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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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he then start 2 shooting at officers. this all ends in a big crash blocking all lanes even at this hour. abc7's scott taylor live where it happened. skytrak7 over the mess on i-95. scott? scott: this happened at 11:30 in the third floor of the apartment complex in fredericksburg. a man and a woman were living together and they just moved in two weeks ago. police say investigators believe right now that it looks like the man shot the woman three times in the chest. she has died. but that is not where things ended up. let me show you exactly where things ended up on i-95. that really shut down traffic all day long. this is miles away from where we are now. he was first spotted by virginia highway patrol because the man actually shot at the trooper's cruiser and hit the
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then he shot at a stafford county sheriff patrol car. that bullet lodged in the passenger side of the head rest of the patrol car. lucky that the officer wasn't hit. the chase ensued and hi he crashed the s.u.v. the police arrested him. we believe he is at a fairfax hospital with severe injuries. neighbors say it was a quiet couple who just moved in the third floor apartment. two weeks ago. we are told by the neighbors they had children and they believed the children were inside when this went down. we'll have much more on this at 5:00. scott taylor, live in fredericksburg, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks for that. abc7's going to stay on top of story. when the new information comes in we'll have it here. you can subscribe to text alerts at
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michelle: now the other big story. stormwatch7 weather alert. just a taste of a bitter chill to finish up the the year. wind chills in the single bigots overnight. approaching zero. jonathan: you walk outside and there is plenty of sunshine. don't be fooled. it doesn't feel close to that. nancy: oh, no. you have to bundle up. chief meteorologist bill kelly with the forecast. michigan amy aubert on your side helping to make sure your home is winter ready. we begin with chief meteorologist bill kelly and the forecast. bill: good afternoon. a bitter cold day. the slow, second coldest we have had this year. drop to 16. we got to 15 on the 8th of january. the temperature right now is 24 in d.c. that is the high. that is officially the coldest high. in january was the coldest today. 21 in win chest ir. 24 around warrenton. you mention the wind chill
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it does not take much to knock the numbers down. it feels like 9 in faithgate. 12 -- gaithersburg. 12 in d.c. a lot of sunshine. nice and clear. that is why the temperature drops down tonight so person we look at the overnight forecast we are fine in terms of any inclement weather. snow and that type of thing but it will be cold. the wind chill in the teens. if your home is not winter ready it can cost you. they are hearing a lot about bursted pipes and amy aubert has more. good afternoon. amy: we are talking about the cold temperatures. and when the temperatures plummet for some companies business really heats up. i spent the day with one local plumber who said he is getting calls all day. dan says his schedule is full. >> it can be
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and it can be whatever. i like being able to help. amy: he worked as a plumber for four years and says when the temperatures drop, the number of the calls for leaking and broken hot water heaters goes up. >> this is the same principle as the water main. if it gets colder it expands and contracts more. amy: he focuses mostly on water heaters and he has been busy. >> nobody wants to take a cold shower if it's teens outside. amy: he says in freezing temperatures there are things to do to prevented freezing types. >> you can run across it, it will stop it from freezing. the water is moving you can open up the cabinets. >> as far as the water heaters he says it is a matter of monitoring them. last week with the temperatures dropping it's been busy. amy: he
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outside hoses make sure they are drain and unhooked. if there is any water in there it can freeze and expand causing major issues. back to you in the studio. bill: thank you for that. i also want to talk about hypothermia. if you are outside, you can really be affected by this big-time. here is what you want to look out for. shivering. that is the first line of defense. that is body trying to produce enough energy to shake the cold. then you get into some of these where you have slurred speech or mumbling, slow, shallow breathing. watch your loved ones as well. drowsiness, confusion, memory loss. loss of consciousness. if you get to these down here you need to seek medical attention right away. i also want to point out bright red cold skin in infants. they can't tell you they are feeling cold. that is very important. if you have any of these at all don't take it -- do take it very seriously. don't just go oh, it's chilly outside. seek help. don't be caught
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either. you can download the stormwatch7 weather app. get the forecast and the current condition, the radar is on there. it is free. download that. take us in your pocket. we talk about how long it will last in a little bit. jonathan: we will check back with you. thanks. question. what would you do testimony soun tried to rob you at gunpoint -- do if someone tried to rob you at gunpoint? this is what ended up on the g.w. parkway. it was a horrible scene. the shop owner spoke to cheryl conner to explain what happened. cheryl? cheryl: he says he wouldn't change a thing. the pizza shop says a gun was pointed at him in the parking lot. he still decided to follow the suspect with his car. until police caught up with him. it's open the day after two suspects tried to rob his employees who are family. >> the first guy came and
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then a second or two the other guy walks in. flashing a gun. pull out the register. open the register. give me all the money. >> his brother was behind the register and able to spot suspects and called him. he lives close by and he drove over and confronted the men in the parking lot. they are now identified as being from arlington. >> pulled out the gun in the parking lot. he pointed it at me. not extended but near me like this. i'm going to shoot you. like that. >> he followed the car down 270 and gave the police a description. the honda civic went to the beltway and the g.w. parkway where it crashed. both american are now held in fairfax county. on charges of attempted armed robbery and first degree assault. >> my mom telling me why did you do this? you should have stop, called the cops. i said i didn't know. i just reacted ou
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my instinct. >> montgomery county police tell us that they may have never caught the suspect without the help but what he did was risky. coming up at 5:00, he tells us he recognizes the suspect. live in georgetown, cheryl conner, news news. nancy: thank you. new details tonight in what started as an assault and ended in a massive wreck in herndon. police now say the suspect randomly knock on the door of a home and punched a child. who answered the door. that have he drove a stolen vehicle and ran a red light and crashed in a full minivan. serve people including children were hurt. coming up at 5:00, what the suspect tried to do today in the hospital. nancy: and a pedestrian killed a crash. michelle: it's not clare what
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52-year-old woman. intersection was shut down for several hours. but it's back open this evening. jonathan: a man rushed to the hospital after he was found shot and unresponsive in a 7-eleven. this is in the 900 block of eastern avenue. they are not sure if he was shot in the store or stumbled in after being shot outside. the description of the gunman is so vague it's not worth passing along but we'll update you with information. nancy: new update. this is the ball lot in question excludedded from the original ballot which has two bubbles filled in and a slash through the democratic candidate added to the tally after the recount. that made the race tied. simonds is challenging the ballot. jonathan: still ahead, a criminally bad haircut. michelle: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how a woman using her cat of all things to get back at porch pirates. nancy: what
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inconvenience when the tokyo flight had to turn around. the viral ramts were funny but it's not funny anymore. a man was able to board when he had no business flying. >> back up, your car is on fire. back up! jonathan: police officers hailed as heroes after a fiery crash. going above and beyond before firefighters got to the scene. that is ahead. nancy: can you tell what city this is? water. literally freezing falling the founta
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jonathan: some must-see video. take a look at the screen. this looks like a normal traffic stop. right? police in sueson, arizona, says the man is pretending to be a police officer. he had a lot of things going. the flashing red lights, blue lights and his own dash cam. a victim put in handcuffs. but he got suspicious. and he cammed 911. police say he shouldn't hesitate to do the same thing before you feel over if you feel something is unsafe. >> someone from 911, 911 operator the tell you if it's a legitimate police officer and you need to stop. jonathan: they found dash cam video showing the impersonator interactive with four cars that day. the officers didn't find a gun but they say he had a baton. nancy: alarming. now to an update on the security scare after a tokyo bound plane was forced to turn around mid-flight back to los angeles when an
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passenger was found on board. suzanne kennedy explains why the passenger and his brother are facing serious charges. suzanne: the f.b.i. is weighing criminal charges against a pair of brothers who somehow got on flight 175 from los angeles to tokyo using a single boarding pass. the so-called flight to nowhere took off from los angeles at 12:00 noon on tuesday, four hours later boomeranged back when the flight attendants discovered a possible stowaway. 4,000 mile detour. the brothers have nearly identical names and allegedly used a duplicate boarding pass. one of them had a legitimate ticket for flight 175. the other also had a real ticket to tokyo but on a different flight. with a different airline. >> you have to know precisely how it happened. once it gets the answers you can reverse engineer the process and make sure it doesn't occur again. suzanne: overnight 16 hours delayed the plane finally unloaded 208 frustrated
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>> mostly tired and pretty angry. pretty upset. >> disappointed. >> the honeymooners from washington, d.c. >> now we have to make up a day. there is no competition to give us back that day. >> there is also one very prominent tweeter. supermodel crissy teagan. her tweets on wednesday made the #laxtolax go viral. now she is asking i need to know why we couldn't have flown to tokyo and settle the one person's mistake. >> in a statement the airways said the return to los angeles was part of the standard procedure. they said they apologizedded for any convenience and offered most passengers a voucher up to $265. in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> like so many people in the holidays a san francisco woman was fed up with package thieves after having dozens of deliveries stolen in the past few months. she decided to put out a
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special gift she found in her cat's litter box. >> so i made six of them. i put them out. they were all stolen. all between christmas eve and christmas day. michelle: oh, dear. jonathan: awesome. michelle: the homeowner hope the thieves got the message. she is considering other options. she may have her mail delivered to another location or simply pick it up at the post office. jonathan: poop for you! poop for you! talk about a bad haircut. you probably had one once in a while but a wisconsin barber accused to give a man a bald patch and doing it on purpose. uh-oh. the customer said the barber twisted his ear saying he was fidgeting. hello! that is a reverse mohawk. then he snipped his ears with the scissors and cut a bald pathway down the middle of his head. the customer called police and they arrested the barber. barber says it was an accident. listen, if you cut hair for a living and leave a guy with a reverse mohawk that is not an accident. nancy: you just own it.
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jonathan: start something cool. nancy: now to the winter blast. this time yesterday you might remember we showed you a frozen water ball in minnesota. check this out. in philadelphia it's so cold the water is freezing as it is landing in the fountain. so cold everywhere at this point. jonathan: how cold is it? michelle: ice volcano. jonathan: you thought it was new york. i did not! i knew it was philadelphia. bill: there was a 120-degree difference from the afternoon high around the country, the high temperature in the country, woodland hills, callous, and the coldest temperature this morning which was mount washington, new hampshire. michelle: give us numbers. bill: 86 to minus 34. that is what is great about our country. very few countries can claim that. what temperature do you want? 65. somewhere has that. jonathan: my brother in texas he was moaning today because he said it's in the high
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down there. you know what? shut up! michelle: whine. bill: we had a gorgeous sunrise. this is alexandria looking to the east. the sun came up. high cirrus clouds. then we had a ton of sunshine to go around. a beautiful one. hopefully you got a chance to get out and enjoy that if you are bundled up. a very cold day. in fact, the coldest day we have had the entire year in terms of the high temperatures. 24 is where we sit now. the high temperature on the day as well. we have not had a day that was colder than that when we measure the high temperature. 16 in parkersburg. it's 14 up around pittsburgh. harrisburg. a lot of "burg" on the map. the wind chill factor, and the winds are not that strong but it does knock the number down in d.c. to 12. it feels like 7 in philly. ocean city at 9 degrees. virginia beach is 16 with the feels like temperature. other than that, i mean it's by far the big weather story. this is what we are talking about how cold it will get. the future cast showing
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a few clouds working through the overnight time frame. but any snow stays well north. i'm not concerned about that. like today a lot of sunshine to go around. gorgeous day from inside looking out. it's a little bit warmer but still a cold day. well below the normal in the mid-40's for the time of year. by tomorrow night at 11:00 tomorrow night, you can see that there will be some of the snow. that is what the blue indicates. ohio, west virginia, some of that. some will likely, potentially, bordering likely make the way to the area late tomorrow night to the first part of saturday. le go to 40-50% chance of the snow bands coming through saturday morning. before tonight, 11 to 19. partly to mostly cloudy late. flurries possible. a straight flurry or two. cold of 34 degrees. barely above freezing. any wind at all. not feeling the freezing.
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we are starting the new year with lower temperatures. >> over interstate 55 in stafford. i want you to see this. this is a trooper car that gave the chase to this guy after. he was shooting at them. look at the windshield. and the bullet hole where the driver sits. a bullet hole in the center. murder in fredericksburg that started this and it ended with the shots fired at a number of police officers. now right now they understand it was a crash that ended up 95. it's causing delays there.
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let people know the traffic will look like a mess. michelle: let's talk about the property taxes. there is a wrench to prepay the property tax. will you or won't you save? "7 on your side" clearing things up. >> the car is on fire. back up. >> the police officers running toward a fiery crash. that is not the only reason they are called
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police officers are running toward it. body camera recording every second of it. the officers are pulling teenagers outs of the car. eva pilgrim takes us through the life saving moment. >> back up. the car is on fire! three teens inside and four officers jumping to action. body cam capturing the rush to rescue the two teens trapped
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you see an officer tap on the window yelling. >> when no one comes out, answer officer goes in and pulls the teen from the car, dragging him away. >> that was our only job right there. >> the fire growing. the officers go back in. all three were taken to the hospital. jonathan: eva pilgrim reporting. the officers will be nominated for the milwaukee police department merit award. nice work. split second decisions to make. >> a lot of pressure but they rose to the occasion. >> next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- this jewelry store on the hook
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dollars in refunds to make the good on a white christmas promotion. how they are getting out of it next. kimberly: "7 on your side" finds people all over the d.m.v. paying 2018 property tax bills early though i.r.s. said who will and won't get tax benefit. we will clear it up next. nancy: new 59:00 -- >> what was going through your head? >> i'm not going to let you turn this into somebody's christmas memorial. >> what the customer did that people working at a fast foot foot -- fast ♪ prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400.
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plus, 24 month financing available. ends monday. visit for a store near you.
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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. michelle: abc7 continuing to follow breaking news. skytrak7 over i-95 in stafford where a chase ended in a big crash. this wide view really shows you how long the delays extend for. this started in a murder investigation in fredericksburg and ended with shots fired at the highway. one lane getting by on the shoulder on the northbound side. if you know people driving back to or through the d.c. area, let them know the traffic is going to look like this for hours. jonathan: northbound is not
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moving. michelle: to prepay the property taxes for 2018 or not prepay. that is the question counting down to the new year. jonathan: you see people waiting in line to pay the taxes. last night the i.r.s. issued a bulletin explaining who will benefit from playing early and who will now. kimberly suiters is joining us now to explain this. a lot of people are confused should they pay or shouldn't they? >> we will clear it up. so as we read the i.r.s. bulletin it's on my facebook page if you wanted to read it. if you are in d.c. or if you are in falls church and you pay the 2018 property taxes before the end of the year it appears you will qualify for the tax deduction. thousands of people standing in line in other areas will not.
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early they would claim the deduction. in order to get it, your government has to already done the 2018 assessment. we share the information with the residents who paid the property bill or who were about to. here is their reaction. >> by the way, don't bother. >> you were hoping to be able to claim the deduction. >> yep. >> exactly. >> i feel sorry for some people who stress themselves out thinking they would save money. iskimberly: she is being nice with the words there. why isn't there a sign that says don't bother paying? county governments are more
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breaking millions of dollars of early tax payment in the of coffers which they promise will be invested wisely on your behalf. they also don't give tax advice. but they might give you a refund if you paid early. more coming up at 5:00. >> it's confusing before you laid it out. thank you for doing that. we told you about a jewelry chain promising refunds on purchases if it snowed six inches on christmas day in portmouth. the official at the store was 4.3. not six inches. they say it saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> we are fully insured so if it had been six inches it wouldn't cost us a dime more but it would have been a best case scenario for us if it came to the six inch mark. jonathan: the store says they would have paid $800,000.
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ouch! bill: that would have been night. jonathan: c'mon, another inch and a half. bill: i'm not blamed for that one. no way. michelle: you know where bill would rather be? golfing, somewhere sunny not here. bill: this is a bitter cold day. this is the coldest day this year. 24 the high temperature. that is where we were today and where we are now around d.c. andrews at 21. leesburg in the mid-20's. for the most part that is where the temperatures are. teens out there. petersburg, winchester at 19. if you account for the wind we have the wind chill factors that are in the single digits. 9 in gaithersburg right now. we have 13 in manassas. reading in d.c. coming in at 12. outside of that. outside of the cold. not a ton to talk about. the high pressure is the dominant weather feature. the snow is well out of the area. so you don't have to worry about the freezing condition on the road for the ice or the snow. i don't expect for
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remainder of the night. everybody is in the teens again. 16 this morning by the way the official reading. the sun goes down at 4:54. coming up, we will let you know how long it will last. few days of 2017. we will break it down and break down the new year's eve forecast specifically and look ahead to when it will end. michelle: bill, thank you. big break in a d.c. murder case could solve two other murders and several robberies in the city. they picked up james mayfield in a robbery investigation and now he could be in even more trouble. breaking developments just in court documents. richard that is right. moments ago 18-year-old jaime mayfield appeared before a judge. we saw documents and the police believe they have evidence of a gun tieing the
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caught because of a robbery call yesterday. this is mayfield's mug shot released in october when the police arrested a suspect. robert moses in the august 17 shooting death of the 17-year-old cinder. cinder just graduated from woodrow wilson high school and ten days away from attending college when she was wounded by a stray bullet. for months he eluded police. yesterday at 9:00 a.m., the officers checking out robbery call. police say the detectives found evidence tying the 18-year-old and that is gun evidence we have been talking about to a homicide tuesday on the douglas street northeast and wednesday on bryant street northeast. they say they connected mayfield to cinder's death as well. it's an emotional outcome for the m.p.d. family. >> we always say it brings closure to the families. but you have three families that had to spend the holid
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he has to face the consequences of the action. >> a lot of evidence. we are poring through the documents now and we will have the latest at 5:00. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. memorial service scheduled for saturday for scott and buckley fricker. it begins on saturday. they were killed in the reston home last week. the police say they were shot by the daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend. investigators do believe that the fricker wanted the daughter to break up with the teen because of his neo nazi views. michelle: democrat doug jones certified the winner in alabama's special senate election. but republican roy moore isn't giving up his fight and he refuses to concede. gloria riviera has a new twist. gloria: republican roy moore legal battle to contest the
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taken a big hit. alabama circuit court judge throwing out moore's election fraud complaint and claim that irregularities could reverse the results. after an investigation the secretary of state of alabama saying -- >> it would determine it was all made up. there was no fact to it at all. it was completely fiction. >> today the results in favor of winner democrat doug jones were made official. >> the margin of the victory in the election was 21,924. >> the moore team claimed three election integrity experts say there were irregularities in 20 presims in jefferson county alones and moore took a polygraph test to prove his innocence against charges of the sexual misconduct, charges that moore denied throughout the campaign. moore has two days to file for a recount which his campaign hasto
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with jones, the new balance in the senate is 51-49. republicans to democrats. that gives republicans on the fence about certain issues new leverage. to negotiate and demand more about the g.o.p. on issues they care about. gloria riviera, abc7 news, washington. jonathan: enough gifts for a perfect christmas found on the side of the highway. coming up next, the mother's mission to find kids who were supposed to open these on monday. michelle: a woman goes into the labor on the store. no time to get in the hospital. wait until you see the clerk pulled off the apron and
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jonathan: yesterday, we showed you an eaglet in florida. now it has a brother or sister. michelle: it hatched not long after yesterday. harriet the eagle laid eggs in november and now she and her mate are caring for two. she has before nesting in fort myers since 2006. so she is a long-time floridian resident. jonathan: you know in the eagle family mom and dad both take care of the kids so neither one of the eagles will have a good night's sleep for a long time. michelle: they will be busy. we'll be checking in. a woman traveling to cape coral, florida, found gifts on the side of the highway on christmas eve and she is trying to find the child meant for. jonathan: it might be easier because the tags are dressed to branson, a
4:42 pm
and picked up the gifts. >> i know it was probably make the people giving the gifts really happy to find them. then also, you know, kids love getting the gifts. christmas is really about the kids most of the time anyway. jonathan: what she meant so say it probably came off of santa's sleigh. flew off the sleigh. it was windy. michelle: or a glitch in the g.p.s. jonathan: she posted on facebook hoping to spread the word. if she doesn't find the owner she will doe they them to charity -- donate them to charity. hopefully she will find them. michelle: a lot of gifts to fall out. jonathan: a lot of stuff. michelle: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an expecting mother's worst nightmare. in labor at a store and nowhere to go. >> took off the apron and catch the baby. then i cut the cord. jonathan: just like th
4:43 pm
michelle: you are right. the butcher delivered the boy but that was the beginning. the quick thinking helped save the newborn's life. jonathan: bike share program growing in popularity and they are expanding. the newest version dockless bikes. but they are taking a beating.
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>> you have probably seen the dockless bikes. since the city allowed 2,000 bikes the programs are taking a beating. >> in southeast, taking a hammer to a bike to disarm the lock and the gpp.s. in northwest, they have been keeping them for a month. the bike inside the crime scene? not just d.c. the sister station in seattle, washington, where they also have the bikes.
4:47 pm
>> they have given them a six-month trial period. you can find them in up likely places. the bike seems to be okay. i can just use it. >> how are they keeping them? paying the riders and forget to relock them. they could go on a joyride as long as they want on somebody else's credit card. >> crazy. in d.c., he has seen people cut the lots off. someone offered him a bike one day and he needed to get to work. >> i just took the bike and rode to work. left it on the street for
4:48 pm
trashed only mo-bike responded at all and said they are used responsibly by vast majority of people with very few report of misuse. >> how long have you had this bike? >> days now. >> he says he found it unlock and he just uses it. >> mortgage rates with a small surge for the final week of the year. >> it's just barely below 3%. if you consider the life of the mortgage and the changes to the tax code, that is a big savings. >> check this
4:49 pm
a man pulled a person from a pickup truck that was on fire. he says he thinks it was fate because he rarely takes that route to work. >> the guy is beeping on the horn. so i lift the door open. this is above my head. i lift the door open. he crawls out. there is air bags everywhere. he is crawling over all sort of stuff. >> shaken up but unhurt. the savior thought about becoming a firefighter says he is giving it even more consideration. saying i could do this job. >> head to the "live desk." larry has a look at what to expect at 5:00. larry: we are keeping a close eye on the situation along i-5th in virginia. plus the bizarre twist in the case of a man charged with this crash that injured seven people in herndon last night. what he tried to do today while handcuffed to his own hospital bed. 18-year fight finally over for a maryland woman when she said she had to do for her husband and the kids.
4:50 pm
michelle: thank you. put it this way. the last place you would expect a baby to be born. this market in california turned into a delivery room. in a couple of minutes a pregnant woman walking in a store she kneels over and has her baby. the store employees say the 911 call went unanswered. the butcher caught the child and the clerk cut the cord but something didn't look right. >> i was like why is he purpose? what is going on? i was so worried and praying god, oh, my god, help me, for the health of the baby. michelle: felt like things were going wrong. a worker ran to get a suction syringe to clear the airway and they kept the child warm until the ambulance arrived. jonathan: wow! bill: amazing and scary. jonathan: call 911 you get no response
4:51 pm
everybody stepped in to do a nice job. >> jeez! hopefully the baby is fine. michelle: let's talk about the weather and the beautiful sunset out there. bill: really nice sunset. sun is going down about right now actually. you can see gorgeous sky. this is interesting because in the weather, as the people have the short-term memory. right now it's cold. the paradigm is it is cold. i brick it up. check -- i bring this up. check this out. i put together a calendar to look at where we stand for the month. the normal for dition is 39.7 -- december is 39.7. we are two dees above normal. a lot of the days from the 17 through christmas eve were above average. wait a minute. i had to look back. we are talking five days ago. i'm going wait, i don't believe it was 65. michelle: are you trying to offer us comfort? bill: i am. is it working? michelle: no! jonathan: the first day 30 degrees able below all the stats fly out the window. it's just
4:52 pm
they froze. bill: that is light. okay. they are not valid. they are not moving. that is what we are looking at. we are at 1.8 the month above normal. in the stretch now. the day is four in a row. it's 20 around gaithersburg. temperature at manassas is 22. the wind chill factor to play a role. chantilly is 12. there are no weather related problems other than it's bone chilling outside. let me jump straight to the seven-day forecast. talk about the extended. we go warmer tomorrow. warmer. not warm. 34 tomorrow. but above freezing by a degree or two. 34 on saturday. new year's eve to new year's day it will drop back down and we will stay not just below normal but c
4:53 pm
normal as mentioned. through the end of next week. potentially to next weekend as well. a long run. the calendar when we run it in january start out with the blue scares. jonathan: below freezing which is worth pointing out. bill: double whamo. jonathan: burr! coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- from the harvey weinstein accusations that launched them #metoo moonlight. but a year unlike any other in the entertainment industry. we look back up next.
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minnesota 2017 has been an up-and-down year for the entertainment industry and will perhaps be remembered for the sexual misconduct allegations that launched the me too movement. but as david daniel takes a look back, we all thought one envelope would be the lasting memory. >> i noticed the commotion happening. i thought something strange had occurred. >> strange indeed. february's academy awards ended with the biggest blunder in 29 years of -- 89 years. warren beattie and faye dunaway got the wrong envelope and mistakenly announced "la la land" as the wrong winner and then announced "moonlight." women stepped in the spotlight
4:57 pm
the two domestic top grossing movies of the year "beauty and the beast" and "wonder woman" featured female protagonists. the only film that might top them "star wars: the last jedi." >> you may be afraid of the truth. i am unafraid to be honest. >> women shook the world as ashley judd, rose mcgowan and over actresses accused movie mogul harvey weinstein of decades of sexual harassment and assault. and the stories kept coming. toppling such entertainment icons adds brett ratner, kevin spacey and louis c.k. >> we heard a blast and didn't know what it was. straightaway she said is it terrorists? are they coming to get us? >> terror struck the entertainment world in 2017. bombing after an ariana grande concert in manchester, england, killed 22 people including an 8-year-old girl and injured more than 60 in may. in october, a gunman in las vegas fired for ten minutes at a crowd of
4:58 pm
the route 91 harvest country music festival killing 58 people and injuring more than 500. ♪ she was an american girl >> the music world was shocked by the deaths of several stars. rock 'n' roll hall of famer tom petty died in october at age 66. two rock front men died by suicide. chris cornell of sound garden in may and linkin park lead singer chester bennington in july. good news arrived in pairs as well. george clooney became parents to twins june 6. a week later so did beyoncé and jay-z who broke instagram records with a photo of the twins. welcome bright spot in a year filled with so much turbulence, even in entertainment. in hollywood i'm david daniel. announcer: right now at 5:00, wreckage on 95 marks the end of a machine's run from
4:59 pm
law. abc7 takes you where it started with a murder. i.r.s. announcement causes confusion about the prepaying property taxes. so "7 on your side" will clear it up for you. a fast food customer who couldn't let a man with a plastic bag on his head get away with it. >> from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. >> we have breaking news. update now. in the last 15 minutes all lanes of i-95 are back open after a murder, chase, more shootings and ash ca. nancy: the crash in northbound lane south of garrisonville road that came after the driver killed a woman at a fredericksburg apartment complex. larry: scott taylor is live on the scene to piece it together for us tonight. scott? scott: i'm not sure if it gets worse than this. two weeks ago a up canm moved in to if -- couple moved in the third room apartment. something drastically happened earlier this
5:00 pm
that is when the man shot the woman and she is now dead. along i-95 the man took off on an s.u.v. after the police say he shot a woman that he lived with on the third floor. neighbors tell abc7 news the couple moved in the apartment two weeks ago. they heard a pop sound but they didn't real iidentify it as a gunshot. after shooting the woman three times in the chest. the shooter did take off in the s.u.v. and first spotted by a virginia state trooper. the man fired shots at the trooper's cruiser hitting the windshield. i want you to look at this picture. it's of a stafford county sheriff patrol car. deputy was in there. this shooter according to the police took a shot at that deputy. he hit his cruiser. the bullet went through and hit the head rest on the passenger side. we are told that one of the deputies, one of the stafford county sheriff deputies suffered a


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