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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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went off the rails in washington state. most of the rail cars in the woods and out across interstate 5. nancy: reports there are at least six people dead as the crews sort through the wreckage. michelle: an ntsb go team is on the way. abc7 team coverage begins with lindsey mastis who has more of the emergency call. lindsey: radio transitions from amtrak moments after the crash. panic of what just transpired. from the air, you can see how jumbled the cars are as they derailed. one dangling down over the highway below. several vehicles were hit. the wheels were ripped off some of the vehicles -- some of the cars as they derailed. tonight we know all the dead were on board that train. another 77 people were taken to hospitals. state troopers tell us no one on the ground was killed. listen closely to how an amtrak employee on that train describes what happened. >> we are coming over the corner.
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on the ground. >> is everybody okay? >> i'm still figuring that out. we have cars everywhere. down on to the highway. lindsey: this is a new train route for this train. today's voyage was the inaugural run. part of a $181 million project. the ntsb will no doubt take a close look at the project as well as interviewing and operating the amtrak train. you can see a live picture of what is going on there right now. a team is headed from here in d.c. to that crash site right now. at the "live desk," lindsey mastis. jonathan: thank you very much. look at the map. when you see the green line, that is the old route. the orange line is the new one that opened this morning. this was the inaugural run and meant to reduce sharp curves and enable the train to speed up. the train was going 81 m
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the washington state project had the max speeds of 79 miles per hour. we don't know at this point if the speed was a factor in the derailment. this rail project cost more than $180 million. >> you know there were cars on both sides of the bridge falling on the freeway. alison: imagine driving on the interstate and seeing that. commuters were horrified by what they saw. roughly 60,000 people drive that portion of i-5 that crosses under the railroad tracks. tom roussey comes our team coverage now. tom, people on the train are now speaking out this everything. right? tom: a lot of them are. some of them were not seriously hurt or just had minor bumps and bruises. they are talking about the scary experience. we will give you a better sense of where it happened in washington state there. this is seattle where the train started. it's made its way to takoma on the way to olympia. in this area here where the derailment happened. to give a closer look
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happened. it was headed southwest, this direction. we don't know if it hit something on the track or what happened but the natural physics would take it this way. this is where it derailed instead of continuing on the bridge over i-5. this is video, aerials from the scene. a lot of people on the trains are describing what it felt like. they say everything was going normally and then they describe feeling something. from there things happen quickly. here is what one of the passengers had to say. >> the train was going between 70 to 80 miles per hour. we could tell that because we were passing up traffic on the freeway. and we heard, we felt a little bit of a jolt. at a certain point, we could hear crumpling of the train car and we were cata
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tom: other passengers described kicking out the aid he and a person said he had to jump in the bushes to get off the train. out of the 14 frame cars that were connected together, 13 of them derailed according to the "seattle times." reporting live in the newsroom, i'm tom roussey. abc7 news. michelle: a stunning scene. stay with abc7 news for updates throughout the hour. if you have to step away, download the wjla news app. you can stream our live broadcast and get alerts sent straight to the phone. closer to home a grieving father searching for answers. his son found dead in a wooded area after a party. many questions remain including whether he could have been found sooner? abc7's maryland bureau chief brad bell spoke to the father of the whitman high school senior. brad?
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brad: this guy is having a tough time dealing with the loss of his son. i think everyone can understand that. this is a document who describes navid, my love. details of the tragedy. this is a father who is gathering information on his own son's death. he just believes that there remain many questions to be answered. 17-year-old navid sepehri died days ago. he was found by his own father in a pool of water in a wooded ravine in bethesda. state medical examiner determined the teenager died accidentally as a result of acute intoxication, drowning and exposure. today his grief-stricken father says that is not the whole story. navid sepehri had been to an underage drinking party. after it was broken up by parents the teen was confronted by a montgomery county police officer who let him go after being assured by
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home. navid sepehri said the officers bear responsibility for not getting his son home safely. >> if you are a cop, you are supposed to, if you see children drunk you are supposed to kind of push them aside, take care of them. you don't push them away and say oh. we are still working on the story. when we come back we'll have more of the father's concerns and the response from the montgomery county police department. they say that they do have some regrets about things and how they were handled but as we will explain they don't see how they bear full responsibility for this. in gaithersburg, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you for that. it doesn't look like much. take a look at this. this was a fire. it caused a major power outage bringing the world's busiest airport to a complete stand still. atlanta hartsfield-jackson international airport excellently shut down. planes were on the runway ready to take off and couldn't go anywhere. our
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among those stranded last night. larry: this is now hour number eight. take a look at this. i'm hearing stories of some people being sitting on the tarmac on their airplanes after arriving at hartsfield-jackson for five hours. >> christmas is next week. i need to shop. i need to do all this. i need to go home. period. jonathan: larry missed the morning show. he will be back for the "abc7 news at 5:00". power by the way at airport is back on. but think of it like a terrible snowstorm that shut down an airport. a very vital and busy airport. there is always a domino effect. alison: well look forward to hearing larry's stories shortly. hundreds fly through atlanta every day. what happens if you are stranded like the passengers yesterday? you should know what rights you have. transportation reporter sam sweeney is on your side with that
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sam: in this situation you don't have many options. we caught up today with the airline in the district who said look, typically when the airlines mess up, they take responsibility. and they put passengers up in a hotel. well, in this case, jonathan just said this was on the airport. there was a fire there. that shut down the power. then the airport shut down as well. so people were stranded. not just atlanta but across the country. they said the airline offered them a hotel but many were stranded on the floor of the airport. chincoteague offered to give them free food. but they said you are out of luck if you are hoping for reimbursement. let's listen. >> they love to cover everything on their own. they may h
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insurance. read the fine print carefully because they might say we handle natural disasters and the problems like wars and stuff like that. sometimes they don't. but none of them say we will handle an electrical blackout. >> i went through the fine print and the credit card websites and no one says anything about a blackout. if you are a family member or friend was involved in that and you have an airline credit card with the trip delay benefit, file the claim. even if they say they will not cover it, it's a gray area and they may just cut you a check. reporting live. i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. michelle: travel troubles usually has to do with the weather. we're, mild start to the workweek. one week out from christmas. it's hard to believe, bill, this is awesome weather.
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>> i like it. last time we met on friday we talk about the snow and the temperatures are below freezing. we bounce up and well above normal. 524 for d.c. we will be like that tomorrow. we have a few clouds working in the area. live doppler radar is not showing much. there the area of drizzle to the west. this is not totally out of the question to get a stray light shower. we are not putting it in the overall point. very few any of you will get to freezing. jonathan: three people were killed after a plane crash. a dog was killed and another survived.
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we spoke to the neighbors. >> the wreckage from a private plane which went down in indiana saturday night. three people and a diagnosis found dead. >> it was another k9 that survived the crash. today people gathered to mourn the death of the man believed to be at the controls. neighbors say the pilot, his adult daughter and a friend flew to kansas. on the way back the plane crashed. in the potomac neighborhood where the pilot lived, neighbors say it's a shocking loss. the community is grieving. >> wonderful family. thoughtful. the cause is still under investigation. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: charlottesville police chief says
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retired. he has been criticized after the nationalists and counter protest rally that turned violent. they were criticized for not being prepared arrest acting quickly enough to stop the violence that ended in a death of a woman. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how pope francis celebrates his birthday. alison: also coming up, remember this judicial nominee? >> have you ever tried a jury trial? >> i have not. is there civil? >> no. >> criminal? alison: he was up for a lifetime judicial appointment in d.c. but we have an update you don't want to miss. >> live in northeast washington where mayor bouzer is touring 8th street and other parts and she will talk about a rat problem. that is coming up next on abc7 news. michelle: this cat rescued from a basement fire. we will show you how far prince george's county first respon
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have you ever tried a jury trial? >> i have not. >> civil? >> no. >> criminal? >> no. >> bench? >> do you know what a motion in limbny -- limini is? >> i probably can't give an adequate
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>> this is matthew peterson and he will not be a u.s. district court in washington. he withdrew the nomination today. just days after this where he couldn't answer basic questions. >> a new campaign to contain rats in d.c. i don't know how you contain them. but sam ford has more. containing rats? sam: trying to keep up with the mayor. she is going up to stairs in a building. she is taking a tour of the neighborhood as she often does. today we were in an
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the health department is putting the dry rice down the rat holes. the idea is this will kill the rats and they say and right there become the compost. this is a new technique and they did it -- technique and they did it in the backyard of a woman living here who told us she likes it. >> we can all do it. if we did it at the same time it would be effective. >> we decided to come back outside where the mayor's entourage is waiting for her. again, this happens in a number part of the
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the focus is rats. this is a technique. the important thing is to get trash away from the neighborhood. watch your pet. that will have a bunch of an effect if not more on the rat situation. so, we are not going to see the mayor anymore. she has already left us and gone into this building. however, that is the situation from here. as she is coming down the stairs. anyway, that is it. back to you. jonathan: "a" for effort to keep up with the mayor. a busy woman. dry ice. never knew about that. all right. firefighters do it all the time. they put the fires and rescue people from burning buildings. it's their job. they resuscitatedded a beloved family pet. they rescued 5-year-old harry from a basement fire. you can see the cat was completely freaked out. suffered smoke inhalation and exposure to heat but after giving him some oxygen we are told that harry is going to be just
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harry is dirty but they'll give him a bath. dirty harry! [laughter] michelle: also a baby panda in japan. the 6-month-old made her first public appearance today before the invited guests. she will meet her adoring fans starting tomorrow. the public viewing limited to two and a half hours a day so the panda won't be overwhelmed by the visitors. >> how do you know if the panda is overwhelmed? michelle: you can just tell. alison: pope francis marked his 81st birthday over the weekend with what else? a pizza party. joined by children undergoing treatment at the vatican health service. at the party the pope addressed the crowd gathered and thanking them for the birthday wishes. michelle: thin crust or deep dish? jonathan: the pontiff knows howt
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bill: show after hands? deep dish? michelle: thin crust all the way. jonathan: i like both but i had chicago style deep dish and i made it. bill: i'm a thin crust. alison: i like both. jonathan: you can't go bad with pizza. a lot going on in the forecast. bill: you have the first day of winter, a lot of travel this week. christmas eve and big christmas day. santa just called the stormwatch7 weather line and asked what to expect around the d.c. metro. i thought that was touching. that he would call us. the moldals are all over the board on christmas day. seven days from now. mild afternoon and the early everything. the winds are light out of the south at 5. far from the freezing mark. cumberland is up there as
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warmer. a day to go out and you can feel for this time of the year mid-to-late december it's mild. there are light showers to the west. you might drive around. we'll call it a partly to mostly dry. we are going the upper 30's to 40. look at tomorrow. southerly winds, fair amount of sunshine out there. beautiful forecast. if you are traveling tomorrow you won't deal with any weather related party. in the afternoon you have the windows down. at 49 at 7:00. the temperatures will stay above freezing in the 40's for the evening. tomorrow we go up to 60 for the high. drop it
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christmas day we are keeping it in the 50's for christmas eve and christmas day but i will show you the different, what the range is for monday. impressive. although a week from now we see a large cold snap working through the area so enjoy the temperatures. alison: okay. bill, thank you. we have breaking news tonight out of rockville where several people are evaluated for possible exposure to carbon monoxide on washington street in rockville. we are told right now no one is being sent to the hospital but the fire officials are still on the scene. we'll keep you posted. jonathan: talk about this. u.f.o.'s, are they real or not whether you believe there is lay out there or not the pentagon has been investigating for years. >> public safety food delivery day in prince george's
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jonathan: wouldn't you know it. santa claus arriving a week early in the first responders. michelle: putting together baskets of food for families in need. alison: maryland bureau chief brad bell shows us for everyone tipping in a true labor of love. christmas came early.
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boxes from the prince george's county police, firefighters, sheriff and the correction officers. >> this is wonderful. >> residents shirley maddox lined up for a gift to give her a chance to give a gift. >> i usually cook every thanksgiving and christmas and give it away to different people in the building that can't cook for themselves. >> it's an annual effort that cowell mynates to a box packing event and firehouse. it is led by the real life santa volunteer bill milligan. >> we have some we have gone in the senior home that said if it weren't for us bringing baskets in, they couldn't bring in the family to have a dinner they serve. >> we will all be whipped but it will feel good. >> it's appreciated. >> it means a lot
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this is a good thing you are doing. >> in bladensburg, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: we should tell you after the day's event today the organizer had to be rushed to the hospital and the read-life santa volunteer is okay ped seresting. -- okay and he is resting. we wish him a quick recovery. michelle: abc7 monitors breaking news from the west coast. deadly amtrak derailment in washington state south of seattle. we have an update next. nast i'm nathan baca at the local farm looking to expand to include the kids activities. the county government is suing to stop them. "7 on your side" investigates. alison: new at 5:00, the chase that took baltimore police through the city last week. we have the dash cam video of how it all when you're clocking out. i'm the one clocking in... sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable.
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announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. michelle: breaking news from 50 miles south of seattle. a deadly derailment of a commuter train right on to the interstate 5 there. at least six dead. this was the first day of service on a brand new rail line that was supposed to cut down on the commute time. there were more than 70 passengers on board the train with five crew members. ntsb go-team is on the way. they just left wain
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hours. jonathan: president trump took time today to outline the new national security strategy. this is something each president does every year but this is the first for the man who ran on putting america first. kenneth moton is reporting that this could alter international relations all across the globe. kenneth: president trump's new national security strategy. >> president trump: we will stand up for our country like we have never stood up before. kenneth: pushing the america first policy to the global stage refocusing the relationship the u.s. has with the countries he has across the world. strategy puts a heavy emphasis on the economic competition. the president labeling china a strategic competitor. trump has been critical of the china trade practices. >> any nation that trades away prosperity will lose both. >> he took an aim of
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break from the war of words between trump and vladimir putin. >> we will attempt to build a great partner zip with those and other countries but in a manner that always protects our national interest. >> the president is making clear the u.s. won't back down foreign policy issues that could alienate other countries, and that includes climate change and immigration. trump taking a hard line on defense to make the case for more spending to build up the military and pay for his wall on the u.s.-mexico border. president trump: for this region our strategy break -- for this reason the strategy breaks from the damaging defense sequester. we will get rid of that. >> he addressed the north korea threat and renewed the call for the united nations and nato to spend more on defense saying the u.s. will depend on other countries paying their fair share. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. michelle: the pentagon confirms it once operated a program investigating u.f.o. reports and reportedly spent $22 million on the
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2012. this is footage of navy pilots tracking one of those unidentified flying objects. the pilot said he had never seen anything like it. $22 million. bill: boy, oh, boy. michelle: in the skies we saw the beautiful sunshine. i went outside bundled up. i didn't check my weather app. i need to do that because it's so nice out there. bill: out was nice. the clouds worked in now. this is a shot from bel air, maryland. this is the one shot we had snow and we had tracks in the road where we picked up more. this is north of baltimore. couple of inches of snow fell. not the case today. michelle: no. bill: different. we had 31 on friday and 48 on saturday. 50 yesterday. now we are at 54 with the temperatures in the mid-50's. feeling like 54. there is not much of a wind chill. for the most part if you get over 50, you don't have a wind chill factor. if for r
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you have the clouds that work on in. they will stick around. potential light showers. 49 at 7:00. 48 by 9:00. show you a quick look at the weekend. we have the temperatures that will be in the potential 60 and the 50-degree range going in to christmas eve. things are bouncing around all over the place. we keep an eye on that. christmas day forecast is looking very interesting in terms of the spread between the models. we talk about that coming up in a few minute. jonathan: thank you very much. local farm looking to expand and include the kids' activities but a county government is suing to stop that from happening. "7 on your side" government watchdog reporter nathan baca showing us that the debate could affect the families looking to enjoy the outdoors. nathan: the farms in clifton, virginia, one of the few working farms in fairfax county. >> we don't use any kind of chemical fertilizer. this is part of the
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of the woods of white hall farm. nathan: he had an idea. keep the farm afloat by bringing in visitors. that a developer designed it so people could walk high in the trees. >> in the woods. cabling that is not attached to the trees. >> the virginia assembly passed a law saying the farm don't need permits for agricultural cultural activities but the zoning administrator said no to the white hall farm. despite their estimate of 27 visitor cars per day the zoning administrator believe the ropes course would bring too much traffic and required the farm to pay for a special permit and road improvements. he believes the extra government requirements could add $100,000 to build the ropes course. >> we are not asking them to give us money. we want to earn our own money to expand our operation. >> so they went
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of zoning appeals and lost but the director asked waters to reapply and he won approval the second time. the zoning administrator still opposed the ropes course and sued the board of zoning appeals. >> leave us alone. if the county loses that first case then they are taking nadine and i to court. >> one arm of the government is suing the other arm to stop the farm owners from doing what they believe the government allows them to do, put ropes on trees and let kids walk around the woods. >> this is what lands looks like we are in charge of. if you go to tysons corner that is what the land looks like that they are in charge of. >> he has drawn to -- they has come to drawing pictures making fun of the zoning board. but the board failed to follow the own rules and made invalid decision approving the ropes course. the lawsuit continues. government versus government. small farm waiting to find out the future. at the white hall
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nathan baca, abc7 news. michelle: breaking news from rockville. skytrak7 over washington street in rockville where several people are evaluated for possible exposure to carbon monoxide. brad bell just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us? >> south washington street a lock or two away from the courthouse in the center of rockville. a fairly substantial response. they were called here over here. the white frame house that used to be a dentist office. dentist retired and now a number of people live in the home. what happened is their carbon monoxide detectors went off. the carbon monoxide detectors alerted them to a possible problem in the house. they got out. the fire department was called. sure enough they got here. they did measurements and they found the c.o. level was elevated. you might have noticed the trucks in the driveway. they are attributing the problem here to get some work
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today. nine people in all evaluated. they are fine. they refused the transport. but the bottom line here this is a good news story. last week i told you about a mother and a child sickened in a carbon monoxide leak in prince george's county. the advice is get a c.o. detector in your home. these people had one and prevented what could possibly have been a worse outcome. we'll be back at 5:00 with more. jonathan: that is good news story. get a c.o. detector if you don't have one. a virginia woman mauled by her own dogs but her friends say there is no way that is how she was killed. the investigation is coming up. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- miss iraq getting death threats for this selfie. it's who she is friends with now that has her entire family
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jonathan: lebron james made a splash with his shoes. one is black and one is white and it says, "equality." the cleveland cavaliers were in town to take on the wizards. after the game he made a statement about the president saying, "we are never going to let one person dictate how beautiful and powerful we are. the nba champ previously
4:42 pm
in a twitter war with the president. miss iran getting death threats for a selfie. jonathan: you think this is no big deal. but it's miss iraq and miss iran on the other. this is before a photo shoot and peace and love from iraq and -- miss iraq and miss israel. but miss iraq says this is so bad that the family has left the country because of the threats. she refuses to take this photo down. michelle: because when you think beauty pageants that is a goal you hear. jonathan: talk about a christmas reunion. how about this? a cat is back home after being m.i.a. for a year. michelle: this is buddy. he ran away after the owners moved from oregon to louisiana but the owners went back to oregon to hope to find
4:43 pm
of facebook. >> we was sitting there and seen his picture. i knew instantly when i seen the photo. michelle: my gosh! buddy is sweet. he found him at a homeless shelter and he started a go fund me page to raise money to send him back to the family for christmas. jonathan: sweet buddy. michelle: well, al franken pledges to resign. now there are reports some of those who said he should step down and step aside amid sexual misconduct claims are backtracking. so should he stay or go? >> in the years of law enforcement, they didn't like it. >> two dogs turn on the owner and a virginia woman is killed but some who knew the woman and the pets say there is no way it could have happened the way i
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michelle: breaking news on abc7. we continue to monitor the situation in washington state. you are looking live at the
4:47 pm
newsroom. the rail car still hanging from the overpass. this is where an amtrak train derailed near tacoma. a car flipping over a bridge to i-5. that is a busy corridor for them. another left dangling, that is the one you see there. there are reports of multiple fatalities. stay with abc7 for an update at 5:00. we, of course, will jump in if we get new information before that. police say it was a brutal scene. woman mauled to death by her own two dogs. them later standing guard over her body. and q mccray has the terrifying discovery. q: stevens father went looking for her. when they found his daughter the two pitbulls were standing guard over her body. >> a grisly mauling. in 40 years of law enforcement i have never seen anything like it and hope i never see it again. >> stevens was a e
4:48 pm
no match for her burly 100 to 125-pound dogs. according to the medical examiner stevens was still alive when the animals attacked. >> the victim had defensive wounds on her hands and arms trying to keep the doggings away from her which would be consistent being attacked while still alive. >> the dog and her loved each other. >> one of the victim's best friends doesn't believe either dog would do anything to hurt the owner and says stevens babied the dogs who she raised since they were puppies. >> i didn't see the body so i can't tell you what happened. i can't tell you if it's blunt force but i know the dogs didn't do it. >> q mccray, abc7 news. >> the president says robert mueller's job is safe as the special prosecutor investigating the russian meddling in the 2016 election. they are interviewing the former chair
4:49 pm
schultz. there is a payment behind a dossier that contained unconfirmed reports of the russian connections to trump. starting details now in the ambush in niger where four sust soldiers were killed. la david johnson was not taptured alive by the -- captured alive by the enemy. he was killed by gunfire trying to escape militants. his body was found two days later and he was 25-year-old father of two. jonathan: terrorism is not suspected after a man tried to force his way to a british air force base used by the u.s. personnel. there is a lot of u.s. personnel on this base. the man suffered minor injuries after the guards did open fire on him in his car. there are conflicting reports to whether he refused to stop at a check point or he tried to ram a fence and get to a barrier. michelle: accused by sexual misconduct by a dozen women a federal judg
4:50 pm
30 years on the bench. he denies the allegations but says he cannot do his job and defend himself at the same time. president reagan appointed him to the ninth circuit court of appeals in 1985. jonathan: politico is now reporting that four senators are now urging al franken to reconsider his upcoming resignation. they include west virginia senator joe manchin who says franken was railroaded before an ethics investigation into sexual misconduct and he even claims before this all got started. it's not clear if any of the senators are asking franken to hold off as far as the res ignition goes. we're -- we will let you know how it plays out. seven years after lorenzen wright was murdered, his ex-wife has been arrested. he was killed in 2010. and she was arrested in california over the weekend. the family member held a vigil outside his mother's home. his ex-wife and another man face murder charges but the motive still remains a mystery. michelle: all right. the carolina p
4:51 pm
up for sale at the end of the nfl season. owner jerry richardson accused of workplace misconduct announced in a letter he believes it's time to turn the franchise over to new ownership. well, now music mogul sean p. diddy combs took to twitter to say he is interested in buying and steph curry of the golden state warriors who is from carolina and panther fan says he wants in too. stay tuned. jonathan: interesting. jonathan: you know the sound. the lightsaber. the force is strong with the "the last jedi." running away at the box office. $220 million opening. shattering expectations by $20 million. it's the second best "star wars" opening only to episode 7 "the force awakens." are not going to say -- we are not going to say anything else. there will be no spoilers here. michelle: none at all. i contributed to the t
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side" consumer alert. if you are considering getting these apple wireless headphones as a christmas gift, good luck. they are sold out until january at the earliest. the air pod shortage comes after apple is having trouble keeping up with demand. jonathan: ouch. jonathan: this is the space-x. the robotic arm is drabbing the second capsule. they can resupply and recycle the rocket. among the experiment barley seeds for a budweiser experiment. wait a minute. wait. things got interesting. they are going to make beer in space. hey, now! michelle: that sounds good. bill: interesting to see how the gravity affects that. jonathan: the astronauts are tired of eating the dry food. please send us up stuff to make beer.
4:53 pm
and pizza. jonathan: but it's all freeze-dried. have you had freeze-dried ice cream. michelle: they need the beer to go with it. bill: looking at the mall. we are in the 50's. upper 50's out there. nasa at 58. woodbridge at 56. a light jacket and you are good to go around the region. it's cooler to the west. notice the numbers essentially are at or well above the freezing mark. this week we have winter and the travel weekend and the christmas holiday. we are focusing up north. there is a deep and low pressure and a cold air mass sinking down in to the nation's midsection. that will eventually cross the area. what i want to do is spend time focused on the seven-day forecast. the models are back and forth on this one. so form we are at 60. great -- tomorrow we are at 60. great. the next several days are dry. watching and tracking the
4:54 pm
friday. the weekend at this point saturday. the rain showers near 60. that is when it will start to diverse. sunday the christmas eve and the monday christmas day forecast. at this point we have 50 and 52 degrees respectively. monday we have models that will go out farther than a couple of days. there is a major discrepancy. g.f.s. the american model has us in the i.d. many to upper 30's to 40. i'll sending it back to you. there is breaking news. >> ntsb is updating us on the train derailment in washington. >> it's much, much worse. stay on i-5 and keep the flow of traffic going if possible. if you are headed southbound take route 16 to state route 3. that will alleviate traffic congestion as well. that is all i have at this time. we can go
4:55 pm
there was 77 passengers, seven crew members, 12 passenger cars, two engines. 13 of the cars jumped the track. i can confirm there are casualties but at this point we are not confirming numbers. we still have fires, the multiagency search and rescue at this time. >> talk about the stabilizing the trains? >> we will talk about that later. we will go to amtrak now. >> save questions. >> i'm gay banks-olson. i'm the assistant superintendent of operations for amtrak. on behalf of everybody at amtrak we are deeply saddened about what has happened here this morning. our first priority is to take care of the passengers and the people who have been impacted in the families and the crew members of the terrible incident. we will be settin
4:56 pm
assistance center and more information will come out on that. we gave the 800-number out earlier and we will do everything we can in the next few days and weeks to support the passengers and their families. i can share what we know at this time. amtrak cascade train 501 derailed at 7:33 a.m. pacific time with some cars leaving the overpass to highway i-52. the train 501 consisted of 14 cars including two locomotive locomotives. jonathan: that is an update right now from the authorities. you can see the rain came off the track on the maiden voyage on this set of tracks. they were trying to take a curve out of the track to reduce a problem with the car coming off the track. clearly there was a problem. not sure if it was speed or a problem with the track. as it stands right now six people are dead. 77 others were on board this
4:57 pm
others were transported to the hospital. when we get more information we will pass it along to you. one of the hottest gifts for those who love to cook is the crock-pot pressure cooker combo called the instant pot. does it live up to the hype? john matarese puts it to the test so you don't waste your money. john: everyone in the d.c. area that likes to cook is buzzing about the instant pot. if you don't get the electric cooker it might be on the christmas list. is it as great or just a gimmick? heather was never a big fan of cooking until now. open up the mom's fridge -- >> this is a turkey sage soup. >> you will find all sort of meals she made with the electric cooking sensation. the instant pot. >> i kept reading reviews story after story of it's amazing. >> she was skeptical but the first day she made melt in your mouth ribs without
4:58 pm
>> the first things i made was ribs. took an hour or less. she showed us how to make what some call soccer mom pasta. >> it's quick, easy pasta, especially if you need to do something. >> she doesn't have the thaw the frozen meatballs. >> throw a layer in meatballs in there. do a typical 12 to 16-ounce box of the kids like the bow ties. >> jar of sauce. >> adds water. closes the lid. >> turn it. >> 15 minutes later -- >> she releases the steam, open the lid and stirs up a perfect dinner. >> we have pasta. >> i have never seen a product quite like that people like it so much shortly after buying the first one they go buy a second one. that's what heather did. >> black friday came around so i bought a second one so i could make cheesecakes and entrees at the same time. >> now with to pots she can bake cakes in one and ribs in th
4:59 pm
eight hours in her day job working at the police department. >> you can make ribs after work. >> bottom line, does it live up to the hype? >> absolutely. i have two of them. >> her pasta was pretty good. >> consumer reports maggie: tested insta pot and says it doesn't make better tasting food but faster and easier than anything else. look for it on sale so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. announcer: right now at 5:00 -- >> we have cars everywhere. down to the highway. >> many dead. >> dozens injured after a passenger train plunges off the rails in washington state. >> we have first hand account from larry smith about the airport outage. and now "abc7 news at 5:00".
5:00 pm
rails on the highway. alison: the number of deaths is still rising. the scene unfolded an hour south of seattle early this morning. lindsey mastis joins us with the latest development today. >> tonight there are reports that six people died. all were on board the train. we are hearing the frantic moments as the amtrak tries to make sense of the derailment. >> emergency, emergency, emergency. we are on the going. >> calls for help after 13 amtrak cars jumped the track on the highway palo the trait troopers say five were hit with two semis. there are injuries on the ground and fatalities aboard the train. how did it happen? >> we were coming across the corner, taking the bridge to i-5 and went on the ground. >> it was making the inaugural


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