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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's ok for now if you're stepping out but we have brand-new information from the storm watch weather center, including real cold for the weekend. larry: plus breaking this morning, police drones over virginia. the overnight search from the skies. president trump: we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of anymore. autria: president trump arriving in vietnam, his strong words on the world stage and the rumored side meeting that has everyone talking. a lot to get to on this friday morning. "good morning washington," i'm autria godfrey. larry: the gang is all here. i think if we huddle together the body heat will help us keep warm. veronica: that's what we'll have to do not only today but through saturday. it will be cold and windy. right now the cold air is right on our backdoor. i say that because ahead of the cold front, still
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little fog across the area. culpepper to fredericksburg, a little fog. just to the east. to the north and west is where the skies are starting to clear more and more. here's the cold front coming through and the cold air behind it with high pressure and will follow today as well as tomorrow. you'll want to dress in layers. if you're not having it on heading out the door, you want to make sure the gloves are packed and ready to go. 43 degrees during the afternoon hours but feel like we're in the 30's today and then it's a hard freeze tonight as we lose the wind. we remain in weather alert. fauquier county to anne arundel county, seeing the lower temperatures in the 20's in the area. it's been months since it's been this cold. with the 26 degrees we're forecasting for national, that could be a record for the date so early. 20 degrees, dull says what we're forecasting. the record is 14 degrees. as far
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we'll talk about the rain chances coming up for next week. julie? julie: right now we're talking about a crash on the inner loop of the capital beltway at van dorn street and has been with us when we started at 4:24 this morning. a serious crash under investigation according to police with the two right lanes getting by and delays building from the inner loop to springfield. bailout eisenhower to van dorn street will put you back on the beltway past the accident scene. the outer loop, all of the lanes open. 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., operating on a saturday schedule with trains every 16 minutes and that's our traffic watch. back to you. larry: breaking news this morning from stafford. autria: police launching drones in an overnight search. drianna hopkins has the story. adrianna: they used a drone to search for the suspect
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the camera showing incredible detail flying over a neighborhood. the scene playing out at arrowhead drive, deputys had it blocked off but since cleared the scene. we're working with the stafford county sheriff's office to find out why the suspect was wanted. larry: police investigating a double standing in rockville, maryland. officers finding two people recovering from cuts or stab wounds and taken to the hospital and are expected to be ok. a third person on the scene refused to cooperate with police and was taken into custody after a brief barricade situation. police are not saying if the people involved knew each other. autria: following breaking developments after a pedestrian watts killed in silver prescription it. it was ornlly worded to us as a hit-and-run. tonight police are telling us the vandiver that stuck the woman did stay on the scene and happened near columbia pike near
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columbia drive and the woman killed has not been identified. larry: mayor bowser expressing outrage after a high school student was shot. he walked on fourth street not far from balu high school where he attends high school and on chesapeake street near the elementary there have been several shootings. officers were added near the school. autria: danica roem will lay out her plans. she won an election not only unseeding bob marshall but becoming the first openly transgender woman to win and be seated in a state legislature. she wants to fix route 28, a congested road in the county and increase access to affordable health care and women's reproductive health and equitable virginia. she's laying out those goals at 9:00 a.m. in a press c
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larry: the president speaking out from now on it's america first and was his message to national business leaders and is using the two weeks to drum up support of the russian program. we're waiting to hear about a meeting between the two but the kremlin say the two will not meet. summit speaking at the summit with a growing issue. roy move is accused of sexual assault. the president says if that is true, moore need to bow out of the race. a woman telling "the washington post" moore undressed her and groped her when she was just 14. this reportedly happening more than 30 years ago. the post interviewing three other women who say moore pursued them when they were teenagers. moore's campaign denies it. autria: more assault allegations out of hollywood. the comedian louie c.k. is being named in a number of disturbing incidents
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five women say c.k. would touch himself unappropriately in front of them. he's canceled his upcoming performance and his new movies premiere was also was canceled. the district attorney teach ring a course for allegations made in the entertainment industry. larry: working to get more protection on the job. a woman who threw urine on a bus driver got the maximum 120 days in jail and opal brown will have to spend three years on probation. moving forward it aims to fit more buses with plexiglas to the shield for drivers. autria: a new form of transportation to help subtle people between virginia tech and d.c. called virginia breeze. one bus will leave blacksburg every day at 8:00 a.m. making several stops including j.m.u., front royal, dulles airport before ending at union station and then another bus in the opposite direction will leave
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union station at 9:30, the service start december 1. it's 6:06 and placing for bitter temperatures. the cold isn't just a shock to us but can be a shock to your car as well. suzanne kennedy is live with how you can get out ahead of any roblems. suzanne: good morning. it's time to get ready to the cold streak with triple-a getting an early start to see if anyone has car problems. fernando martinez is behind the wheel and with us this morning o talk about what we can do. autria: talk to me about what you've seen. it's been busy despite the fact it hasn't been that cold. >> it's been busy and we're seeing with the cold weather when it comes in is a lot of tire changes and flat tires as well as vehicles that won't start in the morning due to the cold weather. autria: if w
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battery that's three years old, what should we do perhaps going spoke the weekend to make sure we don't wind up in trouble. >> it's tough to predetermine whether the battery will fail. one of the key things to look at is when you go -- [no audio] autria: having trouble with suzanne's live shot. must be cold out there. we're saluting our military as we commemorate veterans day. big thank to you laurence vaughn. thank you. send us your photos on our free abc 7 news app. larry: eight minutes after. next, coming up, o.j. simpson in trouble and what he did that could put him back in jail. autria: breaking overnight. the new training members of the u.s. senate will have to undergo following the
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sexual aasment -- harassment cases. . veronica: a good portion under a freeze warning and talk about the january cold and how long it will stick
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is should veronica: getting out the door, not bad just yet but in a few hours the temperatures will drop more and wind increasing. look at maryland, 43 the temperature and feels like 41 degrees. the wind chill, alexandria, the temperature feels like 43. the wind picking up. leesburg, frederick, maryland, winchester, all behind our weather front so the front north and west of the area and will get rather gusty later today. sunshine will return to the area. we have sunrise in a little more than 30 minutes here. with the sunshine, remaining cold with wind chills today in the 30's. lower 30's, maybe up to 35
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like by 3:00 this afternoon. we have more on the overnight, the hard freeze and what your sunday will feel like behind this bitter cold. julie: we're looking at bitter delays, a 16 minute ride out of college park to bethesda. sky track 7 above an incident that's drawing your attention and slowing down your ride at the end of the ramp from southbound connecticut avenue to the outer loop where we had the crash. the ramp was completely blocked and then they allowed some traffic to squeeze through the left but expecting delays in the area. back to the map to update the ride here, for those on the inner loop, a nine minute commute. all lanes are open. tonight your washington capitals play host to the pittsburgh penguins. let's go caps, puck drops at 7:00 and use the metro downtown. that's our traffic watch. autria: 6:13 is the time. a desperate sear
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disabled veterans dog and where he went missing and what makes his case more heartbreaking. larry: how much damage t
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>> you're watching good morning washington on your side. autria: new details on the late aaron hernandez. the doctors have shared the findings of his brain autopsy and say he had the most severe case of c.t.e. ever discovered in a person his able. the former nfl player was just 27 when he hung himself in april while searching -- serving a life sentence for murder. he had stage 3 of the neurological disease caused by constant hits to the head. >> this is substantial damage that undoubtedly took years to develop. this is not something developed acutely or just in the last several years. i imagine he's been --
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changes have been evolving over maybe even as long as a decade. autria: the extent to the damage of his brain shows another hurdle for the nfl's concussion crisis. larry: new trouble for o.j. simpson who is banned from the cosmopolitan hotel for life. tmz reports he got drunk and was abusive towards staff. his lawyer denies the allegation and the hotel confirmed it has banned simpson from the property but will not say why. the national park service wants from anently ban sports the washington monument. they want to ban recreational facilities but raise recreation fees on the mall and rock creek park. autria: to a trend happening nationwide. across the country communicate communities are building
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of bringing in big money. right now it's a $15 billion industry. experts say while large cities can draw trade shows or business conferences, smaller towns are taking advantage of land and building multiple fields. it's the exact thing tournament organizers are looking for. >> it's a lot of being able to hang out with my teammates and just bonding and having fun in the hotel. autria: westfield, indiana, built a sports complex in 2014 and since then the local economy has been booming. the 50 fields have generated around $1 0 million into the local economy. larry: a disabled veteran in miami beach is hoping for the safe return of his service dog. >> it's devastating. it's like a family member all of a sudden is missing. larry: doc nunez served our country as a medic and his
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and while moving furniture out he left his dog bandit in the apartment and workers were making repairs. when he returned bandit was gone. he's been handing out flyers and said the dog helped him deal with anxiety and said bandit really was all he had. >> thank you, bay area, that's will dieve here and we together! larry: barry bonds speaking and the night called band together and featured performances from metallica to dave matthews and thousands of first responders and fire victims were in attendance. in total the night was able to raise around $15 million. wow. quite a concert. autria: it doesn't look that chilly out there this morning. it looks like it will be a beautiful sunrise. veronica: it is. finally sunshine
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clouds but it is going to turn quite cold which is why it's a weather alert from storm watch 7 and make sure you're prepared. this is the time of year i arrive with more gear in my back seat. i go from a couple jackets to the big coat and gloves and all of it. it's the kind of gear you want to have tucked away. suzanne kennedy with triple-a in talking about how to prepare your car but make sure the back seat is ready to go, too, with maybe snacks. the wind chill temperatures in the 30's. high temperature of 43. tomorrow about the same on temperatures, not quite as cold and windy but do a little better by sunday, 50 degrees the temperature and 46 is what it will feel like. we're seeing the wind chills come down north and west of the area. leesburg feeling like 38 degrees. same thing manassas and culpepper seeing the winds behind us. by later today, lufrpbl time, you see the temperatures dropping and 38-41 trees and late if you'll be out
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evening, 30 to 35 degrees. if you go into the game, the caps taking on the pittsburgh penguins with the pucks dropping at 7:00. it will feel quite cold. for early tomorrow morning a real chill to the air, a hard freeze in the 20's with a high of 44 degrees for veterans day distillers fest. for sunday the high of 50 degrees and we're not expecting rain on sunday but waits until monday. we'll talk about how active of a pattern and how cold we could have next week coming up in a couple minutes. julie? julie: we're looking at delays on the outer loop of college beltway headed toward 270. sky track 7 on the scene of the crash on the ramp from connecticut avenue to the outer loop. it was the focal point of delays with traffic squeezing by. let's go to the maps and show you the exit on the inner loop. the remains of the crash now on both shoulders. all lanes open and the pace improving as you travel from the wilson bridge to the
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that's our traffic watch. larry and ought reyou a? -- larry and autria? autria: what you need to do to stop an annoying auto correct glitch coming up next. coming up tonight at 5:00, one out of every three mens has prediabetes. of those affected, 90% have no clue they even have it. >> prediabetes is asymptomatic meaning you have no symptoms. >> our michelle marsh talks about the risks of developing diabetes.
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question mark. >> paypal is making it easier for people to pay their share called money pomona. >> and over people can contribute and no fees if the money is given through a paypal account. debit card contributions can be made for a fee. amazon will debut pop-up shops inside the whole foods stores for the holiday. >> check out echo and fire tvs before buying them. more than 100 stores carry those devices. >> the corporate cinergy arrived. >> you can buy organic granola and a kindle at the same time.
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announcer: this is a storm watch 7 winter weather alert. veronica: the weather alert involving the bitter cold weather moving into our region. larry: temperatures dropping and the wind chills making it feel colder than it is. a freeze warning issued for tonight through tomorrow morning. autria: let's start with veronica johnson. veronica: there's a lot going on guys, as we speak. the temperatures are indeed falling. look at the morning temperatures out your door, 6:00 or
6:31 am
8:00 a.m. from 40 degrees to 38 degrees and along with the 38 degree temperature at 8:00 a.m., we'll have a stronger wind coming through our area. so the winds increasing with the cold front moving through. we mentioned the freeze warning for tomorrow morning. national weather service upgrading that overnight. that's because temperatures widespread are going to be in the 20's across the area with a lighter wind. early sunday morning we'll hover around freezing. as far as today goes, we'll be in the 30-degree temperature range for your morning hours and then by afternoon we should see a temperature of around 42-43 degrees but at least we'll have sunshine for today. we clear out over the next couple hours and then have a high of 44, tomorrow 50 degrees on sunday. when i return i'll tell you the coldest part of our weekend. julie? julie: right now we'll pull up the map and show you the outer loop of the beltway that's slow with a 18-minute ride heading for 270.
6:32 am
we have accident activity on the ramp from southbound connecticut avenue to the outer loop. head's up on that ramp. you squeeze by to the left and the pace eventually will improve heading to 270. back to the maps to update the rides elsewhere and find eastbound 66, the lanes open with a 20 minute ride from manassas to the beltway. that's our traffic watch. larry: explosive allegations of sexual misconduct. a political figure. autria: roy moore accused of sexually assaulting a teen. larry: president trump weighing in and live with the details. adrianna: moore will step aside if those sexual conduct allegations are indeed true. according to the "washington post," four women say they had romantic encounters with moore when he was in his 30's. one of them was just 14 at the time. but at this point he's standing firm and denying those allegations. >> these aren't fuzzy
6:33 am
are very certain and confident about what happened to them. autria: the white house saying if those allegations are true, moore will step aside. but his name will still be on the ballot. they're already being printed. absentee ballots have been sent out so another republican candidate will have to be written in by voters. new this morning the senate passing a resolution to require sexual harassment training for senators. senators, staff members and interns will have 60 days to complete the training and are required to repeat it each session of congress. this resolution comes as sexual misconduct allegations against alabama g.o.p. senate hopeful roy moore have now surfaced. larry: all eyes on danica roem laying out her plans for office. she won election tuesday night an unseeded bob marshall after 13 terms for him and becoming the first openly transgender woman to win and be seated in a state
6:34 am
roem campaigned to fix route 28, a congested commuter road in the county and wants to fight for increased affordable health care and a more equitable virginia and laying out her goals in a news conference at 9:00 this morning. autria: roem getting a shoutout from a woman who knows politics all too well. hillary: we saw a transgender candidate defeat an incumbent. autria: hillary clinton commending roem for her win and congratulated chris hurst for his win after his girlfriend was shot and killed on live tv and got personal about life after last year's presidential election. hillary: i spent time with my friends and family and read a lot, especially mystery novels which always seem to have a good ending. i watched hgtv. i went into a frenzy of organizing my closets. i played with my
6:35 am
had my fair share of chardonnay. autria: clinton says proof in activism in the political system works. larry: they'll stop verifying user accounts, it comes after the social media was attacked for identifying jason kesler the white supremacist who organized the right to life in charlottesville. the indication is a blue check mark. autria: we've been saluting our veterans and while we always applaud their service overseas, many of us don't realize the battles they fight once they get back to your home. we go to walter reed medical center in bethesda. anchor: our good morning veterans salute continues and we're at walter reed bethesda joined by medically retired corporal kirk cavalier with the u.s. marine corps. talk to us. by the way we should introduce josie here as well. talk
6:36 am
to get into the military in the first place? kirk: i wanted to since a kid join the military and after i got out of high school i took the opportunity and went. anchor: talk to us about how you got injured? kirk: i was injured in afghanistan in 2011 on foot patrol and stepped on a bomb. it went off and took my legs off. luckily i was with a group of great guys who got me to safety and patched me up and then i woke up here. anchor: talk to us about your recovery process at walter reed. kirk: day here to walter reed, it was a lot of therapy. lot of therapy. before i retired i was in for four years at the hospital. i had a lot of infection problems and stuff like that that kept sending me back in but the doctors here are the best. i'm still
6:37 am
anchor: thank so you much for everything, for your service. and josie, thank you for everything you're doing as well. we'll continue to highlight our veterans right here on "good morning washington." larry: great stories all week. thanks. here's a great shop of the chief warrant officer from d.c. thank you for your service. we're showing you veterans pictures all morning long and send them our way through our free news app. autria: breaking overnight. a northern virginia neighborhood shut down as police search for an armed suspect. larry: amazing video of the drone technology police used to track down the suspect. julie: looking for caller number 7, 703-527-7334. if you're caller number seven, spin to win and start your day off $200 richer for waking up with us. call right now.
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6:41 am
temperatures fall across the area. some of those cloud, they're making their way out of the area with this cold front but the temperatures again are falling. we're at 42 degrees in d.c. and also wood bridge. we've come down in the upper 30's, college park and reston, 39 degrees. the wind is starting to pick up. later today we'll continue to see gusts just like this in that northwest corner of leesburg, frederick, maryland, hagerstown and winchester. all over 25 miles per hour and by the afternoon just about everywhere we'll be experiencing the wind and lower wind chill readings. by 7:00 a.m. it will feel like 29 degrees and sunshine across the area is what it will feel like and 33 is what it will feel like at lunchtime and back down in the 20's. the coldest part of the weekend will be early saturday morning with wind chills in the teens. julie: right now take a peek around the capital beltway and enjoy the ride while you've got it. southbound 270 coming from i-70 towards clarkburg, a 14 minute commute, inbound out of new carolton and headed to cheverly
6:42 am
the interstate travel from 17 to quantity go to 95 a a 14-minute ride and thumb's up on 295 towards the 14th street bridge and on 66 from manassas to the beltway, a 21-minute commute. that's our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes and look at your ride headed northeast. right now the cold temperatures mean it's time to think about the cars. suzanne, what are you working on? suzanne: we're out riding with triple-a and just pulled over for a call. a lot of people experiencing problems and we'll give you information on what to do to make sure you don't run into problem this is weekend when the cold temperatures move into our area. a live report coming up in a bit. >> a 17-year-old is in the hospital after being shot walking home from school and the shooter still on the streets. the latest on the investigation coming up. autria: plus, drones in the sky over northern virginia. the high-tech police search and who they wer
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stafford. autria: police launching drones in an overnight search. adrianna hopkins has the update. adrianna: only abc cameras were there as sheriff deputies launched the drone to search for an armed suspect. the camera showing incredible detail flying over a neighborhood. the scene played out in the middle of the night on arrowhead drive on garrisonville road. the deputies blocked that neighborhood off for a short time but since cleared the scene. we're still trying to figure out why the suspect was wanted. larry: breaking overnight. police investigating a double stabbing in rockville. police found two people suffering from cuts or stab wounds and taken to the hospital and expected to survive. a third person on the scene refused to cooperate with police and was taken into custody after a brief barricade situation. police are not saying if the people involved knew each other. autria: also followin
6:47 am
was killed in silver springs. the van driver that struck the woman did stay on the scene. the accident happens around 6:45 on columbia pike near hillwood drive. the woman killed has not been identified. larry: a search for a sheert. a teen hit with gunfire steps from his high school. autria: the teenager in the hospital this morning. ryan hughes who says an argument tarted it all. ryan: d.c. police patroling the neighborhood all morning long. the 17-year-old was shot on 14th street southeast two blocks from ballou high school where he's a student. it happened around 3:45 in the afternoon as he was walking home. only about 30 minutes after dismissal time. the 17-year-old remains in the hospital this morning. last listed in critical condition. the mayor and city council members were on scene voicing their frustrations because we're told there have also been three
6:48 am
other day time shootings near henley elementary school on chesapeake street in just the last month. >> we expect our children to be able to go to school and get home from school safely. >> the young man 17 years old shot walking home from school. if he can't walk home from school safe, then what are we doing? ryan: no arrests have been made in this latest case. police only have a vague description of the suspects. we're told they're looking for two men in a dark colored car. live in southeast, ryan hughes, "good morning washington." autria: the family of an alleged sex accuse victim plans to sue the charles county school board. aide carlos bell is charged with sexually assaulting dozens of boys and producing child porn and also is h.i.v. positive. the family suing is demanding the school system make changes in the way it makes employment decisions. it also is seeking an
6:49 am
the family's lawyers plan to hold a news conference this morning. larry: breaking overnight. president trump in vietnam in the asian-pacific cooperation summit. the trip is the latest stop in the president's nearly two week tour in asia and is using the trip as an opportunity to promote trade and drum up support against north korea's nuclear program. speaking ton an audience of business leaders said civilized people must come together to drive out extremists from our societies. president trump: the future of this region and beautiful people must not be held hostage to a dictator's twisted fantasies of violent conquest and nuclear blackmail. larry: the president also said he won't let the u.s. continue unfair trade gements -- agreements saying he's always putting america first. autria: the latest on the controversial flyers posted at montgomery blair high school that read "it's ok to be white." the principal informed parents it's part of a national campaign to create racial tenon
6:50 am
said he's one of those behind the campaign. he did not want his face shown. he says the flyers are not meant to insight racial tension but says there are two ways to look at them. >> one is just at face value like here's a poster, it has a sentence on it, it's just a fact. and the other is like you put in a whole bunch of context and make a whole bunch of guesses and play mind reader and then you get upset at that. autria: he adds he doesn't think the statement "it's ok to be white" should be viewed as offensive by anyone. 6:50. right now we're bracing for some bitter temperatures. larry: that's right. we've been tracking the brutal weather all morning long. the cold isn't just a shock to us but can an shock to your car as well. suzanne kennedy is in fairfax county with how you can get ahead of any problems you might have this winter. suzanne? suzanne: good morning to both of you. the question is, are your cars ready for the cold snap we'll experience this weekend? i've been thiin
6:51 am
with triple-a mid atlantic. we're out with them as they're taking your calls this morning. they picked up a volvo, unrelated to weather, but say it's been a very busy week. they say they've seen a lot of people calling because of issues with their batteries, perhaps they are a little too old for their car and they should get a new battery. that seems to be what they are experiencing. they also are telling us that they are having issues with cars just not being ready for the winter and what we've been talking about fernando about all morning long. fernando, give us one really quick tip heading into this weekend, we need to go to the store and get things, what should we make sure we have going into the weekend? fernando: going into the weekend, make sure you come out and look at your tires and make sure they're inflated with air in them because you don't want to get on the road and have a flat. right off the bat, that's the first thing to do. suzanne: fernando will be with us all morning long. when we move to news channel 8, we'll talk to him about things to have inside our car to make sure we're prepared and
6:52 am
to do to our car to make sure we're prepared. we'll have that in a live report. for now reporting live in alexandria, suzanne kennedy, good morning washington. larry: metro telling the drivers they're working to give more protection, after a woman who threw urine on a bus driver got 120 days in jail. opal brown will have to spend three years on probation. metro says moving forward it aims to have more buses with plexiglas shields for drivers. trains are operating at saturday service intervals every 6-15 minutes during day time hours and metro rail will close at 1:00 a.m. parking at metro owned lots and garages is free today. off-peak fares will be in effect all day today. autria: abc 7 is saluting our military as we observe veterans day tomorrow. technical sergeant trisha mcnamara is retired and thank you for your service. we're showing veterans pictures all morning long,
6:53 am
the see it feature in our news app. larry: v.j. is here. it's cold now, will it still be cold a week from now? veronica: it will be chilly a week from now. hard to believe on monday we hit a high of 70 degrees. seems like so long ago. we've been locked in with the clouds and rain, too. we want to show you this weekend compared to next if you plan out your days if you're thinking of doing something outside, maybe putting up the christmas decorations next weekend, right now it will be around 50-55 degrees with a little bit of wind coming our way after some rain possibly on saturday. so that's something that we'll be watching. for this weekend your coldest day saturday, sunday not as cold with a high temperature of 50 degrees. to help you with planning, today plenty windy and one of the coldest days we've had in eight months around here. 40 degrees the temperature at 5:00 and even 40 at lunchtime today. the wind increasing. because it's the first cold, because it's the coldest air we've had to deal with in a
6:54 am
period of time is the reason we're under a weather alert. this afternoon the wind chill temperatures running in the 30's and in the 20's late tonight and lower 20's and teens by early tomorrow morning. that's how cold it will feel. the wind will die down and a hard freeze expected across the area. any plans for your veterans day, be sure to be equipped and ready to go meaning the storm watch weather app have it ready to go. highs continue in the lower 50's and below average. julie: on the roads you'll find lanes are open but the pace is definitely a little below speed in woodbridge. by the time you reach lorton you're pretty much at speed. 10-minute ride headed towards the capital beltway. speaking of the beltway, the outer loop with problems near connecticut avenue are gone but a 22-minute ride from college park to bethesda and our traffic land camera will show you the commute from northeast to northwest and earlier issues the new jersey avenue are all gone. that's our traffic watch. uys? julie: all day long we're
6:55 am
morning we're giving away tickets to lorde. we're giving away tickets so we'll get you to check them out, caller 7 you win, 703-528-7334. good luck. larry: a huge milestone for one of america's most iconic game shows. "wheel of fortune" celebrating 35 years. merv griffin show started in 1982. >> it is an incredible run and don't ask me to explain it or figure it out. i certainly didn't predict it but here we are 35 years later. i should point out i was 11 when i started. >> we have a great relationship and he's so funny and cracks me up all the time and in 35 years never had one argument. larry: pat is 71 years old and vanna younger than that and there's no plans to end the show and can you watch it every night on abc 7. autria: let's give away some money! kidd: barbara kelly from northeast
6:56 am
barbara: i'm fine, how are you? kidd: how are you keeping warm this cold morning? barbara: i'm still in bed. kidd: well, good. we appreciate you waking up with "good morning washington." we'd love to start your friday off with extra cash. we'll spin the wheel and there's $50, $100 and $200. i'm guessing you're going fot $200, correct? barbara: i surely am. kidd: say big money. barbara: big money! kidd: barbara kelly from northeast. here we go. let's start this weekend off right. oh, $100 is all yours, barbara. barbara: thank you very much. kidd: thank you. we appreciate you waking up with us every morning. have a great weekend. barbara: good, god bless you. kidd: thank you. let's get this in the now. taylor swift's new album "reputation" went on sale at midnight. to hear it you have to buy it, it's not streaming, at least a week and could boost sales.
6:57 am
million copies in one week. we can have our listening party in a week. coming up after 7:00, i have a brand-new kidd's class for you, nashville edition. these young ladies in nashville taught me how to speak with a tennessee twang. i got the official class from them. some of their responses will be interested to hear if you agree with them, the same as a texas twang? autria: oh, bless your heart. kidd: we'll start on choose channel 8 in a couple minutes. larry: that does it for us here. autria: headed to news channel 8 for three more hours of "good morning washington." make the switch and join us.
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good morning, america. breaking news, the deep freeze hitting right now, tens of millions of americans waking up to bitter cold. single digit temperatures moving from the midwest to the northeast. snow sending cars flipping off roads, now 16 states have alabama to maine on alert. a new scandal rocks the republican party. senate candidate roy moore accused of having relations with teenagers, sexual contact with a 14-year-old. the white house now weighing in. also our exclusive in the russia investigation. the real reason president trump's former campaign adviser says he lied to the fbi. explosive allegations against comedian


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