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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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alison: you watched the drama unfold. jonathan: a massive breach and cover up. what uber is saying about the hack exposing the data of 57 million people. alison: and if there were specific things you could do to make your kids smarter, you would do them, right? 7 on your side talks to a doctor. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. jonathan: we began on stormwatch. many are starting the thanksgiving weekend now with travel. alison: may be last minute trip to the grocery store, but for the most part we have good news with the weather. weak weather system is passing by overnight. by the time you travel
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, 8 a.m., you are fine. widen thisi want to outcome is showers to the west area they are starting to develop over west virginia, back into ohio and the northern parts of kentucky. that will make its way through overnight. look at the numbers come into the 50's right now. pretty widespread, the temperatures compared to the same time yesterday. manassas 20 degrees warmer than it was the same time yesterday. 0 degreess 10 to 2 warmer. overnight we are expecting rain, 3:00 until 6 a.m. i will break down the area and the timing coming up in just a few minutes. for up-to-the-minute forecast to plan your holidays, download the stormwatch 7 app. jonathan:
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over breaking newsin prince george's county. a truck flipped over on rot 15 air crain highway. crews -- a truck flipped over on route 50 near crain highway. crews are cleaning up and it is still under investigation. alison: david cassidy has died at the age of 67. he starred in "the partridge family" in the 1970's. he died in florida after being hospitalized with organ failure. family and friends thanked the fans for their support and kind words. a massive breach at uber, hackers stealing the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers. the company is accused of keeping the hack quiet for more than a year. uber ousted its chief security officer in the wake of the report. the compromise data included
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phone numbers, but they said no social security numbers or credit information was included in the hack. said he only recently learned of the breach and is launching an investigation. in the satellite center, nancy chen, abc 7 news. jonathan: the 7 on your side is searching for answers tonight. it was a wild seamen alexander that started with a police chase and ended with an officer shooting a man friday. alison: days later we do not know who was shot or why. tim barber is trying to uncover more on the circumstances. now i understand the fbi is involved? park police,.s. the chief asked the fbi to get involved for the sake of objectivity. the fbi does not normally investigate
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federal agencies. a chased by a u.s. park police officer ended with an accident and a man's shot. >> everyone has been trying to figure out what happened. we don't really know anything. has also your side been looking for answers since the car crash in alexandria and fairfax county around 8 p.m. friday. we have play several calls and email. we finally got word the fbi is investigating the officer-involved shooting. arepark police and agents not telling us who was shot, what condition they are in, or why they are being chased. >> it would be nice to know what led to the chase. tim: at last check friday, the suspect was in critical condition. as soon as we get an update on their condition we will let you know. live in southwest, tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: tim, thank you.
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bullied for reporting an incident at school. she said that a teacher forcibly removed her hijab at lake braddock secondary school last week and now there is were the teenager is facing backlash area anna-lysa gayle has the story. anna-lysa: last week the team tweeted about the moment she felt her hijab being ripped off her head. that has been retweeted nearly 14,000 times and the organization representing her is fighting back. >> today we sent a letter to the fairfax county public schools. anna-lysa: the council of islamic american relations is -- the student is receiving nasty messages after she reported that her teacher ripped off her hijab in november. >>
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where a student is constantly bullied just because they report an incident to school officials. anna-lysa: since the investigation, the teacher has been on leave, leading to reaction from students believing the teacher did not intentionally remove the hijab. those students staged a protest friday. school principal sent a letter to parents asking them to tell their children to refrain from engaging in personal attacks about the incident on social media platforms. he went on to say much of this activity takes place outside the school day, when students are not under our supervision. >> we know there are different stories. the bottom line is the student has to be protected. anna-lysa: tonight the council on islamic american relations is also calling for an unbiased investigation. that investigation i
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in tonight, three military personnel reassigned come accused of improper contact with four women while traveling with the president in asia. this is according to "the washington post." he service members are accused of breaking curfew in vietnam. jonathan: new developments come after days of silence, president trump supporting alabama senate candidate roy who stands accused of several sexual assault a. jay korff is tracking this from the live desk. giving hisesident opinion about the u.s. senate election in alabama. he said a republican should hold that seat. he talked about the democratic candidate's record saying that bob jones has been terrible on crime. he has also been following the claims made against roy moore.
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of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers and he was in his 30's. the president was asked about the near daily headlines about sexual misconduct leveled against powerful men in our nation, and if he had a message for women. >> women are very special. i think it is a very special time. there's a lot of things coming out, and i think that is good for our society. jay: the white house says the president does not plan to campaign for roy moore but is not ruling it out. jay korff, abc 7 news. new falloute is against longtime network anchor charlie rose. he has been fired by both cbs and pbs, this after eight women accuse him of unwanted sexual advances. police say they arrested a drunk driver who slammed into two
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officers say that philip martin drank from a beer can during a traffic stop, then shifted his car into reverse and hit the'cs then there was a chased through gaithersburg and he crashed into a second cruiser. he has a prater dui arrest. as spurs were injured. jonathan: each year george washington university hospital hosts the medical victims and those who save their lives area among them, matt mika, who was shot at the congressional baseball practice last summer. >> everybody told me to get down because i had been shot in the chest. i do not feel it until i looked down. jonathan: first responders were not sure that he would survive. after surgeries and physical therapy, he is back to work and thinking the emergency workers who save tim.
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that day including congressman steve scalise. all of them survived. alison: a 7 on your side consumer alert -- ikea is relaunching a recall of nearly 30 million chests and dressers after the death of a two-year-old boy in california. this is the eighth death tied to furniture that can tip over if it is not secure to the wall. ikea is offering refunds, a wall mounting kit, and in some cases employees will come to your home to attach them for you. trouble inhe annual toyland report is out just in time for black friday. terrance are being warned against purchasing -- parents are being warned against purchasing fidget spinners, as well as hoverboards that can overheat. is anythingern toy that connects to the internet because they can put your child's risk. read more on all the warnings on our website,, and also the abc 7
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nike shoe in richmond. that's right. they canceled it because there was a swarm of nearly 500 people around the store, forcing the store to shut down. wereike air max 97-1 designed by a richmond native. that is what they look like. some people had been waiting outside for days. alison: for the first time since their indictment in the russia probe, paul manafort and rick gates can go outside. the judge gave both men limited release so the can spend thanksgiving with their families. they must they and the d.c. area, refrain from drinking alcohol, and wear gps devices. president trump's former campaign chairman and business associate are under house arrest until next year. jonathan: jordan and lindsay celebrating their
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trophy after winning the season of "dancing with the stars." we are joined live with all that is going on out there. this was some show with some great dancing tonight. there wasjonathan, some extremely great dancing, and it really came as no surprise that jordan and lindsay won the the mirror ball trophy. jordan was the leader the entire season. tonight all the couples pulled out all the stops for the final chance to take on the trophy. it began with a christmas spectacular reunion with all 13 couples coming back to take the stage, then the three couples starting the final competition. at the beginning, all of them landing perfect 10's. challenge, theal 24-hour fusion, the fans voted and saw that jordan and lindsay came out on top. the
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right now the couples are on the red carpet, doing press runs. soon, they will be on a plane heading to new york for a special appearance on "good morning america." jonathan, back to you. jonathan: i suspect they won't get much sleep tonight. they all looked great, thanks. ifson: parents, listen up -- there were 10 concepts to make your kids smarter, you would follow them, right? 7 on your side will tell you what they are, in no particular order, and they are backed by science. "time" magazine compiled the list and we enlisted the help of a pediatrician to help determine whether they really work. number one, music lessons. using theirticing muscles and
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learn and apply to other things in life. alison: number two, the dumb jock is a myth. being in good shape increases the ability to learn and increases blood flow to the brain and helps with focus. number three, don't read to your kids, read with them. don't let them just stare at the pictures while you do all the reading. interact, help them sound out words, and discuss the topic. number four, sleep deprivation makes kids stupid. research shows that sleep is critical for all ages and stages of development. evenolescence, if they get 15, 30 minutes more, they are not falling asleep at school. iq is not worth much without self-discipline. kids with great do better in life. >> not everybody applies it in school. alison:
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an active process. researchers say that brain training products like videos and games don't work. real learning is active, not passive. number seven, treats can be a good thing at the right time. it is best if kids eat healthy, but if you give them a small amount of sugar, do it while they are studying. number eight, happy kids equals successful kids. the doctor calls this a no-brainer, though one teenager said that can be hard to find. >> nobody in high school seems to happy. it's kind of weird. number nine, p or group matters. pure pressure can be good if surround u themselves with positive behaviors and attitudes. number 10, believe in your kids. we have to support our children in whatever they choose to do. >> if you make sure that your kid is happy
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parent and believe in them, you are good to go. alison: the doctor said there is so much pressure on kids these days and parents that it's important to make an effort to slow down and do things that make you happy as a family. jonathan: makes sense. the girl scouts of america with a message for parents -- do not take your daughter -- do not make your daughter hug anyone, including relatives. fourth contact can influence how girl set boundaries in the future. the idea is to let them decide how they want to show affection. that is the recommendation from the girl scouts. -- it is looking like a cold thanksgiving day, but good weather if you are hitting the road. alison: bill kelly is
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bill: welcome back. it is much warmer than the same time yesterday. we are like 10, 20 degrees warmer and will stay that way through the night. 53 d.
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c. 48 hagerstown. had a big drop. now the clouds are filling in, and we will not drop much from where we are right now. we are tracking the rain showers developing in west virginia. some of them moving to the south, virginia, heading towards our area. that is what we watch overnight. that and the cold front over cincinnati. notice a little bit of blue behind this, snowflakes flying around. i don't expect that here, but a cooler shot of air the next --. here we are -- the next couple days. skies.t, clear the further east, the better chance of rain as that moves across. by about 6 a.m., 7:00 a.m., watch this come it is for the most part gone at 8 a.m., with the exception of the far eastern zones.
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9:00,ow, 8:00, 10:00 in the morning, it is long gone. in terms of the overall travel forecast, i think it is great. tomorrow evening all the way through to this time. it will be breezy, lots of sunshine, cooler than today. 51 by noon, 49 at 4:00. have your sunglasses tomorrow. thanksgiving, a beautiful day. partly sunny, 45 the high. black friday, the holidays on either side, 52 by 2:00 in the afternoon. in the morning if you're heading out, 3:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., you will want the jacket, but oh weather related problems at all. saturday, showers, stray showers, not an organized
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then we drop the temperature sunday to 48. basically all the way through the 10 day forecast looking pretty good.
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jonathan: this is fun to watch. ups canine likes to do push with his fellow officers. al
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season for the redskins. the major storylines -- heartbreaking losses and injuries. giants game, the residues will be using their third option at center and a veteran journeyman likely getting the start. the burgundy and gold battered and bruised, mentally and physically come after sunday's devastating loss in new orleans. prizeeam is like a fighter after taking a power punch, a little stunned, confuse, but not on the canvas just yet. as for the thursday night games, the players could do without. >> they need to throw the thursday night games out. it is definitely hard on our bodies, speaking for us. field sunday and you have to prepare into, three days and get ready for another physical game.
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louisiana tech. have donets would well to put a man on jacoby boykins. ucla taking on wisconsin. tied at 70-70 with time winding down. holiday drives and beats the buzzer. 18 points for the junior guard. ucla beats the badgers. former redskins all-pro tackle joe jacoby is once again a semifinalist for the hall of fame. this is the eighth time
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barista i've ever met in my life. here is what it looks like on the seven-day forecast. morningrow, a few showers. should be out by about 7:00, 8:00. jonathan: thank you for watching. have a great night.
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hey, hey, you're going to pay for this! >> okay, ferris. >> stop calling me ferris! >> sorry, ferris. >> okay, ferris. >> i'm trying to enjoy my day off! it's "jimmy kimmel live" from brooklyn! david letterman and music from fifth harmony. brought to you by goog


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