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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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chen, abc7 news. jonathan: at 6:00, investigators combing every inch of a house of worship turned crime scene. horrible scene. part of a search for answers after a massacre inside. nancy: as we come on the air, new details are coming to light about the gunman and the lives he took. we know 26 people are confirmed dead. the youngest victim is 18 months old. 20 others are wounded. police say the gunman killed himself after a good samaritan opened fire on him and chased him from the crime scene. jonathan: tonight the church's pastor reflecting on the lives forever changed including his because his 14-year-old daughter was among those killed. two dozen friends taken. >> we have had a long night with our children and grandbaby tas we have left. >> most of church family is gone. a few of us that are left behind lost tragically yesterday. michelle: tonight family members are sharing pictures of those killed. among th
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the gunman's wife. police suspect her family may have been devin kelley's target. jonathan: we have now learned that kelley served a year behind bars for domestic violence and was thrown out of the air force. michelle: that is raising questions how he was able to buy guns in the first place and it's spurring calls for more gun control. the chief political reporter scott thuman is tracking that part of the story from the satellite center. scott: there is almost always instant reaction to the mass shootings on capitol hill. typically whether or not the new gun legislation should be introduced. it remains a tad unclear this moment about the shooter's rights to have a gun and what if anything should happen next. >> another shooting and day after with the countless questions. should devin kelley been able to purchase assault style rifles? he wascourt marshalled in 2012 in the air force accused of assault on the spouse and child and discharged for bad conduct. not a felony, the
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sentence should according to legal experts prevented him from buying the gun. >> people who mention the deal found the wives, husbands, children shouldn't have guns. >> police say he bought four guns total over the past fur yours. >> fortunately somebody else had a gun shooting in the opposite direction. >> congressman lloyd represents the district where the shooter lives spoke to us after the las vegas shooting demanding more gun control laws. >> the administration is owned by the rifle association.
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>> i am sure you will see renewed effort in the coming days. scott: we are just getting this from the "associated press" saying the air force did not submit the required information. the criminal background and system to the f.b.i. so he could have been red flagged. more to follow on that. the type of weapon is not illegal. they outlawed it as a part of an assault weapons ban and the law expired ten years later. jonathan: tonight we are seeing this scene that is becoming too familiar. crosses going up. makeshift memorial. 26 crosses now are put up to honor the innocent lives lost. that is 4% of the population of the tiny town of sutherland springs. our coverage of the tragedy in texas does continue. ahead for us we will take steps, what steps local churches here take to ensure those worships are safe. michelle:
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the severe storms we showed you last night across the central u.s. national weather service confirms to us tonight nine tornadoes touched down in ohio and indiana. several people were hurt when a restaurant took a direct hit by a twister. the same system is blamed for the death of two men in erie, pennsylvania. floodwaters caused a basement wall to collapse trapping the men inside. neighbors say the men had gone downstairs to keep the basement from flooding. at home we are tracking our own rain and the storms with more on the way. chief meteorologist bill kelly is on storm watch. is any of this is severe for us? bill: it shouldn't severe. winds gusts of 60 miles per hour. hail and inch in diameter, that type of thing. but there is heavy rainfall in spots. this is cuts
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county and the heaviest of it all the biggest one is stafford county. there is moderate rainfall. when we go in to sample how heavily the rain coming down. we have numbers for the six and the seven inch rain per hour. small hail. not traditionally hail but more lake groppal. but down south this is cutting across to king george time-out and charles county as well. this is moving out. cold front that will drop temperatures dramatically. we look ahead for the seven-day forecast including the first freeze of the year. that is in there. plus the voting forecast in a few minutes. jonathan: looking forward to it. thanks. parking in part of the district may get easier but it comes a it a price. ddot turning to surge pricing to try to free up parking spots. sam sweeney joins us live from chinatown where the changes just took effect. we talk about surge, how expensive will
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sam: the surge program has been in place, pilot program that has been in place since october of 2016. today the prices went higher than they ever have before. the next time you come to the meter you could shell out $5.50 an hour. but it could be as low as a dollar. the idea is encourage people to park in the low demand areas. it's not popular. ddot says it's working. >> i think they are crazy. i think that d.c. prices for parking are really insane. >> it's outrageous. >> little fanfare, parking meters in the busiest streets around chinatown jumped $5.50 an hour. >> tourists are trapped. we don't know those things. surge pricing started in 2016 as a pilot program. the city raises parking prices to encourage turnover in the busiest spots. >> high demand spaces, we keep adjusting the prices up and
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the prices down. >> ddot wants at least one available spot per block. when the program started that was the case 33% of the time. now it jumped to 75%. >> approximately 30 to 40% of the congestion in downtown can be due to people circling around the block trying to find open parking space. >> ddot created an app called park d.c. on the other side of the street it's $3.25. on our side it's $2.30. the next time you come downtown check out the app to see how many spots are available and how much it will cost you. reporting live in chinatown, i'm sam sweeney. abc7 news. michelle: thank you. campus fire bombing on video now there is new information about the man police say is to blame. jonathan: first, though, police officers are running toward the flames of the man inside a wrecked car trapped and screaming he is burning alive.
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ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. jonathan: caught on video, watch the scene. california police officers pulling the man from the burning car. the car is overturned there. at the last second they are able to get him. he had fallen asleep at the wheel, he is crashed and flipped the car. witnesses then heard the man yelling his feet were burning as fire was consuming in car. all the while they are doing everything they can to try to get the guy out. nothing was working. thanks to the quick-acting officers the man escaped with
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you can see in the video they just drag him away at the last second. michelle: amazing. now look at this. fire dition stroying a truck on the belt -- fire destroying a truck on the beltway late this afternoon near van dorn street. cameras rolled and the firefighters knocked out the flame. the clean-up blocked traffic in the evening rush. things finally reopened an hour ago. jonathan: just in tonight we are learning a second person now has died after this six-car crash on three in fredash on three in thursday. fredericksburg last thursday. the truck driver blamed for causing the crash was arrested on involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving. michelle: new information on the officer-involved shooting in montgomery county. ten-year veteran of the department is now on administrative leave sunday night. the officer shot the man when he refused to stop ramming a car with a person inside. the suspect's injuries are not life threatening. the other driver wasn't hurt. jonathan: coming up for us at 6:00. protecting the faithful, the step this local h
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taking to provide security at house of god. michelle: plus a perfect match. little boy and a dog who both lost their legs to tragedy are about to be will have power over your health care. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged more for health care; premiums would go up.
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michelle: updating break news. the hunt for a missing fairfax county mother and 3-year-old daughter. you see the pictures on the screen. they were last seen 24 hours ago at the home in falls church. detectives believe they left in a blue 2012 toyota highlander with virginia plates. we are told the mom is in need of medical attention. jonathan: now an update on this. >> oh, my god. jonathan: remember that? former university student facing six felony charges for the campus fire bombing last week. professor trying to stomp it out when it blew up. he was seriously burned. michelle: houses of worship are taking steps to keep people safe in the wake of the massacre in texas. a former police officer has spent more than a year working with
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training ushers and the greeters on what to look out for. her advice, never let your guard down. november 21 training session organized by prince william county police was scheduled before sunday's tragedy. jonathan: many churches have safeguards and sam ford has a lookle at the churches walking the line between security and peace. [bells toll] sam: at d.c. area churches the events are stunning, frightening. >> something needs to be done. we prayed for all of those who died in terrible massacre. including the perpetrator. >> at the same time the texas situation tells megachurches they ra right to have armed officers in and around the churches during services. for years first baptist glenarden had officers, some paid or volunteered in or outside on sunday. >> it's apparent it makes some people feel safe
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case. >> sam: most area churches are closer in size. for larger churches like presbyterian and others downtown it's how much security or how visible. >> how are you open and welcoming and make sure you have a safe environment for everyone. a challenge a number of congregations are wrestling with. >> many churches were wrestling with this before the attack in texas. the situation two years ago at the a.m.e. church in south carolina but now there is a new urgency to have some sort of security plan. i'm sam ford. jonathan: you can get breaking news on the news app. michelle: the lawyer for the man accused of assaulting kentucky senator ra
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dispute between neighbors. paul's neighbor admitted to tackling the senator outside the home and breaking five of his ribs. it's unclear when paul will return to capitol hill. jonathan: some tackle. michelle: absolutely. jonathan: this week an indiana boy no stranger to tragedy will get the surprise of his lifetime. michelle: a great story. 10-year-old owen lost his legs after being seriously burned as a toddler. he is getting a therapy dog perfect for him. golden retriever quadruple amputee. jonathan: look how sweet he is with the prosthetics. owen saw a story but doesn't know they are destined to be together. >> mom look at this dog. remarkable. he said, "someone hurt chichi like t
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i hope i can meet chi chi some day." jonathan: kids are so resilient and dogs are so loving. they will meet thursday in arizona. we will keep you updated. michelle: so sweet. jonathan: and chi chi will fall in love with the kid. bill: for sure. we talked about how beautiful it was. i snapped a couple photos. jonathan: did you get my texts? bill: i didn't. i've been slammed but i will run them at 11:00. which makes me think did i miss other checks, too? red, orange, yellow out. this was a shrub. i want to show you this. i took my daughters out. i have been here for a couple of weeks. paige is older and piper on the left. payton on the right. they got to experience a leaf for the
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piper going what? payton said that looks tasty. i want to see your photos. if you are on facebook, connect with me at bill kelly weather. you are real laze i love to communicate with you. post stuff, we'll have a conversation and put stuff on air. did you get fall colors? send them to me. i'll have jonathan's photo on at 11:00 as well. we are talking about the cold front moving through the area. prince george county has a couple and anne arundel county. the biggest one by far is moving out of stafford county. the lightning strike around for the last 15 minutes. moving east at 30 miles per hour. colonial beach at 6:45. we will go controlway at 7: -- calloway at 7:10.
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they are not tall clouds. that is what we look for when we look to hail and thunderstorms. but it is moderate rainfall but i don't expect severe weather. future cast tonight the temperatures will fall. showers kick out of here. tomorrow morning we are going to start out with the temperatures in the 40's and a few 30's. heading out to vote tomorrow, chilly and dry. i will stop this at 10:00. if you want to go to the polls before the rain falls go before 10:00. at 10:00 in the morning we are in the 40's. notice at 12:00 noon it's 40 to the low 50's. by 12:00 noon i expect widespread rain in the afternoon. notice the areas of yellow. heavy rain in spots. there is a lot on the map but we have rain and cold temperatures combined and that is out all
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the mid-to-the low 40's. we will keep it to 50 and cool it down further. the first freeze on saturday morning. doesn't it sound slightful? robert: amazing. like the redskins this weekend. coming up, how do you feel about them now after sunday? former redskin chris
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk. robert: everyone had predictions for sunday's game against the seahawks. very few had redskins pulling it out. but they shocked the world. 17-14 win on the ed ro. what makes it better is the redskins were missing six starters. kirk cousins, clutch. took them 75 yards and 35 seconds for the go-ahead touchdown. josh doctson put them at the goal line. and erin hawksworth stopped by espn 9980 to talk to the former redskin chris cooley. >> for the first time in a while i can go and high five, man. you deserve it. big win. i'm not part of the locker room. but to feel like you believe in them as a guy outside of it, and that you a
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for them. i'm excited for the young players. i love our guys right now. that is the coolest thing for me, i can hype them up. i believe in the way they are playing. robert: in hockey, caps are back in action against the coyotes. and they are back on track looking for the third straight win first time season. the caps will put together a trifecta if they win. tom wilson says being at home is a good start. >> we come out hard and play the game the right way. make it hard for teams to come in. we have to get the identify back. everyone here likes playing at home. great rink with a great atmosphere. you know what? i'm sure it will be the same tonight. you want to give them something to cheer about. michelle: the wizards are back in action tomorrow. robert: shouldn't be tough. >> good for the skins. well done. michelle: not expecting it. robert not at all. michelle: final check on weather. bill: umbrella tomorrow if you are going to the polls after 10:00 a.m. michelle: good to know. "world news tonight" with
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tonight, we're on the scene of the deadly church shooting right here in texas. the chilling details just now emerging. authorities reviewing video from inside the church, saying the gunman, quote, came there to kill everybody in their building, period. 26 people dead. the victims, from just 18 months old to 77 years old. eight members of one family among the dead. authorities revealing the gunman had several webs, including and assault rifle. the fbi tonight with a possible motive, threatening text messages to a family member. the phone call to his father while trying to escape. and his discharge from the military, his violent past. also tonight, the heroes who jumped in to help. our interview with


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