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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. autria: breaking overnight, the world is buzzing. the instagram post from kensington palace. amount of record money that americans are about to spend on cyber monday. autria: abc 7 tracking your commute on the red line. get ready. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: happy monday, everyone. we are back with the weather that you say is going to be pretty mild? veronica: it really is. for everyone getting back into the swing of thi
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on, here we go. to be a quiet week for us. just a little bit of rain coming our way. headlines at the bottom, above average temperatures this week. we will start with today first. average high 54 degrees, going up to 56. holding at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 this evening. will have temperatures close to 60 degrees around culpeper, , 59ford, joint base andrews degrees is your high temperature today. look at the highs here, tuesday and wednesday will be the warmest out of the work week. that includes saturday for toys for tots.
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traffic. your lanes are open as you continue to work your way towards the wilson bridge. northbound five, a crash in the median. there has been a slowdown headed north. thewe are starting to see delays forming here, a 25 minute commute to travel this 13 mile stretch. you might want to think about with the bigarly story being the red line and with more details on what's happening with metro, we say good morning once again to suzanne kennedy. behind me you can see the gates are locked. people are doing some work here, more on that in just a second. this is the first weekday foreclosures since they started on saturday. you can see that they are helping to ease the situatio
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taking a look at this map, there will be fewer trains than usual with trains running every 12 minutes at rush hour. between shady grove and fort totten, what's being done? takoma park, trains cross from one track to another. this closure will continue to december 10. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. brush off your fascinate her, mark your calendars, we have another royal wedding coming up. prince harry and meghan markle are engaged. they will beginning married in the spring. this afternoon the couple has us -- has a photo shoot and television interview later on tonight. the british prince and american actress have dated for about 15 months. larry:
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right now a record-setting cyber monday. autria: this is expected to be the biggest shopping day in american history online after last year they brought in $5.6 billion. larry: this will be bigger. how do retailers plan to handle the rush? john, good morning. [indiscernible] ok, we will get back to john in a minute, we will have to fixes audio. breaking news in the district with pictures to show you, the capital christmas tree is in from montana. a big ceremony today making its way through the past few weeks into the country. homemade decorations from montana as well. autria: we are following breaking news from a mall in texas. guning what looked like a on police.
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policeut the arlington chief is defending his officers, saying they have no way to tell in the moment whether a gun israel. larry: family and friends will say their final goodbye to slain officer sean souter. he was shot and killed while investigating a homicide. he was one day away from testifying in the case involving other city officers. autria: today it is back to work on capitol hill. congress returning from the thanksgiving break with a full plate or register -- registration. to boost support for the gop tax bill. the vote in the senate could come as early as thursday. at least for gop senators have reservations or are against the measure.
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happening right now, the trump administration dealing with a federal lawsuit over the president's pick for the consumer protection bureau. has been tapped. cordray before stepping down put his deputy in charge and the agency says the president doesn't have the authority to override the decision. a different meeting today, hopefully one that will bring some answers. it has been three weeks since virginians went to the polls and there is still no clear winner in two house races. 147 registered voters in fredericksburg and stafford counties voted in the wrong virginia house of delegates race. they alternately cannot figure out how to decide this and it
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election. about to blow.o rocking one of the world's most popular vacation spots. counting on the details you need to here as we are one week away from big chang
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yes, it is cyber monday, but make sure you spend a little bit of time today enjoying yourself outdoors. temperatures are cold in some areas. clouds in some areas, just a few leesburg, now in virginia. road surfaces are dried this morning and will be throughout the day. grab the sunglasses, sunwear will be the biggest issue for today. the clouds am talking about later today with high pressure moving in an later this week, this storm is way out here on the west coast, bringing quite a bit of rain to northern
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upper elevations. degrees.igh, 57 highs in the lower 60's tuesday and wednesday, we will talk about the cooldown and how much rain we could get thursday night coming up in 10 minutes. julie? delays on 270, clarksburg, currently a 23 minute ride. look for that to be a 31 minute commute. grab the cup of joe to go headed south. bailout on 365 is a workaround. from 33 minute ride manassas towards the capital beltway and the longer that you'd dillydally the longer it gets. look for this to be a 42 minute drive from manassas
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back in the next 10 minutes when we take a look at the roads and the rails. autria: netflix getting pricier. how much more could you expect to shell out? plus, breaking overnight, pope francis on the mode. -- move. - [announcer] presenting the shark ionflex 2x, the freestanding, cord-free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. t -17 days and counting, that is when your ride changes in the tolls go live on interstate 66. cheryl conner has more on what you need to start preparing now so that you won't be caught off guard next monday. good morning, cheryl. usurp me need to prepare now because in seven days there will be some big changes to interstate 66. we are talking about a nine mile stretch from
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to 295. the traffic is starting to pick up on 66 going eastbound towards d.c. those who drive alone will be able to use the hi -- hov lanes by paying a toll with an e-zpass. drivers with one passenger will continue to ride for free but they will need e-zpass select. runway sensors will monitor traffic volume and the prices will adjust with demand. prices will be higher when there is more traffic and lower when there is less traffic. rush hour will expand as well. starting monday age of the hours will be weekdays from 5:30 until 9:30 towards d.c. and from 3:00 until 7:00 going towards the beltway coming out of the city in the afternoon. outside those times there is no to use some big changes that will start december 4,
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cheryl conner, "good morning washington." adrianna: new overnight, pope francis has arrived in myanmar. he is there at a time when the u.s., the u.k., and the u.n. have accused the country of ethnic cleansing. hope is walking a tightrope of being humanitarian, diplomatic, and religious, pushing his message of reconciliation without getting shut down by the government. over 600 23,000 refugees have fled the country, telling brutal stories. larry: now to breaking news from china. a tiger escaping from its cage during a circus show. just a wild scene here. handlers tried their best to contain the tiger. two children were scratched by the big cat, which was later
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its cage. all is well. bali,: a volcano in directing for the first time in over 50 years. 200 flights have been canceled. livingds of people inside were ordered to evacuate their homes immediately. today,new developments students heading back to class for the first time since shooting rampage in california. closed since the 14th, five people were killed, 11 others shot. one of the victims is still in the hospital undergoing constant surgeries. autria: new developments following those bombshell sexual assault allegations against kevin spacey. the crew will remain on hiatus for the next two weeks as at least three criminal investigations involving sexual accusations against space he cont
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production hopes that things will resume soon. starting december 23, if you pay for the standard by dollars 99 cents, netflix will start charging you $10.99. premium goes up two dollars. the price for the basic plan, $7.99, will remain the same. miss universe is south africa. [applause] is, she took she the crown sunday night in las vegas. she says she wants to use her reign as champion to champion self-defense causes. , a it's a year-long salary luxury apartment in new york city, and a host of other prizes. autria: 92 women from around the
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another big winner last night was host steve harvey, who got it right for a second year in a row. larry: thanksgiving has passed,'s time to start looking at christmas. toonica: any days a good day get the tree. even with rain coming our way on thursday. i hadn't decided if i should get the real tree or the artificial. areas real cold in some this morning. look at this, baltimore, d.c., leesburg, frederick, maryland, all in the 40's this morning.
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those clouds, but where there is 29 degrees below freezing in fredericksburg and pax river, coming in at 31 degrees. with clouds across the area in the early morning, we will see temperatures very quickly rising .his morning lower 50's by lunchtime today, a aret day to be out if you running errands. cyber monday, take the phone with you. tomorrow morning it will be cold with thursday, as mentioned, drive for friday, saturday, not going to get much rain. only about a 10th of an inch scattered in some areas. only 23 days until
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we close in on christmas. 27 days, looking at this forecast here, things are not looking cold. drive for the weekend for toys for tots. again, julie has got those issues on the rails this morning. autria: with the lanes open in the hour, look for a 42 minute commute inside the beltway on 66. a 13 minute ride traveling through falls church. service is suspended between silver spring and fort totten. they are busy doing some construction and that will be the place for the next two weeks . keep that in mind. shuttle bus services have been made available for you.
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that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes to keep a close eye on the ride
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. a 15-year-old is in jail as a person of interest in the likely murder of his grandmother in florida. candace gibson has the latest in today's gma first look. logan sits in a buffalo juvenile detention center, awaiting extradition back to jacksonville, florida, where he is a person of interest in his grandmother's murder. florida detectives are pouring over her car, which she was driving when he was arrested attempting to cross the canadian border on friday. the center of a nationwide search for three days after his father reported the teenager and the grandmother missing along with several weapons stolen from the home. police finding a shallow grave in the yard of the home.
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>> there was evidence of foul play and potential criminal violence inside. >> we will have the latest coming up at 7 a.m.. this is your "gma" first look.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: back at work on capitol hill, what is in store as congress deals with a number of sex scandals and the meetings that president trump has on tap. happened, has finally we are digging into the one instagram post that has set the world on fire this morning. salo to the holidays, the capitol christmas tree is here ahead of schedule. thanksgiving is over, christmas is here, glad you are with us. startedlet's get you with a check on the forecast with what you need to know. veronica: i want to start with that amazing, amazing shot that was just behind the two of you. the sun, ready to come up in a couple of minutes on the
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, gorgeous out there. look at that. this will beld, just a perfect, perfect day here for the holidays. to 47, that isup your morning rush. calling it chilly with a few clouds are the afternoon, those clouds are gone. lunch outside for today, 55 to 56 degrees with sunshine and light winds and then the evening rush, 49 degrees by 7:00. sunset at 48 this evening. by the dayart therrow, bottoming out in freezing for many neighborhoods. mild weather will start moving in midweek with more on that coming up in a couple of minutes and i am back some amazing new images of the moon taken by one of our abc viewers.
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unfortunately we're looking at massive backups coming out of college park, an unusual delay towards college park and the greenbelt, already a 15 minute ride to travel almost two miles between new hampshire avenue and interstate 95. we are getting word of a crash possibly involving an overturned vehicle on the inner loop. want to bail out early if you can. if you are headed north towards bwi, that would be a better alternative for you. in the red line the service is suspended. suzanne kennedy is live outside the takoma station with more details on how it is impacting a ride this morning. lots of activity here this morning, workers working on the tracks, that is why this section of the red line is closed down. over here you can see that they
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help ease the situation for commuters at this station. we want to show you a map that will indicate exactly what we are dealing with here between glenmont and silver spring with trains running every 12 minute between shady grove and fort totten. why are they doing this? they are replacing a mechanism where the trains cross from one track to another. the closure will remain in place until december 10. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. larry: congress returns from recess and the clock is ticking. a plan facing pushback from democrats in even some republicans. >> president trump is back in washington when focusing on tax reform but he did answer questions about et
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the alabama sexual misconduct candidate. >> he denies it. he said that it didn't happen. so, you know. >> he tweeted support over the weekend for more. saying that the last thing that we need in alabama is a puppet who is weak on crime and on the border. jones would be a disaster." the best thing that he could do for the country is to move on. >> 20 republican senators are calling for him to quit the race. capitol hill is still reeling. al franken, accused of improperly touching for women, broke his silence. >> i am a long way back to win back the trust of the people of minnesota. i have let people down. >> john conyers is denied allegations that
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he stepped down as the top democrat on the house judiciary committee. conyers and franken said they would not resign. trump means that crucial alabama senate seat to pass tax reform. reporting in northwest, kenneth moton. autria: jared kushner is facing a deadline. the senior white house adviser must submit more documents to investigators by today. specifically senators want to see all the emails between them they contain the words clinton, wikileaks, and putin. he says he has been responsive to congressional requests. larry: it has been three weeks since phrygians went to the polls in still there is no clear winner in two local house races.
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voted in the wrong virginia house delegates race. if the board of elections ultimately can't figure out how to decide this, it could result in a special election. autria: the first of two viewings for a veteran baltimore police officer shot and killed investigating a homicide in the city. family and friends will gather in randallstown to pay respect to officer sean suter. his killer is still on the run. his death came one day before he was scheduled to testify in a federal case involving several other city officers. dog isa sheriff's recovering after being shot near fresno, california. they say they released their k-9 when i am would not cooperate. the man started shooting at officers and -- was shot in the hind leg. officers
6:37 am
the suspect. the veterinarian removed the bullet. >> entering at the top of his pelvis. still lodged inside of him. it's in the muscles, so it will be like a laceration repair. larry: doctors say that his prognosis is good. no other officers were hurt her in the shootout. autria: moore calls in maryland for stricter vetting. people want more in place after a prince george's county man faked being a doctor for years. he worked at prince george's county hospital for five years, delivering babies and treating women. many patients are suing the hospital, accusing administrators of not providing adequate background checks. from sunday.this all the way out of bounds.
6:38 am
players from both teams getting involved. helmets, flying. flags all over the place. even one official was knocked down. players ejected, they can expect some heavy fines and suspensions as well. autria: morning one of the greats, the impact that sean taylor still had today as we mark 10 years since
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veronica: a cold start the warming nicely. temperatures across the area, 42 in leesburg, virginia. the wind is so light i'm not even seeing much of a wind chill the temperatures are much lower than they were yesterday. one of our abc viewers was able to get this amazing image late last night. he was even able to zoom in really tight. it's our first-quarter moon coming up this weekend. i will have that forecast coming up in just a little bit.
6:42 am
light snow showers this morning and syracuse, temperatures topping out in the mid-50's. julie? julie: we are still keeping a close eye here on the capital beltway. let side of your screen, and unusual backup towards interstate 95. we have reports of an accident near 95 possibly involving an overturned vehicle. the right lanes are gridlocked at this point headed east. outer loop, all lanes are open. this is a typical back to work slowdown out of college park towards 270. heading backit towards 95 and college park. the red line for the next two weeks, shuttle bus service will be made available for you, but expect delays there. that
6:43 am
in 10 minutes with an update towards college park. larry? larry: it has finally happened. autria: the big news from overnight from kensington palace. it has everyone talking this morning. monday?yber john: that's right, we are inside amazon here in baltimore. these, i will be back
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. veronica: big news out of bigon, prince -- autria: news out of london, prince harry and meghan markle are engaged. the most eligible bachelor is off the market. prince harry got down on one knee and popped the question to meghan markle. the real life. tale of every girl positive dreams. it's a second marriage for the 36-year-old actress. many saying that she is marrying up,
6:47 am
his mother. >> she comes from humble beginnings. this is probably one of the most ordinary families we have seen mary and at such a high level in the royal family. >> no doubt for harry, love conquers all. father, thomas, an emmy award-winning lighting director, and her mother, a social worker. she is proud of her biracial heritage. she studied theater at northwestern university before hitting the small screen. >> you got to be like a model or actress or something, right? >> she clenched her current gig on "suits" in 2011. she started dating prince harry 2016 but their first of the appearance was in toronto. hands, leading a smiling megan through the clouds
6:48 am
headlines around the world. their first public kiss. and what of princess diana? >> anything that makes him as happy as he is right now, she would be delighted with. the thing that will be the most important to her is that her sons marry for love. well, 12 minutes until right now, and a record-setting cyber monday. autria: today is expected to be the biggest online shopping day in american history after last year they brought in $5.6 million. john gonzalez is live with more on retailers and the big rush. that, i got it. black friday bringing in $5 million in online sales, but this
6:49 am
biggest cyber monday in the history of the country. amazon says part of the reason it is so successful is they are so efficient. take a look, these are unmanned robots that move the pods in the shelves here at the facility in baltimore. let's bring rob in. this looks exciting out of terminator right now. you've got 4000 employees at these facilities but you also have these? >> they are certainly part of the team. they work really well, allowing our associates to be more efficient in processing those orders. this is like our super bowl, right? a huge day for online sales. might give us that play -- john: give us that play-by-play. >> when you click the button online in you say -- hey, i want that item? if qs it up. each one of these items is for sale and we ca
6:50 am
pick it out to get it to your doorstep on time. the robotics no to bring it to a picker that takes it out and puts it in a process that we pack and ship out. unbelievable. they are expecting to do 16% more sales than last cyber monday. right, john, thanks. we posted some tips on where to look for the best cyber monday deals on our app. sean taylor, it's been 10 years since he died. he anchored the redskins defense and he was known for his hard hits, but he was shot during a break-in in his florida home in 2004. to this day players say they still look up to taylor, who left behind an undeniable impact on the game. he was just 24 years old. holiday violent
6:51 am
four shootings, one of them deadly. the crew on the scene of a deadly shooting. a few hours earlier a shooting at what some consider one of the most famous places in the nation's capital, dupont circle. this happened on massachusetts avenue. the victim involved was shot in the eye where he was taken to the hospital. so far, though, there have been no breath -- no arrests. inside this box for boots for two-year-old twin girls in baltimore county. beware, as more packages start showing up at your front door, the risk of theft starts increasing. saw the young girl come up like she lives here, bend down and walk right off. i've been here 20 years and i never had a package stolen from me. i just felt violated because she just came like she lived here.
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arrested yet but here are some easy things you can do to keep safe.ackage is track purchases online so you know when to expect them. look into getting a lockbox or a surveillance camera. it's less expensive than you might think. try having your packages delivered straight to your office so that the thieves don't even have the chance to snag them. don't forget, we are proud to be a sponsor for this year's toys for tots drive. don't forget to join us between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to donate a toy and help brighten the child's day. larry: right now we have four tickets to one of the coolest attractions in town. lights, greaton rides, even santa claus himself. seventh caller wins. good luck. i love this
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there is never a shortage of things to do. " -- good weather. this weekend, we have got toys for tots with temperatures higher than what they would be for the national tree lighting, you will see that in a moment. 3839 degrees inside the beltway. look at this, each morning this week temperatures will not below at all. no warning this week, we will be dealing with some extreme cold midweek on wednesday, the warmest day of the work week. friday, starting out, for today, tomorrow and wednesday we will have high pressure over us and bring some cool sunshine to the area. thursday this cold front may bring a shower or two to this neighborhood but that is during the evening hours. 8:00, 9:00 or so. the kids get off or on the bus, upper 30's.
6:54 am
continuing right through jimmy ray first, for tonight, 47 degrees, the sky is mostly clear and for the national christmas tree lighting, upper 40's coming our way. maybe a small little shower coming through your neighborhood. sunday, 53 with sunshine across the area. all weekend long, things are looking nice. julie: delays in silver spring and this is why. the crew is blocking the rent from the inner loop to go northbound on interstate 95. we have a live picture with one vehicle across the guardrail and almost into the trees, overturned on its side. heavy-duty record, still blocking the ramp that would take you guys from the inner loop out of silver spring
6:55 am
northbound i-95. if you have family and friends headed out of town, you will want to stick with the option of route one or 295, and use that as the workaround. i am back in the next 10 minutes and we will show you how slow this ride is, but right now let's say good morning to our pet of the day. max and shelley, has you got a fell -- got a ball? [laughter] julie: we want to show off your pets, too. it's a new feature on our free news app. you got a ball, larry? [laughter] autria: adriana is here following what is trending this morning. adrianna: this product has everyone talking. take a look at this, substitute smartphones from a designer in austria and he told them to help smart phone addicts cope with not being near their phones. they are plastic
6:56 am
stones embedded simulate everything you do on the real thing, from scrolling to swiping to pinching. i don't understand. autria: i don't get it. adrianna: you are a real addict if you can't even deal and you need a fake one in your hand. [laughter] moms and dads, you will thank me for this one. coco," your kids to see " show up 37 minutes late. they have to sit through the adventure," essentially a commercial for frozen just two years away. that is what's trending. you will get to some other stuff coming up in the 7:00 hour. larry: here is your express. >> we will give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas.
6:57 am
>> the recovered -- republican party needs to deliver. where we are. at inside of the amazon fulfillment center. >> on here on cyber monday. can see the you gates are locked and the only people going in and out are the people doing the work here. this closure will continue through december 10. your ride, changing, and then your tolls go live. >> we are talking about a nine mile stretch all the way to rosslyn. those who drive alone will be able to use the hov lanes by paying a toll. >>
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good morning, america. prince harry is getting married. the royal family announces his engagement this morning to american actress meghan markle. wedding set for the spring. inside the secret engagement. when did he pop the question? we're live at kensington palace as preparations begin for the next royal wedding. also this morning, senator al franken breaking his silence about those sexual misconduct allegations saying he's ashamed and embarrassed as he heads back to capitol hill. and an enormous volcano erupts in one of the top tourist spots in the world. 100,000 told to evacuate but travelers stranded as the airport shuts down. cyber monday mania. a record-setting day of online


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