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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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report-breaking white christmas. 34 inches of snow? one day. jonathan: you have cars buried on the street that are turned into snowsickle. erie, pennsylvania, but we could see snow of our own in 24 hours. michelle: that is right. chief meteorologist bill kelly in the stormwatch7 weather center tracking the winter weather alert. what with relooking at? bill: we'll talk about that in a bit. 34 inches of snow. the record they broke yesterday. eight inches. the knowiest day erie ever had ever in any calendar day. it's remarkable. for us what we are tracking is a couple of light arizonas to the west with a little bit of snow. all in, not a big deal. minimal snow. right now is fine. in the evening we are in the 30's. why we are watching it is the timing. early tomorrow morning even if we get a little bit it could pose big problems for the commute. we will talk about that. 32 in gaithersburg. 37 in d.c. remainder of this evening we
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it's chilly. mid-30's at 5:00. 34 at 6:00. 33 by 7:00. the story tonight a couple things to talk about. one is the possibility of a little snow tonight. we'll break that down hour-by-hour but a very, very cold forecast. to me that is a bigger story. we'll talk about it in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. now is a good time to download the free stormwatch7 app to keep track of the changing forecast all night long. jonathan: a d.c. teacher has been flying united for ten years. she has gold elite status. a big deal. but tonight she wants an apology from the airline. q mccray to her about why and he joins us live from national airport with what happened. q, what happened to her seat? q: i spoke to the woman, i had a long conversation with her. i went to her phone. i also got off the phone with united airlines. i have both sides of the story. mrs. simon last week was on her way f
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she was about to board a flight in houston and she handed over her first class boarding pass the agent told her there is no record of her being on this plane. so they sent her to the gate desk. at that point she said it didn't go well for her at all. plain and simple she said she was offered all may tunnel. take $500 voucher or don't get on the plane. she took the voucher, got on the plane and sat in couch. she found out from a passenger next to her the person who got her first class seat was texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee who simon had no idea who she was. after the flight to d.c. she got online and sent a message to united airlines and contacted the c.e.o., mr. nunez with united directly. she wants one thing. an apology. >> i used united for 90% of my
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this kind of behavior does not go unchecked. this is completely unethical. it's contra -- it's not the way they train. it is humiliating to the passengers. we are valued customers. q: this is what i found out from united. united says when mrs. simon got to houston and found out her flight was delayed to d.c. she somehow on the app inadvertently canceled her last segment home. so she wasn't found in the records and the congresswoman was able to upgrade to her first class seat. that is their explanation for all of this. miss sheila jackson lee is also upset about the way she has been treated in all of this. she talked about racism. we'll talk about that more in the 5:00 newscast. until then that is the latest. i'm
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michelle: developing now an entire family is questioned after a deadly shooting in the driveway. this happened in hyattsville. that is where scott taylor is live. what is the latest? a family arrived back. someone inside the house heard something. then shots rang out. a man was shot and killed in the driveway. it all went down here in hyattsville, maryland, around 2:00 in the morning. a family inside sleeping. including the family's babysitter who tells friends two men were outside and appeared to be breaking into a truck parked in the driveway. someone inside the home grabbed a gun from the second floor, shots were fired. one man wearing a mask in this driveway was struck and
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most neighbors won't talk but one who doesn't want to be identified said has been a rash of vehicle break-ins on this street. >> they break in my cars. i have called the police and all that stuff. scott: i knocked on the door and talked to a family member and they said we don't want to talk right now. we are respecting that. but coming up at 5:00, i will tell you what is in the house when the shooting happened. scott taylor, abc7 news. nancy: new details on a friday night shooting that killed an 11-year-old girl. michelle: police in prince george's county says it appears that the child was shot by an underage family member. they are not led what led to the shooting but say adults were in the home at the time. the girl's name has not been released. nancy: police in montgomery h other thiswo brothers morning on bellfrey road in
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paramedics took one to the hospital but they don't believe the injuries are life threatening. no word if they made an arrest. jonathan: there are new developments to share as police are putting together what happened before a reston couple was shot and killed last friday. police say they are planning to have a 17-year-old charged. the family tells us he was the boyfriend of the couple's daughter. richard reeve live in reston with new details in this case. rich? richard: yeah, john, such a heartbreaking story. take a look behind me. you can see a memorial out front. a family killed and it's apparently by the daughter's boyfriend. there are signs that say "hate has no home." they were called to the house on friday and they found flickr
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buckley kuhn-fricker they tally wounded and the-fatally wounded and the 17-year-old with a self-inglicked gunshot. he started dating the daughter and the mother found retweets of messages attributed to the boyfriend praising hitler and calling for white revolution. the girlfriend's grandmother tells us the shooting happened after the 16-year-old let the boy in the house. the parents confronted him and told him to leave. he shot both of them before turning the gun on himself. >> the reason i'm speaking out is because of the nazi evil that was behind this. without the nazi evil this never would have happened. >> last week they staged an intervention to talk to the girl. she said it's a good idea to keep away from
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the boy is now in critical condition. he is likely to be formally charged with two counts of murder. coming up at 5:00, we will hear back rushing to the scene of the terrible homicide. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: horrible. all right, rich. thanks. abc7 was there as the officers arrested the man police believe hit a horse and buggy with his truck. the crash happened last night in st. mary's county. the driver suffered serious injuries. the horse was killed in the crash. they took the officers in custody and he did return to the scene. michelle: three people dead and a fourth injured after a car crash in la plata. police tell us that it happened south of hawthorne road before 1:00 in the morning. a man and his 15-year-old son helped pull the driver from the car after it burst into flames but they couldn't get to the other people inside. popular antiques market left in ashes. tom roussey is live for us in alexandria where the neighbors are waiting to
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owner of the mt. vernon antique center will rebuild. tom? tom: that is right. although i'm told even if that owner does rebuild it's never going to be the same as it was. this is really sad. this has stood here a long time. since the 1940's. it first started as an antique center in the early 1960's. you can see what is next of it. two stories tonight. the entire thing has been reduced to rubble. this is what it looks like last night. you will see why it was reduced to rubble. when our photographer got on the scene. it was engulfed in fire. when they determinedded no one was inside the walls started to collapsing. investigators are on the scene and they will determine what the cause is. in fact they just cleared the
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minutes ago. a lot of vendors who respected space, about 30 of them with a shot in the building. and also long-time customers who were very upset. >> they have some of the most awesome stuff in the store. very unique stuff. i'm really going to miss it. i was up here last week. i do my christmas shopping here. little things. it's a shame. >> this place was an institution in the heyday. celebrities shopped here. long history, off route 1 in the mt. vernon area in fairfax county. we'll have more about the history at 5:00. but right now as far as the cars and the fire department not ready to say yet. they said they had to sift around the rubble to even begin the investigation. reporting live in the mount vernon area of fairfax county i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan:
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firefighters were here and making sure that everybody knows about the smoke detector law that takes place on monday. that is when you have to have the kind that lasts for ten years even if you don't change the batteries. >> a lot of times people forget to change the batteries. people would get too busy and forget and then unplug them. >> don't do that. the person sleeping inside the house burning if chevy chase was able to get out alive after the smoke detector went off and woke them up and alerted them to the fire. nancy: still ahead -- michelle: days after the president signed the tax bill into law, what people are lining up in our area to do before the new year. nancy: plus the rush to return a lot of gifts you don't want and where they end up. jonathan: you may dream of a
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white christmas but probably within limits. the impact of three feet of snow in one day. we'll take you there up n
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jonathan: well, we have a storm watch winter weather alert. these are two scenes. this treacherous traveling. this is in massachusetts. zero visibility going down the road. snow is covering part of the northwest, midwest, northeast tonight. look at this. almost h
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this is erie, pennsylvania. that is a house over here underneath the snow. they got record day of snow on christmas day. karen travers reports that the cold is not going away anytime soon. >> it was a white christmas. and then some. a new snow record in pennsylvania. 19 inches of the lake effect snow falling overnight in erie. a grand total of 53 inches over the past 30 hours. the biggest two-day total ever in the keystone state. portland, oregon, with a white christmas. seattle, holiday winter wonderland for first time in nearly a decade. in the midwest bone chilling temperatures making headlines. this image in duluth, minnesota, showing steam rising over lake superior. the mild water s
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colliding with the arctic air. minus 21 degrees with a wind chill of minus 44. for people in chicago, this was just too cold for even traditional winter activities. >> the girls want to go ice skating. we tried. but it's really cold. >> in boston the heavy snow temporarily shut down the runways at logan international. later a nerve-wrecking landing. >> everything is fine. >> and another jetliner skidding off the roadway. epic cold blast across the country. dangerous wind chills as low as minus 50 in the northern plains. there is no warmup in sight. polar air will continue to spill in the eastern u.s. wednesday morning. karen travers, abc news, blue bell, pennsylvania. bill: yikes! that is chilly. to me that is the big story in the coming days how cold it is for the end of the year to the beginning next year.
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>> a better story to tell talking about other places. minus 50 in the midwest. that is okay. >> we showed the video from erie. i want to take it deeper. check this out. christmas day snowfall in erie, p.a. 34 inches of snow. think about that. 34 inches. three feet of snow. the old record for the day was 8.1. >> shattered. >> snow blowers for christmas. >> snowiest day erie, pennsylvania, ever had. now the snowiest december ever recorded for erie. total snow for them is 73 inches. they have the snow we have had since 2013. so if you take all the big storms of 2013, five years ago, add it
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what they received. jonathan: but erie needed that. they need to get on the headline chart. bill: i'm sure that is what the residents are saying and what they are telling friends and family. 37 is our temperature. we have a beautiful sunset shaping up for us. you folks are at the freezing mark at 32. these are one of the warmer days we'll have as the cold air will spill in the region. 18 in columbus now. that is not the wind chill factor. temperatures will be cold enough tonight as we go through. there is a weak weather system, a little bit of blue on the map. the timing around the area. could potential fall in line. tonight at 8:00. watch us at 11:00. snow over the mountains. by overnight and
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little sliver could put snow down. watch by the time we get to the morning time it's gone. in our area as you are well aware if we get a little snow it could cause problems on the road. i don't see any snow in the daytime. in the peak hours of the day. a little in the morning could cause big problems in the commute. temperatures are down near the upper 20's. low 30's. the hour-by-hour tonight. we will stay up to 30, 32 tomorrow. temperatures are chilly. it's cold and on the breezy side. what we are watching is the potential for snow early tomorrow morning. we are dry the next few days. saturday is the day to keep an eye on for accumulating snow. nancy: speaking of the weather, coming up,
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of devastating national disaster isn't over yet. what part of the world is getting slammed now. >> projected 22 times from 22 jobs. nancy: but first what the rejection inspired this man to do to help himself an others in the s
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nancy: staying positive and continuing to work are two of
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our partner at circa introduce us to a local company getting a big boost from john legend to help out. >> i got rejected 22 times from 22 jobs so i decided to start a business. >> this is an exoffender who is helping return citizens get back to society. >> i decided to change and do something positive for myself. i didn't want to go back to the negativity. >> he decided to change his life. >> one of the struggles is finding somewhere to live and find a job. build a sense of community. >> i was thinking of giving up on everything and going back to the streets. he encouraged me stay positive and stay working.
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futures, a venture funded by john legend organization free america partnered with bank of america. >> it's part of it because we are in the community. and hire the returning citizens. we want to decrease recidivism in the d.c. area. >> they work with a number of businesses. they also work with the clean team to keep d.c. clean. >> i have a lot of respect for the men and women laboring and religiously working to make the neighborhood the way it looks and it's a lot of hard work. we recognize that and we realize that. nancy: using his platform to make a difference in so many lives. nancy: absolutely. that is fantastic. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- the president hits the links and his twitter account. what he is typing
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nathan: i'm nathan baca in rockville. i will show montgomery county homeowners what they need to do to stay hundreds or thousands -- save hundreds or thousands on the property taxes. nancy: coming up tonight at 5:00 -- a young shoplifter caught stealing a teddy bear in the stocking but those items weren't for him. how two officers showed the teen unexpected kin
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: president trump signed the tax reform bill on friday but today reports of people lining up at the fairfax government center to prepay next year's property taxes. in montgomery county lawmakers cleared the way for residents to do the same. "7 on your side" nathan baca headaches a look at whether it makes sense for you. >> homeowners could save thousands on the property tax but you have to act quick. the deadline is this saturday. they voted 7-1 to allow prepayment of the property taxes because the new tax law that congress passed caps the deduction of people can take off property taxes. so the council voted to help homeowners out to see the older level. >> how much wi
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>> in the order of hundreds of dollars. certainly not tens of dollars. it seems to be well worth the time to do it if you can. >> the county staff worked to rewrite the tax code over the holidays. >> i think it's unprecedented in terms of the council holding a special meeting the day after christmas to address taxpayers needs. >> but one said it could mean less money for charity relying on the grant. >> the homeless is looking for ways to prepare to reduce the amount of support it might get by the 2% next year. that is significant effects. >> homeowners listening to the montgomery county tax experts still had many questions unanswered. >> i think it will be a nearly impossible task. >> montgomery county is posting step-by-step instructions on the
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but they don't offer tax advice. if you need that, consult the accountant or an attorney. nancy: they are looking recount led to a tie and the democrats want the state board of elections to delay the name drawn to decide a winner until it's resolved. if yancey win, republicans have one-seat majority. if the democrat shelly simonds wins there will be a 50/50 split. jonathan: a typhoon weakening as it's trekking across the western part of the gulf of thailand. look at the mess it has left behind. this storm is blamedded for 200 people killed in the philippines.
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area. the storms are expected to dissipate in the coming hours. over there they call them typhoons. here we call them hurricanes. this is powerful. bill: not a good situation. it's bad news. for us what we are looking at, our big story is the cold temperatures. jonathan: it will stick around for a while. bill: it will. we will send 2017 and go to 2018 with cold temperatures. jonathan: did you say "end 2013"? nancy: -- bill: i don't know. jonathan: i'm bad when i write a check and use 2016. but that takes us back. we are going into 2018 if i remember right. bill: i'll catch up here soon, i promise i will. let me show you what is happening in 2008. 36 in leesburg. 37 in d.c. outside now is chilly. 32 in gaithersburg. 30 in hagerstown. 33 at 7:00. 32 by 10:00. 31 by 1:00.
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heading to the area. we are talking the possibility of a little snowfall. measures well less than an inch. some of it on the roads could pose a problem driving around tomorrow morning. break it down and then we look at how cold it will get and how long it lasts in a few minutes. back to you. nancy: new information this afternoon about the deadly fire at an apartment building. michelle: this was in south korea last thursday. 29 people died in that eight-story building. the owner and manager are under arrest. they had sprinklers that did not work. jonathan: the olympic torch made its way through south korea. it was set up near the northern most part of south korea. the visit included 17-mile train ride through the region. the 2018 winter olympics do begin in february. nancy: the governor of
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joined president trump. in one tweet he praised repeal of obamacare. michelle: in the other he slammed the f.b.i. as tainted. jonathan: traditional retailers are wrapping up one of the most difficult years. 600 companies filed for bankruptcy including toys r us and payless shoes. we look at the state of retail after the holiday sales. reporter: 5 billion pounds of returned gifts. >> i already have enough of this or it's too small. >> are about to end up in a landfill according to a tech company that helps retailers manage the returns. that trash heap for the unwanted may be a metaphor for the retail industry itself. >> this is the current retail apocalypse. >> with the store closing announcements triples in 2017 to 7,000. but some companies managed to survive. >> many of the legacy retailers, th
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stores for example, who created their own websites now finding the core customer migrating to the website. >> occupancy rates at malls around the country remain at 90%. but even at the mall you have the power to comparison shop checking the price of the same item online so it gives retailers limited pricing power. at a time when unemployment reached 17-year low retail was one of the biggest job losers this year falling by 36,000 jobs. even though industry experts expect the holiday sales increase 4% compared to last year some of them believe a rash of the new store closing announcements will come after the tinsel and holly come down. in washington, abc news. jonathan: all right. you get the presents, sometimes you take them back. maybe a lot of times. let's talk about the returns that end up in the trash of all places. they say americans return $
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$90 billion in the holidays. only half end up back on the shelves. the rest are thrown away. it adds up to 5 billion pounds of gifts in the landfills each year. nancy: that is surprising. jonathan: why not resell them? michelle: or give it to charity. jonathan: absolutely. michelle: you learn something new each day. still ahead for us at 4:00, making sure the new gadgets are not compromising your security. jonathan: but first, what makes this port-o-potty magic? really. that's coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00". michelle: reminder here, download the free abc news app to get news updates around the clock.
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jonathan: an hour ago dominion energy said they are sending workers to restore power in puerto rico. tens of thousands without power more than three months after the storm battered the island and destroyed the electrical grid. the u.s. army corps of engineers say it will likely be until may before all the electricity is restored. michelle: shock for a wedn
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her power bill over the weekend. mary says the online statement showed she owes more than $284 billion. yes, that is with a b. you heard right. she says her first instinct was the family put up their christmas decorations and lights incorrectly. i know what you are thinking. is that even possible? probably not. it turns out it was an error on the part of the power company. it misplaced a decimal. the real bill was $284. jonathan: the fact she entertained somebody made a mistake. i would frame it and put it on my wall. awesome. this port-o-potty was left behind. but instead of getting mad a family decorated it and called it the magic
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soon it had its own facebook page. then people started to stop and take pictures with it. it really is a magic botty. so they set up a donation bin in front to collect canned goods, coats and money. >> i thought we could do something cool with this. i brought home a barrel from work and put a sign on the bin. then it started filling up. jonathan: when god gives you lemons. you make lemonade. they averaged a barrel of day for the donation for the past week. see, it's magic. providing toys and gudes for people who need it. the company that owned potty came to retrieve it a few days ago but when they saw the good the family was doing they agreed to let them keep it longer. nancy: glad they didn't show us the inside. worst part of a port-o-potty. jonathan: no, put up light and air fresheners. michigan -- michelle: good work. coming up. >> this is the best christmas present i can imagine having. >> a christmas miracle. we are so happy we
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michelle: what they discovered that made all the difference this holiday season. jonathan: but first the president of the american heart association has a massive heart attack. what saved him and his message for all of us coming up nex
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michelle: "7 on your side" in health matters. warning from the american heart association. the president of the group speaking out after having a massive heart attack himself hours after speaking to a room full of heart specialists. dan harris says dr. john warner's daughter is why he is here today to tell the story. reporter: at the top of his game, dr. john warner president of the american heart association giving a keynote speech at a major medical conference in california. >> after my son was born and we introduced him to extended family. i realized something disturb ing. there were no old men on either side of my family. none. >> less than 24 hours after giving the speech he would suffer a heart attack. >> i never would have thought i would have had a heart attack at age 52. >> seemingly the picture of health. t
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exercises regularly, watching his diet and does not have the tra theitional risk fack -- traditional risk factors like smoking, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. >> i felt fine that morning. many heart attack victims with a sudden heart attack arrest get no warning symptoms. >> according to the american heart association 350,000 americans suffer cardiac arrest outside a hospital every year. only 10% survive. immediate c.p.r. double and triple survival rates. >> the heart attack happened in his hotel room witnessed by his wife and the two children. >> he wasn't breathing. at this point he was turning purple. >> lisa went to get help and daughter lauren stayed. >> i used my knowledge of c.p.r. and i did chest compressions on him. >> thankfully professional help wasn't too
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the hotel filled with the heart doctors. a doctor and nurse responded and used c. p.r. and portable defibrillator to save his life. but one thing critical. >> c.p.r. saved my life. if i had not received c.p.r. i wouldn't be here today. >> his son is all too aware that genetics may play a role. >> in many ways i might be next. i think about eating healthier. exercising and being ready if it were to happen again. that is what i think about now. jonathan: wow! doctor in the house and every hand goes up? lucky for him. 200-year-old trail on white house grounds will be removed this week. it's located left of the portico. jackson magnolia. it's witnessed countless events, easter egg rolls, marine one departure and arrivals, you name it
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different presidents. the oldest tree on the grounds is dying. next year a magnolia tree grown from the original will be planted in its place. nancy: from american history to priceless work of art. michigan this -- michelle: this is a first look at two newly discovered paintings from raphael. justice and friendship were never seen until now. historians say the paintings at the vatican were likely his last paintings before his death. >> it's an amazing feeling know the work probably the last thing he painted. you can feel the presence. michelle: fascinating. some of the back story. raphael contribution to the wall was discovered during restoration. the experts could tell the figures of justice and friendship were not like the other part in the style and the use of oil
4:48 pm
jonathan: absolutely work. look at that. michelle: they could tell by the brush strokes that it was his work as well as the colors, the tones he used. >> so life like. >> gorgeous. jonathan: this is a different discovery made hawaii. >> we love to play cribbage. we play all our lives. >> i beat him the last time we played. >> they met in the sixth grade. walter never knew his father and alan was adopted so they went to find out more about who his father may have been. that was the idea. alan used the same site. they found out, you got it, they are actually half brothers. >> it was a shock. >> definitely a shock. then we talked about it,
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>> here we are. that did it. jonathan: it was the harry -- hairy arms. it is a small world. they share the same birth mother. walter and alan shared the news with the families saturday night and they claim to travel and enjoy retirement together. they have known each other since sixth grade and been good friends. that tells you something. nancy: this is their first christmas together. michelle: perfect timing for the holidays. jonathan: isn't that wild? michelle: yes! insane. now check in with larry smith for a live desk of what is coming up at 5:00. hi, larry. larry: hi, michelle. encounter for pupal line construction workers and -- purple line construction workers. this is a story that you will only see on 7. plus, scary moments for jetblue passengers in boston. the plane sliding on ice and sliding off the taxiway. scandal among administrator of the miss america pageant. the disturbi
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lead to the exchange for some of them. that's when nancy and i join you at 5:00. see you in a minute. jonathan: all that noise right there that led to unusually quiet christmas in an australian town. the town was completely cut off after a land slide christmas eve. nobody was hurt. but 150 people cannot leave the town as a result. they are not worried about this. >> sorry, how long will it take? a week. can you make it take two? >> this feels like winter is here and feels like a slap of the face. bill: mother nature will take
4:51 pm
full control. we are at 37 degrees and this is one of the warmer days. winds at the southwest at 10 miles per hour. notice to the west. it's only four in chicago. that is not the wind chill factor. the air temperature. 12 in detroit. nine in buffalo. the wind is minus 11 for the windy city. it's ten in lacrosse. minus ten. we feel like 30 outside. a lot of think heading our direction. fortunately the winds are not all that strong but you don't need much wind dealing with the temperatures like that to knock numbers down. this is a very weak weather system with the possibility to bring us slow tomorrow. the timing 11:00 tonight.
4:52 pm
a little bit of blue. we will be watching potential for a tiny amount of snow. everything will sick. meteorologically this is not a big deal. not a lot of snow at all. not an inch or anything. even an inch of snow technically is not a big deal but the timing could make it slow. it will be a nice day tomorrow. it's a chilly one. the planner tonight. keep the temperatures in the freezing mark going in overnight hours. tomorrow we will struck to get to freezing for the high. it's a chilly day but a dry day. watching the morning snow potential tomorrow morning. snow maker is saturday. beyond the seven-day forecast it's a bitter cold start to 2018. we'll keep an eye on it. back to you. jonathan: next at 4:00. protecting your
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fiddling with the high-tech presents from the holidays.
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nancy: all right. you may have gotten some in the stocking and today is the day to
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candy canes became part of the christmas tradition as early as back in 1670. when a choirmaster at a german cathedral used them to keep children quiet in long church services. jonathan: love that. nancy: it's great you like them. because i have one for you. jonathan: especially with a sore throat. >> i'm keeping three for me. jonathan: i see how it is. three for you, one more me. good math. how much shopping online did you do this year? nancy: a lot. jonathan: you know they say people spend more than $100 billion online this holiday season. that is music to hackers porous -- hackers' ears. nancy: but online shopping isn't the only risk. lindsey mastis has the story. lindsey: where are you buying your gifts? >> a lot of online shopping. >> tara admits she is after the deal and whether you take a chance on the questionable websites. >> worry about your credit card data ge
4:57 pm
i think it's already out there. >> they say beware. >> you can't get the major massive deals. we have to use common sense. it's too good to be true. it's not true. >> what about after the gifts are open. some that connect to the internet can be hacked. connected ferbie is one of them. >> seriously! >> it turns out that the protocol used to go between the ferbie and the phone is not secure. >> someone could hang out the window and hack into it and make the ferbie do whatever it wants them to. >> all kind of connected gifts are at risk. including vacuums. >> they can scope out your house. >> we reached out to hasbro and l.g. they both sent statements and hasbro states a very spec
4:58 pm
the hack to work including close proximity. l.g. says it took immediate action and solved the issue through the swift software updates. if devices are listening in you have to decide whether it's a risk you are willing to take. he recommends doing research by googling the name of the device plus the word "security." and see what pops up. >> that is how i learned how to hack a ferbie. >> if you believe you will stay safe go for it. >> i'm sending this to my daughter anyway. announcer: right now at 5:00, a landmark destroyed and a community hoping for a comeback. a rich history that includes legendary customers. a politician in someone else's seat. >>
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unchecked. >> an area teacher says abc7 why she is after more than an apology. and one county green lights prepayment of property taxes. but time is running out to do money-saving math. "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: tonight at 5:00, a winter weather alert. we are tracking snow heading our way. it could impact the morning commute. >> part of the country dealing with the blistering conditions. erie, pennsylvania, saw 34 inches in one day. >> wow! nancy: so let's head over to bill kelly in the weather center. bill: this will be considerably less than that. most places are if we get anything at all. we are watching it closely because of the timing. not because it's a major event in the area. the timing on the questionable side. nothing out there now. we look west. i am focusing on
5:00 pm
lightest shade of blue. 2:00 a.m. to the 8:00 a.m. time frame. snowfall less than an inch around the area. we get down to 39 tomorrow. temperatures are widespread. that said even a little snow can stick on the ground. hang out on the ground. traffic is bad. if you add a little problem to it and it can snarl things. i'm showing you that. you might want to budget extra time. well look to the hour-by-hour forecast. the next weather story is how cold it will be and how long it will last. there is another snow-maker in sight in the foreseeable future. nancy: oh, my. time to bundle up. bill kelly, thank you. for the latest travel conditions at your fingertips don't forget to download the


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