived in puerto rico as of this morning. according to a sweet the group is doing rapid searches and will survey damage in remote areas of puerto rico. members of the virginia task force one are on the way home tonight and should be in chantilly after 6:00. alison: it is hard to believe but tonight hurricane maria is a category one storm centered off the coast of north korea. that has people evacuating from part of the outer banks. jonathan elias at the "live desk" with the latest tonight. it is hard to believe this is still an i. jonathan: it is. good reason they are getting off the island. there is an
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of hatteras and ocracoke island. between 10,000 and 12,000 people and they are expected to get off the island today. forecasters say the flooding could begin tomorrow morning. similar order given a week ago but the impacts of maria are supposed to be much more significant than hurricane jose. visitors like this guy we met up from colorado seem understanding about all of this. >> this might be more. little bit closer. i think they are being cautious. you can see out here that a lot of people are trapped down here. they are not set up to handle visitors. this is understandable. larry: it's good to keep in mind that maria is not expected to make landfall again but the issue here is the storm surge. no swimming flags are already back up. we will monitor the situation to let you know what happens. i'm jonathan elias, abc7 news. larry: thank you. for the first time in hurricane hu
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the first cruise ship arrived key west on sunday but the islands won't be open officially for tourists until sunday. a quarter of the homes were destroyed but a boil water advisory no longer in effect. alison: it is hard to believe we are talking about maria. steve: i know. we are now halfway through the season so we are not out of the woods yet. we have another couple of months to go but it seems to wind down through october and november. it is feeling like summer out there. alison is complaining now. we'll talk to you in january when it's snowing. alison: true. steve: if you have outdoor plans this evening it's a firm go. outdoor dining, barbecuing, going for a walk and hanging out, outside, on the front porch. this looks nice out there. the temperatures will slowly cool. as we move
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88 degrees right now at the reagan national airport. we did crack 90-degree mark this afternoon. 88 in martinsburg. 82 in winchester. 85 in fredericksburg. this everything is warm, winds are light. comfortable out there. 7:00 the lower 80's. sunshine. don't forget the sun set at 7:00 on the dot. daylight hours continue to shrink more and more. as we move closer and closer to dare i say winter. 8:00 p.m., 77 degrees. 9:00 is around 75. this is cloud cover area now west of d.c. i-81 corridor. front royal, hagerstown partly cloudy skies. head across to southern maryland, looking at more sunshine and the temperatures that are comfortable. talk about the hurricane maria. this is where it is south and east of the d.c. area. hugging the outer bank of the outer banks of north korea. the first rain band is now beginning to move on in. the storm, the eye over here. it's not as
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have seen in the last few days which is tight and constricted. show you the latest 5:00 update. winds are at 802 miles per hour. gusts at 100. it is going to continue a track out of the north at 7:00. it will make a hard turn toward the east. that will happen in the day on wednesday. this is what it looks like. the latest updated map. you notice this is a tropical storm moving to the day on wednesday. that is when it will start to take a turn off toward the east. fingers crossed this will happen. then it will scoot out to sea. hardly any impact on the d.c. metro area with the exception of a few lingering showers and added cloud cover. outer banks of north carolina is where you will look for the gusty winds. upward of 55 to 60 miles per hour. beach erosion. if you have plans to go to any of the delmarva beaches, rough surf of for ocean city. rehoboth beach, bethesda. closer to home waking up tomorrow temperatures in the
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a mild and a warm start to tuesday around the d.m.v. temperatures will warm up in the morning hours but it's not as warm as it was today. we crack the 990-degree mark. highs tomorrow make it to the lower 80's. we have the added clouds moving through the day. then we see temperatures that will remain above average as we head into the rest of the week with a cooldown on the way by friday. ten-day outlook, 82 and breezy on thursday. cold front will move through. temperature change 75 on friday. celebrate fairfax saturday and sunday. a great event there. temperatures in the lower 70's. wakeup temperatures in the middle 50's. 73 on monday. 75 on tuesday. 76 on wednesday. 75 on thursday. we are going to make that turn to more autumn like temperatures. it's sure to please miss starling. alison: we are going to get pumpkins like everyone else. steve: it's hard
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don't you think? alison: it might mold in this. larry: might. check back in a week. not a good idea. alison: thank you. we'll see you soon. tonight you have a chance to weigh in on the plans to change the name of jefferson davis highway. larry: we will tell you how coming up. >> after dealing with a life changing experience, kids come to d.c. to learn how to cope together. the stories are coming
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alison: children injured in a fire can face a lifetime of challenges. larry: firefighters are in a unique decision to understand the courage and give them the support they need. alison: jeff goldberg was there when the firefighters in d.c. gave a group of campers a boost including two teens from maryland. >> like so many teens who suffered severe burns as a child, she has been injured every day since. >> i got bullied but i got through it. now i'm the person i am. >> from silver springs and at age 7 a pot of boiling water fell on her arm. she is one of 41 students and 41 counselors from around america taking part this week in the international burn camp in d.c. where the survivors of severe burns come
5:25 pm
>> i feel lake at home i can express the way i am. without being judged. >> sponsored by the international association of firefighters spending the afternoon at the chinatown firehouse in d.c. but this week they are visiting sites throughout virginia, maryland and d.c. including pentagon and arlington cemetery. so many of the campers the benefit is not only about the relationship they form but it's also about the lessons they learn. >> firefighter tom flynn helping the campers cope with others in public who may point , stare or whisper. >> turn what people may perceive as something negative to give you the ability to work on that and turn it into something positive for you. >> katon from columbia, maryland said he is not shy when talking about the burns on the shoulders and the legs. the goal is to help the campers foll
5:26 pm
>> give the kids to come out more. i have been able to tell them even though you are down and everything, it's not about that. jeff: in northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: how important, too, that the kids see other kids. you are not alone. there are others going through this. this is how you make it a better situation. alison: to form friendship and support each other. great thing they are doing. still to come here at 5:00, breaking barriers in the workplace. thrive in a situation not many appear to thrive in. >> plus the police investigation involving the purple line. i'm kevin lewis with details. sam: i'm sam ford in southeast washington where hundreds are gathered in the gym of thurgood marshall high school remembering a young man whose life was cut
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: in just about an hour and a half family and friends plan to gather at place where zaire kelly died. the teenager was killed as he fought back when another man tried to feel his phone. another memorial wrapping up at the school. that is where the d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live for
5:30 pm
sam? sam: yes, alison. i'm outside the thurgood marshall high school where inside the gym hundreds of people are gathered right now. members of the school body here. the family, friends, and some members of the city council among others to remember an extraordinary young man. 16-year-old zaire kelly, a senior year, was killed last wednesday night near his home. according to the police, a 19-year-old was trying to rob him. he thought the robber with the knife fatally stabbing the 19-year-old. the 19-year-old shot him. they both died from the injuries. at the memorial service they called a celebration of life. classmates, teachers called energetic and student as well as athletes. his best friends said while a great runner, z abire could not dunk a basketball until the last time they played together.
5:31 pm
ever played in, he worked out with us, he finally dunked. he finally dunked. it was with two hands. i can barely dunk with two hands. so, as soon as he dunked; he said i told i could dunk. yeah, boy. [laughter] sam: this service will be going on for a while this evening. after this they will move from here in southeast washington to northeast washington. to the park at 13th and downing where he was killed last wednesday night, which was just a few blocks from his home. candlelight vigil there. reporting live, sam ford, abc7
5:32 pm
a man walked from chicago to d.c. walked to call attention to gun violence plaguing american cities. he was by the congressman this morning. nash says too many young black men are dying from the street violence. he is taking that with the google maps app. he started the 700-mile journey on august 4. >> what it comes down to poverty stricken communities throughout america have the same problem. gun violence, police violence, domestic violence. hurt people, hurting people all over the country. nash finished four years probation after spending eight years in federal prison on drug charges. he calls with replacing drugs with hammers. to teach building trades. alison: memphis police officer will stay behind bars without bond after he was arrested with an arsenal of weapons near the white house. timothy bates caught urinating on the corner. yesterday morning he told the secret service ag
5:33 pm
the secretary of defense and n.s.a. decker to get advice how to get the dog tag out of his head. the next court appearance is thursday. larry: new developments tonight in the battle over the purple line. crews are back at work today after a federal judge ruled against the group trying to get an injunction late friday afternoon. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live in silver spring to explain. kevin: today's work involved cutting down mature trees along arliss street. what is left behind the mature and the freshly sliced stumps. around a dozen in total. chopping down green for the purple line. crews tackling the roughly 70-foot tall tree today at an abandoned brick house in silver spring. in chevy chase, tree removal along the ge
5:34 pm
tomorrow. perhaps in protest, at least one person managed to and havize the cat -- and havize the caterpillar bull -- vandalize the caterpillar bulldozer, stealing a fire extinguisher. montgomery county police are investigating. the 16-mile light rail line calls for demolition. some already underway. that demo list includes this spring center strip mall along 16th street in silver spring where today mcdonald's joins baskin robboins, popeyes in closed for business category. >> i wanted to go to popeyes but it's gone. well, now what do i do? i can't get fried chicken around here. >> when is closing day? >> october 6. >> austin's family beer and wipe shop will relocate to a new location with the prayers that customers follow. >> they are going to miss us. it's convenient for to us be
5:35 pm
kevin: thursday morning all the major purple line players will meet at the montgomery county council building. the goal to improve accountability and the communication with the multibillion dollar project ramps up. live in silver spring, kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you. tonight a public hearing is held to decide what jefferson davis highway should be renamed in alexandria. this is the first of two public meetings talking about the options. they include abraham lincoln, barack obama and heather heyer. the meeting will start at 7:00 at dr. durant art center on cameron street in old town. larry: studies show teen drivers are three times more likely to be involved in deadly accidents. it's because of the distractions. no seat belts and speeding. but a new driving technology could help keep you safer. they limit the speed of the car, set a max volume and detail if a teen stays wit
5:36 pm
alison: one lane is getting by right now. metro says what happened is the 21 deep bus hit a concrete barrier. three passengers are now complaining of minor injuries. metro says it is investigating what happened. but for now just expect some delays on some of the buses. still to come at 5:00 -- smoke fills the air. not far from the chemical plant that forced people to stay inside in baltimore last
5:37 pm
week. what happened still ahead. q: have you seen this man in don't let the smile fool you. "7 on your side" wall of justice is next. larry: at 6:00, talk about catching the train. the story behind the bizarre video that some are calling
5:38 pm
steve: a quick update. we track hurricane maria. winds are around 80 miles per hour. we have wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour. it's moving toward the north at just around 7. in terms of how it will impact the delmarva beaches in the coming days by 7:00 tomorrow night, wind gusts for ocean city around 27 to 30 miles per hour. wednesday and thursday and the wind gusts closer to 40 miles per hour. so a rough go at the delmarva beaches as we move to the middle of the judgment coming week and the upcoming weekend
5:39 pm
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
5:40 pm
alison: more breaking news from kensington where the montgomery county police are on the scene of a body found in a car. skytrak7 over the scene on nicholson lane. no other det
5:41 pm
q: hello. welcome to this week edition of the "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. a look at the wall of justice. five fugitives two of them are new. one of them has a problem taking care of children. williams is facing assault with a deadly weapon and burglary charges. henry is wanted for strangulation. carlos montoya is facing assault and child abuse charges. in calvert county, westmoreland wanted for child neglect and watson is facing attempted robbery and burglary charges. >> put the wall of justice in motion. henry, and he has no problems putting his hand on a woman. >> he was involved with a victim who was a
5:42 pm
he put his hand around her neck and tried to choke her. >> the woman was his girlfriend. june 28. he is wanted for strangulation. if you have information about henry contact the prince william county police. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. i'm q mccray. >> i can tell you right now the man is not welcome to washington, d.c. he is not. >> he is not the only athlete sounding off about president trump. hear what wizard players are saying in sports. alison: but first tackling the issues of adult autism. "7 on your side" with a closer long at some of the workplace obstacles next.
5:43 pm
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mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- tting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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larry: a look at the premier week line-up on abc -- alison: there is a lot of buzz tonight about "the good doctor." >> who are you? >> i'm dr. sean murphy. >> so the show examines the struggles of
5:46 pm
doctor with autism. the challenges he faces in the pediatric surgical unit in a prestigious big city hospital. he plays a doctor and his mentor challenges the prejudices of the hospital. >> it's a show about how she is facing certain challenges. able to begin the process over overcoming them. alison: the show hopes to humanize and shadow the stereotype about the people with autism. despite character's brilliance and professional successes the reality is that studies show 60 to 80% of adults with autism are unemployed. tonight we introduce you to some who thought their options was limited but they are breaking barriers to succeed in the local workplaces. >> sara got her undergraduate degree at johns hopkins and a graduate degree at maryland
5:47 pm
she was fired. she was simply told she was a bad culture fit. >> i'll be honest, when i got fired from my first job i thought my life was over. i had a mental health crisis. it got a little dark. i would say don't give up and keep trying. >> she has autism and says seems that seem simple like eye contact, body language and casual conversation all skills needed in an interview or office setting are difficult for her. >> three years at this point i don't know what i did. alison: the support of her family she found another job with disabilities non-profit and won a grant to work on her own website. she was named advocate of the year by the autism society.
5:48 pm
>> i saw the challenges through the eyes of my son and knew that there was a broader picture here that could be addressed. >> spurred on by his son's autism executive vice president helped develop autism internship program at freddie mac. gregory and kristen went through it and now work for freddie mac. one is analyst. >> they are willing to see past it. recognize that i have talent and use it for the company. alison: he is thriving there. he says he loves his job. according to the c.d.c., one in 68 children have autism spectrum disorder. many of them have the strong skills in math, science,
5:49 pm
you can see my full interviews there with sarah and gregory on we have more resources there on the website as well. larry: he put it well. he had talents and he can put it to use in the business. others can do the same. alison: sometimes the interview is enough to keep someone from getting to the next step. larry: exactly. >> fantastic. >> let's switch gears now. we want to talk about the weather. >> it's been perfect. if you like warm weather that is. alison: perfectly hot! >> it is almost october. >> it is. here we are at the end of september, almost october. we hit 90 degrees today in reagan national airport. well above average for this time of year. we are in the upper 80's at martinsburg, hagerstown and dale city. if you have outdoor plansk looking nice. stay dry.
5:50 pm
but overall looking fine. look at that. for the past 12 days or so temperatures are above average. we start off the month on the cool side. we are going to end it on a milder side with a cooldown on the way as we move in the start of october. 80 degrees at 7:00. middle 70's by 8:00. added clouds byn't:00. temperatures around 74 to 75 degrees. stormwatch7 satellite and radar, cloud cover, the i-81 corridor not amounting to a lot. pretty sunset around 7:00 tonight it's limited in the farther west you are from the d.c. area. maria is still a hurricane. it is still churning. it will continue to weaken. as we move through the next several days. that is good news. it will hug the outer banks of north korea tuesday to wednesday and that is going to take a hard turn to the east. that means out to sea. that is great news for the
5:51 pm
however, we are going to look for gusty winds on the delmarva beaches. ocean city could see the wind gusts by wednesday and thursday. upward of 40 miles per hour. here is the wakeup temperatures for tomorrow. tuesday, upper 60's to the lower 70's. not staying there long. we see highs to make it to the lower 80's. head back to robert. robert: thank you. if you watched any of the nfl this weekend you saw a variety of protests in response to president trump's remarks. some players kneeling, some locking arms with the owners. some didn't come out in the national anthem. football players weren't the only onesry sponding. erin hawksworth was at wizard media day. erin: during media day the wizards were the latest sports stars to react after president trump made comments on friday. >> wouldn't you love to see one of the nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say
5:52 pm
off the field right now. he's fired. >> that is unacceptable. that is not what a leader does. the job is supposed to bring everybody together. everybody in the world feels like since you got an office that hasn't been the case. >> i don't like anything he has been saving. i don't respect it. i feel like you can't control what people want to do. we have bigger issues in this world that you need to focus on instead of focusing on other people taking a knee. >> scott brooks plans to talk to the team about the latest event. >> it's stronger when you do it in group, in a group setting. whatever we decide on we will do it together. >> on sundays night shortly after washington beat oakland josh norman who locked arms with the redskins owner in the anthem was brutally candid about his thoughts on trump. >> say it right now. the man is not welcome in washington, d.c. he is
5:53 pm
i hope he is not around when i see him. he is not welcome. >> if we can't exercise our right for freedom of speech what are the amendments for? erin: erin hawksworth, abc7 sports. robert: powerful weekend. larry: if the athletes burn a flag, is that better? >> i don't think so. larry: in terms of a protest. alison: yeah. the conversation goes on. robert: colin kaepernick started something. alison: thank you, robert. larry: next at 5:00. neighbors in the dupont circle neighborhood are divided over how the district government should be handling the growing sidewalk structures being filled by homeless people here on 17th street northwest. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up,
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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>> smoke could be seen for miles after a baltimore warehouse caught fire. at this hour still no word on what sparked the fire. it happened at the global textile trading company th
5:57 pm
packing supplies, toys and clothing. it took firefighters most of the day to put the fire out. jonathan: homeless people have long been a part of the due mont circle neighborhood. long time residents say they were surprisedded in recent weeks when a cardboard house popped up on 17th street. a story you'll see only on 7, mike carter-conneen reports neighbors are divided over the sidewalk situation. mike: residents and businesses on busy 7th street northwest say they are fed up with the elab ride -- elaborate sidewalk set-up. this woman feared talking on camera. >> you don't feel like you can go out at night. >> another complaint is public urination and defecation in the alley. the manager at the hardware store says sometimes they don't seek privacy and they relieve themselves on 17th street. >> we would like them to leave because it's a mess. >> in d.c.
5:58 pm
street is illegal. the crews routinely clear the tent cities. in a statement, the department . of human services said it's part of the existing rotation and it is slated to be addressed soon. there are signs posted here warning a clean-up will happen at 10:00 a.m. october 5. >> they know they have to get the stuff hidden. and move it off the block. after the date move it back on. >> unless they do 24/7, they always come back. >> some here are calling for more enforcement. >> there are neighbors. that is not how you take care of neighbors. >> others suggest a different approach. >> where are they going? they don't have anywhere to go. that is sad we keep walking over them. the dogs in this neighborhood get water outside. every restaurant have additional food for dogs. what do we do for them? >> in dupont
5:59 pm
carter-conneen, abc7 news. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news awe letter. michelle: breaking now a three-car crash with the walter reed drive in arlington shut down. that overturned car ripped down power lines shutting down the road between south quincy street and the four-mile run. two people inside the car are now hospitalized. it could have been worse if an army master sergeant hadn't be there to pull them to safety. >> went around to the driver's side. gentleman helped me open the door. we pulled him out of the car and saved a life. thank god. i was praying. don't let the car explode. michelle: it's not clear how long walter reed drive will be shut down. the drivers need to avoid the area. jonathan: at 6:00, look at something. weapons cache that the secret service found inside a man's car. this was just outside the white house. michelle: looks like you are ready for battle. late this afternoon a judge ordered the man held without bond. q mccray
6:00 pm
court. you confirmed that the man arrested is a retired cop. q: that is right. i made phone calls to tennessee. i find out he used to be a police officer with the memphis police department. he retired in 2013 for medical reasons and a member of the force for 13 years. he is used to putting people behind bars. that is where he finds himself today in d.c. >> this is the arsenal of the weapons 37-year-old timothy bates had with him when he was arrested sunday morning. a.k. 47, tech 9. laid out on the street across from the white house. secret service agents say they caught him urinating in front of the renwick art gallery. bates told the agent he was in town from tennessee to speak with mattis and the n.s.a. director mike rogers about the paychecks he didn't receiver and get dog chip removed from the back of his head. he was arrested and he


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