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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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first on i-66 since tolling went in for solo drivers. i cost just over $7 right now. abc7 has team coverage. sam sweeney takes unside a vdot command center and brianne carter is catching up with commuters. but we begin with sam sweeney on the big day of big traffic changes. hi, sam. sam: hey, alison. good afternoon. great day in the command center. it was busy. everything went according to plan. this is what they want it to look like. traffic free flowing every day. they are going to do that with the new tolls. that is exactly what happened this morning. they averaged 57 miles per hour. that is 20 miles per hour over what they had on monday last december. now they say that 37% of people use the carpool today which means they didn't pay
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a lot of people were getting upset on social media when the prices topped $34.50 at the height this morning at six minutes. it changes every six minutes. but people paying for that didn't have a choice to pay that. on friday they weren't alive to drive at all. so that is good news for those people. but there are still a lot of people who weren't sure what to do. 14% of the drivers didn't have an easy pass. knowing they will get a violation in the mail. >> if you are approaching 66 and you see any signage lit with pricing on it and your license plate is red post-5:30 in the morning or 3:00 this afternoon, you will be sent a notice in the mail. sam: if you want to avoid the notice in the mail and you know you messed up, go there now and you can find your ticket and pay it. who knows how high i
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there is no cap. reporting live along 66 in rosslyn, sam sweeney, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. we will monitor that. that fluid toll pricing for the next two and a half hours. right now it's 6:25. it's down a buck from two minutes ago. it's fluid as you can tell. brianne carter has more on how commuters are taking the changes. brianne: nancy, we want to give you a live look at what we are seeing on westbound 66 right now along the road. it's hard to believe we are at the beginning of rush hour. 4:00 this afternoon. moving at speeds along 66. an area here where we are approaching closer to the end near the beltway. right now we are able to travel at speed. but this morning it was a similar situation with the congestion relief. but it was in the pocket for many drivers. we hear
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of rush hour is what the drivers were paying. the lowest this morning was $4.50. throughout the day and middle of the afternoon we talk to the drivers. many are not worried about the cost but they don't like to see tolls, period, on more roads in northern virginia. >> it's not really going to solve it. it will make it harder for middle class people and people who have trouble paying this to get to work on time. >> it's ridiculous. we paid for that road. we have already paid for that road. brianne: if you are carpooling you can as if you would on friday afternoon. but again here on monday you have to make
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to that mode. you were driving on the road on friday, and got caught it will cost you $125 and a fine but now you just pay the toll. alison: thank you. we searched for a toll road with per mile rate approaching one like i-66 and we couldn't find anywhere with $3.45 a mile. the highest on beltway express lane. it can be $1 a mile it hit over $2.50 earlier this year. the chicago sky awe averaging 67 cents a mile. delaware dole is 33 excellents a mile -- the delaware toll is 33 cents a mile. nancy: this is how much it cost if you got on i-66 right now. $6.25 for the length of i
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breaking news alert through the abc7 news app. police involved shooting last month but what makes it unique it wasn't their department. stephen tschida joins us with more tonight. stephen: 25-year-old was shot november 17 after a car accident and a chase by the park police. he was shot in the head and pronounced dead days later. joining in that chase, fairfax county police today the police chief head this news conference to say that the cameras on his police cruisers, fairfax police cruisers caught this shooting go down. the chief called for the release of that video. the f.b.i. now has the video. it is conducting an
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take a listen to what the chief had to say. >> i as the chief of fairfax county turned over to the f.b.i. the critical evidence in this case, the in-car video. this video captured the deployment of deadly force by the united states park police officers. we continue to assist the f.b.i. as they request assistance from us. stephen: now the chief was saying he doesn't believe it should be released immediately because the f.b.i. is conducting investigations. interviews with people involved in this incident. but he does want it released before the entire investigation wraps up, which could be months down the road. he says in the name of transparentsy, and for the family he believes this video should be released so they can see what transpired. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: t
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valley high school where 13 were taken to the hospital after the pepper spray went off. everyone will be okay but they had to evacuate part of the school exposed to the pepper spray. it's not clear who set off the spray or why. nancy: to the weather. alison: nice weather and the colder temperatures are on the way and the timing is it critical. steve rudin is here with the forecast. tell us about the timing. steve: we have a cold front on the way in the late afternoon and the early evening tomorrow night. that will bring us the next best chance for showers and the area of rain. nothing out there now. rehoboth beach, delaware, cloudy skies. temperatures are on the mild side. 54 at the reagan national airport. fredericksburg is coming in at 54. temperatures across board above average. we normally would see for the early december. but that is all going to change once the cold front flies through.
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the clouds are here to stay for right now but dry for the rush hour commute. the temperatures fall in upper 40's. we track the timing of the cold front tomorrow in a few minutes. alison: on the hill now. nancy: the g.o.p. celebrates the tax plan moving toward there is major work to be done in the short-term. friday is the last day the government will have money to operate. if no bill reaches president's desk before midnight on saturday the government will shut down. meanwhile, president trump angling to keep a slim majority in the senate by endorsing roy moore. he said we need the vote to stop crime, illegal immigration, border wall, military, pro-life, v.a., judges, second amendment and more. several women accused him of sexual harassment or assault while he was in the teens. he denied all the claims. alison: the tweet came before he left for utah where he
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monuments one creasated by obama and clinton. in washington, the russia investigation moving forward. we have if new twist today. >> a possible new legal defense for the president. the president's lawyer telling abc news the president cannot be guilty of obstruction of justice in the role. he is the chief law enforcement officer of the united states. the claim follows this statement -- i had to fire general flynn because he lied to vice president and the f.b.i. that led to speculation the president was admitting he knew flynn lied to the f.b.i. before he allegedly tried to get then f.b.i. director james comey to go easy on flynn. >> i understand what he wanted me to do is drop any investigation connected to flynn's account of the conversation with the russians. reporter: multiple experts
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can obstruct justice. the president saying some laws don't apply to him. speaking to the "new york times," he said keeping the businesses wasn't a conflict of interest. he said last year "the law is on my side" meaning that the president can't have conflict of interest. but there are conflicts. but some say that is not accurate reading of the law. >> when the president does it that means it is not illegal. >> president nixon and bill clinton faces obstruction of justice charges in the impeachment hearing. nancy: new stealth fighter jets joining drills today. the test
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states. alison: a flight crew reports seeing the missile from the plane last week. this is the second crew to claim to have seen this. nancy: coming up, facebook's new app for children. pay attention here. we have the advantages and the concerns next. alison: billy bush is responding to the president questioning the authenticity of the infamous video. a trump accuser asked this. >> you can't help wonder why people aren't talking about trump. nancy: her accusations are next. alison: this newborn looks normal. but the procedure that his mother underwent to make his birth a first in the united states. >> ahead at 4:30, a new vacation home for injured
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nancy: former "access hollywood" host billy bush speaking out after losing job when the infamoused tape conversation surfaced when him and donald trump. he is now reacting to the president reportedly questioning if the voice is
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his. >> the other voice on the infamous "access hollywood" tape. billy bush is back and breaking his silence. he is certain of one thing. >> you can do anything. whatever you want. grab them by the -- -- do anything. q: it's trump's voice on the infamous "access hollywood" tape. billy bush said, "yes, you said that." this is after reports that the president has been telling his allies he is not sure the voice is his. bub wrote he thought it was part of a standup act but now we know better. >> i'm attracted to beautiful. >> the 12-year-old tape resurfaced in the final weeks of the presidential election. bush lost his job on "today" show over it. bush said after soul searching he is now speaking
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>> he held on many my hand and continued to kiss my cheeks over and over again as he inserted small talk. he asked me where i was from, if i was a model. he told me he had his own modeling agency. but he kept reportedly kissing me. finally he kissed me on the lips. >> q mccray, abc7 news. nancy: do your kids want to be on facebook but under 13? alison: well, there is an app for that. only parents can set up and control the contact and the messages on the messenger kids app. facebook said it worked with parents the groups to create the app. it rolls out later today. so while some kids are sending their first text messages, adults have been texting since 1992. that is right. yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the first text message. do you know what it was? simple. "merry
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nancy: ahh! it's still too early to know the full impact of the cbs $69 billion purchase of aetna but they want to create a national network of the medical clinics. less urgent care but primary care facility. alison: a baby boy in texas made history over the weekend. the first in the united states born to a mother who received a uterus transplant. the family is asking for privacy so there is very little information about the family. we know it was a boy who was born at the baylor university medical center in dallas. it's the first baby born from transplanted uterus happened three years ago in sweden. nancy: serena williams and venus williams visited the southeast tennis and learning center on saturday to participate in a panel discussion.
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resource center in compton, california, last year. price was their sister murdered in 2003. they say it was important to bring the discussion to southeast. >> we have a long history here. spent a lot of time at this center. even out here on the course with the kids. in town, drop in. we have a blast. to be part of something like this is bigger than what we could do on the court. alison: the supreme court is having full enforcement from the travel bans from the mostly muslim nations. this is seen as big win for the administration who has been fighting to uphold this for much of the year. we'll follow this. stay with us for updates. this is just breaking at this moment.
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meanwhile, how about this? did you see the super moon last night? it was spectacular. nasa astronaut snapped this photo. this is from the international space station. look at that. it's the moon riding over mongolia. so pretty. nancy: beautiful. take a look here from the view from washington. wow! there will be two more in january. they recommend you watch it either right after sunset or just before the next sunrise. that shot is gorgeous. as it comes out over the capitol. the thing is it's like i stepped outside and had to take a picture of the gorgeous sight. but it's so hard to capture with your iphone. alison: it looks like it is illuminated with its own light. steve: there were ice crystals so it looked cool. you don't need special glasses. like with the
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you can look straight at it for hours and hours. not much of a sunset today. the clouds are with us but at least it will stay dry for the remainder of the afternoon hours and in the evening. the temperatures are mild. if you have outdoor shopping to do later tonight. picking out the christmas tree or going to an outlet mall, looks good. 54 at the reagan national airport. winds from the south/southeast at 8 miles per hour. we started day off with the temperatures in the middle 30's. coldest spot on the map, oakland, maryland at 43. the stormwatch7 satellite and radar. we had breaks in the clouds earlier today. peeks of sunshine. along the i-81 corridor. we are looking at a cold front to the west of us. this will become the dominant weather maker. 24 hours from now. there are showers and per
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blast of cooler air. for the evening the rush hour looks okay. dry and the temperatures will fall in the upper 40's. temperature range is 38 to 46 degrees. clouds will increase. we may see isolated shower by tomorrow morning but i don't believe it will amount to a lot. wake up temperatures are still in the 40's for most of us. what do you need tomorrow. you head out the door. umbrella. that is one thing. if you're out walking to the metro stop the temperatures are below average. we should hit the 60 degree mark. keep in mind this is ahead of the cold front. this cold front right over here, that is going to move on through late in the day. so we will keep the winds out of the south for tomorrow. the push of the milder air. showers by 6:00. that will slow the rush hour commute down. we will get the cold front out of here wednesday morning. the winds
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more out of the west. out the north and the west. that will bring us coldest air we have seen around here in a long, long time. how cold are we talking? the falling temperatures for the day on wednesday. temperatures fall through the 40's. middle 40's on thursday. friday is around 40. we are well off the coast. flurries on the ten-day is a first for the season. not the last. alison: coming up next, the kennedy center honors. we talk to the stars about the big night in d.c. nancy: also speaking up, outgoing virginia governor terry mcauliffe talks about the transportation vision for the future of the commonwealth. that's ahead at
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alison: take another look at i-66. now it's $5.50 for single drivers to ride the lane. fall the second time in a hour for solo drivers. a lot of movement. if you are car pooling, switch the e
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alison: one of the most exciting and the biggest nights in d.c. kennedy center honors. nancy: this is one of the biggest events for the entertainers selected. alison: kidd o'shea is filling in at wash f.m. for the evening drive. you were there and you got to catch up with the stars on the red carpet. how was it? kidd: it was excellent. it was a very exciting night. i learned they were all there and honored to be there but they were there for different reasons. >> to a pop music icon. honoring gloria estefan who had a message for the fans last night. >> should i tell them directly? thank you. thank you for listening and offering me love and support for the prayers when i needed them. i broke my back 27 years ago. >> l.l. cool jay says dreams come true. >> i believe
4:27 pm
with your imagination you have to take action. kidd: donnie simpson says lionel ritchie means a lot to d.c. >> i'm proud of him. this is amazing. my closing song for so many years on the radio show is "jesus is love" by the commodores. we were hanging out. we were talking about just what that song meant to this city. >> and norman leer is still working and producing tv shows. what did i take to stay young? >> what is the big sur praise in caring about -- surprise in caring about something? i'd rather wake up to be active and do something. opposed to waking up to be
4:28 pm
older. 95 years young. if you don't want to get up think of him, he is still producing tv shows. lionel's favorite song but "easy" and "hello" and "all night long" for his songs and "we are the world" he did with michael jackson. exciting night with a ton of incredibly talented people. nancy: sounds like a blast. "hello" will never go out of style. thank you. coming up for us, term limited virginia governor terry mcauliffe is departing soon but he is not leaving without a tug of war over metro. the message to the leaders next. >> ground is broken on a new home for veterans. i'm cheryl conner. coming up, we will tell you what it means for wounded par par -- wounded
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alison: coming up at:00, what drove the women to chain themselves to a building. how long they have been there and why when larry and when you're clocking out. i'm the one clocking in... sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. i can even help with a silent night. does your bed do that? i don't actually talk, but i can tell you how you slept.
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nancy: welcome back. the check of the i-66 polls. we are up another dollar. $6.50. it's very fluid. michelle: transportation is a big issue in virginia. we have terry mcauliffe's thoughts on transportation. >> transportation is the big issue in the d.m.v. and in a wide-ranging interview with terry mcauliffe we talked about everything from i-66 to the situation there today and dedicated source of revenue for metro. it's been issues since the metro inception. finding way to pay for trains and the infrastructure. former transportation secretary ray la hood is to issue a report commissioned by the governor on the radical changes to the transit agen
4:33 pm
hundreds of millions in the dedicated dollars each from virginia, maryland and d.c. mcauliffe says he has put in $125 million funding recommendation for what he calls the commonwealth fare share in -- fair share in the next budget. but the maryland officials want to see details first. >> i have put the money, the dedicated funding is in the budget but it's contingent that the other jurisdictions put a fair share. >> la hood is pended to recommend $500 million for additional funding for metro. where the money comes from remains to be seen. in richmond, richard reeve, abc7 news.
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third democratic candidate for the vass house of delegates has filed for a recount. joshua cole ran in the district that includes fredericksburg and part of stafford county. he lost to republican bob thomas by 82 votes but now the election officials say the voters were given the wrong ballots and it may have cost him the election. >> the fishes is motorcycle sure people's voices are counted and voices are heard. michelle: he also filed a restraining order to keep board of election from certifying the race until the issue was resolved. the race was certified anyway. nancy: a pleasant day today. steve: it's been nice. we have a mild day tomorrow. then late tomorrow to tomorrow night a strong
4:35 pm
nancy: reality hits. steve: a big push of colder air. it's 52 in quantico. reagan reporting in at 54. head to front royal where 66 and i-81 meet. otherwise around the beltway the clouds are here to stay for the early evening hours. the temperatures will take a dip tonight. we are looking at partly cloudy skies tonight and temperatures around 48 degrees. coming up, we have a mild day tomorrow and then a strong cold front. i will give you the timing and the big changes on the way for the upcoming weekend. nancy: thank you. a gas leak forcing a thousand students, teachers and staff to evacuate the georgetown
4:36 pm
skytrak7. screws are working to -- the crews working to get the leak under control. it's under control now. no one was sick or injured in the process. classes resume at the top of the hour. the red cross is helping seven displaced residents after an overnight apartment fire in southeast d.c. it broke out on the second floor of the building. no one was hurt. the cause has not been determined yet. michelle: the state department resumes visa and offer limited interviews starting next week. the services were suspended in august after the kremlin ordered cut in the diplomatic personnel in the country. nancy: the army is forgiving past marijuana use and showing in recruitment. the waivers jumped to 500 this year. we have a full month left. last year was 191. the army move to lessen and eliminat
4:37 pm
penalties comes as several states legalize and decriminalize the drug. you can't use once you are enlisted. the previous policy, anyway. ground was broken today on a new vacation home for the injured veterans. it's expansion on the property in haymarket serving wounded warriors who need a break there the stale environment and cheryl conner has more from a vet who says it has saved his life. >> this is my favorite area. there this is more than home sweet home for john. a retired sergeant who served in the army for 13 years. this home saved his life. >> i was in a dark moment. suicidal moment at the time. >> i was really worried that we weren't going to make it through the summer. >> until his wife melissa learned about the warrior retreat a
4:38 pm
since 2015, us' offered escape from the medical environment for the injured veterans. >> it took away all the stress. >> sergeant meadows suffered a compound traumatic brain industry. he was in afghanistan in 2013 when the convoy hit the i.e.d. he has memory loss and the seizures. in june his family enjoyed the virginia countryside by day and campfire at night. ground was broken to build on the property. they are donating $300,000. >> this home reinforces to the veterans and to the family that america cares. >> the home is run by the non-profit group serve the willing warriors. >> will put them in a relaxed environment. >> each year 500 families take advantage from vacation from the met call treatment. it will open in the summer of
4:39 pm
2018. >> still ahead for us, ejecting from an f-16. the pilot speaks out for the first time since his plane went down in april. >> who knows if i make it out of there alive or not. >> the message for his wife and the moment he realized it was time to ditch that plane ahead. nancy: "house of cards" is moving forward without kevin spacey. the plot twist after the sexual misconduct allegations next. michelle: now a look at how to start tomorrow on "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- most people don't think twice when they use a debit card at a gas station. but before you swipe, a warning on why you could end up with a 0 o'balance the -- zero balance the next time you fill up at the pump. >> watch for a chance to get tickets for the ice event. >> wake up with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow mo what do you think?
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nancy: there will be a final season of "house of cards." michelle: netflix will start filming next year but without the main star kevin spacey. lindsey mastis show us how fans are reacting. lindsey: there is speculation how netflix will handle the season without spacey. look at this. how much do you want to bet that clair
4:43 pm
or i just hope they recast him and move forward without skipping a beat. some are not so enthusiastic. oh, no, this will be two and a half men all over again. and i think they should just cancel the show. it won't be any good without kevin spacey. for now it's wait and see. back to you. nancy: i know it is a decision that a lot of people are following closely given what has happened with kevin spacey. but a great message to have robin wright in the center of it all. michelle: everyone will have a happy middle ground. some of the loose ends that weren't tied up in the storyline. get some closure. michelle: ejecting from an f-16 after taking off from joint base andrews in april. nancy: the pilot is talking about it. >> parachuted to the field i wanted to land in. michelle: it missed the homes below. he describes what it is like knowin
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hiding the death of mariah woods. michelle: this is the live-in boyfriend of the girl's mother and the police believe they found the body of the child but they need confirmation from the medical examiner. he is being held on $1 million bond. the first day of sentencing hearing for michael slager, the former police officer pleaded guilty to federal civil rights charges in the 2015 shooting death of an unarmed black man. video shows in a traffic stop he ran from the car and after a chase slager fired eight shots killing scott. he faces the possibility of life in prison. >> a pilot honored for quick thinking, a split second decision credited with saving lives. >> a good chance to ensure -- [inaudible] nancy: over the weekend, captain jonathan morgan the man in the cockpit this past april when the f-16 crashed in clinton after take-off from joint base
4:48 pm
>> i start to troubleshoot. the engine gives out. it landed in a wooded area. i parachuted to the field i want to land in. i am about to eject. i remember saying that, you know, i love you, katie. katie is my wife. because who knows if i make it out of there alive or not. nancy: remarkable. the maintenance crews were recognizedded with two award at an annual ceremony. he also gave a shout out for the team to have the right equipment on board to save his lives and many others. michelle: are we holding our kids to high enough standard when it comes to the education? we are asking that question after our sister station
4:49 pm
project baltimore. chris papst found a senior that took the test, failed and still graduated. >> we set up shop with a white board, markerred a few questions which came from this test. a final exam obtained by project baltimore. the teacher who gave it to us said the questions were for seniors. at a baltimore city high school. with five questions written on the white board we gave the marker to the folks. >> these are the questions. just draw an exclamation mark and a period. these are not trick questions. the acronym for random access memory. you have two of these right. what grade do you think this test would be for? >> sixth grade. >> first grade. >> what if we told you this is a test given to a senior in high school in baltimore city? >> appalling. >> the school system is failing someone if they can't answer the que
4:50 pm
put on the white board from the test which include draw a period and a question mark. >> that should be for an elementary school student. >> why would a senior get that question? >> because that is the level they were functioning on. >> this educator from a baltimore city high school where the test which we redacted was given. we disguised the identity. project baltimore was told the student who took the test failed. but still graduated. >> a lot of the kids were not at an age or a grade level being able to function. >> we were given a test. >> sean comely city schools chief academic officer. we showed him the test given in one of his schools. >> i would have to look into this now and have to go through each of the questions to see if it would meet the standard. >> you don't have a first impression? >> i don't like to assume or jump to conclusions. but it's definitely i want to
4:51 pm
>> but the folks in downtown baltimore didn't have to look at the questions long. >> they really push the graduation rate up. lowering the bar. nancy: we want to know -- michelle: is something similar to this happening in our area? what do you see where your kids go to school or where you work? contact us at larry: i'm larry smith at the "live desk." a man skipped paying a metro fare but wait until you hear what he did on the platform without getting on a train. >> protesters descend on the utah capitol as president trump announces plans to downsize two national monuments. "star wars" may make money at the box office but find out where it's trending on its own when we join you at 5:00. michelle: thank you, larry. today is natial
4:52 pm
the first record of the cookies were actually an accident. good accident i'd say. cake batter in an overheated oven. chocolate chip is so pap lar it has the own day. others have the honor. my favorite, it's traditional, i'll go with chocolate chip. but it has to be warm fresh out of the oven. not the store bought. nancy: with the sides crispy. nothing like a good cookie. i would go with oatmeal raisin. michelle: good one. steve? steve: i lake peanut butter chocolate. and chocolate chip and oreos. anything with raisins, not a fan. michelle: keep that in mind. steve: now you know. chocolate and the other good stuff in there. right now this hour we are looking at national harbor. the sun set and went down seven minutes ago. didn't miss much there. 54 degrees. well above average for this time of year. temperatures are going to st
4:53 pm
considering the date for the next several hours, 50 in winchester. 53 in martinsburg. 54 in cumberland. the forecast, if you you're out and about the temperatures fall in the 40's. at least it will stay dry. with the winds out of the south around 4 to 8 miles per hour. satellite and radar, no not a lot going on. it will drop to the middle 40's. later tonight for the army -- for the later hours. it's 42 in manassas. the temperatures drop to 40. fairfax sees around 43. the day planner tomorrow, mild day. the highs approach 60. grab your umbrella as you head out the door. we have a cold front that will take time to move on through. but once it does, you will notice it. this is the future cast. shows the wet weather, 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. slow rush hour commute on tuesday. moving to late tuesday and early wednesday, everything begins to clear on out. the skies will
4:54 pm
temperatures will drop. look at the weekend. by saturday we are talking the highs around 41 degrees. sunday we see high of 38. burrrr! cold! nancy: absolutely. online shopping means more online receipts. but here is the thing. there is a fake one making the rounds. "7 on your side" with the
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japan: what would you do if you got an e-mail from paypal saying it's billing you hundreds for a camera you never ordered? a woman tried to cancel it, but what happened next should be a warning to everyone in the area this holiday season. living in country she rerequires her dogs for protection but they weren't able to protect her from a suspicious e-mail on her phone. >> the e-mail from paypal. it said paypal and thank you for your purchase. >> she didn't recall making a purchase. >> it said i bought a go-pro from ebay with ebay's logo with a picture of a go-pro. john: panicked she didn't want her account billed $171 so she tried to report an unwanted purchase. >> click here. enter in, log in the paypal, i did. john: bad idea. >> it directed me to another page where it want
4:58 pm
enter more information. address, telephone, i thought this doesn't look right. john: like so many people they have been lured in by a slick e-mail scam that implies if she didn't cancel immediately someone else would get a camera on her dime. but had she inspected the e-mail carefully, she might found a strange return address that is not she logged in the real paypal she realized nothing was wrong. it appears she dodged a bullet, she is changing a of your passwords just in case the scammers grabbed them from her phone. next time she will be more careful. >> is so slick. -- it's so slick. i watch you all the time. i think they should know better! >> right now at 5:00 -- >> we paid for that road. we already paid for that road. >> tolls begin on i-66. some drivers have
4:59 pm
how high will they go for the ride home? new backlash over president trump's tweet. how his own tweet could mean more than intended. and making pizzas in space. see if the sauce went flying. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. larry: that breaking news for the u.s. supreme court which just cleared way for president trump's travel ban to take effect for now. scott thuman is at the "live desk" with the latest. scott: the ruling coming in the last 40 minutes. that will let the controversial policy take full effect despite several legal challenges against it to give the giveaway for the trump administration on the third and the -- to give the go-ahead for the trump administration third reit ration of this. it countries eight countries six of which with the majority muslim population. chad, iran, lydia, somalia, syria and yemen. lower courts put the
5:00 pm
hold until some challenges were decided. but now justices considered more liberal were in dissent saying they would have let the lower court standings stay. we will watch for developments. we are not heard any reaction from the white house. larry: okay, scott. right now driving solo on i-66 will cost you. we have watched the prices fluctuate. alison: this is the first night of the new toll lane procedures inside the beltway. this morning prices topped $34. "7 on your side" with team coverage so you know what to expect. larry: and sam sweeney went inside the vdot command center to learn how everything is going. there winners and losers in the tolls. sam: yeah, the losers for the most part are those who cheated the h.o.v. lanes beforehand but the winners are presentful. take a


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