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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. >> in virginia, it's going to take a doctor to heal our differences. i'm here to let you know that the doctor is in. up.ia: democrats, cleaning what's coming up in the day ahead after a wave of loose sweeps through the virginia. president trump weighing in. loste says ed gillespie and his new message overnight as he digs in his heels against north korea. a lot to cover this morning at 6:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry:
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temperatures are only going to get colder as the weekend approaches? it may be autumn, but before the weekend hits, wintertime weather moving in. i would not be surprised if that if we have a report of snowflakes at higher elevations. a little bit of moisture not reaching the round, but we could see of it around stafford, a sprinkle to a light shower. 39 in leesburg. 40 in d.c. later today we might exclude into the mid-40's by lunchtime. 50's is your high, holding mainly throughout the 40's. major tieups in virginia on northbound 95 traveling out of woodbridge and heading northbound. accident activity pulled over to the shoulder, a 21 minute ri
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towards the springfield interchange. that is due to the crash tying up the second lane from the left. the blue and orange line near foggy bottom, track problems and rosslyn. that is our traffic watch. back to you guys. larry: thank you so much, julie. are in,the numbers democrats stealing big wins in virginia. northam, defeating ed gillespie with 54% of the vote. plus, history made in prince william county. a lot to cover. larry: we start with suzanne kennedy. the virginia statehouse is now set? suzanne: here in the commonwealth, many see this as a referendum on the trump presidency and the current political climat
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northam was celebrating his win at a campaign party in at george mason university. statewide there was unprecedented turnout by democrats and liberals, some who traditionally didn't vote. that led to the former td attrition getting more votes than a previous governor. -- former pediatrician getting more votes than any previous governor. night, they last lieutenant governor spoke about the need to heal after a year of the divisive politics. >> b will not condone hatred and bigotry. end the politics that have torn this country apart. i want to let you know that in virginia, it's going to take a doctor to heal our differences. to bring unity to our people. i'm here to let you
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the doctor is in. [cheers and applause] will be down to business right away for the lieutenant governor, he will be outlining his administration and transition. suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." larry: ed gillespie, republican candidate, coming up short and thinking supporters. he has nothing but praise for virginia. >> i look forward to seeing you in a more relaxed setting an environment as i continue to see folks across this beautiful commonwealth. i have to tell you, again, i'm so moved as we travel virginia. we are so incredibly blessed. i feel bad for candidates who have to run in states that are not virginia. larry: gillespie, ed
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that he could. trump ready to deflect blame, saying that ed gillespie didn't embrace him for what he stood for. just in fairfax, beating out jill vogel. fairfax is now the second african-american to become lieutenant governor. larry: in the attorney general's race, the democratic incumbent defeated the republican. ousted bobica rhodes marshall and is the first transgender person to hold public office in the u.s. ryan hughes is live with what comes next. gathering race, national attention and it is a historic win. she told us she is ready to get to work. the former journalist taking down the
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who calledncumbent himself virginia's chief homophobe. he is known for introducing the controversial bathroom bill that died in can -- committee. she focused her campaign on schools and ran a grassroots campaign, out funding marshall three to one. overnight, marshall conceding. we will have his reaction to this big loss coming up later. in central virginia, kris hirst turned to politics shortly and hers girlfriend cameraman were shot on national television. >> we need to start bringing togetherriver valley and not continuing to look at it as different localities. that are not
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really unified is one. will he view posted on new developments right here on abc seven. don't forget to download the news app. it's free. new overnight, president trump landing in china, today marks the first real test of his relationship with she's in pain. before he wrapped up in south korea, a final message for the north. autria: his message was -- adrianna: his message was pretty straightforward. take a listen to what he had to say. the regime has -- >> the regime has interpreted america's past restraint as weakness. this would be a fatal miscalculation. .o not underestimate us do not try us. asianna:
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today, they will eat in the chinese forbidden city. and honor not given to any other u.s. president. mr. trump is hoping to get the president of china on his side as they hash out trade agreements. mike pence and karen pence are going to texas to meet with survivors and families of the sunday church massacre. we are learning more about devin kelley. the fbi said that he escaped from a mental health hospital in 2012 and faced court-martial for domestic violence charges. the pentagon is reviewing by the air force did not submit the conviction to the federal gun buyers database and are looking for other cases that may have fallen through the crack's. an emotional ceremony happening right now on the national mall as "her to veterans day. plus in
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veronica: you don't need the gloves this morning, but you will before the week is over. right now there's a bit of a morning chill and it will stay on the cooler side today. 50 degrees is where we come in during the 3:00, 4:00 hour. limited sunshine with a sprinkle coming our way. limited south of this area, you can see where the clouds are going to hold. to the north and west you can see some sunshine around .inchester and chantilly late day sunshine is a possibility. we will have more on the january cold, coming up. julie: 95 in virginia, definitely a slow go, but where we have delays coming northbound out of dale city, a 1 hour drive at this point, second lame from the left, looks like route
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workaround. eastbound out of manassas, a 27 minute ride with a stalled car on the left side that has been moved to the shoulder with a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. that's our traffic watch. back to you, larry and autria. simple pleasure gone haywire. >> what would be the harm in that? people have lasses of my time. larry:
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. devastating news out of the sports world. roy halladay died in a plane crash yesterday afternoon. he was flying alone when his single-engine plane crashed into the water off the coast of future hall likely of famer who pitched 16 seasons
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he is the winner of two cy young awards. he retired from the big leagues four years ago. >> his kids went to school with our kids. he was there whenever we needed him. he was one of the most humble human beings you will ever meet. larry: just 40 years old. the american society of clinical oncology saying that insuming alcohol even moderation may increase your risk of cancer. it's based on a review of past studies on the link between alcohol and cancer, finding approximately 3.5% of all cancer deaths can be contributed to alcohol consumption. larry: mothers, revealing their struggles after what started as a simple glass of wine turned into a full-blown addiction. >> everybody says it's ok. but for me
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was a full-blown alcoholic. >> it was so gradual, she didn't even know it was happening. as her family grew, so did the need for a little help relaxing at the end of a long day. >> when they would go to bed i would have a mixed drink or pop the can of beer. that would be my time. >> my time turned into all the time. she managed to keep her pattern hidden for years. >> within four years i have lost everything. .y kids, my home, my mom i got arrested. i was sentenced to five years and put in prison. i had never been in trouble in my life until i was 42. a lot of people think that having a glass of wine can be a good way of coping with children . the problem with that is that you are opening up the idea that you can escape reality to deal with your stress. >> while we o
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days of a tragic addictions to opioids in heroin, she sees just as many tragic consequences for families with something far more acceptable. >> if you escape reality on everyday stresses, what will you do when the big things happen? >> her message is simple. >> just because it's legal doesn't mean it's ok or healthy. >> fewer women drink than men, but women equal or surpass men in the number of problems that result from their drinking. >> if you are dealing with everyday to cope with life, that's when it becomes a problem. >> a special tribute is taking place right now at the vietnam oferans memorial ahead veterans day. this is day two of the four-day tribute. volunteers right now are reading the names of the more than 58,000 americans killed in the vietnam war. we spoke with a man whose father was the first army soldier
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>> i miss the guys. it's harder to come here. but i love coming here just to honor him, you know? >> the reading of the names is taking place friday from 5 a.m. until midnight. pictures ofe to see the veterans and your family. if you have served or know someone who has, send it to us on the free abc 7 news at. we look forward to showing off your pictures right here on the air. montgomery county, talking snow. ike leggett has the newest plan to keep sidewalks clear. we will let you know what they say when that happens. not too early to get ready. >> no. autria: all right, bundle up this morning. veronica: a very small percentage of the area will be seeing rain
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cold this weekend, winter showing up early. day of the next five, saturday, you can see it, whom, the warmest, thursday, the wettest, sunday, showers and the forecast for the later part of the weekend. you can see it right there and we will talk about how much we are going to get. cold air, folks, the system kicking out of there and this weather front coming out of canada brings a blast of cold to the area. , temperatures0's more indicative of mid-january. shirt amma it can get cold early , but last year that kind of cold it show up until the early part of december. we are at 50 degrees for the afternoon hours and yes, it will be mostly cloudy by friday with sunshine, but we have got the chill in the wind and it will feel like the 30 foster out the day on friday. it's a weathe
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27 degrees. in a couple of minutes i am back to talk about the events of the weekend. julie, also cool next week. julie: right now on the roads the big story is 95 in virginia coming out of dale city north towards the beltway. within the hour look for that to be a 40 minute drive with a stalled car on inbound suitland parkway tying up the far right lane. back in the next 10 minutes to let you know how slow the ride is in virginia. autria: all week long, abc 7 is thinking our veterans. coming up, your chance to win some hot property. we have a chance to win your way into one of the biggest concerts, shania twain. and wide lavar b
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. week continues here on "good morning whi
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every morning. right now, caller number seven, you are feeling like a woman and you are going to see shania twain for free. have a little fun, call right now, 703-528-7334, caller number seven is going to see her in concert on us. great job to brett for that writing. [laughter] larry: as president trump arrives in china this morning, three ucla back -- basketball players are in jail in that country, charged with shoplifting. basketball players are impossible legal trouble in china, including the son of lavar ball. the three were arrested in china for shoplifting, reportedly steering from a louis vuitton store. >> there were 20 police officers around. there was yelling and screaming. >> he told
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incident due to the legal nature of the matter. players havether been getting ready for the game against the georgia tech in shanghai. and says they are aware cooperating fully with local authorities. more on the arrests, coming up at 7 a.m. abc news, new york.
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overnight. autria: we are also tracking an arctic front. let's get right to for john -- ironic johnson for that. veronica: -- veronica johnson for that. veronica: clouds are still with us, look at the green, that's a very light spotty showers falling well south of the area to the west. maybe a sprinkle there, starting out chilly but not cold. germantown, gaithersburg, later today hitting 45 by recess for the kids. hitting 50 later today, temperatures going up a little before they head back down at the end of the work week. today for kids, sports activities, look at the sunset. 5:00, the next one at 5:00 january 5. earlier sunset now coming to us. northbound 95, 65
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to the beltway. out of dale city that will save you have to time, 35 minutes pushing north towards springfield. a crash old over to the shoulder, just a seven minute fromte weaving your way the 66 interchange and back towards the exit for braddock road. back in 10 with an update on 270. autria? all week long, abc 7 is thinking our veterans and active military for their service. eileen whelan, live this morning, introducing us to the people who fueled the marines. eileen? just enjoying a bit of breakfast, just like you at home. we are here at the marine corps air facility. major stockwell, you guys are celebrating a big birthday?
6:33 am
we are trying to bring a sense of community to the facility. the mess halls are usually where people gather. camaraderie, nice meals. scale for trade as an opportunity to get folks together. really feeling like you are at home with good food to fuel marines. purpose, tor provide quality, nutritious meals that give them the energy they need. quickly, you guys for the birth they are having a .ig feast >> we have steak, lobster, shrimp. for people who don't eat beef, we probably have some chicken options back there. cheesecake. and of course, you have to have birthday cake.
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be heading to the airfield, so stick around for that. you have served or you know someone who has, we want to share those pictures on air. we look forward to showing off your pictures. autria: a small car, slamming into a tractor-trailer on old washington road. we are working to get more information on this and we will bring you an update as soon as we get it. larry: a drive-by double shooting in northwest d.c. shots were fired around 8:00 last night. one man was killed, the other was wounded. police claim the shot may have been fired from a red sedan. stunning video into the newsroom. a passenger in seattle at the started rolling on their
6:35 am
burst into flames. a was a ferry flight, only crew and no passengers. fortunately, no one was hurt. harvey weinstein could be indicted on criminal sex charges as early as next week. meanwhile, the television academy has voted to expel him permanently. over 60 women have now accused him of harassment or sexual assault. he denies the claims. happening right now, the school district where the hiv-positive teachers aikman -- teacher's aide molested dozens of noise, facing another scandal. story,parker, in another arrested under charges that she abused a male student and showed him pornography. larry: a mother and daughter in fairfax county have been found
6:36 am
they had been reported missing after they left their home in falls church. stay with abc seven for updates. named as music teacher a semi finalist for grammy educator of the year. he has a passion for music and children and he slits his time between the and and jammers, a passion group. his energy and charisma in the loveroom helps to grow the of students for music, something that makes him a perfect fit for the award. >> there are so many incredible teachers out there who are constantly doing things outside the box. creative things, inspiring children. i'm one of 25 that's been recognized. autria: he will find out next one of the is finalists. the winner will be flown to the grammys in january and b
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studio with us at 8:21 we moved over to news channel eight. we have more on what's trending this morning. we were skeptical when amazon announced the amazon key, right? the service goes live across the u.s., prime members can now sign up to let amazon delivery drivers drop off packages inside of their house. using an indoor camera and smart lock to secure deliveries. twitter, the company is letting nearly all of its users double their character account. all it needed was an edit button. but we still don't have that. ok, this is kind of amazing. eg of dressing. it's about $50,
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z2f6ez zi0z
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y2f6ey yi0y well, and early chill has definitely hit the area. temperatures this morning are in the 30's. 37 degrees by 7:00
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there could be a few sprinkles, not everywhere across the area, but mainly south in areas like red rexburg, warrenton, possibly even later today. we are drive for your thursday, friday, saturday, and at the tail of -- tail end of the weekend you could see some rain returning. we will hit 50 degrees for your 2:00 hour. the weather headlines to include the weather alert a because of the early cold. more on that, coming up. julie? julie: lanes are open from springfield towards the wilson bridge. still a one-hour hour drive to the beltway. group one is working well as an alternate. sky track 7 above the scene, two cars involved right now and the
6:43 am
sky track 7 is above the scene. three lanes to the right will get you by with an abrupt delay headed south. back to the map, we want to up the commute in colesville. the outer loop, again, a 26 minute ride from college park 270.ds we will keep a close eye on the west side. larry? larry: an emotional ceremony on the national mall. john gonzalez is there live. john? as we honor veterans this week there is a special event going on here at the wall, names being read aloud. coming up will tell you how rare this is. >> a big sweep for the democratic party in virginia. i will have the details when we return.
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virginia, 13th district, taking down the 13 term incumbent. why are so many pe stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. >> in virginia, it's going to take a doctor to heal our differences. i'm here to let you know that the doctor is in. the numbers are also in. democrats are feeling big wins on election night in virginia. ralph northam defeating ed gillespie with 54% of the vote. in princestory, made william county. a lot to cover this morning. suzanne kennedy is live in virginia this morning. the lineup for the statehouse, now set. suzanne: it certainly is. and there is a different mood here than there was one year ago today. a lot of people seeing what happ
6:48 am
presidency and the political climate in our country. yesterday last night there was celebrating going on here. fairfax, that's where the lieutenant governor celebrated his win. statewide there was unprecedented turnout by democrats and liberals. traditionally don't vote. the former pediatrician getting more votes than any previous virginia governor. by the numbers, african-american overs favored northam gillespie by 73%. hispanic voters favored northam by 33 points. the governor elect will hold a press conference at 10:00 this willng and he and his wife have lunch with the current governor and his wife and then the governor and lieutenant governor will hold a press conference at the state capitol at 12:00 noon. reporting live in vienna, virginia, suzanne kennedy. autria:
6:49 am
ed gillespie, coming up short, thanking supporters, saying he has some thinking to do about what comes next. >> i look forward to seeing you in a more relaxed setting an environment as i continue to see folks across the beautiful commonwealth. i have to tell you again, i am so moved as we travel virginia. we are so incredibly blessed. as i joke sometimes, i had -- i feel bad sometimes for candidates who have to run in states that aren't virginia. larry: gillespie also congratulated northam and pledged to help the new governor and -- in any way he could. president trump quick to dig -- quick to deflect any blame. saying that ed gillespie didn't embrace what trump stood for. and -- democratic incumbent, defeating john adams. autria:
6:50 am
everyone talking this morning, danica roem, ousting bob marshall, now the first transgender person to hold public office in the united states. ryan hughes is live in district 13 with what comes next. ryan? is nowanica roem trending on twitter after defeating one of virginia's most socially conservative lawmakers. take a look, she took down the 13 term ultraconservative bob marshall, who called himself the chief homophobe. he also introduced the bathroom bill restricting the bathrooms that transgender people can use, but it died in committee. schools.em focused on last night, marshall conceded, posting a message on his facebook page, thanking everyone for their support over the past 26 years and he had
6:51 am
things had turned out differently. .e spoke to her over the phone she tells us she is ready to get to work. live in manassas, ryan hughes. and we will keep you posted here on abc seven. don't forget to download our free abc 7 news app. autria: happening right now, a special tribute ahead of veterans day. john gonzalez is live with the tribute going on right now. john: good morning, you can probably hear the names behind me. this is horribly one of the more poignant veterans day events going on here. 50,000 american service members killed in the vietnam war, each name is being read aloud this week. it's a special event taking place over four days. veterans day is saturday, and it is also the 35th anniversary of the vietnam veteransem
6:52 am
.ead the 58,318 names the readings started tuesday afternoon and will go on each ,ay, from 5 a.m. until midnight rain or shine. this is only the fifth time this has been done. larry, autria, they say it's even better that way, a small sacrifice for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. larry: thanks for that, john. the rain has stopped but the chills are still here. veronica: for all of the immense going on this weekend, you are likely to need a warm coat, gloves, a scarf, and it will be a layer up kind of weekend, too. you can see what i'm talking about as we head into the weekend. right,ond bar on the far that's the feels-like temperature's. 32,
6:53 am
high temperatures. it's just going to get colder and colder around here. yes, we will stay on the mostly cloudy side for today. as you are traveling, looking at 4:00, there could be a spotty showers coming your way around southeastern virginia and in the norfolk area. friday, look at how dry it's going to be. it's one to be plain old cold, white it will be a weather alert. unseasonably cold, 404i temperature and with wind chill, lower 30's on friday. again, still cold and breezy. the redskins taking on the vikings, looking dry right now. even next week remains with highs in the 50's. julie? julie:
6:54 am
at delays in virginia. now, blockingght the left lanes on the outer loop, that's where we find a chopper. delays passing the scene headed loop, outon the inner of tysons, back over to the map to update the ride elsewhere. a 47 commute at the beltway. westboundender, here on 270 in the distance. stay to the left to get by. that's the traffic watch. over to you. have got a special spinner today in the place of kidd o'shea. kelly joins us on the phone from fredericksburg and you are going to try to help her win some money. >> yes, this is the lucky prize wheel. you ready? spends, -- as it spins? why do y
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[laughter] veronica: look what she run. >> we watched this news channel for many years. we love-- veronica: helping you, giving you a bit of money, leaning into it, $100 on the prize wheel you have one. thank you for watching. >> absolutely. veronica: all week long we will .e giving away money we've got $250? autria: $200. larry: chip in that extra cash. right, 6:50 five. as we get you in the now, you might notice we are missing a certain someone. larry: kidd o'shea, he will be in
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just stole a piece of the red carpet. look at this. because they have not completely laid it down here at music city center. this is the long hallway that tonight for later the cma's. live coverage starting this .fternoon but there are some pretty big performances you will want to watch out for tonight. ofside on the streets nashville, you can tell that they are ready. inside, seating arrangements have been double checked. performances are being perfected. the i heart radio country on their music personalities say that they are excited for the collaborations. >> huge. , brad paisley,nk it will be exciting.
6:57 am
i have a song out right now called legend and she is the academy of a country music legend. to sing that song with her completely changes the meaning of it and it will be so special. now i can say i have actually walked on the red carpet, the little bit that we have here. , kiddrom the cma's o'shea. the news wave 16 at vienna elementary school, suzanne kennedy joined them for a broadcast last friday. the program's daily just before the school day gets started. congratulations. have fun, guys. autria: that
6:58 am
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7:00 am
. good morning, america. big chill. an arctic blast is barreling across the country, snow and ice causing trouble on roadways sparking this major pileup in colorado. record cold heading to the northeast and temperatures set to plunge below zero in the midwest. breaking news, president trump in the forbidden city. just hours after the stern warning to kim jong-un. >> do not underestimate us. and do not try us. >> just miles from the north korean border, now north korea firing back and the president suffering a defeat back at home. democrats sweeping key races. what it means for the trump agenda.


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