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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the price when i heard this morning is just i can't comprehend it. >> that's outrageous. >> the tolls are active during the rush hour. those with a passenger drive for free. >> for more on how the roads are working and where the money is going let's go to the transportation reporter sam sweeney. he is in arlington for us. sam? sam: >> the goal is to keep the traffic moving and to provide new transportation out for the people who live and work along the 66 corridor. take a look at in. this morning's commute on 66 inside the beltway noticeably lighter. the average speed is 57 miles per hour. what typically is one of the most congested roads in country. >> we experienced on average over the four-hour period 20 miles per hour increase. in speeds. >> tolls for the single occupant vehicles increased based on demand.
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and there is no limit. today they surged to $34 hadn't -- $34.50 in the 8:00 hour. vdot hasn't said how much they expect this year or how many paid this morning but it goes back to the congestion on the 66 corridor. >> we are putting the money in the bus service. more transportation strategy. this morning a new bus route started from the government center to foggy bottom. >> before today solo drivers were been ad in the morning rush. now they -- were been ad in the morning rush. now they can pay. the only real losers in the program is the cheaters who ignore the rules before. just the time we were in the story the price jumped from $7 to $8.50. vdot says they update the prices every six minutes based on demand. reporting live on i-66, sam sweeney, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. the i-66 toll lane include a
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real-time information on how much tolls will cost. you can see the information on the screen. you see the side-by-side with the live picture of the actual cost. $8.50 is what folks are paying now. express lane on i-95, i-395 and the beltway have a similar system to let you check prices ahead of time. "7 on your side" team has posted a link to both of the websites online. you can find it on the news app. >> new information on the deadly shooting of a mclean man. the police chief says a dash cam in one of the department cruisers recorded the shooting. he was shot on november 17 after the police say he hit another vehicle and led officers on a chase that ended along g.w. parkway. the chief ed rossler wants the video released once the f.b.i. is finished investigating the shooting. day of chaos that turned deadly. now d
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blasted the police response to the violent crashes in charlottesville the city leaders will be told how they can improve. the u.s. attorney will make his recommendations at 7:00 tonight. the public will also be allowed to weigh in. we will show you what happens tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. michelle: breaking news from the supreme court the justice are allowing the third version of the controversial travel ban to go into effect even as legal challenges continue. two justices dissented. it places limit on the travel from six majority muslim countries plus north korea and venezuela. nancy: the president says the f.b.i.'s reputation is the worst in history. scott thuman reports that this comes as many wonder who is the next to face the prosecution in the russia investigation. scott: the political drama in washington centering on a cast of
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the focus. the president monday morning defending the former national security adviser michael flynn who pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about the interactions with the russians. >> flynn lies and it's like they ruined his life. scott: the debit reignited with the president weekend tweet attacking the bureau of after it was revealed the special counsel bob mueller had to let an agent go for sending texts that were reportedly anti-trump. >> if mueller didn't care about the integrity of his investigation he would not have removed that agent. so this shows you not that there is a problem with the special counsel's office but there is a level of integrity. >> while some say it speaks to mueller's fairness, others are hammering the f.b.i. >> famed attorney said if trump's only crime was talking to the russians but lying about it, it demonstrates a witch hunt. he told us this f
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a target on his back in the president of the united states. they i'll find something. they found it on bill clinton and they will find it on somebody close to trump. scott: while trump insists he did not fire james comey to halt the investigation. president trump: no. no. next question. scott: he says it can't be on instruction anyway since he is the -- obstruction anyway because he is the president. >> because the president believes he is invincible he is going out the way he always believed. but mueller is going to hold trump more accountable than the american media did. >> on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. nancy: the president endorsed embattled senate candidate roy moore in a sweet and a call from air force one. several women of course accused moore of sexual misconduct when he was in his 30's and they were in the teens. voters in alabama head to the polls a week from
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brown of fraud for using a charity for poor students as a slush fund. it cost brown her jacksonville area house seat in primary. nancy: the united nations chief diplomat on way to north korea tonight. this is as hundreds of personnel from the united states and the south korea take part in the war games. the annual exercise comes less than a month -- less than a week after north korea tested the latest intercontinental ballistic missile. that launch prompted senator gram to suggest the -- senator graham to suggest family members of those stationed in south korea come home. there has been no comment from the pentagon about the possible relocation. michelle: a special delivery. in an ambulance delivers a baby in his ambulance on his own birthday. nancy: a wild police chase caught on video. a man dives into a moving car to flee police. how it all ends next at 6:00.
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steve: daytime highs today hit the 56 degrees. well above average for the time of the year. one more mild day to go. a cold front. i'm tracking it for you. i'll have the timing coming up. stay with us.
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nancy: take a look here. caught on video. a wild high-speed police chase outside of kansas city. three robbery suspects speeding through a
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neighborhood when their s.u.v. loses controlment you see it. it gets stuck in the front yard. all three men jump out. two hide in a nearby house. a third, watch this. dives through the window of a nearby car to hitch a ride. cameras caught him getting out of the same car a short time later. going and sitting on a porch for a few minutes. maybe he got tired. police caught up to him and the other two men and they arrested all three. michelle: he looks winded. we are moving to florida where a wild scene caught on camera. look at that. school bus plows into a woman's living room. that woman just left for work. this all happened after the bus collided with a car. 30 children were on board. amazingly no one involved had anything more than just bumps and bruises. nancy: the former police officer caught on video killing a man running away from him will soon learn his fate. sentencing is underway for michael slager. the north charleston police office
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comal charges of the shooting -- guilty of the charges of shooting scott. michelle: now las vegas a man has gone from sleeping on the streets to being bona fide hero. the man homeless nearby when within apartment caught fire with a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old child inside. you can see that is all that is left of the building. that is when the man scaled the gate, ripped open a locked door and whisked the children to safety through a back window. great work. alison: absolutely. nancy: coming up, the video showing a grinch stealing christmas and running away. why police sent down this video ahead. michelle: first, a remarkable story. paramedic delivers a child in his ambulance 42 years to the day that he was born the same way. we will hear from him next at 6:
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live fearless. find a medicare plan for you at nancy: the second time was the charge for the crews demolishing the pontiac silverdome in michigan. in the last two hours they brought down the former home of the drite lion -- detroit lions. it went viral over the weekend when the
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fail -- implosion event failed. michelle: students were taken to the hospital after being exposed to pepper spray in georgetown. we don't know how they came in contact with the pepper spray but none of the injuries are considered life threatening or serious. nancy: a few miles away the activity res suming after a gas leak this morning forced evacuation of the staff and students. it appears that a construction crew rupturedded a gas line. >> now to a story that might be the story of the day. incredible story from the prince george's county where this morning a paramedic delivered a baby in the back of an ambulance 42 years to the day that he was born in the back of an ambulance. brad bell talked to the birthday boy about the special delivery. brad: today is dan's birthday. for the first time in his career he decided to come to work. happy birthday, dan. >> thanks. brad: this is not the
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ambulance on his birthday. listen to this. he was actually born in one. >> it happened. inside the beltway in a prince george's county balance 42 years ago. brad: so his career was preordained. >> i don't know. my mom says i have been hearing sirens my whole life. brad: back to today. first thing this morning. birthday. the alarm sounds in station and out he rolls. the mom-to-was in labor and unable to get to the hospital. the contractions were a minute apart and the baby were coming. they barely made it to the ambulance. >> as soon as we started to move the baby's head started to come out. so, i think the baby's head came out before we got out of the parking lot. >> this happy picture, everything worked out. mother and the baby girl zoe are doing just fine. for this firefighter born in an ambulance, life has come
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>> it's pretty crazy. brad: happy birthday, zoe and firefighter/paramedic dan. brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: birthday to remember for many reasons. now to the eye analysis in the caribbean -- now to the crisis in the caribbean where two northern virginia police officers helping in the recovery. they tweeted out images today of the officers help direct traffic to help victims of hurricane maria after the third wave of the officers from the prince william county police department arrived with a similar mission. two months after hurricane maria a third of puerto rico is still without power. >> now must see video of a grinch looking to steal christmas. you see someone in a grinch costume sneaking in to unlock doors. that video from the houston police shows it happened multiple times. of course, here is the thing. this is not an actual crime. they staged the video to show
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you into a victim if you leave valuables in your car. michelle: another grinch found holiday lights in tatters. cords ripped apart but they caught picture of the culprit. take a look. a squirrel. police say it managed to escape before they could bring it into custody. they are on the look out to make sure he doesn't turn into a repeat vandal. nancy: storing up for winter. take a look at this. nas capturing amaze -- nasa capturing amazing image of the super moon. that is the international space station passing through the sky. that moment only lasted five second. as the station raced past at 17,000 miles per hour. great to see the images on social media. all over of the super moon. a moment to go outside and
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michelle: a clear, beautiful night. it look like a cherry. steve: so bold and the night before saturday night it was cold out. it had the ice crystals around it. a lot of people commenting what is the halo? it's the ice crystals. cool stuff. i like it. glad we could see it and not worry about the clouds. you will probably look at the cloud cover across most of the area. at least it will stay dry. the high hit 56 earlier this afternoon. now we are at 50. the sun has been down for an hour and 30 minutes. so it will get colder as we move through the next two to four hours. overnight lows are not super cold because of the cloud cover out there. 49 martinsburg. 50 in hagerstown. 48 in frederick. dulles at 49. if you head closer to the bay. it's 46. same in annapolis. it's cooler at b.w.i. marshall. forecast this evening if you are out and about and trying to get
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shopping or at the yard, temperatures are in the 40's. comfortably cool with the winds out of the south at 4 to 8 miles per hour. the cloud cover is here to stay. for the overnight hours to most of the day tomorrow. we can't rule out isolated shower early tomorrow morning. the main event is late afternoon and the early evening. tomorrow morning hats and gloves. the temperatures are lower 40's in fairfax. college park, you will be at 40. planning your day for tomorrow don't be fooled. if you don't see the showers early on you will see them later in the day. afternoon to the everything hours. cold front approaches to the north and west. the temperatures more spring like rather than winter like. 60 for the daytime highs. good time to download the stormwatch7 weather app. cold front moves through torr
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it take time to move by with the wet weather. finally by early wednesday morning this system is off to the east of us. winds out of the west before they shift from the northwest. that will bring us the coldest air of the season for the upcoming weekend. how cold? saturday and sunday we are looking at the temperatures in the upper 30's to 40 degrees. i would not be surprised friday and saturday might see a few snow flurries. not for anything to accumulate but a chance of snow flurries. everyone is going ohhh, great on that one, right? the ten-day outlook. breezy and cool for wednesday. thursday, good amount of sunshine. temperatures at 45 degrees. friday and saturday, snowshowers possible. temperatures are around 40. we are in the upper 30's on sunday. milder on monday and tuesday. colder by the middle to the end of next week. erin? erin: do you see the mischievous smile when steve tells us there are snowshowers? he knows we are like no!
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erin: after the redskins disappointing loss to the cowboys last week the team was back on the field for a brief practice today. with the 5-7 record and the four games to go, the redskins probably won't make the playoffs. but there are players who are in contact years. that could factor in the competitiveness down the stretch. >> hopefully that is not the only reason they play hard. they will play hard because they want to win and do well. that is the reason why they are all here. we try to target guys that love football, passionate about the game and play hard no matter what. you have compete. erin: the chargers have a tough test to host the stingy san jose sharks team. caps got off
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but that was expected with the new pieces. they needed time to gel to figure out what works and what doesn't work. but they are rolling now and they hope to keep the momentum going. >> we have more chemistry. a few lines are starting to click better. we are realizing we have to work more than we have in the past. it won't just be a skilled game if we are successful with it. little things like that, chipping away to become better. erin: chipping away. the pate tight end marcus rob gronkowski has been suspended for one game. michelle: thank you. tracking breaking news in the ongoing ballou high school investigation. abc7 news learning that the ballou principal has been reassigned. a principal from a different school will take over at ballou. and the chancellor wilson said they take the accusations of the absences and the grade fixing seriously. count o
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developing story. see you a
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tonight, president trump and his legal team with a new strategy. they say a president technically cannot obstruct justice. also tonight, president trump's new message to michael flynn, who is now cooperating with the fbi. the other major headline, the president now making it clear. he is fully behind alabama senate roy moore, despite more than a half dozen women coming forward with allegations. the president saying, quote, i like a fighter, go get them, roy. the high school soccer coach tonight behind bars, allegedly luring a 17-year-old student away with him. tonight, she's now standing beside her parents. what the family now says. the major storm at this hour. blizzard conditions and


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