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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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attack on a las vegas concert. new images show inside stephen paddock's hotel room where police say he unleashed bullets in a crowd. we learned police found a camera outside of that room. it may have allowed him to see officers coming for him. they say they recovered 40 weapons from his hotel room and his home. that is as police reveal they have identified all but three of the 59 people killed. if not for extraordinary heroism, the number could be higher. >> we went back to the gunfire and we started to look for priority victims. people with the most serious injuries to get to the hospital. >> police say biggest question remains unanswered. they don't know while he did this. >> we don't know a motive in the attack but we have a better idea how the gunman was able to fire so many rounds and so
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police now say they found two bump stockses a they are call aid lowing a semi-automatic gun to act like a machine gun. it skirts the current laws and it caught the attention of president trump and democrats. president trump: the police department has done such an incredible job. we will be talking about gun laws as time goes by. >> there were more people killed in las vegas in this shooting that have been killed in any one day in either the iraq or the afghanistan war. things are absolutely out of control. jonathan: so how exactly to the bump stocks work and how hard are they to get ahold of? q mccray went looking for answers and he joins us what we found. q: gun control is always a hot topic after mass shootings like the one we saw in las vegasment but this time around it's not the guns raising concerns. it's the accessories.
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[gunfire] >> tragedy like this, we all feel it. q: mark warner is a gun enthusiasts. he works for a blue ridge arsenal in chantilly. we asked him about bump stock technology, same accessory police say stephen paddock used to kill concert goers in las vegas. >> they are legal to get. they are legal by the a.t.f. q: bump stock allows a gun that is semi-automatic to act like it's fully automatic. >> i can either lock it into place for simple shooting. or i can release it. the gun moves like this. as it does the recoil of the gun going real fast. q: firing dozens of bullets per second. fully automatic weapons can fire more rounds, highly restricted and can cost upward of $25,000. warner says it's a much cheaper option meant for recreational use. >> it's all about respecting firearms and each other. q: accessories like h
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the high capacity magazines. why would an average person need 100-round magazine or fire hundreds of rounds per minute are at the center of the debate. michelle: thank you. for the past day and a half we are seeing the images like these. people killed at the concert, part of the toll of the attack. but we are learning of some of the more than 500 people injured. among them a one-time soccer standout in anne arundel county. maryland bureau chief brad bell joins us live with the outpouring of support for tina frost. what is the latest on her condition, brad? brad: well, as we understand it, she remains in a coma. but the real question is there going to be any brain damage? that is the word we are getting from the family. we are thousands of miles from las vegas at the field here at old mill high school. but tina frost is very much on the minds
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she is a part of their family. probably like most people, as word of the enormity, the number of victims in las vegas sank in. faculty at anne arundel high school they will have a link to someone. they learned the 2008 grad tina frost was gravely wounded. their hearts sank. >> this one really hit home. incredibly close to the family. they are like daughters to me as well. it hurts. >> we are concerned for everyone. it's one of our own. brad: frost was a star soccer player and now lives in san diego. she and her boyfriend drove to vegas to attend the music festival. she was hit in the head. she has lost one eye. she is in a coma. her father posting this update on facebook. "tina had a good night with her mother and i by her side. vitals and responses are good. no fever. she is fighting hard."
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would expect no less. >> to see her in the hallways, you would have no idea how ferocious she was on the field. there is no doubt in my mind she is going to be okay. brad: a go fund me page set up by the family friend for the frosts had initial goal of $50,000. it has raised well over $100,000. >> we understand how much time, effort and finances it is going to cost for that family to care for her. even though we may not be able to get there, we will make sure they can get there. brad: live now. the game here is underway. a few moments ago before the singing of the anthem they had a moment of silence. the announcer spoke of tina frost and her relationship to the team. you can see all of the girls from the anne arundel high school team join hands together in honor of tina frost. many of them have written her name and old number, number 9, on their wrists.
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close to las vegas tonight. brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: i'm sure the support means a lot to her family. abc7 will continue following new developments from las vegas and the attack the attack is having across the nation. the coverage continues with "world news tonight" at 6:30 and jonathan: now to the latest on the war on terror. one of the five men detained ded in the planned bombing of an paris apartment bombing was under surveillance. they found gas cans wired to a cell phone. this is after neighbors called for suspicious behavior. michelle: right now president trump and the first lady are flying back to the u.s. after spending the day in puerto rico. before leaving he praised the work of sailors and marines. earlier he met with residents visited a relief center and spoke with local leaders some of whom remain critical of the
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hurricane maria. >> well, i told him. "mr. president, this is about saving lives. it's not about politics." the productive part was the second part when we got to meet with the white house staff. i believe they saw the connection or the disconnect between what they were hearing and the reality of what is on the ground. michelle: the navy hospital ship comfort arrived in san juan loaded with the medical personnel. jonathan: tons of supplies ready to go to those in need. local effort in the military to help hurricane maria's victims. michelle: on a lighter note here, what chased a koala up a piece of construction equipment and what it took to get it down. steve: temperatures right now in the 70's. a little bit of sunshine out there. how long with the nice weather last? what about the next best chance for much needed shower activity around the d.m.v.? more on that coming up in a few minutes.
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to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. jonathan: new charges for a man accused of being a serial groper. they charged jeremiah tolley for sexually assaulted a number of women dating back to august. they are not saying how many victims have come forward but he faces eight felony charges. he was arrested after police say he attacked a
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week on a trail near the county government center. michelle: police in stafford county are trying to figure out who vandalized a giant confederate flag along i-95. there it is. long source of controversy, investigators say someone spray painted the words "take it down" and "racist" on the base of the pole. they trieden successfully to re -- they tried up successfully to remove a plaque near the base. jonathan: d.c. council approved emergency legislation to allow dogs on restaurant patios. today's vote came after health officials clacked coun on bars and restaurants -- cracked down on bars and restaurants. the individual businesses will decide if they want dogs on the paid -- patio. michelle: this koala ran to the top of a grilling rig after s
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michelle: must see video takes a page from the dukes of hazzard. a truck loses a tire. then sparks fly. there it goes. airborne! the driver makes at it few hundred yards in a truck before ditching it and running. he doesn't make it far. police catch him 30 seconds later. haul him off to jail. jonathan: free advertising for jack-in-the-box. where it ended. caught in video. this is terrifying. near deadly case of mistaken identity. watch as the police officers got a body cam on. a masked man will pop out in a
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a gun. but this is not what you think. watch. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. drop the gun. we're doing a movie. jonathan: yeah. they were filming a movie. the actor had a problem gun. actor. that is why he had a mask on. the filmmaker made a faux pas. they didn't file proper permit so the police had no clue it was a movie. thankfully the officer's aim not so good. he missed. so far no criminal charges have been filed. the actor is thanking his lucky stars. michelle: it could have been his final scene. justice department opened investigation in the prince george's county police department. federal investigators look in the claims they discriminated against the black and the hispanic officers. police chief hank stawinski says the department will cooperate with the probe. >> no subpoenas
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>> the documents will provided to them immediately. >> we have enough people in the department. i am not happy with the department. we have expressed our concerned to the leadership. nothing has been resolved. michelle: two groups representing minority officers filed a complaint against a department in 2016. calls for change today on the steps of the supreme court that even drew actor turned politician arnold schwarzenegger. >> it is time to say hasta la vista to gerrymandering. michelle: the former california governor and "terminator" star was one of dozens calling for an ends to politically drawn voting districts. this came as the justices inside the court heart arguments for and against the wisconsin voting district. jonathan: turn theat
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in the caribbean where planes just landed at the joint base andrews. right now this is packed with the donations for the puerto rico's victims of hurricane maria. they are in need. local group collected all the supplies. our cheryl conner shows us what is on board and what it took to get this together. >> ready to ship. donations are leaving joint base andrews and heading to puerto rico. >> trying to keep it consolidated. >> the basics. diapers, food, water. they landed here thanks in part to airman first class, anderson who less than a week ago he is started to volunteer -- she started volunteering with an organization that formed to help the island following hurricane maria. >> i started folding shirts. they gave me a small job. i was just getting to know the environment to see how i could help out. >> her help was the right connection to get items to the
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right hands. >> i reached out to anyone who could help me out. >> so far two planes landed at joint base andrews. another plane scheduled for tomorrow to make 100,000 pounds of goods shipped to the island in two days. airman anderson received pictures from puerto rico after the first plane landed. the volunteers are using their contacts to make sure donations don't sit in a warehouse. >> using our connections in puerto rico to connect the people in puerto rico with people that need supplies. with the people able to get supplies to them. >> the flight to puerto rico tied to a training mission for the air national reserve. >> america is there for you. >> at joint base andrews, cheryl conner, abc7 news. steve: all right. looking outside right now. rehoboth beach, delaware, added clouds out there but still peopl
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beach at this hour. the temperatures in the lower 70's. today we hit 75 degrees at reagan national airport. slightly above average for this time of year. now stand at 73. 73 in martinsburg. 77 in luray. 68 in oakland, maryland. 79 in cumberland. show you what is going on in terms of the forecast this everything. taking the dog out, or taking a walk with the dog. temperatures are middle 60's. upper 50's by 9:00 and by 11:00, around 57 to 58 degrees out there. mainly clear skies. chance for patchy fog come early tomorrow morning. stormwatch7 satellite and radar, high pressure in the firm control of the mid-atlantic. nighttime lows from the middle 40's suburban locations to the middle 50's in downtown d.c. patchy fog. i don't believe it will amount to a lot. may want to leave extra minutes early tomorrow morning. especially the kids when they get out the door. 53 in bethesda tomorrow morning. 50 in college park.
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a light sweater. maybe a fleece early on. you won't need it long. the sunshine will help warm temperatures nicely by 11:00. near 75 degrees by the mid-afternoon. late afternoon, added clouds. it will stay dry for the day tomorrow. hard to believe it's that time for playoffs. friday and saturday look great. a mix of clouds and clearing. saturday, the temperatures in the 70's. partly sunny skies. 5:30 start. looking good by sunday. sunday there are a few chance of showers. temperatures early on in the upper 60's. overall a nice running condition. thursday is 85 degrees. the pla
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saturday. the temperatures are lower to the middle 80's. chance of showers on sunday. better chance of the widespread shower activity on monday. we are not talking about a washout for columbus day but picture perfect. tuesday at 79. thursday and friday of next week. highs in the upper 60's. night time lows in the 50's. we how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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robert: a hard-fought game for the redskins but it ended in a loss to the chiefs. less than a minute in the game. look at this. receiver josh doctson with a chance to put it away. reached higher than the heaven to grab this one but can't come down with it. that would have sealed the deal. redskins could have been ranked in one of the best teams in the nfl with that win. last night, kirk cousins gave his thoughts. >> you know, we didn't complete it. you back and look at how i can be better. after a tough loss like this you go back and you have hindsight and look at what you could have done. robert: in baseball, cubs cubs l be here friday at nats park. questions about nats' ace max scherzer. will he pitch on friday? the status is unclear. >> tough thin
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diagnose myself and communicate with the team. communicate even for my own knowledge of what i can do. i am able to do so much. it only seems to show its head when i'm pitching near or at 100%. robert: every sunday night 11:30 is washington's "road to the championship" on abc7. we have you covered on everything nationals as long as they are in the playoffs. jonathan: i go back to high school footballs. he told receivers if it touches your hands you better catch it. didn't get $20 million to -- robert: you caught the ball. jonathan: or you're on the bench. well, i'd like the $20 million. robert: yeah. michelle: you are sitting next to me. jonathan: this is priceless. this is it. steve: let's talk about the weather. playoff forecast. a lot of sunshine. temperatures cool to 70's for the first pitch friday everything. jonathan: way
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the massacre in las vegas. new images inside the killer's hotel room. the door blown off. reichels on the floor. and tonight, we have just learned the gunman was firing at the crowd for nine minutes. and this evening, what we did not know. he hit a camera in a service cart in the hotel hallway. so he would know when police were moving in. also tonight, for the first time, we take you inside the trauma ward at a las vegas hospital. more than 100 patients brought to this hospital alone. tonight, the survivors. one of them at the concert for his 21st birthday. also tonight, president trump in puerto rico. after tweeting about puerto rico, that they want everything done for them. today, the


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