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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> will begin with a breaking news alert. autria: 6:00 straight up and early-morning panic. hurt, one nearly plunging into the potomac. larry: a fireball tearing into the night sky. autria:
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comes. big thanksgiving travel crush. not too terrible out there on this terrible turkey tuesday. it is about to get messy as millions at the road. coverage ofete team what to expect as you get away for the holiday. we start with julie wright in the traffic center. julie: here we go. the holiday getaway officially underway trying to get folks out the door. aaa reporting that 95 in fredericksburg ranks sixth for the worst traffic congestion in the u.s., and the whole united states. that is why we encourage you to leave early, get through this mess before traffic and the congestion all come together. people are trying to get out of town to avoid those delays. if you don't leave early, you definitely will be stuck in the traffic jams. friday and
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sunday of the best time to leave is before 9:00 a.m. coming home. what is happening now on the roads, 295 at the 11th street bridge, follow police direction in order to get by. let's get to the weather. are we going to have dry pavement today? veronica: we will have dry pavement, but for the overnight, there will be a little bit of rain. a little cold in some areas. 40 in arlington. a little bit of a spread out there this morning. later today, 60-degree warmtg expectedh -- warmth expected. the mildest day for the rest of the month, guys. we will have clearing conditions tomorrow. breezy too. it will be a big difference for thanksgiving day. we drop all the way down to 45 degrees. much colder here locally. with more on your travel forecast
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nation, let's go to eileen whelan, who is out at reagan national with storm trak 7. it is looking very busy. the first planes just taking off . it is expected to be a very busy day here at reagan national and across airports across the country. i do want to get you to your travel forecast. for those of you leaving reagan national, no weather worries. we have clear skies, temperatures right around 40 degrees. a little colder elsewhere across the area. as we take a look at the area airports elsewhere across the region, nice and quiet. we are really looking out. 36, boston. 54, dulles. 72, miami. across much of the country, today and tomorrow, looking very quiet. if you are headed up to boston like myself tomorrow, 51. 51 in oklahoma. the only areas that will be
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northwest. i'm eileen whelan. autria: if you are looking to get a head start on the thanksgiving drive, you might want to leave right now. this evening will be the worst possible time to travel this week. that is when thanksgiving travelers will makes with regular -- mix with regular commuters. the other heaviest travel days this thanksgiving holiday are wednesday, sunday, and saturday. all major airports will be surrounded with heavy congestion. larry: we will send out urgent traffic alerts. make sure you don't miss them by sending up for our text alert service. an early-morning rescue on the gw parkway. autria: two hikers hurt, one plunging over the side of a scenic overlook. john gonzalez is live. john: that's right, early this morning, these hikers wear out, i'm calling it a close calon
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the second scenic overlook heading west of the gw parkway. a beautiful area, but it can be dangerous. just be on the rocks, you have a lot of rocks and then brush and then down below, the potomac river. this was the scene early this morning. this is where crews had this medical emergency, two people were hiking, called in that they fell and became trapped and needed to be rescued. it was a joint effort from air ,nd ground, from fairfax, mpd and park police all working together and it took a while to find these hikers. they were located about an hour after they called in. at last check, 43 degrees in the city, both hikers did suffer injuries, but are expected to be ok. a close call here along the george washington parkway. reporting live, john gonzalez. finallyfirefighters able t
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this huge fireball north of detroit. deputies say a gas line ruptured and shot flames into the air for hours. the inferno could be seen for 30 miles. new developments after that nursing home fire in pennsylvania. gleason westchester say right now four elderly residents are missing following the blaze at the senior assisted living center and they are sadly presumed dead. say they did everything humanly possible to rescue the people inside. a fairfax county school bus driver and a school aide are charged with assaulting an 11-year-old student with autism multiple times. the student was pushed and shoved on a bus by 62-year-old james w. iii and edmund bailey. attacks weree unprovoked. autria:
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developing right now, a springfield man and former uber driver arrested accused of sexually assaulting a woman at american university. the man attacked her after she mistook them for an uber driver and flanked him down near dupont and he drove her to campus. company -- man has not driven for the company since 2015. two high-profile journalists facing accusations of sexual harassment. adrianna: let's start with tv host charlie rose, suspended from cbs and pbs after eight post"told "the washington about unwanted sexual advances by rose. he apologized for inappropriate behavior and said he was embarrassed. "i always to say that thought it was pursuing shared feelings even though i realize that i was mistaken." prominent "new york times" reporter glenn thrush was also
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his accusers say they happened at the continental bar in rosslyn. he apologized in a statement for any inappropriate behavior. autria: a second woman is accusing minnesota senator al franken of inappropriately touching her. the woman said this happened after he was elected. she said the incident happened at the minnesota state fair back in 2010. larry: the trump administration plans to announce new sanctions against north korea today. the move comes after president trump placed north korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. iran, sudan, and syria are the only other nations on that list. the goal is to leave north korea internationally isolated. turkeystwo very lucky are headed to the white house, wishbone and drumstick waking up at the willard hotel this morning, but they will get the traditional pardon from president trump at the white house
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after that, they would live out the rest of their days at virginia tech. larry: a new word ahead of one of the holiday's biggest celebrations. what new york police are saying about the macy's thanksgiving day parade less than a month after a deadly terror attack. the turkey giveaway that will feed thousands in the district.
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we are clear and calm on this tuesday where some kids, some teachers only have a half day of school today. kind of exciting. it almost feels like it thursday around here. the temperatures this morning and little on the lower side. mid-to-upper 30's. as we get into the 8:00 were 9:00 hour, we will hit 42-43 degrees. today will be one of those days where we will warm rapidly. we have a clear sky and high pressure to the east. then we will be tracking this system, a
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bring a little rain to the area overnight. look at our temperature, 55-60 between noon and 4:00. not going tonight amount to much. julie: right now, we are taking a look at what is happening on the top side of the beltway, the inner loop headed into greenbelt where we have an incident over on the shoulder. the inner loop the beltway with the flashing lights before the bw parkway. this is going to tie you up. 95 ranks in the top 10 for the worst traffic congestion in fredericksburg across the united states. here we are with the wreck blocking the left side of the highway. .lready a 19-minute ride i will show you how to work
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t...two for five deals all across the board! here it comes... (crowd cheers) a big mac and 10 piece mcnuggets! they got em! get your fan favorites on the mcpick 2 menu. choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: five new lawsuits have been filed over the las vegas shooting massacre. the suits were filed against mgm grand resorts, concert organizers, and the estates
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the lawsuits, but attorneys say $1 billion would not be too much. the bigger win would be to make large public events safer in the future. autria: city leaders in new york say to millions of people planning to attend the macy's thanksgiving day parade could not be safer. it has been less than a month since a man drove a pickup truck into people on a bike path in manhattan, killing eight. there have been similar attacks in barcelona, berlin, and nice, france. police are not taking any chances here. >> you would expect to see numerous sand trucks, blocker vehicles protecting entire venues. you will see heavy weapon teams deployed at both the balloons and during the parade. they will be all over the parade route. we will have observation teams located at various locations along the route also. along that all route, some 3 million people are expected to show up for the parade
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100,000 attending the balloon inflation tomorrow night. >> i was smoking it. >> there we go. i appreciate the honesty. larry: new video of green bay packers rookie running back aaron jones' arrest during a traffic stop last month. he was stopped for speeding, but then police smelled marijuana. he admitted to smoking it earlier that morning and was arrested after failing a field sobriety test and was driving on a suspended license. autria: a pilot telling us about the landing of his life, a father with his two children on board all walking away unscathed after a terrifying midair emergency last week. chris curry was forced to land his small airplane on a highway ramp in annapolis. >> i'm looking at my oldest son. he's definitely frightened. the engine starts shaking violently.
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this down. autria: a highway seems right. he is an active-duty united states marine fighter pilot. he said the landing was gentle and his boys stayed calm, they didn't even cry. larry: picking up or dropping off family friends at bwi this week. expect changes when you get there. shuttles, taxis, and rideshare cars will have different pickup locations. free parking is being extended to one hour. we are posting the specifics online and on our news app. autria: we are getting your black friday started early. an easy $100 to help you get your shopping done and we are doing it for you waking up with us on "good morning washington." caller numberr, seven taking a $100. it is a thanksgiving tradition in our area, one church in high gear to help people in need. larry: kidd o'shea is live where people are already
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getting ready. kidd: that's right, good morning, guys. take a look at this tremendous site days before thanksgiving. all of these bags filled with food for less fortunate families in our community. this is reverend nuttle from new bethel who teamed up with new shiloh church. >> absolutely. during a time like this, we that are 115hes years old and 154 years old, why not bring our efforts together and help double the number of families and bless the community? kidd: a big congregation as well as both places that have put food together and now 200 families in the area are going to have a great thanksgiving. >> we are looking forward to it. thanksgiving is for family, community, fellowship. we are joining that effort with shiloh and bringing our strengths together. kidd:
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we still have work that needs to be done. with food,e filled but coming up after 6:30, we will show you what else is going in these bags and when the turkey larry: will arrive. awesome. autria: great event. larry: what do we got in the weather? veronica: in the weather? i like that it is so quiet. autria: you got your shopping done yesterday. veronica: i did. a lady caught me shopping yesterday she said, "wait a minute, that is the dress you were wearing on tv! it's you!" she says hello to all of us. just make sure you tell your friends to watch us. autria: good morning to you. veronica: exactly. a low chance of rain coming our early wednesday morning. then it is going to be fairly quiet. there is going to be a little bit of rain and maybe a little bit of snow in parts of our area. for us
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sunshine first. temperatures low. 60 degrees during the afternoon. still on the cooler side where you will need a jacket, but it is probably going to be the warmest day for the rest of the month. i'm tracking temperatures coming our way for tomorrow and the winds. windchill temperatures will feel like 50, joint base andrews. big change across the area tomorrow. make sure you have the coat for tomorrow. thanksgiving day, it is a bundle up kind of day. on thursday evening, around 40 degrees, could be a little breezy. a lot of folks at the redskins tailgate as we take on new york, 41 degrees. once the sun sets, we are into the 30's. we will talk more about the black friday forecast showing up. 56 and dry on saturday. we go down for sunday. julie: on the roads right
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nice and clear at the wilson bridge. 95 in virginia is where we have a tough go. the crash has traffic squeezing by to the right. in 19-minute ride on northbound 95. you can stick with route one through stafford. this is what we are waking up to. the crash blocking the left lane. topside outer loop, good to go right now. i don't think a lot is going to change within the next hour here, but 270 is trouble in urbana right now. a crash reported near route 80. we will take a look at the commute on 66 in manassas coming up. autria: going social to help ease the holiday rush. to getlines are helping you through a busy travel weekend. here's a look at what we are working on for tonight. good morning, everyone. coming up at 5:00, are your types ready for the cold? you may
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year, but have you been doing it right? >> as you can see, the copper burst. you what holmes shows you might have missed and what could happen if you are not so lucky.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. autria: airport workers expect to screen more than 20 million airline passengers this thanksgiving week. airlines are preparing for the busy week, include thing -- including their social media help. >> heading home? lines or longer. airlines expect 3% more flyers this holiday week. if there is trouble, expect a tweet and the airlines are listening. in dallas, southwest calls this it's listening center. where you hear the sound of fingers tapping keyboards. >> we fly with y'all all the time and today has been the worst day at. >>
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children trying to get to cancun . airlines were first worried when social media burst onto the scene, but now see this as a way to solve problems. >> think that you may not think were a big issue can become a monster issue if you are not responding in an expedient manner. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., we will give you tips on how to talk to your airline on social media. abc news, dallas.
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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. autria: breaking overnight, huge flames at a major pipeline. new information coming into the live desk of this overnight inferno. good morning, washington. i'm autria godfrey. larry: i'm larry smith. we are on your side getting you out the door. our team spread out all across the dmv. let's kick things off with veronica johnson. veronica: i'm smiling this morning because i like to deliver some good news and the good news is it is going to be quiet for traveling today based on the weather.
6:32 am
is not going to be cold because it is pretty low out there. upper marlboro, 33. 35, annapolis. was in a 10-degree temperature spread across the area. today gets five stars in my they start rating. -- day star rating. our weather here is looking pretty nice for the holiday. a.m. rees at 9:00 52 by 11:00 a.m. some breezy sunshine with temperatures again just above average for today. julie tracking a little bit of rain. i will show you which neighborhood could get the rain for the overnight period. eileen has your national travel. now,: on the roads right we do have accident activity that has been reported on 270 in urbana near 80.
6:33 am
skytrak 7 over in greenbelt. an incident near the washington -- bw parkway. whatever it was has cleared and traffic is running smoothly now. we want to update the right in virginia. northbound i-95, the crash is still there. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes, we will let you know how the ride is shaping up in manassas. autria: an explosion in michigan, a fireball burning your detroit. let's get right to adrianna hopkins. adrianna: this massive fire started just outside of detroit with a ruptured gas line and it quickly erupted into that fireball that could be seen as far as 25 miles away. flames stretched hundreds of feet into the air. roads in the area were shut down. nearby grocery stores were evacuated and the 911 lines were down for a short time.
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autria: a child with autism assaulted on a school bus twice. larry: police say it was at the hands of trusted school workers in fairfax county. wheree kennedy is live the investigation is happening at this hour. suzanne: good morning to you. we are here in northern virginia at a school bus depot. when we put our children on these, we assume they are safe, but that has proven not to be the case in fairfax county. two men facing criminal charges in connection with two attacks involving an 11-year-old boy with autism. these are the two men facing charges. iii andold james duffy 35-year-old edmund bailey. authorities say the first incident took place october 11. the second took place days later. police only described the incidents as pushing and shoving. a school district employe
6:35 am
the second incident. a review of surveillance video on board the bus uncovered the first incident. bailey has resigned. james duffy iii is on administrative leave. a spokesperson has released this statement saying, "we commend the employee who intervened on behalf of the student that prompted the investigation and subsequent arrest. these actions of those charged do not reflect the expectations of the school district." we went by the bus driver's home last night to get his side of the story and he declined to comment. suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." larry: a portrait of confederate general robert e. lee is gone from alexandria's city hall, museum in september after being taken down during repairs in city hall over the summer. a month before it was taken down, his statue was
6:36 am
rally that turned deadly in charlottesville. >> a picture of robert e. lee is unacceptable and it has been unacceptable for a long time. larry: the alexandria mayor says lee is a historical figure and the city felt it was appropriate to move the portrait to a museum. autria: aldi is hiring at three locations across the area. they are looking to hire for various positions. one of then namedi best large corporations to work for for three years in a row now. you can show up the twin 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to the stores. larry: it is now just two or three days away from the stampede to the malls and the big-box stores for black friday sales. is it really worth camping out to be among the first to get a crack at the hottest sales?
6:37 am
answer. we have all either been in one of these black friday lines or we have seen them on tv. >> i kind of go to black friday shopping to watch people shop. >> thousands of consumers have to catch the sale of the year as soon as the doors fly open. accenture, more than 60% of consumers say they will shop for black friday or pre-black friday sales this year. is it all worth it? consumeracy group checkbook says the stores figure -- >> we can sell this computer for $200 instead of $500, we will lose money off that sale, but the free publicity we will generate from everyone covering this as a news event is going to make it worth it. >> most of the brands selling superlow doorbuster prices you have never heard of. even those fly off the shels
6:38 am
inis a strategy to get you the store and spend more money on items that are not on sale. >> just a waste of time. >> regardless, there seems to be something we like about the quest to get the deal of a lifetime. >> the pressure shopping and standing in the line and getting their first, i'm not going to lie, i kind of enjoy that. [laughter] >> to each his own. what about cyber monday? experts say it is not any different. there are some legitimate savings. but you have to get to the front of the line before the deals are gone. there are even some items like toys that you can get even cheaper the closer you get to christmas. the best thing to do always is to shop around. larry: be patient. wait a couple weeks. >> yes. autria: but on black, you do have to be one of the ones
6:39 am
autria: i should be out there now. larry: there probably are people. i would not be surprised. you really do have to get to the front of the line, you have to be in the front of the line to get those deals. then, you were going to see sale prices on other items, but they are not really sales. autria: they are not? >> if you just look throughout the year, they are regular prices. autria: thank you, horace. the shopping machine, horace holmes. it might be the most epic photobomb of all time. [laughter] autria: get out of the way, bus! one photographer's reaction after he misses history just feet away from him. you headed to the airport today? coming up after the break, i'm going to let you know what part of the country is expecting wet weather and that could cause some delays.
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if you are headed to the airport early this morning,
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clear skies at reagan national. have really quiet weather expected across much of the country today and tomorrow. to the pacificed northwest, you may be dealing with some what weather. little bit of what weather over southern maryland early tomorrow morning. as you are heading home on sunday, a very similar picture. the only thing, much colder. app will travel with you no matter where things are taking you. how are things on the roads, julie? -- busy little bit of on 95. according to aaa, this stretch of 95 in fredericksburg ranks sixth for the worst traffic congestion during the thanksgiving holiday.
6:44 am
early rather than later. stillmain break activity has the roadway blocked. back in 10 minutes, we will update your ride on 270. ryan? ryan: as you were mentioning, the holiday rush is on. the best in the worst times to hit the road ahead of thanksgiving. that is coming up next on "good morning washington." two: a scary situation for hikers along the potomac river earlier this morning.
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get a days' worth of savings in one easy stop. havertys. life looks good. >> you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. autria: right now, it is terrible turkey traffic tuesday. coming up in the day ahead, you can expect to see the worst travel times of the thanksgiving holiday. larry: ryan hughes is in mobile trak 7 with the worst and best times to leave. ryan, do tell. ryan: guys, if you are trying to get a head start on the thanksgiving traffic,
6:48 am
going to want to leave pretty soon. we are on 95 heading toward jefferson davis highway right now. according to aaa, that is the worst area to travel and one of the busiest spots this holiday season in the dmv and it is the sixth worst in the country. 3 million people from virginia, maryland, and the district will travel more than 50 miles this thanksgiving week. the best advice? get out now and get out early. the worst possible time to leave here in the metro area is this evening from 4:45 until 6:00 tonight. you can expect the rush hour to last longer and traffic to be heavier. that is when you are going to see the most congestion. tomorrow ands are then this weekend on saturday and sunday. when should you leave? if you are heading out tomorrow to get to a family member's house for thanksgiving dinner, you want to get on the road around 3:00 in the morning
6:49 am
best time to leave is around 9:00 in the morning. with all of this congestion on the roads, it is a more dangerous time. buckle up and drive safely. we are live in mobile track seven, ryan hughes. larry: if you are picking up or dropping off family or friends at bwi this week, you can expect changes. shuttles, taxis, and rideshare cars will have different drop-off and pickup locations. free parking is being extended to one hour. we are posting the specifics online and on our news app. adrianna: a terror attack in nigeria has killed 50 people. this happened in the northern part of that country and a police spokesperson says a teenage suicide bomber walked into a mosque during morning prayers. authorities do suspect the extremist group boko rom is behind the attack. larry: an early-morning rescue on the deed --gw parkway. autria: two
6:50 am
rescued, one plunging over the side of a scenic overlook. john gonzalez is live. john: autria, this could have been a lot worse. a close call on the gw parkway. now that we have some daylight, we can show you. the second scenic overlook westbound. there is a fence, but in the darkness, you can't see that there is an opening in the fence. the fence is broken, that is where it is believed these men fell through. a cautionary tale when you are hiking and it is dark out. this is video from when our cameras arrived and this is where this medical emergency occurred. two people hiking early this morning, they called in that they fell and became trapped. you have the potomac river down below. at last check, 43 degrees out here. they needed to be rescued. it was a joint effort by fairfax, mpd, park police. both hikers did suffer
6:51 am
, but are expected to be ok. reporting live along the george washington parkway, john gonzalez, "good morning washington." autria: new claims of sexual misconduct in congress. buzz feed reporting michigan representative john conyers paid a woman $27,000 to settle a complaint in 2017. she was fired from his staff because she rejected his sexual advances, she claimed. conyers is the longest-serving member of the house. no comment from his office so far. larry: tv anchor charlie rose off the air amid accusations of sexual harassment, suspended from cbs and pbs after eight women told "the washington post" about unwanted sexual advances. rose said he was embarrassed and apologized for his behavior. wasaid, "i always thought i pursuing shared feelings even though now i realize i was mi
6:52 am
party will control the virginia house of delegates. the board of elections photo to delay the certification of two house races. there are new claims that dozens of voters got the wrong ballot in a tight contest. last year, 83 voters were erroneously assigned to the 88th district. it is unclear how many of them voted on november 7, but the race is still tight. the republican candidate is ahead right now by just 82 votes. larry: wow. witha: adrianna is here the story everyone will be talking about when you get to work today. adrianna: the bromance continues. former president barack obama and his vice president joe biden. he wished him a happy 75th birthday with a meme. take a look at this. happy birthday to joe biden.
6:53 am
that has been retweeted more than one million times. larry: the picture is great. [laughter] adrianna: this only happens once, and implosion. you can't destroy the georgia dome twice. tv crews have to get the perfect shot once. the only time. take a look. >> get out of the way, bus! adrianna: yes. that bus rolling right into the weather channel's shot at just the right time. producers say the road was closed, but the bus driver wanted an unobstructed view of the implosion and obstructed theirs. it only happens once. get out of the way, bus! autria: i kind of wish we had a camera on that photographer also to see his meltdown. adrianna: freaking out. autria: if you have never seen how this works -- adrianna:
6:54 am
live shot, you can't go anywhere. it's not like he could take the camera and go anywhere. he's tethered. that bus -- [laughter] adrianna: what are these people doing, v.j.? veronica: every time i see that, i keep laughing over and over. a beautiful day today. overnight, a little bit of rain. it is mostly i-95 east. 6:00 a.m. wednesday, the rain moving out. look at the snow in west virginia. i just checked, this time of year if you are local to the area, the ski resorts start opening, snowshoes opening on friday. our temperatures today will top out at 60 degrees. mid 50's by 7:00, mostly clear. mild for today. as we get into the holiday weekend, a little more. 52 on
6:55 am
for the turkey trots going on, a very cold start in the 20's and low 30's. are going if you shopping on black friday, around freezing. we will talk more about traffic weather. eileen whelan is back on news channel 8 to break it down. your high on saturday is 58. julie: i like that. lanes are open each way on the capital beltway. skytrak 7 is showing us. out of rockville, all lanes are open, no problems to report headed back out toward the split. over toward the maps, this is where we have had problems in virginia. northbound 95 five, the crash was before the triangle. a 50-minute ride headed northbound toward the occoquan river. trouble on the 14th street bridge now gone. a 20-minute commute across the potomac headed for the freeway
6:56 am
i'm back in the next 10 minutes to take a look at the right in silver spring when we turn over to news channel 8. autria: tonight is the "dancing with the stars" finale. we are giving away tickets to the "dancing with the stars" live light up the night tour coming to mgm national harbor on january 10. see all yourwo favorite "dancing with the stars" live at mgm. a d.c. churches is getting ready to help people in need. larry: it is a holiday tradition in northwest. kidd o'shea is live at shiloh baptist church where people are getting the food ready to go. kidd: that's right. all of these incredible bags already filled for 200 less fortunate families in the d.c. area. shiloh baptist church teaming up with new bethel church. two congregations,
6:57 am
huge congregations in d.c. coming together. >> the reason why it is so exciting is because you have new bethel baptist church and shiloh baptist church only two blocks away, very significant churches in the d.c. area, and we are excited. we have an opportunity to build relationships with the congregants, as well as pastors coming together, leaders coming together, and that is pretty much what we want to have here. again, just thanksgiving holidays. kidd: and this is a great sound we are hearing right now, these bags being filled. we will have much more of this coming up after 7:00. we will continue with the news, traffic, and whether of the day on news channel 8 in just three minutes. say goodbye to everybody. >> goodbye and happy thanksgiving!
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good morning, america. new sexual harassment bombshell shell. charlie rose now at the center of accusations. at least eight women reportedly saying he made unwanted advances. one even calling him a sexual predator. his response and the new fallout this morning. on capitol hill, senator al franken faces a new accuser. a woman says he groped her while they took this photo while he was already in office and the firestorm over roy moore and the white house's response. holiday travel trouble. as more than 50 million people start to hit the roads and sky, snow hitting the northeast. this school bus crashing in new york. and now a


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