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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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light snow to indianapolis or south of indy. the southern part. ohio as well. as west virginia right now. that making its way to the region overnight. while it's just a little bit less than an inch of snow. notice temperatures. 29 in gaithersburg. 32 in leesburg. warrenton at 29. we are at 35 in d.c. everybody goes below freezing tonight. anything that falls will end up sticking. so that is what we are watching. in terms of this evening, you are fine. temperatures in the 30's with the sun set. 4:53. larger system that has potential to bring us more snow. we track timing on that. you mention a cold snap. that is a big weather system in my opinion. how cold it will get and how long it will last. that and more in a few. larry: now to the west. record shattering snowfall left erie, pennsylvania buried jonathan: if you are digging out the snow trucks you know it's a lot of snow.
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we have seen here in the past five years. stay ahead of the weather anytime of the day taking power of the stormwatch7 weather team wherever you go. all you do is download the free stormwatch7 weather app and bring your smart phone or tablet. michelle: new developments in the fire that dels stroyed a long-time antiques mall in mount vernon. we were on the scene as the flames tore through the roof. reality is setting in. tom roussey joins us live from the site of the mall. you spoke to heartbroken people today. tom: heart broken customers and the vendors are coming by. we step out of the way and you can see the destruction of the giant building. more than 30 vendors respected space and all -- rented space and all the stuff
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destroyed. what happens now? >> i know they had antiques in there that went. tom: the christmas night fire didn't just destroy a building but it destroyed individual spaces by vendors. >> antique shop and the computer repair shop i use a great deal. >> it will be a real loss. >> craig baker owns the computer repair shop. like others he couldn't get inside for a look and he is hoping he can salvage some of the customers' hard drives. >> hoping to sift through and see if there is anything that can be saved but i'm highly dubious. >> the future is in doubt. they weren't sure if there is any insurance to help them. this was the better part of 56 years. many long time residents say a lot of memories burned with it. >> i couldn't believe it
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i had to come see it. >> so many people are familiar with the building. thousands of cars pass by the building every day. as far as what started the fire i talk to the fire and rescue and they have a lot of debris to go through before they can determine the cause. reporting live in the mount vernon area of fairfax county, tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. chevy chase man is alive after his home burned overnight thanks to the spoke alarm. >> the new law requires the replacement of old smoke detectives with new
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alarms must be replaced every ten years as well with another hard wired smoke detector. nancy: now a "7 on your side" alert from louisiana. michelle: a toy car blamed for destroying an apartment. look at the flames. they lost their home and a remote control car led to this. it uses lithium ion batteries. breaking news just in on plan to break the tie election in virginia. state board of election deciding late today tomorrow's scheduled random drawing in the newport news delegate race according to a spokesman for the house republicans outcome of the race will determine which controls the house of delegates. the disputed vote counted after republicans argue it should be included and the democrats want it thrown out to give her the win. larry: we are getting
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information on murder of a couple inside the home. jonathan: family member says the gunman is a know owe nazi teenager who was dating the couple teenage daughter. we are following the story closely. this sounds like the victims had been trying to keep the young man away from the daughter. >> yeah, certainly a difficult case. friends and relatives stopping by to express condolences. the 17-year-old boyfriend reposted neo nazi material on special media. >> the sign says hate has no home here. after a terrible shooting that took the lives of flickr flicked a his wife. >> the reason i'm speaking out is the nazi evil behind this. >> that influence the f
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members say led to gunfire and 911 from the 16-year-old daughter. >> caller is still upstairs with her boyfriend. >> seconds later officers found the 17-year-old with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. in the minutes before the 911 call they found the daughter with a boy. confrontation, she says. >> something was up. >> the teens had been dating since june. looking at her daughter's phone she found retweet of the messages attributed to the boyfriend praising hitler, supporting for nazi book burning and calling for white resolution. >> picture of an officer with swastika on his head. >> they talked about intervention and talk about installing alarms.
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else they could have done. >> the 17-year-old is in the hospital in critical condition and is expected to be charged with two counts of murder. jonathan: thanks. d.c. teacher says she was booted from the first class seat. who she found sitting in her seat after boarding the plane. >> devastating collision when a truck slams in a horse and buggy and stakes off. how the driver ended up in handcuffs ahead on "abc7 news at
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michelle: a race to save the man who was buried up to his thighs. they were able to free him and get him to the hospital to be checked out. jonathan: a man clinging to life and another might face criminal charges after a horrible crash between a truck and horse and buggy. the horse was killed. the buggy driver had to be airlifted to the hospital. only the abc7 cameras were there when the truck driver was arrested. he did leave the scene but they came back and found him. it's not clear the criminal charges he will be facing. michelle
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questioned after a shooting in their driveway. friend of a babysitter inside a house say two men appeared to be breaking in a truck parked in the driveway. a man inside the home grabbed a gun and the neighbors heard several gunshots. the second suspect got away. jonathan: victim outsmarted two thieves. this is funny. this happened friday when a driver looked in the rear view and he noticed somebody was following him. he took turns and they were still back there. so he led the car to a parking lot on taylor avenue. what he knew and the thieves did not, that is the police department. the driver ran for help and somebody jumped out with a gun. police officers quickly ran outside. they were happy to greet two guys in the car and they are charged with a dozen crimes. michelle: smart thinking. that is what you should do if you are being followed. jonathan: smart thing. michelle: still ahead, b
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a d.c. school teacher and who she says took her seat and the reason she says the airline gave her that doesn't hold water.
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michelle: two workers called what the police called the ms-13 destroyer house. and kevin lewis joins us from the site of the home with a story you will see only on 7. kevin? kevin: they have torn down the building on silver spring. on the inside it looked like the haunted house. how many more are in the area? >> the cars there. the town home overlooks a tiny field which used to be home to this two-story house. seen on google maps. the state of maryland bought the property to make way for the 16-mile purple line light rail p
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ahead of the demolition, two construction workers walked inside the house. spooking this alleged ms-13 member. flores. who pulled out a gun. flores and three other ms-13 members turned the abandon building in a game crash -- gang crash pad. >> it was empty. >> they found a shrine to the saint of death with the burning candles and a skeleton idol from the ceiling. there was a built-in bar. clown and the skull masks with the painted blood and countless alcohol bottles across the floor. >> i would be scared for my life. >> this man who didn't want his name or face made public tells us that ms-13 chipping away at this working class immigrant community. >> makes me scared a
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bit. makes me rethink of living here sometimes. >> the two purple line workers were frightened. uninjured in the encounter. i.c.e. telling us this everything that it's trying to deport three of the suspects found inside of this ms-13 destroyer house. live in silver spring, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. the end is near for the historic tree that sits off the portico at the white house. the almost 200-year-old southern magnolia is the oldest on the grounds. andrew jackson planted it there in memory of his late wife and it came from the sprout of a tree on the tennessee farm. the past few decades the ailing tree has been propped up by cables and even concrete. it's not working. this week they will cut it down. it will be replaced by a sapling grown from the same tree on jackson's farm. michelle: a d.c. teamer bumped
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a congresswoman, she was heading home from guatemala through houston and she says she spent 140,000 miles on the ticket. but united said the seat was assigned to someone else. they offered her a $500 voucher and a seat in coach. a passenger told her who was in the first class seat. >> you know who is in your seat? i said no. he said sheila jackson lee is in your seat. i said who is she? michelle: jackson lee posted on facebook saying she was seemingly an easy target because she is african-american. united tells us they gave simon a verbal apology and believe she deleted th
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leg of her flight on her app. jonathan: a construction company left a port-o-potty so the family put lights on it and deck rated it. it went viral and people were stopping to get a picture taken in front of the magic potty with the lights. people donated and they filled the bin every day. you look for the positive side of everything. it has been great. >> it has been great. >> construction company finally said they would come back to pick it up. folks said couple more days. if you get lemons make lemonade. michelle: let's talk about the long lingering cold. bill: today is in
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30's. we have a front to bring chance of light snowshowers. it doesn't take much to interrupt the commute. >> rain does that. >> sunny and 70 does that. >> we are watching a cooldown behind it. the numbers, okay. chilly. mid-30s. feeling 30 outside. but that is relatively warm compared to where we will be in the extended forecast. we will get to that. many of you are beloopholessing already. cumberland at 28. -- below freezing already. cumberland is 28. if you look at the west it's much colder. parkersburg at 25. if you add a little wind, all that there is light wind it will knock the numbers to teen and the singing digit. we are at 29 with the wind chill factor. charlottesville is 30 degrees. layer up tonight but this is one of the warmer nights for the extended forecast
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we see a sliver of blue. watch through the night. to this around 4:00. if you see this batch of blue it's a small weather system and slight chance meteorologically speaking nothing at all. it will last a few hours and scoot out of here. by 10:00 in the morning it's for the most part long gone. i expect little if any snowfall. the fact we are below freezing and meaning even the latest amount will stick to the road. then it is gone. highs, stretch of maybe freezing by friday with the
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the greatest chance comes in saturday even beyond the seven-day is a bitter start to 2018. be ready to do that. if you have not covered up the hose bins or spigots do it. have the winter weather gear ready. you are watching "abc7 n
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erin: the redskins have the day off today before they get back to work tomorrow to prepare for the new york giants on sunday. you are probably thinking erin, where are you? i'm in rockville doing a show on espn 980 with fred smoot. the redskins coming off a strong defensive performance where they beat the broncos 27-11. there is only one game left and they want to finish strong at 8-8. i ask former quarterback redskins how he would approach the final game. >> finishing up. a lot of guys are playing for different reasons. not only to make the team but guys like kirk cousins playing for a big contract. guys that understand this is the off-season to get paid.
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have to finish well. you never want to let a division foe end with a win on you. >> is this important or are these garbage games? >> this is important. you want to win. you don't want to lose. see what is happening with the cleveland browns. two years of losing because it's a culture. that is why you want to win at the end of the stretch. erin: congratulations to bethesda native ledecky who was crowned female athlete of the year. she won five gold medals and she edged outer is viena williams to take home the hardware. congratulations. if you are on your way home and catch us from 6:30 to 7:00 after the news, do that on espn 980 on the a.m. dial. i'll be with fred until 7:00. back to you. jonathan: thanks. michelle: thank you. jonathan: congratulations to her. michelle: yeah. jonathan: she dried
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tonight, the deadly winter whiteout. snow falling from coast to coast. records shattering. up to five feet in some spots. plus, bone-chilling temperatures and dangerous holiday travel. with spinouts on the roads. four dead in one highway crash. and a passenger plane skidding off a taxiway. president trump, away from the white house, but not off twitter. taking aim at the russia investigation and the fbi. retail roars back. holiday sales up, both in stores and online. but what about those returns? plus, the deals to cash in on right now. the shocking double murder.


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