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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  November 12, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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d. how big is she? make the call! don't miss these big savings. hurry in now. havertys. life looks good. >> not something you really think about. >> life-saving reminder. several people rushed to the hospital after being exposed to dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. how you can protect your family, plus -- >> there is not anger. there is not. it is all hope for a better tomorrow. week after tragedy in a cactus church, the community coming together. looking forward better days. 30,ow, abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> good evening. i am kellye lynn. callsire seeing more related to carbon
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homes. a that's happened twice in just days. and that has happened twice in just days. amy, an important message tonight. absolutely, and this is the area where crews were called are earlier today. i spoke with the man. he says everyone who was inside at the time is doing ok. it's it's quiet on sunday afternoon. that morning, a much different story. >> it was definitely shocking waking up like that. you know, with the firefighter in full gear, telling you you need to come to the door and check things out. amy: a shock for neighbors and next-door after d.c. fire and crews say high levels of carbon monoxide cents nine people to the hospital. >> they did a little bit further investigation and found out there was a faulty amy: heater in the residence.
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fairly often this time of year with the drop in temperatures. >> individuals are starting to change their hvac to heating systems. they might not have routine service work done on them, and there can be different variants, various problems that occur. the department stresses the importance of carbon monoxide detectors. >> would not be able to detect that without the monitor until it might be too late. >> prevention is the key to being able to mitigate this issue. they use is the tool when they arrive on scene to measure the seo levels -- the c. o. levels in an individual. >> it is shocking. amy: sunday marks the second time they have responded to high levels of the colorless, odorless gas since thursday. of thes just the timing year. individuals maintain their houses in different states. >> it was shocking. was not expecting it at all. amy:
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[honking] kellye: the actual cause is still being investigated. anchor: your first forecast tonight at 6:30, temperatures much better than they were yesterday. today, to upper 40's. we are at our high in downtown. quantico, 47 degrees. seeing some low 40's. winchester at 37 degrees. if you are out and about, it will be dried. the christmas tree lighting at national -- national harbor. there is lots of activity in the evening. firework show happening out there. 40 fall into the 30's later tonight. a few little sprinkles in our northwestern zone. overnight come
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, it will push through. light rain overnight into early tomorrow morning. i will mention in the high elevation of the mountains, not a big deal. a bit of damp pavement as you make it with you work. we will quickly dry out. will temperatures warm? kellye: thank you. tonight, a shooting investigation underway in falls church. a man was shot early this morning at the restaurant on columbia pike. atlano one has been arrested. william county, a deadly hit and run accident on i-66 involving three vehicles. one car flipped over. that driver has minor injuries. in the second are, the driver -- in the second car, the driver died. the third car left the scene. they arrested and charged the driver with dui and hit and run. fairfax county police say this man led them on a dangerous
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turnpike. edward butler junior is facing several charges. police say he drove on the wrong side of the road and even ran. no one was hurt. it has been one week since the gunmen killed 25 people and an unborn child at the church in texas. familyrs and hundreds of and friends as well as strangers attended sunday service. texas senator john cornyn spoke to reporters afterwards. pomeroy andt pastor his wife, having lost their 14-year-old daughter, and to hear his inspirational words, i was standing in front of the church, comforting others. and he lost his 14-year-old daughter. it is remarkable. urged: pastor pomeroy those gathered to choose life rather than darkness. a memorial will be built on the site.
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morning in manila. police with water cannons and batons, dispersed protesters on the final stop of president trump's trip. he will hold a formal meeting .ith rodrigo duterte human rights groups have condemned his crackdown on drugs. more republican senators are calling on roy moore to drop out of the senate race. he is accused of a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when he was 42. >> we will probably never know for sure exactly what happened, but from my point of view, you know, i have to say, i think the accusations have more credibility than the denial. kellye: a colleague of moore says it was then
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teenagers. he has vowed to stay in the race. he has lost his lead in what was already a tight race, giving doug jones a four-point lead heading into the december 12 election. the same poll had moore leading by six points prior. if he drops out, he will remain on the ballot. a recall other. a brand of chicken you may want to check your refrigerator for and why it is being pulled from store shelves. the national harbor tonight taking a live look as we get ready for the annual business relighting. we will bring it to you live at i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. weekends are my time. i need an insulin that fits my schedule. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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news at 6:30 on your side. tolye: it is called the meat march -- me too march, demonstrators are hoping to shine a light. >> we only pay attention when it is someone famous, and this time, for us to give a voice to the voiceless and be able to come up. and say "me too." kellye: organizers say the need to campaign has given a -- the me too campaign has given a voice to people. they say the meats could be contaminated with metal. the chicken breasts were packaged earlier this month, most with a sell by date of this coming thursday or friday. no injuries have been reported. abc seven news, taking a live look outside at the capital. how long will these temperatures stick around?
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your work week. coming up next.
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y2ktry y5yy kellye: despite the cold or, people came out to the mall. the festival promotes peace, equal rights, and social justice. now to the national harbor, tree lighting ceremony. you're taking a live look. this is an event abc 7 is a proud sponsor of. julie wright is lighting the tree at 6:55. then, there is a fireworks show. it is a great night to be taking in the festivities. brian: she has a little
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santa's helpers suit on. she mentioned fireworks, music, lots of activities. [laughter] brian: we will talk about that, coming up. start to change. it felt a little better today. looking at the map. 12 degrees warmer. kellye: that is significant. brian: 12 degrees where we should be for a high. we are stuck in the middle. take a look at the ups and downs. upperatures will be on the and up as we head towards thursday. a brief cooldown for friday. i will make it another 50-50 split. look at the numbers. by thursday, we are close to it. most of these days, remaining below where we should be for this time of year. at the national harbor, another vantage point. it is 47 degrees currently. much milder than where we were yesterday.
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, and that is where we are sitting at this moment. winchester, 45 degrees. we are watching for some cooler air trying to pull in. we anticipate some showers tonight, but the clouds should warm us up. a few spots may see the temperatures close to the and you seek, the pink the printed on the maps, some of the higher elevations towards cumberland and north of hagerstown, could see some freezing rain. maybe a few sweet pellets -- sleet pellets in spots. around here, spotty showers. some moderate rain showers. most of that is southern maryland, east. through the midmorning, the clouds start to thin out. i am anticipating a high near 50 degrees
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about a quarter of an inch downtown. about a quarter of an inch -- southern maryland, .42. just under .5 inches. tomorrow, a little damp in the morning. there could be a lingering shower in a few spots. throughout the day, we are seeing the drying out. temperatures making it near 50 degrees. should be a good day. you can download our app from the apple store or google placed or. it is good to have to check out your forecast. 52 degrees on wednesday. 53 degrees on thursday. we are looking for the warmest day this week. a little system passing. up andtures yo-yoing down. saturday looks pretty warm. beurday, showers will also moving in here. a much cooler sunday. do not get too used to any warm weather. kellye: we will not do that. thank you, brian.
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day for the redskins. anchor: missed opportunities, questionable play calls. result, another redskins loss. the struggles at home continue for those redskins. one of the few bright spots in the game. we will show you how it all went down at fedex field. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: we are halfway through the nfl regular season. the washington redskins took a step in the wrong direction today, suffering another loss at home. this time, at the hands of the minnesota vikings. we start off in the first quarter. joy cousins going deep fresh off the practice squad, makes the spectacular
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lead.ake a 7-0 vikings up 35 to 20. the interception. his second pick of the game gets knocked out at the three yard line. that will lead to a cousins touchdown run. skins down eight. less than five minutes remaining in the game. chris thompson stops behind the line. the redskins lose yet another home game. 4-5 on the season. >> after the loss, the redskins pointed to everything from overconfidence from the seattle to to miss mckinney -- miscommunication during the week. while minnesota offense looked like a juggernaut, the redskins defense made one of the worst performances of the season. >> we were not on. i do not know what it was.
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had a good week of practice. we got to high on our self. for whatever reason, i don't know why. passed the ball. we just were not ready to play. >> i feel like we missed a lot of opportunities today. you have got to make those plays . we are good enough to make them, we usually will. on thekins fall to 4-5 season. they travel to new portland and take on the saints. erin hawksworth, abc 7 sports. scott: thank you. patrick ewing making his coaching debut with georgetown today with the news who of basketball great. michael jordan way up in the rafters. former knicks had coats, jeff send on the, and scott brooks, all
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finishing strong with a slam. georgetown goes on to win 73- 57. a big congrats to the maryland field hockey team. the turks upsetting duke today 3-2 in overtime. it will be maryland's first trip to the final four since 2013. tough loss for the skins. got to bounce back in the superdome against the saints. kellye: how likely is that? scott: the saints are one of the hottest teams in the nfl. if you go into seattle and get a win, the redskins believe they can beat anybody on the road. back, wehen we come will bring you to the national harbor for this year's christmas tree lighting. don't miss it, coming up next.
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comcast is building america's largest gig-speed network to give small businesses more. call 1-800-501-6000 today. kellye: back now with that national harbor tree lighting. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of this event. this is a huge event for the d.c. area. so much going on. there is a fireworks show. let us try to listen in. >> i worry from time to time. all right. here we go. are we ready to count it down? all right. here we go. , 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, one! hold on, [cheeri
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[christmas music] [cheering] ♪ [christmas music]
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>> here come the fireworks! [cheering] ♪ [christmas music]
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>> absolutely beautiful, live at the national harbor for the annual tree lighting. if that does not put you in the spirit, i don't know what will. brian: tonight, some rain, but looks like you found a better way to do this, dad. organic, non-gmo feed. 100% veggie diet. if i can raise you two, i can raise anything. perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. the old man's still got it.
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