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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 10, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news, the deep freeze hitting right now, tens of millions of americans waking up to bitter cold. single digit temperatures moving from the midwest to the northeast. snow sending cars flipping off roads, now 16 states have alabama to maine on alert. a new scandal rocks the republican party. senate candidate roy moore accused of having relations with teenagers, sexual contact with a 14-year-old. the white house now weighing in. also our exclusive in the russia investigation. the real reason president trump's former campaign adviser says he lied to the fbi. explosive allegations against comedian
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the women now coming forward in a bombshell new report accusing him of sexual misconduct. overnight the premiere of his new movie canceled. now, one of the reporters who broke the story is here live. a surfer taking on this massive wall of water when he's pummeled and sent flying. the race to save him and what he's now saying from his hospital bed. good morning, america. thanks for joining us this friday morning. all kind of news breaking out on all kind of fronts and that surfer lucky to be alive. >> if you look at the video. this isn't just looking dangerous, it was dangerous. he broke his back in that fall. but he has an incredible attitude and says, you know what, i can't wait to get back in the water and back on my board again. i think his mom might have something else to say about that when she sees that video. >> oh, absolutely. you know, a lot
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get to as well, but first we want to start out with the deep freeze and record low temperatures that could be coming to here in new york and going to get down to the 20s tonight and ginger will start us off with that great news. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, michael. we told you it was coming and we are in the thick of it now. not just, oh, this is november. this will break records today from toledo, ohio, to new york city potentially tomorrow morning. that video from sheboygan county, michigan, shows you what it looks like with the snow and arctic blast but put it together and the feels like, 5 in chicago, 8, detroit, pittsburgh already at 14, minneapolis is subzero in the windchill department. through what happens then tonight through tomorrow. so you may feel a little mild still along the coast but 45-mile-per-hour gusts possible. you could still take down branches, tonight, dinnertime, boston feels like
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and we could break records from north carolina up to maine supply think we love breaking records but just not those records, ginger. now to linzie janis in chesterton, indiana, and could lead to a messy commute. >> reporter: it is going to be a bitterly and potentially dangerous commute across the midwest. we are just east of chicago where it's 20 degrees but with the windchill, feels like 8 and as you can see we are moving through a lake-effect snow band right now. you can see the flurries coming down and accumulating on the road causing it to be thick. some of these snow bands bringing blustery winds and whiteout conditions and a warning to drivers to slow down. in michigan already slippery roads causing cars to careen into ditches. again, if you're driving anywhere near the great lakes, be ready. you could hit one of the
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bands. the frigid temperatures won't be around for two long by the beginning of next week and the midwest should see normal temperatures once again. >> thank you, linzie. stay inside and be careful if you're out on the roads. we move on to growing calls for alabama senate candidate roy moore to drop out of his race after "the washington post" reported he had sexual conduct with a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30s. three other women came forward saying moore pursued relationships with them when they were teenagers as well and the charges exploded across capitol hill but moore is defiant and our chief national correspondent tom llamas is in birmingham with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. that's right. overnight roy moore on twitter saying he will fight on and that the forces of evil will lie and here in birmingham, caller after caller on both a.m. and f.m. radio stations expressing support for moore wondering if it's a dirty political trick. this as abc news has spoken to nearly every woman mentioned in that "the washington post" article and all of them tell
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this morning, the republican party reeling over accusations their senate candidate from alabama, roy moore, allegedly molested a 14-year-old girl and pursued other teenage girls when he was in his 30s. >> it's a devastating nasty story. if the revelations, if that's true, i don't believe that there would be any place for him in the senate. >> reporter: "the washington post" speaking to four women including leigh corfman now 53. she says she was 14 when moore then an assistant district attorney took her to his home and told the payment he took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes. he touched her over her bra and underpant, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear. she says she remembers thinking, i wanted it over with. i wanted out. corfman's mother who learned about the incident years later confirmed her daughter's account to abc news.
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conservative christian and former alabama chief justice. >> homosexual conduct should be illegal. >> reporter: he became a hero to some when he refused to remove a ten commandments monument from a judicial building and as a senate candidate had a far right platform. >> crime, corruption, immorality, abortion, sodomy, sexual perversion sweep our land. >> reporter: now moore may be losing gop support. >> the president also believes if these allegations are true, judge moore will do the right thing and step aside. >> reporter: at least ten republican lawmakers have said moore should step down'allegations are true. moore has denied the accusations calling them completely false and a desperate political attack. and some are still standing by him. an alabama politician telling "the washington examiner," take joseph and mary, mary was a teenager and joseph was an adult carpenter. they became parents of jesus. steve bannon one of moore's
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story as a hit piece. >> but it's interesting, the bezos amazon "washington post" that dropped that dime on donald trump is the same bezos amazon "washington post" that dropped the dime this afternoon on judge roy moore. >> reporter: sean hannity saying this on his show. >> there is no sexual -- there's kissing involved and then they're saying this one encounter -- >> and consensual. >> reporter: hannity later said he misspoke. that he didn't mean the 14-year-old gave consent. but he still questioned the timing of the allegations coming just weeks before the december 12th election. >> it is morally repug annapolis, it has no place in our society. here's the thing, in any of these cases, it is sometimes you have to look at the truth here. how do we ascertain what happened 38 years ago? >> reporter: now, moore and his supporters are describing all of this as a plot
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destroy moore but "the washington post" says they spoke with more than 30 people during the time of those allegations and that 14-year-old girl who had the relationship at the time who is now older says that she's voted for republicans and recently even voted for president trump. george. >> you're right, tom. you had four women on the record, 30 sources overall. going to bring this to mary bruce on capitol hill. mary, this really hit like a bomb in the middle of the day yesterday for senate republicans and now you've got some senate republicans also saying moore should get out no matter what but there is no way to right now get him off the ballot and it's a real dilemma for them. they might lose the seat or face the question of what they do with him if he wins. >> reporter: yeah, george, this puts republicans in an incredibly tricky position. the condemnation for moore from the hill is swift and resounding. almost immediately republicans said these allegations are disturbing and disqualifying. now, this seat is crucial to republicans for maintaining their slim
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moore shows no signs of backing down and too late to replace him on the ballot. if he does win, it's unclear how republicans here would interact with him. how they would work with him but it is clear moore would receive a very chilly reception here on the hill. >> puts even more pressure on them to get this tax bill done before this race takes place, before whoever wins is seated right now at the time when you have huge differs between the senate and house bills. >> reporter: yeah, george, this is another real political dilemma here. major differences between the house and senate plan including how they could impact middle class americans and add to the deficit. ham aring this out will be a real challenge and republicans know they cannot head home for the holidays empty-handed. >> mary bruce, thanks very much. there are also new developments now in the russia investigation. this morning we are learning more about why former trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos lied to the fbi about his russia contacts. his motive a mystery until now.
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correspondent brian ross is here with those new details. good morning. >> reporter: the conviction of george papadopoulos for lying to the fbi was the first major break in the russia investigation and this morning, we're learning it was an apparent case of blind loyalty to protect donald trump. according to a person with direct knowledge, george papadopoulos says he lied to agents so he wouldn't contradict what donald trump had been saying publicly about his campaign's contacts with russia. >> it's all fake news. it's phony stuff. it didn't happen. >> reporter: and this directly to abc's cecilia vega. >> did you or anyone in your campaign have any contact with russia leading up to or during the campaign? >> no, not at all. >> nothing at all? >> reporter: two weeks later george papadopoulos tried to stick to the official line saying his contacts with russia occurred before he joined the trump campaign. when, in fact, they occurred after
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papadopoulos as part of his team. and the person with knowledge of the investigation says papadopoulos is upset the man he tried to protect is now trying to distance himself as with this presidential tweet. few people knew the young, low level volunteer named george who has already proven to be a liar. >> you know, you're a senior foreign policy adviser until you do something that exposes the connections of the campaign. >> reporter: it turns out papadopoulos, the so-called low level volunteer was traveling the world during the campaign on his own introducing himself as a trump adviser. this was papadopoulos in athens with the president of greece in may of last year. big news in that country. in september he met with midlevel officials at the british foreign office in london. and later met with israeli settlers both in washington and israel. the group posting this video of papadopoulos describing trump's new policies. >> we're looking forward to ushering i
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between the united states and all of israel. >> we're told papadopoulos has told investigators he reported back to his superiors in the campaign about all of his travels. >> all right, brian, we now know trump's former bodyguard keith schiller told congress this week trump rejected an offer of prostitutes in moscow back in 2013. >> that's right, amy. the longtime bodyguard and confidant knocked down allegations in that dossier prepared for the clinton campaign that trump spent time with prostitutes saying he thought the offer of some women was a joke and he rejected it and did not even mention it to trump until hours later. >> this investigation moving fast. we've already learned robert mueller has talked to one of the president's closest policy advisers, stephen miller. >> the most senior member of the circle. he played an important role in crafting a defense for trump's decision to fire fbi director james comey. >> a lot of time with the president that fateful weekend. let let's bring it to jon karl. this always happens to
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a lot of news breaks at home and have this news miller and schiller have been investigated by mueller. >> reporter: yeah, now the president's legal team says this is just a matter of the special counsel getting to the end of the investigation there offering to cooperate completely but, george, i spoke to somebody very close to the president who speaks to the president closely who said he's very concerned that we have now entered a new phase of the mueller investigation where those that are going in are in the innermost circle. we have schiller, that was the president's bodyguard, that was the president's director of oval office operations until very recently. obviously you mentioned steven miller top policy adviser coming in later this month, the communications director, one of the first on the campaign trail. the concern this is a new and much more perilous phase
7:14 am
investigation. >> yeah, we also know he talked to reince priebus and sean spicer. this happened as the president talked about possibly meeting with russian president vladimir putin today. that not going to happen? >> reporter: this is strange, george. we've heard the president himself say he expected it would happen. today the president's press secretary say there would be no meeting. perhaps a chance encounter where they would bump into each other and say hello then we heard from the kremlin spokesman pesko 1r6peskov saying one way or another there will be a meeting between the two. >> a question about whether the white house will be able to stand by this if true defense on roy moore. >> reporter: the president, the statement again that came through the press secretary said if true, judge moore will do the right thing and step down so not even a call for him to step
7:15 am
and obviously as you mentioned you have the witnesses that have come out and have the women that have come out. there's not going to be a definitive answer on this before the election. >> jon karl in vietnam, thanks very much. michael. >> thank you. this morning we're learning more about what may have sparked that encounter between senate rand paul and his neighbor that left the senator with six broken ribs. steve osunsami is in bowling green with new reporting. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. politically these two men couldn't be further apart and friends of the senator believe that's why his neighbor lost it but homeowners we talked with say this argument was probably over something much more simple. >> commonwealth versus rene boucher. >> reporter: dr. rene boucher, u.s. senator rand paul's neighbor seen in court is out on bond this morning ordered to stay at least 200 feet away from the lawmaker. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: he is accused of attacking the senator last friday and breaking six of the senator's ribs. he is pleading
7:16 am
police say he's already admitted to tackling his famous neighbor. people who live here tell us what happened in the grass between their homes can be summed up in two word, yard rage. paul is famous for mowing his own lawn and posting pictures to prove it and he's equally famous according to some neighbors for not bagging all his leaves. >> i mean, they had a big spat, quarreling and that would not have surprised me. >> reporter: jim skaggs built this exclusive gated community in kentucky and says the two men have argued about their lawns over the years. >> it sounds like you believe this is more about leaves and tree limbs than about politics. >> it would seem to me that would make more sense. it really doesn't make a lot of sense at all. that you would be this violent over a leaf. >> reporter: the retired anesthesiologist had at one point been trying to sell his home and move to florida. these are
7:17 am
the listings. he could now spend up to a year in jail if convicted. >> they got into a disagreement and it ultimately resulted in my client being charged with fourth degree assault. i can assure you that he wished it never had happened. >> reporter: just to underline these two men are doctors and this could get more serious. the fbi is now talking to both the senator and local authorities. there is the possibility here of federal charges. michael. >> thank you, steve. as you said makes no sense at all. >> not over yet. guess what, i have some big news for iphone users. take a look. we have been seeing it that weird symbol that popped up if you updated the phone changing your i to an a and a question mark in a box. the glitch making a lot of people crazy
7:18 am
can you feel the passion in my voice? we have good news. there is a fix you. just install the latest ios update but that update is what got us in trouble in the first place. >> i didn't get that update. >> i had to go to settings and change something -- >> i didn't fix it. i started screaming at my phone every time. thank god it's over. >> we're happy for you, amy. let's go to ginger. >> i was just getting used to reading all the texts with "a" and question mark. from frost advisories in huntsville to fredericksburg, virginia. who has that freeze warning? even dover, delaware, that cold is going far south and more know to come.
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freeze warning tonight through sat. am for majority of the area. - cold & blustery today - sunshine returns! near record lows night through sat. am r majority of the area. cd & blustery today - sunshine returns! ernight. first freeze.sunny & c day next week ay through today: sunny. cold & blustery. highs: 41-44 winds: nw 10-20 g 30 mph tonight: clear and cold. near record lows. hard freeze. lows: 19-26 winds: n 5-10 mph veterans day: sunny and continued cold. lighter winds. highs: 41-44 winds: n to se 5 mph our first arctic airmass of the season settles in today and tomorrow. highs will be about 15-20 degrees lower than average. the good news is we'll finally see sunshine after a very cloudy week. today will be quite windy with gusts upwards of 30 mph. combine the gusty winds with temperatures today in the 30s and low 40s, it will feel more like the 20s and low 30s all day long. make sure you bundle up today, and coming up next those explosive allegations against comedian louis c.k. five women accusing him of sexual misconduct. now one of the reporters who broke the story is here live. one of the founders of facebook is now supping the alarm about social media and how it could
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visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how joint damage could progress. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. this is a good morning washington update >> anchor: good morning. incredible new video from stafford knlt deputies use a drone to search for a suspect. it shows incredible detail of the neighborhood. it is up clear who they were looking for. new developments after a pedestrian was dkilled in silve
7:24 am
springs. the accident happened near 6:45 on columbia pike. the woman killed has not been identified.
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>> anchor: a weather alert want you to prepare for the cold today bundle up today. finally sunshine with temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s today. wind chills in the lower 30s today. winds tonight hard freeze warning issued through tomorrow morning. sunshine for tomorrow high 44. sunday 50 for the high. traffic watch veteran's day metro operating on a saturday schedule i-395 atv restrictions
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lifted for today. you'll see the crash 95 southbound on the ramp to 195. earlier crash is clear and moving at speed
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♪ but i stay >> welcome back to "gma." that's taylor swift with the world premiere performance of "new year's day" during last night's episode of "scandal." one of the songs on her brand-new album "reputation" which dropped overnight and we are tea taking you exclusively behind the scenes coming up in the show and that was a nice edition to tgif. >> a lot of access. tens of millions from the midwest to the northeast are waking up to bitter cold temperatures.
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and tomorrow is veterans day. president trump honoring it early in vietnam this morning with a group of vietnam war vets signing a proclamation honoring their service. we all honor the veterans this morning. we do. those new allegations targeting comedian louis c.k. five women coming forward in "the new york times" accusing him of sexual misconduct. we're going to talk to one of the reporters who broke this story in just a moment but first abc's linsey davis is here with more on the latest bombshell rocking hollywood, good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. he's known as a self-deprecating comedian but this morning some are alleging the character he portrays is an exaggeration of himself as a cover for otherwise own alleged misconduct. >> there is no greater threat to women than men. we're the number one threat to women. >> reporter: a staple on the comic circuit, louis c.k. rose to fame poking fun at his appearance and sexual hangups. >> i'm the guy that women see and they go,
7:32 am
>> reporter: now a bombshell report for "the new york times" alleges he exposed and touched himself in front of multiple women dating back more than a decade. two women tell "the times" after a comedy show in 2002 c.k. invited them to have a drink in his room. when they arrived he asked if he could expose himself in front of them. they thought it was a joke and laughed it off but proceeded to take all of his clothes off, get completely naked and touch himself. two other women share similar allegations and a fifth alleges he engaged in a sexual act while on the phone what her. >> you divorced me while a loser so you lottery. >> can we get the check? t the backlash swift canceling his movie preveer saying there is never a place for the behavior detailed in these allegations. as a result we are giving careful consideration to the timing and release of the film and continuing to review the situation. the reactions to the news piling
7:33 am
hbo removing c.k. from its night of too many stars special and the network taking down past projects from its on demand services. fx home to several of his shows said they have received no allegations of misconduct but the matter is currently under review. >> what, no, no, no. >> reporter: c.k.'s comedy has come under fire before. this episode of "louis" from 2014 raised ire when his character tried to drag his longtime crush into the bedroom. >> you want to do something -- you want to try something but you don't -- you can't. for some reason you can't. so i'm going to take control. and i'm going to make something happen. >> reporter: at the time c.k. responded saying i don't think you can call it rape. it was a kiss on the mouth. rape is a real series and bad thing. he spoke to diane sawyer about his willingness to push boundaries in his comedy in 2014. >> i think sex
7:34 am
subject and hilarious subject because it's awkward and it's high stakes and it makes you feel great or makes you feel terrible. it's a huge array of experience, sex, so it's well worth talking about. >> according to "the times" following several of the instances he privately reached out to some of the women to apologize and with regard to the article a representative for c.k. tells abc news in the coming days louis with issue a written statement. amy. >> thanks so much. joining us now is one of the women who broke the story, cara buckley and there were rumors about louis c.k. for years and years so how did you uncover this story? >> well, after harvey weinstein a lot of women have been coming forward to speak about abuse or harassment they suffered and we -- several of the women approached us and said, you know, we would like to -- there's been rumors, there's been rumors about us. we would like to set the record straight and put our names to it. you know, he has dismissed them
7:35 am
we have proof something happened to us. >> in many cases you spoke to corroborating witnesses not just the women who say it happened to them. talk about the standard you used to determine the credibility of these women's stories. >> right, i mean several thing, you know, we can't just take people's word on face value. these incidents happened in the late '90s and early ots so looked for paper trails that they sent afterwards and people they reached out. many right after it happened called a friend saying you would not believe what just happened to me and spoke to those people and asked them in-depth what did this person relay to you and saw if it matched up and when it did it passed husband ter. now we have the story. >> louis c.k. and his representatives did not comment but heard in linsey a report saying he will issue a written statement in coming days. any indication what he might say. >> i feel like it's just really guesswork. we were wondering in the 36 hours leading up to publication, you know, is he going to come
7:36 am
word in the comedy world had been circulating for weeks we had been working on this and thought is he going to come out and preemptively say anything. i feel like i feel like he is in a tough position. we thought if we presented the allegations to him and if that's all they were he could say something about them. the fact that he didn't raises questions, you know, will more women come forward or stories unheard going to come out? but we beyond that it's guesswork. >> right. and speaking to that, the l.a. district attorney's office announcing they are establishing a task force to look into sexual abuse specifically in the entertainment stress after your reporting on this and other situation, what do you think they're going to find? >> i don't know what they'll find. i think that what this shows is a seismic shift in the cultural landscape. you know, before cosby and bill o'reilly and weinstein, women were talking about it for years but now they're being believed as this was something
7:37 am
many of these things happen at women's workplaces and, you know, i think the shift is happening so quickly, it's great. we're still getting our head around what it means. >> i've said it before. incredible to me how not surprising it is to us women and how surprising it is to some men because they didn't realize it was happening. what surprised you most about this story? >> what surprised me most was the women doubting themselves, you know, several of the women louis reached out afterwards saying i did. it was really inappropriate. i apologize and they thought, well, does that make it okay and it really hung over their careers because he was such a tower pull figure and loomed large and they felt shame around it and they had done nothing wrong and they still carried that shame and that to me was troubling and sad. >> just hearing you say that gave me chills because people don't know if it's okay to say something and whether or not it passes the test of criminal behavior. >> and whether, you know, they'll get support in the
7:38 am
louis is beloved. he is a kingmaker and helps build careers of other people and they felt like there's no way we can talk out against him and if we do, you know, people are going to turn against us. so luckily they were brave enough, you know, to sort of step forward. >> well, thank you so much. it's an incredible read. we really appreciate your reporting. a programming note lisa bloom will be on "the view" exclusively addressing her initial decision to represent harvey weinstein after those sexual harassment allegations. hear what she has to say about him now at 11:00 a.m. eastern right here on abc. >> she said it well, this is a seismic shift. we're seeing fallout everywhere. one of the facebook founders now has a warning about social media. how it could affect your children. p coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it.
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we are back with that warning from one of the founders of facebook. the site's first president sean parker is now admitting facebook was designed to be addictive and he's now worried about what that means for our children's brains. abc's erielle reshef has the story. good morning. erielle. >> reporter: good morning. anyone who uses social media might admit it can be hard to tear yourself away. now the former head of facebook says that's exactly what the founders intended and like the site he helped create, this morning, he has our attention. he's the billionaire brainiac who helped launch facebook. otherwise known as the guy justin timberlake played in "the social network." >> dropped "the."
7:43 am
>> reporter: now former facebook president sean parker is sounding the alarm about the potentially addictive nature of social media. >> like what is that doing to people's brains? >> reporter: speaking at an axios event, parker who worked with mark zuckerberg to develop it with a bombshell claim saying the site was intentionally built to hook you. >> that thought process was all about how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible. it's a social validation feedback loop because you're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology. >> reporter: the 38-year-old mogul admits he along with others pioneers of social media knew what they were doing. >> we understood this consciously and we did it anyway. >> reporter: facebook estimates its more than 2 billion users spend about 50 minutes per day on its apps including instagram and messenger. >> it literally changes your relationship with society,
7:44 am
each other. >> reporter: while the medical community has yet to classify social media as addictive like alcohol or gambling, one recent study found that participants who appeared to use social media most compulsively showed changes in the part of the brain that controls impulse. >> it's much more helpful to say we're very vulnerable to this and acts on us in many ways and in the way addictive stub stances do. >> reporter: he calls himself a conscientious objector. >> i use these platforms. i do interlet them use me. >> reporter: parker left facebook in 2005 and now runs his own cancer research institute. he says he's now cut back his social media use because it's too much of a time sink, irony there and reached out to facebook and so far we have not heard back. >> does take a lot of time for a lot of people. erielle, thanks very much. coming up next, that terrifying moment in the water, a
7:45 am
surfer. what he's now saying this morning. >> whoa. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist
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7:48 am
back now with that incredible hit in the water that was caught on cam remarks a s f surfer pummeled by a massive wave. yeah, look at that. oh, that's scary. you know what, the drama didn't end there. t.j. holmes has the story. >> the happy music does not fit what just went down with this guy. okay. this guy is one of the best big wave surfers in the world, f
7:49 am
back. look at what happened here. he is riding, yes, on the coast of portugal. he knew he was in trouble. now, watch it here. he had to be towed out riding this wave and admits it was larger than he thought's couldn't outrun it so he bailed. here he is trying to get picked up and get rescued. he gets hit by another wave but at this point his back is already broken. >> that's adrenaline. >> it is and they try to get him out of there and rescue him. he gets hit again. even the jet ski driver gets taken out at some point. >> how was he able to swim a broken back. >> adrenaline. something snapped. do expect him -- he flies out of that wave. that's him. he actually bailed. it wasn't the wave taking him out. he bailed because he knew he was in trouble and ends up flying out and knew immediately something had snapped. these guys wear protective vests. here he is in the hospital, hang loose. you need to hang on is what you need to do. they wear these protective vests almost like bulletproof waves to limit the impact when you get
7:50 am
to help him out. >> and here's the crazier thing, he can't wait to get back on his surfboard again. >> that's the first thing he said. this is a guy one of the best in the wore -- he might have the world record. hasn't been certified on a wave he rode a couple of years ago, 80 feet high. they're waiting to certify it. he said he can't wait. the doctors expect him to make a full recover a and can't wait to get out there again, see qualcomm stadium in two years when the next wave takes him out. no, he's one of the best in the world and only a few can do that. >> t.j., thanks so much. coming up next, we have a big parent as letter about a fatal food allergy, dr. ashton is here with important information you need to know.
7:51 am
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back here on "good morning america," i had someone tweet me and said thank you for admitting there are people that love the snow and cold. i got to say, though, i am miserable when i walk outside so i'm not with you unless it's this. this makes me very happy because keystone resort is one of the ski and snowboard resorts that is opening this weekend. that's right. it is happening, winter upon us and just east of the cascades in washington state this is he willensburg, washington, they saw a hit of snow. that's much heavier. i call that mashed potatoes in the cascades. that's what i skied on when i was there. there is another storm coming through that will potentially bring you another couple of inches of rain at the coast and up to another foot in the
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by edward jones. where attention and sound advice is a big deal.
7:56 am
>> anchor: this is a good morning washington update. good morning. d.c. lawmakers are expressing outrage after a high school student is shot in southeast. it happened thursday night not far from the school. in about an hour delegate elect is lawing out her plans for office. also becoming the first openly transgendered woman to
7:57 am
senate seat. we'll the deep freeze is almost here. weather alert from storm watch 7 want you to prepare for the cold today bundle up in your warmest winter gear temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s today. win chills in the lower 30s today. hard freeze and a freeze warning issued by the national weather service through tomorrow morning sunshine for tomorrow the high 44. lovely on sunday 50 for the high >> anchor: we are observing veteran's day today. of course metro operating on a saturday schedule. interstate 66 east bound clear rolling along at posted speed. travelling on the inner loop at 214 central avenue
7:58 am
scene. >> anchor: all right thank you you can get more news traffic and weather updates on news channel 8. back to good morning america have a great friday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. tens of millions in the deep freeze bracing for temperatures to plunge below zero. at least 16 states from alabama to maine on alert right now. parenting alert. the vital warning about food allergy after a preschool tragedy, a 3-year-old suffering a severe allergic reaction to the dairy in a grilled cheese sandwich. dr. ashton is here with life-saving advice every parent should hear. panda-monium, the first lady visiting the beijing zoo and look who sneaked in behind her. >> countdown to thanksgiving. it's less than two weeks away. the four secrets this morning to what you should start this
8:01 am
turkey now? how to make your holiday easy as pie. ♪ are you ready for it >> we are ready for it. the wait is finally over. taylor swift's hotly anticipated album rocking fans overnight. social media in overdrive. ♪ in the middle of the night in my dreams ♪ >> the real message behind the lyrics, the secret stars she teamed up with, our exclusive look behind the scenes as we say good morning, america. ♪ in the middle of the night in my dreams ♪ ♪ i know i'm going to be with you. >> crisp morning in times square and also celebrating honors veterans this weekend. a wonderful group of veterans and current service members in times square with us this morning. >> we thank them for their service. and our audience by the way is participating in a very special live social experiment. our first ever here on "gma." it's going to challenge our perception of
8:02 am
it's a staged event. it's about to take place right here in our studio at any moment. in front of our audience but they have no idea what it is. we'll see if you can catch on. you have to be watching closely. >> be alert. >> they didn't tell me about that. i'm joking. they did. first, though, we want to get to that blast of cold weather making its way through the northeast. record-breaking temperatures and ginger zee is here with more on that and dangerous roads in the midwest is there that's right, michael. we are breaking records as we speak. from duluth, minnesota, to rockford illinois, this morning. low temperatures record broken so this is not just, oh, it's normal. it's november. sheboygan county, michigan, see what the fresh snow there. the cold, the core of it, the focus of it has now made its way into the great lakes and midwest. it feels like only 6 in chicago this morning. 5 in des moines, 1 below in minneapolis. pittsburgh getting down to 14 for their feels like and here's what i want to do.
8:03 am
understand as breezy and uncomfortable it looks in times square it is going to get even colder the next 24 hours. this is dinnertime so it'll feel like 21 in new york city. raleigh drops to 41. watch what happens, there are freeze warnings as far south as south carolina this morning. that's tomorrow morning in washington, d.c. it'll feel like 15, guys. >> whoo. >> i was going to say thank you, ginger but -- i thank you anyway. we'll turn now to those growing calls for roy moore to drop out of his race. after reports he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30s. our chief national correspondent tom llamas in birmingham with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: george, good morning. "the washington post" breaking this story at least four women telling the paper that they had romantic encounters with roy moore when they were teenagers and moore was in his 30s. the youngest at the time as you mentioned 14 years old. lee corfman now 53 tells the paper he took off her shirt and pants and removed his
8:04 am
he touched her over her bra and underpants and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear. she says she remembers thinking i wanted it over with. i wanted out. now, moore has denied the allegations saying he's not going to drop out of this waist. that this is all a smear campaign by the democrats. at least ten u.s. senators many of whom are republicans have said if the allegations are true, moore must step aside. the white house saying the same thing, but other republicans including moore supporters are standing with him because he's the hard right conservative candidate and they say why haven't these allegations come out over his 40 life year career in the public servicement on the radio here, supporters are calling a.m. and f.m. stations we've been listening to supporting moore wondering why these allegations are coming so close to that december election just weeks away, but now we're hearing more and more from callers as well asking moore to get in front of the cameras and tell his side of the story. >> we'll be watching. tom, thanks very much. on the president's historic tripo
8:05 am
visited the beijing zoo but you can see here she was posing for a photo with some the children there, someone popped right into the background. that's a pretty cool photobomb. that panda perfectly sneaking the shot behind melania trump. the first lady was presented with a stuffed panda from the zoo's director and she in turn gave the children gifts from the united states. they're pretty cute. little bald eagles. >> that is cute. coming up here parenting alert about food allergies. dr. ashton with important advice. and it is finally here, everybody. taylor swift's new album is dropping overnight. what do those songs mean and how do fans feel about her music? that's coming up. ♪ ople you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin.
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♪ welcome back to "gma" this friday morning. welcome to our audience here. welcome to our service members for being here. i want to tell everybody about a series coming up next week called our twin test lab and will have twins trying out different diets, exercise and show how they really work so that's coming up next week. and lara, let's have some "pop news." >> you got it, george. good morning, everybody. good morning to you guys. >> good morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, gentlemen, ladies. we'll begin with lin-manuel miranda giving back with the power of music. the "hamilton" creator announcing he will bring his broadway hit to puerto rico and he will reprise the role that made him a megastar. >> wow. >> this is is amazing. in the aftermath of hurricane maria the tony winner stating this sends a bold message that puerto rico will recover and be back in business stronger than ever and recognizing tha
8:11 am
hasn't exactly had the "hamilton" wig on in a while. he tweeted, thankfully i have a year and a bit to remember the words. something tells me, lin, you know every one. "hamilton" opens in puerto rico january 2019 for a three-week run. >> that's great. [ applause ] >> yep. if you want to see the original, get your tickets in a lot of people booking tickets to puerto rico. >> a great idea. >> i might be one of them. >> honestly, if you show it they will come. that's what he's hoping. also, get ready for another reason to binge. apple ordered not one but two seasons of the jennifer aniston/reese witherspoon series set on a tv news show. [ applause ] >> what could you possibly do. >> what could you possibly have to talk about? sear so boring. the duo reuniting on the small
8:12 am
screen 17 years after they played sisters on "friends." no word on their characters or who they might be based on, george. put those fingers right back in the holsters. >> my former student is the show runner for this, congratulations to jay carson. >> i just read that this morning. i bet. congratulations. >> yeah. >> we don't know whether it's come snlg we can't wait. >> they have to write it. >> that minor detail. finally in "pop news" this morning, time to throw on the big sunglass, a strand of merlins and channel your inner audrey hepburn. tiffany in new york city is opening a brand-new restaurant on the fourth floor today. it's called the blue box and literally it will feel like you are sitting inside one of their iconic boxes and, yes, you can have breakfast at tiffany's, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> great idea. >> it's a really wonderful idea.
8:13 am
if you have never been it is the most beautiful shop on fifth avenue. i have -- i wasn't done yet, prompter. it's a flat fee. they have breakfast, lunch and a tea service, little black dress not required. [ applause ] tiara. [ applause ] that is "pop news," you guys. >> happy friday. now to ginger. >> hey, because we got to get over here and start your "gma" moment to kick off your weekend. you foe when you just have late night munchies and really need a snack. ginjoo from hawaii understands, 9-month-old little girl who can't get enough pizza. her favorite food. adrian was so far from walking and she's in the fridge with the pizza. that's me tonight, by the way, totally. all right. we want you to send your "gma" moment to my facebook page so we can get you, your family, your pets on tv and get a little smile.
8:14 am
freeze warning tonight through sat. am for majority of the area. - cold & blustery today - sunshine returns! near record lows night through sat. am r majority of the area. cd & blustery today - sunshine returns! ernight. first freeze.sunny & c day next week ay through today: sunny. cold & blustery. highs: 41-44 winds: nw 10-20 g 30 mph tonight: clear and cold. near record lows. hard freeze. lows: 19-26 winds: n 5-10 mph veterans day: sunny and continued cold. lighter winds. highs: 41-44 winds: n to se 5 mph our first arctic airmass of the season settles in today and tomorrow. highs will be about 15-20 degrees lower than average. the good news is we'll finally see sunshine after a very cloudy week. today will be quite windy with gusts upwards of 30 mph. combine the gusty winds with temperatures today in the 30s and low 40s, it will feel more like the 20s and low 30s all day long. make sure you bundle up today, especially later tonight for any friday night foodwich even though the school knew he was severely allergic to dairy and spoke with adrienne bankert. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. yes, this is a terrible tragedy. now this father is hoping his child's life serves as a warning for others. this morning, outrage as details emerge about the death of
8:15 am
>> something so simple could have been avoided if they would have just followed or paid attention to my son's needs. >> reporter: elijah's father saying he was at pre-k when he suffered a severe allergic reaction after being fed a grilled cheese sandwich last friday. they allegedly called family members instead of 911, the boy's mother, not an ambulance rushing him to the hospital. >> i kept praying and praying and it was like, you know, this cannot happen. >> reporter: silvera says by the time he arrived he was too late. >> my wife comes out and i think everything is okay because she has her face seemed normal but as i got closer she fell to the floor. >> reporter: according to silvera it was well documented his son had a dairy allergy and how dangerous it was for him to eat certain foods. >> he was an asthmatic and he had like so many different allergies from dairy was like the
8:16 am
berries. he was that kid that we had to watch over very seriously. we carried this emergency pack that would have benadryl and have tylenol that will have his epipen. i'm a chronic asthmatic myself and suffer from allergies so having that, you know, and, you know having that i know all the signs. >> reporter: several city agencies are looking into his death. the administration of children's services which runs the early education program tells us the new york city health department ordered the center to close. >> we expect in the investigation that we will learn more about the specific protocols that this particular site had in place. >> elijah was strong, he was a fighter and i'm going to keep fighting for that boy just so people know that, you know, this is not the end of elijah. >> now, obviously the family devastated. with we talked to
8:17 am
school's executive director was very emotional and say nothing has ever happened at the school before like this. the school is clear of violations. you heard thomas say they always had an emergency kit. with an epipen. it's just not clear if that kit was at the school with elijah. michael. >> thank you very much, adrienne. here with dr. jen ashton. help us understand about these food allergies and we hear about food allergies, doc but mostly about nuts. >> right. >> what exactly do we know about dairy allergies. >> when you think about food allergies there are eight common allerg aller allergys. dairy and milk, 2.5% of children, that's theirs. this is a partial list of things that can contain milk or dairy. so i like to say it's probably easier to know what you can eat than what you can't eat and with a 3-year-old or someone who is just barely verbal it can be really, really difficult.
8:18 am
shock? >> there are a lot of myths about anna father lack cyst. the biggest one if you don't have hives, that can't be an anaphylactic reaction. that's false. 20% don't have skin findings. 0% of people who die in anaphylaxis don't have hives. the other one things tend to get worse and worse. 30% of the allergic reactions in schools in the last couple of years were the first time those people manifested food reactions so can come out of the blue and your past reaction does not predict the present or the future. >> and this is scary. the audience went whoa when they heard about it. what is your advice for parents with small children, with allergies who have to go to school. >> look, i think they have to have a plan and that is key and that plan needs to be reviewed every year, sometimes multiple types a year with the teachers, the bus driver, the school nurse and there has to be a clear
8:19 am
sign, symptoms, recognizing a possible reaction and the immediate use of an epinephrine auto injector if necessary and, michael, i was telling you this hits home for me. i have had an anaphylactic reaction and developed them in my 30s so this is mine and i carry two of them with me at all times. >> safe to carry them. better safe than sorry. >> yeah, and people need to know how to use them. i want to briefly show you because there are a lot of different products on the market. they all contain epinephrine. this one is actually comes with a trainer so i want you to listen to this. pull off the top. >> this trainer contains no needle or drug. >> it talks to you. okay. so this one talks you through it. literally talks you through it and then the epinephrine auto injectors. people need to know how to use them. take it out and pull off the blue top and apply steady firm pressure to the upper outer thigh even if you have to put it
8:20 am
there for at least ten seconds until you hear a click release and then you call 911 and you go to the emergency room. people need to know how to use them. you might not only have to save your own life but someone else's. >> one thing to have it, another to know how to use it. >> we appreciate you, doc. yeah, such important information. we switch gears to taylor swift. her new album "reputation" rolled out overside burning up the charts sparking reaction on social media. our pop expert chris connelly has heard it all. chris, there's plenty to decode and taylor fans having a field day. >> reporter: good morning, her talent, taste and ambition have never failed her now fans are getting to hear how good taylor swift's reputation is. the album coming out overnight, the party starting last night with a solo performance here on abc. >> do you want to give me like a -- or like a wink. >> hours before her album
8:21 am
dropped taylor swift shown at the piano during last night's episode of "scandal" and in this footage. >> i haven't ever played this for people before so this could be rocky. >> reporter: perform a new after the party song entitled "new year's day" at a listening session she held for fans in rhode island. ♪ don't read the last page but i stay when it's hard and wrong and we're making mistakes ♪ ♪ i want your midnights but i'll be cleaning up bottles with you on new year's day ♪ >> reporter: and posting this image on instagram. waiting for reputation like -- then before the employed night eastern time her album "reputation" available to the public at large. not on such streaming services as spotify but for purchase. ♪ touch me and you'll never be alone ♪ ♪ island breeze >> taylor by holding b
8:22 am
her record sales and could contribute to the numbers going north of 2 million. >> reporter: including a song with ed sheeran and future entitled "end game." the 15 tracks of "reputation," all products of her ongoing collaboration with such top hit makers as shellback. max martin and jack antonoff. whom is she singing about guesses popping up. secrets to confide and she's settling a few scores too in such son-in-laws as "gorgeous" showing the savvy to connect with her audience as pop's biggest superstar confesses to an attack of the shies. ♪ i can't say anything to your face ♪ >> reporter: our vulnerable and in need of solace as in call it what you want. ♪ so call it what you want yeah call it what you want to ♪ >> reporter: fans on social media seemed to be enjoying their first listens. >> amazing. >> still the same rabid curiosity surround the album
8:23 am
that and instead letting the fans sort of guide the conversation. [ applause ] >> reporter: much to discuss in the days ahead. the song "gorgeous" featuring the debut of a new vocalist, the very young voice saying the song's title belongs to james renn knoll, the daughter of blake lively and ryan reynolds. congratulations to james and her proud parents on her first hit record. save your money. it's a fickle business. >> how can you top this? okay, chris, thanks very much. >> thank you, chris. this morning, we are counting down to thanksgiving which is so hard for me to believe is less than two weeks away. abc's becky worley is in san francisco with some tips on what you should do now to help your holiday be stress-free. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, amy. planning, it may make all the difference in life. certainly for the holidays, and the as you said thanksgiving is barreling towards us 13 days away. what you need to do to prep now. th
8:24 am
work. so plan now to avoid stress later. first up, decide what to make from scratch and what to buy premade. this is largely a matter of opinion. me, i buy all my rolls and all the desserts. i can't be bothered to bake. but the rest i cook and that leads to grocery shopping. star of the show, the turkey. order now, especially if you need it to be air chied or organic or whatever your thing is. whole foods and some other chains let you order online. if you're going frozen buy now, why wait. and remember the size formula. the usda says buy a turkey one pound per person but i say factor in leftovers and go up to 1.5 pounds. next the cornerstone of my thanksgiving prep. make your stuffing in advance. like this weekend. it's so labor intensive. i'm crying. making it then fre
8:25 am
my bucket every year. cranberry sauce, appetizers and some pies can be made ahead and frozen too. now, we're giving thanks for your newfound ability to delegate. use online organizing tools. at ask people to bring side dishes like pumpkin pie or green bean casserole. yum. my stuffing is made. mission accomplished. it's headed into the freezer and now i can move on to planning my black friday deal hunting. >> is there a turkey in the studio with you? >> be careful. wild turkey. >> no, but this is the weirdest prop i've ever brought in. >> all right, becky, thank you. you're always good take it for the team. coming up next, "daddy's home 2" star john lithgow here li live. [ applause ] we also have that live coming
8:26 am
your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung. the most beautiful tv you've never seen.
8:27 am
>> anchor: good morning washington. here is a check of your top stories incredible new video overnight sheriff's deputies used a drone to search for a suspect. the camera shows detail as it flies over a neighborhood near arrowhead drive. police are investigating a double stabbing in rockville. two taken to the hospital they are expected to survive. a thi
8:28 am
taken into custody after a brief barricade situation. [ inaudible ] for the cold today that means bundle up for your winter gear. temperatures to the low 40s today. wind chills in the lower 30s today. hard freeze warning issued through tomorrow morning. we have sunshine for tomorrow the high of 44. lovely on sunday. 50 for the high. air traffic watch we are observing veteran's day today. hov restrictions lifted on i-395. accident tieing up folks on faragutt street 5th street tied up.
8:29 am
easy breezy on 66. easy ride into the district on 14th street bridge. back in 30 minutes head over to in the channel 8. still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer, you'll enjoy this ice-cold deliciousness more than ever. hurry over to mcdonald's. ♪
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all across the board! here it comes... (crowd cheers) a big mac and 10 piece mcnuggets! they got em! get your fan favorites on the mcpick 2 menu. choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 ♪ welcome back to "gma." now we want you all to be on alert this half hour. our live social experiment could happen at any minute and we also are celebrating veterans day today which is why we have so many service members here. [ applause ] in the audience. >> this is a day that's close to my heart because my dad gene willie strahan sr. is a retired army major. everyone from dwayne "the rock" johnson to chris harrison, the backstreet boys and dolly parton were lacing up to
8:31 am
for our troops, veterans and their families, all so deserving. and you can check it out to donate and you can get your boot on, america. that's how we're going to do it. support our troops and thank you all for your service. thank you so much for your service. [ applause ] and it is great to have this audience here and great to have our guest here. fantastic guest. he has won emmys for playing an alien, serial killer in "winston churchill" playing will ferrell's father in "daddy's home 2." please welcome john lithgow. [ cheers and applause ] >> here we go. >> this is it. >> how are you nice to see you. thank you for coming. >> thank you. george, how are you? >> well, thank you. >> nice to be here. >> great to see you. >> michael. how are you? >> you came out here like oprah just giving away stuff.
8:32 am
is great to have you here. this movie, we've had mark was on, will was on. >> that's right. >> mel was on. >> yeah, and you saved the best for last. >> we saved the best for last. but "daddy's home 2," the biggest thing about the movie, everybody talks about the kissing scene between you and will. the back story to this. >> right there in the script. the first time i read it, i laughed then. i laughed when i did it and everybody is laughing now. it's -- you immediately see what this movie is as soon -- at least my character and will and me, you know, he did his seven years on "snl." i did my six years in "3rd rock." there's nothing we haven't done. we both of us gave up shame long ago. >> mark said he was egging you on to hold the kiss a little bit longer. >> that's right. he was teases on me, ragging on me, finally i chased him all over the airport. i had
8:33 am
he was mortified. >> so is your character at all close to you in real life? are you a nurturing loving -- i don't think you're kissing on the mouth like that. >> never kissed my sons on the mouth, no. >> but are you -- >> glad we got that on the record. >> you seem like you're a smoosh. >> i'm sloppy, sentimental. i'm a big pushover. i drive my wife crazy because she's always the bad cop. but, you know, i'm not nearly as excessive as don whitaker, but i'm more him than mel. >> let's see don whitaker in action. >> uncle thomas -- >> went. >> tiptoeing. >> into. >> the bar stable. >> where were you going with that. this all took place. at the pancake breakfast ♪ 56 bottles of beer on the
8:34 am
>> georgia license plate. >> quiet game. >> i can't do it! [ applause ] >> that was the product of about a half an hour long improvisation. i just sat in the back of the car and improvised ridiculous car games with mel rolling his eyes. no one rolls his eyes like mel gibson. >> you've been in so many great tv shows and movies. i mean we've seen you in so many incredible roles, but we hear you actually have a guilty pleasure that involves one of your old shows, care to share. >> oh, yes, i watch "3rd rock" reruns. >> me too. it's the greatest show. >> that's mine. [ applause ] i don't know. it's my little guilty pleasure. the amazing thing is it's been almost 20 years no
8:35 am
>> wow. >> and i have a forgotten them all. i always thought i remembered them all. turns out i remember about 15 of them and there were 138 so i watch them and it's like seeing them for the first time and they're hilarious. >> none of us can forget your winston churchill. congratulations. >> thank you, george. >> so good. so powerful. and now you're coming back to broadway too. tell us about that. >> that's right. i'm doing a solo show called "stories by heart" that i actually devised about nine years allege at lincoln center and i've been doing it all across the country. i've been to about 35 cities by now. it's a sort of auto biographical and biographical piece about my dad, the main character in is a big fat book that he used to read stories to me and my siblings when we were kids and i use the same book to read to him when he was old. >> a different kind of daddy stor
8:36 am
i hadn't even realized until this morning it's two daddy pieces in a row, "daddy's home 2" and "stores by heart." you got to come see it. i'm very proud of that. >> can't wait to sea that and can't wait too see "daddy's home 2" in theaters today. it is going to be fantastic. thank you for coming in right now. >> do you work here, man? can you get out of the way. i can't see the desk. i can't help you. 00. >> dude, i just came in from california. i need help to see the desk. >> i said i can't help -- >> okay, no worries, everyone. in case you haven't guessed that was our social experiment.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
we are back now with on "gma" with veterans day because it is tomorrow and the first ever theatrical documentary filmed and directed by an active duty soldier chaplain justin roberts is premiering today called "no greater love" following them in afghanistan and the problems they mace transitioning back to civilian life. won multiple awards. you can see "no greater love" in select cities nationwide right for majority of the area. - cold & blustery today - sunshine returns! - near record lows overnight. first freeze. - sunny & cold veterans day - 50s sunday through next week today: sunny. cold & blustery. highs: 41-44
8:40 am
mph tonight: clear and cold. near record lows. hard freeze. lows: 19-26 wi all right. lara, michael, time to head up to you. >> all right, ginger, thank you very much. you know it's been an unprecedented three months of disasters and throughout it all our partners at the red cross have mobilized 17,000 disaster workers and opened hundreds of shelters and partnered with them during our day of giving to raise $15 million for victims of hurricane harvey. now american red cross's regional ceo josh lockwood is here to talk about disaster that is can happen to anyone at any time. this stat terrified me. home fires claim more lives than all natural disasters combined. >> yeah, lara, thanks, seven americans die every day in home fires and 36 more are injured. we at the red cross are sounding the alarm about home fires so we can save lives. we're going into
8:41 am
communities with fire departments and local partners and we're installing free smoke alarms and at the same time we sit down with families and we develop fire escape plans. those two things alone can reduce the risk of death by 50%. >> that's what we are partnering on right now. >> yeah so we've gone into over 400,000 homes and we just hit this incredible milestone. we installed our 1 millionth free smoke alarm at the red cross. >> that's awesome. thank you. [ applause ] >> and i am here with lieutenant anthony mancuso, fdny and you have other brave firefighters with you and we'll talk about fire safety things. i think we have smoke detectors here. what do we need to know. >> the first thing is every family should have a working smoke and carbon mo knox identify alarm. this is a battery type. make sure you change them twice a year when you change the clock. you want to test them once a month. we'll test them right now.
8:42 am
know what is they sound like. that's what's going to wake you up, get you going before the fire gets bad. you want to change them. new technology, as of 2014, there's a ten-year sealed alarm. you could put this in, no battery to change, ten-year alarm, 65,000 of these were donated by the fdny foundation to the red cross and they had their volunteers put them in. everyone should have a working plan. have a meeting place. know where you're going. two ways out. no what type of building you live in. >> with your kids as in this sign and continue to reiterate that. don't wait until they start beeping and still too lazy to change them. we have space heaters here and you hear about so many fires started from space heaters. what's the safest way to use split when using one, number one you want to keep anything flammable at the very least three feet away from the space heater at all times. you always want to make sure you put the space heater on and w
8:43 am
once you go to sleep you want to turn that off. shouldn't be running all night while sleeping. when you plug it in make sure you plug it in directly to the wall outlet. don't use extension cords or power strips. >> for those cooks out there grease fires as well what is the best way to put out a grease fire. >> several ways to deal w keep in mind cooking fires are the number one reason we have fires in our home. to deal with it obviously you want to take the air away from the fire. fire does need air in order to sustain itself. baking soda will work well on that grease fire. you'll put it on, with an oven mitt you will direct that baking soda into that pan, creates a film and the fire is gone. of course, something as simple as covering it. that will take the air away. also --s if [ applause ] one thing we should realize, michael, quickly, one thing we should realize, the one thing you never put on a coo
8:44 am
that will extend it. make it that much worse. >> thank you guys so much. we appreciate all that information. and coming up next take a look at this again. this right here. that's our social experiment that happened just moments ago. you got to see what our audience
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back to "gma." earlier our audience and all of you witnessed air stage altercation between two actors in our studio but as you probably guess the by now there was more to that altercation than met the eye. we asked do you remember exactly what happened when it comes to solving a crime, eyewitness testimony is key, but just how reliable is it? we're about to find out. take a look. >> the faces that landed behind bars for a crime they didn't commit. some of the thousands who were wrongfully convicted of a crime based on
8:47 am
crimes are fast so witnesses have a limited opportunity to be able to see the perpetrator. >> roughly one-third of cases in which a person was wrongfully convicted of a crime and later cleared of all charges is due to what experts call mistaken eyewitness identifications. that's when a witness gets it wrong about who the perpetrator is and what happened. >> can you get out of the way? >> reporter: this morning we put the accuracy of the eyewitness to test in a live social experiment. our audience wintering a staged altercation on set. what do they remember and what actually happened? it's more than meets the eye. now the results revealed live. >> and we are joined now by security analyst evy poumpouras. evy, thanks for joining out. it was eye opening. we know the innocence project, 70% of convictions overturned by dna evidence were based on unreliable eyewitness testimony. why do they get it wrong so often.
8:48 am
event or you're having this stress response and adrenaline kicks in so when you're watching it you're hyper focused on what is happening, the action, not paying attention to the description of the clothing or description of the person's face which is why so many people get it wrong. >> so, audience, we want to see just how much you remember about the incident that took place a short while ago. grab your clickers and ask a series of three multiple choice questions about what happened so click in your best answer so the question we first asked was the perpetrator wearing glasses? click a, b or a. "a" is yes, "b" is no and "c," not sure. and the results, look at that. we've got "b," 91% which is true. no glasses so they got it right. >> we have reliable eyewitnesses. [ applause ] >> but if you notice we did have a couple of people who actually did click that yes the perpetrator was wearing glasse
8:49 am
trance posing. it's a source confusion where you're literally take the accessories and clothing from one person and transpose them onto the other person. sometimes it happens with victims. they'll actually confuse the clothing and description from a perpetrator on to a person who was actually come to help them afterwards. >> right, because sometimes it's not just ten minutes later it's a day later or a week later and memories get confused. our second question. what color was the perpetrator's hair? click in your answers, a, dark brown, b, light brown, c, black or d, dirty blond and we have the results in right now. so they're still growing but if looks like a, dark brown is going to win it and that is -- >> yeah, that is true. so what's interesting though, we had some people -- >> good job, audience. >> but some picked the last choice which was light blond. excuse me, dark blond went with that situation when people don't know what to pick they default
8:50 am
to their last choice, also hair -- >> really. >> we don't know what to pick it's always the last choice, d. air color is subjective so, for example, i have very light hair color. when i see somebody with brown hair i may interpret that as dark brown or black whereas you have darker hair so you might -- >> yes, i do. >> you might look at somebody's hair colorly differently. >> our third question, what was the age of the perpetrator? a, 29, b, 36, c, 42, or d, 51. so click in your answers. and is it looked like most people think he was a, 29. but i believe the real answer is -- >> we're actually not going to say the real answer yet because we want to share something else afterward. let's talk about age for a moment. when somebody is closer to us in age we are more accurate at describing that person's age. when we are farther apart from that person in age we are less accura
8:51 am
you could argue that some people -- i guess because i'm argue, 29, 36, all looks the same. i don't know. we also -- police lineups a key component and we have one of our own and bring them out right now. >> ah. okay, everybody, take a good look. and then we want to know if you can identify the person involved in the incident, click a, b, c, d or e for none of the above. >> ooh. all right. most people are going with e, none of the above. >> yeah, so that is correct. because the situation is -- [ applause ] >> you guys are good. >> yes, but we do have some people who picked other choices so this is what happens in these situations with police lineups. sometimes a person feels compelled that they feel lik
8:52 am
the lineup and because of that they end up choosing someone that sometimes is not even there. >> all right. so what's the big takeaway from this experiment. >> the big takeaway, if you are somewhere and you see something just be a good witness. remember what we just discussed today. try to remember what you're seeing and all those descriptions will really help law enforcement. >> don't feel compelled to give an answer if you don't know. >> yes, you can say i don't know and that's honest. sometimes the brain actually plugs in information for us and we say we're not sure if it's truth or if it's false so if you don't know just say i'm not sure. >> i wonder what difference it would have made. the audience did do quite well but the fact we also showed the incident again a little bit. and there was a fairly short period of time in it was, yes, so you have time to think about how long it takes police to get to an event, sometimes many -- in minutes, maybe it's an hour or couple of hours before they interview someone. >> so the audience, most of the audience believed the perpetrato
8:53 am
>> actual age was 42 of the perpetrator. >> how big of a difference does that make when police are looking for someone. >> it can be. they're looking at someone in their 40s versus someone in their late 20s. >> one of the other things we saw working, it seemed like some of the witnesses were interested in what was going up on the board. can you be influenced by other people? >> yes, you can be and also influenced by other people. when you interview people you want to isolate people anticipate don't want them listening to the answers of somebody else and the way police can ask a question you can influence someone's answer as well. >> really interesting. thank you so much, evy and turing technologies for providing us with our survey soft ware. cub scribe to abc podcast "murderer orchard street." watch the entire series on street. where is the
8:54 am
donow at havertys furniture. create your perfect home save one hundred dollars off every thousand through monday. plus, you can finance with no interest for 24 months choose from a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. i'm going to the movies with britney. [sfx: motorcycle roar.] hurry, sale ends monday at havertys. life looks good.
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see if you can find michael. [ applause ] >> anchor: this is a good morning
8:57 am
>> anchor: good morning. veteran's day is tomorrow but the federal observance is today. that mes closures and changes in effect. government offices in d.c. maryland and virginia are closed. as for transit metro bus operating on a saturday schedule. in a few minutes virginia dell great elect will lay out our mans in aness conference at 9:00 am. rome won a historic election monday night. bring on the deep chill here is vj with your forecast. want you to bundle up
8:58 am
your warmest winter gear. finally sunshine with temperatures hovering upper 30s to low 40s today. wind chills in the lower 30s throughout the day today. hard freeze tonight and a freeze warning through tomorrow morning. we have sunshine for tomorrow the high of 44. lovely on sunday 50 for the high. >> anchor: traffic watch we are observing veteran's day. i-395 hov restrictions have been lifted for you. easy drive times. this is the north side clear from i-95 over to i-370. nice easy ride for folks making the trip on 95. >> anchor: thank you you can get more news weather and traffic updates on news channel 8 have a great friday.
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, award-winning star of broadway and television, john lithgow. and from the hit comedy "white famous," jay pharoah. also, jenna dewan tatum joins ryan at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: welcom


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