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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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interstate. one of them left tangling from a bridge. lindsey mastis is following developments from the abc7 "live desk." lindsey: every car was one derailed sending more than 50 people to the hospital. there are reports that six train passengers died but we are waiting for official numbers from the investigators. look above at the scene and they are jumble and one train hit several vehicles on the highway below. for those injured we learned two people are in critical condition. another 11 have serious injuries. one passenger describes what she saw. >> there was glass and particular smell i can't describe. i stepped out, i didn't realize i was standing on another train car. >> the derailment happened during the inaugural trip. a new faster route that is part of the $180 million project. investigators with the ntsb are on
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washington, d.c. to that crash site. they will no doubt take a close look at the process and interview those operating the train. i'm lindsey mastis at the "live desk." michelle: thank you. when the 20 ntsb investigators arrive they will find a mangled mess and technology giving unique looks at the damage. cameras were rolling as the first responders use drones to search through the debris. both for survivors and evidence of what went wrong. jonathan: the abc7 team and the sister station in washington working to bring you the latest on the deadly derailment. get updates around the clock by downloading the free abc7 news app. michelle: breaking font, nine people treated for dangerous carbon monoxide exposure. all will recover. this could have ended much differently if not for the family carbon monoxide detector. jonathan: developing right now there appears to be a major break in the hunt for men behind a cr
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stretched across the area. violent men targeting cell phone stores. this case has puzzle pieces still to put together. it sounds like investigators are on the right track. >> they look like they are closing in on the case. tens of thousands of dollars. we had a case in alexandria and then prince george's. the link is a getaway car. it's not every day you see an armed guard outside a cell phone store. >> the guards said there was a problem in there. there was a robbery. that is why he is with a gun outside. >> this happened at the horaryson store. police say 24-year-old barry of d.c. and another man walked in to the store around 10:00 saturday night and implied they had guns and began a robbery. >> employees at the verizon store were held in a back room. while they stole c
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>> one store estimated value at $70,000 to $80,000. >> scary. >> i would not like to be around when it happened. i'm glad i wasn't in the store then. >> after the brief chase, the getaway car crashed into another vehicle and careened in the creek. you can see the debris. barry was captured by officers but his accomplice ran off and accomplished a minivan tonight from a woman in a nearby plaza. they announced the arrest of steve alexander and robinson. all three face charges accuse of robbing a cell tone store in capitol heights sunday afternoon. they are looking to see if the cases have a connection to the cell phone robbery in the district. three arrests but at this pour we d
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officially connected with the case in alexandria. stay tuned. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: a surreal scene. thousands trapped with no power for hours in the world's busiest airport. now we see what caused it. a small fire in the wrong spot of the atlanta airport. at this hour the airport is catching up on all the flights. the folks stranded. it will take a few days to clear the backlog. the cost for those stranded can add up. hotel rooms, rental cars, food and lost time. tonight the "7 on your side" team look at the rights that you have as a traveler. transportation reporter sam sweeney at the reagan national airport. a lot of people can get reimbursed for this. sam: they can. it's not easy but you can do it. the catastrophic failures like we saw in atlanta can have the ripple effects across the
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be stranded. as you said, they have to buy hotels, meals, ground transportation. some have to get medicine. big question is how do you get reimbursed. can you at all? a scene from a horror movie, dark concourses, angry passengers and nowhere to go for help. >> we are waiting to get out of here. a complete nightmare. >> thousands find themselves in the same situation. >> there isn't a flight for me until tuesday. >> many people need hotels but in this case the airline likely won't be paying. >> the passengers have no rights whatsoever. >> airline consumer advocate with the travelers united says when it is not the airline's fault, passengers typically are on their own. but what about those who bought trip insurance? >> you have to read the fine print carefully because they might say we handle natural disasters and problems like wars and stuff like that. sometimes they don't. but almost none of them say we will handle an electrical blackout. >> today we
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credit card company offering the trip interruption. they tell us they only cover unexpected expenses when it's the airline fault and they couldn't tell us if the airport power failure is covered. the only people to likely get the money back -- >> if the flight is not going and this is the beginning of the trip delta will allow you to cancel the whole trip and you get the money back. >> we just heard back from chase in the last few minutes and they say this is unchartered territory. they didn't know how they would handle it but they decided in the last hour they will reimburse all the customers who qualify under the chase sapphire reserve program and the other credit cards. so the best advice is call the credit card company or the trip insurance and file a claim. the worst thing that can happen is they say no. you might have luck. jonathan: a small plane bound for frederick, maryland, cr
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all the people on board and a dog. another dog on board did survived and turned up at a nearby home. >> a loving family. this is a tragedy. michelle: a race to save a house from a house fire. the moment they knew the cat would pull through. jonathan: first a dramatic end to the police chase. now we see what police officer saw when this whole chase first got started. >> man, what a difference between when we met last met on friday. we had snow. the temperatures were below freezing. today we got to 62 in fredericksburg. 60 in culpeper. d.c. is mid-50's and even warmer tomorrow. we look at that and the beginning of winter and the travel plans making our way closer
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michelle: a memorable end to a high-speed chase in baltimore. a man trying to escape whe
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help. the police tacked him and put an end to the chaos. and now the baltimore police show us how this all started. releasing body cam video from the traffic stop. >> step out of the vehicle. michelle: all right. so what you saw there the final moment of a five-minute long conversation with the driver. the officer found out that the car was connected to a murder and that is when the chase started. today the driver face adjudge and was ordered held without bond. jonathan: abrupt notice from charlottesville that the police chief retired. effectively immediately. thomas held the job since may of last year and this retirement comes after two separate reports blasting his department response to the violent protest. one
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officers who "let them fight." coming up for us, heroic actions and a perfect rescue following a local house fire. michelle: why christmas fans are flocking to the maryland town. more on the christmas st
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jonathan: they do not suspect terrorism after a man rammed a british base. 44-year-old man arrested for trespassing on the facility northeast of london. president trump pushes his emergency first policy on the global stage taking a hard line on defense. mr. trump renewed the call to spend more against north korea and made a case to bulk up the military.
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jonathan: making it clear they will not back down on policies to alienate other countries. including the climb change. michelle: a metro police officer found guilty of trying to support isis. 38-year-old nicholas young bought gift cards last year he thought would help isis recruiters communicate with the potential recruits. the national law enforcement officers memorial fund named the ballpark ambush heroes as the officer of the month. thigh took down the gunman opening fire on the baseball practice. the prin
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firefighters pulling harry the kitty from the basement of a home in beltsville. harry is dirty and having a hard time. they give him oxygen. the 5-year-old feline after the oxygen and t.l.c. back on his feet. nice job. that caps a busy three days for firefighters on prince george's county on friday saved a 10-year-old golden retriever from the freezen water. a firefighter wants to volunteer to take over for the owner. the dog is fine. >> the owner better come forward quick. >> the coming 24 hours is a busy one in the little town of beth le mem. beth le mem, maryland. fa away lands to the east to get the christmas cards postmarked with the pickly call
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>> a postmark will give christmas cards authentic touch. >> the birth of christ. >> this is an hour from the bay bridge. and people put a stamp of three wise men and the star to inspire them. >> show sent an e-mail. >> michelle and her postmaster process up to 3,000 cards a day. this was shipped from the netherlands. >> they come from all over the world. >> the post office is small and it can be easy to miss. by if you look up you see a star
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outside. >> it makes christians feel closer to the meaning of christmas. >> this is tradition dating back to 1939. it still has people following the star. >> it has traditional. >> in bethlehem, maryland, cheryl conner, abc7 news. >> looking to see where it the. >> with traffic it takes two hours. >> not right now it's not worth it but worth it to get the postmark. >> that is nice. >> a little time. you confirm and they say you need to go that way. >> you are not referring to us as the three wise men? >> no. i wouldn't do that. >> the capital wheel, national harbor. 53 currently. we had temperatures in the southern communities that were up in the
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if you are somebody who is a winter lover, i have that. 48 in winchester. luray is 48. if you head to the zoo light or anything this everything for the holiday a beautiful night. light jacket. good to go. temperatures in the 40's. this is really through the overnight as well. clouds in the area. it's rain free. not out of the question. you notice where we have the radar return. temperature wise on the map this will go to michigan and new england. no freezing temperatures.
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if you have travel plans, region wise, look at this. not gist in our area. not much going on with the big storms. we have l have sunshine. the temperatures are up to near 60. bus stop forecast showing the numbers in the 50's. a mild day. upper 50's. maybe a light jacket in the morning that should be it. the extended forecast. we do see a breezy day with the drops as we get to wednesday to 50. first day of winter. coincidently is thursday. highs is right on target to where you should be this time of the year in the mid-40's. models through friday. evening rain possible, 52 on friday. that is when they bounce back and forth. the long story short, the bitter cold air dropping to the middle of
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we stay on the eastern side of that. we do have the freezing temperatures next week. when does it cross? the models trying to figure it out. 50's for the christmas eve and the christmas day with a chance of showers. we will update you here.
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erin: the redskins had a much-needed bounce back game versus the cardinals sunday. the story of the game was the defense. washington did not allow a touchdown, which was impressive considering the redskins suffered two blow-out losses the previous weeks. safety wearinger the captain of the defense says now the skins need to be consistent. >> the defense, we have to stay consistent. you can't have like we did in new york, we had a great outing in new york and then the next week we get 30 put on us. the challenge is to stay consistent. playing denver, we know they have a great defense. we have to be a better defense. that is a mind set. >> all right. they will have a chance on christmas eve. meanwhile, the wizards otto porter was at practice but did not participate. he is recovering from a bruised hip he suffered friday's game against the clippers and the return is questiobl
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matchup with the pelicans. head coach scott brooks says he will see how porter feels tomorrow. >> a direct blow. we play defense. the elbow hit the area. that is what happened. he is showing better every day. not quite there. play last game. see how he feels tomorrow. >> and finally, virginia tech. listen to this. received anonymous $15.2 million donation all to be used for a new athletic performance center. i love that story. >> who is that? >> get their name on that. >> they put buildings up for that person. you go up to the building it will say "anonymous" on the building. michelle: final look of weather. bill: don't need a coat tomorrow. up to 60. warm weather. michelle:
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david muir up next. jonathan: thank you for being with us.
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tonight, breaking news. the deadly train derailment. we're on the scene at this hour. the amtrak train veering off the tracks. hanging from an overpass. part of the train landing on the interstate. several passengers killed. dozens injured. >> oh, my god. >> tonight, what investigators said just a short time ago. and my interview with the passenger who crawled out through a window and then plunged into the woods below. also tonight, the chaos at america's busiest airport. the crippling 11-hour blackout. hundreds of flights canceled. passengers traveling for the holidays told to leave their luggage at the airport. thousands still waiting tonight. we're tracking two systems moving across the country. blinding rain from


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