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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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announcer: now, "good morning washington" on your side. shut down for a deadly crash. team coverage from the scene and the abc 7 traffic center. larry: a member of congress apologizing for a naked photo posted online. sexual harassment claims consuming capitol hill. autria: we are counting down to the macy's day parade. millions in manhattan for the first big event of the holiday season as we get a look at the famous and fabulous balloons. larry: a busy kitchen in d.c.
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meals. we hope your thanksgiving is off to a great start. i am larry smith. i am autria godfrey. i wish that my table looked like that. all of the hard work is already done. >> off to a cold start. sun is notark, the up yet. 35 degrees, definitely needing the heavier coat. topping out at 47 degrees. it will stay cool, that we will be under sunshine. overnight, temperatures in the 20's for the western suburbs. skies.clear the wind returns overnight, and for blackheat us up friday shopping plans. 7:00 a.m., an extra layer is needed, but 1:00 in the 50's. right around average. dry on friday. if you're heading to the capitals game, the puck
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5:00, mid 40's and mainly clear skies. julie: a fatal crash this thanksgiving morning on the inner loop of the capital beltway as you work your way past van dorn street. there is not too much of a delay from the wilson bridge to the springfield interchange, but you will likely find an investigation team on the scene until further notice. from springfield to the wilson ridge, your lanes are open. we say good morning to sam sweeney in mobile track 7. are doing a 3-d imaging of the crash scene. this is at the van dorn inner loop. a tractor-trailer is off the side of the road. a small 4-door sedan was going so fast it is halfway underneath the tractor-trailer.
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ours. the left lane is getting by. traffic is very light. the night before thanksgiving is a deadly night. nationwide, they're predicting more than 400 fatalities on the road. unfortunately, this one is in fairfax county. we will update you when we learn more about how this happened and when they expect the road to be reopened. policeprince george's, on the scene of a shooting at the hyattsville metro station. we don't know the condition of information on the suspect. we will have that for u.s. soon as we can get it. through aames tearing home in clinton, maryland on bellefontaine lane. the fire started in one of the bedrooms. everyone made it out ok in there were no injuries.
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thanksgiving morning. autria: preparing thousands of meals for those in need. suzanne kennedy is making sure everything goes according to plan. suzanne: this is a fantastic event. truly a washington dc tradition. me -- that's ok. mark is doing his job. they are wrapping up the turkeys in these boxes. these women are wearing gloves, wrapping them in aluminum foil. they are doing a heckuva job getting this ready to go out the door. alan and la they have been doing this for how many years? >> five years. to bee: what does it mean back for a 50 year? >> believe it or not, we enjoy getting out that 3:00 in the morning. we want to do
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great and help the community before we get started on our family stuff for thanksgiving. we are year-round volunteers. it is not just today. seeing all of the food going out and thinking about what it means to the people that will be receiving this, hoover once a for want to- who year can host a meal for their families. it is cool to be a part of that and contribute to that, even though you don't get to meet the people individually. suzanne: tell me about the energy in the room. the music is rocking and everyone is ready to go. >> a great music selection. purpose,ecause of the you have extra energy. good things going on with great people. you rock
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suzanne: thank you, ladies. a big shout out to the platinum ere.des back th another group we have been talking to, they are having a great time. suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." autria: tightening security hours away from the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. trucks will create their ears, and all intersections along the parade route will be blocked. ahead oft, big crowds the parade to watch as the balloons were inflated. new characters include olaf from ' then and dr. seuss french. i cannot believe that is a new balloon. come on. we will have a live report from new york city coming up at 6:50. larry: maryland state police
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out in full force to keep our roads safe. and earlyng eve thanksgiving morning one of the most deadly nights. that is because most farce stay open until two hours ago. looking out for speeders, dui, and distracted and aggressive drivers. more potentially damaging information about congressman joe barton of texas. >> by his own admission, his troubles stem from an extramarital affair. that woman threatened to release videos and salacious messages. a recording she played of a phone conversation she had with barton in 2015, he is heard saying that he would report her to capitol police for exposing his behavior. barton reacted to a tweet that included a new image of him. he said the image stemmed from an extramarital affair
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his divorce, and he will not step down. larry: president trump is in florida for his first thanksgiving in office. the family will celebrate with a thanksgiving feast. not your average dinner. they will hold their thanksgiving dinner at the mar-a-lago estate. autria: as for the pardoned turkeys they are at their new home at virginia tech. drumstick and wishbone will live out their days at what is being dubbed gobblers rest. they will join last year's lucky tods, tater and t. larry: the redskins gearing up for the gridiron. predictions from john gonzalez. autria: calling all pre-bl
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>> good
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and i think that goes a long way. >> thankful for waking up every morning. for my family and actually living in d.c.. i think it is a fantastic city. molly: quite a cold start with temperatures around 46. we are under mostly sunny skies. hours.g to the evening temperatures will tumble click when the sun goes down. the redskins game and 8:30, layers.p and add extra in the 30's under mostly clear skies. if you're doing holiday shopping, 54 degrees by 1:00 under partly sunny conditions. julie: the worst spot to be in would be the beltway near van dorn street. involving aash tractor-trailer. the investigation continues at this hour.
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scene. from this the reconstruction team is still out there. only the left lane is able to get by. there is an abrupt delay heading up to the wilson bridge. past the scene you are back up to speed. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes we will look at the ride in alexandria. now, johnny g. is at the diner. : talking turkey and redskins football. hopefully they will be giving us a win and not a serving of
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the freestanding, cord-free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark. announcer: you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. autria: it is looking like christmas in paris. with the annual christmas lights. they can be seen every night through the holiday season. larry: gorgeous. i am not ready for it,
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thanksgiving. one tradition almost as famous as turkey, football. autria: the redskins taking on the giants at home. hey, johnny. i am making sure i don't have anything in my teeth. not only are we talking redskins, but it is 6:00 in the morning and i am are to having my thanksgiving feast. big gametball fan, a tonight. so good ons aren't thanksgiving. this will be their first time ever to host a thanksgiving game.what do you think will happen? win,pefully they will because i want to hear the song. john: he loves the song, hail to the redskins. hopefully will get him to sing it.
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list.d reserve their starting center is playing in his first nfl game on thanksgiving. what is going to happen to this team? >> they need to step up more and other better. this is his first professional game, that is a little different, don't you think? john: you cook, and i hear you are a great barbecue cook from the carolinas. i we going to enjoy thanksgiving or the game more? e. most likely the dinner her you will have a lot of good eating here. john: you heard it. he thinks the meal will be better than the game. autria: this practice run for the army's golden
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knights. they jumped out of a plane over prince george's county. they will be a part of the pregame festivities at fedex field. so, look up. bowl. the annual turkey today, some players will be watching from the bench. 18 woodson player suspended for this fight against eastern. players will be sitting out the first game of next season for their extracurricular activity. opening kickoff set for 11:00 at eastern high school. wright and iulie were at the capitol one for the pumpkin pie eating contest. julie: it is part of the caps giving. that was kathleen, the only in the piearticipate eating contest. we thought we were going to get larry in. he was ready to go, he had an
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had their in-house announcer. the guide to my right is the -- the guy to my right is the one who won. he ate the most pumpkin pie in one minute. autria: so some of it actually got into his mouth? kathleen was like, i think this is going to ruin my lipstick. oh, honey. it is going to ruin your mascara -- what you have for the turkey day forecast? molly: sunshine, but off to a cool start. temperatures across much of the northeast, a lot of us in the 20's and 30's. definitely needing the extra layer this morning. if you are partaking in any turkey
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11:00, 30's to lower 40's. thing.ra layer is a good the daytime high at 46 degrees with lows in the 20's to lower 30's. also the southerly wind. . a cool start. through the afternoon, 54 degrees. through saturday, another warm one. a cold front moves through late saturday evening that could shower, but we cool off by sunday. sunday's daytime high in the upper 40's to lower 50's. next week, a quiet weather pattern. notice the warm-up, 60 by wednesday. .ulie: traffic, also metro keep that in mind. the thanksgiving day schedule opening a 8:00
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-- opening at 8:00. it :00 to 11:00. .etro-owned operated garages with the exception of largo town center. the trouble spot is going to be on the south side and van dorn street. a fatal tractor-trailer crash under investigation. starting to see a backup form as you approach the scene, but that is it appeared from the springfield to the wilson bridge, your lanes are open and you are at speed here this is where we had the crash at falls church. a single lane to the right getting by with very little delay. we will look at the ride at van dorn street. autria: proud to be a sponsor of this year's toys for tots toy drive. join us next saturday at national harbor, december 2 between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to help a child have a happy holiday. ♪
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♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. announcer: you are watching "good morning washington" on
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usa gymnastics team doctor admitted to using his position to abuse underage girls, including some under 13 years old. his accusers include the top names in the sport. "gma" firstorning's look, larry nassar appearing in a michigan court room on wednesday pleading guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual misconduct involving young grows he was treating for frederick injuries. the former doctor is facing a minimum prison sentence of 25 behind bars whispering his plea in court. >> guilty. >> he lost his medical license in may. theoving forward, away from hurting. >> some of his accusers facing him in court,
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in the gallery speaking out after the hearing. >> i am grateful to the army of women that have stopped a pedophile. >> paula faris, abc news, new york.
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announcer: now, "good morning washington" on your side. areia: the balloons inflated and the floats are lined up. a decades-old tradition kicks off. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we will be taking you live to the big apple. larry: a live look at a very big kitchen in d.c. cooking thousands of holiday meals. autria: they are very busy. good morning. i am autria godfrey. larry: i am larry smith. it is beautiful. hopefully, it will be a great day for you. molly cochran, we will walk out of the house to go to gran dma's house, what do we take with us? molly: definitely a heavy coat. sunrise at 7:00. centerville,
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macy's thanksgiving day parade. 30 to lower 40's. you definitely want to bundle up. 28 in leesburg. 25 in andrews. these conditions taking into account the wind. in the afternoon, the temperature at 47 for a daytime high. a few degrees below average. tonight, lower 30's, but nice and dry and through the overnight hours. black friday shopping plans will be a cool start that heating up in the afternoon. isie: we are looking at what happening on the inner loop of the capital beltway. a fatal tractor-trailer crash under investigation. traffic is squeezing fly to the left. there is not too much of a delay, but something to watch out for. from the wilson bridge to springfield to the bridge, all of your lanes are open. that's check in with
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am: where three hours into this investigation. large stateery police presence on the inner loop of the beltway past van dorn. what we know now, around 3:30 this morning a tractor-trailer was pulled off to the side of the road and a car came up behind it at a high rate of speed and slammed into it. half of the car is under the tractor-trailer. this is a fatal investigation. this is one of the deadliest times of year for the roadways. the night before thanksgiving can be dangerous to be on the roads, and now we have at least one fatal crash in fairfax county. blocked butnes are because of the light traffic there is, no problem. autria: information the
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murder of a baltimore detect this. larry: determining the weapon used, but is raising more questions. >> sean suter was killed with his own gun. the gun was found at the crime scene. the shooting happened the day before he was supposed to testify against fellow officers indicted for drug dealing. the baltimore police commissioner claims there is no link. this comes as we learn detective suter will be laid to rest next week. a $215,000 reward is being offered for his killer. developments concerning the austin reuter funeral home. his office has obtained a temporary restraining order. it prevents the funeral home from conducting business and freezes its assets. these are stemming from a consumer lawsuit
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monday. it alleges the funeral home did business without the proper licenses and charged grieving families for services it did not provide. autria: we're looking at a fight at a gaithersburg high school recorded on cell phone video. several students are being punished for the brawl that broke out on monday. school officials will not tell us what the punishment is. we spoke with the student who recorded it. he said a school resource officer tried to break up the fight. >> this is the first time i ever saw student on security guard contact. no sane person would do that. autria: the officer was not injured. it is not clear what caused the students to get out of control. larry: the red line close between silver spring and fort totten on saturday. the takoma station will be closed. the work will run through december 1
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ready to save. autria: major retailers rolling out big sales. it is online deals. at target, the xbox 1 on sale for $189 plus a gift card. with $80 inan ipad savings. larry: doors open at 6:00 tonight with target and walmart offering $300 in gift cards if 8 plus.the iphone 8 and autria: if you're willing to face the crowds, today's the day to get the best deals on tv's and gaming consoles. larry: experts say there will be better prices tomorrow on kitchenware and clothing. autria: of course on kitchenware. they won't need it
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we have survival guide shopping strategies and tips for the best deals. download our free abc 7 news app . your: the cost of putting thanksgiving mill on the table is the lowest in five years. we are paying $49.12 for a meal for 10. at two dollars twice except. a three pound bag of sweet potatoes, $2.50. a pound of green beans, $1.53. autria: that means you can have double the amount. butterball is helping with its 37th annual turkey talk line. you can get help with cooking questions. last year the hotline received 10,000 calls and 5000 text messages. the hotline has been around since 1981.
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fires everywhere. larry: weight loss secrets p or the spice that can stop you from packing on pounds.
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>> i am thankful for life. just being able to get up every day and being able to work. just being here and being able to give back. family is good, health is fairly good. i have to say, considerably blessed. molly: a look at your thanksgiving day forecast. hopefully everyone has a happy and safe holiday. we are starting cool. temperatures topping out at 46 degrees under mostly sunny skies. clear through the evening. the redskins game, kickoff at 8:30, bundle up with temperatures in the 30's on under mainly clear
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degrees above average on saturday. a cold front moves through by the evening, possibly sparking a shower. mostly dry. sunday, cooler with the temperature at 50. tomorrow night, the fourth annual tree lighting ceremony in d.c. mostly cloudy with a shower around 8:00. you will the highways, find lanes are open on the top stretch. metro is checking in with issues. opening at 8:00 until 11:00. make note of that. in effect all morning. with the exception of largo town center and morgan boulevard you will find free parking at metro owned and operated garages. approaching lee highwa
6:42 am
delay. on the inner loop the fatal tractor-trailer crash under investigation. by travelingget from springfield to the wilson bridge. larry: counting down to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. autria: billions in manhattan for the holiday tradition. we are taking you to new york city. getting pies ready and other food to be sent out to 3500 people. the assembly line is hard at work. larry: an incredible story. a woman paying it forward. how she raised
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guys, we pies.lking these were sold couple of weeks ago and will accompany the meals. a lot of people in the community as part of slice of life. 10% will go to an organization importer rico, similar to this 1 organization importer rico similar to this one. they have no generator and no power. we have lots of volunteers getting these ready to go and ready to be delivered to 3500 people in the washington dc area. is this your first time volunteering? >> i volunteer every saturday. if i am in town for thanksgiving, i volunteer here. suzanne: what is the difference being here on saturday and being
6:47 am
on saturday there is usually a group of individuals that will come in on saturday and we will do food prep. we will do things called the cold bag and expediting. suzanne: i would imagine it is a little different today. >> the people here are all here to try to do something for out.s and help just be a part of a community at food and friends. suzanne: thank you. i appreciate your time. the fantastic thing is you get so many repeat volunteers. people who would not think of starting their thanksgiving in any way except for being here. whether it is working in the kitchen or delivering food. they will have the first group of deliveries at 8:00. by noon, all of the people will have their food in the metropolitan area. is in: president trump florida for his first thanksgiving in office.
6:48 am
like much of the rest of us with a thanksgiving feast. glitzymps will hold a thanksgiving dinner at the maryland law go the state. --at the maryland august 8 at the mar-a-lago estate. today's thanksgiving meal including turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. overnight, explosive allegations against gop congressman joe barton of texas. >> by his own admission his troubles stem from an extramarital affair. reallyman threatened to sexually explicit photos, videos, and the passages. the washington post cites a recording she played the phone conversation with barton in 2015. he is heard telling
6:49 am
report her to capitol police for exposing his behavior. less than 24 hours ago he reacted to an anonymous tweet that included a new dimension of him. he apologized and indicated the image stemmed from the extramarital affair before his divorce. he said he would not step down. moore'sa shakeup in roy campaign. the director has resigned. his senior campaign adviser says rogers did not have the experience to deal with with a campaign is facing. several women are accusing roy moore sexual misconduct from decades ago. moore will face off against doug jones on december 12. larry: york city police getting ready for the thanksgiving day parade with the halloween truck attack fresh in everyone's mind. people are lining up to see the famous balloons. leifer manhattan with --
6:50 am
trucks we are seeing. have you seen those? >> you are seeing those trucks. you are seeing more and ypg uniformed officers. they will be in cooperation with plain clothed officers. there are 3 million people along in manhattan. they are saying if they see something to say something and on the ground.s there are sharpshooters on roost and aviation control. a coordinated effort against terrorist attacks. there no caps off threats against the parade specifically, but it is a major event in new york city that ushers in the holiday season and other high profile events.
6:51 am
keep everyone safe if everyone cooperates. security measures went into effect last night with the inflation. people had to clear more security checkpoints this year than in the past. barricades i on the ground, sand trucks in the intersections, traffic will come to a standstill to let the parade through. there is a lot going on to make sure the celebration is safe. live from manhattan. enjoy the parade. autria: you can catch a replay of the montgomery county parade on news 8. the dynamic duo. the parade airs from noon until 2:00 p.m. and then from 4:00 to 6:00 on news channel 8. larry:
6:52 am
year players will be watching from the bench. this.cause of 18 woodson player suspended for this fight during a game against eastern. the players will be sitting out the first game of next season as well. for a lawyer and else, opening kickoff at eastern high school. day for the nfl. washington redskins taking on the new york giants. for those of you spending thanksgiving tailgating, parking lots open at noon. kickoff is set for 8:30. if you're looking for a ticket, you are in luck. the skins and giants are not looking good for the playoffs. standing room tickets for eight dollars and actual seats for $10. you can be in row 2 for
6:53 am
pass was $54. you can get a seat. 4 seats foran get less than a parking pass. autria: so metro out and you can see the game for less than $50. degrees, then it should fall into the middle 30's by the end of the game. outside now, the sun coming up at 7:00 a.m. reagan national 33 degrees. a northwesterly breeze keeping .s on the cool side the feels-like temperature at 26. we should get to 47 for a daytime high under sunshine. the overnight low at 33 degrees. in the western suburbs, middle
6:54 am
southwesterly wind returns overnight. that will heat us up. the reston town center parade in the tree lighting salmon is going on. 54 degrees under sunshine. as we look at that, maybe a shower late saturday evening due to a cold front. there is the daytime high on saturday at 58 falling into the lower 50's on sunday with sunshine in play. .e are smooth sailing a spotty showers saturday evening. temperatures come up tomorrow. next week, temperatures hitting 60 degrees by wednesday. julie: 60 degrees? i like it. you will find accident activity. the accident activity is gone on 66 inside the beltway towards lee highway. the tractor-trailer crash, the
6:55 am
under investigation with the 2 left lanes getting through. it will be a long investigation taking up the right lanes until further notice. a lot of activities at fedex with everything kicking off at noon. gatesg lots open at noon, open at 6:30. is at food ando friends this morning. mayor bowser showing up to help serve itood ready and to thousands in need. larry: awesome. many of you are probably up early. i got a tweet from mike at the gym getting ready for the thanksgiving feast. isaac doug owns doug's shac
6:56 am
he was barbecuing at 1:30 this morning. .> passion no one else will come out here at 1:00 in the morning, barbecuing, smoking ham and brisket and whatnot. it is all about the love and passion. larry: you can taste that love and passion later today. he starts barbecuing at midnight ticket turkeys to customers that noon. >> it might be thanksgiving but it is looking like christmas at the white house. first lady trout sharing these photos -- first lady trump sharing these photos of her decorations. everyone online is asking why is she wearing a coat inside? to me she is so so fashionable.
6:57 am
her latest coat. -- coathe code off off there. -colored coat is to die for. if you like cinnamon, add extra to your holiday meal. ellsspice may help fat c burn energy. may not will, so don't put cinnamon on everything. a homeless veteran used his last $20 to office woman buy gas. in turn, she
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good morning, america. holiday on high alert. security tighter than ever at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3.5 million people expected to line the streets weeks after that terror attack in manhattan. sand-filled sanitation trucks becoming barriers. thousands of officers and bomb-sniffing dogs in place. new sexual assault allegations sweeping washington. the members of congress accused and refusing to resign as president trump celebrates his first thanksgiving in office with his family at mar-a-lago. what's on the president's agenda that he hopes to accomplish before christmas? paying it forward.


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