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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 12, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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officers collide working an investigation in mitchellville, maryland. michelle: this is on lottsford drive outside of the beltway in prince george's county not far from fedex field. abc7's brianne carter arrived on the scene a short time ago. what are the police saying happened there? brianne: the traffic behind us flowing again. it was closed off as they were investigating what happened with police. here is what we know. three police officers taken to the hospital after two police vehicles collided here this afternoon. we do know it was an ongoing investigation about 1:30 this afternoon. the officers were in this area. as part of the investigation, when somehow the two police vehicles collided. now no word tonight on the severity of those three officers injures. what we do know is about a quarter mile down lottsford road there was a silver sedan up in an embankment with the doors wide
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vehicle is believed to be part of this ongoing investigation. because this is an ongoing investigation the police are not saying much of this. they were in the area as part of this and we will follow the developing story. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. >> i'm lindsey mastis at the "live desk." a toddler found in d.c. in the 5300 block of chillum place northeast. there were no adults around. she is 2 to 3 years old. police do not know who she is or who is responsible for her. take a look here. we posted this on the facebook and the twitter pages so you can share this. and help find someone who may know her. that is the latest. back to you. michelle: thank you. also developing is a change in the weather. it is about to get cold. alison: it could feel like single digi.
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weather alert day today. chief meteorologist bill kelly with the forecast. number one priority i guess is to make sure the kids are bundled up in the morning. bill: yeah, or if you can take them to school and sit in the car with them in the heat. it will be very cool. we are talking about the single digits. the radar doesn't look impressive but we are watching this to the west and it is 68 nearby. there are problems. we have a lot of snow coming down on the freeway. a little going to be slow and go in that area. for us, you look outside. okay. 45 in d.c. winchester 34. this is how it breaks down. the temperatures overall is weather story. we drop rapidly. 7:00 we are at 37. freezing by 8:00 to 9:00. down to the mid-20's. when you account for the feels like temperatures with the winds, they are
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tonight. we are looking at ten to 11 degrees tomorrow morning. a cold morning. looking at how long it will last and what we will do in the afternoon with the temperatures in a little bit. alison: my goodness. 10 or 11 degrees? oh, boy! you need to prepare for winter. not just layering up but protecting your home or apartment. richard reeve with the four things you should do before it gets too cold tonight. okay, what are they, rich? richard: single digit wind chills. this affects anybody working in the cold weather. look at these guys. this is cold and the wind is barely blowing. the obvious areas of concern are the home and the pets. we have tips for you. limit the time that the pelts spend outdoors, especially cats that don't come in. keep them away from antifreeze on t
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driveway. animals love the taste of antifreeze. it's sweet. but it can destroy the kidneys and kill your pet. little booties, vaseline on the paws can make a difference dealing with the deiceer you put down. pipes, let it drip. if your house has cool rooms open up the cabinets and let them be exposed to warm air to save you headaches in the long run. >> it can get busy. >> these guys are methodically putting down the sidewalk. without the pipes, good idea to shut off the main water valve if you are out of the house for a long, long time.
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at 5:00, we will hear from a woman whose dog was kept out all night in the cold and what happened to the pet and how she dealt with it. richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: thank you, rich. download the stormwatch7 weather app on google play and app store. you will get alerts on the current location. moments ago, maryland governor larry hogan wrapped up a meeting with the prince george's county chapter of the naacp. the talk about prince george's county schools and the investigation into grade fixing. abc7 maryland bureau chief brad bell there when hogan spoke moments ago. brad, what did he say? brad: he just rolled out of here a moment ago. he made the trip here to the offices instead of having them come to them because he wants to hear what they had to say. they met for an hour.
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the naacp requested the meeting and they are outraged by the finding of the audit at the beginning of november that shows there is grade-fixing in prince george's county. there were large numbers of students with large number of absences allowed to graduate who shouldn't have graduated. the governor stopped short of repeating the naacp request to remove the school system c.e.o. >> some of the parents are outrage and they have lost confidence in the leadership and the administration in the prince george's county and the chairman of the school board and the superintendent of the school system. that is not for us to decide. that is for the county executive to decide. brad: the county executive responded
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criticism saying they are working on a response to the audit and that will be released next week. this meeting just ended and we are still working on the story. when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you what the naacp is asking for as well. in largo, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: a fairfax county teacher not allowed to return to a county class room. the teacher under fire after disciplining the centralville high school student for refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance. the student's attorney told us the teacher grabbed the student and pulled him out of class saying this is not the nfl. fairfax schools says that action directly violates the long-standing policy. the district apologized to the student and his family. alison: attorney general jeff sessions is pledging a crackdown on gangs like ms-13 prioritizing task forces within the justice department to confront members. one of the key factors
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according to sessions is illegal immigration. >> they have taken advantage of the porous border and the previously lax immigration enforcement. that is just a fact. alison: sessions also slammed current immigration rules that allowed the man from bangladesh who tried to bomb a new york subway tunnel yesterday. meanwhile, president trump back on twitter this morning and on the attack. singling out senator kirsten gillibrand who said she was a flunkie for chuck schumer and would beg for campaign contributions from him in the past. gillibrand tweeted back saying, "you cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness and shame you have brought to the oval office." michelle: speaking of twitter, it turns out russian president vladimir putin is keeping tabs on president trump's twitter feed. a kremlin spokesman said the president's tweet are seen by russia as his official statement. putin doesn't have a twitter account if you wondered.
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one. developing in northeast, a body found behind an abandoned home. police believe she was a woman reported missing a day before thanksgiving. stephen tschida with the story and, stephen, a neighbor made the grim discovery. what else are you learning? stephen: >> it was behind this house in northeast where the body was found. found in a trash can. tonight, though there has been no positive i.d., the neighbors believe it's the body of this woman, beloved member of the community. 53-year-old joni rockingham. a mystery began weeks ago possibly solved. >> we have not identified the person yet but we will looking into a victim reported missing. stephen: 53-year-old joni
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5'3", 87 pounds vanished before thanksgiving. police believe the body found behind the abandoned house that neighbors say was in a trash can appears to be that of rockingham. >> it has been terrible for us the last few weeks. walking and looking for her. we walked this alley. we walked this alley. we went in trash cans and we didn't see nothing. stephen: while there has been no positive i.d. on the body, rockingham family says they believe they now have closure. what they are hoping for is an arrest in this case. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we have an update now to the breaking news we told you about. police found the little girl's parents. she was found in the 5300 block of chillum place northeast with no adults around. it's not clear why the little girl was missing or
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responsible for her at the time she was found today but again, we have, they have located the little girl's parents. we will have more information as soon as a it comes in today. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the new york city terror suspect waves his right to -- waives his right to remain silent. what he is saying and the facebook post taunting president trump before the bombing yesterday. michelle: jimmy kimmel returns to the late night stage with a special guest. his baby boy. i >> this is billy. i was out last week. this guy had heart surgery but look, he is fine, everybody. michelle: that's next. >> i'm abc7's steve rudin live on the ellipse where it is the first night of hanukkah. they will light the m
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alison: we are back now with the latest on the terror attack in new york city yesterday. a bomb going off in a subway pedestrian tunnel at the port authority. the man right there who set it off survived the blast is now in handcuffs at the hospital. a 27-year-old man from bangladesh. he waived his miranda rights and is speaking to police. who reportedly also posted to facebook saying the president failed to keep the country sa
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the bomber's motives. >> he allegedly selected the location and timing to maximize human casualties. as alleged, he also admitted he had been inspired by isis to carry out his attack. alison: it was at the height of rush hour. five people were injured but they are all going to be okay. michelle: late night host jimmy kimmel returned to his show last night on abc7 but it was no laughing matter. with him, his son billy, who had a second heart surgery last week. followup to the first operation. he had spoken out about the healthcare access to families chairmaned made another impassioned plea to congress. restore the children's health insurance program. >> one in eight children are covered by chance. this is not partisan. the last time funding were c.h.i.p. was author
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2015 passed with 392-337 in the house and 92-8 in the senate. overwhelmingly democrats and republicans supported it. michelle: he also thanked to the doctors and the nurses who participated in his son's healthcare. alison: wow! all right. so it is election day in alabama. the entire nation is safe to say is watching. with polls varying widely, it is anyone's guess who will win the race to replace jeff sessions. they are voting right now. lana zak is live in montgomery, alabama, where moore will celebrate the victory or concede to democrat doug jones. lana? lana: that is right. great to be with you this afternoon. all eyes on one state in alabama where the race for the alabama senate seat has become a referendum on the presidency and the me too
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the latest poll put doug jones sometimes behind and sometimes ahead of the republican nominee roy moore. outcome that months ago would have seen inconceivable in solidly red alabama. >> i'm excited. clear choice for the senator and excited a great democratic candidate running this time. >> 33 days ago the first allegations were made public against roy moore. he is accused of sexually assaulted women and some that were teenagers. he arrived to vote on horseback today. >> the we have a tremendous turnout. the nation is watching this. >> democrat doug jones showed off his ballot. >> it's not a secret. >> he sounded confident. >> i don't think that roy moore is going to win this election. >> democrat still faces uphill battle with many voters. >> i voted for conservative judges, traditional family
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against abortion. >> last night both candidates brought out the supporters in a final fight for votes. jones going by alabama native charles barkley who criticized moore in an appeal to his home state. >> at some point we have to stop looking like idiots in the nation. >> moore's wife who attempted to battle back the accusations that her husband is antisemitic. >> fake gnaws would tell you we don't -- fake news would tell you we don't care for jews. i tell you because i want to set the record straight. one of our attorneys is a jew. >> that comment raising more questions about the evangelical judge. >> we have heard about the voter turnout high for the non-presidential election. but both sides are trying to increase the turnout. so until the polls close at 7:00 tonight we won't really know who is ahead. reporting from montgomery, lana zak, abc7 n
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stay tuned to abc7. we have a special report when the winner of this race is determined. polls close in alabama at 8:00 our time. george stephanopoulos will anchor that report on abc7 later tonight. michelle: the jewish festival of lights begins with the sun sets and steve rudin is there for the national minora lighting. happy hanukkah, steve. steve: thank you. it's so cold they just made an announcement they will cut the ceremony short to get everything in, and condense it. i will take place moving through the next hour or so. they have done this year every year.
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this year, councilmember gary cohen will light the candle. in about 40 minutes or so. we will bring it to you as we move through the everything. but it is cold out here. everyone is in good spirits. the crowd are full and the u.s. army band, make it the u.s. air force band are playing. so listen to them for a second. we will toss it back inside. ♪ steve: this is a lot of fun down here. michelle: that is a great costume for today. alison: the only person warm out there. >> it is cold. that is the big story over the next couple -- or at least the
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yesterday we talk about the possibility of snow in the mountains. i had somebody on the facebook page to travel to west virginia university on wednesday. it will be gone on wednesday. thousand is west of frostburg. this is five miles or so roughly away. and the travel is slow along the interstate. you imagine the surface roads there off of that. there are problems. the slow going if you are traveling now. heading to the west or going anywhere. in western part of maryland, virginia, or west virginia. we have returns and it's not a big snow maker and the rain showers to the west. the big story, no question in my mind are the temperatures. notice how much cooler to the west. 32 in cumberland. 32 in winchester. 45 in d.c.
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elkins at 7 degrees. wind speed is part of the story. the winds are 15 to 25. they will stay like that through most of the night. i want to break down what it will feel like temperature. because any of the snow will start to taper off later tonight. not widespread snow around the area. by 6:00, we have the feels like temperatures easily in the 20's with the teens out there. by the time we get to say 10:00 tonight, if you are out and about traveling around, even by that time especially out west we have single digit wind chill temperatures. down to the middle teens around the d.c. metro. by tomorrow morning we are looking at widespread. not a couple in the higher elevations or the cooler valleys to the west. widespread wind chill factors down into the single digit temperature. not a high forecaster. you will know that whatsoever but i'll say tomorrow morning if you don't take it seriously and you take your kid and get a little jacket and send t
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dangerous. take this seriously. the wind chill is forecast for 1 in winchester. by 12:00 noon we are only feeling like the mid-teens. i'm sure they will be indoor recess for a lot of schools. even by the afternoon we feel like the mid-20's. it's cold all day if you work outside. it's extra layers, hand warmers, that whole thing. the forecast tonight 17 to 23, the air temperatures. the winds will stick around 10 to 20. all night long. gusts of 30. they won't be like that all day. they will taper off in the afternoon. the high temperature just around the freezing mark. we are going to struggle to get out of the low 20's. the low to mid-20's. that is a very important number. you can get hypothermia. thursday is 40. blustery. watching the evening snowshowers wednesday to thursday. it's not a big deal. we watch it again on friday. notice we are warming back up by the weekend. tomorrow morning for sure. it's going to be dangerously cold out there. alison? alison:
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much. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the data is in on i-66 for week one. they promise a faster commute and plan to deliver. michelle: rocket that launched in june supposed to be relaunched today but space-x pulled the plug on the mission for now. we will explain the de
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alison: so i-66 toll lane began a week ago yesterday. the early numbers are in. according to vdot, your commute is better than before. what do you think? used to take 15 to 30 minutes and slinks from 10 to 12. average round trip price during rush hour was $14.28. average peak prices in the morning top $10. we saw highs reach $40 last week. michelle: space-x delays the latest delivery to the international space station because it needs more time for safety checks. the company now hosts to launch the first recycled rocket for nasa tomorrow. the capsule will hold nearly $5,000 pounds of supply -- 5,000 pounds of supplies including a barley experiment for budweiser. space-x will try to land the booster at cape canaveral to save money. waiting one day not so bad. on the subject of the deliveries, the best part of
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the kids, picking out the toys and their books. fairfax county fire had close to 300 children today who got to meet santa. love it. >> a reminder it's not too late to donate to make sure every child gets a gift this holiday season. donate by heading to order by tomorrow to guarantee that it arrives at the studios in time for the marines to pick them up for delivery. michelle: a day after president trump's sexual aharassment accusers speak out. the women on the hill make a demand. what they want next. bill: we are looking here at the national harbor. see the camera bouncing around. air temperature is 45. in the 30's and we are going do
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. bill: good afternoon, everyone. we are getting into the forecast. a couple things to talk about. first, the front rolled through the area. we have lingering showers to the east. but that is not the big story. a couple of snowshowers. the roads are tough and slow going to the west. but the big story is the temperatures. that will af
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even if you stay home and you don't leave the house. the heater is running more as we go to the evening. 45 in downtown d.c. 39 in leesburg. 32 around winchester. temperature change, notice how much colder it is to the west. i show you this because that is where the air is coming from. we will continue to drop in the 20's and eventually ending up around the 23 to the 24 degree range by itself is not a record but it's well below normal. it's pretty windy tonight. between ten to 20 with the gusts to 30. so the feels like temperatures are in the 20's, teens and potentially single digits by the time you head out tomorrow morning. some spot that are colder, the typical colder spot to the west. we could easily tomorrow morning see minus two and a minus 3 reading on wind chill factor. this is something to
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serious. lindsey: i'm lindsey mastis. new calls for investigation in the sexual misconduct allegations against president trump. this time it is coming from members of congress. the was democratic women's working group spoke out today calling on the house oversight committee to investigate the allegations. it's coming out of several women spoke out publicly yesterday calling for an investigation as well. the focus today was on the me too movement. >> sexual abuse will not be tolerated, whether it's by a hollywood producer, chef of a restaurant, member of congress or the president of the united states. no man or woman is above the law. >> the group sent a formal letter to the committee signed by 66 members. at the "live desk," i'm lindsey mastis. alison: thank you.
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nfl network analysts accused of sexual misconduct and suspended from their jobs. a former wardrobe stylist experienced inappropriate encounters with falk. she also accused the former redskin quarterback donovan mcnabb who now works for espn. michelle: the d.c. police need help to identify people of that they believe is involved in a shooting. this is breaking news at abc7 last night. the shooting happened around 8:30 in the everything. a person was hit and is expected to survive. metro transit police believe the men may be involved. again, they need your help identifying them. alison: every day 91 americans die from opioid overdoses. according to the c.d.c. health officials often turn to a drug called naloxone which reverses the opioid overdoses but the price of drug is skyrocketing. the lawma
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companies are cashing in on the nation's opioid prices. we have more. >> this person on the ground unconscious after overdosing on heroin. they use naloxone to bring the person back. as the opioid epidemic intensifies the demand for naloxone is growing. the pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the situation. says michelle senator debbie stabenow. >> we see the opioid addiction going up, the deaths going up and the price goes up. that is wrong. >> they were first approved 45 years ago and in the recent years the prices increased. two years
4:36 pm
$4,500. up more than 500%. >> the federal government should negotiate the best price. >> they are calling on the government to negotiate affordable prices. so every law enforcement officer and the first responder have access to the medicine. >> the government will get involved bring prices down. >> president trump declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency in october. but not a national emergency. stopping short to use the money from hurricane and wildfires for opioids. there is only $66,000 in public health emergency fund. they are calling for more funding to ensure the administration has resources to carry out the commission's recommendation. >> a cincinnati doorman who rushed to he an woman
4:37 pm
from of him and the police. keith anderson was talking to the detectives responding to the shooting on thanksgiving morning when someone jumped in the car and speeds away. inside, $900 of presents for the kids. he said it took a long time to save up for them. >> a big loss. i worry how to get the christmas presents again. >> you feel for this family. >> anderson's car was found but without the presents. adding insult to injury, the city charged him $200 to get it back. alison: oh, man. all right. michelle: moving on. random act of kindness at a diner after ordinarying bacon and egg -- ordering bacon and eggs for breakfast. >> you hear about it on the news. you never think it will happen to you. michelle: but it did! the tip that set off a chain of good deeds next.
4:38 pm
cam. 2-year-old twins making their parents proud. it's not what you see but what you hear. can't wait to see that. here is a first look at how you can start tomorrow with "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," get ready for one of the coldest days so far since last winter. how the lows will drop for the morning commute. >> living on the rooftop of the watergate hotel and get a look at what sets this apart from the rest. >> wake up with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow starting at 4:25 on "good morning washington.
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scray the plan is to sell them year round. that is your favorite? alison: thin mints. >> i like the samoa. >> maybe the yogurt is healthier. >> the whips are supposed to be lower calories. >> sold! >> fingers
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>> you never know what you hear on the nanny cam. alison: cough or a sneeze, hopefully not much crying but then there is this. listen to the twin 2-year-olds. [inaudible] alison: so the takes if you couldn't understand you need a translator to, they are eagles fans singing the eagles fight song. isn't that funny? one of them had a cough. >> i heard that clearly. alison: you can all agree that is pretty cute. ja must take after mom or dad. or both. still ahead, a wild chase. >> they are all listening in on a frequency. there is a pedestrian there. >> all right. guess what happens next. does the woman behind
4:43 pm
crash? we will show you the conclusion. >> they are looking to spread holiday c
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michelle: a police chase in los angeles. you have seen them before. but probably none quite like the one you see behind me. listen to him when he sees the door open. >> there is a pedestrian crossing the street. he might be allowed here. there he goes. just popped out of the vehicle. that is the driver. michelle: it turns out it's not a he. it is a woman leading police on this chase. she bails from the car and is taken into custody. it stopped when it hit a late pole. thankfully nobody was hurt. alison: heart breaking story out of western iowa. student and a scal bus driver killed when the bus caught fire this morning. ill bagged up o
4:47 pm
ditch. a "7 on your side" consumer alert. mattel is blaming retailers for a bad holiday season. saying the stores are shrinking inventory. the brands are barbie, hot wheels and fisher-price. they are struggling to adapt to online sales and struggling to reach children who are playing be devices rather than toys. michelle: shazam has been brought by apple. they are not saying how much it cost but tech crunch estimates it's worth $400 million. >> red crabs in australia migrating to the ocean to lay the eggs.
4:48 pm
the roads are closed to give estimated 50 million crustaceans safe passage. soon you can watch it anywhere through the google street views. alison: wow! it doesn't look real. incredible. early christmas present for the staff at the arizona diner thanks to a generous stranger. the order was usual. bacon and eggs at the five and diner in scottsdale. but the tip, that was anything but. $2,000. the man left a message that said please split with the whole staff. merry christmas. that worked out to $200 each. >> it took a lot of weight off our shoulders. $200 makes a big difference on a bus boy pay or a cook's pay.
4:49 pm
alison: so nice. the act of kindness has been contagious. other customers stepped up with generous tips a of they heard the story. >> great! 'tis the season to spread holiday joy. amy aubert found some who are doing it on wheels aboard the cheer mobile. >> happy holidays from the cheer mobile! >> it might not be santa's sleigh. here you go. you're welcome! >> but it is bringing holiday joy thissen. >> this is the most fun i have around the holidays. >> having fun with trivia. treats and giveaways at fairfax corner. >> it is unique. >> we want to be the respite from that. >> the cheer mobile is an effort the group says to encourage people to come out to shop at the stores instead of
4:50 pm
>> this is about the experience. >> hue can you not -- how can you not smile when you see this decked out if the holiday decorations. >> bringing smile to offer healthy hand to carry bags or bring a lift to the car. >> it's great. you have more love and more peace and people are happy. >> happy holidays, everyone. >> in fairfax, amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: all right. looks like fun. the festival of lights begins tonight. michelle: happy honca to everyone celebrate -- happy hanukkah to everyone celebrating this evening. and steve rudin is on the ellipse for the national minora lighting. we are getting close, right? >> things never work out on television. but look behind me. they are up there and they are getting ready to light the center candle. then they will light the first candle which is on your right-hand side fo
4:51 pm
night of hanukkah. we hope they can reach. it's been so windy that they decided to shorten the show a little bit. it was scheduled for an hour and a half. there they are. lighting the candle in the center. they are having a hard time lighting it because it's so windy. bill minged that the wind gusts are begin -- bill mentioned that the wind gusts are beginning to increase. since 1978, this is at the ellipse. lighting the candle for the first night of honda. but not necessarily successfully lighting the first candle. we will send you to the studio. where it's more normal. we is an update at
4:52 pm
back to the warm studio. michelle: wow! you are not kidding about the wind. serious. bill: yeah. gusts up to 30 miles per hour. this is going to get dangerously cold in the next 12 hours. a beautiful shot. we are watching it rock around. temperature wise, 30's and 40's. d.c., 45. not bad. frederick at 37 degrees. you will see the wind chill factors to the freezing mark and below. we are in the single digits in spots to the west. we have snowshowers coming down like the snow squalls in
4:53 pm
of snow around the region. if you are traveling, especially in the western maryland, west virginia to eastern part of that. western virginia or even beyond that. you will encounter the snow. we have light showers to d.c. and the south. that is not the big story for us. 21 in pittsburgh. 25 around columbus. charleston at 28 but it feels like the single digits. detroit right now, 5:00, feels like 4 degrees. that is way down there. future cast, there are snowshowers continuing tonight. over the higher terrain. we are not expecting that tomorrow. a beautiful day from the inside looking out. a lot of sunshine. crowds on the increase tomorrow. tomorrow evening, a couple of slight snowshowers around the area. bulk of what you are seeing here tomorrow at 11:00. stay north and back to
4:54 pm
keep a close eye on it. the temperatures and the big winds. 17 to 23. but those numbers are warm when you look at the big picture. 32, 33 at 4:00. somewhere in there but feels like 20's. 40 degrees on thursday. chance of the snowshowers on friday. does not look like a big deal at this point but we are keeping a close eye on it. notice 40's by the weekend. little bit of a rebound rolling to next week. michelle: take you back to the eclipse. they finally got it. the first candle lit there for the beginning of hanukkah. we'll be right
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michelle: the finish product looks great but that is years down the road. john gonzalez shows what to expect in the short and the long-term. john: this is a construction overhaul project. the outdoor work runs until july of 2019. new details released by the airport authority call for significant impact to traffic starting next month while the crews out here build new security checkpoints. three crossovers. and the commuter concourse that will eventually replace shuttle buses at
4:58 pm
>> there are airports. >> do you normally drive? >> i drive here. >> i heard they will basically renovate the whole thoroughway outside to change the way out of the terminal. >> you are looking for metro to get through here. >> yes. and lyft. i hope it won't confuse the lyft drivers too much. >> we are told that the terminals b and c will be affected. they are urging the travelers to use metro in the next year and a half if you can. they will use the temporary lanes to ease traffic congestion around here. if you are going to come in or drive in, you may want to add time to the arrival time. john gonzalez, abc7 news. nancy: right now at 5:00, brace yourself. stormwatch7 chief meteorologist bill kelly is tracking a blast of bitterly cold air and more. election day and a race that captivated the country. down to the wire
4:59 pm
washington or into the sunset. >> plus, fundraising for a bullied middle schooler shut down now that his mother is the center of attention. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. nancy: now a weather alert. bone chilling temperatures battling the region. >> ready or not the bitter cold moving in. you will feel it in the morning. we have more on how people are preparing but first the latest on the forecast with chief meteorologist bill kelly. bill: we were looking at the snowshowers. this is the national harbor where we are watching the wind and the camera bouncing around. it's four degrees cooler at this time
5:00 pm
it's 37 around 10:00. we drop it to freezing at 8:00 to 9:00. a couple of hours from now. we will go down and end up in the mid-20's by 5:00 or 6:00. the winds are out there. you can hear it, the trees rustling around. wind chill factor. that is what we focus in on now. it's a very important number. how you feel and how the body will respond going on in the hypothermia. 26 is a feels like temperature at 7:00. we will drop it down pretty widespread in the upper single digits. we are nowhere close to freezing when you account for the wind chill factor tomorrow in the peak heating of the day. even though we see sunshine out there. cold air pattern to set up. we will break down where there is snow


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