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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 1, 2018 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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thanks for watching. so long from orlando.
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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: well, that was some finish to that game. happy new year. thank you for being with us this afternoon. nancy: off the top, a bone chilling start to 2018. we have had another day of bitter cold to make it painly really to be outside -- painful really to be outside. but the temperatures are about to take another plunge. say it ain't so. get the latest from meteorologist josh knight. josh: it doesn't seem possible but the temperatures for some of us are around the single digits. 10 in gaithersburg. 5 to winchester. how do we get there? temperatures around 20-degree mark but there is a 15-mile-per-hour wind in d.c. 13 in leesburg. 17 miles per hour in manassas. that makes a big difference. so it takes the tempat
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digits. we had cloud cover. this is good news. we have a cool thing going on tonight. we will talk more about that coming up. we are not the only ones. 10 for d.c. we get to pittsburgh it will feel like negative 9 and minus 15 in chicago. and almost minus 20 as you get to enteral illinois. -- central illinois. this is sticking around tonight and tomorrow. we done with the wind chill a visery. check out how much of the country, everybody in light blue is under wind chill advisory. here around indianapolis is a wind chill warning for the wind chills down to minus 30 overnight tonight. so our 10 degrees doesn't seem so bad. 23 around 4:00. 21 by 7:00. overnight some of us will be back to single digits. we will talk more about that and the one-day warmup where it could get above the freezing mark coming up. nancy: thank you. it's nice to know it could be worse. make sure you stayon
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the forecast anytime by downloading the free stormwatch7 weather app. jonathan: this is tough to be outside in the freezing temperatures. it's even harder if you work in the conditions. d.c. firefighters, you can imagine what they were up against. they were kept busy on day one of the new year. they battled not one but two large fires. tom roussey has more on the added challenges they are facing. tom: the red cross was called in. d.c. fire was able to get the fire out but it wasn't easy. because of the weather. a hose d.c. firefighters used in southeast froze so solid they couldn't roll it back to the fire truck. so this is how they pick it up. >> the extension ladders froze together. at this fire in northwest, firefighters had to use road flares to thaw out the ladders. d.c. fire and e.m.s. had to handle two major fires in the first three hours of the new year
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serious fires in this sort of extreme cold. >> mother wilkins says this fire at her buena vista apartment building started on the floor above her. she had to act fast to get her 4-year-old son malachi out. >> grabbed hats and shoes for him. he was asleep. i couldn't have him come outside like this. it's freezing out here. tom: in all, 14 people in six apartments have to live somewhere else. one firefighter was injured but will be okay. the water firefighters used turned into a sheet of ice. here and in northwest where a row home was destroyed on fifth street near grant circle. at both scenes, no one was seriously hurt. >> all of that can be replaced. you can't replace your life or a loved one. you can't. >> in the district, tom roussey, abc7 news. >> there is no word yet on what sparked
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fire in nanticoke -- annondale this morning. >> anytime you use water the roads are slippery. you have to use water to extinguish the fire. the roads are slippery. we tell the firefighters be careful. we try to get them, you know, try to get them on the bus and take some time. we cover and get them back to work. jonathan: the victim has been identified as lewis sfar. nancy: sources are telling abc7 the stabbing was a domestic incident. a person has been arrested. the victim's identity has not been released but we are told that she had at least one child. we have more on
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the investigation tonight at "abc7 news at 5:00". drunk driving is blamed for a crash which injured a police officer in anne arundel county. last night the police say christina hall led the officers on a chase after being pulled over. hall is accused of intentionally ramming her car in an officer's car as he was trying to get out. that officer was hit in the face by the car door but he is expected to make a full recovery. hall is facing several charges including assault and driving under the influence. jonathan: let's talk about what is happening overseas. state run media in iran say a dozen demonstrators were killed when they tried to seize police station and military bases. the protesters are the largest in iran since 2009. demonstrators are upset over the high inflation and the rising cost of everyday goods. while acknowledging their concerns, iran's president sought to downplay the prospects in a speech. in the meantime, president trump said in a t
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is time for a change in iran. a warning from north korean leader kim jong un. he says the united states should be aware that his country's nuclear force is now a reality. not a threat. during the annual new year's day address, he said the entire united states mainland is within the range of north korea's nuclear weapons and the nuclear button is always on his desk. lindsey: i'm lindsey mastis at the "live desk." we are learning more about the american victims killed in a plane crash in costa rica. one woman irene steinburg listed on her facebook page she is originally from our area, potomac, maryland. she was killed with her husband and three sons. one of the boys attended johns hopkins university in baltimore. they are among ten americans and two costa rican pilots killed. the plane, a single engine turbo prop went down in a wooded area ten minutes after take-off. investigators there are trying to figure out why the plane crashed. we do know there were heavy winds in the area.
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that forced other pilots to change their plans and land at a different airport. the airline has so far not commented. at the "live desk," i'm lindsey mastis. nancy: thank you. tonight president trump is leaving florida to head back to the white house. the president finished his working vacation as he called it getting in one last round of golf. last night he and the first lady rang in the new year at mar-a-largo. the president gave a speech there and he told the crowd he expects more of the same in 2018 when it comes to the economy getting stronger. jonathan: an extra cause of celebration for area families to mark the new year. we do it every year. this is no different. cheryl conner shows us a couple's bundle of joy. >> at 3:21, he made his mom and dad first-time parents three hours and 21 minutes in the new year. >> we kept looking. like i can't believe you were in there the whole time. now we finally get to meet you. >> a meeting they will
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7 pounds, 8 ounces of good health. >> no signs that he was going to make his debut. then the water broke. >> in the middle of watching "jurassic park" at home on new year's eve. if dinosaurs aren't his thing, giraffes may be. this stuffed animal is a gift after he is the first baby born at the hospital in 2018. >> ohh! >> there is a lot to say about his grandmothers who are both watching his birth alongside his dad and his name that is afterred deanna dad and jonathan after tyler's dad. >> they talk to us. >> i was excited. >> reese atlas came in the world at 1:51 at holy cross. they will forever celebrate
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the world throws a party. >> i will tell him that everyone around the world will always be celebrating him every year. in northwest washington, cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: first of all, that is the most adorable baby. nancy: my gosh. jonathan: the countdown baby. born 3:21. perfect. cool. nancy: celebration every year for them. jonathan: a disappointing season for the redskins. it has now come to an end. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a look at the questions that the team is facing now in off-season. what went wrong in 2017. one player makes a guarantee for next season. robert burton will check in and let us know who it is when we come back. nancy: also coming up, cleaning up after a night of partying. we will show you how much of a mess was le
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jonathan: check this out. icy weather in texas creating a close call for a police officer. dealing with a disabled car and slipped in the road. watch this. he pulls his hand in one second so he didn't get it run over. that's how slick it is on the roads. he is okay. but the roads you can see how slick they are. driving on ice is impossible. you can't do it. all right. talk about something else. slippery slope here. redskins were hit the skids as they finished with a losing record for the first time since 2
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injuries. nancy: not great. but once again the fans are left to wonder who will be the team's quarterback next year. jonathan: we have been talking about this since kirk cousins came to town. are they going to franchise him or sign him? robert: i don't know. if i could answer that question i don't think i'd be standing here. i don't think i would be. so many questions with the redskins team. who is gone? who stays? we know jay gruden will reportedly be back next year and will kirk cousins reportedly be his quarterback? he didn't speak to the media. today was mainly for cleaning out the lockers. it's never a fun day when you do it before the playoffs. today josh norman promised a better future. but for now it's just cleaning. >> cleaning the locker. that kind of, you know, tells all. it was a shame before. you can get travel bags or trash bags. we got trash bags this year. we are not going anywhere. no opponents are coming to see
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to see who we play next week. none of that. we do have trash bags. that's cleaning out the lockers. going forward looking forward to 2018. i guarantee it will be a better outcome than this one. robert: all right. coming up at 5:00, erin hawksworth was in the locker room and she has more on the clean-up so, guys that was not sad at all. nancy: i want to give him a hug. robert: he needs one. jonathan: trash bags? give them duffel bags, something. robert: no travel bags. jonathan: people would say you have trash bags to empty your locker after a horrible season. i don't want to be the one to say that. robert: that is why you are here, jonathan. jonathan: stating the obvious. nancy: thank you. take a look here. 1 million people are part of the new york celebration in times square. then came the part that is not quite as fun. that included estimated 3,000 pounds of confetti that rained down on to the street fo
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of the trash. new york sanitation department expects the clean-up more than 50 tons of trash. jonathan: mariah carey sounded good. got two songs in this year. healthy start to the new year for muriel bowser who hosted a 5k run and a walk at anacostia park. the goal is to encourage people to get moving. sam ford has the story. sam: with the wind chills in the single digits and the temperatures about that low, some 700 dedicated runners took to as fault at anacostia park for the mayor's fourth annual 5k run. >> too cold to run today. >> no, it's not. not if you have all the wonderful people running. >> new year, new me. i have never run a 5k. here we go. >> did you think about the weather? >> we did. that's why we are layered up. >> they ran, they walked, pulled wagons and pushed strollers. define the elements and some of them arrived extremely late. >> you haven't even
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yet but we're going. >> the point of the big races like this is not so much to win as to endure. when the temperature was 20 degrees, it's starting to feel warm. it took some endurance. mayor bowser in the midst every year. not the fastest but not the slowest either. but extremely excited. >> you know when we started it was 9 degrees. so these are some really hearty washingtonians that want to kick the new year off right. sam: was there any thought of canceling because of the cold temperatures? >> well, i won't say who wanted to cancel it but i said no way. sam: she calls it fit d.c. the idea is get the year started right. it seems to be growing every year. in southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: congratulations for everybody that took part. good for you. we are not the only ones. check out the video of the girl trying
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trying. watch what happens to the bubble. it freezes! nancy: all right. well, there you go. all right. that is a way to wake up after a late night of the new year's partying. this right here is an annual ice time in minnesota. the temperature is a bone chilling minus 12. you have to get clark kent in there. however, they say there have been other years where it was even colder. i pine you go in for that and get right back out. jonathan: funny thing is the polar plunges they do in minnesota and massachusetts, all over the country. the problem is the air temperature is colder than the water. not like a jacuzzi, but still. nancy: gives you a little relief after being surrounded. swim trunks. josh: i love the lane. no, you have to go under this. jonathan: the problem with that if you saw the video, there is a guy, a firefighter at the other end. if you have the paramedic
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an event. you have to ask yourself. should i be doing this? nancy: you don't have to be in the water. just be outside with exposed skin for a while and have tough time. josh: it's remarkable how much are under the wind chill advisories and the warnings. tonight we get a break and later this week we see more put out for our area as well. we topped out to 26th degrees. this is the seventh coldest that we have for the record. gaithersburg is stuck around 21. annapolis near 23. 23 in ocracoke. 21 for centreville. it's 21 for crofton. it's cold everywhere you go. with the clear skies the temperatures drop quickly and easily. thre
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look for, for the overnight spread. some places this morning woke up at 1 degree. so a little bit of an improvement you could call it for tomorrow morning. but really that is still dangerous cold. especially the breeze we hang on to. so limit times outside and limit time you walk the dog. another cold weather of the first day of 2018. we have a full moon tonight. it will be a super moon. this is the closest moon we are going to have, full moon of 2018. then as we get to january 31, we will get a second full moon. blue moon popping up. around 4:59. just as the sun is setting you will get a chance to watch it come up over the horizon. 15 degrees around 8:00. 26 by 2:00. that is where we will top out tomorrow. we have a good bit of sunshine but this is staying cold all day long. run you through wednesday and thursday. there w
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sets up along the coast. it will bring us cloud cover on wednesday. but the is it. you will notice we start to bring in snowy weather, maybe to southern maryland. more so an issue to the beaches. some models do bring this closer to us. so we are going with this. 20% chance. this will stay farther out to see. we work our way to the rest of the week, another cold snap behind that system will bring highs to the low 20's by the time we get to friday and saturday. a quick look ahead to the next seven days. we have 20% chance on thursday. better chance on your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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jonathan: in the new year, direction leaders wants to reduce the number of people living on the streets. columbia heights is the final location as part of an effort to set up family shelters throughout the city. anna-lysa gayle talked to the direct or of the department of human services to find out what help will provided to those in need. >> in a city where a one-bedroom apartment can go for more than $2,000, homelessness in d.c. is twice the national average. according to a recent survey from the conference of mayors -- >> the expense now in the city, very happy. >> there are 751 families who are homeless in d.c. former marine knows what it is like to be without a home. after divorce for four years and three months he
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means for shelter. >> we are in the military. basically doing the same thing. we are getting in line. dinner. get in line. >> with the help from the central human mission and the habitat for humanity he owns a one bedroom condo that cost $695 per month. which he is able to afford with a new job. >> if you get knocked down you get back up and continue to fight. win or lose. >> the director says the city is trying to help hundreds of others who want to get back on their feet. >> we have a strategy. each of the sites will have no more than 50 families in them. >> part of the strategy the city has identified the eight locations for those family shelters. despite push back from the community members. final site selected 14th street in northwest that is scheduled to open in
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the goal is to sue the shelter where he lisa rudd -- melissa rudd lived before she disappeared. >> it shed a light on the positions we provided to the families. >> three of the family shelters will be open and operational in the fall of 2018. we would like to see it up the past for how we provide the homeless services. this is too big. >> anna-lysa gayle. larry: ice forming on the potomac. frigid temperatures. nancy: chief meteorologist bill kelly is tracking winter blast and a chance for sno
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bill: we are watching a gold week. this is the eighth day in a row with the temperatures below normal. considerably below normal. 22 in d.c. 21 in falls church. we are nowhere close to freezing market. these are the air temperatures. if the you look at the overall big picture and widen it out and look across the region. temperatures are nowhere near. 18 in winchester. luray at 21. 19 at baltimore. 17 around gaithersburg. feeling colder than that. we have 10 to 15 miles per hour wind. we have single digit wind chills around the area and it will only get colder. the evening, the temperatures will stay in the 20. i don't expect the snow. you have a super moon. if you check it out, but you need to layer up. we are eyeballing the potential for snow. we have that and more in a few minutes. larry: we'll find out how many layers you need by downloading the free stormwatch7 weather app. nancy: tonight police are trying to figure out why a man stabbed a young mother to deh
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crime is raising flags for the mayor. >> we are on 38th plait in maryland. 8:10 the call came in. the young woman had been stabbed. arriving here the authorities determined it was a young mother. domestic incident. she was taken to the hospital and tied according to the mayor of brentwood who lives in the same neighborhood and says domestic violence is a growing problem. people don't get help. they don't go to police. they don't want to talk to the police. >> the mayor said that the woman is a mother of at least one child.


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