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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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toon town and fantasy land are among the areas impacted now. we'll have an update as we governmenter more information. -- as we gather more information. michelle: the other story is the record breaking snowfall in erie, pennsylvania, now at disasters levels. more than five feet in four days. jonathan: long-lasting freeze arrived for us and we are starting to feel it. we really are. this could challenge records for how cold it gets and how long it sticks around. nancy: for us a brief burst of flurries over d.c. but the real story is the cold. michelle: we are not alone on the front. we'll show you what it is like around the country. jonathan: we begin with bill kelly and the local freeze. it will get worse before it gets better. bill: it is. this is not a quick snap. this is around for a while. maybe slightly above freezing on one day but otherwise we get to
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we are 13 in pittsburgh. 14 around columbus. looking at wind chill values. 4:00 in the afternoon. after the peak heating of the day. we are 19 in the district. 12 in harrisburg. the good news is that it is dry. we had light flurries. light flurries to the south and the west of d.c. as well. 27 at 6:00. we'll keep temperatures in the mid-20's for the next few hours. eventually everybody gets in the teens. we will let you know how long it will last and we'll watch the potential of snow and have an update in a few minutes. nancy: thank you. the winter weather alert extends across the northeast. we are talking about historic
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over the past few days. enough to completely cover me. sub zero temperatures moving behind it. gloria rivera with the weather emergency. gloria: as winter weather descends in full force across the country, erie, pennsylvania, is one city battling back. even the snowplow truck drivers are stuck after epic snowfall in recent days. >> today we will be out ten or 15 hours easily. gloria: more snow is predicted and the city issuing emergency warnings for dangerous and impassable roads. best to stay home if you can. >> it's a blast. this is a little ridiculous. we'll get it cleared. gloria: treacherous driving conditions seen in several states. pileup in missouri left five dead and 125 injured.
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york, fire department rescuing a woman trapped inside. walls of snow reaching nearly 20 her roof. michigan's lake superior iced over and frigid. it's wreaking havoc from the midwest to the northeast. at boston logan airport a jetblue plane did a 360 on the tarmac. >> we were straight and then it started to fishtail. yeah, it started to get rough. gloria: in northwest indiana, small planes slid off the icy runway into a guardrail. no one was injured. >> it's not just snow folks need to worry about heading to new year's. the southern state will see a mix of precipitation. mid-atlantic saw snow this morning. that is a concern on the roads there, not just snow but ice. gloria rivera, abc news, washington. nancy: be prepared for whatever weather is headed your way. download the stormwatch7 weather app in google play and the app store. you will get update and alerts on
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this is the moment that a robber burst in a store on 8th street in northeast. you can see it captured on video. he pins a customer to the ground and empties out the register. tonight the customer in the middle of this is coming forward. cheryl conner has an interview you will see only here on abc7. cheryl? cheryl: jonathan, vincent wanted to share his story of how he was able to survive. he came in the 7-eleven on 8th street in northeast early saturday morning to grab coffee. he was sleepy and finishing up his shift as uber driver and a guy came in and pointed a gun at him and two clerks and another customer. the robbery went on for a few minutes. the suspect did not fire his gun. after taking a drawer of cash and money out of the hands of another customer. >> i saw the gun. i sa
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my back. he said lie down there. lie down. i laid down. >> so d.c. police are still trying to locate the suspect. he is alive because he did what the suspect asked of him. coming up at 5:00, you will hear what was going on in his mind laying on the ground inside the store. live in northeast d.c., cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: terrifying. thank you. new at 4:00, jose flores is now charged with the naked rampage on route 28 a few weeks ago. he was taken to the hospital for the mental health evaluation and he is faces three felony charges amongst other criminal charges. nancy: if you're stuck in traffic on i-95 north in lorton yesterday. that is why. a m
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started a little before 8:00 last night with the lane closures lasting until almost midnight. despite that, the truck driver was able to get out of the cab and it shows the extent of the backups. the traffic brought to a halt. michelle: the new tax law takes effect january 1. across our area, some are scrambling to prepare next year's property taxes with the new cap on deductions. is it really cost effective? "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters has a closer look. kim? kimberly: well, the reality is nobody knows yet. that is the incredible things. they believe there is an benefit as evidence by the steady stream coming in and out of the doors. they put them here to direct traffic. at the peak of the crowds the line stretched from the tax office to the credit
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office. now look at the video to show the line and the taxpayers here to prepay the 2018 bill. this is one thing to pay and another thing is claim the deduction. c.p.a.'s say this is not a done dell. there is no guarantee. you could get a sect bill and there could be a huge penalty. >> the i.r.s. has been silent on the personal property tax deductible. you cannot deduct one paid that hasn't begun yet. kimberly: if you prepay and claim the deduction without knowing what the law is, you could be penalized and your c.p.a.
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we will explain how to protect yourself coming up at 5:00. back to you. jonathan: thank you. many president trump supporters talk about being on the trump train. well, there may be a real train stop named after him. the israel transportation minister looking to name a station after president trump. nancy: at home yesterday we told you about an ms-13 hideout busted by the montgomery county police. today we learned one of the alleged squatters was the victim in a christmas eve homicide. kevin lewis explains that the teen got out of jail days earlier. kevin: 18-year-old jose herrera came to the u.s. illegally. they caught the teen when they busted a ms-13 crash pad. vacant two-story house along the university boulevard east in
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the house had been slated for demolition to make way for the purple line project. the officers charged herrera with trespassing and burglary. back on october 19. he posted $100 bond on friday, december 22. two days later on christmas eve herrera was shot in the head. >> he was shot in front of the address. the subject is on the ground. >> the murder happening in front of this apartment building along quebec terrace in silver spring. as most families sit down for the holiday dinner. witnesses said they saw two hispanic men wearing all black run down the concrete steps following the gunfire. it's clear someone wanted herrera dead. yet, the killers and the motive remain big question marks in on going police investigation. sour
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school and his uncle's home in college park. jonathan: thank you. coming up, a major midwest airport evacuated over a breakfast food. michelle: oh, no. we first introduced you to triplets born blind earning eagle scout status. now they're seeing grandma for the first time. we show you how. >> workers a it the post office in menino say they -- manassas say they are working 95 hours a week and not paid for overtime. up next, you won't believe the post office reaction to the tough questions. nancy: you have seen the snow, but how about the fog? look here. can you tell which
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michelle: employees at manassas post office say they are overworked, faulty equipment injured a worker. we are joined outside from the post office in manassas. so scott, what happened to the guy almost injured? scott: his truck that looks like that of a mail truck out on a route, caught on fire, the door jam locked. it jammed up.
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somebody helped him get out. listen, this isn't the only issues that the workers are complaining about at the post office. that is a mail truck going up in flames earlier this month. it belongs to the post office in manassas. and the driver tells abc news for a moment he was trapped inside because the lock on the door was stuck. that is not the only issue according to the workers. >> we clock in and out with paper so i don't know how they are messing this up and entering the time incorrectly. you are not paid for the hours you work. scott: multiple employees are complaining about faulty equipment, time card manipulation and working excessive hours. i asked for an on-camera interview with the post office. this is as close as i came to get one. we would like to know about a truck that burnt to the ground, a delivery truck and gentleman locked into it? >> no comment right now.
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>> isn't it public property? it says customers. is this a post office? is this a post office or not? this isn't the first time in virginia that postal workers complain about overtime and being overworked at the post offices. that is the topic of a federal lawsuit filed earlier this year. we will talk about that at 5:00. jonathan: a small plane overshot a runway and crashed in a fence in northwest indiana. the pilot and a passenger were the only ones on board and both suffered minor injuries. the plane was badly messed up. a bagel prompted the evacuation at a terminal at the airport. whole place was evacuated because of a bagel. you are thinking why? the bagel started to burn at a restaurant yesterday evening. that is when the fire alarm went off
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comes through security you have to go. had to evacuate. 300 to 400 people forced to go outside in 11-degree weather. luckily they were only outside for about five minutes before they were allowed to go back in. the bagel meant no harm. nancy: just put cream cheese on it. call it a day. must-see video from california. >> you are superstars. i don't know if you know that. nancy: they are superstars. the momma bear and her two cubs once again caught on camera. once again the deputy was behind the camera. colleagues call him the bear whisperer. since he has reported this multiple times. jonathan: they are cute. nancy: family time for the holidays. jonathan: don't get between mom and the cubbies. michelle: love to be on that beat. jonathan: bear patrol. nancy: bring a buddy. white christmas in the meantime in maine and new hampshire could lead to a $900,000 payback. jewelry store promised refunds for purchases
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24 and december 79 -- december 9 if it snowed six inches or more on christmas day. here is the thing. it did. official measurement comes up confirms that they will pay out almost $1 million. but it's insured. jonathan: lucky for them. nancy: worry they have to go out of business. michelle: the great lakes region isn't just dealing with the record snow. dealing with this. sea smoke. this sort of thing happens suddenly when the cold air slides over warmer water. the lake superior temperature was 35 degrees at the time. the air temperature by the way was 9 below. jonathan: san francisco is used to the fog. but this is cool. check out the time lapse. that is the golden gate bridge. you can see pieces
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in a thick blanket. they have it all the time. beautiful to look at. nancy: turn on the fog lights for that. you can't talk about the weather without referencing the deep freeze gripping the upper midwest northeast. this is the scene in minneapolis. no better what i to visualize it because a frozen waterfall. you can see people walking on the falls and selfie and it's illegal. jonathan: that is a park. minnehaha falls. it's beautiful in the summer. people go read. in the wentertime, check it out. you'd think you were in the arctic. nancy: wow won't -- michelle: you won't say "ha, ha" when the ice breaks off. bill: it's warmer in the arctic in many spots. minnesota has the title for thed coest spot in america. minus 41 degree temperature. that is without the wind chill.
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jonathan: wi could run in shorts compared to that. bill: yeah. start you with a time lapse. beautiful image. ashburn. clouds, light flurries no big deal. then the clouds broke and we are looking at that now. a little sunshine before the sun goes down in a half an hour. layer up if you are heading out. temperatures is leading our forecast. 29 degrees now. great falls -- international falls. minus 37 this morning. the winds are not very strong. the south slightly warmer. it's cool. 41 around danville. 14 in columbus. 18 in parkersburg. if you add the wind chill. again. the winds not strong. pittsburgh right now minus 1 reading. 19-degree temperature in the beltway
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bottom line it's a bitter cold day. it's not just a one day event. this going to last. not much going on, on the satellite radar. flight flurries. that is it. run you through the evening. layer up. we are bitter cold in the morning but in the day i will see it as mostly sunny sky and if not straight sunny for a great majority of the day. if you are traveling, temperatures are not above freezing for the peak heating of the day. the temperatures will drop to the teens. there are mostly in teens or upper single digits. but about 19 for the low. warming up to a whopping
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or 28, somewhere in there. it's on the cold side. not a record. the record for the coldest high temperatures on the day generally in the teens. so we are well above that. but still 27 degrees by any stretch, any measure for the area is way, way down there. even for the mid-januaries and early february. 44 is the nowhere hall high. today looks less; the possibility. new year's eve is dry. same thing with the new year's day. but man beyond the seven-day we are talking about the bitter cold temperatures. sub freezing air continues beyond the seven-day forecast. nancy: all right. thank you very much. security scare that forces tokyo bound jet to return to los angeles and prompted this tweet to go viral thanks to the celebrities in the background. jonathan: fire tears through a prince george's apartment complex this month. a dozen families displaced. today we will show you how the community is stepping in to
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nancy: so this is what you do when you are stuck on a plane with crissy teagan and john legend. take a selfie. turning back four hours to a long haul. texas you-bound flight turning back to l.a. when the crew realized someone on the plane should not have been there. suzanne kennedy with the explanation and viral rants. suzanne: overnight after that
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11-hour flight, the plane parked in a secure location at lax airport. the passengers were deplane and bussed to the terminal because according to the airline an unauthorized passenger made it on board. this flight aware map shows the path of the flight 175 as it left lax at 11:36 a.m. and touched back down eight hours later at 7:33. according to the airline during the flight the cabin crew became aware that one of the passengers boarded the incorrect flight and notified the pilot. as part of the airline security procedure, the pilot decided to return to the originating airport where the passenger was disembarked. on board, crissy teagan and her husband john legend. the model live tweeting her experience saying four hours into an 11-hour flight and we are turning around because we have a passenger who isn't supposed to be on
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why? why do we all got to go back? i do not know. the airline is researching the situation to try to figure out what happened. in the meantime some passengers are asking why were they punished for the mistake of one person? in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. jonathan: can you imagine? wow! three blind brothers from virginia seeing grandma's house for first time. jonathan: this is an incredible story. we will take you along with them to california when they get to grandma's house up next. >> a community in montgomery county reaching out to help those impacted by a fire in suitland. i'm amy aubert. i'll have that story coming up. nancy: new at 5:00 -- >> my 11-year-old was very, very excited about this trip. nancy:
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remembers the son who died in his arms in a family vacation and what he is saying about the bus crash that killed part
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: 12 famils
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through the apartment in prince george's county and communities across maryland are reaching out to help. amy aubert is live with the story. amy? amy: the fire happening in the apartment complex behind me in suitland. let's go to the video and take you to the scene a week ago. today the red cross telling me some of the families displaced are staying with the family and friends and others are looking to move back to different units within the complex. that scene is hitting close to home for resident donna robinson. she says those are impacted by the fire and she put out a message to the local community groups. in a couple of days she says the donations were pouring in. >> i said bring whatever you have. it doesn't matter. bring it. i'm go through it. i'm sure they can use everything. it's been overwhelming.
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telling me they still don't know what started the fire. it is still under investigation. we have more on how the community is reaching out tonight at 6:00. live in suitland. amy aubert. abc7 news. michelle: large portion of the magnolia tree on the white house grounds has been cut back for safety. the nearly 200-year-old tree planted in andrew jackson presidency. they used a cherry picker sawed off a limb. chelsea clinton thanked first lady melania trump for preserving part of a tree she treasured. in the weather center for bill kelly. you have to be suited up even if you are doing outdoor work. bill: yeah. a minute ago you asked me, you asked me a stat. when is the last time we had temperature as early as we are seeing now. michelle: this cold, this early. bill: this cold, this early. in the last minute i'm sure my data is correct. high today was 32. we hit a high for
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the last time was last year. michelle: easy research. you didn't dig too hard. bill: no. last year. december 16. not out of the realm. it's 28 in leesburg. 28 in manassas. 23 in hagerstown. it's a very cold day and it will continue looking ahead through the night. by 2:00 in the morning we are at 20 degrees. everybody in the sound of my voice will get to the teens tonight. even the warmest spot. 19 degrees or so. we have low teens and we may have single digits so it's very cold. these are not the records but way down there. it could be dangerous if you are outside for any extended period of time. coming up in a few minutes we let you know how long it will last. plus yesterday we talk about the possibility of the snow on saturday to give you he
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jonathan: thank you. see you then. the f.b.i. is not taking over the investigation of the death of the baltimore detective sean suiter. they asked the f.b.i. to step in but the f.b.i. refused saying there is not enough evidence to support it's in any way connected to the baltimore corruption probe or any other federal case. f.b.i. will continue to offer assistance when they can. michelle: the officers found the body of robinson tuesday night near the largo-kettering branch library. there is a reward for information on the case. if you are waiting to see who will be picked the winner of the tie of the 94th district in virginia, the drawing postponed. i was suppose to be this morning. no makeup date has been given yet. the democratic candidate doesn't want the last ballot to count. it originally wasn't. if she is decided the winner
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split. jonathan: abc7 was there when the cantos triplets from arlington became eagle scouts. quite the moment. the three brothers blind since birth getting the highest honor the scouts offer. now we have a special taste of the classes that they have to allow them to see the world around them for the first time. josh haskell from the affiliate in california show us the first time they were able to see grandma's house in a holiday visit. >> take a big side step to the left. josh: stephen has been blind his old life but he can now see wearing a camera and dialing a phone number. >> this is a unique home. the pool in front of you and the mountains on the far end. partially cloud but i see blue sky. >> that is the voice of sergio. an agent with ira based in san diego.
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his brothers nick and lee owe and -- leo and their father pay for minutes. plans range for unlimited minutes per month. sergio sees a live stream via a camera on the glasses that stephen is wearing. through the phone sergio guides the 18-year-old through his grandmother's home. >> it's definitely a nice house. this is impressive. i didn't realize there was a jacuzzi. josh: they have met the grand mother many times and been to the home once before but this trip they are seeing and learning about her in a new way. >> she likes it fancy. fancy stuff. >> technology makes them more independent. than ever before. >> they are in southern california for the christmas
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whether looking at the family photos, heirlooms or taking a trip to disneyland, they plan to take ira everywhere they go. >> experiencing this is for all of us, just so good. we have, you know, something we can now use to just see more. michelle: how do you not love that? jonathan: they were amazing. remember they were shopping for the holidays. michelle: we are tracking the progress and the new moves. it reminds you the level of independence it grants. jonathan: don't miss abc7's original reporting on the family. see the moment the triplets became eagle scouts online and through the abc7 news app. congrats to them. michelle: next for us on
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abc7 -- michelle: that is a killer body suit! the new year's eve dud that blew up twitter last year. mariah is back. network taking a second chance come sunday night. jonathan: something to watch for. they grow up so fast. fiona. primie hippo nursed by humans. now a big girl. michelle: they have a birthday blowout. jonathan: that's coming up.
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jonathan: social media superstar with tens of thousands of follows who follow her every move. michelle: fiona the hippo is about to turn 1. the cincinnati zoo gearing up for a big celebration next month. there will be plenty of ice cream and cake. jonathan: remember, she was a premie and only 29 pounds at birth. today she gained weight in one year. guess how much. michelle: 600? jonathan: 600. she read ahead. still growing. she will be a big girl. michelle: she made up for lost time. i like having that problem. adding weight. jonathan: no. michelle: the videos never get old. live feed of the eaglet coming out of the shell. jonathan: remember when we had ours in town? this is in florida. this little
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hatched. thousands watching the feed when harriet the eagle egg hatched. she has been nesting there for 11 years. she has her second mate because her first love passed away two years ago. she found someone new. it is going well because they have eaglets. michelle: quite a love story there! i like it. jonathan: last year's mariah carey's new year's eve performance was a complete dud. i love her but it was. michelle: remember this performance? jonathan: yeah. michelle: let the track play. is that stood there and said nothing. michelle: awkward. now she is getting a second chance. do you believe in second chances? >> absolutely. michelle: she is getting one. back with the dick clark rocking new year's eve. check it out on abc7. see how it goes. jonathan: i would be
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of the audio this year is something new. they will make sure that everything is working perfectly. michelle: you have to have a clean mic check. jonathan: if she does it again, can you imagine? michelle: talk of the town. jonathan: out! michelle: if you don't get this movie reference, you think that man needs a lot of help. the clark griswald christmas display that prompted several 911 calls next. jonathan: decade after world war ii, a soldier medal found halfway across the country. >> i cried. it means everything. it does. jonathan: wait until you hear the unlikely place they were found. incredible journey home coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00".
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michelle: painting in a 500-year-old vatican palace is painstaking work. it is also incredibly delicate task. how are they doing it? with milk from the pope's cows. just outside of rome. the milk-based paint turns out lasts longer.
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but the point is we think the solution age better. they are tried and tested. michelle: yeah. who could argue with that? they are using lower fat or whole milk. i apparently it doesn't make a difference and they mix it in with the pigment for different colors. the process is the same used in the 1500's. jonathan: cool. 7 salutes a vietnam veteran who returned the long-lost medals of the fellow service member. somehow edward fells, world war ii citations ended up at a v.f.w. post in missouri. he lives in north carolina and the medal disappeared after he die and the family cleaned out his home more than a decade ago. >> like two weeks ago, the people from missouri said they had tracked me down as a fells and they are all in north carolina. they said they had my father-in-law's medals. i cried. jonathan: can you imagine? that much time transpired and they just found them. they
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shelf until the veteran found the medals and tracked down the family. well, four teams now are -- four teens are charged with murder after dropping a sandbag from an overpass in ohio and it fell on a car and killed the driver who crashed after it went through the windshield. the kids drew several pieces of te bree to 75 a week ago. they are just 13 and 14 years old and they are charged in juvenile court. michelle: a slight november bump in the home sales. number of the contracts signed up a little bit after the gains in october. the problem here is this. there are just not enough homes listed for sale. with a short supply, house hunters are having trouble finding the perfect home. once they do intense bidding wars drive up the price. consumer confidence is falling. de
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conference board said the survey came back before historically high levels. this suggests that the economic growth is going to continue heading in the new year. tesla's next venture, pickup truck, elon musk says the electric vehicle company working on that as the new model. they will have to wait a while for them to finish the model y s.u.v. musk envisions the new pickup slightly largeer than a ford f-150. take that. tesla's focus has been shifting from sports cars to family sedans and big rigs. jonathan: bigger than my truck? get out of here. president trump continues his vacation at mar-a-largo. but earlier he hit the links firing off shot and tweets. tweets while golfing. multitasker. kenneth moton is covering president
4:49 pm
kenneth: no public events scheduled for trump. he is consistent about golfing and tweeting. president trump spotted through the trees wearing signature red hat on his trump international golf course. back hitting the link and back on twitter with a new year prediction about the businesses saying they are looking good. "only to be helped further by the tax cut bill." a great year for the company and jobs. stock market poised for another year of success. the president responding to a fox news report about the infamous dossier alleging links between the trump campaign and russia. he tweeted "dossier bogus. clinton campaign funded dossier." the f.b.i. cannot verify the claims of the russia-trump collusion. f.b.i., tainted." the parts have not been corroborated and it's unclear what role if any it played in the broader investigation in the russia election meddling. the president continues a working vacation in florida
4:50 pm
than any other as president. 12 trips. at least 40 days spent at the luxurious mar-a-largo resort and more than 60 days with a golf club. by the time he leaves florida next week he will spent more than 100 days at the property since taking office. the 100 days is nearly a third of his presidency. kenneth moton, abc news, west palm beach, florida. larry: i'm larry smith with what is coming up at 5:00. think erie, pennsylvania, is the only place slammed with snow in think again. we have another place it's pulling up. plus, hardworking student hitting more than the books to support his family inspire. and the santa danceoff. a video you have to see to believe. jonathan: we have seen the homes that the owners have gone out decorating and gone overboard. be politically incorrect. they go crazy, right? one homeowner may
4:51 pm
too far when he hung a dummy and dangling christmas lights ls from the roof of his boulder, colorado, home. the display was so realistic worried neighbors called 911. >> i looked out the window. the kitchen window there one day and i saw it. i started to run out the back door. >> my wife didn't want me to do it this year but it's a tradition. by dad was a big practical joker. a little of that in me. jonathan: got to admit it's funny. if you drove by that you would take a second look. michelle: looks real. jonathan: the homeowner says he was inspired by the national lampoon christmas vacation. if you have seen it -- bill: great scene. >> historical. michelle: you don't want to mess with a tradition. if they have been doing it all the years keep it going. bill: very clever. i like how chevy chase handles falling off the ladder. not a big deal. jonathan: planned it that way. bill: exactly! we are talking about the cold air, the headline
4:52 pm
we are in the teens in many spots. 29 at the reagan national. the wind chills are down around the 19 degree mark. the winds are not strong. but they will be creating that wind chill factor. it's 14 in columbus. 12 in detroit. air temperature is 6. it feels like temperature minus reading in many locations. it's minus 4 in binghamton and 19 in d.c. warmer to the south. south and north carolina. but even then it's 30's and 40's. the big d feeling like 28. 35 with the wind chill factor in houston. miami as is typical. hanging out at 79 degrees. there are warm temperatures around the country. but it is clear to see where the cold air is around the country.
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[000:52:58;00] something major going on now. there are snow bands. the lake effect machine is turned on. rain to the south. if you look at the winter weather advisory, watches or warnings, montana winter storm warning and the advisories. in new england we have winter advisory's. otherwise that is it. it's very cold. 26 at 7:00. 24 by 9:00. 22 at 11:00. clear skies tonight. we will look at the sunshine and 26 at 5:00. last but not least a big rebound in the temperatures. whopping 34 on friday. should you put the shorts away yet? leave them out. jonathan: put the parka away. bring shorts out.
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coming up next here on abc7 -- >> i'll interview you if you want.
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jonathan: prince harry interviews former president obama jonathan: over the years prince harry and former president obama have become good friends. when prince harry was asked to guest host a program on the bbc radio he asked obama the join him for the interview. molly hunter has the royal
4:57 pm
one-on-one. molly: in hi since leaving office, former president barack obama sits down with his friend prince harry. guest hosting a bbc radio show with the president in the hos seat. the young royal fired away. >> i'll interview you if you want. >> no. keep hit the way. i prefer that. what is different about the morning? >> i wake up later. but the things that are important to me haven't changed. >> the important things need to stay constant. to stay rock solid. >> take you back to 20 of january 2017. what goes through your mind? >> the first thing that went through my mind was sitting across from michelle how thankful i was that she had been my partner through that whole process. >> perhaps the little encouragement for harry who now introduced his partner to public life. lightning round. >> boxers or briefs? >> sorry. we don't answer those questions? >> harry or william? >> william right now.
4:58 pm
>> including a few really with only one right answer. >> q >> the queen. >> suits or the good wife? >> "suits." >> great answer. >> today's program is guest edited by prince harry. >> and today harry joins the regular bbc anchors for a quick chat. >> it was your future wife's first christmas with the-in-laws. how was it? >> it was fantastic. she really enjoyed it. we loved having her there. >> the next question will obama be invited to the big wedding next year? megan and harry have five busy months to sort out the guest list. molly hunter abc news, london. announcer: right now at 5:00. only on 7. >> it's so important. >> a convenience store robbery in progress. what it is like to be helpless at point blank range. also "7 on your side" explains how much you could be penalized if you prepay your
4:59 pm
property taxes. and try to claim the deduction. false alarm that sparked applause. now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> flurries outside the white house. people are bundling up for the chill. nancy: it's sticking around for a while. bill kelly is tracking this winter blast. bill: good evening. it is very cold. that leads the headline tonight. this is not one of the days, you have a cold day and tomorrow and then a rebound. we are talking about through the extended period. a fluctuation like this. this will stay down there. the farther west and the farther north it is colder. 12 in pittsburgh. 12 in columbus. 20 in huntington. we are in 27 around d.c. if you add the wind to it and it's not that strong but it feels like 15. if you are spending anytime outside make sure you layer up. full blown winter gear. the 15, the wind chill will stay where it is if not go down.
5:00 pm
it will feel like minus 1i the active weather. any snow that cos down now would stick to the ground -- comes down would stick to the ground. it's well below freezing. we had light flurries earlier on. not expecting that tonight. the skies for the most part will clear out. a couple of clouds. the air temperature itself is in the mid-20's. the sun went down a few minutes ago. now the temperatures will fall under the clear skies tonight. we will tell you how cold it will get and talk about the possibility of snow. we look ahead to that in a few minutes. nancy: thank you. for more, take a look. more than 60 inches of snow in erie, pennsylvania since just christmas. there has been more than 90 inches for the month of december. now a disaster emergency is in effect there with the forecasters warning about the dangerously cold winter chills. another two to four are predicted to fall there today. larry: wow!


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