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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 2, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] adrianna: bitter cold causing a bunch of problems across the area. cruise in d.c., maryland, and virginia busy dealing with water main breaks. it looks like the weather will not get that her. to-upper-20. mid- let's get the forecast with meteorologist steve rudin. steve: i
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out there right now, wait until the end of the week. we are talking friday and saturday, where highs in the immediate metro, high temperatures only in the teens. 20 in chevy chase. 19 at reagan national. clinton, maryland, 16 degrees. wherever you are, this is the day you have to dress in layers. make sure you have the sunglasses. crystal blue skies. temperatures not going to get better, only in the middle to upper-teens in the afternoon hours. coming up in a few minutes, we talk about how long the chill will continue and a coastal storm that might impact parts of the mid-atlantic starting late tomorrow night into thursday. the super cold weekend ahead. more of that coming up. adrianna: back to the water main breaks -- some of them causing extensive delays on the roadways. the dmv have a lot of work ahead of them. ryan hughes on the timetable to get those problems
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neighborhood. water mainto-back breaks have caused major traffic troubles and delays in silver spring. fors have been out here hours in the frigid cold. eight-inch water main broke last night, and a 12-inch broke later down the street. crews are working to make repairs in the dangerous cold. salt trucks have been passing back-and-forth after all the water turned the road into a sheet of ice. area -- atn the least two basements have flooded. they have been on the move, responding to dozens of water main breaks with this cold. >> right now we have about 60 that need repairing. fixing one, then off to the next one. as soon as one is fixed, where onto the other one, but one or two have broken in the meantime. ryan: this is not expected to be a quick fix. groups will be out here --
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crews will be out here most the day. if you spot a breaking of neighborhood, let them know right away. in silver spring, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. adrianna: and kramer middle school in southeast is without he'll -- heat and power after a pipe burst and flooded the basement overnight. d.c. public schools are on winter break, but they return to class tomorrow. right now there is no word on whether kramer middle school be ready and open on time. in montgomery county, three people were rescued from 10 mile creek after their car got stuck in the east. the temperature at the time of their rescue, just 10 degrees. all three of them should be ok. for the latest forecast as we deal with his arctic weather, grabbed the free stormwatch 7 app for iphone and android. a child is in critical condition after being hit by a car in district heights. q mccray is live on the scene with what happened. q: a sad story. in district heights this minute. i had a
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the lieutenant from the is george's county pd and he said a young girl was hit by this car. you will notice the significant damage done to its grill, code, and windshield. you will see the girls belongings down pennsylvania avenue strewn all over the street -- her book back, hat, shoes, even the hood to her jacket. this all happened around 9:00 this morning at the intersection of brooks drive and pennsylvania avenue. now the eastbound side of pennsylvania avenue here is shutdown. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. according to the driver, who did not leave the scene of the accident, the girl who may be of middle school age according to police, was not in the crosswalk. police are investigating. they are taking their measurements, as you can see here, behind me.
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don't know her name, but police say at this point she has a 50/50 chance of survival. that is how serious her injuries are this new. we'll keep you posted with what happens next. live from distant parts, i am q mccray. adrianna: takoma park police are on the lookout for a man who attend -- attempted to abduct an eight-year-old girl. kevin lewis is more on the -- is live with more on the intense thish for this victim -- person. tevin coleman around 9:00 this morning, that eight euros girl missed her school bus. her dad was going to take her to school. she was waiting in her front yard in the corners of elm and pine avenues in takoma park. we visited the neighborhood. she said she was in the front yard, her dad inside, when a great-colored car, similar to a chrysler pacifica, pulled up, and their was a
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passenger, and he opened the door and said come to my house, i have candy there. the girl shut the door, ran inside, and told her dad. passenger is described as a light brown male with hazel eyes, had a black net hat and a black sweater. even more specific, the girl says the man had a flower tattoo on his left hand and a pimple near his left eye. the girl could only say the driver was a male. a very good description there. police are combing through the flowerrds to see tattoo -- if they have arrested anyone of that sort. they are also looking if there any surveillance cameras on homes in the neighborhood. we have a press conference at 12:30 p.m. we will bring you updates as we learn more. live in takoma park, i am kevin lewis.
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underway after a metro transit police k-9 vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian. this happen in brandywine on route 301. police say the man walked out into traffic and was hit. the officer involved is now on administrative leave until the investigation is over. no word yet on any potential charges. sterling man is expected in federal court on terror-related charges. 21 euros sean andrew duncan was arrested at his home for allegedly supporting isis. an fbi affidavit says during the raid he tried to destroy evidence, and in the months before his arrest he planned to be -- he appeared to be planning and researching how to conduct an attack. presidents cup -- president his first full day back in washington, d.c., with a tweet storm, criticizing "the new york times," and said democrats are to blame for not
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it ran and north korea that are getting the most attention. >> for a six today, violent protests are raging in iran. cars on fire. at least 20 people have been killed in the clashes. a thursday over economic demands, but some are now calling for the regime's downfall. the supreme leader is accusing of countries enemies sparking the unrest. in a series of tweets, president trump is slamming iranian leadership in siding with the protesters, this morning tweeting "the people of iran are finally acting against a brutal regime."pt iranian thecommander-in-chief is also reacting to an olive branch in north korea. south korea is now proposing high-level talks with the north ahead of the winter olympic and pyeongchang. the overture came after the north korean leader sent to
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offer to send a delegation to the games. responded with a tweet -- "perhaps it is good news, perhaps not," but the leader's message also came with a warning, saying he has a nuclear button on his desk and he could launch a missile that could reach u.s. mainland. pres. trump: little rocket man. >> the president responded. pres. trump: we will see. we will see. >>'s talk so car, it will mark the first since 2015. -- if talks will car, it will mark the first meeting since 2015. adrianna: the bronx in flames again. this just days after the deadliest fighter -- fire scene
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adrianna: firefighters in the bronxadrianna:, new york, where back out, very busy, fighting this massive fire this morning. flames erected after 5:30 this morning news the bronx zoo. 16 people were hurt, four of these -- then seriously. it comes days after an apartment fire killed 12 people. new year's in houston brought in bang -- hundreds of fireworks packed in the trunk of a car exploded after a lit firecracker was tossed inside it. luckily nobody was hurt, and as bad as it looks, the car can apparently be fixed. the owner says next year he makes sure his truck gets closed. incredible coast guard rescue caught on video. coast guard members in panama city, florid
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89-year-old man after his car went into the water. right now the ntsb is investigating a deadly plane crash in costa rica that killed one dozen people, including two american families. some of the victims have local ties. a woman posting on facebook she is a potomac, maryland, neighborhood. gio benitez is beginning to what might have caused the vacation to turn tragic. gio benitez: investigators are looking for clues on what caused the accident. i read was on vacation with her husband bruce and three sons, william, zachary, matthew. the close family loved to travel the world together. >> the only comfort from talking with our friends is that they will -- they were all together, and they will be together forever. to a witness, the plane was in the air for about one minute after take off before it
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nosedive. hannah was one of the victims, a sophomore at columbia university, traveling with her parents and her 16-year-old brother. her friends telling us she will be greatly missed. >> not having her in our lives, it is just unfathomable. gio: 33-year-old amanda -- was in her first year as a vacation travel leader for backwards. her family said she lived her life with no regrets. a small plane crashing minutes after takeoff on new year's eve. the cost -- the cause still a mystery. abc news is learning the aircraft was operated by the local airline nature air and was similar in size to this one, the largest carrier in costa rica. it has a good safety record. costa rica upholds strict safety standards, one's almost as high as the u.s., but experts warn to because this went fine with
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-- when flying with carriers you're not familiar with, and they say don't be afraid to cancel if anything appears to be unsafe, including ominous weather. adrianna: for the first time ever, a woman is in charge of the miss america foundation. former fox news anchor and 1989 miss usa gretchen carlson has tabbed to lead-- the event. emails fromter lead the former ceo. kot is officiallyb replacing matt lauer. he was fired after several women complained about inappropriate sexual behavior at work. the college football national chairmanship game is set. it will be alabama facing georgia again in all sec showdown. alab
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. final score of the sugar bowl, 26-4. earlier in the day, an instant classic -- georgia and oklahoma in the rose bowl taking it to double overtime. it was the bulldogs who pulled out the win, 54-48. the title game next monday, and the cheapest tickets on stub hub, $2500. tickets to the sugar bowl game were not cheap either, and one alabama fan paid more than everyone else. after arriving for the pregame tailgate, her rv caught fire. no one was hurt, but the vehicle was destroyed, and despite the fire, she still went to the game. adrianna: speaking of tickets, tonight could be your night -- lottery officials are picking the numbers for the mega millions and the jackpot right now, a casual $343 million. tomorrow's powerball will be worth an estimated $440 million. pushing $800 million. you can call
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billionaire. steve: exactly. it is weird. tonight is the mega millions. it feels like a monday. hopefully that means the week will go by fast. adrianna: hopefully, especially with this cold weather. steve: and by the end of the week, it will get even colder. a fair warning for you all. here we are january 2, and by the end of the week, we're looking at temperatures in the teens for highs. no one is golfing out there. not a cloud in sight. if you are going up, dress in layers and have the sunglasses ready because you will need them for the next few hours. 21 degrees -- that is it at reagan national airport. winds are out of the west northwest at 7. the feels-like temperature only at 12 degrees. winchester now at 18. 19 in frederick. 17 in hagerstown. whether you are to the north of the district, the south, east, the west, it is cold out there, and the fields-like temperatures single digits.
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degrees. stormwatch 7, satellite and radar, nothing going on right now. we have sunshine that will stick around until sunset later this afternoon. daylight hours getting longer as we move closer and closer to spring time. i like the sound of that. going out to lunch, bundle up. lots of sun. tonight, clear and cold. temperatures in the single digits north and west of town. 15 degrees inside the capital beltway. early tomorrow morning, only about 16 degrees. you will want to bundle up as you are off to the metro stop, the school, or may be running some errands. we want to give you an update on the latest. we have a winter storm watch for parts of the delmar, and it includes ocean city, rehobeth, dewey, and bethany. more than likely it will upgrade to a winter storm warning by this time tomorrow. nothing for the d.c. metro area. if your travel plans take you to the outer banks of north
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the easton coast of georgia, all looking at winter weather advisory's that will be updated into a winter with storm warning. here is the reason why -- tracking a coastal storm. notice d.c.. as we move into late tomorrow night and early thursday, the storm begins to wrap up. the western edge just to the east of the d.c. metro. plans for new york city, boston, thursday into friday, they will be looking at a ton of snow. here is your seven-day outlook form stormwatch 7. much colder on friday. only around 19 degrees. waking up saturday morning and sunday morning -- temperatures inside the beltway that will only be in the single digits. good news on the way, as we move into the beginning of next week. more seasonable temperatures return, although briefly.
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adrianna: right now a new movement calledadrianna: time's up is bringing more than 300 tolywood women together fight sexual harassment in the workplace. amy roebuck has details on the mission. morning, a list actresses like reese witherspoon, the and jennifer lawrence joining forces with power playersnes to fight sexual misconduct in tinseltown and beyond. the coalition of more than 300 women calling themselves times up, taking out a full-page ad in newspapers including "the new now, unlike writing ever before, our access to the media and important decision-makers has the
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accountability and consequences. the initiative, a response to the avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations rocking hollywood and beyond. actress ashley judd told diane sawyer of her alleged experience with disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein. ashley judd: then he grabbed my hand. the look on my face is abject terror. i can see it in my eyes. amy: times up also fighting to help less privileged women fight back, saying to every woman employed in agriculture who has to fend off unwanted advances from her boss, every janitor trapped nightly in a building with a predatory supervisor, we stand with you, we support you. a fundive establishing back by donations from meryl streep and steven spielberg. if this group of only cannot fight for the women that do not have as much powean
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adrianna: next, if you don't have to be outside, stay in. this cold can be very dang
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adrianna: twins in california born in different years. maria rios had a c-section scheduled for january 10, but her babies had different plans. at 8:00 p.m., he was born. his
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breached and had to be born 1216, january 1, the next day, the next year. both babies and mom are doing well to there you have it. steve: that is kind of cool. separatecan have two birthdays, which is nice for twins. adrianna: good point. the silver lining. steve: your own special day. seven days,the next if you like it cold and sunny, you will love today. 27 degrees for a high. added clouds tomorrow. a chance for snow east tomorrow night and into early thursday. windy and cold. highs only in the teens with wake-up temperatures in the single digits and closer to 0 along the i-81 corridor. adrianna: closer to 0 -- you should not be able to say it. steve: i hate it. i am more of a warmer type of weather -- i think you are, too. adrianna: for sure.
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uest a free sample. adrianna: the new year is off to a bitterly cold start across much of the country. some areas are saying record-low temperatures and dangerous wind, including chicago, which had the coldest new year on record. the high temperature in chicago yesterday, one degree. maggie rulli is in new york with more on this winter cold spell. >> at least two thirds of the country is bundled up, battling own-chilling temperatures. >> it is really cold. >> from inches of ice in washington state -- >> i have never seen anything like this, honestly. >> to temperatures so frigid most schools in new england forced to cold. >> most of our students walk to school. >>
12:31 pm
cannot escape with emergency cold weather shelters popping up in florida. the weather makes driving conditions dangerous. a white out in michigan leads to this multi car pileup. in indianapolis, a woman is rescued from the top of her car after it sank feet into an icy pond. slips on aficer frozen highway and is nearly hit by an oncoming car. st. paul minnesota, 10 people rushed to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning. bitter cold conditions make it nearly impossible to battle fires in nebraska. -10-degree temperatures instantly turned the spray into ice. firefighters cope with frigid temperatures, struggling to control a six-alarm fire in new york city. it is not over yet. the east coast is bracing for another bout of arctic air with snow and ice expected to hit as far south as florida. adrianna:
12:32 pm
cruise in d.c. are working to get the heat and power back on it kramer middle school after a pipe burst flooding the basement there. sam sweeney is in southeast with more on the mess made one day before students head back to school. sam: it has been a busy day for firefighters in southeast washington and washington gas. this is kramer middle school where a pipe burst. about 1:00 this morning is when firefighters showed up, and they found four feet of water in the basement of the school. that is not it -- when they got inside, they detected there was gas inside the building as well. there was a major response from fire units and they remain unseen. again, it started -- on the scene. again, it started in the basement. then they brought in outside. you can see the piece of equipment. that is where they are working, trying to contain the problem. at this hour, it remains unclear when they will get the problem fixed, but the good news is the
12:33 pm
so dc nos does not have school, so schools were affected, but it is not clear when firefighters and clear the area. as soon as we get new details, we will pass them along. i am sam sweeney, abc 7 news. in montgomery county, three people were rescued from 10 mile creek after the car got struck in the ice. the temperature at the time of their rescue, 10 degrees. all three people are expected to be ok. it is a cold and busy morning for water crews across the area. water main breaks have been reported in alexandria, hyattsville, and silver spring. that is what a break in new hampshire avenue and oak view drive has caused traffic problems and fluttered at least two basements as well. workers will likely be read. and other breaks throughout the day. now to a live look outside. the sun is out and shining. it may look pretty, but don't be full. it is really cold.
12:34 pm
will need your sunglasses as you move through the afternoon hours. if you are going to be out and about, dressing in layers -- make sure you have the hat, the scarves, the warm coach -- check on the pats, the elderly, the kids, they sure they are bundled up. 17 in gaithersburg. manassas, 23. upper-teens in chantilly and martinsburg. i will show you what the temperatures will feel like as we move through the rest of this afternoon through the evening hours. .nly the lower--to-middle teens we're talking about a coastal storm and the impact on the dmv. plus, bitter cold returns by friday. single digits and teens. more on that in a few minutes. adrianna: right now tacoma park police are in investigating -- takoma park police are investigating the attempted abduction of an eight-year-old girl. let's listen. >>
12:35 pm
spents and dan -- dense and damage to the passenger side of the car. the child was standing on the sidewalk. the passenger of the van attempt to open the door and said to the child, come to my house, i have candy. she pushed the door, ran back into her house, and told her father who contacted takoma park police. we do not have a description of the driver. we know he was a male. the passenger who approach the little girl was described was -- as a light brown skinned male with hazel eyes, last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, with a light stripe, pants with holes in them, and a black knitted hat. some identifying marks -- he has a hoop nose ring, a flower tattoo on his left hand, and a pink pimple near his left eye. we are asking that anyone that lives on e
12:36 pm
lm or on surrounding streets, or have security house, outside of their we are asking them to contact us so we can look at the security footage. we have officers out investigating. they will be on the other schools when schools let out this afternoon. again, if anybody saw the van this morning or think they saw at van this morning, call us 301-370-1100. >> how long was the interaction between this girl and the two men in this vehicle? >> it was very brief. enough for him to say what he said, and she ran inside. >> how long was the child waiting outside before this happened? >> i am not sure. >> she was waiting for? >> her father to come outside to bicker to school. >> how is she doing? >> she is good. i was telling another
12:37 pm
it was a present how much she could remember in the brief encounter. >> what do investigators do with this description? not everyone has a flower tattoo on their -- adrianna: again, police talking about an attempted of duction earlier this morning ---- of duction earlier this morning. an eight-year-old girl waiting on a sidewalk. two men tried to love her into a van -- learn her into a van. if youled description -- have information or live in the elm and pine avenues area, call with any tips. mission on the computer outage that led to long lines at airports -- new information on the computer outage that led to long lines at airports. it hit as thousands were returning to vacation. the outage began about 7:30 last night. the residual delays lasted a lot longer. >>
12:38 pm
arrived, they set for two hours the system was down. hundreds of people were waiting and waiting. adrianna: terry is still no word exactly in what caused the outage. customs and border patrol says there is no reason to think it was anything other than a simple glitch. president trump began his first full day back in bc with a tweet storm, calling on the justice department to jail a former aid to hillary clinton, criticized "the new york times," and said democrats are to blame for not fixing daca. on the international front, the president said the u.s. is watching when it comes to human in protests that resulted in the death of at least -- to ukrainian protest the resulted in the death of at least -- iranian protests that led to the death of a
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adrianna: right now two childhood friends from montgomery county are on a mission to help the homeless in this freezing weather. they own the clothing line fated ambition. they have designed sleeping bags for the homeless, and three weeks ago they raised enough money for 100 sleeping bags. they have handed out dozens in d.c., and they're hoping and urging celebrities to help them. >> i am going to send you five sleeping bags. i challenge you to find five people that are homeless and hand them each a sleeping bag. amy: adrianna: they are using sleepingbags. if you -- have you ever thought
12:42 pm
pavement, and you thought that was tough, how about trying to run it on ice? this is in northeast china, where nearly 2000 people read an ice -- ran an ic marathon on a frozen river. more power to them. steve: i guess there are no hills. completely flat, but still, my gosh. that is hard. a long way to go in the cold. not my thing. would you do it? adrianna: no, but i wouldn't run a marathon on pavement. steve: we are in the same belt. we all get the point. let's talk about what is going on. it is cold. at least it is sunny. let's dream for moment of summer, when we go to the beach, rehobeth, do we, bethany -- right now this is a live look at rehobeth beach, delaware. by this time tomorrow night they could be under a winter storm warning for several inches of snow.
12:43 pm
area. 21 degrees at reagan national airport. feels-like temperature at 12. temperatures across the board, anyway you look at it, it is cold. here we are, second day of december. 23 in leesburg. 19 in andrews. leonardtown, 23 degrees. feels-like temperatures even colder. single digits in hagerstown, frederick, gaithersburg, baltimore, annapolis, andrews -- bundle up outdoors. we will have to keep the sweater, hats, gloves handy. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, love it -- clear skies. at least we have sunshine to enjoy. maybe you are going out to lunch in the next couple of hours or so -- temperatures within the lower to middle 20's with sunshine. forecast tonight, cold, clear. temperatures, single digits, middle teens, with winds out of the
12:44 pm
miles per hour. if you are waking up tomorrow atning, temperatures only 15, 16 degrees in downtown d.c.. here is the latest on the winter storm watch that includes ocean --dew --both, do we, ey bethany. this is where we are likely to see measurable amounts of snow tomorrow night into early thursday morning. many of these areas will likely be updated into winter storm warnings. this is the freshly updated futurecast. it shows the storm pulling together, but noticed the edge of the storm -- the western edge just to the east of the d.c. metro area. heaviest amounts, delmarva peninsula toward new york city, toward boston, where it could turn into a doozy of a blizzard. all of this moves out of here. bitterly cold air arrives
12:45 pm
the end of the week. highs for today in the middle to upper 20's. lower-30's tomorrow. middle 20's as we move into the day on thursday with a chance for snow mainly east of d.c.. friday and saturday, look how cold -- upper-teens for daytime highs. wake up temperatures in the single digits. then we start to warm things up. 43 next monday -- it is going to feel tropical out there with a chance for a few rain showers. get ready. it will be cold for at least the next six days. adrianna: thanks, steve. now to the latest research on women drinking and their health. more than 5 million women have what is known as alcohol used disorder. story on sharing her how she became dependent on wine and fought to take back control of her life. here is robin roberts. robin roberts: whether it is a casual drunk with friends -- >> would you like an apple juice?
12:46 pm
"bad moms" style house party. so-called crave that mommy juice," the drink or two that take the edge off. >> you feel like you deserve something. wine become something. robin: that tricking haven't started at work. >> i was taken aside and was told the bar is like the gulf course --that is where deals happen. robin: in her book, the mother of three describes how her relationship with alcohol got to a point where there was never a reason not to drink about four glasses of wine in it. 3:00 in theo or afternoon, and i was saying it is almost 5:00, i could pour that glass of wine. robin: she did not consider herself and alcohol, but she was tired of living with the guilt that she felt. >> i made a list of every reason i drank, lifted up, and at the end of the
12:47 pm
desire to drink less and unconscious decision around alcohol had gone away. millionpproximately 5.3 women have alcohol use disorder, a condition they are unable to stop or control alcohol use. women who consume more than three drinks a day or more than seven a week are at higher risk. grace says she was able to take back the control and kick her emotional dependence on alcohol once she realized she did not need it to relax, work, or socialize. while she has not had a sip in three years, she does not like to say she doesn't drink. robin: i drink as much as i want, whenever i want. for akids come up and ask sip of what is in my glass, i can always give it to them. adrianna: coming up, we are joined by nascar great danica break healthyll
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adrianna: it is a new year andadrianna: their new love is bachelor""the premiered on abc 7 last that. lara spencer has the details on the exciting premiere. lara spencer: it was full throttle as the new bachelor met all 29 women vying for his heart. >> you're not supposed to put a bumper sticker on a ferrari, but why not an ari? they turned for advice. >> always teach the girls with respect. we're all rooting for you. lara: then the introductions began -- ri
12:51 pm
mansion -- a kissing bandit. lara: a race car driver. and a whole lot of lauren. >> i am lauren. >> another lauren. lara: it wasn't long before the kissing began and villains emerged. >> when i see something i want, i go after it. >> this could be the start of something amazing. of love ishe start sure to be the ride of their lives. >> i can't stop crying. adrianna: oh, boy. right now millions across the country are looking to start the new year healthy, and who better to whip you into shape than a nascar great, danica patrick. she has a new book called " pretty intense," and she is here to talk about the new book. appreciate it. danica:
12:52 pm
from one race car driver to another. adrianna: you look fabulous on the cover. can you talk about where the idea came from? danica: yeah. well, a couple of years ago i was feeling stagnant, and i wanted to kick it up a notch. i started doing two a day workouts -- not hours and hours in the gym, 20, mostly 30 minutes of the most. dogs,actually walking the and i decided i would do my work out, and later in the day i might walk the dog. i said why don't i work out while i walk the dog. there was a second workout. that is where the interval treating kaine -- training came in for the cardio. on top of that, i tried something new with food. i had already been dairy and gluten free, and i said i wonder if i cut out grains and beans and went paleo, if that would do it. wa
12:53 pm
adrianna: you have worksheets -- is it real food, they check off what you have done. it is also a mind and body type thing. you have a meditation thing as well. danica: the mind is incredibly powerful -- the most powerful thing. the body follows the mind. if you are working out, doing anything, getting ready to work out, and you tell yourself i hate this --what do you expect is going to happen? you are probably going to hate it, probably not going to be able to do it because you have just told yourself that. the mind part is to encourage the possible -- positivity. get your thoughts right so that your body will follow. there is a part on developing your women case. men have a man's case. then a woman cave going, getting out in nature. i love the word narrow plasticity, but you can
12:54 pm
all these things are in the book . montrose - i love ras.ntra -- mant the rest will happen. get your mind right. adrianna: thank you. book in front of me. the best w kick off the new year with a deal that will save you money for the next 2 years guaranteed. os is here with a great offer a the 100% fiber-optic network. it starts with the fastest internet available. plus up to 200 channels. plus phone, plus showtime for 2 years. plus multi-room dvr service for 2 years. plus a 2 year price guarantee. all for just $79.99 per month online with a 2 year agreement. that's a lot of pluses, and over $800 dollars in savings. just think about having the best internet with the best showtime shows. it's what our customers expect. that's why fios has won the j.d. power award for "highest
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adrianna: we have to get past 19 hotees to get to a blazing steve: 43. exactly, and in between now and then we have a coastal storm. i wanted to give you an update on this. the information will continue to come in. bill will have you updated later this afternoon. a winter storm watch for the delmarva, and headed down to the outer banks of north carolina, even 10 -- into south carolina, and even parts of north florida are under a winter storm watch. many of these will upgrade into a winter storm warning. futurecast gives you a good idea of how the storm is going to wrap up the coast and move northward. we are on the western edge for the d.c. metro area. we are looking at a little bit of light snow. the heaviest snow toward new york city, boston. finally, we move this thing out of here. a quick look at the seven-day outlook -- there is your 43 degrees.
12:58 pm
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announcer: breakfast, lunch, dinner, go. that's right, we're taking the hassle out of healthy eating with our lightened up bld extravaganza. >> we're going to dig right in. >> carla's cutting the calories in one of your favorite "chew" breakfasts. then it's a midday meal from michael that will change your lunch time forever. plus, clinton's getting the 411 on simple slimming grocery store secrets. what are they? find out right now, on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you. hey, everybody.


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