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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> it is baffling to hear about this. kellye: gunshots ring out repeatedly this thanksgiving weekend. one of the shootings deadly. plus -- >> i let people down. ke
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speaks out for the first time after being swept into a nationwide wave of sexual misconduct allegations. dmv touch andthe go at times. we are live on the roads tonight. news at 11:00, on your side. top story come a violent holiday weekend in the district keeping the police busy. at least four shootings, one of them deadly, keeping residents on high alert. q mccray is on the story. you heard several shots being fired? q: that is right, it happened at about 8:00. we have some video to show viewers of the scene at that time. i was typing up our story for tonight's show when i heard the gunshots go off, and within minutes
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upon the area. what happened tonight is still under investigation, but it happened about two blocks away from yesterday's fatal shooting. the violence started saturday afternoon a little after 2:00. the shooting in broad daylight near the 100 block of 58th street southeast. the victim will leave. five hours later, metropolitan block rushed to the 2700 of langston place southeast. two men rush to the hospital conscious and breathing. hours later, things turned deadly in southwest. m., therere 9:30 p. were reports of gunfire near the channel square apartments. an 18-year-old man and a juvenile were hit. the two stumbled down the street until they found a d.c. police officer for help. the juvenile died at the hospital.
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recovering at the hospital. neighbors fear for their safety. six squad cars last night and they came back this morning. it's scary. q: the last shooting happened early sunday morning. it was once considered one of the safest places in the nation's capital, dupont circle. >> it just happens. it's really surprising. were driving when a front seat passenger got into an argument with a pedestrian on massachusetts avenue. he pulled out a gun and shot the passenger in the eye. when you tally this up, that is four shootings and six victims, including the juvenile that passed away, in less than 24 hours. if you have any information about any of the shootings, contact the metropolitan police. q mccray, abc 7 news. kellye:
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county police say that a mother and her toddler are dead after a murder suicide in landover. theauthorities say 34-year-old killed her two-year-old son and took her own life. this happened on country would court. neighbors said they thought that the family had moved out. >> she would spend the majority of her time with the kids. definitely very shocking. kellye: the police say they both died of his fixie asian. the motive is under investigation. -- the police say they both died of asphyxiation. the motive is still under investigation. veteran police officer sean suitors was shot november 15 and died a day later. she wasestified to that scheduled to testify in a federal case gloating other several officers. the funeral service will be wednesday. tonight, more calls for stricter
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after a prince george's county dr. turned out to not be a doctor at all. used stolen social security numbers and a fake id to get a medical license. he worked at pg hospital center for five years, delivering babies and treating women. are accusing administrators of not providing adequate background checks. brian: the first forecast, clear skies, light wind, and the temperature is starting to plummet. 47 downtown at reagan national. we got up to 55, but that was the warm spot. the numbers are dropping back as the light wind settles in. 26 right now in manassas ,30 culpeper, 37 leesburg. we have 20's and 30's. i think most of us will be in the 20's and 30's
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night, andhan last the temperatures bottom out. tomorrow morning, low 40's, milder spots, 30's in the cooler spots. coming up a look ahead to the next 10 days. kellye: thank you, brian. millions are returning home after the long thanksgiving day holiday, one of the busiest travel days with mortal and 45 million people hitting the road. screen more than 3 million flyers. tom roussey is live in mobile track seven. how are things looking right now, tom? tom: we definitely have good news tonight, kellye, things are finally moving. this is 95 in prince william county. it has been a trouble spot, along withre
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we are moving at speed, not even heavy traffic, but it was not that way even two hours ago. comeom new jersey to hear it has been six hours. tom: the main reason their trip was taking so long was i-95 in northern virginia. >>. it's not good trouble spots have been southbound near dale city and dumfries and northbound near fredericksburg. for many travelers, this is the absolute worst spot. >> the bay bridge and 495. it was all 95. spotone other big trouble was any road leading to reagan national airport. a section of the gw parkway was a virtual parking lot much of the day. the airport says the sunday after thanksgiving is normally its biggest travel day of the year. as bad as that was, 95 in
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off to eat. >> just relax a little bit and then drive when the traffic eases up. tom: they really try to see it as the glass half-full. >> we are getting to see part of the road that we normally just zoom by. such an optimistic viewpoint because they were planning to drive all the way to florida. we just moved into fairfax county, and still traffic is fine. that is the case through the d.c. area. smoothly in moving the baltimore and richmond areas as well. reporting live along i-95 in northern virginia, tom roussey, abc 7 news. reminder -- get up-to-the-minute traffic and weather updates with the abc 7 app. it is free in your app store. president trump and his family are
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who left home to spend time with family. he is back at the white house tonight. and the president is returning to confusion concerning the consumer financial protection bureau. filedt a lawsuit was challenging his pick to run the agency. mullaney as the interim leader. but the trump administration and the outgoing leader said their pick is the rightful leader. hillof the focus on the may be on sexual harassment scandals involving both democrats and republicans. richard cantu has the latest of elements. president trump is back in washington and increasingly at odds with his own family and the republican party over embattled republican nominee for alabama senate seat roy moore come in was accused of sexual misconduct with underage girls when he was in his 30's, charges he
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sunday, trump try to boost moore's campaign by urging voters to defeat doug jones, who was leading in polls. we needthe last thing is a puppet who was weak on crime, the border, joe's would be a disaster. the president's comments in sharp contrast with those of his daughter, ivanka trump, who earlier said there is a special place in hell for people who prey on children. i have yet to see a valid explanation and i have no reason to doubt the victims' accounts. more than 20 republican senators are calling for moore to drop out of the race. >> the best thing he could do is move on. richard clos: senator al franken broke his silence sunday, saying this. >> i have a long way back. i have a long way back to wi
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n back the trust of the people of minnesota. he is notranken said resigning it is fully cooperating with an investigation. and john conyers stepped aside while congress investigates allegations he sexually harassed female staff members. richard cantu, abc news, new york. returns togress capitol hill tomorrow with a full slate of legislation. president trump will meet with lawmakers from both parties tuesday, the gold to gain support for the gop tax bill. a vote in the senate could come as early as thursday. at least for gop senators -- four gop senators are against the measure. virginians went to the polls, there is still no clear winner in two local house
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races because of voting irregularities. the board of elections has delayed certifying the elections twice and a review will be tomorrow. registered voters in fredericksburg and stafford county voted in the wrong virginia house of delegates elections. coming up -- a plane lands with four low tires, and it was not discovered until the jet touched down. plus, this. >> i felt violated. a fee for making off with somebody else's christmas gifts. and we have seen her on "glee." now an actress is shying away from the cameras after being arrested.
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>> charged with a misdemeanor domestic battery. mayye: you recognize actress naya rivera
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arrested and charged with domestic battery and west virginia. officers say she hit her husband the head and face while they were walking their husband. her husband is also an actor. caught on camera, a package swiped off the porch, a thief caught in action. inside our boots for two -year-old twin girls. he wear that as packages start showing up, the risk of theft increases this time of year. >> she walked up like she'd lived there, bent down, and took it. years been here over 20 and i've never had a package stolen from me. i felt violated because she just came like she lived here. kellye: the thief has not been arrested yet. if you are not home, the police recommend trying to see if you can get your packages delivered to your job. a united airlines airplane
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airport in new jersey from frank for with -- from frankfurt, germany, with four blown tires. and a volcano has been shooting steam and ash high into the sky in indonesia. indonesian authorities have raised the alert to the highest level. the airport is closed and could be closed for another day. very dangerous situation there. brian: yeah, rough weather. around here come a clear and calm night. it was a good night to check out the space station. check out this picture. the national air and space museum. the line shooting across the sky is the international space 700,000passing at about miles per hour.
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giver sharing that. -- thank you for sharing that. and it was not too late at night, the perfect time to get outside and check it out with the kids. you can always share your photos with us area we have a pretty big spread of numbers. we get the temperatures to drop drastically. 26 right now in manassas. 47 downtown. you just had 20 miles out of town and there is a 20 degrees spread. 30 degrees culpeper, 33 fredericksburg. 2, the bay keeping things warmer, 52. if you have a little bit of a breeze, that is keeping the once theres up, but wind lies flat, the temperature drops. we are running 11 to 25 degrees cooler tonight than we were at this time last night.
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couplerea the next of days, the high pressure comes in. each afternoon we get a little warmer. upper 50's tomorrow, 60's tuesday. 50 monday, 61 tuesday. 62 wednesday. in the morning it is cool, but by the afternoon you do not need the extra layers, just the sunglasses. bundle up tomorrow as you make your way in. these 30's are downtown. i think there will be widespread 20's across the matt. -- across the map. but in the7:04, afternoon turning milder, upper 50's, very pleasant day. becauseter than today we will not have the gusty wind we have had to deal with all day. the milder trend builds in.
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friday looks like the next best shot of rain. overnight into friday morning, passing showers possible. we are super dry, so we needed. but it will get out of here in time for the weekend, looking good for toys for tots, the collection at national harbor. even into next week, and overall milder trend of wheteather. get out and get the holiday lights up or whatever. kellye: you are to have your lights up. brian: i started. erin: do you go full griswald? brian: my neighbors are doing it, so i have to keep up. kellye: in sports, the redskins getting ready to take on dallas. erin: the redskins are gearing up for another thursday night matchup.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. as most nfl teams played today, the redskins were practicing, gearing up for their road trip against dallas on thursday night. washington will play their second consecutive thursday night game with a visit to the cowboys. the redskins have a tough schedule, with three games in 12 days, but they hope to get some injured players back as they try to push towards the playoffs. kirk: we always talk about starting fast and finishing strong. if we do, we put ourselves in great position. it starts thursday night in dallas. josh: you take away all the smoke and everything else
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, you see how we do with getting guys off the street and winning games. it's pretty great. erin: we will have much more the redskins tonight on abc 7 "sports sunday." breaking burgundy's ben standig joins me in studio. women's college hoops, maryland-miami. this was a one-point game after three quarters, but the terps turned it on in the final period. the terps win by 8. how about this, greg thought he would be named head coach a tennessee, but after backlash because of his link to the gerry sandusky scandal, tennessee officials have backed out. on top ofu will stay that and let us know word goes from here. still to come, cyber monday deals underway.
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kellye: some cities in the commonwealth are hoping to cash in on streaming services, embracing the idea of a tax on netflix and spotify. they are asking lawmakers to apply the 5% sales
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to subscriptions. that would mean about a $.40, $.50 increase although services. supporters say it will bring in local tax money. cyber monday deals are already here. online shopping is expected to hit a new record for a 60 year in a row. experts predict consumers will pend $6.6 billion, almost 17% more than last year.
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th a 2-year agreement. kellye:


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