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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the afternoon. they have located tunnels below the house and that led them to post officeer on scene around the clock. house surrounded by a barbed wire chain link fence. khafra's parents explain their son befriended the 26-year-old bethesda homeowner who we identified via online court records as daniel beckwitt. khafra's father saying daniel is bright but adding the circumstances surrounding his son's death are suspicious. khafra participated in the r.o.t.c., graduated from high school in silver spring and aspirations of attaining a m.b.a. degree. he wanted to build a company from the ground up. we are back out live. you can see the office
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at the house. so far, no charges are filed this case. no word where beckwitt is now living. alison: kevin, thank you. this is breaking now. three people have been killed when scaffolding surrounding a tv tower in miami collapsed. the tower transmits the signal for a tv station there and the reports are the victims were not in use of the tv station so it's not clear how many people were there working on the tower at the time. we have been following this for an hour now. we will have updates for you as soon as they come in. larry: new video released hours ago that the police hope will lead them to the person who created a disturbing scene on the american university campus. this shows they believe is the man that put up the posters of confederate flag with cotton attached. the students want to see more police patrols. >> i was shocked, angry and
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frustrated. i'm scared the person is still out there. larry: this is second racially charged incident at a.u. earlier in may bananas were found hanging with a noose. alison: we have a deadly shooting spree at a church in tennessee. the man charged did not have a handgun carry permit. sampson is accused of shooting eight people. one of the victims a mother of two died. police say another handgun and a semi-automatic weapon were found in his car outside the church. it's not clear if the guns were budget or stolen -- were bought or stolen. larry: a person electrocuted on the job before noon on fairfax avenue. fairfax county police say 36-year-older vin andersall was moving a sal metal ladder when it touched a high voltage power line. he
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hospital -- rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. dire situation in puerto rico a week after maria's landfall as a powerful hurricane. storm devastated the island leaving it with no power, very little drinkable water. we have more on what is complicating the efforts to help. reporter: help on the way. a military plane carrying 3,500 pounds of bottled water, ready-to-eat meals and other crucial supplies landed in san juan from miami wednesday morning. zero eck histricity. half to -- zero electricity, half of the residents without running water. >> the biggest challenge is the disaster operation that makes it different than responding to a u.s. state here in the continental
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ocean. the only options we have are flights and ships. reporter: the san juan airport took a toll in the storm and the flight activities have been limited. with relief efforts taking priority. desperate passengers waiting to board, few commercial flights to take them away from the island. >> we need to go. reporter: puerto rico's governor again urging washington to help the island out in their time of need. >> during harvey we sent out resources to texas as well. so they can he in the rescue process. now is the time to take a quick decision and help out puerto rico. >> on monday fema said 10,000 federal staff members were on the ground in puerto rico. and the u.s. virgin islands hit hard by maria. in washington, karen kaifa, abc7 news. larry: well, sunny and plenty of wind around here but fall-like temperatures are on the way. steve: it's hot out there and on the humid side also. look at the tem
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now past 5:00, and it's almost the end of september. 90 degrees in leesburg. 91 in reagan national airport. heat index values are now in the middle 90's. for this evening it will stay warm, it will stay humid. a little on the breezy side. but a cold front is on the way. the temperatures at 7:00, the sun will set at 82 degrees. middle to the upper 70's by 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. wake up temperatures storm. still on the humid side. with the temperatures in the upper 60's to around 70. talking about a cold front that arrives later on tonight. plus new information on hurricane maria. the cold front and maria are going to interact. it is good for the d.m.v. more on that in a few minutes. alison: steve, thank you very much. in other news, domestic dispute turns deadly. tonight police are still searching for the man who stabbed a woman to death. it happened this morning in an apartment complex in southeast. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is there live with more on the victim.
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sam? sam: alison, i'm in 30th street southeast just inside the d.c. maryland line. police say this morning right inside the doorway, a young woman was murdered. this morning just before 10:00, the police say a man in the building stabbed a woman multiple times killing her. police kept the block shut down for hours and closed the building where police said the victim was stabbed just inside. police chief newsham described the murder as horrible and put out a lookout for a person of interest. >> we do have a lookout for a suspect. who is a black male, who is medium to light skinned. approximately 5'7". 170 to 180 pounds. wearing blue jeans and carrying a white t-shirt. sam: the chief said that the victim was in her 30's. she had at least one child. incidental
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was the scene of an arrest yesterday for an assault. no indication whether it was related. reporting live from southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. larry: sam, thank you. the driver who hit and killed a 5-month-old boy, while his mother pushed his stroller through a crosswalk will plead guilty to reckless driving charges. john miller will plead guilty for failing to yield to tristan schulz and his mother. john miller could face up to a year in jail once he enters the pleas next month. larry: new developments in the battle over patriotism. trump was asked agent the nfl protest on the way to indiana. he said the nfl is in a bad spot. >> you can't ask people disrespecting the national anthem, the flag and the country. that is what they are doing. in my opinion the nfl has to change. or you know what will happen? it will go to hell. larry: the president said that the players should find another way to protest. this morning he tweeted he h
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cowboys' owners jerry jones about their choice to kneel and then stand for the anthem. alison: the u.s. military conducted airstrike in afghanistan after the taliban attacked airport in kabul. specifically targeting the defense secretary james mattis. the command in kabul said that one of the missiles malfunctioned and caused several civilian casualties. mattis left the airport before the attack. >> each nation stands united with the fellows in their support and we will not abandon afghanistan to a merciless enemy trying to kill its way to power. alison: so no u.s. personnel were hurt on the taliban attack in the airport. however, an afghan woman was kill and 11 other civilians were hurt. larry: just in the abc7 newsroom, video showing a woman dragged off southwest airline flight at b.w.i. >> don't touch me. i will wake
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larry: the woman claimed to have a lay threatening pet allergy and wanted two comfort dogs removed. she didn't have a doctor's note so they told her she had to leave. so the police got involved and southwest is apologizing. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a rude awakening. the embassy of ecuador. plotting a course for a fix after early morning fire. alison: we are checking on the conditions at the outerballs after miria hammered and -- after maria hammer and whipped up the surf there. >> to me, to see what the pictures look like. i'm impressed. larry: still ahead, heroes 24/7. abc7 honors the first responders for their work off the clock. alison: still ahead tonight, while doctors have concerns about the elderly friends and family turning to sleep aids to (upbeat music) - [announcer] presenting the shark ion flex 2x. the free-standing, cord free vacuum that can live anywhere
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor
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dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. nancy: i'm nancy chen at the "live desk." we are following a shooting at an office building. it's just outside the beltway. if you know the area it's also near fairfax plaza.
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far from the area. police officers and the first responders are responding to reports of a shooting at an office building. there are med cam office buildings in the area -- medical office buildings in the area. we have a crew on the scene. we will follow this and bring you the latest developments when wet get them. larry: thank you. we are tracking maria now. maria stays off the east coast. the powerful winds. high surf and the strong rip current. the visitors are warned to stay out of the water. alison: maria has been hammering the outer banks. justin hinton is live tonight. we talked to you last night. how does today compare to yesterday? justin: yeah, it is a lot worse today as far as the wind is concerned. we are not experiencing the rain like yesterday. that wind is kicking up.
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prevent some people from staying away from the water. there was a group out here that was in the water not long ago. one of the reasons why the wind gusts picked back up is likely due to the fact that maria gained strength. tropical storm force winds return to the outer banks. an area made famous for launching aviation careers. but right now it's the sand they are worried about. >> what is your favorite part of the trip so far? >> we are about to leave. justin: the gusty winds enough to bring out the weather reinforcements to warn people just how dangerous the water can get. >> it's crazy. amazing. >> they want nothing to do with it. >> area roadways weren't clear of either. sand blocked the road in kitty hawk. then there was hig
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the outer banks. this is what high tide looks like on hatteras island. overwash on the road. it's trying to push it out of the way to make it easier were the the drivers coming out of the area. >> the couple trying to get to hatteras for a wedding, it was a no-go. >> for what the officer said, probably there is possibility it will open tomorrow. the wedding is on saturday. probably end up staying three of the four days wi intended to and will probably just stay somewhere else. justin: this water is still washing up close to us. at this point in time. good news potentially for the visitors coming tomorrow. the emergency officials say they should have an update about 11:00 or no later than 11:00 when the visitors might return to hatteras island. reporting live from the outer banks, i'm justin hinton. larry: justin, thank you so much.
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this is a storm out in the ocean. steve: there is good news. there is sunshine off of it. the sun is starting to come out as the storm pulling to the north and northeast. what will happen the cold front later tonight will bring us relief from the heat and the humidity. help to push it out. we like that. that is good news. take a look at what is going on now. feels like august. if you have not been outside in the last couple of hours or so, take a walk to the porch and breathe in the warm and the humid air. it won't last much longer. look at the temperatures out there. 91 degrees at reagan national airport. 88 at dulles. cooler off to the west of us. although right now we are at 90. compare it to 75 at oakland. the winchester at 86. right now is 88 degrees at andrews. feels like temperature, i told you it feels like the middle of august. 96 is what it feels like now in downtown d.c. it may be hotter than that with the concrete and
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buildings so close together. it will cool down. i promise. look at the sunset time now well before 7:00. temperatures hold in the lower 80s at 7:00 p.m. upper 70's by 8:00. by 9:00, we will be around 75 degrees. updated look at hurricane maria now. winds at 75 miles per hour. gusts at 90. it's finally beginning to take a north/northeasterly track. now it will move away from the mainland of the united states. this is the latest updated track for you now from the hurricane center. still a category one storm by this time tomorrow. quickly weaken to a tropical depression. fizzles out and it will continue to move off toward the north and east. here it is, the forecast closer to home. 65 to 72 degrees. partly cloudy skies. it will become breezy tonight as a cold front begins to move closer to the area. winds will be in the northwest at 5 to 15 with the higher wind gusts. for tomorrow morning waking up, temperatures in the upper 60's to 70. it's sti
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humid side. daytime highs are not going to rebound until we had earlier today in the 90's. the cold front swings through. high pressure will build behind it. a secondary cold front friday night drop the temperatures more for the upcoming weekend. we will have sustained winds 15 to 20 and they will ease in the late day hours tomorrow. the ten-day outlook. nice weekend ahead. next week, later next week the daytime highs will be in the upper 70's to 80.
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it will be beautiful out here. larry: like playoffs for the nats next friday. bring it on. download the stormwatch7 weather app to track the clouds and the cooldown for the weekend in the apple store and at google play. alison: coming up, an interesting proposal for an event on the normal mall. >> some call it burning man on the mall. this year the organizers hope to put up 45-foot tall sculpture of a woman here. should it you stay on the mall for four months? mike carter-conneen, and i have details on the permit politics. larry: lawmakers and leaders trying to tackle the drug and opioid epidemic. the p
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larry: president trump's commission to battle opioid crisis met today for the third time. the goal is to put together a full report on the scope of the problem and come up with possible solutions for epidemic that helped promote overdose deaths of 52,000 people since 2015. kristine frazao has more. kristine: this is a that group headed up by the new jersey governor chris christ
5:23 pm
administration and also the state and the local leaders. the people who are on the front lines of what has become a war critics say this country is losing. in some case, a picture speaks a thousand words. in others there are simply no words for what is unfolding. >> a mother allegedly caught on tape shooting heroin in front of her 3-year-old. this couple passed out in the car from what the police believe was a heroin overdose. while the woman's grandson sits in the backseat. and former girl scout with good friends and a loving family. >> i love you! >> swept up. >> i told her that if you try that just once, you will die. kristine: that is just what happened to amber roberts and to tens of thousands of others. snapshots of what argue is the crisis of a generation. the opioid epidemic in
5:24 pm
america. >> drugs, i can't be happy without drugs. >> often the addiction starts with a prescription to opioids. but many turn to cheaper and more readily available heroin. the crisis has reached the doors of capitol hill. where lawmakers are trying to find ways to help. >> it is taking so many lives, especially young lives. putting incredible pressure on our whole medical and the emergency infrastructure. >> what it requires is a serious investment in treatment and intervention and education. >> the drugstore c.v.s. is limiting the patient prescriptions to seven days. but back on the streets of the cities like seattle and baltimore and columbus, the help is not coming fast enough. one of the solutions proposed so far by the president's commission is to lower the rate of prescriptions given out by the v.a. to veterans. before if you were in pain and wanted to deal with pai
5:25 pm
first resort. they are saying they want to change the culture and really change that altogether. live on capitol hill, i'm kristine frazao, abc7 news. alison: thank you. a different tune. coming up on abc7 news, president trump weighs in after his candidate for alabama senate lost in the primary. >> how much can one building take? first an earthquake and now a major fire. coming
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the
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announcer: you're watching five five. on your side. alison: two d.c. firefighters are recovering from minor injuries after battling the flames at the embassy of ecuador. flames tore through the roof this morning and cheryl conner has more from the embassy. cheryl: a rude awakening for those who run the embassy of ecuador. no one was inside but the charge of affairs got the call after midnight. a large fire filled the upper floors of the building on 15th street northwest. >> a little piece of my concrete in washington, d.c. cheryl: wilson delgado had to see it for himself. he is from ecuador and relied on the embassy for assistance. the
5:29 pm
with the roof are badly damaged. the d.c. fire said the crews had a tough time accessing the high ceiling. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. this is the second time the building is in need of major repairs. the earthquake in 2011 closed it down for two years. >> major investment to restore damages of the earthquake from 2011. cheryl: 35 people work here. today they stood outside with facebooks and they tried to figure out their future. on dray is in -- andre is in charge of the embassy since the ambassador finished the tour a few weeks ago. he says no important documents were damaged. wilson delgado wants to offer his help. >> i work to fix it. alison:
5:30 pm
honored this weekend. he is among the 75 people remembered on sunday at the 36th annual national fallen firefighters memorial service. his name will be added to the wall at the national fire academy. larry: with healthcare reform delayed the republicans are moving forward on a plan to radically overhaul the tax code. we report that the g.o.p. is hoping to have an easier time turning the legislation into law. >> president trump laying out the brainwork for the tax reform today. the administration says they make sure not to shift the tax burden from high income taxpayers to lower and the middle class americans. >> we will cut taxes for the every day hardworking americans.
5:31 pm
>> it would slash the current tax rate to the 35%. reduce the seven tax brackets to three. raise tax rate on low-income earners to 12%. it will double the size of the standard reductions for married couples and the individuals and expands tax credit for families with children. >> this delivers a new tax code that is simple, fair, pro-growth and pro-family. >> republicans line up behind the president, the democrats calling it a false promise to the middle class. >> the tax framework is not tax reform. it's a trade work that gives away the store to the wealthiest while sticking it to the middle class with a bill. >> republicans are eager for a legislative win after the failed attempt to repeal and replace the affordable care
5:32 pm
president trump will be using the bully pulpit of the white house. this starts the blitz on tax reform. alison: in private the president reportedly is angry that his chosen candidate alabama senator luther strange lost tuesday's republican primary. in public, the president praised the winner. former judge roy moore. >> i spoke to him last night. i never met him. i never spoke to him. i'm happy with him. i have to say luther came a long way from the time i endorsed him, ran a good race. roy ran a really great race. >> moore is best known for the opposition to the same-sex marriage and his support for the public displays of the "ten commandments." the seat was vacated by attorney general jeff sessions. larry: well, metro is expanding the grace period for the students who need a d.c. one card that allows the children who use metro to get to and from school to ride for free. the oc
5:33 pm
back november 13. the students have the card like a smart trip card to get through the fair gates or on -- fare gates or on a bus. they remind students no tax, no ride. first responders are heroes. even off-duty. still to come the first story of the new series "hero 24/7." meet the local assistant police chief capturing memories in more ways than one. alison: plus, breathing new life in an old factory. while you might find a lot of green and holes in the ceiling of a brand new hotel. larry: ahead, all new at 6:00, teetering on the edge. the race to save this woman in danger of being swept away.
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steve: take advantage this weekend because cool air is on way as we move to the month of ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist,
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an office building has been evacuated. this is the scene of where it took place but we don't know the circumstances. it happened at 5:00 this everything. you can see a lot of police activity here at 5:00 or just before the reports of some kind of a shooting incident at 8100 gatehouse road. enormous response from law enforcement and fire personnel in this area. gate house road is in falls church just off route 50. outside route 55. the road has been shut down. law enforcement vehicles and fire vehicles as far as the eye can see. still an active unfolding investigation.
5:39 pm
public. we can tell you that a person died in the incident. what the circumstances is or what that individual is we don't know. we are trying to gather more information. we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. live in falls church, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. still to come here, the nationals getting geared up for another postseason run. will this be the year they break through or another season of heartbreak?
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alison: every week in kensington photographers come together to protect the skills. what makes this unusual, this is at an assisted living facility. larry: the teacher one of the top cops at the police department. nancy has more. nancy: hey there. this is part of a new ongoing series that we are doing called "hero 24/7," profiling first responders who are dedicated to their communities even while off-duty. we start with betsy davis and her photography class, capturing memories in more ways than one. as assistant police chief of montgomery county, she
5:43 pm
today she is teaching how to that them in her -- snap them in her volunteer photography class. >> all she did is put the camera on the table and push a button. janet won third place. >> the photos award winning at the county fair. the takers are at kensington park senior living. >> slow down and take a deep breath. don't rush. don't rush. >> almost every week davis finished a full day of work overseeing more than 300 people including a swat team, all on her own time. >> for me to see what the pictures look like, i'm impressed. i'm like wow! >> davis has been with the police department for almost 33 years. assistant chief for the past ten. despite the long hours davis sees being here as a continuation for the public service from during the day. >> i came to the department to help people. some of them don't have families so
5:44 pm
that, you release somebody and sit here for an hour and talk to them. >> she started teaching her passion eight years ago after her father had health issues and ended up in a similar assisted facility. she plans to work here part-time after she retires. >> i have had people 103 in the class. >> ten in a typical class. as well as those who come just to watch. >> they get out. it's their brain they are thinking about. they are building relationship and friendship. >> she teaches them how to focus, to see light through a different light. this person is quadriplegic but takes pictures with the help of an assistant. >> i see things all the time that i want to capture. it brought it back for me. >> this is the highest ranking woman in the montgomery county police department. after more than three seconds with the force friday i
5:45 pm
last day. the best part about her class isn't that they just learn new skills. it gets them out and about. he is gives them homework assignments and they go out and do this. alison: wonderful. larry: a passion, never too old to learn. great passion. alison: they have created friendships with her which is so special. nancy: the photos are nice, too. larry: great job. alison: we are look forward to the series. nancy: thank you very much. larry: a good story. small ontario town versus a woman overa chrome cow that sits atop a 26-foot top pedestal. a city official asked the owner who is the heir to a family breeding farm if the sculpture could be moved and modified. she said, "would you do that to the mona lisa?" now they are looking into mooo-ving it alison: high regard. larry: i like that.
5:46 pm
that. you can spend the night in an old john deere factory. the assembly lines won't wake you up. building is being transformed to a hotel without erasing the past. >> i love the fact that they are preserving as much as they are and they were able to restore the building. it has a lot of history. alison: part of that includes leaving holes in the ceiling. that is right. that is where they suspended the tractor engine. and bring in other business to the area. larry: cool idea. "7 on your side," consumer alert. sonic says there has been unusual activity on the credit cards used at restaurants. the fast food chain said the credit card processor pointed it out last week. it's unclear how many were impacted but they are working to figure out what happened. they operate 3,500 restaurants in 44 states. alison: "7 on your side" in health matters about the dangerous steps that seniors are taking to get more sleep.
5:47 pm
a.a.r.p. study found 60% of the people polled ages 60 to 80 admitted to using medication at times to help them fall asleep. however, researchers say the medication can lead to disneyness and confusion -- dizziness and confusion. increasing risk of a dangerous fall. seniors are advised to talk to doctor if they have sleep problems. the full effect of what was hurricane irma not finished yet. the price of o.j. could put a squeeze on the pocketbook. i may cost $2 more for a gallon as a result of the storm. it wiped out 30 to 70% of the florida citrus crop. how much more we pay depends on whether brazil can increase its exports to help ease the orange shortage. larry: not waiting for that. i'm going to the store tonight. alison: hurry up! larry: get a month's worth. why do you have a dozen bottles of orange juice, well, you never know. alison: one of our favorite things that
5:48 pm
lunchbox weather. steve: the kids love it. they see the stormtrak pull up and they go crazy. they see one of the meteorologists walk out they go wild. this happened earlier today. molly visited rosehill elementary school in alexandria for the lunchbox weather program. while there, she showed the kids how to present the weather and taught them all about storms. she showed them some of the latest technology and she talked about the hurricanes. before taking them out to go see stormwatch7. running the kid cam was jasmine and a weather question from gabriella. >> hi. i'm a fourth grader. my question is what is the best thing about being a meteorologist? steve: i love that question. what is the best thing about being a meteorologist? there are so many awesome things about forecasting the weather on tv. not only do i get to use cool graphics and computers but i get to work
5:49 pm
that makes it a lot of fun. but i think my favorite part of bag meteorologist is we have four seasons here in d.c. i think it would be a lot different compared to miami or california. where we get snow, we get hot days like today. we have thunderstorms and tornadoes and hurricanes. we get everything around the d.m.v. a little bit of everything. that is why i love being a meteorologist. and you guys make it extra fun. larry: well, how is that? alison: i love the lunchbox weather. larry: they are fun. steve: we appreciate that. alison: they always have good questions. steve: they do. larry: i missed those. now that school is back in. alison: all right. we'll do more weather. larry: erin, what do you got? nats action? erin: i want to say i love the lunchbox weather, too. it's so fun. bryce harper will be in the line-up for the second straight game tonight in philly. that's fun. the nats right fielder was hitless in three trips to the plate in
5:50 pm
harper will have four more games to find his rhythm. four-day break before the postseason begins. it's time many nats fans are looking forward to in washington. robert burton has more. robert: as the playoffs inch closer the fans are hoping for the best. preparing for the worst. do you think this is the year? >> oh, let's hope so. this is what? the third attempt to get out of the first tier playoffs? >> they have the team to do it. when they get in the playoffs they need to produce it. every time they get in there, some way, one of them disappears. >> they have the players, they have the arms. robert: just in case the nats don't succeed fans say they will continue to cling on their favorite nats memory. or at least some fans say. >> do you have a favorite nats memory? >> n
5:51 pm
no. i ain't going to tell no lie. >> zimmerman's no-hitter. i still cry every time i see the catch at the end. making the catch at the end. it does it. brings tears to my eyes. i love it. robert: rarely do we come across if fan that think baseball in d.c. is a blessing in itself. michael is one of them. we need more fans like you. grate to feel have baseball in d.c. >> grateful to have it here. people think he has given up or not going for the right people and then look at the bullpen right now. my hat is off to mike. robert: robert burton, abc7 sports. erin: robert is so good talking to fans out there. abc7 will have you covered when it comes to the postseason for the second year in a row. join us every sunday. the nationals are in the playoffs for our special half hour show "washington's road to the championship." that is sunday night at 11:30. we are very excited. we are working on it right now.
5:52 pm
larry: good. make it happen. alison: all right, erin. thank you. still to come we follow breaking news happening in falls church today. skytrak7 over the scene right now. at least one person is dead. after a shooting in an office building. we will have much more coming you each drive a ford pickup right? (all) yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum.
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of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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larry: this fall national mall visitors might be surprised to see a sculpture of a naked woman. michelle: pending approval it could be a temporary fixture to be allowed to stand there for four months. >> for a third year, organizers of catharsis on the mall, similar to burning manifest value, bring music, attar and activism to national mall over veterans day weekend. but this year's centerpiece is 45-year-old sculpture and the organizers hope she inspires conversation about equality and safety for women. >> she is standing there radiating her
5:56 pm
with no apologies and no excuses. just how she is. >> the plan for the sculpture to face north toward the white house but the positioning is not necessarily about president trump. >> she means many different things for different people. >> many tourists on the mall would welcome the sculpture. >> is it's amazing -- it's amazing. we should be proud of our bodies. >> make one is not enough. >> maybe ten or 12 representing every body type of women. not a barbie doll thing. that is my recommendation. >> others call it obabsurd. >> this is a family oriented place. i don't think it's right statue to put up. >> they are worried it will be a distraction for the president. >> we don't need him tweeting about anything else. >> national park service says no permit has been issued yet. the application for four-month long vigil is still under review. >> they do have requirement of having at least one person with them at all times. you can't aban
5:57 pm
property as part of the vigil. >> organizers are seeking volunteers. so far, $11,000. on the national mall, abc7 news. nancy: one of the biggest names in college basketball on his way out. larry: rick pitino placed on administrative leave on if heels of the f.b.i. administration in corruption charges. danya bacchus reports on the latest from the fallout. danya: the university of louisville head basketball coach is out for now. >> effective immediately. coach pitino has been placed on unpaid, administrative leave. >> he was placed on administrative leave and the exit comes a day after the school acknowledged that the men's basketball program is part of a federal investigation into alleged bribery of recruits. >> i would say that i was more angry than embarrassed. >> this is the most recent black eye for louisville. th
5:58 pm
ncaa probation for a scandal involving using escorts to woo recruits. in the current investigation, federal prosecutors say at least ten people, four of them assistant coaches at some of the top division i programs are now facing federal bribery, fraud and corruption charges. >> the defendants conspired to secretly funnel six-figure payments to the families of three high school players. >> the f.b.i. says its two-year investigation showed college coaches were taking up to $100,000 in cash bribes for steering nba-bound athletes toward specific financial advisers and sports agents. athletic wear giant adidas also caught in the scandal. the global head of sports marketing accused of bribing families of high school recruits to get them to commit to colleges where adidas was a sponsor. the university of louisville says pitino has not been fired and his employment will be reviewed at a
5:59 pm
in college basketball making $7.7 million per year. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. michelle: breaking right now one person is dead after a gunman entered falls church office building. skytrak7 over the scene. we will take you to the situation on the ground in moments. >> it's an attack on all of us. alison: fighting back after someone filled american university hallways with a message of hate. >> i will walk off. don't touch me. don't touch me. michelle: that woman says a medical condition had her dragged off a plane at b.w.i. the reason after breaking news. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. michelle: breaking news first at 6:00 as we come on the air, word that at least one person is dead after a shooting at a falls church office building. alison: s
6:00 pm
scene between gallows road and the beltway. jeff goldberg is there with new information. you spoke to the police moments ago. what are they saying? jeff: yeah, we are going to get right to it. it will be joined by the fairfax county police chief ed rossler. what can you tell us about what happened? >> 4:50 p.m. this afternoon we received multiple 911 calls for an active shooter at 8111 gate house road. immediately the officers entered the building and the reaction team to attack the person that was firing the rounds. i can tell you now we have a deceased male that appears to be the shooter. the building is still active as far as evacuating those that sheltered in place. there was a daycare center in the building. this is not the school board headquarter


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