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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. >> breaking right now, a massive fire tearing through a nursing home. flames forcing residents into the cold. we're live at the scene near philadelphia. >> my initial reaction is i wanted to hit him. autria: an explosive charge against a senator. a woman speaking out, accusing al frank of sexual misconduct. why she's coming forward now and does she accept his apology? larry: a foot of snow. we'r
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through the west and heading our way. veronica: it's making julie cold already. don't worry, veronica is promising nothing like that any time soon. veronica: the ski resorts will open soon. all part of the system headed this way. a fast-moving storm that will bring us rain here. calm down. we can deal with that. but we love tracking these storms as they hit the west coast and for right now there will be more heavy rain in areas of california. more snow for wyoming and utah, they could see 8isms of snow. look at the rain for chicago. early saturday morning traveling the same system and chugging off to the east. by the time we get to saturday afternoon, rain will develop, most of it hitting overnight, early sunday morning. the high mountain snow. julie doesn't see this either. it's in the high elevations of west virginia and around
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what we'll see right now is saturday some showers coming our way and in a dry period. we'll talk more about what's next for us coming up in a few. julie? julie: on the roads right now, i'm looking at a crash northbound i-85 and will impact this drive from triangle headed towards dumfries. from dale city to quantity dough, only the left -- quantico only the left lane gets by. you may want to use route 1. alternate will save you headaches. red line single tracking between silver spring and forest glenn due to an animal on the tracks. expect delays on the red line. how much time will the alternate route on 1 save you? i'll let you know. ought tria? autria: autria? autria: a frightening scene in
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and have confirmed 20 people are injured it. take a look at those massive flames. firefighters say this grew to five alarms. it's unclear now how the fire started but we know many of the building's occupants were evacuated and forced to stand in the 40 degree weather until crews could assist them. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll bring you a live update later on in this hour. autria: happening now, a crime alert in fairfax county. four houses have been hit by burglars and the clever thieves have a way of getting inside. rhyne hughes with how to protect yourself. ryan: fairfax county police are telling people don't become an easy victim. these burglaries happening early in the morning while people are sleeping, waking up to noises in their home and finding a complete stranger side rummaging through their belongings, but you're giving them
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home. the crook was able to break into the car easily because the door was left inside and then they steal your garage door opener and walk right into your home. we'll tell you where this is all happening because there have been four burglaries like this in the matter of two days. police say yeah, they are connected. two of those homes were broken into in the fair oaks area. another two homes here in reston and police say they were all within walking distance of one another. in each case the homeowner woke up, heard the noises and heard a suspect rummaging through their home. when they approached him they ran out the door but he was able to get away with your money, wallet and purse. right now police don't have a very good description of the suspect but believe he's connected to each different burglary. some tips on what you can do to protect yourself. they say whenever you get out your door, make sure it's locked and also lock the door from your garage into your
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to keep that burglar out. live in reston, rhyne hughes. back inside to you. larry: 12 more smash and grabs reported in ashburn and brings the total to 19. police believe the thieves used slingshot and marshalls to shatter the windows. anyone with information should call police. an explosive new charge against a sitting senator. autria: democrat al franken accused of kissing a woman. and new from the white house. adrianna: tweeting late last night, the al frankenstein picture speaks a thousand words, where do his hands go in pictures, two, three, four, five and six while she sleeps. she's referring to the photo of al franken and the journal igs sleeping on the plane on a u.s. tour in 2006 and accused of democrat ofo
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he was elected. >> a feet of al doing this on my breast and looking at the camera and smirking and smiling hey, look at me. nothing like that is ever funny. is it funny if he does it to your sister or daughter or your ife? adrianna: franken apologized and said it was completely inappropriate. the president also tweeted franken lectured people about respect for women just last week. we'll keep you posted on new developments. larry: a new poll showing a drop in support for roy moore amid sexual abuse allegations. he's down eight points and doug jones less than a month from the special election. the fox news poll is the first since public -- since the public survey poll and since the four women leveled the first allegations against moore in a "washington post" story last week. since a number of other women have come forward accusing him of unwanted sexual advance.
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autria: happening now at 6:06, an emotional search for a cop killer. shawn suter was shot in the head. police say he was on a homicide investigation in west baltimore when he saw someone suspicious. suter tried to stop them and they opened fire. >> we are absolutely certain the community will step up again and stand with the baltimore police department to bring this heartless, ruthless, soulless killer to justice. autria: suter leaves behind a wife and five children. there's now a $169,000 reward for information and another note, the suiter family have not set up a go-fund-me page but there are fake ones popping up. baltimore police are trying to take advantage of this tragedy so you should be aware before you give. larry: the man who pled guilty of killing a yoga instructor on christmas will be sentenced. she was reported missing when she didn't show up for a holiday pay.
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duane johnson was driving mccauley's car on m street with her body in the trunk. johnson and mccauley were complete strangers. johnson faces 30 years in prison. autria: on capitol hill the pressure is on in the senate after the house approves a tax reform bill. the house version would reduce the number of tax brackets and eliminate some deductions and give the biggest break to businesses. nonpartisan analysts say that senate plan would increase taxes on those earning less than $75,000 a year. and new reaction from president trump, in the last five minutes here the president up early and tweeting, if democrats were not such obstructionists and understood the power of lower taxes we would be able to get many of their ideas into a bill. larry: new overnight, a sleepout on the streets of d.c. dozens of people spending the night outside to raise awareness and money for the city's homeless at the covenant house in northeast as part of the national event, sleepout america with thousands taking part to draw attention to the issue of
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autria: a new museum opens in hours near the national mall, the museum of the bible is privately funded by the family that owns hobby lobby and features six floors of the exhibit including the gutenberg gate, those are the let's used to print the gutenberg bible. 7 is on your side with the hot new gifts. larry: from the exercise enthusist to music lovers. the top tech items for the toughest person on your shopping list. veronica: it's dry and cold right now. look at this, i'm tracking a storm out west. what it means for your weekend. we've got rain and snow. will
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veronica: it's cold but luis, our traffic producer said it wasn't too bad but he has the big coat on and scarf. dress accordingly. julie: and a hot breakfast. veronica: a hot breakfast he's carrying und
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recess time for the kids, we'll hit a high today of 50, 51 degrees. it is going to be dry and clouds will start moving in. here's what i don't like, i don't like it's going to turn overcast by the time we get to early saturday morning because we have the leonid meteor showers coming up. we'll have more on the weekend impact coming up. still trouble on 95? julie: yes, unfortunately we do have delays, veronica. serious in nature. 42-minute ride between quantico and dale city. the wreck occurred in the left two lanes. stick to route 1. from fuller road to route 234, dumfries road. the three-mile stretch is 10 minutes and a better ride for route 1 and use it as an alternate to 95. that's our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes and we'll let you know if you're good to go or slow in germantown. autria? autria: a local teacher, we're hearing both sides of the story.
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says la -- tesla with a big reveal. the truck called the beast could change the rules of the road. kidd: would you let your kids plan thanksgiving dinner? find out when i asked a group of first graders to plan
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autria: a teacher in lake braddock countis
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pending allegations. he pulled off a student's hijab. >> it was wrong to go into her personal space. autria: the student said she was angry and embarrassed. the others are defending the teacher. she was wearing a hoody against school rules and when the teacher pulled the hoody down the hijab also came off. to nashville and this incident caught on video. you see a teacher encouraging students to rib a hijab off her head as she cries in her hands. those around her compliment her hair and the teacher was fired and the group apologized to the young girl and her family. larry: mandalay bay hotel has new security issues. two security guards patrol the elevators at all time. those entering must show their room keys.
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steven pad ok took ammunition and guns into his hotel room and killed several and injured over 500. the family of tina frost posting she's now underagain reconstructive surgery to repair bones in her forehead and eye socket. frost was shot in the head. doctors say they are cautiously optimistic. inspired video earlier showed frost beginning to walk again. julie: amazing. 6:17 for you. it's time to head to kidd's class. kidd: what do you think would happen if you let a group of first graders plan your thanksgiving? you might be surprised to find out the must-have holiday dishes they think every table needs as i found out during "kidd's class" at glenn forest elementary school in fall's hurch. kidd: can somebody ex-into --
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explain to me what thanksgiving dinner is? >> you eat turkey and lots of gravy and you gather together with family. >> and you eat some green food in thanksgiving i don't know what it is called. kidd: it's green? and is it good? >> it's green beans. kidd: where do you get a turkey? >> at the farm and then they go to the farm, they kill a turkey and they go to -- kidd: if you were in charge of setting up the table and everything, let's talk about everything that you need to have. >> some people celebrate thanks giving a lot they could have a cake. >> you should have scour skittles. >> what? >> i just eat it becau
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look very sour. they have different colors and you sour yourself in your mouth. kidd: that's an interesting one. >> pretzel. >> greasies. kidd: i have a feeling we have thanksgiving at your house there wouldn't be much turkey but candy? >> yes. >> if i were a mom i'd set up everything with candy. kidd: so much easier, too, if you just serve candy. >> eat it all. kidd: go to the store buy some candy and put it on the table. forget the turkey. now that i know where the turkey came from, i had no dea. autria: you missed your calling. seriously. kidd: a lot of fun. i think i'd like to have thanksgiving with them and all that candy. autria: sign me up. kidd: you like this. skittles, who knew?
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julie: my daughter, all she wanted was ham, ham, ham. we cannot have ham. autria: for christmas. julie: she didn't want to eat anything but ham. veronica: bundle up the kid this morning before you head out. and it will be quiet, all part of the weather headlines. big change taking place and the rain will move in. kidd is having fun with the gesturing on the cute little kid. for today, yes, dry. that does include your night but the rain for tomorrow. enjoy today. we'll start out in the 30's, our temperatures hit a high today of 50 degrees. lighter wind than yesterday. meanwhile, sun glasses. you'll need to have them on. later this evening it will still be mostly clear, between 6:00 and 7:30 at tyson's corner, a tree lighting. not bad at all this evening. bill kelly will be there for the tree lighting this year. be sure to join him. traveling on saturday, here's the rain coming in. that's the next cold front. it's showers for the early part
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for the often and so are the evening hours and by sunday the rain is east and left with the snow and some of the higher mountains and higher elevationss. also this weekend, the jennifer busch lawson 5-k. eileen whalen will highlight that in a couple minutes. julie? julie: we're looking at problems in virginia off northbound i-95. what's new? this new crash along tyson's boulevard in chain bridge road and this car is overturned on its side impacting the commute along 123 with fire and rescue units responding to the scene. happening now the crash on northbound i-95 before you reach dumfries after triangle and blocked the two right lanes and is a 45-minute commute from quantico to dale ste and use route 1, the three mile stretch between fuller road and 234 will cost you 10 minutes of travel time. that's our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes and update the ride in germantown. autria?
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we're now a week away from black friday and we're showing you this year's hottest holiday gadgets you don't want to miss. >> happening this weekend, celebrating the life of a mother in arlington of three. the foundation that is helping local infants and expectant mothers in arlington. don't miss it. we
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stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings.
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we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. sfa >> you're watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: in today's "tech
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discounts on electronics starting today. >> deals on amazon are the best prices they say. they expect to see the best holiday deals this year in stores and not online. he new tesla semi. >> elon musk drove the truck to its first showing and toes 80,000 pounds and is expected to cost $250,000, $100,000 for the battery alone. a new robot can cross fit better than any human. >> boston dynamics is showing its new robot atlas and can jump from elevated block to block and can do 180 degree spin. what's most impressive is the robot can do a back flip.
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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. autria: breaking overnight, a massive fire at a nursing home. seniors injured and hundreds chased in the cold. we're live on the scene gathering new
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speak. larry: tizz the season. we're on your side to show you the hottest tech gadgets out for the holidays. autria: in time for thanksgiving. check it out, a flaming hot cheeto breaded turkey. hearing some moans and groans from the studio. we'll talk about this mouth watering recipe coming up in a moment. good morning washington, i'm ought tria godfrey. larry: at your house this year? autria: maybe the regular cheeto but not the flaming one. larry: it's hotter. veronica has the details. veronica: my stomach is churning after that. i'm not a fan of the hot cheetos. cold this morning but the temperatures will come up to 40 degrees. now, out of the weekend, if you include today, today will be the nicest out of the bunch because we'll have sunshine for the afternoon hours. 50, 51 degrees, 1:00, 2:00 temperature and for tomorrow th
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dry for friday night football. we'll have your temperatures dipping down in the 30's and it will be chilly but again, dry and quiet. make sure you look up to see the showers, the meteor showers this evening. and showers of the natural kind for saturday. they'll come through mainly during the afternoon hours, 59 degrees to 49 on sunday. coming up, we'll talk about how hard it's going to rain at times on saturday. julie? julie: on the roads right now, you'll find we have accident activity northbound i-95 and we'll get to that in a second. 123 at tyson's boulevard. the car is overturned. 123 shut down now in each direction. sky track 7 is above this morning's second crash on i-95 and take you live from quantico headed towards triangle, another accident has occurred, two vehicles involved. traffic now gets by using the two right lanes. the original crash was up ahead. we'll move you back over to the maps for that. that has cleared as you make your way up towards
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that crash is gone. back over to the maps and you'll find you still have delays, about 65-minute commute northbound along i-95 and route 1 a better alternate at this time. that's the traffic watch. back in 10 minutes and show you how much time you save on route 1 when i return. adrianna? adrianna: an on-duty deputy hit pedestrians. three people were injured and two cars were caught up in the crash that happened last night in the boyle heights area. the deputies were headed to an emergency call of a gunshot victim when the crash happened. one child died there at the scene and another at the hospital. the two deputies in the s.u.v. have since been released from the hospital. the other drivers were not injured. larry: 6:33. law enforcement announcing a naturewide round up of 214 ms-13 gang members. i.c.e. said 38 arrests were made in maryland and virginia. some of the suspects
6:34 am
we spoke with a man who spent years going after gangs in prince george's county and he says ms-13 members are in all 50 states. >> i.c.e. does a great job in trying to mandate and get these guys out of here. the one thing about ms-13 and we learned early, they come back. larry: tony said many people don't realize how organized fs-13 is. he said members of the fwange's east coast branch get their orders from el salvador and are more violent now than in past years. larry: an amazing event to celebrate the life of a arlington mother of three. jennifer busch lawson was hit and killed by a passing truck when she was putting her kids in a minivan outside their school. her widower three years later is turning the tragedy to something positive, creating a foundation in jennifer's name to help new moms. eileen whalen is live with more in arlington. eileen: yes, ou
6:35 am
we're here with neil lawson at the race of columbus where the race will start and end. for those who don't know, tell us what jennifer was like and a little more about the foundation. neil: like many women with children she was a dedicated mother and had complicated pregnancies and did everything to take care of herself and the children. she needed care and we had benefits and access to that care and after three challenging pregnancies with all children in the neonatal intensive care unit we were aware of what medical attention was available to us but not necessarily to others and became important to jen and to me as we realized not everyone has that and that was important. as a couple we started to do some small things but after we lost jen in a tragic accident, almost four years ago, it was clear i needed to take her vision and turn it into reality so the foundation, the jennifer
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money for those who are pregnant post natal care and give them transportation, access to care, care coordinators and really try to bring that same health care that we had to people who don't have it as well. this year the race tomorrow morning is happening at 9:00. the kids fun run is at 10:15 and the family fun day goes until 1:00. we have bands and bjerregaarden and lots of moon bounces and fun things. childcare if you want someone to watch your kid while running. it's just an exciting time. this year we're proud to announce we actually cross the half million dollar raise since starting the foundation. and with that this year we launched a new telemedicine program with the virginia hospital center at the women's clinic and are taking care of women who can't leave work as they go through their pregnancies and helping bring access to them. eileen: you're doing amazing work and i know the race has been healing for you and your
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kids and if you have been touched by this and want to come out and support this foundation, please do. it's happening at the knights of columbus in arlington. from all of us in arllngton, eileen whalen, back to you. larry: 6:37. 7 on your side with a consumer alert as holiday shopping kicks in high gear. autria: we've been there and can't seem to get the family member or friend something that has everything. we have narrowed down a few items. larry: marci gonzalez has a look at the top tech gives of the season. marcie: the latest in technology could be the greatest gifts under the tree this year. new, innovative gadgets on the market in time for the holidays. >> they solve problems you didn't think existed or you didn't know you needed one until you got one. marcie: for the exercise enthusist, fit bit going far beyond counting steps with the new smart watch, ionic.
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pay. marci: this is with after shocks one outside the ears. and there are new models of the echo with the digital monitor to another version that takes photos and videos. alexa, show us the echo look. alexa: the new echo look. the built in camera and lighting blurs the background to make sure your item pops. marc isks: the duo computer looks like a 27-inch mirror. but it is a touch screen with artificial intelligence. >> how do i tie a bow tie? marci: the time to start crossing some of these high demand tech gifts off your shopping list is now. >> the temptation is there to wait until black friday to do your shopping because things will be cheaper and you'll get great deals which is awesome but a lot of these sell out quickly.
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after 6:50 today we'll see sunshine. now, tomorrow your rain chances all through the day, 30% to 40% chance. look how high we go after 6:00. 60% to 80% chance of rain. most of it is going to come after 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. so maybe up across northern maryland some showers but we could get anywhere from a 1/4 to a 1/3 inch of rain, fairly heavy after 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. we'll talk more about the cold and wind that follows sunday. julie? julie: new troubles to report on northbound i-95 after triangle. the third incident of this morning's commute blocking the center of the road overall from quantico to dale city, almost an hour commute. sky track 7 over the second crash we have to deal with. this one northbound after quantico with only the two right lanes getting by. with the hour drive headed northbound, your better bet is to stick with route 1 and we'll move you to the map to show you what the
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from aeyea to dumfries and a 20-minute commute to travel 10 miles. that's your traffic watch. back in 10 minutes with another look at the commute out of fredericksburg. larry: we're following breaking news near philadelphia. suzanne? suzanne jury larry, this is a five-alert fire that sent dozens of senior citizens to the hospital.
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t...two for five deals all across the board! here it comes... (crowd cheers) a big mac and 10 piece mcnuggets! they got em! get your fan favorites on the mcpick 2 menu. choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. larry: 14 minutes to the top of the hour. huge flames tearing through a nursing home in philadelphia, leaving at least 20 injured, dozens of people, many in wheelchairs, desperately trying to escape and they were all out in the cold for quite a while trying to wait for assistance to arrive. let's get to suzanne kennedy live in westchester, pennsylvania, with an update. suzanne? suzanne: good morning, larry, we're being kept a little bit of a distance away but the scene is here in this residential area. you see the fire trucks remain on the scene here right now. we want to take you to
6:47 am
this was a five-alarm fire here at the barkley friends senior living community in westchester, pennsylvania, about 35 miles west of philadelphia. there were about 100 people evacuated from this location at around 10:45 last night. authorities saying the fire was under control by 1:00 this morning but by then clearly the damage had been done. several people, several dozen people were taken to the hospital, treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. fortunately there were no fatalities at this situation. others were being sheltered in local hospitals. the american red cross is here on the scene. as for the cause, authorities are still trying to figure that out though witnesses here at the property say they heard a loud boom around 11:00 last night when this fire happened. back now live, we want to show you a block from where this fire took place. there are lots of things on the side of the street here. they have wheelchairs and walkers and oxygen tanks and blankets and people
6:48 am
leave this facility in the middle of the night in their night clothes and a lot of them were wrapped in blankets and sent into 40-degree temperatures. the good news here is they were able to evacuate all the senior citizens. no fatalities but some people are being treated in a local hospital this morning. reporting live in westchester, pennsylvania, suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." autria: happening now, an emotional search for a cop killer in baltimore. police officer sean suiter. he tried to stop someone suspicious and they opened fire hitting him in the head. he leaves behind a wife and five children. baltimore police are warning about fake go-fund-me pages popping up for the suiter family. larry: 7 is on your side with a crime alert in fairfax county. police warning you to lock your car doors at night after thieves used garage door openers in a string of burglaries. detectives are looking at four break-ins in the past couple days in the reston
6:49 am
opener was stolen from the victim's unlocked car. they're on the lookout for one man spotted inside three of those homes. autria: also new, an expanding crime alert in loudon county, 12 more smash and grabs reported in ashburn and brings the total number to 19 now. police leave the thieves used a slingshot and marbles to shatter the windows. anyone with information should call the police. larry: explosive new allegations now against a sitting senator. autria: a democrat, al franken accused of forcibly kissing a woman and now overnight new reaction from the white house. let's get to adrianna hopkins. adrianna: president trump tweeting late and wrote the al frankenstein picture speaks a thousand words. where do his hands go in pictures two, three, four, five and six while he sleeps? he's referring to this photo of franken and a woman as she slept on a plane during a u.s.o. tour. e
6:50 am
forcibly kissing her on the same trip before he was elected. franken apologized writing, the photo is completely inropet and calling for an ethics investigation into himself. i-team. on your side d.c. weed. marijuana pop-up stores in the district. marijuana use is legal but gray areas in the law are leading to more pop-ups. a this shop you'll find vendors selling baked goods and gifting people weed. >> how much for the bacon jerky? what's the donation? >> 10. it's only 50 milligrams a bag and won't get you the most high but does reasonably good. larry: the 7 on your side i-team takes you inside a marijuana grow house. how much are people investing in high-tech gear to grow their own? find out later today on abc 7 news at 5:00. autria: sometimes when you smoke weed you get munchies and reach for the theseos.
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thanksgiving? a flaming hot cheetos turkey could be the answer. cheetos on a turkey. reynolds kitchen posted the recipe for this crazy concoction online and everybody is talking about it. seven easy steps. first, you crush up the flaming hot cheetos and then brush oil or butter on the turkey and coat it with the mix. then you put the durky -- turkey in a special oven bag, reynolds makes those, by the way, and then voila. you could try it with cool anch doer itos or funyons. kidd: i posted it and said no one, nobody would try it. and they've been tagging their friend, we need to do this, my kids would love this. no, don't ruin a nice turkey with that. julie: i would try it with regular cheetos, not the flaming hot. larry: whether you want a cheeto turkey, regular or hot or a regular turkey this thanksgiving, "good morning washington" has you c
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turkey bucks, a $100 safeway gift card. caller seven wins, 703-528-7334. good luck. food on your table. autria: that will buy lots of bags of cheetos. just saying. all right. veronica: nice day to get out today and then things will change for your saturday. if you have something you need to do outdoors, now is the time to do it today. take a look, at least we don't have this. that's the big snow happening out west. for anyone traveling into town, big travel weekend, they could hit the storm and things slow them down. that's oregon. they have a couple feet of snow in fact, wyoming, areas of utah due to get about 8-10 inches of snowfall out of this storm. it is one that will be bringing us rain. it's kind of pretty to look at, right? right around the corner of course is christmas. here we go. this is the storm that will bring heavy rain to parts of the ohio valley and chicago, st. louis all seeing the heavy rain. that would be early saturday morning. by
6:53 am
right on our doorstep but look, there's the front and as it comes into the area, we're going to see the rain intensity start to pick up here for the afternoon and evening hours and then snow perhaps in west virginia and pennsylvania. that's of course right around the corner when the ski resorts start opening just after thanksgiving. here we go today, 42 degrees at 9:00, 46 by 11:00 a.m. today. nice, quiet and a little cooler than average. again, yesterday we got up to 58. overnight we drop down to 34, 40 degrees. don't forget about the meteor shower. look up, you might get a chance to see a few of those. as far as saturday plans, mild with clouds moving in and a temperature of 57 degrees by 8:00. fairly warm late on saturday. ironically enough, we're talking ice skating here with some of the mildest temperatures we've had in a while. close to 50 degrees on sunday. wind chill readings will be in the 30's across the area, julie but look next week,
6:54 am
thanksgiving week, every day it's looking dry, including your turkey day on thursday. julie: on the roads this morning, what's happening right now? well, we've got problems on northbound i-9 5. this will be the third incident of this morning's travel coming north. this is the stalled vehicle after triangle tying up the center of the roadway and a 50-minute commute from quantico pushing north to dale city. we have the crash after quantico that blocks the left lane. it's a big mess this morning northbound on i-95. grab the cup of joe to go but i can work you around it, 95 from aquia to dumfries and this stretch will cost you 20 minutes of travel time and cuts the commute in half as you travel northbound out of stafford. stick with route 1 and use that coming north from 610. other problems, 234 near pinnacle ridge drive, accident activity blocking the right lane. that's your traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update the commute on 95 in virginia. kidd? kidd: jingle ball is coming and you want to be at that show.
6:55 am
tickets are almost sold out but all this week we've been hooking you up with free tickets so take advantage of that. caller seven, call us. you are going to the hottest concert in town with hot 99.5 and jingle ball. again, if you haven't bought your tickets, win them but also make sure you get them before they're gone. i can't wait to see kesha. want to see what happens minutes before someone misses out on $1 million on "wheel of fortune"?" take a look. >> fried zucchini. >> no, that's not correct. we don't have to check the time because you are amazingly close. wow. we don't want to see the illion but we did. kidd: not only are we questioning or upset he didn't win, but what is pat sajak wearing?
6:56 am
you were saying everyone on social media was what? autria: who eats baked zucchini over fried zucchini. and they're like give the old man a million dollars. kidd: that's not how the game works but when they pull the envelope out, we're like is that the million dollar one? autria: people are posting what's the difference between fried zucchini and baked zucchini? a million bucks. kidd: i chop zucchini up all the time and put it in the oven. autria: weirdo. fry it. kidd: time for 60 minute express. a explosive charge against a sitting democrat. >> al franken accused of forcibly kissing a woman. >> he mashed my lips against my face and stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast. >> roy moore facing the media after several women accused him of sexual m
6:57 am
high school girls. >> fake lying news from the wamp. >> frightening scene in westchester, pennsylvania, huge flames ripping through a nursing home that leaves 20 people injured. firefighters say this grew to five alarms. >> crimes are happening around this time in the morning. that burglar was able to get inside your unlocked car and grab your garage door opener and easily walk inside your home. >> what do you think would happen if you let a group of first graders plan your thanksgiving? >> have sour skittles. i just eat it because they look very sour. you sour yourself in your mouth. kidd: skittles. i hope skittles sees that and sends her some sour skittles. she really likes them. larry: hope your week gets off to a great
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news, five-alarm fire. massive flames explode outside philadelphia. >> pd is now advising the entire building is on fire in the rear. >> smoke floods the sky. emergency responders on the scene racing to evacuate residents. senator al franken facing huge backlash for this photo and accused of forcing leeann tweeden to kiss him on a uso tour. now the senator apologizing and president trump weighs in overnight. leeann tweeden is here live only on "gma." the murderer who escaped from a psychiatric hospital is now speaking out from behind


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