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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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bell is look into the reasons behind the crashes. what have you uncovered? brad: this is a dangerous road by statistic. we can show you some of the reasons right here. this is a 1950's highway. it has not been improved or expanded over the years. look at this. virtually non-existent showers. if you get off of the road you will almost instantly into the trees. two of the cars this morning did hit trees. brad: it was a terrible morning on the b.w. parkway. this is just one of 11 total crashes between 2:20 and 7:30 a.m. some were single vehicles. some multi-vehicle. half northbound and half southbound. none a surprise to those like lydell mcneill that travel the parkway. >> i do worry every time i get on there just for that reason because of crashes. brad: the statistics from a
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study of the roadway are startling. since 2005 they found on average of six fatalities from 547 crashes per year on the 19-mile parkway. making among the most dangerous in our area. >> the modeway is outdated and -- the roadway is outdated and needs greater enforcement. brad: they note the highway with the narrow shoulders and the margins hasn't been updated at all to meet growing demand since it opened in 1954. the only hope he sees for improvement is maryland governor larry hogan's plan to take control of the road from the national park service and add four toll lanes. >> that is the best thing that can happen to this road. brad: in the meantime, the statistics suggest there will be more mornings like this. >> always traffic. a lot of potholes.
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from what you are seeing if you look carefully you can see a couple of the potholes. the park service did repair the report. they talk about the minor modifications but nothing major. the governor's proposal to add four lanes, two lanes in each direction is years from fruition, even if it does actually happen. in laurel, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: that plan brad mentioned to overhaul the b.w. parkway is part of a $9 billion roads proposal. it would add toll lanes to the beltway, i-270 and the,w parkway. for that to happen, the lawmakers must approve the move and the federal government would have to sign over control of the parkway. jonathan: admitting they had fewer votes than they thought, the republican leaders in the senate scrapped the latest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. the came as the opponents of the graham-cassidy bill staged a die-in at the senate office building. mitch mcconnell said they would turn the attention to
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big crowds were outside the capitol rallying for dreamers. stephen tschida bringing us the message as congress struggles to find a way forward on immigration reform. stephen: they came to the nation's capitol from across the country, to call on congress for protection. >> we are here to push, to push, push, push. stephen: president trump voided daca, directive that protected children of illegal immigrants who had grown up in the u.s. from deportation. >> i wouldn't be able to follow my dreams. stephen: estimated 800,000 so-called dreamers face uncertain future. >> i want to be protected in a clean path to citizenship for the dreamers. stephen: the dreamers and the families came to hopefully meet with members of congress. one member of congress showed up here to lend support to the cause. >> every democratic member with whom you meet will
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for the dream act. stephen: the clean dream act, those who rallied want, would grant them legal residency and put an end to the current crackdown on all illegal immigrants. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: dozens protested an address by attorney general jeff sessions at georgetown university. it's a gauntlet there in front of the auditorium. sessions said free speech and the president's criticism of nfl protests are not incompatible. michelle: president trump vows to "fix the mess" over north korea's nuclear program. that means a new round of sanctions. this time the government is targeted several north korean banks and the workers. that all comes as north korea releases a new propaganda video showing missiles striking the aircraft carrier uss nimitz and several american bombers. the same vi
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of president trump when he spoke at joint base andrews two weeks ago. jonathan: new images tonight showing president trump having a video conference with puerto rico's governor. they are discussing the recovery effort after hurricane maria devastated the island. president trump said he will travel there for a first-hand look next tuesday. those on the ground in puerto rico said the situation is getting worse by the day. you can see someone put, "s.o.s." in the middle of the intersection. nearly half the island 3.5 million residents look clean water. power and cell phone service remain almost non-existent. only 11 of 69 hospitals have full power. just 11. they plan to increase the number of the relief flights to the island. fema says the navy will december -- deploy the largest hospital ship to the region. michelle: maria has been downgraded to the storm but it's lashing north korea
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out -- lashing north carolina and part of the delmarva. steve rudin is tracking this. steve: still under a tropical storm warning adds we move through overnight hours and tomorrow morning. we have winds at 70 miles per hour. but it's been downgraded to a hurricane and tropical storm. the best news of all is this storm will take a hard turn to the right or the east. that means away from the mainland of the united states. that means the most severe weather will stay away from the delmarva beaches. it will be quite rough for ocean city, rehoboth beach, dewey and bethesda. talk about what is going on closer to home. if you have outdoor eating plans it looks fantastic. the evening temperatures will be in the upper 70's to the lower 80's. the sun will set at 7:00 on the dot. we talk about the rest of the week. tracking a cold front. a strong cold front that is going to bring bigger changes for judgment coming weekend. more in a few minutes. jonathan: see you then. race to save lives in the aftermath of hurricane maria. the local efforts a
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to get help to puerto rico. michelle: road rage at a gas station. the rampage caught on video. how it all ended next
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. michelle: must-see video now. rampage without warning at fort lauderdale gas station. wi
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slammed in several cars and gets out and chases the car screaming obscenities at everybody in the area. within minutes police surround the man and arrest him. they are not sure why he suddenly went off the rail. jonathan: this is in the same videotape. this was shattered on a taillight in the aftermath of a battle after a former drugs council lor confronted a guy shooting up heroin in the parking lot. >> he went whoa, whoa, whoa and swung at me with a hand that had a needle in it. i swung at his truck and hit the driver's side mirror. i think it came off. jonathan: that is what an axe would do. he says he constantly finds needles all over the property. he admits he overreacted but said he has to protect the community. michelle: warning in fauquier county afterp
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card skimmers. they were found at why not stop stations in billton. one has a dairy queen attached to it and the other mcdonald's. this was found inside the pumps. they are encouraging people to check bank statement and look for signs of tampers with the pump. jonathan: "7 on your side" with health matters. we are getting you answers about heart health. this is heart day. we have experts to save your life. if you have someone in the family or an issue with the heart, call 703-236-9220. experts manning the phones to answer your questions. that is a great resource and it's free. michelle: all right. coming up at of:00, a groom ends up all wet for a good cause. his acts of heroism minutes after tying the knot still ahead. jonathan: first, though, road rage caught on video.
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disaster. car slamming into a bus sending it careening to children. the bus driver uses all the strength to cut the wheel and make sure the bus does not hit the kids. police suspect the driver who hit the bus was distracted. more incredible video this time across the pond in england. that is a teacher standing in front of a car. he told that driver you can't come in. you have to go around and come in the other way. that didn't set well with the driver. see what he did. really? not only did he run the guy over he almost hit the two kids on bicycles making their way into the school. the teacher was flung to the ground after he fell off the hood. the driver is now serving ten months in jail for doing that. michelle: wedding photos are a way to remember a special day. photos are not, though, a canadian couple will have no problem remembering what happened in their photo shoot. they were posing for pictures in the park when the groom saw a boy drowning in the river. clayton cook jumped in to save the boy while the
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photographer captured the rescue on camera. >> his face was under water. he was fight. he was really fighting. lucky he was little and i grabbed him here. i puffed him up. michelle: the boy was fine and left the park with his brother. the whole ordeal went viral after the photographer posted the photo on facebook. >> new video to share the moment after a laser attack on helicopter. the crew members said they were blinded by the laser. one of three times that the beam of light hit them. the crew was able to pinpoint the life source and the police did catch the man they believe is responsible for this. back now to the devastation in puerto rico. this is widespread. this is all after hurricane maria roared across the island. ten d.c. police officers are gearing upped and they will be heading over there to help the state police with anything they need. there is a lot of that. need. the dep
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officers three days off with paid lead. any additional time there is considered vacation days. the ten officers all natives of puerto rico. good luck. michelle: great work they are doing. the need in puerto rico is almost unprecedented for american citizens. infrastructure smashed. millions still without power because of scenes like this. transformer knocked over on a house. now the stafford deli owner is joining the effort to help those in need. cheryl conner shows us how. cheryl: cases of water are stacked up. there is food. messages written on cans. the deli in stafford trying to link up with puerto rico. >> we are in a crisis situation in puerto rico. cheryl: martha and her husband own the puerto rican restaurant. so far they have had limited access to their family. >> there are my cousins. they lost the move as well. cheryl: most of the island is without power. deli customer answered quick calls from he
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sister. >> they really need it, especially after the conversation i had with my mother this morning. she told me that the grocery stores are running low. right now they have no supplies. cheryl: a sign out front and a note on facebook brought people in. diapers, dog food and even cash. from the look at the flag there is a large puerto rican population in the area. since links opened in december, the owners had people sign it and put the hometown. burgos doesn't know if her home on the island is still standing. president trump is planning a trip to puerto rico and the for sent a reminder that puerto ricans are american citizens. he calls the devastation from hurricane maria a humanitarian crisis. >> they are being, they are taking showers with pots and pans. cheryl: these bottle of water will bring relief as soon as they can find an organization to de
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abc7 news. jonathan: the local rescue group helping caribbean's smallest victims. this morning greenbriar took in dogs saved from the british virgin islands. they will go up for adoption. if you are looking for a pet, this is a good time. michelle: quickly find a forever home. enjoy the gorgeous weather. it's great weather out there now. steve: it's fantastic. if you have a dinner break coming up. both of you do. if you are at home, outside you go. this is beautiful out there. there is a cold front on the way. the cold front this time tomorrow night will start to move on through. you notice the winds begin to kick up a little bit. outside we go this hour. looking over to national harbor, toward the wilson bridge. you can see we are gearing up for a nice sunset. in 40 minutes. 7:00 on the dot as the daylight hours continue to slink and slink away. 83 -- shrink and slink away.
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78 in fredericksburg. 77 in andrews. stormwatch7 satellite and radar is quiet, dry. it will stay that way moving through the overnight hours. thinking of opening up the windows tonight, let fresh air in. patchy fog. late tonight and early tomorrow morning west of d.c. along the i-81 corridor. let's head over and take a look at what is left of tropical storm maria. this is still going to cause damage for the outer banks of north carolina with beach erosion. there are tropical storm warnings that remain in effect. gusts up to 85 miles per hour. moving north at seven. this system is going to take a turn toward the east in the coming days. still looking at the wind gusts, 40 to 60 miles per hour. if you have plans to go to the outer banks of north carolina, not a good idea. plans to go to ocean city, rehoboth beach, dewey or bethany, be careful if you get close to water. this came in at 5:00 this everything. it takes a hard turn toward the
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it will lessen the low pressure. winds then at 60 miles per hour. for tonight closer to home. mid-60's to lower 70's. mild life around the d.m.v. if you have the luxury to wear shorts try to get away with it. short sleeves, absolutely. the temperatures in the morning, upper 60's to 70. not going to stay there long. it will rebound in the upper 80's with the feels like in the lower 90's. cold front late tomorrow night, it will drop temperatures move manage the daytime hours of thursday. this will allow the highs in the 70's for the upcoming weekend. saturday and sunday, look at that. it does not get much better than that. a great weekend to pick out your pumpkin for halloween. here is our extended outlook. ten-day outlook, cooler on friday at 75. there is the weekend. kidsfest in fairfax county is 70 degrees saturday and sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesd
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by thursday and friday of next week we are back in to the lower 80's for daytime highs. michelle: very nice. thank you, steve. jonathan: still beating their chest over the redskins win over the raiders. erin: they are enjoying it. they should. they dominated. a defensive leader said extra work going a long way. when this happened last month this is the end of the season for bryce harper. but he's back! that's next in spo
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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erin: how about this? the nationals have activated outfielder bryce harper from the disabled list? he will be batting second and playing right field tonight against the phillies. harper had been out of the line-up since suffering the bruised knee on august 12. with the postseason on the horizon, harper will need to get his rhythm back but he has been known to pick up where he left off. hopefully that is the case. redskins have the day off today as they prepare for the kansas city chief on monday night football. redskins signing swarringer has been praised for the role in changing the defensive mindset. the hard-hitting safety has been a vocal leader and even called for the defense to meet each week as a group
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clear message. >> want to send a message to the world. we are not pushovers. we are not going to lay down for nobody. we will compete every time we are on the field. the defense is stingy on the field. we have to keep it rolling. a big game monday night. erin: i hope he brings that hat to kansas city. finally maryland quarterback hill will miss the rest of the season with a torn a.c.l. it has been rough for the terps when it comes to quarterbacks. this is the second one they have lost in two weeks. bummer for them. they are already on the third string. jonathan: they should give redskins hat to all the players. michelle: final check of weather. steve: gorgeous out there now. tomorrow is another good-looking day. it's cooler and breezy on thursday. look at the weekend.
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rts donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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tonight, the president responds. when asked, has he done enough for puerto rico. the governor there saying they face a humanitarian disaster. nearly 3.5 million american citizens. critics saying the president tweeted about the nfl all weekend, not puerto rico. and when he did finally tweet, was he compassionate or did he take on puerto rico for its problems? the battle with the nfl tonight. the show of unity, with jerry jones and the cowboys. and the cardinals. the boos from the stands. now, the president tonight saying there should be a new rule for nfl players. the plan to kill obamacare. the effort is dead tonight. the president angry. there will be no vote. susan collins and lisa murkowski revealing tonight why


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