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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 29, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. >> in the battle between darkness and light, light has one. -- won. overnight, aing community breathing easy and police snagging a possible serial killer. larry: another show of force, tensions rep -- ratcheting up by the minute with north korea. a unique look outside the kennedy center this morning. look at this. via comic rolling is all lit up in the colors of the rainbow ahead of the kennedy center honors this sunday. gloria s the fun, ll cool j, norman lear, carmen [indiscernible] will receive an award this year. anybody know how to say that? she's a choreographer but i don't know how to pronounce her last name. autria: carmen, i'm sorry. [captioning
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] veronica: those colors have been , on the kennedy center, but it's gorgeous, absolutely lovely. one of these days and went to take a real quick photo. autria: first of all you have to slow down. [laughter] it to the day, it's going to be amazing. probably the last day to wear , ladies. shoes bring it back down to average near the end of the work week. that is our average temperature for the time of year. a few clouds this morning that we are seeing a range run 43 in bc, 20's to the west. the high today, 62 degrees.
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terms of high temperatures today will be between noon and about 4:00 today. more day before those jv games on thursday dropped to the lower 50's by .:00 under that clear sky tomorrow, cooler and into the mid-50's. we will have more on your weekend with a bigger cooldown. say hello to winter, julie, it's right around the corner. beltway, the capital no issues there. cell phone kenilworth avenue's where we have some problems. accident activity at running is what's tying up the far left lane. heads up as you travel from 50 down into northeast washington. the capital improvement projects taking place, no service on the red line between silver spring and fort totten. we do have
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available for you. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes with an update on the ride to the northeast. larry: news that people have been waiting to hear. autria: adrianna hopkins has this one. adrianna: it's been 51 days since people heard these words, the ones they been waiting to hear. >> i'm pleased to announce that tonight we will be making an arrest in the seminole heights murders. our detectives are currently working on the charging will bes and we charging for counsel first-degree murder for how emanuel donaldson the third, 24 years old. autria: -- adrianna: now, you will recall that for people were murdered in that tampa neighborhood. all of them seemingly targeted at random. the police arrested donaldson at the mcdonald's, where he worked. a coworker told police that
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believe he's the same man spotted on the scene of murders dating back to october 9. the motive, at this point, is still under investigation. also breaking this morning, north korea releasing new video. that thisa reported is a new type of missile capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. even high profile east coast targets are in the crosshairs. president trump responding, saying that the u.s. is ready. i will only tell you that we will take care of it. general madison is in the room with us and we have had a long discussion on it. it is a situation that we will handle. autria: the missile landed in the sea of japan and the launch comes one week after president trump redesignated north korea as a state sponsor of terror. larr
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a south korean navy vessel firing a ship to ground missile that can strike land-based targets in the north. tensions have been ratcheting up over the past several months. autria: president trump will be traveling to missouri today to push his tax or form plan over the finish line. meanwhile, democratic leaders canceled a meeting with the tweeted thater he he didn't see a deal to prevent a government shutdown. congress must pass a spending plan before the government runs on december 8. maryland statey: police identifying a man hit and killed on the beltway. 66-year-old mark armstrong of silver spring was hit by a tractor-trailer last night on the inner loop. there's no indication that the driver was impaired in any way. why armstrong was walking on the highway, that is still unknown. autria:
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and killed by u.s. park police in alexandria is the manning answers. police say that it started with a chased the gw parkway after he , hitting a car and taking off. his jeep went off the road after being shot three times. he died monday night at inova fairfax hospital. the family released a statement saying that, in part, no reasoning could possibly justify the actions that led to their son's death. baltimore, saying goodbye. a funeral just hours away for an officer shot and killed in the line of duty. ryan hughes has more on what's coming up in the day ahead. there was a steady stream of mourners both monday and tuesday during the viewing. this morning, thousands of final are expected to pay respects to detective souter and their family. among them,
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and law enforcement agencies across the state. the funeral is set this morning at mount pleasant church. we are expected to hear from governor larry hogan. there is an extra layer of a motion because detective souter's killer has not been caught. the 18 year veteran and father of five was shot in the head two weeks ago while investigating homicide in the very violent part of west baltimore. police confirmed that he was shot with his own service weapon. rumors have been running rampant ever since we learned that he testify against fellow officers in a federal corruption case. baltimore police insisting that they will continue to investigate until the killer is caught. after the funeral service, a closed session will be held up 95. the northbound lanes will be shut down
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place. live this morning in baltimore, ryan hughes, good morning washington." out, brandck this new video overnight, fairfax county police releasing this chopper video showing them use an infrared scanner to help bust a robbery. officers were able to close in on that 17-year-old suspect who was caught hiding under a porch. the police braced to the effort as phenomenal teamwork. aaa-has named a road in our area as the second busiest tollroad, with 30 million trips racked up in the year, five times the population of maryland itself. the road brought in $60 million for the state. toria: here is your chance do some holiday shopping and support ec entrepreneurs. p.m.vent begins at 2
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the wilson building. the pop-up holiday store will be exclusively stocked with dc-based brands. larry: christmas heading to the courts, the battle brewing over one of the biggest light displays in the country and iter 20 years, neighbors say has to go. first, "ocean's 11," comes to life
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veronica: i'm tracking some higher temperatures this morning. not everywhere, but take a look at where we've got the higher temperatures. upper marlboro, you are at 43 degrees. portion of theod area, d.c., areas in and around, 54 by late morning. it's going to rise very rapidly yourou'll get to where short sleeves, ladies, for today. and weacking some rain wi
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minutes. julie? fender bendera tying up the drive into northeast. all lanes are now open. things are still sluggish coming in from 50 headed south. on 210, authority summit me they are checking for a crash pushing northbound. that is our
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y2md8y yi0y taking overnight, las vegas police have released photos of the man who robbed the famous bellagio casino. police say that he walked in with a gun and demand money from the cash cage yesterday afternoon. police wouldn't say how much money he got away with, but he was wearing a blonde wig, glasses,
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was covered. they have found his escape vehicle but they have not found him. autria: the fbi releasing the surveillance podium -- photos from a north carolina walmart. they are trying to figure out if the little girl that you see here is missing three-year-old mariah woods. father isical questioning what really happened. black's someone just walk right up in there, grabbed a three-year-old off the bed. she didn't cry, didn't scream, no one heard nothing. for people in the house, two adults and two kids. someone just snatches a baby and walks out? >> authorities say that they interviewed the mother and the boyfriend but they would not comment further. >> did you assault a police officer? on seven are you seeing the arrest of a dct and accused of attacking a
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stranger who turned out to be a police officer. police were able to track down the suspect thanks to one alert neighbor and a group of construction workers. >> i could hear somebody's radio saying that they spot of guy on the roof. i came up here and tried to spy what i could see. the next time that i looked there were three cop and somebody on the ground. that teen was eventually caught on the roof of an apartment complex and right now, this morning, to a juvenile facility. on your side is with a serious warning about a product that could put before four-legged -- of the four-legged members of her family in danger. these bones have been labeled ham bones, pork steamer bones, knuckles, and smoky bones. for more information on that this morning and the products
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you should keep your pets away from, download the abc 7 news at. larry: more information on metro and the catholic archdiocese of washington, suing after rejecting the christmas at the ec here. metro arguing that might showing a religious scene, they are promoting religion and violating their policy. metrochdiocese says that is violating their free speech ad meets theat the metro 2016 guidelines. were surprised that something with no christian symbolism was rejected. not the firste organization to challenge the policy, which bans issue oriented advertising, including political, religious, and advocacy. they have also rejected ads from the aclu, peter, and anti-muslim groups. autria: new details on the impending wedding
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it will all happen next may at windsor castle. it is seen as a more intimate venue than westminster abbey, which is where kate middleton was married six years ago. we also know that the royal family will pay for the festivities and marco will become a british citizen. larry: countdown, there you go. veronica: what are you saying about the weather? autria: counted down? counted down, great big blue exhalation mark for next thursday. go ahead and do it right now autria:. autria:what's happening next thursday? veronica: the temperatures, dropping. i won't be wearing this. it's going to your really cold next thursday. take a look here. [laughter] it's going to go way down into the 40's for high
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some 20 degrees lower than today. today's high, 64 degrees. here we are at the bus stop this morning. not too bad at all. recess time today, sunshine, 64 by dismissal. a really great day to keep the kids out a little longer. you will love it, everybody will be happy. tomorrow morning, 40 degrees. not too chilly at all. tomorrow, increasing clouds across the area. i'm going to show you that future weather, a little bit of rain coming into the area. not much. hagerstown, woodstock, 7:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. the1:00 p.m., midnight, rain is stretching right around areas of interstate 95. get a lot outt to of the system. gone by friday morning. breezy winds on
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at times. notice the temperature on saturday, the lowest, 51 degrees for toys for tots. alexandria, virginia, 11 a.m., i like that it's breezy and not windy because as autria pointed out wednesday, these will be flying out. [laughter] talk more about your forecast, the cold trend is coming up julie: [laughter] roads rightn the now, you're lanes are open traveling southbound on 270, but right now it's a 19 minute trip coming southbound towards hyattstown. neara crash was reported old fort road south. rescue units are heading in this direction with backups forming. a 14 minute commute from the beltway headed towards the 14th street bridge. i am back within the next 10 minutes and we will take a look at the right to wilson bridge. autria:
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sounds of the holidays? me metro. hey, kidd. kidd: a very special morning outside the wheelie morning -- the wheelie reston metro. we will explain, coming
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: ok, breaking news, one of the world's biggest problems has been put to bed. finally fixed the cheeseburger emoji. they may the unthinkable mistake of putting the cheese beneath the patty but now it goes on top of the meat. all is well with the world. you can use it freely without anyone making fun of you. autria: they can fix the cheeseburger emoji, but my battery can last for more than 10 minutes? -- and i can't download the update without my i 's looking worried -- weird? way to go. larry: [laughter] exactly. priorities. i holiday tradition, pitting neighbor against neighbor. autria:
6:26 am
massive christmas display in connecticut, some of the neighbors want it gone. >> people around the country are getting into the christmas spirit. in a small connecticut town, a big display of holiday cheer. 350,000 christmas lights below -- illuminate the so-called wonderland. they have turned their home into a dazzling community event. donations go to the local shriners hospital for children. >> how important is this for you and your family? grexit's. >> not everyone is so jolly. petitioned the town and the police to do something about the traffic at the event that brings constant noise and litter to nearby yards. >> you want to speak directly to your neighbors? >> absolutely. >> we will have more, coming up at 7 a.m.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. larry:
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demanding answers, a family's message this morning after police shoot and kill their son in fairfax county. breaking this morning, a second show of force, the south koreaves from as tensions boil over. good morning to you, washington. i'm autria godfrey. larry: and i larry smith. what a gorgeous start to the day. this will continue through wednesday? veronica: it is real, we promise. it looks great, that's the kind of day we will have today, phenomenal. don't get too many days like this in late november. here we are, getting ready to turn the page into december. things are really looking for the most part kind of dry, tracking just a little bit of rain coming our way before the week is over. temperatures, 33, around falls church, good morning to you.
6:32 am
springs with a cold pocket sitting just up to the south and west for prince william county towards culpeper, mid 20's for temperatures there. it's time for the smile in emoji today. tomorrow, 66. what's that called when it's flat? [laughter] when: the look i give you i walk in here at 3:30 in the morning. here we go, the american legion bridge, troubles each way, delays in each direction. that's because of an accident on the inner loop tying up the left and right sides of the roads. starting to see the volume slow towardsad back in montgomery county. the outer loop, all of your lanes are open, everyone is just rubbernecking past the scene. guysnner loop, for you coming out of tysons, this will be the eyesore you are waking up to this morning. don't dillydally. problems
6:33 am
that accident was just cleared beltway.oulder and the that is the traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update the westside. autria? autria: a family and fairfax county demanding answers. larry: their son killed by u.s. park police in a shooting that has the fbi investigating. john gonzalez is live there with a new message saying that their son never should have been taken from them. john? john: good morning, larry and autria. nearly two weeks after this fairfax county resident was shot by u.s. park police, his family are planning a funeral and they have hired an attorney. take a look, this is fort hunt road in alexandria. this is where his jeep went off the road after he was shot in the head three times. the shots fired by police during a chase. it all started six miles away. police say that
6:34 am
the driver was responsible for a hit and run accident on the gw parkway. they spotted the jeep, turning on lights and sirens, but he refused to stop. the family of the graduate says that their loved one was unarmed that night, releasing a statement saying that the reason for the murder of their son has yet to be determined, though no reasoning could possibly justify the actions of the one or more park police officers involved in this unthinkable act." dried that she died monday night at anova fairfax, the same hospital where he was born. john gonzalez, good morning washington. autria: a second missile launch overnight, this one from south korea. that is a south korean ground to ground missile designed to wipe out land targets coming after yesterday'
6:35 am
test launch from north korea. it was the longest and arguably most successful test yet. even though it landed in the sea of japan it traveled a total of 2800 miles and the north says it gives them the capability to deliver a norm -- nuclear warhead to anywhere in the united states. president trump says the u.s. is prepared and ready to defend itself and the general james mattis is working on solutions. turning to the war on terror, conviction in the terror attack in benghazi. the federal jury convicting militants. the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens, and three other americans died in the attacks. pope francis delivering his first public attacks in me and mark. he urged that they respond to hatred with forgiveness and compassion.
6:36 am
for visiting the country was to minister the catholic community and bring attention to the ethnic discrimination and conflicts that they have faced in myanmar for decades. autria: the d.c. holiday -- larry: d.c. holiday bazaar opens today in northwest. muriel bowser will be there this afternoon to kick things off. well, right now the sounds of christmas are coming to a metro station near you. autria: and how sweet they sound. kidd o'shea is out at the rocking somen stop christmas carols. kidd: i am not singing, just to be clear. we are at the reston station. you guys have a big show coming up at will trap and at lincoln theaters? >> it's really exciting. kidd: where can you get to get? >> and wolf
6:37 am to learn about the concert. kidd: well, i will get out of the way and you can take it away. >> 2, 3, 4 -- ♪ rudolph the red nose reindeer had a very shiny nose and if you ever saw it glowsen say it blows -- all of the other reindeer gamein a reindeer then one foggy christmas eve santa came to say rudolph with your nose so bright won't you guide my sleigh tonight then all the reindeer loved him as they shouted out with glee reindeer,he red nose you will g
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planned today, make sure the you make some time for yourself to get outdoors, especially around lunchtime. this morning we are starting out on the cold side. look at this, 46 in upper marlboro and pax river, coming in close to 50 degrees this morning. but the wind is light. we are seeing a big range around the area. drive for the drive-in and the drive home. the southerly wind taking the temperatures up today. we will do it all again today with a few degrees higher, dropping to the mid 50's this evening and as we get into the day tomorrow the temperatures mid-50's,back to the typically where we are at this time of year. we are expecting clouds bringing rain to the area, late. for the christmas tree lighting tomorrow,e lip's for things are looking fantastic. fairly mild, temperatures above last year, julie. julie:
6:42 am
interested in an accident on the inner loop of the beltway that is already costing you travel time as you travel north towards the american legion bridge. sky track 7 is above this crash and this five-mile stretch is already keeping you guys on the brakes as you travel north of the toll road. we have got activity on the right side and left side of the road. no one is getting past you on the bridge. if you are coming from tysons, you are sitting in a three mile backup that is going to cost you about 30 minutes and travel time. everybody on the outer loop from 270 back down into virginia, your lanes are open, but this is quite a sight to see and it is costing you delays on the outer loop as well. the inner loop, coming from virginia headed north into maryland, closed because of a crash. back in the next 10 minutes, we will let you know what is involved at the incident at the american legion bridge. autria:
6:43 am
morning in prince george's county over what a school sports trainer allegedly did that has him facing charges. >> in the battle between darkness and light, light has one. --won.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: breaking overnight, a break in the case. autria: tampa police with a major announcement this morning as they hunt down a possible serial killer. adrianna: police now think they may have caught that serial killer. >> i am pleased to announce that tonight we will be making an arrest in the seminole heights murders. detectives are currently working on the charging documents and we will be charging for counts of for howeree murder adrianna: emanuel donaldson the third. adrianna: four people
6:47 am
were murdered in the neighborhood, seemingly targeted at random. at thearrested donaldson mcdonald's where he works. a coworker told police he had a believe heestigators is the same man spotted on multiple cameras near the scenes of the murders dating back to october 9. at this hour, police say a motive is still under investigation. larry: parents in prince george, outraged. witha: live in brandywine disturbing allegations this morning. suzanne? suzanne: the volunteer was dismissed and he now faces criminal charges stemming from the incident. we want to show you the picture of the man accused of sending inappropriate photos to his students. carl joseph's, authorities saying that he sent a naked, full body photo as he worked as a trainer for the girls basketball team. the 26-year-old is from baltimore. onlyrities say that he has worked in the
6:48 am
september. the principal sent a letter to the community, calling the incident disheartening. he did go through a background check that included fingerprinting, undergoing child protective services screening, and training. arrested monday and charged with solicitation of a minor and displaying obscene nude pictures. he will be in court on december 26. reporting live in brandywine, suzanne kennedy. the qualifications of the ballou high school graduating seniors are coming under scrutiny. the school claimed to make history when all seniors received one college acceptance letter this last year, but our investigation reveals 26 students graduated with more than 100 unexplained absences during the school year. despite missing this classes, school records show the teachers would often give them passing grades. we are expected to hear from the school chancellor on this issue later on today.
6:49 am
maryland state police now identifying a man hit and killed on the beltway. they say that mark armstrong of silver spring was hit by a tractor-trailer on the inner loop last night near a delphi. there's no indication that the truck driver was impaired in any way. and why he was walking on the highway is still unknown. today, baltimore saying goodbye, funeral just hours away for an officer shot and killed in the line of duty. ryan hughes has more on what's coming up in the day ahead. see soe are starting to the officers from across the country arrive at the church. we are expecting officers from new york, pennsylvania, new jersey, all arriving. thousands are expected out here. the service is expected to start at 11:00 this morning at mount pleasant church. we will hear from the baltimore , givingd governor hogan a tribute to detective suter. it was two wee
6:50 am
cost. we learned that detective suter set to testify against fellow officers and a federal corruption case the day after his murder. a 15,000 dollars reward for information has been offered in this case. following this funeral service there will be a procession of interstate 95. live in baltimore, ryan hughes, "good morning washington. autria: president trump will set todayvel to missouri ahead of the senate vote, the trip coming one day after the senate finance committee advanced the bill to the full senate. democratic leaders canceled a meeting
6:51 am
see a deal to prevent a government shutdown. us -- pass a pass spending plan before december 8 and democratic votes are needed to move the bill forward. facing ae president more immediate deadline than taxes. the government running out of money by next friday and he needs help. but there were two empty chairs at a white house meeting when chuck schumer and nancy pelosi canceled after a nasty tweet from the president. >> he said he didn't see a deal three hours before the meeting. talk with noall action. now it's even worse. now it's not even talk. they willocrats say work with republicans in congress to avoid a government shutdown. if no deal is reached, as mentioned, they will run out of money on december 8. a live don't miss interview with tim kane cong
6:52 am
switch to news channel 8. all right, let's get a check on your forecast this wednesday morning with veronica johnson. not bad atidweek, all. starting with your driving forecast out there this morning, we are seeing sunshine, it's gorgeous out there. dry conditions on area pavement this morning, starting out with a wide range of temperatures throughout the area, from the mid-20 pasta the mid-to-upper 30's. 64 to 65 is your high temperature for today. you will want to embrace it. it's really looking like our last day at 64 to 65 for the year. it's going to turn much colder. 70 degree temperatures through north carolina. even if it's just mid 50's reign of. here's the way the weather is looking for today. tomorrow we will start tracking the clouds first.
6:53 am
4:00, watch what happens after that. the rain loose to the area and it will leave us with damp, wet pavement for friday morning. i don't think there will be any rain falling from the sky. on saturday. saturday, 55 is your high temperature on sunday. throughout the weekend things are looking drive but it could be breezy on the water for the holiday parade of lights. .lways great to see dry conditions, once again cold. coming up sunday we have got a super moon that will rise at 5:16 and look 14% larger and look much brighter than usual. we will talk about this and the very cold trend is starting at the end of next week on news channel 8. julie, i know we have got a lot of trouble spots this morning? especially on the inner legion bridge.
6:54 am
of tysons with a 45 minute slowdown pushing north. sky track 7 is above the scene right now and for those coming from tysons headed northbound, all of your lanes are blocked here. a crash involving a tractor-trailer and a couple of other vehicles and as a result there was damage to the jersey wall. this is why on the outer loop we've got a couple of lanes blocked as well. for the folks coming out of rockville -- yes, i said rockville -- 270 headed south remains bumper-to-bumper slow across the american legion bridge. 'twasto the right to keep the dulles toll road. you are again looking at about a 45 minute commute in each direction here. no word on when they plan to reopen the inner loop, but traffic continues to slow on the west side as you push north. quickly we're moving back to the maps to show you what else we have out here. the fender bender we have a newington is now gone
6:55 am
and off to the beltway. another ride over on the west side, back over to you. larry: "good morning washington" has four tickets to one of the biggest attractions in time. holiday in the park at six flags, one million lights, santa himself will be there. caller number seven, 703-528-7334, wins free tickets. autria: it is also everyone's favorite time of the year, the is out rightndar now. each month features a player, love for the cute puppy. go to the benefits homeward trails. we will be talking with the group and one of the caps stars will be featured. at't miss more coming up 8:30 on news channel 8. we want to get things back out to kidd o'shea. he's bringingry:
6:56 am
life with the gay men's chorus of washington. kidd: good morning, guys. holiday lights are here, we have got santa hats and singing. but matt, this is just a small part of the gay men's chorus of washington this year this morning? have 220 right, we singing members right now and most of them will be at the main show next month. quite hard to believe it's right around the corner. you guys do shows all the around hard to -- kidd: believe it's right around the corner. what makes it so great to sing these songs? -- it just gives you that feeling of being back at home, like you are a kid all over again. take it away, right now on "good morning washington." ♪
6:57 am
>> park, hear the bells, silver bells bringing cheer that is the song the ring with gathering one seems to hear words of good cheer from everywhere give me the ring while people sing songs of good cheer, christmas is here, mary, merry christmas. they have joe full tones in every home ding dong
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good morning, america. breaking news, caught, police making an arrest in that serial killer case terrorizing a tampa neighborhood. this 24-year-old found with a gun at work at mcdonald's. now in custody. how police finally tracked him down. the city's mayor here on "gma." also breaking north korea says their new missile could reach the entire u.s. mainland with a nuclear warhead. pilots taking off from the west coast said they could see flashes from the missile test in the sky. president trump called it a grave threat to the entire world. >> it is a situation that we will handle. >> an emergency meeting at the u.n. this morning. on the run,


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