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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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good evening. good evening, everyone. another look at 495. beltway. out near tysons. it's just moving remarkably slow tonight. what can you expect for the rest of the night for weather? it's cold. but the snow is gone completely out of our area. there is a focus around the metro. we widen it out. you have to get well east to see that snow. and the advisories for that matter. the winter weather advisories east of the chesapeake. mainly to new jersey. and the state of delaware right now. for us, hourly forecast. it's cold. we are looking at the temperatures hanging around the freezing mark. some thought cooler but not much. you go out and you are walking around and then you hit a sidewalk, maybe you are walking in a restaurant that doesn't have salt, it will refreeze and you slip and
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that is probably the biggest threat. keep that in mind. we look ahead to weekend and the beginning of winter is just around the corner. we talk about what mother nature plans to do with that if a few minutes. michelle: thank you, bill. checking mobiletrak7 on the roads. while the snow is not falling here anymore. traffic is a mess. a lot of taillights. this is 935. download the weather and the news app. follow the latest winter weather in the area. the search is on for armored gunmen who took close to $too,000 in the middle of an a.t.m. cash delivery. a little before 12:00 noon. it happened bank of america in route 1 in beltsville. police haven't seen a robbery like this. the gunmen ditched a van they arrived for a different getaway car not more than a block away and nobody got a good look at
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wild ending to a dramatic crime spree and a chase in baltimore. look at this. that is the girlfriend of the man behind the wheel that was wanted for two shootings. runs toward the car, taking him down and ending the high-speed chase. the police say the guy behind the wheel shooting randomly on people of the street of baltimore while being chased by police. sometimes going the wrong way in traffic. two people were hit by gunfire. police officer was also hurt. >> the republican hope of passing a tax bill before christmas received a big boost late today. senator marco rubio and bob corker now say they will support the bill when it comes to the floor next week. vice president mike pence delayed his trip to israel in case he needs to cast the tie-breaking vote. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a followup to the item investigation into grade fixing. the ballou students are defending the school. more than two dozen students came to the council on the grade fixe
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investigation revealed many students graduated despite they had 100 unexcused absences for the senior year. they all supported the former principal who has been transferred. >> our principal believed in us when nobody else didn't. the ballou high school everyone knew is not this ballou. >> they had intent to ensure failure of the african-american communities. jonathan: a lot of things being said this afternoon. one change has been made. ballou no longer has a tardy hall. meaning if a student arrives late they are not automatically counted as absent. new security measures now in place at the national cathedral. in a letter to the national cathedral, the parents and the officials say extra police officers will be on hand for events there. starting tonight, backpacks and the large backs, you can't bring them. prohibited. this is in response to the recent online images that appear to threaten international hand
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there is no evidence that anyone is specifically targeted. michelle: now a "7 on your side" holiday alert. the u.s. postal service fighting back against the porch pirates, the folk wos steal the holiday presents from the front porch? richard reeve is live to explain what the postal service is doing. rich? >> a take on the bait and switch. you know where the packages are going but the bad guys won't and hopefully they will arrive safely. >> with 15 billion pieces of holiday mail out there, the porch pirates are scoping your neighborhood. >> steal boxes and the gifts from people. yeah. this guy hitting 13 street northeast. look at this woman. dressed in a u.s. postal service shirt. >> it's kind of sad. >> awful. >> irma ellis stewart who lives on nearby 13 place has the surveillance cameras that point everywhere. including the front porch. she bought them
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house was robbed. no porch pirate worries now. >> some of them have dependencies so they take what belong to others. >> the police branch, the postal service tracking the mail thieves and taking advantage of the holidays. >> they keep us busy. we are investigating them. >> the postal service has new delivery tips including the intercept program where a package can be rerouted, route in transit if you are not home. they suggest to have packages sent to a neighbor or post office and they are urging the victims to contact the inspectors directly. the link on the shipping receipt. >> you don't want the packages sitting out because it makes them vulnerable to be stolen. >> another simple idea is get a severe box at the post office. >> with that stuff i would tell them hey, make sure you hand them to them. if not they can pick it up. >> miss stewart says she likes her surveillance setup but she has an
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local postal worker. she said her car isn't parked here. the postal worker doesn't drop off the packages. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: controversy and fallout over a joke on a pizza box. why it got a pizza hut employee fired. jonathan: we are tracking the roads as the slight snow is over but the traffic is still slow going. bill kelly is back in a few minu
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: check this out. a broken water main sending water spraying 15 feet in the air in fort worth, texas. it also flooded the roadway there. a lot of water pouring out. repairs are expected to continue for several hours. jonathan: we now know what caused the death of the bethesda teenager over the weekend. navid sepehri with us found in a creek bed near the bannockburn swim club and last seen leaving a party with several other high school students. the state medical examiner said he died from acute alcohol intoxication further complicated by drowning and hypothermia. police say the death was probably an accident but they are continuing the investigation. michelle: a d.c. doctor faces charged he slipped an abortion pill in his girlfriend's drink causing her to lose her baby. she says she dated the d
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when she discovered she was pregnant, she says he urged her to get an abortion and she refused. instead she says he slipped abortion pill in her tea and hours later she went into labor and lost her baby. >> he immediately started crying and said he was a horrible person and that he had done what i thought he did. michelle: he is charged with cause of abortion and premeditated killing of a fetus of another and scheduled to stand trial in march. jonathan: well, a shoplifting turns into more and it's all caught on camera. see what happened when they tried getting away. >> my zorch ordered a pizza online -- my son ordered a pizza online and under special instructions he requested a joke. michelle: the joke that appeared on this pizza box got the person who wrote it fired.
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that is not the only fallout. the story you will see only on 7 next.
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michelle: what a rescue. a mand and his dog pulled from an icy pond in illinois. firefighters had trained for this moments before. arriving shortly after the call. crews were able to reach the pair. and pull them to safety. one thing they stress do not go in after a pet. jonathan: now a lesson for all dog owners. a small dog survivorred a coyote attack in illinois. terrier, booseser, let out of the house by the owners in five seconds this happened. he is dragged through the backyard until the owner chases the coyote off. boozer is battered but he is alive. he has staples in his head and bite marks all over one of his eyes injured in five seconds. that is how fast it happened. michelle: he was frozen. yeah. poor dog. poor dog. michelle: wow! now to a
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to an employee getting fired. jonathan: now the pizza customer says she is getting bullied by the neighbors in stafford. q mccray has the story you will see only here on 7. >> my son ordered a pizza online and under the special instructions he request a joke. q: an innocent order that sent the mother's week to a tailspin. >> i am sorry she lost her job. but that is not my fault. q: she talks about the worker who handled her son's order. at thegererson davis pizza hut, stafford, in the delivery box she wrote what do a pizza delivery order and gynecologist have in common? the punch line was to hot and spicety for the mother of the 12 and 15-year-old. >> after i got the pizza i was shocked and floored that pizza hut would send that type of joke out. the last one was a clean
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q: mom called pizza hut to complain. >> the employee said she was sorry and i said i hope she doesn't lose her job. but she did lose her job. q: now you are suffering consequences as well? >> yeah. i'm literally being attack and called names. and people are saying i hope you can sleep good at night knowing you got a college kid fired. q: she has been cyber bullied all week so we are not showing her face or using her name. what do you say to people who say you asked for the joke and got one? >> it's inappropriate joke. it's an inappropriate joke. there is a time and place for everything. my pizza box is not one of them. q: in stafford, q mccray, abc7 news. michelle: we contacted pizza hut and we are still waiting to hear back for their take on what happened. jonathan: the bunch line not so good -- punch line is not so good. michelle: google it if you are
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a couple of women appear to be shopping with a baby in the stroller. it's not. there is no baby inside there. they are seen shoving items in the stroller. a store security tries to stop one of the women, she is gone. she bolts. but it's not over yet. she jumps in the getaway car and crashes in the vehicle. then they lose control on a curb and crash. this didn't work out well. they ache off. the police eventually catch up to them. michelle: how is that ever a good idea? i don't get it. jonathan: not going to work from the get-go. michelle: not at all. mayor bouzer is -- mayor bowser is home for holidays at the halfway point. they launched a program to house people in private apartments by january 15. as of today they have found homes for 252 people including this mother of three who moved in an apartment in southeast this morning. >> we were put in the hotel, we
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place. >> happy? >> beyond happy. i'm blessed. >> to be in the house and have a roof over our head. i'm blessed with my mom. michelle: beautiful. just in time for the holidays. with nearly 150 families to go, the d.c. human services believe they will reach the goal by january 15. but they are urging private landlords to call the city if they have units available. jonathan: the gymnasium at the prince george's county police headquarters is packed with 50,000 toys. we at abc7 and the newschannel8 are proud to partner with the toys for tots, marine and the prince george's county police department for the toys for tots event scheduled for tomorrow. the workers spent all day unloading, sorting and organizing the thousands of toys. i want to thank you to everybody who donated in person or online. when the families line up for the toys, i have been told in years past that line literally goes at least two blocks down th
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knowing you contributed to that. bill: wonderful. michelle: we are down to the wire with shopping days. bill: yes. jonathan: i'm interpret. that is the laugh of a man who hasn't started shopping. you have little ones, big fellow. bill: i know! i got here in october. jonathan: her is the excuse. bill: the whole job. jonathan: fascinating. michelle: unpacking. moving. bill: yeah. i don't know how well that goes over for christmas shopping. jonathan: just stop. go shopping tomorrow. bill: you are right. you shop this weekend, you have next weekend. that is is it. good weather for this weekend. if you are out and about. let me show you what is going on. we haven't moved much. 29. bounce to 30. back to 29. we are hanging out in the next couple of hours. that is generally where we are around the region. some spots are cooler like frederick. 27 at andrews. 28 in annapolis. 23 in me nap his now. like the --
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it's not moving around much. keep it to the 30 degree mark. 8:00. 31 by 79:00 tonight. on the cool side. bundle up. a good night to head out to enjoy the snow long gone out of here. the only concern is if you are out walking around, maybe some of the roads. more if you are walking around you could slip and hurt yourself. light snowshowers moving in to p.a. but for us the nast looks good. the future cast for the remainder of the night. the snow moves east. for us the skies will turn partly cloudy. cool. any snow potential to the mountains and the western
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mountains. the overall trend is dry. fair sunshine. temperatures are rebounding. heading out to fedex field. 45 to 48 the game time. we are mid-50's and a chance of rain for thursday. but look at the lows. there is the freezing mark for sunday morning. christmas eve, christmas day is looking mild. i don't see chance of a white christmas now. maybe it will change. >> you know who really knows? santa. jonathan: of course he does! michelle: santa knows! hey, look. santa is with robert burton
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arlington hanging out with caps. how is it going? robert: is not about the caps caps -- this is not about the caps. have i been naughty or nice? >> you have been nice. robert: thank you, santa. we have much more coming up next in
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robert: welcome back. the caps are doing their part to give back to under served families for the holidays. if you turn around you can see the caps goalie. he is just as good at street hockey. but it's not what do they have but what don't they have. street hockey and there are a couple of players here. they have the washington mystics as well. they have families adopted by the foundation. family to family. a little christmas party. phillip is here. you can see him there. like all of us, he was a kid and he wants nothing more than to be able to give back to these young people.
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for us to help them out and give them a better time. i think a lot of families and the kids are going through a rough time. if they can make it better. every time you can put a smile on the kid's face, it's all you need. i hope they enjoy tonight. i hope they have fun tonight. >> i know i said i could possibly play street hockey. the only thing is embarrassing myself wasn't on the agenda this morning. the kids will embarrass me. back to you in the studio. jonathan: all right. thanks. we do not want you to be embarrassed. we'll leave you at that. [laughter] the weather one more time. bill: the snow is gone for tonight. this weekend we have the temperatures in the 40's. so any snow that was out there, it's gone. not much around the area. michelle: all right. we can handle that. "world news tonight" with mauer coming up next.
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see you at 11:00. have a good ni
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tonight breaking news. the republican tax bill just revealed. at the last minute two crucial no votes flipped to yes. from your health care to your mortgage. how much will middle class families really save or will the rich come out on top. also, two new storms. a winter blast, snow and ice making for dangerous driving. president trump rashing out on the russia investigation and we ask will he pardon michael flynn. that as he slams the fbi just moments before he walked through their door. active shooter on the streets of a major american city. the high speed chase.


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