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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> two people had to be rescued and a half dozen more more hurt. on the air there are two concerns for firefighters. >> they ran out of water. how are the residents doing? >> they are looked after by the red cross. they will find vacant units for them. the fire department is proud. they got here and got it under control quickly. the fire a quarter mile that way and kept off the property. fire trucks lining the street. they had to run hoses from here to fight it.
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6:50 in the morning. >> that is minutes before they got a call for help. the units arrived quickly. >> make the call. the next challenge was water supply. the complex was overwhelmed by the department of the fire hoses. they had to get them off of properties. >> they were trying to put them out. >> there was people screaming. then the fire trucks are coming. everybody getting out the building.
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many more displaced. the families were looking forward to the holiday. the red cross, the churches were working with them and make sure they have the shelter. the churches are working on the clothing. the fire department in conjunction with a red cross to replace toys that the children might have been expecting from santa for christmas. >> reminder of the new smoke alarm law taking effect in two weeks. all alarms that are older than ten years old must be removed and replaced with the new alarms with the ten-year batteries built in. once those are installed you don't replace batteries. you replace the device once a decade passed.
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tonight after the derailment of the amtrak train in washington. we know the train was going more than twice the speed limit on a brand new curve. three people were killed. it was going 81 miles per hour. it should have been going as it was posted at 30. the ntsb is on the scene at this hour. the cars are lifted up and hauled away. amidst the investigation there are stories emerging of heroism. people saw the scene and they didn't rez tate. they ran to the train to help those in need. lindsey mastis with the story. we hear the stories and it gets the hair on the back of your neck up. >> it does. in addition to the first responders, many people drive by the area and got out helping the injured. they wanted to do something. a doctor says he worr
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getting in the way of the first responders and was told they you needed the help. >> severe pain but was conscious and was talking with us. >> i thought there was a fatality. >> some people helped the patients. others helped with supplies. even more helping to donate the blood. at the "live desk," i'm lynne. michelle: developing now the house will have to vote again on the republican tax plan. democrats say three provisions in the bill and will be removed before a vote. the amended
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tonight or by tomorrow. the house majority leader says they will vote tomorrow morning and send it to the president for the signature. >> the house could hang on one vote. if the democrats win the seat, the house will be split 50/50. the provisional ballots have not been counted and the race is supposed to be certified tomorrow. >> we are having to the busy time of the year for traveled and bill kelly has a look at what to expect. bill: that is understated because it's really nice this time of year. good evening. 55 in d.c. oakton is 55. we look around the region and the area here throughout the greater metro. everybody in manassas warmer than the freezing mark. annapolis is 55. it will stay that
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we will drop temperatures down. go back up. considerably far down. we will talk about that and look at the christmas forecast coming up. >> traffic watch now for the thousands of the d.c. drivers. section of the beach drive is about to reopen. january 8, traopen. january 8, traffic will start flowing again. from there to joyce road will remain closed. >> new developments to tell you about. we are learning the name of a teen killed at a southeast d.c. recreation center. james anthony smith was running on the basketball court when shots rang out. died at the hospital result of the shooting. now 25,000 reward for the information leading to an arrest and conviction
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case. >> a man snuck up on a woman loading the car in shirlington on the 2nd and he sexually assaulted her and ran off. if the man looks familiar they want to hear from you. >> developing now a bus filled with the cruise ship passenger rolling over in mexico. with are hearing americans are among those seriously hurt. >> look at how many they use on me, okay? they sad in there andormented me. alison: a d.c. elected leader accused of lashing out when they arrested him. he is
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michelle: the rebel group said they were targeting a meeting at a hotel. it did not cause any damage. the rebels toppled the yesmen government in 2015. jonathan: take a look at this, too. show of force ahead of the olympics. drilling in the sub zero temperatures. no specific enemy in mind after securing the games but after hard work a little
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>> an all out me lay. your shirt is off and you are cold. what the heck? the marines are providing security in olympics in february. competitive snowball fights and the outdoor wrestling not among the events. michelle: you say it here first. the acommissioner charged with driving under the influence. they say paul trantham refused a field sobriety test but agreed to take a breath exam. according to the court documents he urinated on the floor of the police station, used offensive slurs and barricaded himself inside the bathroom. >> did i use the n-word? i don't know if i did. look how many words did they use on me? okay? they sat in there andormented me. i think they are homosexuals. what man pulls anot
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that was the most embarrassing and the humiliating thing an officer can do. >> he was charged with eresisting arrest. >> coming up at 6:00, terrifying hold up on video. now police say this man gets more dangerous by the day. >> coming up a man tells us what he remembers after being
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6:15 pm move from "what if" to "what's next." dominion energy. jonathan: update you on a crime alert. you are looking at an armed robbery taking place in northeast d.c. they are saying this is a one man crime waver. since this robbery he has hit five more locations including robbing the same store twice. 've time he was armed a gun. so far no one has been hurt and still out there. trying to nail hi
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the program was already planned for the mount vernon station and this is expected to begin in march. jonathan: fought on video, the festival goer captured scary moments with the high winds. look at the winds. the stage set up for the d.j. with the microphone and the speakers, the d.j. we are told was killed when the winds tore it down. this is in the southern part of the country. others were hurt. not clear how many were taken to the hospital. wow! michelle: stunning. bus carrying cruise ship passengers flipped over and killed people. seven americans are among injured and it's not clear where the
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passengers from two ships were on the bus. jonathan: in the midst of the massive wildfires in california we are covering a woman's ranch was spared. she says it is not because of luck but because of the preparation. after a close call in 2008 with the fire she and a retired fire engineer built an attack plan that included massive irrigation system. it increased humidity level. and deep storage tank to keep water moving around. the final step is remove the fire source, a fire break. all around the house a big one. >> prepare the structures for the assault. and now what an assault it was. >> we stopped the fire right here.
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that would have gone through the heart and we'd have had santa rosa on our hands. jonathan: the firefighters have 50% under control. they hope it's knocked out completely early in the new year. michelle: the story behind a remarkable rescue. a 92-year-old lost in the woods. we showed you the video from the drone that led police to bill mcdonald. tonight we meet bill and his wife after the incredible ordeal. >> the hat was bright enough to spot bill mcdonald. >> on saturday the 92-year-old went deer hunting. something he has done since he was 14 years old. he was alone when he misjudged time and took a wrong turn in the woods of shenandoah county. >> i'm just lay down and go to sle
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him used to sleeping outside. >> the brush broke up pieces of it. went this way, cross ways. made a bed. >> back home the wife was thinking the worst. >> i didn't sleep at all. i cried. >> until sunday morning when the loudoun county sheriff office assisted with the drone to locate missing people. pictures from the drone show mcdonald's orange hat and 20 minutes the drone relayed the coordinates to the team on the ground. >> bill, william. right here! >> loudoun county got the call from the sheriff's office because of the drone. it was the first successful use of the technology since it launched in september. >> mcdonald says the cell phone battery died because his wife kept calling him. he promises he won't go hunting alone but now he is hunting for the buddy. >> there are peoe
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maybe 30 years my junior. they can't keep up to me. >> in winchester, virginia, cheryl conner, abc7 news. bill: all right. that is a great ending. good stuff there. let me show you what is going on temperature wise. 52 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 9 miles per hour. we got to 61 today. that is not a record. the record is the mid-70ed for this time of year but a great night to head out. coolest spot is warrenton. wint is 52. the winds are calm and it should stay that way throughout the night. the big picture shows widespread in the 50's and the 60's. still 62 in charlottesville. 54 in west virginia. 46 in columbus. 50 in pittsburgh. looking at the big picture if you are traveling tonight and watching this saying i'm hitting the road. it doesn't matter which direction. you are fine. few clouds. quiet. you have to get to t
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pick up the light showers. for us here and maryland, it's dry. get to the virginia line you can head south to north carolina. that is where the rain showers should be throughout the day. we have moisture. if you are traveling down south you might hit rain showers there or widespread rain. for us, that mix of the sun and the clouds the farther north you go, the more sunshine you will see. by this time tomorrow night that should be long gone. pick up clearing out there. delightful evening making your way out to wednesday night. look at the clearing. sunshine for us on thursday. overnight we watch temperatures drop to the mid-40's. by 5:00 or 6:00,
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way above the normal. that is the normal high. it's warmer than the normal low which is 32. cooler than today. 49. clouds on the increase. period of the sun and the cloud mix throughout the day. thursday the official start of winter. down to 45. normal is 46. 52 on friday. bouncing to 62 on saturday with the rain working through. still watching a big cold snap but it is beyond the seven-day. i don't expect it on monday. christmas day is 45. somewhere in there. 35 by tuesday. trending much colder, highs in the 30's beyond the seven-day.
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erin: the wizards will look to get back on track when they host the pelicans. washington is in seventh place in attorney conference -- in the eastern conference. 16-14 record. not terrible but it's not where they want to be. their longest win streak this season is four. injury is partly to blame. john wall playing with consistency on both ends of the floor is the main objective. >> we have more to prove. around last year at this time we did the same point and hit our stride. we have to find a way to hit the stride to keep it go
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be. we put ourselves in and then get out of it. erin: time to climb out of it. look at this. the lakers retired kobe's two jerseys last night at the staples center. they were hung from the rafters in the halftime ceremony versus the warriors. kobe led lakers to five championships. three with number eight, two wearing number 24. so that is why he had both numbers retired. when it comes down to it, what number would bryant want on his own statue? 8 or 24? >> i go back and forth. 8 has something that 24 will never ever, ever, ever, have. that is the ability to grow hair. i didn't understand your plight years ago but now i certainly get it. erin: i love he made a joke out of it. if push came to shove he'd pick 24 because
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older it was harder to win the championships so it meant more to him. bill: cool. we are live tomorrow night. jonathan: can't wait. erin: fun. jonathan: heck of a view. michelle: join him. "world news tonight" is up next.
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tonight, breaking news unfolding right now on the hill. president trump on the verge of victory, but what just happened? why is the tax bill suddenly being held up? and tonight, who really wins with the tax cuts, and who loses? we break down the math right here. also breaking at this hour, the images coming in right now. passengers who had been on a holiday cruise, and then the deadly tour bus crash that followed. at least 12 dead, a dozen injured. new images from inside that deadly train derailment, and now we learn the train was going more than twice as fast as it should have been. the holiday travel worries tonight. we are tracking two systems at this hour. one from texas to the


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