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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 21, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning, america. new sexual harassment bombshell shell. charlie rose now at the center of accusations. at least eight women reportedly saying he made unwanted advances. one even calling him a sexual predator. his response and the new fallout this morning. on capitol hill, senator al franken faces a new accuser. a woman says he groped her while they took this photo while he was already in office and the firestorm over roy moore and the white house's response. holiday travel trouble. as more than 50 million people start to hit the roads and sky, snow hitting the northeast. this school bus crashing in new york. and now a
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in while out west new concerns about flooding from seattle to portland. ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ and no rocking around the christmas tree. could there be a shortage of some of the most popular firs just as you head out to buy your, why you may see sky high prices this year. ♪ good morning, america. and happy birthday, michael strahan. >> thank you. i made it another year. >> glad you're here because the holidays are just around the corner and a lot are heading out to buy their trees this weekend. >> a lot of people, there's concerns out there there could be a shortage and if so what it means about the price tag for your tree and tell you how you can get the best deal. we begin with those explosive allegations against charlie rose. the news anchor suspended by cbs and pbs after m
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crude sexual advances. rose has now responded. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: unso list tedded shoulder rubbing, showering in front of college, some of the accusations named against him. five of the women who came forward saying dating back to the '90s he grabbed their leg, an act they say they viewed as a test to gauge their reaction. >> as an actor you're constantly observing. >> reporter: a slew of sexual harassment and assault allegations lodged against journalist and tv host charlie rose. >> what you can do, what you can do. >> reporter: rose renowned for his probing questions on his iconic show. >> how important is it to have, you know, a full understanding of what it does for us. >> reporter: has sat down with guests ranging from presidents to pop stars. >> what is this talent? >> i don't know what it is. >> reporter: but n
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tell "the washington post" the pbs staple, "cbs this morning" co-host and, "60 minutes" contributor made unwanted sexual advances toward them several saying he groped them and one tells the pain he was a sexual predator and i was his victim. >> one woman we spoke to who worked for him as an intern in the 1990s recalled him coming out of the shower naked. she confided in one person, you know, the next day a male producer came up to her laughing saying, oh, i heard you got the shower trick. >> reporter: one of rose's tippett in the mid-2000s tells the paper about at least a dozen instances where rose walked nude in front of her while she worked in one of his new york city homes and says he would repeatedly call her late at night to describe his fancies of her swimming naked and told yvette vega who said that's charily being charlie. she says now i should have stood
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to were working with him at an early stage in their career. for them and trying to move forward and on from the show, i think that there would be a tremendous risk, you know, to speaking out against his behavior if you were possibly worried about getting a job in media. >> reporter: in response to the allegations rose says it is essential that these women know i hear them and that i deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i have behaved insensitively at times and i accept responsibility for that. though i do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. i always felt that i was pursuing shared feelings, even though i now realize i was mistaken. earlier this year rose was asked about former fox news anchor bill o'reilly after he was fired from the network following allegations of sexual harassment. >> all of the cases that raise the issue of sexual harassment which is a terrible thing have probably been not exposed enough, not enough in the sense of attention in the past so people we
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i think people are coming forward now. >> reporter: pbs and bloomberg suspended distribution of "the charlie rose show" and cbs announced he is suspended. three additional women say they were harassed and "the washington post" reporter said more women have reached out to them and they plan to do additional reporting so maybe more to come. >> seems that way. all right. >> thanks, linsey. now those troubling new allegations of sexual misconduct affecting the senate. a second woman says senator al franken groped her. franken was a sitting senator at the time on this one. critics are calling for an investigation. abc's david wright is on capitol hill with that story for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. senator franken tells us he has no plans to resign and welcomes an ethics investigation but as
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others grapples with the behavior of some of the men in its midst, it's a bipartisan issue. senator franken's second accuser, 33-year-old lindsay menz told kr cnn the senator grabbed her rear end when she posed with him at the minnesota state fair for this photo shared on social media. as my husband took the picture he put his hand full-fledged on my rear, she said. he totally grabbed my butt. franken tells abc news i take thousands of photos at the state fair surrounded by hundreds of people and i certainly don't remember taking this picture but adds i feel badly that ms. menz came away from our interaction feeling disrespected. these new allegations come just days after radio personality leeann tweeden accused franken of forcibly kissing her backstage during their 2006 uso tour. >> i was just disgusted. >> reporter: on the military flight home the uso photographer
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the senator has been keeping a low profile holed up in his daughter's washington, d.c. home. he's issued a blanket apology saying he'll cooperate with the ethics investigation, quote, i respect women. i don't respect men who don't and the fact that my own actions have given people a good reason to doubt that makes me feel ashamed. in alabama no such mea culpa from republican roy moore. >> pressure does not cause me want to step down. it causes me to want to stand up. >> reporter: eight separate women have accused him of sexual misconduct. some of them say moore molested them when they were teenagers. that alabama special election takes place in early december. it's essentially become a referendum on those allegations, meanwhile, here in washington, senator franken is already feeling the heat. last night pbs edited him out of a kennedy center special honoring david letterman. george. >> the fallout continues. let's get more from our
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white house correspondent cecilia vega. and, cecilia, on this roy moore senate race we're seeing a real evolution in the white house position on roy moore as you and others in the white house briefing room press sarah sanders and others every single day. they're now inching towards some support of moore. let's listen. >> obviously the president wants people, both in the house and the senate, that support his agenda but as i've said and as the hatch act prohibits me from going further we think this is something the people of alabama should decide. >> reporter: yeah, so that had been the default answer of the white house, that it's up to alabama voters to decide but started with kellyanne conway here on the north lawn of the white house yesterday asked if alabamans now support roy moore in this race. her answer was she bashed his democratic opponent doug jones and offered what sounded very much like an endorsement of roy moore so right now this is the question for this white house and this president, is the official position that
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assaulting teenage girls in office than a democrat, george. >> well, they certainly seem to be getting towards that as they say they want someone who supports the president's agenda in that seat. in a lot of news overnight as well. a setback for the president's sanctuary city policy where he wanted to deny federal funding to them. >> reporter: like new york and los angeles, cities that limit cooperation with immigration authorities. the president wants to force them to assist in deportation of undocumented immigrants by cutting off funding to these places. so far no response from the white house on this judge's order but the justice department says this court exceeded its authority, george, they are saying they will fight back. >> at the same time, cecilia, the white house and the administration announcing they're going to send back haitians who came to the united states after that 2010 earthquake. >> reporter: yeah, haitians here who have this protected status will be allowed to stay in the country until july 2019. this came after john kelly, the now chief of staff, f
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a trip to the island earlier this year. he came back essentially saying that haiti has made considerable progress in the wake of that earthquake there and that this group can return home. here is the problem with this, though, george. these people have been in this country for nearly a decade. they own hopes and their children have been born here so sending them back to haiti will be a lot easier said than done for this administration. >> thanks very much. robin. >> all right, also this morning president trump is stepping up pressure on north korea over its nuclear program putting that regime back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the president says this action should have been taken a long time ago. and will have serious consequences. >> this designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on north korea and related persons and supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime. >> for more our chief sfloebl affairs correspondent martha raddatz joins us from washington, d.c.
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robin. north korea was taken off the terror list in 2008 by president bush as part of a deal he hoped would end north korea's nuclear desi desires. that clearly did not work and it is far from clear that putting north korea back on the list will have any effect either. north korea is already heavily sanctioned and still vows never to give up its nuclear weapons program. but this is a strong symbolic message to kim jong-un that the u.s. will keep up the pressure. president trump has, of course, been doing that with fiery language and increased military presence as you heard him say he calls this a maximum pressure campaign, robin. >> we'll see what the response will be. okay, martha, thank you. >> now we go to the holiday travel rush kicking off this morning. more than 50 million are expected to hit the roads and skies according to aaa. 45 million driving and gio benitez is there. how is it going out
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>> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. listen, right now we're seeing pretty good travel movement here. there's not much going on but over the next few hours, that's when we're going to see more and more traffic. those travelers will be mixing in with the work commuters. so many are still working. let's take a look at the worst travel times. this is according to waze, the worst traffic today across america between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. and peaks at around 5:00 p.m. so that's why travel experts actually suggest you do your travel on thanksgiving morning. that's when you're going to see the least traffic on the roads, michael. >> what about when you're ready to come home. great to get there but after you are all full of turkey you have to get on the road and come home. >> reporter: the worst traffic is going to be on monday. two times, 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on monday. sunday afternoon is going to be a little rough too but believe it or not the best time to get on the road to head back home is on black friday and that's because, guess what, so many people are shopping, michael. >> a
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you just have to have it at your house. >> that's right, michael. i like how you think. as millions travel coast to coast we're closely watching new storms moving in. ginger, you're following a few trouble spots. >> yi, one would be western new york. up to ten inches of lake-effect snow already fell with the bands we were showing you. the roads very slick there in syracuse, new york, it was in the tug hill plateau where you saw some of those high snow totals come in. very normal for this time of year but, of course, that could stop you up especially as a cold front passes and northeast will get rain early tomorrow morning so if you are commuting or doing your holiday travel on wednesday morning and then back in interior new england lake-effect snow showers will kick up. a stationary front draped over northern and central florida and wet one in florida. the biggest issue, seattle to portland where you'll have heavy rains coming from these storms and you could see mudslides and debris flows in areas they had burn scars. back to you. >> we'll get the latest on the killing of a border
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in texas. his partner injured on the scene and president trump speaking out on the incident and abc's marcus moore is in el paso with new reporting on where and how the agents were found. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: george, good morning. we just got an update from the hospital where that surviving agent was airlifted over the weekend. he is till in icu this morning listed in critical but stable condition and overnight law enforcement sources are telling abc news that the responding border protection agents when they arrived at the scene at about 11:20 at night they found these two men suffering from traumatic head injuries and broken bones. this at the bottom of a ravine. the border protection agent rogelio martinez passed away from his injuries and this morning what exactly happened is still a mystery. but sources close to this investigation are also telling abc news that these two agents were responding to a sensor which detects human activity at the border but says there is so little evidence they cannot rule out the possibility that they fell into this ravine accide accidentally
7:15 am
but the president and others calling this a brutal attack. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, george, in addition to the president and texas senator ted cruz, the governor here in texas, greg abbott, he is describing this as a murder and is offering a $20,000 reward for information and an arrest and also a conviction in this case, george. >> marcus, thanks very much. >> all right, thank you, george. now to the $85 billion showdown between the trump administration and at&t, the justice department has sued to block the company's bid to take over time warner and rebecca jarvis is here, rebecca, why is the justice department fighting this deal? >> good morning, happy birthday, michael. the doj is blocking it because it would mean higher monthly television bills and fewer options for consumers and say the combination of at&t which owns satellite service directv, the largest distributor of subscription television with time warner that owns cnn, h
7:16 am
could make rivals less competitive. but what's surprising about the doj blocking it is historically deals like this where the companies are complimentary but they don't overlap get approved. many in the u.s. have publicly spoken out against the deal including president trump who was rallying against it on the campaign trail. >> at&t is buying time warner and thus cnn, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few. >> reporter: now, the doj denied any political influence and their suit barely mentions cnn but at&t's ceo hinted that he's not so sure. he insisted his company would not part with cnn to secure approval for the deal. any agreement forfeiting cnn directly or nondirectly is a n nonstarter, he said. >> he's not backing down. he said really he's willing to sue. >> they expect to win, he is ready to sue. >> all right. we'll keep our eyen
7:17 am
yeah. >> it does seem like there was some influence there. >> a big part of the trial. they'll try to discover whether there was any contact between the white house and the justice department. >> because they're not supposed to have any say in this. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. now to that desperate search for that submarine that disappeared six days ago with 44 members on board. linzie janis is in argentina as rescue crews race against time and, linzie, the navy now says what they thought were leads may have been false hope. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right. an argentine navy rescue ship said they detected sounds coming from under the water and that raised hopes here at the port where the "ara san juan" is based but the navy determining they were not coming from the missing submarine. as you can see it is finally a beautiful day and we spoke with naval command and conditions out in the search area are much better today. have a look at the treacherous conditions they've been dealing with several days. 25-foot seas, hampering this search.
7:18 am
including argentina's first ever female submarine officer, ileana maria saying her dream is become the first submarine commander. the "ara san juan" has not been heard from in six days since it reported an electrical fault. the race is on to get to these submariners in case they are running out of oxygen. >> race against time. all right, linzie, thank you. back to ginger. a lot of cold air moving across the country. >> serious holiday chill in the northern plain, minneapolis feels like 15 this morning. as far as dalton, georgia, it'll be coal and feel subfreezing in nashville, 2 of the windchill tomorrow.
7:19 am
black friday - mostly dry weekend; colder sunday today: partly to mostly sunny. breezy to windy. highs: 59-61 winds: sw 10-15 g 20+ mph tonight: mostly cloudy. showers, mainly east of i-95. lows: 43-48 winds: sw 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. cooler and breezy. highs: 49-52 winds: nw 10-15 g 20 mph coming up the fallout growing over the sexual harassment scandal. now ronan farrow who helped break the story from harvey weinstein's accuser is here with a live report. inside a airline social media hub.
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>> anchor: good morning washington. if you are thinking about getting a head start on that thanksgiving traffic you may want to leave right now. according to aaa this evening will be the worst time to hit the road. 3.3 million people will drive more than 53 miles during the holiday week end. down load our news app before you go. happening today two lucky turkeys are headed to the white
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wish bone and drum stick will be pardoned. weather and traffic right after the break.
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definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. today will be the warmest day of the week as high temperatures climb to 60 degrees. while you're sleeping tonight low temperatures in the 40s. cooler high 52. breezy today and tomorrow. look at how chilly it will be for thanksgiving 52 for friday. heading into the weekend dry windy come sunday >> anchor: we are dealing with traffic around the beltway. north side from interstate
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problems for folks trying to cross the bridge. crash on 395. showing you 95 in maryland as you approach the beltway.
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concerns about flooding out west. this afternoon president trump and the first lady will participate in the thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony. we saw them arrive at the hotel and had a nice night and then they will head to mar-a-lago for the holiday. more on the sexual harassment scandal and the media. one network is taking a big step to make changes and abc's adrienne bankert is here with the story. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you. good morning, everyone. some of the most celebrated names in television now disgraced and forcing media companies to take action. this morning, as pbs and cbs suspend iconic interviewer charlie rose -- >> does it change you? or simply make you want to make yourself be as good as you can? >> reporter: following accusations from eight women who say the cbs morning show host sexually harassed them in a variety of ways including walking around naked in his
7:32 am
making lewd phone calls. overnight more fallout. 21st century fox reaching a $09 million settlement following a series of scandals at fox news which eventually cost news president roger ailes and talk show host bill o'reilly their jobs. >> am i mad at god? yeah, i'm mad at him. i wish i had more protection. i wish this stuff didn't happen. i can't explain it to you. yeah, i'm mad at him. >> reporter: fox announcing they will create the fox news workplace professionalism and inclusion council to ensure a safe workplace environment. >> when situations like that happen to women, you fear that it's going to be your fault, you're not going to be believed. you're going to lose your job. >> reporter: it has cost fox about 50 million over just the last year. that figure does not include the payout to ailes who before he died earlier
7:33 am
$40 million and o'reilly who received 25 million to leave the company and now "the new york times," the paper which exposed the multiple the allegations against o'reilly now faces allegations that one of its star reporters, glen fluthrush to co the trump administration engaged in unwanted sexual behavior towards four female journalists. they allege he attempted to kiss and touch them inappropriately. with recent revelations in hollywood and at the highest levels of media and now government, employees are also coming out to reveal a shameful workplace culture, michael. >> and this is far reaching, adrienne. we're seening a domino effect in state and local government as well. >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, nearly a dozen state capitols are embroiled in a accusations that a number of lawmakers have been engaging in suspected or suspicious activity. florida involved in a rash of issuers, an alled
7:34 am
affair or extramarital affair, so this is not over yet. it may just be the beginning. >> every day seems to be some shocking news. >> joining us is our chief legal correspondent dan abrams and ronan farrow contributor with the "new yorker" magazine. where do we possibly begin? let's start with charlie rose. >> look, charlie rose was a person we all knew and interabilitied with. i think all of this table, these were rumors that were whispered that certainly i had heard about. that's not the same thing as having it reportable and spending a lot of time getting it right as "the washington post" did but i do think it illustrates it's close to home. this is not republicans or democrats or the media world. in all of our societies and cultures and workplace. >> any kind of legal exposure for charlie have. >> you got to separate out civil from criminal, right? so a civil would mean sexual harassment. triple could mean an unwanted touching. people forget that sometimes. that reaches to the level of
7:35 am
washington post" story. probably not based on the timing of it and based on what the actions were. but that doesn't mean that more people aren't going to come forward. so if you're charlie rose right now, what you're worried about is additional people coming forward, additional information that in particular could make him potentially responsible civilly and, again, when you think about how little it tays to cross the line into an unwanted touching, all you need to do is make insure you have get it within the statute of limitations. >> i'm anything of his co-hosts, gayle king and norah to have to address that which they did on their program today and the things that they said about being straightforward with it. but also when -- i mean that report was so detailed and so disturbing in some of the allegations and part of it, ronan, was that it seemed that so many people knew about this. not maybe the extent of it, but they were aware. >> and this is the pattern, look, there is a variety of factors that create
7:36 am
silence around this issue in our society and for charlie rose it was sort of the collegial nature of our business, you know, kind of we talked about this in makeup rooms and rumors of it but didn't rise to the threshold. >> one of the things we did see, you saw in the charlie rose story his executive producer clearly knew about this, clearly had people -- that's a parallel with the harvey weinstein story is that at points it does take enablers inside. >> yeah, look, with the charlie rose story there was one particular person, right? there was an executive producer longtime of the show who apparently gotten a number of reports now expresses great regret for not having done more but it's never the case that these people can act alone, right? when you're -- we're talking a lot about people who do this se se serially and allegation after allegation after allegation a
7:37 am
>> a new one broke. one of the things you're cracking open, the harvey weinstein case are these n nondisclosure agreement, settlements that company often reach with the women who are leaving. >> the culture of silence isn't always just a culture. you know, from cosby to o'reilly and certainly in weinstein's case there were legal protections that allowed silence to continue. and what we have in this new story which is just going live now is that detailed rundown of the way in which harvey weinstein used nondisclosure agreements with huge payouts attached. sometimes up to a million dollars and with really draconian measures. >> to never talk about. >> never talk about it. in one case elaborate monitoring systems asking a woman to turn over social media password and every device to destroy all evidence of a crime. >> basic in any case. you see these all the time and a real movement now nationwide that's going after these kinds of agreements. >> and it's about who is paying for them as you point out. bob weinstein in a couple of cases and he is
7:38 am
he knew anything about it, we have documented that, he, in fact, underwrote two of those settlements in the -- >> is there any way to outlaw these? >> you can do anything, right? yeah, sure, you could create legislation which says that it is no longer valid in terms of a deal -- >> that's pending in a couple of state. >> it's going to be very tough to get it to pass for a variety of reasons. >> you just keep peeling back the onion more and more. dan, ronan, always good to see you there. you can see ronan's full story on the new yorker website this morning. thank you for being here. coming up as you travel for the holidays we have the insider tips. we're going live inside the social media center for a major airline. we're going to tell you how you get their attention when you're facing travel trouble.
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we are back with tips for smooth holiday travel. the tsa preparing to screen more than 24 million passengers this week and david kerley is inside southwest airlines social media hub where they are responding to complaints in realtime. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. it is on. the rush for thanksgiving travel and if you have a problem on a plane and you post on social media to the world that problem here are some of the people that are listening to you.
7:43 am
this is inside southwest social media hub where they listen to you and try to solve problems with this very powerful tool. heading home, lines are longer. airlines expected 3% more flyers this thanksgiving. >> i honestly didn't think it would be this busy. >> reporter: if there's trouble, these days, expect a tweet and the airlines are listening. >> if she can get something on her phone. >> reporter: in dallas southwest airlines calls this its listening center where you hear the sound of fingers tapping keyboards. >> so what did he say we fly -- >> with you all the time and today has been the worst day yet. >> reporter: from a father with three young children trying to get to cancun. we've seen those disturbing social media videos. the passenger dragged off a jet. passengers coming to blows and nasty tweets about missed flights, poor customer service. every day southwest is tagged 3,000 times on social media. airlines at first worried when social media burst onto the scene but now seehi
7:44 am
to solve problems. >> to really see something is brewing and get on top of it a lot faster. >> he just responded. >> that's great. we started off with him being extremely frustrated and now he knows he's in a better spot. >> reporter: southwest has a team of 40 covering 24 hours a day. getting involved in about half of those 3,000 daily posts. >> things that you may not think were a big issue now can become a monster issue for you if you're not responding in an expedient manner. >> reporter: they're so fast they may be the first to tell the airline that something is wrong. >> we'll be able to take it to the mechanics or take it to the piles and they'll be able to hear about it for the first time. >> reporter: and that father with three young children made it to cancun. good news for him. a couple of tips for you if you want to use social media to talk to your airline. you can see on their screens actually the conversation just came down but they have on the left side that all the social media
7:45 am
on the other side they listen to their operation center. if you are going to tweet, use the airlines' actual handle on twitter and that will get their attention. a couple of other things to do, be specific about what your problem is and don't forget, george, if you want to you can go private so even though you may start telling the world you're having a problem you don't have to solve it all with the airline on the greater twitterverse. >> some good advice, david, thanks very much. to michael. >> thank you, george. coming up on our big board, those concerns about a christmas tree shortage and what it could mean for your wallet. we'll tell you how you can still get a good deal. when kids get really excited about my children's books that's the best reaction. i know things about great white sharks! what's great about paint 3d, it's exciting to see a shark come to life and come off the page. with the windows 10 pc, to be able to draw right on the screen and create something three dimensional, is amazing. it's exciting to turn it and light it and have these different effects. with my mac, i can't do that. when you see that the work creates a feeling in a kid,
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♪ (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. back now with our big board with our birthday boy and new concerns about a christmas tree shortage. you know this, michael, driving up prices this year. >> yep, good news for my birthday and a third of americans who are planning on buying a tree will have to do -- who do it this holiday weekend will find they'll pay more. t.j. holmes is at a tree farm. we got you all over the place. why are people shelling out more for trees this year. >> okay, stra, would you believe people buy fake trees. niece what is blassphemers are part of th
7:50 am
getting out of the business and put a strain on the supply which will, of course, cost you more. also, guys, it takes seven to ten years to grow a tree where it's ready to sell so what was happening seven to ten years ago? we were in the middle of a great recession, people weren't buying as many trees so farmers at that point weren't planting as many and now feeling the effects seven to sen years later and the artificial trieees. >> give us good tips for best selection and everything? >> go to a place that charges you one fee no matter how big the tree is. here up to 12 feet it costs you one price and get it early before the supply gets real tight. >> all right. t.j., looking good out there. i think you told on yourself. >> i got a box of tree in my basement. >> we'll be right back. you told on yourself. ♪ come on mom!
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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>> anchor: good morning washington. checking top stories a fairfax county school bus driver and an aid are accused of assaulting a boy with autism. charges were filed after police reviewed video. buzz feed reports michigan representative john coniers paid a woman in 2015 to settle a complaint. the woman claimed she was fired
7:57 am
advances. well today will be the warmest day of the week as high temperatures climb to 60 degrees. low temperatures tonight in the 40s. rain east of 95 out of here by the time your wednesday morning gets started. high of 52. breezy today and tomorrow. 52 for black friday and saturday looking dry cooler come sunday >> anchor: traffic watch we have a lot of get away traffic on interstate 95 in maryland and virginia. we have to get you to work and it is going to be a slow ride that traffic merging in but the 14th street bridge we had two accidents that have
7:58 am
gridlock down to 8 miles an hour cameras giving you a live perspective of those delays. >> anchor: i'll see you in 30 minutes back to good morning america have a great tuesday. still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer, you'll enjoy this ice-cold deliciousness more than ever. hurry over to mcdonald's. ♪
7:59 am
t...two for five deals all across the board! here it comes... (crowd cheers) a big mac and 10 piece mcnuggets! they got em! get your fan favorites on the mcpick 2 menu. choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new allegations this morning against charlie rose. suspended by three networks after multiple accusations from at least eight women saying he made unwanted advances. the fallout at this hour. millions of americans pack up for the biggest travel weekend in a decade. the storms that could snarl the holiday. new health alert. as more and more women freeze their eggs, the risk factors you may not know. dr. ashton breaks it down for us. countdown to black friday. the secret to the best deals earlier than ever. the key time to head online and
8:01 am
lowest price. ♪ final countdown it's down to three. >> time-out. >> reporter: the final couples going head to head for the mirror ball tray if i is jordan versus frankie versus lindsey as jordan and emma are bounced from t the dance floor. >> i have to say frank ki caught my eye early on "malcolm in the middle." >> he had a lot of drive. >> didn't expect that. >> good morning, america. >> it is a good morning. it's great to have you with us on this tuesday. >> we have a lot of news this morning as well. we'll start out with those explosive allegations about charlie rose. more than eight women have accused him of sexual misconduct. davis davis is back with details and this morning boat of his co-anchor, norah o'donnell and gayle king addressed the situ
8:02 am
journalism. this morning his career is on the brink of ruin and charlie rose is aing he's sorry. it comes after eight women came forward in a "washington post" expose alleging the 75-year-old tv host sexually harassed and assaulted them. several said he groped them, walked naked in front of them or talked to them about his sexual fantasies. they addressed it this morning. >> this is a moment that demands a frank and honest assessment about where we stand and more generally the safety of women. let me be very clear. there is no excuse for this alleged behavior. >> still trying to sort it out because this is not the man i know but i'm also clearly on the side of the women who have been very hurt and very damaged by this. >> now, cbs suspended rose immediately while it looks into the matter. in response to the allegations rose said it is essential that these women know i hear them and that i deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. since the aic
8:03 am
"the post" says more women have come forward, george. >> thank you, linsey. once again for gayle and norah to say what they did and making no bones about it. >> said he's their friend but doesn't get a pass? brave of them. take a look at this video of enormous fireball raging in a suburb of detroit overnight. it forced evacuations, a gas line explosion sent flames dozens of feet into the air, 911 even went down because of the fire ruptured phone lines and the fire just burned itself out and now there's an investigation to what caused the gas lines to break. >> oh, boy, a lot of flames right there. also this morning, as you hit the sky and you hit the road we're watching travel trouble spots for you, rain out west and cold blast in the east and, of course, ginger, you are following it all. >> uh-huh. looking a little more holiday-ish. ten inches of lake-effect snow fell in western parts of new york, tug hill plateau. syracuse is feeling it clearing off cars.
8:04 am
see as everybody thinks highways. flights, you might see a wind issue minneapolis through chicago coming in today and tomorrow. new york and orlando might see a few issues because of a few different storms. they're very light getting away not scot-free but pretty will for a holiday thanksgiving time. 87 or 90 may have lake-effect streamers and 95 along the coast will be wet and that stationary front that drapes along florida anywhere there 75 or along the coast might see it and i-5 right there in the pacific northwest. >> it's not cold everywhere. hollywood, florida, this guy right here, just soaking up the sun, taking in the waves. huge crocodile on the beach and enjoying the water. you can see the onlookers. everybody lined up to take snapshots. one woman got a little close to where an officer asked her can you run 18 miles an hour because
8:05 am
>> wow. those things are fast and you got to be careful. >> getting up close and personal like that. >> too close for me. >> no way. coming up a health alert about freezing your eggs. 9 risk you may not be aware of. dr. ashton here with that. helping you get a jump start on holiday shopping. the app that guarantees you get the lowest prices and, lara, what's going on upstairs? >> hello, michael. i'm here with this little fella celebrating thanksgiving and holiday shopping, black friday deals in every department right here in our studio, anybody looking for a friend? we've got him, more coming up on "good morning america." a great crowd and lots of love so come on back. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you wear this every day? everyday.
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8:10 am
♪ ♪ i want to dance with somebody ♪ i know. >> mine is so scared. >> i know. i know. they get -- >> hold me, george. >> it's wonderful that we're able to get them adopted but when they come on they're always so -- shaky. it's okay. it's okay. >> so we'll do light claps for "pop news," everybody. but we do want you to guys help us find them -- let's get right to it, shall we? good morning, everybody. great to see you all. so as we said these are all little friends needing a home. a little pup news in honor of the pawlidayz with a p-a-w. they're teaming up on black friday this weekend offering doggie door busters talking free adoptions for those approved and doing this all over the country so if you're not in the new york
8:11 am
this is at a 90 participating shelter partners nationwide. these furry friends have been through a ton. so many cat, so many dogs rescued from hurricanes, another natural disasters in houston, in florida, puerto rico and virgin islands, guys. these dogs and cats came from those areas, we thank north shore animal league for everything they do. remember, if you rescue you actually are saving not one but two live, the one you bring home and the one you make room for at shelters like north shore and other no kill shelters. so to learn more about the home for the pawlidayz event just go to and if you guys are interested in any of these fellows let us know by the end of the show. >> i got a lover right here. i got a lover right here. >> let me say we did actually -- we chose your dog for its size. you got -- >> size appropriate. >> little tail going. >> so cute. >> do you --
8:12 am
them. >> eating the mike. >> but, you know, amber and i adopted from north shore, little man lucas and wonderful to work with. you not only save this life -- >> not one by two, may baby lucy plus my other -- >> i know. >> please help me not take these home and you take them home. up next let's get to music news, if you will with our three or four assistants here. taylor swift's new gummies number one on the charts slipping a little on another list the highest earning many woman in music. this year it's beyonce. good year for the queen. a really good year. "forbes" said she earned $105 million thanks to "lemonade" and "formation" world tour. taylor swift slipped to third slipping well bebehind adele and keep in mind, though, taylor is a winner, right? has the number one album this year with "reputation."
8:13 am
earner will likely remain intact on next year's list. this is not easy, by the way, i would like to say i have proven that i can walk and chew gum. >> i know? and do "pop news" and hold a puppy. [ applause ] finally -- >> you have a calm puppy over there. >> i got a rascal. >> i got lucky. mine if fantastic. >> mine is a little rrrr. don't let the frame fool you. yeah. >> i thought you would appreciate because this is a reminder sometimes when you're doing live news like at this moment, things don't go exactly as planned. this is what happened in atlanta, residents counting down the minutes to this, the georgia dome, the former home of the atlanta falcons so, of course, camera crewed gathered on the ground to get the perfect shot including the weather channel, this is their shot and then look what happens. no. >> not kidding you. >> this happened on live tv. the bus blocks the
8:14 am
implosion. a moment -- >> the control room went nut. >> caught on camera almost. the dome went down, bus rolled away. weather channel got nothing. that's "pop news," everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> great job. >> a reminder they will be with us for the rest of the show. interested go to our website or come find us. >> i love my little friend over here. >> well, please adopt. >> a feisty one. >> i got one at home. i can't handle two. what we are, we are two days away from thanksgiving, everybody. which means the biggest savings of the year are right around the corner but when should you actually shop to get the top deals is the question and becky worley is in san francisco, she got to tell us how to score big and enjoy your holiday. hey, becky. >> good morning, michael. don't take your shopping. be it thanksgiving, black friday or cyber monday, they'll definitely interfere with your deal hunting. these are huge days
8:15 am
and the news, the single best day for price drops expected to be thanksgiving day. but what if i said you could shop early get the best prices and here's the miracle. also enjoy the holiday. ♪ online shopping, or door busting. avoid the scrum. new this year comparing online deals to door busters. they're more similar than ever. >> we look at the holiday weekend. we focus mers are going to be doing their research and they'll be showing up in every channel in store, online, on mobile and know sales will reflect that. >> reporter: but when to shop online is key. according to deal site they have a varied set of times. 12:01:00 a.m. wednesday into thursday. walmart, office depot and kohl's goes
8:16 am
sears, best buy and target say thanksgiving morning. does that mean midnight? 6:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m.? they want us checking in often and it's tempting with deals like ipads marked down to $249 at best buy. that's a savings of $80. or have the inspiron laptop for $129100 bucks off and kohl's has the dyson $250 off. if you're headed to the mall, things are much more civilized. expect retailers to hand out tickets for limited quantity items but again opening types are more varied than ever so check before you leave the thanksgiving dinner table. we have a list of store opening times and those crucial online sale go live times all on our website, michael. >> you know, becky, there are all these things you say about black friday. i'm tempted to just go in and get it over with. if i do that if i'm --
8:17 am
going to have buyer's remorse if the price goes down? >> right, buyer's remorse. it sting, but i have a trick. so you always get the lowest price and you avoid it. sign up for a price protection service. i'm talking about apps from earny or paribus combing your in box to track the prices of things you've purchased. if they find a lower price after you buy, they do the hard work of getting you a refund. using those price protection policies that stores -- i have about 200 bucks doing this over the years, the years i used earny. >> i can get it over with and somebody else can help me and get me the discount. i like that. >> that's right. >> i like that. [ applause ] another question, this is -- this is discount week. this is the super bowl of shopping. so how do you prepare? what's the game plan? >> all right. game plan, tip one, just like santa, make a list of the things you need to buy. tip two, think big. sale
8:18 am
there's a black friday deal on everything, kitchen tile, appliances, cell phones, now is one of the only options for getting a discount on model phone, next, start searching. the tools we have online now are awesome. i mentioned serve by product and list everywhere there is a discount offered and treat a list then on thanksgiving day you just fly through it to get your shopping done fast and sit and watch football. >> i haven't done anything yet. you have just inspired me. i'll have it done by tomorrow. i guarantee it. becky, thanks so much. over to you, robin. >> thank you very much. thousand to that "gma" health alert for women trying to get pregnant. a new report shows more women are freezing their eggs but they may not be getting all the counseling and information they need about risks. our chief medical associate dr. jennifer ashton is here and seems like it would make sense. >> it is a multifactorial
8:19 am
the whole concept for something down the road maybe a year, maybe ten year, maybe more down the road so it's understandable if you just think right now in the present, you need to think long term because even if you're using a 25-year-old egg, if a 40-year-old woman is carrying that pregnancy we know that there are risks like preterm delivery, low birth weight. pre-eclamps pre-eclampsia. doesn't mean it's going to happen but you need to know about it and speaks to a larger issue here, robin. i think there is a massive crisis in health literacy in general and specifically in women's health literacy so we all need to do better in the medical profession and lay public and need to educate them as much as possible. >> let's do it now and asked about the facts and asked viewers. we asked questions about ivf. the first one, ivf or egg freezing produces a baby 100% of the time. our
8:20 am
94% false. >> good. we have very well informed viewers and, of course, the correct answer is false, it doesn't. so it gives you better chances but it is not a guarantee and a lot of times in our celebrity culture we're seeing women in their 50s giving birth not realizing that many times they're using a donor egg and/or a surrogate so about managing those expectations. >> a couple more. male factors contribute to infertility in 10% of cases. our viewers said 50% -- 57% true, 43% false. >> that answer is false. male factor infertility is at play 40% of the time. it's almost an even split. it takes two. >> i knew you'd get that in. one more insurance never covers ivf. here's what our viewers said. survey says, 32% true. 68% false. >> that's false. sometimes it does and it's becoming more
8:21 am
much better cost options. >> give us the top three in know your medical risk, manage expectations and ask about costs. there's a long list here but those are really the three top ones. >> all right. jen, thanks so much. over to ginger. let's get to your "gma" moment because anybody, hey, this is a great group around. anybody that has a toddler knows a toddler knows you can't leave them alone for even a couple of seconds. like nolan. 14-month-old nolan dove right into that yogurt. put it all over the couch and mom was like, what, i walked away for one second. we need to clean our couch too. it's not good what happens.- chy black friday - mostly dry weekend; colder sunday today: partly to mostly sunny. breezy to windy. highs: 59-61 winds: sw 10-15 g 20+ mph tonight: mostly cloudy. showers, mainly east of i-95. lows: 43-48 winds: sw 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. cooler and breezy. highs: 49-52 winds: nw 10-15 g 20 mph
8:22 am
we have a look ahead to tonight's "dancing with the stars" finale, one couple will go home with the mirror ball trophy, alas, emma slater and drew scott were sent home and nick watt with all the dancing drama. >> reporter: yep, we are right down to the business end here. last night which was night one of the finals, started with four couples and they kicked it off with the redemption dance so that's something they messed up earlier in this season number 25.
8:23 am
♪ go get it girl >> reporter: jordan pink shoe, cheeky smile blew everyone away with possibly the most bizarre charleston ever seen on television. >> that's an easy one to add up. ♪ i like the way >> reporter: fifth harmony, wants more. pitbull in the midst. but finals night is really all about one thing. >> this is my favorite round of the season, the freestyle round. >> reporter: frankie in black leather. >> what's going on with you? all moody and menacing. >> reporter: jordan, front flip. >> can't get the words out. brilliant. ♪ >> reporter: lindsey fittingly violin. >> that was you on crack dancing. you're super.
8:24 am
♪ >> reporter: and drew, hang on. what's this. >> time-out. time-out. stop, stop, stop. >> it looked like you decided that drew just needed a break. >> yeah, well, you know what, in rehearsals we were going so full out, i was like, god, we need a break then i just went ding. >> we are live so we should probably continue. >> five, six, seven eight. >> our acting is so good that you thought we messed up. >> reporter: remember drew is usually a construction guy on tv. len loved it. >> the house is fixed and you've become a hot property. >> reporter: but -- >> the couple leaving right now is drew and emma. >> reporter: bitter, angry, disappointed, yeah? >> all of that. no, i mean, i'm just so grateful to even be here and have emma at my side to pull out the best of me every single week. i couldn't ask for better. >> reporter: they got next chapters in life to worry about.
8:25 am
not to each other but to other people quite soon. >> yes. >> emma and her fiance are teaching me and my fiancee to dance. >> reporter: who is your money on? >> you never know. you never know. >> almost like i'm sure it's going to be jordan, jordan, but then everybody's freestyle was so good it could go either way. >> reporter: tonight, george, for the first time ever you can vote during the show at and on facebook right after everyone's finished dancing so basically for like the last five minutes but only five votes per device so, frankie, if i could vote for you 100 times, i would but i can't. they won't let me, george. back to you. >> you can watch it at 9:00 eastern on abc. [ cheers and applause ] >> your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame. from samsung, the most beautiful tv you've never seen.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> anchor: good morning washington. if you're thinking about getting a head start on that thanksgiving traffic you may want to leave right now. this evening will be the worst time to hit the road. 3.3 million people from the dmv will drive more than 50 miles during the holiday week end. download our news app before you go. fairfax county school bus driver an
8:28 am
assaulting a student with autism. duffy is on leave and bailey has resigned. here is eileen with the forecast. well today will be the warmest day of the week. breezy with sunshine. tonight low temperatures in the 40s and rain. movement of the rain east of i-95. breezy today and tomorrow. chilly for thanksgiving 52 for black friday and cooler and blustery come sunday >> anchor: on our traffic watch now is the time to getting on the action 95 in virginia. smooth sailing right now. not the case in
8:29 am
gridlock trying to merge in with the capitol beltway. remains heavy and slow travelling from the prince william - [announcer] presenting the shark ionflex 2x, the freestanding, cord-free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark.
8:30 am
back here on "gma" on this tuesday morning, and we were talking about this downstairs and we weren't sure if you had heard about this and it's something that really touched us. we lost a legend. della reese, remember, the star of "touched by an angel." she was a vocal powerhouse and passed away at the age of 6. has three chirp. her husband, just a wonderful, wonderful woman and really a trail blazer. did you know that she filled in one time for the johnny carson. >> wow. >> for a black woman to do that back in the day. >> so talented. great actress as well. >> so kind. >> kind,
8:31 am
everybody to know that. >> thanks for doing that. now we have a treat. >> okay. >> we'll meet the first kid columnist for "the new york times." just 14 years old freshman in high school. this all came after a nationwide search, please welcome harper ediger. i love that name, my daughter harper, as well and her mom maureen. >> hi. >> so, harper, tell us what it feels like to be the first kid columnist for such a major newspaper? >> well, it's pretty crazy, because i wasn't sure what to expect and like it's really crazy to see your writing in paper and it's just an unbelievable experience. it's been so much fun. and i'm really enjoying it. >> you know what, harper, what you're doing right now, you'll inspire a lot of kids but i'm sure a lot are wondering how did this all come about? >> so, two teacher
8:32 am
school, miss dolan and miss surrey, they told me about this opportunity, they got me the application and everything and i sent in a sample of writing and i kind of -- i waited to are a long time for an e-mail and i got it. and my school just kind of tries to empower females, that's our mission and so this was a really cool opportunity for that. and i got to thank my teachers for bringing this to me. >> such wonderful teachers we've all had in our life and you're right there, harper. all right, maureen, okay, your daughter is a columnist for "the new york times." >> yes. >> come on. [ applause ] >> that's pretty cool. >> i know. it's pretty unbelievable. she was so eager a
8:33 am
she was so excited and eager to submit her answer and then for the next 18 days every day she would say, mom, i haven't heard back from "the new york times" and i was trying to be the encouraging reassuring mom and say, well, you know, i'm sure they're just reading through a lot of submissions but inside my head i was thinking, yeah, don't hold your breath because it's "the new york times" so when she called me and she got the e-mail that she got the job i really was speechless and also not really surprised because harper is a pretty amazing kid and i'm glad that she gets to share her gift. >> yes. let's try out some advice on her, okay. we asked our audience to send in questions and the first came from isabella. she's 9 in third grade. >> hi, harper, here's my problem. one of my friends is being mean to another one of my friends. how do i stop her and stay friends with them both? >> it's a good question.
8:34 am
>> okay, i think the thing that's important to remember here is that you can be friends with both of them. but they don't have to be friends with each other. i think that that's the important thing to remember here and the next time one of them is being mean to the other one, just remind them not to get frustrated with each other and maybe yusz to take a break. >> ah, good advice there. good advice there, harper. [ applause ] so it's wonderful to see your mom juice beaming with pride sitting next to you so what does the future hold for you, harper? that question, what do you want to be when you grow up? >> well, i definitely want to do something in acting or in theater. it's on my bucket list to be on broadway. at least one show. hopefully that would turn into a career but if not i would like to do
8:35 am
maybe engineering. >> wow. renaissance lady. >> all right. [ applause ] >> well, you're off to a great start. >> never too early to have a bucket list. i got to tell you. maureen and harper, all the best to you. thank you all so very much for sharing your story. >> nice job, harper. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> just impressive. >> yeah, that's what you call range. >> exactly. >> you know, thanksgiving is around the corner and one thanksgiving leftover to put away who doesn't love to just settle down, settle in, get a blanket and watch a good old-fashioned classic holiday movie. >> love it. >> that's what i'm going to be doing. we have our favorites and "20/20" is going behind the scenes of some of the best and chris connellily has a preview. >> what do you want for christmas, little boy? >> reporter: the beloved 19 3 holiday classic "a christmas
8:36 am
ralphty parker played by peter billingsley more than three decades later a successful producer he is sitting down with stars of other holiday classics discovering behind the scenes secrets to such films as national lampoon's christmas vacation. >> christmas is a very high anxiety period for most people. >> there was nothing in the box, right? >> no. >> that's all you. >> those little physical things, boarding here and that was a big one for me and it worked. >> i always saw it as a love story because basically i have like one line, clark! >> clark, stop it. clark. >> clark. >> clark, what's wrong? everyone else rolls his eyes at him but you never do. >> because this woman loves him. >> reporter: then there's "elf" which featured a cameo from peter billingsley as his pal director jon favreau explains. >> i wanted some of the christmas story that good
8:37 am
we were half joking saying maybe this will be like "christmas story" like every year you'll watch it. >> reporter: let the binge-watching begin. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. [ cheers and applause ] >> we've got peter billingsley here with us right now and, peter, this "20/20" special, it goes behind the scenes, classic holiday s we all love and you were in "a christmas story." give us something we don't know. >> well, there was one scene truly -- i'll give you something i never talked about before. one scene that never made it to the movie. a huge fantasy scene there was a lot of those in the film but there was a big one in outer space and ralphie saved flash gordon in a huge space scene but it was ultimately too much for the movie. it was cut and unfortunately it was before dvd so it's lost forever. i think there's one still out there if you deep dive on the internet you can find me with me in a silver little set of shores which isn't too flattering. >> i'm going to look for that. you put it on
8:38 am
a lot of others right now in the movie you wanted a red barron bb gun. >> a red rider bb gun. >> so growing up, was there something that you wished for ace kid. >> i wanted a metal detector and was convinced i would find buried treasure and leave all the acting behind. it never worked out though. >> it never worked out but you did pretty well for yourself regardless. any scoop from the special. >> there is, you know, it was really exciting to go down and talk to these filmmakers and stars about their films. they're so passionate about it. it was not a chore for them and one pretty "the school of greatness," bryan glazer from "grinch" said the makeup was seven hours to put on for him. he called a friend in the cia who has techniques that -- to deal with people who had gop through torture and had to bring him in to consult with jim for 48 hours so he could learn to put on the makeup. a lot of the inside stories you learn. some of the sacrifices these
8:39 am
love the flips and was a joy to talk about them. >> i think they'd give us a greater appreciation of all these films we watch during probably the most joyous time of the year. thanks for bringing it. >> appreciate it. good to see you, buddy. >> see "20/20"'s light, camera, christmas inside holiday movie classics tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. and coming up we have the inspiring young chef overcoming all the odds to become one of the at college inn we craft a deeper, richer broth
8:40 am
because every detail matters. we select all-natural chicken and flavorful herbs and spices. college inn broth helps you make every meal delicious. college inn, delicious is in the details.
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back now on "good morning america." it's not just the woolly hats showing up in times square but beginning to look a lot like christmas. saks fifth avenue transformed scenes into "snow white and the seven dwarfs." see that until january along with the pop-up snow white shop in saks so pretty cool.- cool & wednesday - chilly thanksgiving; dry black friday - mostly dry weekend; colder sunday today: partly to mostly sunny. breezy to windy. highs: 59-61 winds: sw 10-15 g 20+ mph tonight: mostly cloudy. showers, mainly east of i-95. lows: 43-48 winds: sw 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. cooler and breezy. highs: 49-52 winds: nw 10-15 g 20 mph and a big happy birthday to
8:43 am
>> all right, thank you, ginger and to the outside. the inspiring chef overcoming serious setbacks featured in "charged: the eduardo garcia story." i'm the executive producer and i had a chance to sit down and talk with him. for eduardo garcia, life was sweet. at 30 years old his culinary career was thriving. he was starting his own food company and making plans for a cooking show. but in october of 2011 while hiking in montana, life took an unexpected turn for garcia when he stumbled upon a bear carcass. >> had a knife and pulled it out and put it in my left hand to just try to take a claw off and maybe make a neck last or key chain. >> you were electrocuted. >> that's right. >> the bear had been lying on a live power source. shocking garcia with 2400 volts of electricity.
8:44 am
>> i remember the sound, i remember the heat, i remember the sensation. >> reporter: now his incredible story of survival is being told in the new documentary "charged: the eduardo garcia story." one of the doctors said you were a dead man with a heartbeat. >> yeah. i lost my left hand. i had an amputated hand at my forearm and nine exit wounds, four ribs removed. 21 surgeries in total. >> and you love to cook. >> yeah. >> but when they told you we have to take your left arm, your left hand, you won't have it anymore did you think that was in jeopardy. >> man, i -- i -- i put everything i had into envisi envisioning that i'd keep my hand. >> reporter: but doctors weren't able to save his hand and would have a prosthetic hook but first there would be another blow. you found out you have cancer. >> yeah, the blessing in di
8:45 am
>> how is that a blessing in disguise. >> i didn't know i had cancer in my body. and so through my surgery through one of my exit wounds a tissue sample came back from the lab positive for testicular cancer. had i not had this injury i would not have realized i had cancer in my body until it was at fourth stage in my brain or worse. >> reporter: months of chemotherapy would follow with years of rehabilitation and recovering from his accident. now 36 chef garcia says he chooses to see each day as a gift. the name of the film is "charged." >> right. >> what does it mean? >> to approach everything with just the kicking and screaming and with your heart wide open. it means just embrace the world we have because the interaction that may challenge you right now could be the last one we get so make it count. >> if you want to be charged up make sure you watch
8:46 am
it's out now on itunes and amazon and coming up, everybody, we go behind the new pixar hit
8:47 am
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all right. we're back now with a new movie for your family just in time for the holidays. "coco" getting so much buzz and amy sat down with one of the anymore's star, actor benjamin bratt. >> what i think makes it the perfect thanksgiving movie, the perfect holiday fare is that it celebrates family and it celebrates this idea that we all come from somewhere. the fact that it's set against the backdrop of the mexican community which is vibrant and artistic and faithful is something that i'm really proud of. i think that people are going to really respond to. >> the film from disthink and pixar follow the young boy's journey through his family's past with help from ernesto de la cruz. you're working with the people
8:49 am
>> right. >> what was that like? >> it's a fascinating experience and it's uniquely challenging in that as an actor, you're denied two of the main things that you rely upon to do a performance which is your body and your facial expression. that's eliminated. >> you are all anyone has been talking about. >> it's you alone in a booth with a set of earphones and a microphone. >> ooh. fireworks have begun. >> reporter: you're attempting to create a full body experience out of thin air so in this particular job i was required to sing but i'm not a singer. room a decent actor but, you know, i'm the guy who in the car when i'm listening to the radio my son and daughter say, please, dad, don't sing. and they, you know, over the process of me making this film they've been mocking me left and right because they don't know what it is i've dong. >> how old are they. >> my daughter is 15 next month. >> my daughter is 15 next month. i totally get the m
8:50 am
>> even though i've been telling them, you wait, you see. i can sing. they don't believe it. soon thanksgiving weekend when i take them to see the film for the first time. ♪ remember >> that's the one thing i'll be able -- >> drop the mike. >> i'm a pro now. paid professional singer, bang. >> get over it. >> cannot wait to see it. i don't know. whoever it was, thumb's up. "coco" hits theaters tomorrow. >> we hear great things and now we've got a special encore performance from our dear friend garth brooks here yesterday and has a new an thog tholg. so good, he stuck around after the show and was a great co-host but here he is to perform his hit "thunder rolls ♪ [ applause ] >> sweet.
8:51 am
thank you. one of the things i love about this anthology how the stories got there and how they almost did not. to think almost this did not and the crazy journey, how it ended up on the record is still one of my favorites. can't imagine my career without this song. ♪ 3:30 in the morning not a soul in sight the city's looking like a ghost town on a moonless summer night ♪ ♪ raindrops on the windshield there's a storm moving in ♪ ♪ he's heading back from somewhere that he never should have been ♪ ♪ and the thunder rolls and the thunder rolls ♪
8:52 am
house across town ♪ ♪ she's pacing by the telephone in her faded flannel gown ♪ ♪ asking for a miracle hoping she's not right ♪ ♪ praying it's the weather that's kept him out all night ♪ ♪ and the thunder rolls and the thunder rolls ♪ ♪ the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes ♪ ♪ another love grows cold on a sleepless night ♪ ♪ as the storm blows on out of control ♪ ♪ deep in her heart the thunder rolls ♪
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♪ she's waiting by the window when he pulls into the drive ♪ ♪ she rushes out to hold him thankful he's alive ♪ ♪ but on the wind and rain a strange new perfume blows ♪ ♪ and the lightning flashes in her eyes and he knows that she knows ♪ ♪ and the thunder rolls and the thunder rolls ♪ [ applause ]
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"good morning america" is brought to you by abreva. heal your cold sore fast. >> we love you, michael. >> happy birthday, michael. [ cheers and applause ] >> i tell you. >> like a little boy. it's so cute. >> michael. >> the best way to celebrate a birthday is with these guys here so thank you, guys. i love you. [ cheers and applause ] >> anchor:
8:57 am
washington. new claims of sexual misconduct in congress. michigan representative john coniers paid a woman more than $27,000 in 2015. the woman claims she was fired from his staff because she rejected his advances. after a night of luxury two lucky turkeys are headed to the white house today. wish bone and drum stick will be pardoned at 1:00 this afternoon and live at virginia tech. here is eileen with the forecast. we'll today will be the warmest day of the week as temperatures climb to 60 degrees. lows tonight in the 40s. rain is
8:58 am
morning. tomorrow cooler high 52. breezy today and tomorrow chilly for thanksgiving. 52 for black friday and week end dry cooler on sunday. >> anchor: interstate starting to stack up. earlier accident on the 14th street bridge. on our traffic cameras 95 in maryland gridlock already approaching the beltway >> anchor: you can get more updates on good morning washington over on news channel 8. safe travels today have a great day. ♪
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly & ryan"! today, from the new film "murder on the orient express," michelle pfeiffer. and from the animated film "coco," benjamin bratt. plus a performance from singer-songwriter kelsea ballerini. all next on "live"! and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hi, guys! >> kelly: hi! oh, hi! >> ryan: hey, hey. >> kelly: hi. >> ryan: how are you? good morning. >> both: good morning. [upbeat country music] ♪


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