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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i shot them with a pistol. >> where is the weapon? >> in my hand. >> this was nearly a dribble murder. >> the ganch rejected mental illness and sentenced the of 3-year-old to life in prison. >> their best friend knew the relationship was rocky. >> he lost control of his family. >> he should just let her go. >> but you can see in the mind of
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say why it was not an option. >> she took everything from me. my manhood, my dignity, all the respect i have. >> today he was pleading for mercy through tears. >> a navy ret ran has been arrested for the murder of ashanti billie who went missing and found two weeks later. eric brown faces charges for about ducting and killing the college student.
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alison: a silver spring man accused of forcing his stepdaughter to drink tequila on christmas eve and raping her. the 17-year-old girl woke up in the assault but could barely open her eyes or move. we are not identifying the man to protect the girl's identity. he faces charges of rape and sex abuse of a minor. larry: virginia is a key part of a blue wave for tuesday election. north north is now the -- northam is now the governor elect and today he faced the voters. >> i think they appreciate what we stand for in virginia.
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alison: the virginia district 13 race is where the openly transgender candidate danica roem defeated the inkem bent republican bob marshall. she unseated the 13-term republican running a grassroots campaign and knocking on thousands of doors. >> how did he go to push the bathroom bill to the woman it pacted. -- impacted. we tried to find out. >> is it getting red or blue here? >> i
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>> an outcome unheard of before. >> people with the generation, everyone is more open-minded. >> it's not so closed off. >> she campaigned wearing a rainbow scarf on her head. but the big issue is transportation. specifically, easing the traffic congestion along busy route 28. >> coming home, two hours. >> marshal a conservative sponsored a bathroom bill that failed in committee. he says it's not about trump. but politics. >> they have their special projects. >> this woman who doesn't want her face shown says yes, this area is changing. >> solid republican
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>> there is a saying, "all politics is local." that includes route 28. still a major change in what is long been conservative district. manassas park, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: a former news anchor whose girlfriend was shot and killed doing a live report on tv will represent virginia's 12th district in the house of delegates. chris hurst ran as democrat and vowed to fight for the causes that he and alison parker believed in. >> a new day in virginia. we have a democratic governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general now for the next four years again, but we have a possibility of being majority of the house of delegates. every idea that could address and reduce the number of people dieing from the gun homicides, suicide and accident firearm deaths, now is finally on the
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alison: alison parker and her photographer wither shot and killed -- were shot and killed and the gunman killed himself later. larry: now the latest for the church massacre. mike pence were in sutherland springs to comfort survivors days after 26 people were killed and 20 more injured. today the names of the victims were released. the gunman devin kelley opened fire and later killed himself. the church will hold services this sunday. >> new allegations coming against actor kevin spacey. a former news anchor and mother says spacey sexually assaulted her son last summer. heather says it happened while at a nantucket restaurant and club. >> kevin spacey bought him drink after drink after drink. when my son was drunk, spacey stuck his hand inside my son's pants and grabbed his genitals
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the time did not report the assault right away because he was embarrass. he filed a report with the police and they are now investigating. >> they are beefing up patrol after an assault this morning. police say a woman was walking near walnut and sycamore street when a man hopped out of the bushes and grabbed her. she was able to get free and run to a business to call police. the man is still out there. alison: the clock is ticking for the united medical center to find a new operator for city owned hospital. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has reaction as the residents learn the only hospital east of the anacostia could be forced to close. sam: for residents of southeast washington -- >> the hospital been here for years. way before i was born. it's important for a community to have. >> but of late it's trouble hospital. stopping deliveries of babies here to nurses voting no confidence in management. yesterday in a surprise, 7-6 vote, t
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to override the mayor and remove the corporation, hospital operator as incompetent. >> they were selected to do this. >> problem is the contract ends in three weeks. while george washington hospital may help in some areas the hospital board unpaid body is now scrambling. >> we can't find an operator in two weeks. not possible. >> ruby may, the board chairman says even if she could she doesn't have the funds. >> there are three weeks to do a lot of things. three weeks to stabilize a hospital from falling, closing. >> may, former councilmember herself criticizes the council's vote. >> we are in damage control. there is a significant amount of damage to the hospital done because of the vote. they get to go home and we get to deal with the reality of the consequences. >> we contacted the operator and the company had no contact
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this is the only hospital east of the anacostia river. does this threaten the hospital's survival? >> are you going to keep the hospital open? >> that is the goal. >> sam ford, abc7 news. larry: congressman steve scalise challenging sam johnson of texas to scooter race. this happened at the capital rotunda. you may recall he was shot at congressional baseball practice in alexandria in the summer. he posted this video on the youtube page an hour ago. you can see that congressman johnson won. fun for everybody. alison: the fall chill is sticking around and so are the clouds. chief meteorologist bill kelly tracking the forecast. bill: good evening. a little on the chilly side. i was just looking at this. belle haven country club in alexandria. foursome in the last few minutes walked off the green. i posted how chilly is too chilly for you to go out and
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we are in the mid-40's. i'm layered up. 40's is fine by me. 49 degrees in d.c. the sun is now set and it will drop daylight quickly. 45 at 7:00. keep it in the mid-40's. we will see the clouds break up. chilly one. drier than it was yesterday. we are talking about the first freeze in a few minutes. >> good afternoon. i'm kidd o'shea. live at the c.m.a.'s getting ready for country's biggest night. you will never believe how far a fan traveled to be here tonight coming up next when "abc7 news a ♪ it's time for the sleep number semi-annual sale on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during our semi-annual sale, our queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides is only $1499. save $300. ends soon.
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larry: big news for alison. miranda returning to the cast of "hamilton" but not on broadway. he will reprise the role when he does a three-week run in puerto rico in january of 2019. organizers say that the tickets will be available for $10 through lottery. alison: wow! larry: got to get you down there. alison: such a fan. he is from puerto rico. his family is from there. he has been down there recently talking about helping the people who have been through so much.
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>> so cool. speaking of entertainment, i love this. very cool. let's go to bill kelly in the weather center for breaking news. alison: what is the latest? bill: we have cool conditions. that is the big weather story going in the day today. or in the next couple of days. walking around. so i'm in here. here is what is going on. we have clouds around the area now. the showers will remain for the southern part of our viewing area. notice very different than it was at the same time yesterday. we had widespread rain around the region. tonight we don't have that. we don't have the precip. but for the month we are up there, above normal for the month total when you look where we stand. in terms of what is going on now, i brought up golf course last time. we saw people out there. the sun going down. temperature wise in the mid-to-the upper 40's. 45 in
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49 for d.c. reston in the 40's. one of those nights, grab a jacket. this is going to get even colder in the coming days. other temperatures, chevy chase is 46. same with falls church. we have 45 in manassas. herndon at 46 degrees. the mid-40's pretty much what you can expect around the area. we are going to see the numbers drop but not considerably from where they are now. it feels like cooler than that with the wind working in. 41 is the temperature. it feels like temperature in dulles. quantico is 44 degrees. cool night. not big deal. below normal but not record numbers. we have clouds to stick around through overnight. consider it cloudy night. maybe a few breaks in the clouds here and there. for
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considerably better than this time last night when it was pouring and raw and all those things. at least it's not pouring now outside. we don't need the added rain. we are above normal. mostly cloudy skies and i would potentially put the umbrella in the backpack for school or same with you. you probably won't see it because i see the possibility. no thunder and lightning but it is ahead of a cold front that will sweep through. the numbers are warmer tomorrow. it will be the first front of the season. this evening sun setting at 5:00. 4:00 hour tomorrow. 45. keep it that way in the next few hours. maybe breaks in the clouds. slight chance of a shower. high tomorrow with isolated showers. warmer than today but below the normal of 61. we are going around 55. here is
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friday is beautiful. breezy. but we'll see the sunshine. highs in the low 40's. you account for the wind. i don't think we get out of the 30's. that will drop us to 27 on saturday morning. by the way the record on saturday morning is 26. 2006 was the last time we had a freeze earlier than this one. so chilly and dry on veterans day. we are watching another weather system on late sunday to monday will bring us rain or has a good chance. that should scoot out of here. in my opinion, they get the temperature, the biggest thing we talk about are the temperatures. anything you have going on saturday morning, tee time, garage sale. you take a run. these outdoor things. layer up. you will want the hat, gloves, all those things. >> it's winter. >> it will smack you in the face. >> tee time. love to golf. not that much. alison: or a run for that
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too cold. larry: bacon and eggs instead. thanks, bill. check this out. the amazing pictures out of scottland, the northern light -- out of scotland, the northern lights. this came from the northern part of the country. alison: wow! larry: so cool. larry: nashville, music city. alison: lights and stars. kidd o'shea ahead of the c.m.a. awards. excitement must be building, kidd. >> yes. there are a lot of lights here. we are still waiting for the stars. red carpet opened 15 minutes ago. country music has some of the best fans. today i met a few of them. >> the red carpet is being put in place. >> country music biggest stars rehearsing. the fans are waiting. >> who are you hoping to see?
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>> who have you seen in the past? >> tim mcgraw, keith urban, luke bryan. >> do they talk to you? >> yes. i got selfies last year. >> what if keith urban says i like your hair? [laughter] >> just to be in nashville for country music's biggest night. >> where does one get a taylor swift blanket? >> i got this many years ago. we actually met taylor swift in 2010 on the red carpet. >> i have always wanted to see what a taylor swift blanket feels like. would you mind if i borrowed it for a second? i wonder if it's different from a regular blanket. it's actually quite warm. i'm sorry. have it back. seeing the young man from alaska always has the mohawk but it's not always red. that was special for the c.m.a.'s. on the red carpet you can s
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the celebrities. we will be on facebook live, you can watch it all minute-by-minute as it starts in a little bit. back to you. alison: all right. should be a great show. thank you so much. larry: thanks. alison: well, reminder you can watch performances and the awards tonight at 8:00. right here on abc7. then, of course, stay tuned for the abc7 news at 11:00. larry: a big night here. some people will do anything they can to get out of jury duty. alison: find out why some people were hoping they were called to today. larry: that is coming up. later -- >> trying to capture the life and be in nature and look and observe directly from it. >> famous painter did just that. in a way he may not have realized. >> encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among college students. i'm kellye lynn with that story co
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alison: locally based competition encouraging college students to create solutions to real life challenges. in tonight's "spotlight on education," kellye lynn takes us to the collegiate inventor's competition in
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alexandria. kellye: annual competition. >> it's silicone tube to fit well. >> clay andrews and the team at johns hopkins vertical it snozzle, a device for people who like him have problems breathing through the nose. >> stick something invisible in your nose and you breathe better instantly. >> it works for clay with the rest of the team enters the project in the collegiate inventors competition. >> we have the graduates and the undergraduate students who submit amazing inventions and cutting edge technology in fields from biotech to medicine and the chemistry and the agriculture. >> hopkins team was among the 12 finalists who presented invention to the distinguished panel of judges. >> it was a litmus test for the team. throw it out there to see if the people who hve
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pursuing. >> the judges embraced it awarding them a silver medal and cash prize. >> receiving $5,000. >> next step is to test it in cine call trials -- clinical trials. larry: he survived the world war ii battlefield and now a different challenge. getting a high school diploma. 94-year-old edward hall is finally crossing the state. nearly 78 years ago he went off to serve our country. when he got back from war, he was denied the chance to get a diploma. >> i thought it was a rotten deal to say such a thing instead of encouraging me to continue in my education. i'm astounded they got it done. i'm so happen to have it completed. >> at most graduates the students get advice bu
5:26 pm
around. hall encouraging the other students to take education to the next level. how impressive is that? alison: he does not look or act 94. larry: imagine graduating and there he is. i want to hear everything you have to tell me. >> exactly. i'm all ears. congratulations. still ahead at 5:00, learning on four legs. what researchers say she can do after looking at a few photos. >> later, easing the agony of trying to conceive. "7 on your side" with a look at the future of fertility. >> a thief stealing credit cards from the gym locker rooms. coming up, we will show you
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larry: "7 on your side" with a warning about corrode card thefts in maryland. the same man hit eight counties in three months and now they need your help to identify them. cheryl conner has surveillance pictures. >> no. never seen him before. >> we showed a picture of the person the police need to identify to the people who are likely targets. michael payne says notes went up at the gym in gaithersburg to be on the lookout. someone was watching members enter the locker code. >> if you use 1234 there could be someone behind you lookin
5:30 pm
at your code. therefore they could have access to your locker. >> take a good look, the pictures show a man who could be easy to identify. police in washington frederick and montgomery county say he has been working overtime since march stealing credit cards from the gym lockers or business break rooms. including in gaithersburg and rockville. >> on several occasions the suspect told the front desk he needs to use the bathroom. >> once he gets the credit card, he turns around and uses it quickly. >> there is people in there that would take putting in the code, put your hand over it so no one can see behind you. >> some members don't use lockers at all. >> it's locked up over there and i don't need it there. >> this guy hasn't broken into cars but they are also targets. so if you recognize this man, you are asked to call the police. they will leave your name out but they need his. in gaithersburg, cheryl conner, abc7
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information tonight in the arrest of four security guards accused of fraud. maryland bureau chief brad bell broke story on twitter yesterday but this is the first time we have seen the men and women. they are accused of telling other guards at the facility in silver spring they had not passed a weapons training class. letting them pass for a small fee. there is no evidence tonight that the other guards had not actually passed. >> former president obama performing his civic duty today. he reported for jury duty in chicago. president obama met with other potential jurors but in the end he was dismissed by the judge. he is not the first former president to get called for jury duty. former president george w. bush did the same in texas in 2015. funny to watch the video of everyone there. shook everyone's hand in the room before he left. alison: funny that it would get that far. but i guess it's a good thing. larry: our
5:32 pm
way the system works. other past presidents bill clinton will get called but not serve. what a distraction it would be. >> true. larry: juror number 11, what is your name? alison: those people aren't the only ones quick to recognize barack obama. sheep can recognize the former president as well. really, they can recognize any familiar face. researchers at cambridge university published a study that shows sheep can recognize human faces. but barack obama's image was just one of the ones they used in the study. okay. larry: there is a joke there somewhere. new jersey's governor-elect started off answering one of the questions a lot of people say that there is no right answer to. does he prefer bruce
5:33 pm
>> we love them both. alison: art lovers are finding more than a paint in a canvas by vincent van gogh. >> we have a leg here and the head. it's literally impacted in the canvas still wet. alison: so that is the body of a grasshopper in this painting that is 127 years old. you can only see it with a microscope. it's buried there in the painted weeds. van gogh painted the picture outside. he did that while checked in a mental health asylum. they are just now discovering this. larry: more than 100 years later. that is amazing. coming up at 5:00 here, defending the streets and the field. meet a local police officer who is a hero 24/7. new at 6:00, a powerful image. a father hugging the son's killer. the m
5:34 pm
what happened next at 6:00. alison: veronica johnson has a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." veronica: thank you, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" we are tracking an arctic blast heading our way. when it will feel like january. >> wouldn't it be great to win money, spend time with the family and leave the rat race behind? we look at the companies looking to hire you right now. >> wake up with us for traffic and wea
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bill: welcome back. it's chilly and dry. a few clouds hanging out. next few hours we will go 49 degrees at 6:00. by 8:00 we drop it a little bit. temperatures aren't going to tank tonight but they will be chilly if you are heading on out. i want to advance to talk about the weekend weather. 44 is the high on saturday. what the map is not showing you is that the forecast low is calling for the
5:36 pm
possibly, possibly a record breaker. the record on saturday morning is 26. we should be well below freezing. widespread areas with the freeze that is out and about. freeze warning is in effect on sunday. 50 degrees. coming up we look ahead at the seven-day forecast.
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nancy: we introduce you to the police officer that has been with the force for 24 years working out of the fifth district. but he is part of a different team when he coaches youth football as a volunteer for the marshall heights. two hours before he starts the shift as the d.c. patrol officer. but there is plenty of action underway in the northeast. the officer is coach greg. in charge of the defense for the marshall heights bison. >> practice from 6:30 to 8:00. i leave the field and i have to run to district and be on roll call by 8:30. >> he teaches th
5:39 pm
and discipline in a neighborhood that is often challenges. >> even here on this field whale we practice, we hear gunshots. >> he has been with the club team for six years. coaching many of the same kids since they were six years old. they are going to the national championship next month. >> everybody has been together for a long time. >> he pays for travel expenses out of his pocket. but the reward is worth it. >> some of the kids come from the bad neighborhoods. east of the river. a lot to have them come out here. to see them grow and be as good as they are. >> this is about giving back to the community. he grew up and said he played football for the boys and the girls club
5:40 pm
it's not just what they do on the field. great effort. larry: he could be the only male role model. alison: wonderful person. warms your heart. thank you. larry: thanks. alison: still ahead at 5:00 -- the redskins hit the practice field today. >> i put my hope in one embryo. my money was gone.
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alison: millions of couples have trouble getting pregnant. they spend thousands to try to have a baby, and increasing the possibility of having multiples and risking the health of the child. lisa fletcher explores a relatively new technology that
5:44 pm
opens the door to an ethical debate. >> for many realizing this moment is hard fought. emotionally and financially. she struggled with infertility and the devastating coming with the miscarriage. >> i also got pregnant. that ended in a miscarriage. >> nine tryings. three miscarriages. all in span of 18 months. >> my doctor after going through multiple tests identified that really. it was probably chromosomal causing the issues. >> something many women over 35 encounter, embryos with lethal defects that result in the inability or stay pregnant. so tracy turned to a procedure called chromosomal screening. >> we are looking at a set of embryos to see which ones are normal and put back normal
5:45 pm
prevent problem and prevent miscarriage. >> dr. case season the medical director of the colorado center for infertilization. they can defect the abnormalities in genes and that can eliminate the need to implant multiple eggs. >> before we choose what we consider the best embryo but it turned out to be a beauty contest for embryos and the most beautiful embryo can be abnormal and the ones that don't look great could be a better embryo. >> after the tenth and the final try to have a baby she added this screening component to the i.v.f. >> my money was gone. she was all on a credit card. i knew in my mind i had one i.b.f. that is all i could afford. >> nine month later the one healthy embryo
5:46 pm
world. now a rambunctious 4-year-old. >> do you want gold on all your toes? >> yeah. >> after the mountain of technology there can be a slippery slope. >> the field is moving lightning fast. >> the senior genetic counselor at georgetown university. part of the research center for the ethics. >> there are potential benefits and advantages. >> some use it for the nonmedical reasons to allow parents to choose sex of their baby and some clinics go farther. looking to allow selections for hair and eye color. >> we have to look at the decisions in the larger context of what it means to the society. >> clearly there is a slippery slope from el
5:47 pm
disease to cause a child to die in the first week of life to select eye color or hair color. which is much more troubling. >> thankful for the technology that brought her a healthy daughter but even she worries about the implication. >> i do struggle with that. i feel like it's superficial. beauty is on the inside. beauty is in your heart. >> it's not a standard procedure with the i.b.f. but they expect it to be in the non-too distant future. tracy did not choose the sex of the child. all that mattered to her was having a healthy baby. lisa fletcher, abc7 news. larry: for the second time a california grandmother will give birth to her daughter's child. she was a surrogate for her daughter's first baby since she and her husband were unable to conceive due to medical reasons. now
5:48 pm
willing to do it again so little gus will have a sibling. >> it's not a concern to me. i have done it once. pregnancy was fantastic. i felt good. >> the grandmother's first birth made national news including a feature in "people" maggie. >> amazing. alison: we have a lunchbox weather for you today. this one is brian van de graaff. so we know he is basically a kid himself. >> absolutely! for sure. we understand. we get it. he headed on out there to the ridge crest elementary school. this is in hyattsville, maryland. that looking at is robbie, the one filming. excellent photography. photo journalist for the future. hanging out and having a good time. there is the tornado machine. question tonight coes
5:49 pm
andreas. >> i'm lopez. why aren't there a lot of storms in maryland? hurricane, blizzards. tornadoes. bill: he is like i'm asking myself something. she wanted to know why doesn't maryland have storms like the hurricanes, blizzards and tornadoes. it's not well known for the caribbean. if you go back five years ago, hurricane sandy came through here. we get those things. we get them all.
5:50 pm
the weather here is perfect. we get seasons and a taste of everything but not the extreme nature. not ellicott city or the tornado activity of the central plains. we will get them. alison: a little more moderate. good question. thank you. larry: all right. rob has sports. robert: what is going on? i have come to bring good news. looking up for the injury front on the redskins. rather than sitting to the side. trent williams out today. with jones. all in all it's looking better. jay jinny gudmundsen is excited but trying to the no to -- jay gruden is excited. trying not to get too excited. >> i don't want to jinx it but seeing guys with the helmets. at least they are wearing mel mel -- helmets. they are getting back up to speed.
5:51 pm
get this. before seattle the redskins season was on the life support. standings they have some to leap over. dallas in for the wild card spot. that one against seattle is huge. redskins can't let up now. we have to start digging. >> we have grit. we have grit. to go along with the heart. with the defense, you can go far. >> for us. it shows. we never give up. it's zero-zero on the clock. my concern in the locker room and making sure we don't allow it to creep in. robert: made a mess of the
5:52 pm
big game on sunday against minnesota leading the nfc north right now. after that you got the saints. two good teams. coming up here. it will be tough. dig in if they think about the playoffs. >> keep the momentum. seattle was huge. >> stick around for the story, robert. >> will do! alison: this is a chicken coup out of this world. they designed a chicken coup to look like a u.f.o. it's climate controlled inside. so the chickens can stay warm. outside they have flashing lights. that will give it an outer space look. they used the satellite dishes to get a curvey look. now they plan to add an automatic ramp at some point. larry: c'mon! robert: lifestyles of the rich and famous. alison: yeah! [laughter] larry: what they could do if they wanted the chickens to get exercise is reverse the ramp and make it in a treadmill type of thing. alison: uphill. larry: yeah. exactly.
5:53 pm
larry: possibilities are endless. robert: amazing. alison: all right. still to come, huge wins for democrats in tuesday's election. larry: when we come back, a closer look at the money behind it. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben talking about you, ben. i know, zoe. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee.
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scott: the president's approval rating on a downward trend losing seven points since taking office. republicans in congress failed on the promises of repeal and replace. and other landmark legislation. democrats some think would be rolling in the fundracing dough. there is a 2-1 margin but not the way you might think. reports indicate through the first three parts of the year they pulled in $104 million with the roughly $44 million in the bank carrying no debt. democrats raised half that much money. had $7 million in the bank. $4 million in
5:58 pm
the g.o.p. claims the payday solely on the president. >> he had a slew of policies that were different of the principles. the party will continue to succeed. >> democrats have their own hurdles. recent criticism from donna brazille indicates the party may have alienated saturdayer supporters tipping the primary scales too much for hillary clinton. >> they are starting to turn it around. >> they have to make sure they working with voters up and down america. rural america. urban america. >> scott thuman, abc7 news. announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. >> we s
5:59 pm
news. retired navy veteran under arrest in the disappearance of 19-year-old ashanti billie who went missing from norfolk base in september. eric brown accused of kidnapping the college student from prince george's county. on the way to work at a stub shop on the base and never made it. jonathan: in north carolina yards from the childhood home. court document say she worked construction -- he worked construction near where billie work and witnesses say he tried to flirt with her. more on the developing story opt at 11:00. also happening right now, vice president mike pence in sutherland springs, texas, meeting with those who race to help after sunday's devastating church masser. as we come on the air the vice president getting update on the investigation. very latest. take part in the vigil scheduled for two hours from now. vice president visit comes amidst increasing demand for answers on how the gunman devin kelley slipped through the cracks and bought weapons. >> the air force admitted it neve
6:00 pm
record to the f.b.i. now similar problems date back for decades. >> joining us with the how widespread it is. >> the former service members could have bought guns. one did! killed dozens. >> the prison sentence for devin kelley made him ineligible to buy a gun but he did because they never told the f.b.i. about the conviction. >> gross negligence to provide this important information. >> maryland u.s. senator chris van hollen. >> there was a report that came out last


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