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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 14, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> now abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the future of the internet is in the hands of the fcc. commissioners are likely going to vote to kill net neutrality on a partyline basis. stops internet providers from slowing down internet sites and apps, but the changes coul
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ryan hughes is live outside the f size -- outside the fcc where protests have been taking place all morning long. protest, wrapping up a few moments ago, that we have a few people out here waiting for the decision in that controversial vote. you can see signs of police outside the fcc ahead of all this, this vote to rhine a wake of protests hours before this vote even took place. protesters have come from all around the country, rallying together and holding signs to save the internet and stop the vote. a vigil with candles and flowers was set up outside the building. the obama era regulations were put in place in 2015, or the bidding service providers like at&t and comcast from slowing down websites. the chairman says his proposal will stop the government from micromanaging the internet. providers would
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able to offer faster speeds to people who pay up. protesters fear that cable and phone companies will control what you do and see online, and that could mean paying more money. that neutrality affects how fast movies are streamed, and lawmakers fear that small businesses and startups will struggle. but they still have some options. >> we still have other avenues. there are questions about the procedure that was used, a chairman coming in with an agenda to a race net neutrality -- erase that neutrality. a this is another act of corrupt fcc that is loyal to the industry, not loyal to the public. ryan: right now, the fcc is hearing arguments about that neutrality. this vote is expected to pass along party lines, but protesters and advocates say this is not over yet. that is the very latest.
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>> a judge has dismissed one of the felony charges against six people charged in inauguration day protests. the judge ruled that prosecutors prove the defendants incited a riot. d.c. massaget a parlor has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the three female clients, and now they 24-year-old faces up to 1.5 and five years behind bars. the man accused of driving a car into a group of counter protesters at a white nationalist valley -- rally intro its fill will be in court. a former teacher says fields was fascinated with not see -- na zis. three others will also appear before a judge on lesser charges, including assault.
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the courthouse in case of demonstrations. homero some manacled newman is silence,her claiming she was pushed out of the white house by chief of staff john kelly. here is abc's elizabeth her. elizabeth: the latest apart from the white house staff >> omarosa. sa manacledomaro newman, out at the white house. >> i resigned, and i didn't to that in the residence. arosa, telling her side of the story, blasting reports that she was fired and escorted off the grounds by the secret service. hear all of these interesting tales, but i have to tell you they are false.
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washington with president trump as one of the most high profile african-american staffers in the administration, a friend of the boss who could walk into the oval office whenever she wanted, until chief john kelly took over. >> i had more access than most, and people had problems with that. people had problems with my relationship with this president. elizabeth: the president offered his goodbye in a tweet -- why she says, stay tuned. >> i've seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have affected me deeply and can tellly, and when i my story, it is a profound story i know the world will want to hear. elizabeth: she says her last day on the job in the white house will be january 20, and for now, officials confirm she were assigned to pursue other opportunities. >>
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where prince george's county firefighters are on the scene of an apartment fire. these are live pictures from our sky track 7 helicopter. this is on whitfield chapel road. one person has minor burns to their hands. we will keep you up-to-date on that story. bill congress sends me a before christmas, the irs -- this is just out, breaking news -- has just confirmed that americans will see lower taxes and bigger paychecks beginning in february. >> republicans are scrambling to push the tax bill over the finish line. president trump said he wanted it wrapped up by christmas. the senate and house have made some agreements. the truck tax -- top tax rate will drop to 37%. the corporate tax will be slashed to 21%.
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key component of obamacare, doing away with a mandate that all americans must have insurance. weather,k about this not the blistering cold many of you are thawing out from, but it is still pretty cold out there. steve rudin is here. steve: it is chilly out there, on the breezy side as a frontal system moves across the mid-atlantic. temperatures will drop as we head into the overnight. it feels like temperatures are at that freezing mark at reagan national airport. if you have not been outside today, make sure you bone bundle up ----- make sure you bundle up. temperatures for this afternoon go from the lower 40's into the mid-30's. we will talk about the day tomorrow, colder temperatures, looking ahead to the weekend, and the next 10 days. that is good take us up to christmas eve.
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a missing teenager later found dead, now talking about the tragic circumstances, and he's wondering if more could be done to save his son. he says he tried to direct police to his missing son's cell phone several times after the 17-year-old did not return from a party, but he says officers did not listen to him for hours. >> they never said anything up. they were unaware. spot, nobody cared to look, the spot where i found my son. son inays he found his the woods not too far from the home or police had broken up a party. night, heith us last shared more with us about what happened when he made that discovery. >> i went all over the woods, just looking everywhere, and then i came across a rock
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with a pond, about six foot by six foot, two feet deep. he was laying there faceup. as you can imagine, i went crazy. i pulled him out. >> the family is still awaiting autopsy results to determine how their son died, but police believe the team may have fallen in the woods and died of exposure. happening now, funeral services for fallen fire marshal sandor cohe3n. cohen was killed in a crash friday night. he was just 33 years old. right now, we are awaiting a press conference from the behindn indian activist a hoax that had a lot of people thinking the washington redskins changed their name to the washington red hawks.
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d.c. with reaction on this. was a website, twitter account, newspaper publication, and the name and logo washington red hawks, but it was all fake. this hoax created a lot of attention and got a lot of folks talking in the d.c. area. it was not elaborate scheme with on nefarious undertone. stadium,re outside rfk and that is the george preston marshall statue. that is where members of the rising hearts coalition will be holding a press conference in just hours to explain and discuss the reasons behind their online action that garnered all of that attention. within hours, thousands shared the online hoax. >> i like the redskins. go, redskins! >> it seems like it is a hoax.
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>> i think we need to address the name. >> the offense and harm people felt is the offense that dan snyder puts against our people every day when he decides to keep that racist name. john: the real team released a statement saying that the name of the team is the washington redskins and will remain that for the future. it wanted toid show how easy and how popular it would be to change the name. at rfk, john gonzalez, abc seven news. >> coming up on abc seven news, everyone's worst nightmare during the holidays. to tips you need to know prevent porch pirates from stealing your christmas joy. plus, a cow breaks away from a yard not once but twice. first, a check on traffic in our area with eric smith. eric: quick check in the we will seeea, severa
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for a funeral procession. montrose road is blocked. you have to stay on montrose parkway. looks like they are getting closures set up with police on scene. pike,r up on rockville heading past the congressional lane, it looks like traffic is getting by here. it works own is active on inbound colesville road past dale drive. past spring street, you can see the road work in the middle of the roadway. that is block in the middle of the roadway in both ructions with some extra delays. here's a look at 66 westbound. the
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adrianna: at congressmen who denied sexually assaulting a teenager has killed himself. kentucky state representative dan johnson shot himself in the head days after an expose alleging that he assaulted a girl in his home back in 2013. facebook, heon wrote, ptsd is a sickness that will "take my life." today marks five years since 26 people were killed in the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. facebook, he wrote, ptsd is a20-year-old adad fire, killing 20 children and six educators. just after the shooting, president barack obama called for me
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legislation failed. gun violence advocates held a vigil outside the nra headquarters in fairfax. these parents believe their son max was forced to drink large amounts of alcohol during a hazing ritual. an autopsy revealed he had a highly elevated blood alcohol level and thc in his system when he died in september. >> six times the legal limit. night, i'm sure it was enough to kill him. tohow is making your brother all of these things and humiliating somebody a brotherhood? adrianna: current and former members of the fraternity face charges. lsufraternity closed of the chapter and has revoked its charter.
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now to a warning for holiday shoppers. one and 2 billion packages are expected to be delivered this season, which means there are lots of chances for thieves to steal them offer doorstep. >> new video of real-life grinches trying to ruin the holidays. in scottsdale arizona, investigating the woman caught in this surveillance video impersonating a postal worker, the woman using the uniform to steal packages this monday, and in norwood, massachusetts, an alert neighbor spotted a porch pirate taking packages,: police who searched the thief's home. >> as soon as we turned onto the lights, we were able to see a christmas tree in the far corner. there were boxes underneath the christmas tree, but they were boxes from amazon. >> the officers arresting the man and delivering the packages to their rightful owners. just as thieves get creative, so are their homeowners. a man in tacoma booby-trapped a package with shotgun
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scare thieves away. here's one. here's another. police in three ohio towns have had enough. they are accepting packages for the neighborhood this month, but do? can you experts suggest shipping packages to your work or having your neighbors sign for them. >> having a security camera on the porch never hurts either, right? >> here's one more tip. some delivery companies are letting you go online and select a timeframe for that delivery. perhaps, you can be home to get that package. gio benitez, abc news, new york. adrianna: trending now, a picture of more than a decade of the -- decade old of a baby's first encounter with santa. this morning, we are hearing from sam spencer about that first time on old saint nick's lap. he was not having a jolly time. he is signing here for help. now he's 13, and he does admit he was scared.
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camera, a cow on the loose in pennsylvania. a cow nicknamed storm he escaped from a church yard and somehow i-95.t to after it was captured, it broke free again and was found in the upper level of a parking garage. pennsylvania state police and animal control worked to corral that cow. she wants to be free. let her be free. steve: it makes me sad. [laughter] adrianna: let her be free. steve: we had the brutal cold yesterday, and then we had a milder start today. the winds are kicking up. it's going to cool down for the day tomorrow. nothing like yesterday. it's going to be ok. right now, looking at
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in delaware, no one is out on the boardwalk. at least i don't see anyone. temperatures across the area, 41 degrees at reagan national airport. 36 degrees in winchester. wind speeds are beginning to ease just a little bit. down will start to settle later this afternoon. it feels like just near freezing at reagan national airport. you are bundled up, and the sunglasses will likely come in handy later on today. plenty of cold air to go around, in the 20's in detroit. it feels more like january than the middle of december around the dmv, but we are going to warm things up as we move into the upcoming weekend. we are looking to our skies to partially
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out later on tonight. out to lunch today, temperatures around 40 degrees or so. no big storms on the horizon. if you are going to be traveling, it's a fantastic tool to have. p.m. commute, looking tough. college park, fairfax will be in the lower to mid 20's. some may hit that 40-degree mark. once we get through tomorrow, saturday, around 42 degrees. sunday will be around 48. monday, in the lower 50's. notice what is missing, chances for snow. that is why at this point i am going to give a firm stamp to saying, it's not going to be a white christmas
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or surrounding areas. if you have travel plans taking you to western maryland, it is more than likely going to feel like christmas. the ski resorts are opening up tomorrow because they are making their own snow, too. adrianna: a makeshift white christmas. steve: i would rather it be warm outside. adrianna: with palm trees. coming up on abc seven news, raw emotion on live tv, meghan mccain
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adrianna: back now, a powerful moment on "the
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view." cohost meghann m mccain, emotional while talking to vice president joe biden about her father's cancer diagnosis. senator john mccain is taking -- facing the same kind of brain tumor that took the life of the former vice presidents son beau. here is abc's robin roberts. >> your son have the same cancer that my father was diagnosed with six months ago. >> this is the moment, the emotional moment, that touched so many. >> it's not about me. cohost meghan mccain consoled by former vice president joe biden on air, biden moving seats to sit next to mccain, taking her hand in his as mccain's tears well up with tears. >> your dad took care of my beau . your dad became friends with beau. your dad's about
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>> joe biden and senator mccain share a personal friendship outside of washington where they have worked together for several years from across the aisle. >> if i picked up the phone tonight and called john mccain and said, i need your help, he would get on a plane and come. i would for him, too. >> the unfortunate common bond for their families these days is cancer. earlier this year, mccain's father was diagnosed with the same form of cancer that took the life of both biden, the former press -- vice presidents son. >> if any of you have somebody who was diagnosed with glioblastoma, about as bad as it gets, there are breakthroughs that are occurring now. the thing that i have found is you've got to maintain hope. >> the vice president who created and the biden cancer initiative is adamant that a cure will be found. >> i said, we are going to beat this disease.
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adrianna: that was robin roberts reporting. next, the winds have calm down, but the cold is here t
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carefirst medplus. live fearless. adrianna: the good news is, not as cold as yesterday. steve: not as windy later this afternoon. temperatures today, just around 40 to 43 degrees. tomorrow will be a lot colder. flurries
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looking ahead to the weekend, 42 saturday, 48 sunday, lower 50's early next week. white christmas, not here. go visit detroit. [laughter] adrianna:
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. adrianna: we are quickly approaching the christmas deadline. aesident trump said it for tax deal, and republican leaders say they have an agreement. they are pushing for a final vote next week. abc's mary bruce is tracking the details. bill congress sends me a before christmas, the irs -- this is just out, breaking news -- has confirmed that americans will see lower taxes and bigger paychecks beginning in february. mary: republicans are scrambling to push their tax bill over the finish l
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agreed to. for the wealthiest americans, the top tax rate drops from 39% to 37%. for big business, the corporate tax rate is slashed to 21%, and the morgue. -- mortgage interest induction is capped at $750,000. >> it feels close to an agreement. mary: republicans are overturning a component of obamacare, doing away with a mandate that all americans have but that could leave 13 million more americans uninsured over the next decade. republicans insist relief is coming for the middle class. the bill will likely expand the child tax credit and double the standard induction, but critics argue the wealthy will benefit the most. >> who would have thought that they could've made the bill less favorable to the middle class and more slanted towards the wealthy? adrianna: there are new developments involving omarosa
12:34 pm
that she was fired and had to be escorted. the former "apprentice" contestant said there is a reason she is leaving the administration. >> i resigned, and i didn't to that in the residence, as is being reported. john kelly and i sat down in the situation room, a very quiet room, and we had a candid conversation. i wanted to make of the one-year mark. that was one of the goals i set out to. i've seen things that have made me uncomfortable. they have upset me, affected me deeply and emotionally. story that iund know the world will want to hear. adrianna: she said she is not leaving the white house until january 20, but in a statement, the secret service says it
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his fight for a seat in the u.s. senate. he still will not concede the race. >> no longer is this about republican or democrat control. it's about a washington establishment, which will not listen to the cries of its citizenry, and the battle rages on. he lost to democrat doug jones who received overwhelming and unprecedented women. from black a few ballots are coming in, but the elections chief says at this point, a recount is unlikely. now to our weather, not winter just yet, but it still feels like it. steve rudin is here with a check on the forecast. steve: it is cold out there but not nearly as cold as it was yesterday at this time. the sun is trying to come out here and there. degrees, that is what it feels like at reagan national airport. anyway you look at it, if you're going to be out and about, make sure you bundle up
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the lower 40's, pretty much where we are, and those windchill factors, staying in the 30's. her temperatures dropped onto the upper 30's. download your stormwatch 7 weather app, a fantastic tool to have. even if you are traveling in the dmv, it will track where you are located. coming up in a few minutes, talking about that busy holiday travel week next week. adrianna: the fcc is set to vote to end that neutrality. the obama era rules are designed to guarantee equal access to the internet. the republican majority on the fcc and the trump administration argue restrictions hurt competition, but supporters of net neutrality plan to fight the repeal in court. now, police in d.c. are trying to catch the suspect
12:37 pm
lgbt organization. watch the man and the purple nowhere, he of starts to pepper spray a woman on the left. this happened on georgia avenue in northwest around 1:45 tuesday afternoon. that victim did suffer non-life-threatening injuries. a lawsuit claims the johns hopkins health system prioritizes out-of-state patients over maryland residents. in ther supervisor appointments apartment filed a lawsuit, saying out-of-state patients mean more revenue. johns hopkins says the lawsuit is without merit and most of its patients live in maryland. developing now, the father of the bethesda teenager founded it over the weekend, speaking out on a discovery that no parent could ever imagine. >> we are getting a clear picture
12:38 pm
led to his body being found here in these woods in bethesda. father,ice and navid's providing details about his death. this is the house where police say navid and some friends attended a party. police captured the interaction on body worn camera. they address the fact that navid was intoxicated a. 18 hours later, using information from the team's phone, police conducted a search, and that is when his body was found in the woods by his father off live rock lane. >> i just went all over the woods, looking everywhere, and i a pond,oss a rock with about six foot by six foot, two feet deep, and he was laying their face up. as you can imagine, i went
12:39 pm
out. >> this has been a difficult time for teenagers in this community. walt whitman high school has lost two students in less than a month, the first one being a navimore, the second being authorities have nod reason to believe this death was anything more than accidental. . in bethesda, suzanne kennedy, abc seven news. adrianna: a reminder that the holiday shipping deadline is here. items being mailed by the postal service ground shipping must be processed today. the deadlines for first class shipping is next tuesday, december 19. priority express deadlines are next wednesday, the 20th, and that friday, it will cost flat rate boxes $18. coming up on abc 7 news at noon seven news at, a megamerger in the making. details on the blockbuster deal in the works between disney and fox and
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here's what you will see tonight at 5:00. >> good afternoon, everyone. coming up at 5:00, 7 on your side's investigation moves down to elementary school. parents worry their kids' grades are inflated. the basic
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>> you are watching abc seven news at an -- on your side. adrianna: now to that blockbuster deal getting a lot of attention, disney buying many of the assets of 21st century fox, creating an entertainment giant. the deal is valued
12:43 pm
ariel russia is here to break it down for us. is the blockbuster deal, creating an entertainment powerhouse. the walt disney company, which owns abc news, announcing thursday it is acquiring most of 21st century fox. the force behind "frozen." ♪ "the pirates of the caribbean."ds wars," now bringing fox's at your tv empire, including fx, nacchio, and popular comic book franchises. >> those are things that come under one umbrella so customers 10 have more access to that premium content. news ande table, fox the fox broadcast channel, which will be offered to shareholders in a new company.
12:44 pm
consumers. >> as a consumer, not only will they be getting more high-quality content, but they will be getting it in ways they demand. disney will now have a major stake in who loop, adding shows like "the simpsons" and classic films like "the sound of music," the mastermind of the deal making it clear that it's a master move to compete with netflix. >> it boosts what disney can and it's streaming service. >> since he took the helm and 2005, disney has acquired popular creators like pixar, lucas films, and marvel, ushering in a new era for an entire industry. disney is expected to pull all of its content from netflix by 2019. this deal will be subject to regulatory approval. abc news, new york. no strangernta is to dramatic entrances, but rather than coming down a
12:45 pm
helicopter wednesday in los angeles. on the ground, he received a police escort. his destination was a hospital where he handed out presents to hundreds of patients and neighborhood children. >> for many of the patients we treat, there isn't any other opportunity to celebrate christmas. this may be the one and only toy or a gift they received. adrianna: this is the 27th year of that event. the police department got involved several years ago in honor of a fallen officer who loved to help needy families during the holidays. very cool and good weather in l.a. steve: absolutely. for us though, the cold -- yesterday felt like january. today is more in line with the of december. we may see a few flicks tomorrow. definitely nothing that is going to stick to the ground. what can you do? national of december. harbor, the sun beginning to come out.
12:46 pm
clearing process as we move through the afternoon hours. 41 degrees at reagan national airport. 34 in martinsburg. 36 in frederick. tell, 39 degrees. sustained atd, just around 15 miles per hour. those winds are going to slowly diminish. those feels-like temperature's and why you need to bundle up, if you have kids going outside this afternoon, it feels like the upper 20's and lower 30's. today, highsfor pretty much where we are right now, lower 40's. partly to mostly sunny skies. it is going to stay a little bit breezy over the next couple hours or so. evening rush-hour commute, no problems at all. temperatures will be in the 30's early
12:47 pm
through that 7:00 hour. forecast temperatures, there will be lots of sunshine. look at these temperatures. falling into the 20's for the entire area, a cold start to your friday, but at least it's friday. milder temperatures are on the 10-day outlook. temperatures in the upper 30's, added clouds during the afternoon hours, but it will stay mainly dry. however, we can't roll up the chance for an isolated snow noter, a few snowflakes, going to get out of here at all. 10-day outlook. temperatures are around 37 degrees. upper 40's to near 50 on sunday, and look at monday and tuesday. we are in the lower 50's with nighttime lows in the upper 30's to around 40. 40's come wednesday and thursday, and by the end of next week, moving into the
12:48 pm
holiday weekend, looking at temperatures above average. chances for snow continue to dwindle. adrianna: happening tonight, "star wars: the last jedi" hits nations, and we have a preview. wars" is back. if the high excitement on the carpet at the premiere's in london and new york was any indication, the film has you in for a wild ride. sparks happy moments. it sparks confusing moments. jedi" picks up where "the force awakens" left off, but there are changes. >> a new protagonist or there are new characters. >> every character is going through something mentally and physically. >> i think it's pretty dark, and a little light, too. >>
12:49 pm
daisy road lee says making this movie was not like "the force awakens." >> we ended 7, and then we began 8. immediately, it's different. -- we know wew are going into something. >> you can expect a big princess leia presents. it is carrie fisher's last star wars film. she finished filming it before she passed away a year ago. >> we have a beautiful, complete performance from her. it's emotional watching it. i hope it will mean something to the fans. to stormlm is expected the box office with a projected opening weekend of $200 million in the united states a
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it's part of nature's cycle of life.nge.
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make holidays bright for sick children in our area. the annual radio fond is in swing today and tomorrow. at each a hospital many are in need of your help. .> behind me, it's toby this is suzanne and amanda. we were talking last hour that at two years old, you had to bring amanda here, and she had to have her leg amputated because of a rare bone cancer. at her at 15 years old, and you can't keep track of her. she's amazing. she inspires her team and schoolmates all the time. >> how much did she scorer in her basketball game recently eco >> her first game ever, she scored 12 out of 30 points. leave, whatter you are you going to do you go >> she grew so much, we have to make
12:53 pm
the morning is she has never stopped fighting. >> she has never stopped fighting. "can't" is not a word we say in our house. >> when you are at children's national and see the other families walking in, knowing that this was a place you had to come when you were a child, what is it like to be here? >> it is like a really good place. home,ake kids feel at home away from home. they make sure you have fun and have a normal childhood. >> it was never scary? >> not for me. > we think about the holidays around the corner. unfortunately, the hospital is not going to close down at christmas and everybody goes home. there are going to be families here on christmas. >> amanda's illness didn't take a break. she had cancer. that's the way it goes. they are going to
12:54 pm
and that is why we do this to help them feel more at home throughout the holiday season. >> thank you guys. good luck with the basketball. adrianna:
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
adrianna: cold outside? cold, a little bit breezy. the temperature for today, lower 40's. a little bit cooler tomorrow. the weekend lo
12:57 pm
mid 40's saturday. lower 50's monday and tuesday. a good travel week for those getting out of town or coming to town for the christmas holiday weekend. temperatures are going to be a little bit cooler. adrianna: anadrianna: update on that fcc net neutrality vote. apparently, debate ahead of the vote has stopped abruptly because of some sort of security issue, so the entire room has been evacuated right now. no word on what the security issue is. stay with abc seven news at 4:00 for more on that. you can find out more information on the abc 7 news app. that is it for us. have a great day. we will see you tomorrow.
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